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Found 91 results

  1. Will you dare enter the ancient tomb of the kings of Nehekhara ? Will you come out of it alive ?
  2. For those of you who own or have used Souldrain Forest, how do you "rule" on using the trees during the game? Do you use the "if it stays it plays" general table-top gaming rule, or do you say "no" to allowing models in the trees at all? If you allow it, what are some of the understandings you use, or some of the issues you have had to resolve? Im just wondering. I recently purchased Souldrain and painting it up. My buddies and I have play a few games on it, and we have been allowing models in the trees, but if we use it at a tournament or something, I would like some ideas as to any potential complications. Thanks so much! See you around the forums!
  3. Hi legends, I played WFB back in the day and have been just playing 40k for the last 15 years or so.. My Beerhammer group is starting to look into AOS to get away from space marines for a while! I have a number of fat mats and heaps of terrain for 40k but how important is terrain in AOS? How much should cover the table and what sort of configuration would you suggest? Bonus points - I see heaps of 3rd party 40k style terrain out there, what can you recommend for AOS? Double bonus - show me your tables for inspiration!!! Cheers.
  4. so thanks to Reddit I found this website that has my head spinning with possibilities. I know there are instructions, but I want to get other people's thoughts on this! how fun / tedious is building these things? What plaster do you guys use? and do you think this is better than just buying terrain kits?
  5. So, my latest diorama, is going to be an Ossiarch Bonereapers Necropolis by the stormy ghoulish sea. The only thing is, I don't know what to make the walls look like. In the battletome, it says that all the Necropolises are meant to be very similar looking, and the walls in the art are made of stone and bone. This makes me feel like I should do them like this, but I don't really know, because I think they look cool, but aren't that interesting. Another option is to make them solely out of bone, which was my original plan, but would be very difficult to construct. The last is to make them out of Nadirite, or at least plated in nadirite. For those of you who don't know, nadirite is the material that Ossiarch Bonereapers' shields, armour and swords. This could look really cool, and I could do some reflections of things outside, and it would be fairly simple to make. The problem is that it would be incredibly difficult to paint well. The thing is that I can justify it not being stone and bone, so I am torn about which one to do. So the answer is up to you. Please tell me what you think, and whichever gets the most votes, will be completed. Thanks!
  6. Martin87

    40k fortress

    I'm going to build my own fortress for siege games. I deed to know things like how big can I make it if it's a sealed square/ rectangle. I plan on making walls removable. How big or small does 1st floor platforms have to be?
  7. This one is quite a short one, but I will do my next one tomorrow. First, I went to the beach and collected some driftwood, stones and shells… (I wasn't in lockdown at the time) And here you can see that I am positioning them on my model, I tried a few varieties of where they would go, but I was pretty certain of where I thought they would go already. I liked the idea that there would be a tree (stick) hanging over the lava pool. I was even at one point thinking about spraying the sticks white and applying hexwraith flame onto them, but I thought it wouldn't work. And here I am now wishing that I still had spray because it would be a fun idea to try out at least. Here I am using a hot glue gun to attach the hill, I also used the glue gun to attach everything else, but I didn't take a photo of it (and it happened right at the end so I wouldn't show it to you now). There that's it. Hope that you enjoyed, The next one is quite long, I am doing the painting. (don't get exited, it is not the most intricate painting in the world)
  8. This entry is of how I started to carve the area of my scenic board set in the realm of death. I started with these two pieces of equipment that I got on Amazon, below, you can see my electric foam cutter and my bottle of “ Vallejo Water Texture” Here is the scalpel that I used for more rough cuts I started with this piece of insulation foam. Then I did my first carving, as shown here. Here is the rough start of the positioning of my pieces. As you can see here I have made the terrain more rigid and natural rather than flat, sadly this took up a good 5 hours or so! I hope you enjoyed this! Next time will be quite short as I am attaching some boulders, hills and dead trees.
  9. I designed and commissioned this piece of furniture for my "warhammer room" recently. I stole the gaming lip idea from card tables and from the "Table of Ultimate Gaming" but decided to go with a design I thought was a little more aesthetic for our home! I went to the warhammer citadel this weekend in Grapvine, Texas (flew down there for the warhammer new player expo) and saw that they had a few "Table of Ultimate Gaming" setup, and I'm glad I went with a furniture maker because the wood quality on those tables is less than I'd imagined when considering it. We used an Alder for the wood and had stained two different colors. I made it 42" tall so I wouldn't have to bend too much (I have a bad back), which is really tall. My wife might need a stepping stool! Other than that, there's not much else to change- the table surface fits the 6x4 play mats perfectly! I'll be getting a bunch of terrain for it soon, but in the meantime (besides, of course, showing it off), I wanted to see other people's gaming tables- whether it's fine woodworking, cool terrain, modeled ground etc to help give me some ideas or just to stare at!
  10. Hi everyone so I'm going to try and chronicle the growing numbers of my 2020 Age of Sigmar project. I have really got into Warcry in the last few months but seeing the new starter set for Slaves I had to pick them up to have a Warcry themed Age of Sigmar army. First time collecting more for hobbying sake but dam these models were great. I got stuck into them and in my hurry didn't take many progress pics but going to post some pics for thoughts and feedback. Even suggestions on what to add and what you think would suit the flavour I'd be happy to listen too, ranting aside here's a few pics and again feedback is much appreciated. (Bases needs finished up) I will get some unit close ups when basing is done too to add, and hopefully remember to update as I reinforce them.
  11. I’ve built a third “city” for warcry using a second starter set and some Azyrite kits to give me some taller buildings with three levels. I would like to be able to use them intermixed with both of the official sets which I’ve already painted to match their respective boards (pictures below). The starter set terrain is a green stone with a blueish tint to it while the defiled ruins expansion is a reddish-brown beige color (very similar to country French bricks if you’re familiar with that). I’ve also painted the mausoleum expansion using a darker grey tone with subtle browns and blues (I have some detail work to do on the cemetery still such as weathering and the ground-but it’s playable so not a high priority). I’m leaning towards a red stone akin to the reverse side of each of the game boards but not sure how it will look with the green stone from the base set or the mausoleum’s dark greys. Does anyone have any other suggestions for color schemes? Note:black, white, or grey aren’t really preferred as I’m painting the stormvault an off white with black and have a Pegasus Gothic city which will be a grey stone.
  12. Hi there, I'm looking for some high ress images that could be used for printing on a battle mat. I did foud few on google, but I am not happy with them. If you have some you could share I would appreciate. Regards, Kyo
  13. Hello! This is my first post on this forum, but some of you might know me from other places, such as Yaktribe, Ulthuan, 9th age, khemri forum etc. In short I am long time Warhammer fantasybattle and Necromunda gamer. Recently I got excited with the new Warcry . Thus I wanted to share some work I have done for Warcry.
  14. I’ve finished all of the terrain from the warcry starter set except the statue head. My ruins are a lighter shade of blue-green than the game board so (I think) it looks good when set up and the beige brickwork helps it fit with the reverse side of the board (I hope). My problem is that I am also going to paint up the other two ravaged lands sets and do not want them to match this city ruin set. I want a paint scheme that 1) looks different, 2) works with it’s native game board, 3) still looks good when pieces are intermixed together. All three ravaged lands sets include statues; my idea is to paint all the statues as the same type of marble to help bring the different sets together. But what color would work? Brown marble is what I’m currently thinking about but blue would look better on the set that is currently done. I know that how I paint the other sets will be a determining factor in this but I’m not 100% sure what colors I will use yet. Currently I’m leaning towards the default factory scheme on the mausoleum or a lighter shade of grey granite (possibly with some green undertones). On the storm vault I’m thinking about something close to the studio colors but reversed (so mostly grey with the warm cream color as the accent). We have a lot of people with really great imaginations and eyes for color here so I’m hoping someone can give me some good advice (even if these calls for help rarely ever get any).
  15. In the the rules for Cover it says: "Add 1 to save rolls for a unit if all of its models are wholly on or within a terrain feature when the rolls are made" My interpretation of this is that it is allowed for models in the unit to have its base being outside of the terrain as long as the base is within the terrain. However, I have experiences of people interpreting this as all models need to be wholly within the terrain. What is correct?
  16. Hey mighty TGA Community! I've stumbled upon this Desert Terrain Piece on Warhammer Community. This is the exact type of stone i wish for my desert terrain, especially the very bright, nearly orange type of spots on the stone. Sadly, the article only explains how to do the weathered bronze and i just cant find any colour recipe that immitates this type of "orange" sandstone. The picture and the article is from june 2017 and im eager to achieve the same desert stone effect. Maybe someone here has any ideas how to achieve that? Thanks in advance!
  17. Hi all! Since the GW Wyldwood is so expensive... (need like 6 of them) im looking for ways to get something close to it...For a smaler fee. - If you made your own, how? And how much did it cost you? - Do tornaments often aprove home made Wyldwood? If its the same sice as the original. Please help a frustrated and poor Sylvaneth player /Kimbo
  18. If both players have faction specific terrain who sets theirs up first? Is it a straight roll off?
  19. My first model, the chapel in my previous blog (link), had been quite a large model and while it had been a fun experience from which I learnt a lot it seemed like it would be better for the next steps to try something a bit smaller with a lot less parts. The first of these was a memorial model that was still relatively large so it would block line of sight. This was made in 3 pieces as shown above in order to make it manageable to print on a variety of print bed sizes as well as making it less risky (Nothing worse than getting to the end of a print then something going wrong.). I also wanted to leave the top off in order to make it easy to install another model as a statue. It's a bit more awkward printing decent character models than buildings and scenery so my plan is to add a Chaos Warrior model as the statue to this model at some point. In general I was quite happy with how it turned out though and it was good having something that could be printed in less than a day instead of about 3 days. In addition to above I had been working on some smaller extra bits but the main next building I decided to work on was a smaller version of the original chapel as a mausoleum. Again I wanted something a bit smaller but that would fit in with the same style as I was planning on making a series of terrain with a similar theme so i'd have a Death or Shyish set. This model came out as 16 parts. The ground floor: and the roof: Part of what I wanted to do this time was as it had a modeled roof I wanted it to be easily detachable so I created some indents in the tops of the pillars and in the base of the end sections of roof. This allowed some small 5mm diameter magnets to be glued in and so I can detach the roof as needed. The next step is to finish off the extra bits i've been working on and I should have a good set of graveyard themed terrain which i'll hopefully be able to post about soon (and hopefully be able to give my Aelf Loremaster a rest too).
  20. Living in an area with very few players, much of my time is spent scratch building terrain and modular boards, this piece is still drying Materials used XPS Foam Sand Hand crafted flock (assorted colours) 12 mm grass tufts (hand crafted from static grass not purchased tufts) Coconut fibre Skewers Spray Pain Craft Paint PVA glue
  21. I did Architecture at university not long ago and as part of that I started to experiment with the possibilities of getting my models printed rather than the traditional methods (and familiar to anyone that makes terrain) of mountains of foamboard, knives and creating a big mess with glue. Being a poor student I ended up only getting one printed at a local business I found online. Not needing (or being able to afford) a large model and not being familiar with the best way to get it printed I sent over my entire, unedited building model and after a few false starts below was the result. Around the same time I learned of a friend of a friend buying their own printer who was looking for some bits to print out to see what it could do. In the spirit of running before you can walk I took a local building for inspiration, modeled up a wall section and sent him the files to see what the result would be. The end result, while there being room for improvement, were quite encouraging so I decided to go ahead to try and finish the model using a printer of my own and modelled up the rest of the parts and had some fun along the way figuring out how it would all fit together. In the end the model came in at 56 parts as shown in the renders below of all the parts together and an exploded view. Because the model is supposed to be interacted with I thought it was better not to bother with the roof so you can place models inside, not have to mess about with taking it on and off (and storing it) and just to save on material on something that I didn't expect to be on most of the time. Below is the model assembled and painted. In the end I decided to print out at a scale of 1:50 which is a bit bigger than the traditional scale but since the models have been increasing in size over time anyway I thought it fit well with those currently in use.
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