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  1. Would be nice to see some new ideas explored for other grand alliances instead of just updated themes. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan and love to see others excited but Gloomspite wasn't really anything new, Ironjawz are just bigger Orcs, Mawtribes got an updated existing hero sculpt, and Sons are just bigger Gargants. I'm sure eventually something will come along though. Until then I'll just be happy chopping up the 15 different kind of Aelve factions. 😜
  2. @DanteeChaos this is true however the squig hoppers got updated with the exact same rider models as the foot troops. Same proportions, scale, design, etc. Hell, you can even mix and match the arms now. I've done all my foot gits with the boingrot Lance's converted to spears. Even chopped off all their heads and used the helmets.
  3. I was most excited for a "Troggoth king" mention. πŸ™‚
  4. I've been considering using Sneaky Snufflers bodies as my base for shootas and stabbas. They are a little more modernized and dynamic sculpts. It would be expensive and a lot of work but the end look would be killer! I'm going to at least do one up and see how I feel afterwards. @DanteeChaos of the others you mentioned I think Skaven and Flesh Eaters will be getting some love soonish. Their kits could really use some modernization for sure but both of those seem like fun projects as well. I'm just a destro fan first and foremost. Death is my mistress and after some updates I'll probably start some Skaven.
  5. Gloomspite, baby!! You've already got the destro love in your veins!!!
  6. Uuuugh, I want my Ironjawz warband right now!!! 😜
  7. @Nezzhil Regarding the Dank rewrite I'd love to see them get a similar attack characteristic as the Nighthaunt Chainghast and one of the SE Paladins were as in they get an attack for every enemy within 2" More fitting for that massive club.
  8. I simply don't understand the reasoning... I mean I can buy a bulk set of plastic utensils, weighing the same amount, for a tiny fraction of the cost amongst many other plastic products. I do understand molds cost money, artists need to get paid, etc, but it simply can't be that much. Also with access to mainstream 3d printing becoming increasingly accessible with as good and in some cases better quality basically right around the corner it just seems like greed. One last thing, if I'm expected to shell out the kind of cash they're asking then I'd expect some kind of well thought out and professional rules that make said model worth using and not just a pretty thing on a shelf that never hits a table. I dig their products and I'll buy things I like but my level of customer support will become less. Like others have mentioned, it may be time to hang up this hobby or try out other games.
  9. So am I missing something or the big reveal was 1 space marine model, 4 new necron warriors, and a silent king teasee vid? O_o
  10. Has a warscroll ever been adjusted via GHB? The cynic in me thinks that brutes will be brought back in line with their old scroll now that they've sold off enough Ardboyz and start collecting sets. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜•
  11. Ebay is where I get most of my stuff. You can find some great deals and save some money. The cost of this hobby has definitely turned off a few of my friends into starting... πŸ˜”
  12. Hello. πŸ‘‹ I'm searching for some of the thunderbolt crossbow bits from the judicators kit. PayPal preferred. Thanks for taking a peek.
  13. This is the recipe I'll be following. I love the way this fella did this.
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