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  1. Just got a promotional email from GW about a $17 (CAN) voucher if you spend $118 by September 30th, so unless sons are for preorder this weekend then I doubt I'll get much use.
  2. Forgot that happened to him to be honest, oh well I would be more than happy for a new necromancer character. As for Krell there was a rumor engine with a bonereaper battleaxe. Though from what I remember he was very thoroughly smashed into prices. So if it is Krell remade it could be for Underworlds, but it could be Warcry warband with the units being made fragments of him. Most likely something unrelated to Krell.
  3. So decided to make this as spin off to the disappointing units thread were I saw a high frequency of models that look great but don't preform to expectations, with a portion models that did surpassed expectations being on the older side. So just I just wanted to see what models people what updated the most and why. For me I'd have to say (in no particular order) 1. Icefall Yhetees 2. Butcher and Slaughter Master 3. Maneaters 4. Icebrow Hunters and Frost Sabers 5. Firebelly 6. Spider Riders 7. Maniak Weirdnob, Wardokk, and Wurrgog Prophet 8. Gorgers 9. Madcap Shamans 10. Scuttleboss on Gigantic Spider
  4. The topic of a Vampire coast like faction has been going around to the point that some believe they are right around the corner, I'm not convinced. I have firestorm so I know about the Wraith fleet, but has there been any recent concrete evidence or is it all hype?
  5. I would guess it's a part for SoB or maybe an overtyrant gut plate. For a Mawtribes Warcry Warband I hope we get plastic maneaters.
  6. In terms of lore there have been things that are similar to Tyranids in the insectoid department, but don't really have any model and only small descriptions. Like the Ur-Grub from beastgrave or the Sleeper from gotrek and Felix.
  7. This, I get the idea of what the thundertusk is meant to do with buffing the yeti (another unit I really want to use because of lore but the models are a bit naff) but they feel so underwhelming. I hope Maneaters get a big fix too because the have always been an awesome concept with some of the coolest models and conversion ideas.
  8. Oh I agree just wanted to give some advice on how you could visualize it.
  9. For what I remember for some species of lizard females will be bigger, or may have different scale patterns. But this can vary between species. (Male on the left vs female on right) so this might help if you want to make that model.
  10. I am very excited to see what's next for the mortal realms, and if I had to have a guess as to when we'll see more stuff is after the holidays. Something nice to cap off 2020 : THE END TIMES
  11. Or the Fimir models that never happened. But seeing as the gargants have points and have been shown much more by GW in articles, I don't think they'll disappear.
  12. 100%, part of the appeal of AoS in the first place is having the freedom to create your own lore and forge your narrative. So if I want my female Orruks, grots, ogors, beasts of chaos or whatever, I'm going to make them.
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