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  1. Custed city for sale in sales and trade thread.
  2. Up for sale is an open box of cursed city. Some models are assembled and only skeletons are painted but all components are there. $100 USA only. Free shipping. DM if interested.
  3. Gloomspite bundle posted in sales and trade thread.
  4. Dominion box set minus Kruleboyz minis up in sales and trade thread.
  5. Nighthaunt flash sale bundle in the sales thread.
  6. Sold. Thanks for interest.
  7. Ironjawz bundle for sale in sales thread. 😉
  8. Boarboys arent even on the usa site anymore...
  9. I can understand this. I think they are just dated personally... Black orcs had their time in the old world but that time has gone. When i saw this dude I immediately thought "damn, I hope this is the look of new Ardboys as the fluff is they're not true Ironjawz but from other clans. This would of been THE perfect opportunity to update the kit whilst tieing these new Orruks to the old ones.
  10. I think its just subjective but i also think folks that would prefer "uniformity " are leaning more towards aspects like anatomical proportions, anatomical realism, etc. For me personally its this above all else. There is no denying that the kruleboyz, just as the new stormcast, have taking a much different approach to model design. Im a very detailed person so it's very easy for me to spot these not so subtle differences across the Orruk warclans models. Things like ridiculously big heads, teeth that wouldn't allow you to even close their mouths let alone put food in, over the top muscle tone, etc. Yes a unified paint scheme helps but for some its way more than that. Again it's all subjective.
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