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  1. RuneBrush

    Big Model Fatigue

    Have a look at coloured spray cans and masking off areas with (proper modelling) masking tape. It's possible to get some amazing results using cans, the first Forge World Warlord Titan was painted entirely using spray cans in a weekend by Mark Bedford - but he is also a magician.
  2. RuneBrush

    The Rumour Thread

    I want a mushroom with flying Squig hat
  3. RuneBrush

    Spray Can Storage

    My plan is to fix something onto the wall under my hobby desk, as shelf space is at a massive premium (already full with my mountains of shame). I've also found in the past that some colours can go a bit funky if stored horizontally if they're low on paint (white comes to mind) - could have just been the can, but no point in risking it
  4. RuneBrush

    Battletomes, a bygone era?

    I'll be honest and say I did start off with a "what have we got here" when reading the title. However I think it's a pretty interesting idea to remove the non-static bits such as warscrolls outside the battletome (leaving key bits like spell lores, allegiance abilities & artefacts in the Battletome). I'd actually go one step further and say it could include paper copies of the warscrolls with the battletome - that way you've got "everything", but with a disclaimer that these were correct at time of print and subject to change. I actually think it could be a really positive move and make people a lot more likely to pick up the limited edition copies of the books too - I don't mind spending another £20 for a plush book that I know I won't have to throw in a bag and get scuffed to bits.
  5. +++MOD HAT+++ I've just hidden a number of comments that weren't contributing towards what this discussion is about. @Orsino please refrain from bringing the "GW want to make money" discussion into topics that are clearly talking about background Lore.
  6. RuneBrush

    Spray Can Storage

    Thanks both! Thanks - and thanks for making yourself late too! May have to investigate this idea - could always cut them at an angle too so they're not laid down... That's also a great idea (and less work). I'll have to investigate.
  7. RuneBrush

    The Rumour Thread

    I honestly cannot see this being anything but AoS Gut feeling is something destruction related - the toof on it and rough finish suggests Bonesplitters
  8. As a completely random aside, did you know that GW tried to put out the feelers for help? There was a "Save our Squats" snippet in Sci-fi and Fantasy Magazine asking for ideas on how to revitalise the Squats and make them work for the changing background.
  9. RuneBrush

    100% gw model for GW tournaments.

    From what you've just listed the only thing I'd personally be checking is the fish. Everything else is either your own design or from non-miniature companies
  10. RuneBrush

    100% gw model for GW tournaments.

    There's always been a rule of "only GW at GW events/locations" for as long as I can remember to stop people bringing third party miniatures to events and allows GW to show painted armies within White Dwarf and on social media. It's certainly been in place all the time AoS has been about (I just looked on one of the Throne of Skull packs from 2016). I think relaxing the rules on bases was a brilliant move on their part though.
  11. RuneBrush

    100% gw model for GW tournaments.

    Each tournament is going to be different. More recently Games Workshop events have stated that the bases don't have to be GW, however that wasn't always the case. Small bits (e.g. leaves, static grass) have never been an issue - you can't prove where they come from and often there is no GW alternative. My suggestion would be to check the event pack and if it's not 100% clear send a picture to the tournament organiser.
  12. I think there is a certain amount of what you say, where there's a cyclical trend where the popular things get more popular. Within our hobby, the more people there are collecting one army, the more people there will also be "shouting" about that army - we've all seen it, in a group of 100 you're going to get one or two more vocal people. The more noise a group makes, the more "popular" that group appears to be. What we do have too are a number of curve balls that can be thrown. Some armies simply gain popularity against the odds, somebody may create a particularly fantastic conversion or paint job of a less popular army that inspires people to collect something similar. You've also got the sculptors themselves, love it or hate it, the 40k Taurox was created as a lunchtime project and ultimately directed the Tempestus Scion army. One thing that I think muddies the water when we come to analyse this subject is that the lead times on new models coming out is also huge (on average 2 ~ 3 years), we can't actually gauge how GW reacts. If you think about it, that means that the Beasts of Chaos release we've just had was done around the time the first generals handbook was released...
  13. RuneBrush

    The Rumour Thread

    Right, moving away from GW's translation skills... We've some more information on Nightvault up on the community site. The more I see those Chainrasp the more impressed I am! Looking forward to seeing the AoS warscroll for these - regardless the Briar Queen will make an amazing hero in a Death army.
  14. Unsure on the first two. But my understanding is the realms formed from the old winds of magic, the wind of shyish (we'll just call it Amethyst to differentiate from the realm) was always stronger when there was a link to death of some kind - including the Realm of the Dead. From which we can surmise that the Amethyst Wind would have been imprinted with the Realm of the Dead in some way, so as this became the Realm of Shyish, there must be something of the Realm of the Dead there - even if just a "ghost". Ultimately we don't know what happened to souls in the World that Was. It's possible when the world was destroyed, the souls of everything ended up floating in the same way Sigmar did and Shyish acted as a lodestone to collect them all together. Alternatively it may be the souls of the World that Was that combined with the winds of magic that created the Realms - it would certainly explain why souls are critical to so many beings within the realms and how Sigmar and Nagash have been able to pluck specific souls out.
  15. RuneBrush

    Quick Question about Rules Locations

    Hiya, Any warscrolls created for the previous edition are completely compatible with the new one. So your Blades of Khorne book will work in the same way, but with a couple of tweaks that you'll find in the Generals Handbook (being able to summon daemon units). As a general rule of thumb, the AoS App has the fully errata'd warscroll - however in a lot of cases this is the same as the PDF version (though not all). Allegiance abilities & artefacts only appear in the relevant Battletome or the Generals Handbook. In some cases such as Slaves to Darkness there aren't any special allegiance abilities or artefacts available. There are a collection of "Realm" artefacts that appear in the Malign Sorcery expansion which any army can pick (you select a realm for the army and can pick from the table).