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  1. Vasshpit

    Where next?

  2. πŸ‘» Just wanted to be on page one-hunny!!!πŸ‘»
  3. I truly hope they stay elite and do not go horde. Ive kinda viewed them as Grand alliance Destros version of Stormcast or Uruk Hai from lotr. Id just like some more unit options like scouts (in one book Gordrak sends out scouting parties) and war machines.
  4. Maybe some kind of wholly within aura buff/reroll for charges on KoS models would be helpful and not too op...
  5. I always thought a big block of Gitmob archers and a shaman could provide great support for the Jawz. Never tried it though.
  6. @Aelfric Maybe you could use wire modeling mesh and create some nets.
  7. I respectfully disagree and hope the Jawz get more attention than just this... Time shall tell. πŸ˜•
  8. Seeing the most recent endless spell additions makes the Nighthaunt ones just seem kind of worthless.... poor little spooks...
  9. Very cool! New models snippets look great! Think i even saw a female Blood Warrior in there. 😊 Hoping this blows up as heavy as Killteam did. Very much excited!
  10. Very funking cool theme!! πŸ‘
  11. Order: Namarti Reavers are a really cool kit and I dont even collect them. Love that theres a healthy mix of male and female. Hope to see this trend continue across multiple factions. The Dracolines are an amazing sculpt! The creature design, imo, is stellar and feels like a real animal. A lot of GW designs stray too far from anatomical correctness sometimes but those are ace! Chaos: Blightkings are great! Death: Vargheist... Even though 2 out of 3 have anatomically incorrect wings, they are a really cool kit. ALL of Nighthaunt is just stellar! Sepulchral Guard.... These alone have stopped me from buying anything skeleton as those just show that whatever comes next for Deathrattle, be it an update or new units, is going to be amazing! Morghast are a great kit. Destruction: Brutes are an awesome kit and I can't wait for future updates to Ironjawz. Rockguts are fantastic! I do really enjoy the old gitmob grots for some reason even though all their archers are lefties... πŸ˜… and the kit definitely showed its age but the design was great especially the faces!! (Hoping that the much hinted Grotbag Scuttlers become Gitmob MKII with giant bats for raiding instead of wolves and some sweet ramshackle war machines.) Just a few off the top. πŸ™‚
  12. @Arael Good shtuffz! Thats my fav orc model of all time as far as anatomy goes. In my opinion, they just nailed it.
  13. As soon as i saw the new rockguts i thought about a Sylvaneth counts as with rockguts as kurnoth. They would be "forrest" troggs with branches and such. Thought it would be a fun and visually impressive project.
  14. Great work @Brother_Captain. I do agree about the green. If you changed the green to a grey or just went all black like the top fur it would look shnazzy. Good job. πŸ‘
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