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  1. Vasshpit

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    Ok, I've got a question for all the other Megabosses out there. I'd like to ally in some Dankhold Troggs and would appreciate some insight and opinions on the pros and cons of doing so. Now I do realize this is not the most optimized of ideas but humor me if you would on tactics, best utilization, and what a good way to synergize this unit along side what we currently have access to. Or is this just a bad tactical idea all together?
  2. Vasshpit

    2000 point gloomspite gitz army

    This should help you out.
  3. Vasshpit

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    @swiftmus Good ideas. I plan on making a single Loonboss on Giant squig and a squig gobbla from the mangler kit.
  4. Vasshpit

    Greenskin start collecting gone

    Im hoping that Gitmob evolves into something fresh with the spirit still there like the ironjawz did. Also like to see them play more on the hobgoblin (Insert new IP name here) aspect they've mentioned back in the day. Maybe not such a weedy git like Moonclan but more mercenary in nature and not such bad warriors by Grot standards. 😉 GW did a pretty great job of turning the orc boar up to 11 with the Gore Gruntas so imagine goblin wolves AoSified.
  5. Vasshpit

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    I really want to try 3 x Dank Troggs as well. Or even double that!! 🤪 Id love to be able to use just the Boggleye and Shroomancer for their swest spells with these guys but sadly you can not.
  6. Vasshpit

    The Rumour Thread

  7. Vasshpit

    Destruction Rumour Thread

    I hope their design is more than just grots wearing pirate hats with sky boats... 😕
  8. Vasshpit

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    Prime and paint just the inside mouth then assemble. 😉
  9. Vasshpit

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    18 damage is just as unlikely as 3 damage. Not out of this world hard to roll 3 6s. 😉
  10. Vasshpit

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    Does the regular Dank Trogg get the grip ability as well?
  11. Vasshpit

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    So I was interested in others thoughts about a conversion pertaining to the Loonboss with and on a giant cave squig. I was considering picking up Mangler set and splitting it up to make these two models. I think you could get them onto the current base sizes for these two. The only thing is they may be a bit too large vertically.... or as long as they fit the current base sizing do you think it would be ok for say tournament play?
  12. Vasshpit

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    @Malakree Can Ironjawz even ally in Gloomspite?
  13. Vasshpit

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    @Crispen Those are looking good. 👍
  14. Vasshpit

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    Whys that? I Haven't seen the new warscrolls yet...