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  1. Looks good. Welcome to TGA! This will get moved to the painting and modeling section, fyi.
  2. Ive been thinking that a combined Ironjawz and whatever replaces Gitmob may become the AoS "Orcs and Goblins" similar to how Gloomspite is the combination of a few things. Gw could play on the "Hobgrot" aspect of cream of the crop grots and come up with some cool concepts. If done right it think it could be cool although id be fine with just an expanded Ironjawz.
  3. I recall rumors of the past mentioning a "prophet of the waaagh" model. Seeing as how Bonesplittaz are ruled over by shamans perhaps this is also an indication of things on the horizon.
  4. I just hope one day the liberator and judicator kits are updated to include some of those sexy ladycast eternals! 😉
  5. Hello. I'm looking for the grot helmeted heads from the Boingrot / Hopper kit. I believe there are 4 extra per kit. Im located in K.C. Mo. Paypal preferred. Thanks for looking.
  6. Really like the cobblestone on the bases.
  7. Ive always thought about using Brutes while leaving the torso armor off and put on 32mm bases would be cool. @NeoA I agree on the models. Compared to the new design they just dont look good imo. Im hoping GW doesnt go down that design route and stays with the new look of Ironjawz.
  8. If the Weirdnob recieved the same cp generator as the Fungoid do you guys feel he'd be worth it over the fungoid?
  9. Wonder how deep striking units play onto this such as Nighthaunt with their underworld rule... 🤔
  10. Question, do the two wizards from the Gobalapooza gain access to spell lore? Can they cast endless spells? Thanks.
  11. I have a feeling this will be the available GoS model. The soul wars one is great but like 60% of all pics ive seen of it the sword arm obviously broke off and owner had to fix it. GW has got to be aware of this, right? Also this one has both build options so it just makes sense that this will become the available product. Time Will tell.
  12. @Tropical Ghost General Maybe consider those raven things from beast of chaos endless spells as batswarms...
  13. Good looking models. Props to artists!✊ I'd love to see some new Ironjawz models that are this dynamic.
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