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  1. So after watching the Godzilla vs Kong trailer I really want a titanicus style game with Godbeasts fighting
  2. Nurgle has had a big presence in shyish in most of the books I've read, so maybe they will be a wild card during the battle.
  3. Is it just me or does the large fellow kinda look like the oldhammer Ogre in terms of build and equipment? Might just be my imagination.
  4. My favorite part of the short story was Skragrott saying "You Wot?" "You bleedin wot!" and turning the Seer into a giant fungus. Skragrott is a gud lad.
  5. Finally new bonesplitterz for AoS, excited to see what the warband will look like and if it's any indication of what else we could see for them in future.
  6. So it looks like we have a clear idea of what's to come with Decadence and Death, leaving (Da Best) for last, Destruction. I imagine we are still awhile away from seeing what it will be but the mystery April warband definitely seems like something to look forward to. I have a few speculative ideas of what it could be (in no particular order) 1. Bonesplitterz, would make sense as the logo has a bone look to it, and it would be the first new non ironjaw orruk for AoS and would fit the hunter theme of Direchasm. 2. Spiderfang, would be awesome but not much about the logo screams spider to me, plus it would be the 3rd warband for both Grots and gloomspite. 3. Silent People the one I'm most excited for. Points in favour would be the similarity of the icon to the mask of the silent people and their amber bone equipment, as well as them being teased throughout this Beastgrave and Direchasm. The biggest point against them however is that the katophrane were also teased that way in the first 2 seasons. Whatever it ends up being though, it will probably be something interesting.
  7. Darn it lumineth, why are you making me like aelves!
  8. That's not even that crazy of an idea as there was a WD scenario and card for a glass mad Gargant. I don't think are mystery April warband is a Gargant but I would be happy to be wrong.
  9. To get things back on topic, I would love a model of the Ur-grub and hopefully the Silent People. I mean look how cool this art is.
  10. Chaos Warriors have always had mix of sexes, even in the Gotrek and Felix books one of the first chaos champions they face is a woman devoted to khorne, and she is has the same chaos armour as any other champion of chaos.
  11. From Mawtribes there's the Overtyrant, and Yhetee Lord For Son's of Behemat we have the Mega Gargant Matriarch
  12. While I doubt the Legion will get plastic models, I don't think Chaos duradin as a faction is that far fetched an idea. We have examples in the Warcry warbands and the lore, and while it's unlikely to happen anytime soon, anything is possible in future.
  13. Really like this model, but I think it would look even better with a head swap and an Astral Templars paint job.
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