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  1. I desperately want to get the necron kill team starter set but can't get it anywhere. I'm desperate anyone know where or know someone who would sell me it. I'm in the UK
  2. I was going to do both and a kind of more steam punk one and see which I thought looked better and what other people thought. The thing is with the necron immortals you get the deathmarks guns on the spru so as I am making a necron army anyway it's really not a bother to do I was also going to magnatise so they could be changed
  3. Do you think using necron deathmarks rifle on skaven jezzels would work and look good?
  4. I'm going to build my own fortress for siege games. I deed to know things like how big can I make it if it's a sealed square/ rectangle. I plan on making walls removable. How big or small does 1st floor platforms have to be?
  5. What about using stormfiends instead or does that mess things up?
  6. That's my point is it worth that in condition
  7. How much are you looking for? Also are they painted and if so how well?
  8. If possible have any gnaw holes placed so your appointment places a maybe powerful but fragile hero out of harms way only for you to sneak attack then make use of the hole if and when it's tactically good to do so maybe even princes a unit from behind their own line
  9. Ok so this is a bit out there but was wondering if anyone has tried it. A unit of gutter runners which you can place to the side then place anywhere I believe it's something like 6' from the edge or enemy unit but also have a assassin in the unit place and use tactically to kill a wizard, hero or whatever quickly. If they can cause more disruption great if not pull back or sacrifice for if done right a sneaky cheap shot. What do you think?
  10. Ideas for different builds and tactics. Anything at all maybe I sneaky idea or changing up some units whatever
  11. What about all the plague monks in the starter kits and the bigger one with the verminlord?
  12. Noticed on eBay what looks like 3d print models people are selling that they have printed themselves
  13. That's great guys thanks for the advice
  14. 160/180 clan rats 20x storm vermin Doomwheel 2x plague claw Warp cannon Plague furnace Screening bell 3x plague priest 2x grayseers Baombadier Queekheadtaker Basic leader Gutter runners 5x poison wind mortars 3x Warp fire thrower Warp engineer 40x plague monks Assassin Rat ogres Pack master Verminlord Do I have enough models to make a skaven civil war battle?
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