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  1. Speculation time!!! Musician- retreat and charge Banner- reroll battleshock tests Champion- +1 attack, poison mortal proc on a 5+ stock. And im thinking about a msu of hobgrots behind a 20 block of Gutrippaz with spears to toss grenades over their heads instead of the general spead bump approach thats seems to be their general thought on usage. And if not needed they can fall back onto objectives. Good combo or nay, says you? Also if anyone didnt see it in the rumors thread... In the pics from the recent rules preview we can see a second champion head option from the multipart boltboys kit and what appeared to be a drummer option alongside the horn in the multipart gutrippaz kit.
  2. Not really rumors but from some of the pics posted in the Orruk Warclans rules article we can see that the multipart Boltboyz have at least a 2nd champion head option. Also Its tiny and blurry BUT it also looks like the multipart Gutrippaz have a drummer option as well as the horn. Fingers crossed for a 2nd banner!!
  3. Lots of folks seem to be on board with the blood knight lists utilizing the sub faction that makes them battleline.
  4. @Neil Arthur Hotep This bothers me to no end!! Its the same on the star drake! Hoping that once FEC gets updated that the vargheists / horrors kit is either updated or split apart to have their own kits and the same for the zombie dragon / terrorgheist kit.
  5. 🤞 that this bodes well for the Nighthaunt Guardian of Souls store anniversary model.
  6. Random but pertaining to the Marshcrawla Sloggoth, its the only model that I find off from the rest. The howdah and grots are fine but I simply cannot figure out what bugs me about the tr(sl)oggoth. I know the few little random horns are strange to me but there's something else that my trogg loving self just cant come to like it. Maybe in person will feel different. And why isn't it just a troggoth?...
  7. Hint, hint, there's a "the old world" discussion thread. 😶
  8. @Warbossironteef Good luck and hope you've got a quick recipe!! I haven't built any zombies, are they just twenty straight forward models or is there any options at all such as different gead or arms,etc?
  9. Awesome Lauka / Vengorian kitbash by @nubbys_miniatures I'd of covered the third eye and given it a more bat like nose but its really cool!!
  10. Speculation on hand weapon gutrippaz statline? Im thinking: 1" 2 3 4 -1 1
  11. Bottom left corner. 😶 Vulture calvary?
  12. Also im not a fan of when they put one piece in a whole other set. Like is this the only way to get this one terrain piece? Silly.
  13. Just noticed this after a 2nd glance, so the stormcast have existing terrain in the bsckground of the box pic. Does this mean we just got a leak of orruk warclans terrain from the ardboyz box pic?... 🤔
  14. I'd like it a lot more if those Ardboyz were updated...😒 Still holding out hope for an elite Kruleboyz Murknob unit to replace them now.
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