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  1. Vasshpit

    The Rumour Thread

    Elaboration please.
  2. Vasshpit

    Models with crab claws

    Try Tyranid bits perhaps.
  3. I got my first rider mounted. Still a lot of touchups...
  4. Just a small WIP update to prove I've actually accomplished something. 😄 Been working 60+hrs a week so only get an hr or so here and there as of late but have some time off coming soon. I changed the flesh tone as I wasn't happy with it and I accidentally deleted my step by step shots... Fear not for any interested in these as ive got 15 more to do. 😄😃 Still WIPs so dont be too harsh.
  5. @FPC Ok. Well you interested in buying anything from me as I'm also trying to clean up my collections as well?
  6. @FPC Hi. I've got some of what you're looking for. Not sure quantities as its packed away so I'd have to check but I'm not looking for Tzeentch. I myself recently sold off a Tzaangor bundle. Might you have any Nighthaunts or Ironjawz (minus ardboyz)? Or interested in purchasing anything from me? If so I could count my stock.
  7. Vasshpit

    The trap of wanting to be unique

    Conversions. Even a little bit helps you be a unique snowflake. For instance I'm currently working on two units, hexwraiths and Grimghast Reapers. My Hexwraiths are taken from the Dreadblade steeds with Reaper riders. My grimghasts will have the sweet helmeted skull from the Dreads (not a fan of the blindfolds) and I'll be swapping the scythes blades for Glaives from the glaivewraith stalkers. Simple but enough to stand out from the crowd a bit.
  8. Vasshpit

    Abilities that trigger on a 6

    Its sooo bright!... 😄Sorry, your font size was just huge on my phone. Heh.
  9. Vasshpit

    The Rumour Thread

    I like the most recent daemonettes and dont even play chaos. I think their static posing detracts from the designs though is all. A lot of orruks/orks sculpts suffer this. For such a savage and aggressive race they sure do just stand there a lot. 😄
  10. Vasshpit

    CP having more variation

    Perhaps make gravesites destroyable.
  11. Vasshpit

    What Sprue is This?

    Look like goblins from the hobbit...
  12. Vasshpit

    CP having more variation

    I think they should be free to use once across all heros in a phase. I find it kind of silly its not. Perhaps just make them all "wholly within" There are some broken things, like you stated about whole units back Simplify gameplay... Just my opinion.
  13. Vasshpit

    Penchant for blacksmithing

  14. Vasshpit

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    @Neck-Romantic Yeah, i agree with all the Dreadblade as an elite wound counter unit. Its been stated here plenty and I wish they would have took that route with them. Its pretty obvious they are not what they were ment to be, whatever that was.
  15. Vasshpit

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    I still believe a well done terrain piece(s) could really do us some good. Im just not totally sure what those stats, buffs, debuffs, etc should be. Id love to hear from more experienced KoS out there on this. Also I had a cool wishlist thought, change our Vault of Souls spell to a summoning instead of damaging spell. This would help out a bit.... Might actually see it on a table too!!😄