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  1. Seeing all those new warbands really makes me wonder why Gloomspite isnt allowed troggoth.... πŸ€”πŸ˜”
  2. Are they essentially just big humans like the current one or has the anatomy been changed at all?
  3. Was that rumor awhile ago about phasing them out... 😬 They really could use some love and in my opinion a fresh new design.
  4. I πŸ’š Maw Krusha.
  5. @cyrus Thought there was art depicting one with a topknot? πŸ€” However my bet is 2 brutes and a Warchanter. ✊ Edit: i see the topknot on Mr. Two swords there...
  6. Meh, Ardboys would inevitably get a better warscroll so why bother... 😜
  7. Didnt Gargant lore get retconned and they were the original inhabitants of azyr along with dragon--ogors? Now with big pappa Gordrakk planning to siege Azyr I'm sure the gargants want a piece as well.
  8. @Kasper IIRC there are some Nighthaunt that are not bound by or follow Nagash. I think I recall reading that in the tome... πŸ€” Lots of potential there if so.
  9. Just waiting for the next starter set box with all new Stormcast chamber minis and just a bunch of Ardboyz for the Ironjawz side!!πŸ˜„
  10. @Icegoat It wouldn't be so bad if they didnt wait such a long time to release those individual heros.
  11. Pretty obvious at this point with GW that what factions need and what they get don't always coincide. 😜
  12. I could see them "2nd editioning" the liberator and judicator kits to include women to match the more recent lines. I'd appreciate this.
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