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  1. I'm pleased someone is trying this! If you do it, a wip blog would be appreciated. I have had the idea myself but have been put off by the fact I own nothing of the original Warhammer Quest and it isn't cheap on ebay. The lack of modern models also seemed a problem. I just recently finished doing a similar thing with Space Crusade. It took me 4 years and cost over 500 pounds. I've added a link here to the wip blog I did about it if you are interested. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/356833-space-crusade-re-imagined/
  2. This will be my first time doing this but I need a kick up the bum to make me get on with painting. I'm going to try my Bloodbowl Ogres and Bloodbowl Skaven teams. They have been built and primed since March but I'm making very slow progress. I've only managed to paint my Lizardmen and Dark Elves since then. I would still have my Humans and Orcs to paint after that.
  3. I was thinking about this the other day, when exactly did GW move to weekly releases? I really can't remember. Was it around the time of White Dwarf Weekly or much before then? Anyway, I have also noticed I haven't missed weekly releases since they have stopped. If anything it has been nice to have a break from them, and it's not just the pulling power of a shiny new product, it's also all the articles on the community site, like the fluff, rules etc. And since just stepping back for a little bit I can clearly see what they are, marketing. I do like them and prefer they were there than not, but how fast they come out then are discarded as soon as the next one comes along is just a bit much. Another thing I had been thinking was about the Start Collecting. When they came out they were supposed to replace the old battalion army boxes, the battalions had more models and cost a lot more. The start collecting were refreshing, 40 pounds seemed reasonable, it was great entry point to start with or get a new army. You got a nice manageable amount of models of different unit types, but now some of them coming out are up to the battalion price, and with a lot less in them. I agree about the family time. I've had the least amount of time I've had for wargaming since Corona. I live in South Korea and due to the schools closing meant I didn't work for over 1 month, you'd think not having any work would have given me a lot of time, but it also meant my daughter was home all day too, and spending time with her has kept me busier than ever. I've much prefered spending time with my daughter than painting any models.
  4. I am just curious, how does Bolt Action compare in price from the U.K to the Australia, does it have a similar markup in price like GW stuff has, or is it the same price as the U.K stuff? I have no idea why Australia costs so much more, if Bolt Action has a similar markup then it could be import fees and taxes, if it doesn't then it might be GW using costs for running GW stores etc. My mate is from New Zealand and he says New Zealand pay an extortionate amount too, I have also been in a GW shop in Japan and the prices in there were astronomical.
  5. Hi, both worked when I clicked them, not sure why they didn't for you. I've tried attaching the file. I hope you like them. Extra Adversaries for Warhammer Quest Silver Tower.docx
  6. Well since I started this topic back in October, I have only bought a Blood Bowl team and the Almanac, and I got some paints for Christmas. I've stopped impulse buying and I completely skipped Beastgrave as well as many other releases I may of bought before. I don't think this price rise is well timed, even though this is more a 'luxury product' many people will be feeling an economic pinch and how much you need some plastic models might fall quite far down on your list of priorities. I wonder if it is pandemic related, I would have thought it was planned before the pandemic. Maybe they thought a single price rise of 5 pounds on a unit was too much in one go and if they did it twice in a year it would ease the blow. But it could be a reaction to the current situation, I have no idea. As Valenswift says, we all have one thing we are a little crazy about, I was riding a bike with a friend and told him one year I'd spent over 1000 pounds on GW stuff, he was shocked, I asked him how much he had spent doing his bike up, he told me well over 1000 pounds, mine cost 200. A lot is how much you value it, I know if I go out drinking I can spend much more than the new unit I want and all I usually have to show for that is a bad head the next day, if I did buy the unit instead, at least it would still be sat in my cupboard unopened ha ha.
  7. I live in South Korea, we haven't been under any official lock down, but the schools have been closed for the past month, so subsequently I've not been working and my 4 year old daughter has been home. Despite 'not doing anything' and living Groundhog Day, I've never been more busy keeping her entertained for every waking minute. I've managed to cut out 4 blood bowl teams and build them on the rare days she goes to her grans. Got a chance to base coat them today, first I've had in 2 weeks. Base coated them white because I want to try contrast, felt very weird after years of black.
  8. Yeah, I largely argree, I don't think they look good, it's been putting me off trying them, but that's why I asked about it on here, I was hoping after 8 months people had worked out how to make them look good. I suppose I wouldn't bother buying them now, but I bought a load so I should try them, and I would like to paint faster. I'm not the slowest painter nor the fastest, my main problem (other than finding time between work and family) is I get bored with painting the same paint scheme after about 6 models and the last ones just become a chore and the quality slips a bit as I lose interest in it and just want to get it finished. I plan on painting like I normally do, but if I can speed up aspects like; cloaks, trousers, skin, skulls and other mandatory skeletal stuff that is on everything then it would help me a long. At the same time I don't want it to be the 'one thick coat' out of the pot. Now knowing how to mix and blend it helps with that. And as I'm sure others have, I have a mountain of models sitting on sprues and no where near being painted.
  9. Finally got a chance to watch that video, that was exactly what I was looking for, learnt a lot from that. Thanks for the other replies too.
  10. Hi, it's been a while now since contrast was released. I bought some on release and have only used it very occasionally as a wash for certain things, skulls being the main thing (I'm so tired of skulls on every model, painting them just drives me nuts). Anyway my next paining project will probably be Blackstone Fortress or Talisman 3rd edition. I want to use contrast for the project but I haven't had much practice with it. So has anyone got any advice, tips, tutorials? There are a lot on youtube, but they are all from around release, and I'm hoping for experienced tips, what people have found after over half a year of using it. I'll most likely not be solely using contrast and I probably won't be doing the one thick coat approach from the GW vidoes. Thanks
  11. The AOS boxes are going online only so this is my last chance to buy them from my flgs. I already own the cards, I got them from a bit site when the AOS boxes were released with the idea of buying them later. £80 is a lot for a game I haven't played yet and most likely will only use just over half the models though. I'll just take a hit on those cards, they weren't that much. One box seems fine for me. Thanks for the help.
  12. How realistic is it to use all of the models in the second box? Or do you only end up using about half of it?
  13. Hi, I haven't played a game of this yet, but I am wondering how necessary second boxes of the core Warbands are to play a campaign with? Can you get by with 1 or do you really need to get a second? The Warbands I'm interested in are the Splintered Fang and Corvus Cabal. Thanks.
  14. Awesome, from looking at the map you appear to be a brief walk from my mates house so that is a bonus, and a bit of a random coincidence.
  15. I will be back home in the North East over Christmas for the first time in years. I am wondering what independent shops there are in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Darlington and Middlesbrough. I might take advantage of the large discounts that aren't normally available to me. Thanks. Just noticed the store finder on the GW site has independents, still any recommendations?
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