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  1. I'm the opposite, I found it liberating, I love playing with all the vibrant colours. This is probably my best use of that scheme.
  2. I agree, her work inspired my dragon on my profile picture, as well as other things I've painted.
  3. Going to do my Human Blood Bowl team. An American friend I play with supports the Carolina Panthers so I'm going to paint them in their black kit. Which works out quite well as I was thinking of painting them black anyway.
  4. Got the snotlings finished. Just a little touch up on a few of them. I did a test batch of 3 of them for the scheme then just batch painted the rest. I didn't enjoy painting these that much, I never do enjoy painting the same scheme on lots of models, just ends up feeling like factory production line work. They were fast though and not as bad as I was hoping. Just the bases and the transfers left. Been a year of slow painting. Got my Lizardmen, Dark Elf, Skaven and now these Orgre Blood Bowl teams done, I have the Human and Orc team still to do. Not sure whether just to power through and get them all done or move on to something else.
  5. I stopped buying this game at the end of Nightvault. I own everything up to then, including the extra board and cards they released. In a month or so nothing I own can be used competitively anymore. I don't have much chance to do that anyway at the moment, but by the time I could I'll have to buy everything again, and with the 2 price rises the warbands took in under a year I have no desire to do that. So I have currently been priced out like you say. Arena Mortis is something I would have bought if it was over 50% cheaper. It sounds like a fun little game, but it just seems a cynical cash grab the more I think about it. Competitive players need to have every card, so instead of selling them a card pack, they bundle a board in and whack the price up knowing they will buy it what ever. I recently did the same thing with Ascension for Blackstone Fortress, it was the last expansion and I wanted to complete my set, but I felt completely ripped off buying it, and I'm part of the problem because they know they can charge that much and suckers like me will buy it. While I understand the need for card rotation, the cards should be getting cheaper not more expensive, especially how short a life span they have is. The cards in this set have around a years life span, and they aren't even good physical quality, compare them to a deck of bicycle cards that costs a few dollars, they are trash, I have loads of different sized ones, ones with different shades on the back and the only way to make the playable is to spend more money on sleeves. Sorry this is maybe just the straw that broke the camels back. I just think GW pricing has got so ridiculous and it feels like they are now just taking the mick out of their customers. GW's customer base is largely well off middle class people who can take these price hikes in their stride, GW know that and are exploiting it to the full.
  6. Sorry bit of a rant here. Arena Mortis has a price of 45 dollars U.S./ 30 pounds U.K. That is for a board, some cards, a token sheet and a rule pamphlet. 45 dollars! I haven't played this game, but from what I've read it just sounds like a White Dwarf game. It is like GWs pricing team have decided their pricing model is 'How much can we get away with charging and enough people will buy it' rather than the usual model that takes into account design, production costs, wages etc. I can't see any justification for this price, 15 dollars would seem a tad too expensive for me for this. As a comparison you can get Combat Arena for 39 dollars, which is a similar style of game, and it comes with 5 models too. I have Combat Arena and Gorechosen, I think Combat Arena cost me 50 dollars including international postage, and I am prepared to bet that these are better games. Anyway what do other people think? Are you going to buy it? Do you think the price is alright? Edit. I see the cards are available to use in normal Underworlds games. So it is a mandatory purchase for competitive players.
  7. I'm pretty new to this group, but my understanding of it is that it's a good way of helping people paint, whether to give them motivation to get something finished, or get advice on what they are working on, or help people feel part of a community and share what they are working on as painting can be a very lonesome persuit, and it is something that can take up a lot of time. So to answer the question, I'd say yes of course. And there isn't a 'pledge inspector' or anything to come round and punish you if you fail, or I'd be in a lot of trouble ha ha
  8. These Ogres are largely finished, just need the bases and transfers. The Snotling in the hand hasn't been done yet as I haven't decided the colour scheme for them, need to do a test model first. I'm pretty happy with how these turned out, the black and blue kit, and the ginger hair seems to work quite well. Snotlings are next.
  9. Despite declaring I was having a break from painting, I got a bit of a second wind and started on my Ogre Bloodbowl team. I'm enjoying painting these, hopefully I can get these done and the snotlings don't become too much of a drag.
  10. I'd add my voice to the Bloodbowl Turn Over mechanic. Simply put it just means your turn ends when you fail a dice roll. This creates a situation where you need to order your whole turn, you need to decide how important things are, which are worth a risk, how much can you gamble on an un likely result. It is a huge amount of fun that can create a lot of in game tension and humour and that can lead to wild situations that flip the game on it's head. There is a really good balance of strategy and randomess in there to make it great. I'd say I also really like the Activation Dice in the new Warhammer Quests, it is simple and fast and every go gives you a new set of moves which effect how you will approach that part of the dungeon.
  11. I'm calling these done. Not my best paint job by any stretch, but they are finished. I'd say I'm taking a break from painting for a bit but I don't think I've done enough to constitute not being on a break already ha ha. Just not finding any fun in it at the moment, need something to interest me or get me excited about it again. There are plenty of model's I want to build though.
  12. I find I'm the opposite at the moment, I've got a real urge to build things, got two or three different ideas for projects involving kit bashing and converting knocking around in my head. I really have no desire to paint though, and I really don't like building stuff and not having it painted. I've got those Skaven to finish, as well as Orgre, Human and Ork Bloodbowl teams. At this rate it's going to take me until next year to finish them.
  13. A Night Lords painting scheme, as in the Chaos Space Marine Legion, dark blue, lightning, gold trim, and some times white bone face plates. Tbh I have no idea about Stormcast chambers, I'm not well versed on the fluff. Yours just reminded me of the one I did. Here is a picture and a stormcast I did as Night Lords.
  14. Is that painted in a Night Lords scheme? I painted my Stormcasts from the first starter set as Night Lords a few years ago. I thought the models worked well for the scheme and the lightning bolts kind of went with them. It looks great btw
  15. A bit late to this. After completely failing July's painting contract of painting a Skaven Bloodbowl team and the Ogre one. I'm scaling it back to just finishing the Skaven this month. That pledge to paint the Orgres as well is looking like the most outrageous of Kickstarter Stretch Goals, what was I thinking. This is what I had done and still left to do with the Skaven. The grass based ones still have some transfers to go on. I don't usually paint all the models in one go, I think getting to the point where all of them had a rough base coat down is maybe what killed it for me, I lose a lot of interest just putting down the same colours over and over again. I've been finishing the models in pairs to try keep it more interesting.
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