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  1. Love the Kruleboyz, love the new Stormcast, excited for new lore and path to Glory, this is going to be fun for me
  2. I think it's safe to say I'm going to have a lot of fun with this faction.
  3. If this is the look for the Cruel Boyz than I'm pretty excited. It kinda reminds me of the Weird Nob shaman, gangly with weird totems and jagged weapons and armor, can't wait to see more.
  4. I used The Waaaghs for some Anvil of Apotheosis characters, great models honestly
  5. Something I really enjoyed about the recent WD Wanderer stories was some of the badass Dwarf ladies. The story of the bar owner was a personal favorite.
  6. I think the quiver is from the Bone Splittaz
  7. I don't even care if it's not true, this sounds awesome
  8. I completely forgot about this, this is really cool. Part of me wants to say Silent People (obviously), the creepers in a cave and silent people live in mountains. The creepers are described as skittering, pale, dirty little stick figures that always kept out of sight. Silent People stay out of sight and move around when not looked at. The Creepers speak to Olag in hollow whisper voices, and The Silent People make Insectoid chittering sounds. Honestly even if it isn't Silent People in this story and is instead the Boglins, I wouldn't care. The speculation is really fun.
  9. So I've been looking over the swamp base on the new Stormcast Character to see if the architecture can give us an clues as to what our mystery faction might be. For starters the stone work is mostly in ruins and submerged by the swamp, it's likely whatever civilization built these structures have abandon them or no longer actively maintain them. Next we have the line and dot runes on the steps, the arch, and this unsolved rumor engine; I look for similar designs elsewhere and the closest in style I could find was from old Fimir artwork and even then it's not an exact match. We also have horned head pattern on both arches, I personally doubt it's beastmen as they are the completely anathema to the idea of a structure of this kind. As a bonus I decided to look through some paw types to see if I could find a match, it looks to have five toes so I don't think it's a wolf, it could be a bear but the structure is off. Then I look at a squirrel paw and surprisingly there where some similarities, correct number of toes, claws, but slightly different structure. While I definitely hope ore mystery animal is a Petra Squirrel I also wouldn't be disappointed if it wasn't. I do however hypothesis that the latest rumor engine is a slain version of our mystery animal.
  10. So I was looking through a bunch of different swamp and marsh dwelling species that might make for interesting units and mounts. Giant mosquitoes as flying mounts, giant snapping turtles as behemoths, and with that squirrel on the new characters base maybe we could see the ptera squirrel coming to AoS.
  11. Personally I don't think so, the information we have on the Silent People indicates they live in the predatory mountains in Ghur. My guess is Boglins and Fimir
  12. If Boglars are being made official, here are some other goblinoids that might be interesting
  13. I could see the new faction being an AoS version of this picture.
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