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  1. @Stirlz For me some of the best tutorials or learning have come from finding a painter I like and if they have a patreon subscribe for a couple months. The better ones have a lot of great content and it is definitely worth it to watch someone paint in a way you find appealing.
  2. Oh yeah, the actual heads will be in a wave 3 with their own battletome... Doi...
  3. Brood mother could be a cool reinforcment terrain piece. ๐Ÿค”
  4. This thread name reaaaallly needs to change. ๐Ÿ˜„
  5. Its odd for sure and I'm also sure covid has played its part in this but the only thing i feel cheated about is this.... New order army drops... 57 new kinds of models... New destruction army drops... 1 model... Too many aelves on the dance floor! ๐Ÿ˜„
  6. @Melcavuk That sea horse idea / conversion is great and beautifully executed!๐Ÿ‘ The rest are equally as impressive. Will you be using the new steeds at all for these?
  7. Best wishes on your journey @Stirlz and welcome to this community. It's a fun hobby and super chill if you're in it just to paint. I had to Google your referenced type of paint but those look nice. With ther high pigments you'll definitely want to thin them down. As an artist myself I started off with cheap craft acrylics and when I upgraded to better quality paints it made all the difference. Traditionally I mostly user colored pencil and inks and have gravitated more to digital over ther years. What mediums are you using? One thing that I learned early on was just how different a 2d piece of paper is compared to a 3d model and how the creative flow of my mind had to work the steps out. Two part epoxies work great for sculpting (examples being Green Stuff, Miliput, Magic Sculpt) but anything that needs heat to cure will also melt or deform the plastic or resin miniatures. Look into airbrushing if not already familiar with one. When working in 3d it is a HUGE time saver and can give beautiful results. It's not needed by any means but a very, very useful tool in the arsenal. I also feel it gives a smoother priming coat as compared to an aerosol can and better for the environment as well! As @Catgut suggested, if you're going true metallics, Vallejo Metal Color are AMAZING metallic paints!! The best I've ever used yet. One last thing, has any particular model, faction, race caught your eye yet?
  8. A worthy last stand. โœŠ๐Ÿ˜‰
  9. I welcome the more sporadic release. Hopefully gone are the days of your armies time coming and only getting some endless spells, terrain, and a book then faced with having to wait 2+yrs again... I do agree though, some armies could use some love more than others.
  10. @Kramer in regards to multiple heros, the Ironjawz Warchanter could use a 2nd sculpt. Very common to see multiples.
  11. Hello and thanks for looking. USA KC, Mo based The following is for sale. PayPal only Each listing is sold together as I will not part out. X12 Fenrisian Wolves: unassembled All bits and bases. $30 $25 X9 Thunderwolves: Just the wolves (great mount conversions) No bases $40 $30 X21 Mortek Guard: [X10 as spears, x10 as sword] shields not attached. X5 Deathriders: minimal assembly. X3 Stalkers/Guard: unassenbled All bits and bases $80 $65 X21 Crypt Ghouls: Also included are 20+ Ungor heads as I was going to use these and file down the horns. They just seemed more appropriate. X6 Crypt Flayers/ Horrors: backs and heads assembled as vargheists. All bits and bases $30 $25 shipping is included unless it is overly expensive then we can discuss. DM for purchase or any questions. Thanks
  12. Regarding Ossiarchs, Ever see a pitbull chew on a bone? ๐Ÿ˜‰
  13. While I can see logic on both sides of the discussion I fear this ship has veered off course. There's plenty of other threads here dealing with the sexes discussion.
  14. This is in the description on the S2D SC. Just saying. Its mentioned in one of the novels that Gordrakk sends out Ironjawz scouts. This could be a fun and new utility unit for them.
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