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  1. One of the issues is that new 40k is going to be taking up a monumental amount of warehouse - warehouse that they can't use for other things until they've shifted that stock in some form or another. As my boss frequently says, having stock sat doing in a warehouse is costly because we still have to pay business rates on that space. More than happy to agree to disagree and see what the release schedule actually turns out like! I'm really looking forward to the conquest campaign. If feels like the child of Path to Glory and Warcry! Terrain rules and command point changes are also worth looking at, although stratagems are fairly different to how our command abilities work.
  2. A group of friends were talking about this the other day. The lockdown has messed up the release schedule quite a bit, but the release of a new edition of one of their core games will have had too much investment in the form of resources and logistics in place to delay it for anything but a pandemic. Unlike previous editions of the game, the Psychic Awakening books are still usable with the new version of the game, so all we should face is a month or so of continuity issues in the story arc.
  3. I did wonder this as I'd not spotted anything new from him for a while for any of the GW backgrounds. Hope that his future ventures continue to be fruitful and thanks for all the hard work he put into the Mortal Realms, without this AoS genuinely wouldn't be the place it is today.
  4. I think it may have come a before the weekly White Dwarf (could be wrong though). If memory serves they moved from a single monthly reveal & release over to a monthly reveal but released weekly/fortnightly if that makes sense. Would agree that I've quite liked the slow down on releases, has really allowed me to think about the models I've got in cupboards, the amount of time I have available to hobby and what projects I want to do when. One thing that has been interesting is that it's been fairly common for people to lose a bit of mojo in hobbying. I think the lockdown has meant that for some people, the urgency and drive hasn't been there after all there's always tomorrow or the event you were working towards has been cancelled for a year. For me it's actually been the opposite way round, it's been manic at work, so I've been really looking forward to getting home to do some hobby - that said I don't have any children, I'm sure my priorities would be different if I did ☺
  5. Has this latest round of price rises affected my buying habits? The TL:DR answer is no. However the more I think about it, the more I realise that my buying habits have changed fairly significantly over the past years - for a few different reasons. I've been in the hobby for quite a long time, "back in the day", GW's release schedule was pretty sparse and you could quite feasibly stick to a single project (often an army) for three or more years - likely fending off any burnout by adding smaller projects like Necromunda gangs, Mordheim warbands etc. It was largely irrelevant if you picked up your main project in one hit or if you bought it piecemeal over the time - thinking about it, this was the reason we got Tale of Four Wargamers, which set a really good structure to build and paint an army (I've still yet to do this!) Not only is the release schedule much more intense, but the number of game systems that GW produce has increased as well. This means if I continued as I used to, I'd very quickly be overwhelmed by how much stuff I have to paint or find myself in a situation where I couldn't buy a new release because I'd run out of space/cash. Instead what I'm finding is that I'm looking at each release that interests me and seeing how I can fit it into my available hobby time. I map out about six months worth of painting with what I fancy doing (it constantly gets juggled around). Now don't get me wrong, I still impulse buy some bits! However I try to avoid doing this where possible, knowing that on the whole it will still be available in a years time. One thing I do is to put aside the princely sum of £32.50 each month into a hobby fund - I generally increase this when I receive my annual payrise. This acts as a little pot of money that I can dip into as I need to - normally for models (consumables tends to come out of my day to day spending money). This just helps me stay grounded when it comes to random thoughts like "I could pick up an entire Tzeentch army" (the answer was no, I couldn't justify it) Ultimately hobbies aren't cheap and wargaming (especially GW games) is what I'd class as a premium hobby. I do think it's really important to manage your expectations, especially for AoS and 40k. If you're just starting out, you don't *need* a full 2000 point army - in fact you're better off picking up a starter set and using the freely available rules to get a feel of the game. That'll cost you about the same as a modern board game (and less than a computer game). Do I think GW miniatures are expensive? They're certainly expensive enough that I don't buy new models every month - however each time I do buy a box of models I also know that I've been dipping into a wealth of YouTube videos, Twitch streams and articles online that are either free or cost me pocket change.
  6. +++ MOD HAT +++ Gentle nudge here folks, nobody is happy about price changes regardless of what the product is. But, can we please avoid conspiracy theories on the reasons why the prices are changing - we don't know the reasons (and likely never will). It's entirely possible these changes were decided before the lock down to be announced at the beginning of April (when GW were after all shut). Ultimately we all control our own wallets/purses/bank accounts. Unlike the mortgage or food, if we believe that a miniature/box set is too expensive we can chose to not purchase it. We also have some buying power in using third party suppliers such as Alchemist Workshop/Element Games etc, who offer a decent discount over RRP.
  7. Think I agree with @Jator in that this would be fine within a fan-fiction sense of things, but not something I could see happening "officially". I think the concept of multiverse is great in a sandbox environment - the proverbial "what if" scenarios, but as the basis for the background for a game system, I'm less convinced as it runs the risk of just being confusing. If you've not looked at it before, have a look at the Dornian Heresy, which plays along the lines that Rogal Dorn fell to chaos rather than Horus. Quite a clever concept and technically a multiverse, so shows that it is possible, but possibly not main stream.
  8. Just caught up with the thread after a couple of months! Have thoroughly enjoyed seeing some of Mark's concept art - looking forward to seeing what the sculptors do, as we all know concept art and end miniatures can often be different. On the subject of high/low fantasy, I think the old world (as in the setting) has always had a mixture of both ends of the fantasy scale. I've always put classic fantasy in the higher end - but I've been in the hobby a long time and look at things like the original Warhammer Quest which had magic items abound. But I know different people view it in different ways. Oh and bears! 😮
  9. Not sure what bits you think we're going to miss out on? There are only 3 unique sprues for the set (but 4 sprues in total as the crypt sprue is doubled up), so we've the statue & gate sprue to come in the next bundle and then the floor sprue to come in a later bundle.
  10. I imagine we'll announce a new one this weekend! We're aiming for them to run over a month/4 week period ideally.
  11. No problems with posting links 😉 There are two critical parts to a compressor for miniature painting (at least in my eyes). You need a compressor with a reservoir tank and a water trap. Just to explain what they are, a reservoir tank basically acts as a store for compressed air, so the compressor fills up the tank and the tank in turn powers your airbrush through a regulator. As the tank drops in pressure the compressor fires up again and fills it up. You can run compressors without a tank, in which case the compressor directly powers the airbrush. The reason the tank is ideal for us is that the compressor isn't running non-stop so you get a much better flow of air and lower chance of the compressor overheating. A water trap basically catches any moisture in the air before it gets to your airbrush (and you don't want random water droplets exploding out your tip). The reason you get moisture is that when the compressor compresses air, and vapour that exists condenses into water The compressor set that @Pagan has linked is very similar to the one I have (and has been going strong for well over a decade). It's not the quietest, but certainly has seen me paint up quite a number of models over the years (that said my ex used to be able to sleep quite happily whilst I was using it in the room next door). It's also a very sensible price. If you have plenty of money to splash out the more expensive ones tend to run at a quieter sound level - however I'd never compromise on the reservoir tank. I'd rather have something louder than lose that. One tip I will give is to put a cutting mat or old carpet tile underneath your compressor as occasionally the moisture trap may drip - and generally it'll be rusty water (as the inside of the reservoir is bare metal).
  12. Going to agree with @JackStreicher here, the compressor is the most important part of the whole set up. Without consistent moisture free air flow, you're going to get poor results whatever brush you plug onto the end of the hose. Airbrush model/make is very subjective and if you're looking for cheap you may as well go for an unbranded one - quite often you can buy a bundle on Amazon that contains a compressor (with reservoir tank) and "free" airbrush which is fine to kick off with (you will kill the brush after a while but better that than an expensive one). I've an Iwata HP-C Plus which was my second brush (the first being a vacuum fed one that wasn't suitable for miniature painting) and more recently a H&S Infinity*. Both are in the £150+ bracket. The HP-C is between 10 and 15 years old now and is very much a workhorse brush - I'll happily spray varnish and all sorts of nasty stuff through it as it doesn't have any rubber seals. The Infinity is significantly easier to clean, but because of the seals you want to avoid putting nasty acetone based cleaning products through it as you'll mess it up in very short order. The HP-C has a 0.3mm nozzle and the Infinity has a 0.4mm nozzle. If you go smaller than these you'll find you get a lot more blockages with acrylic paint. Contrary to popular belief a smaller nozzle doesn't mean finer detail and a larger nozzle doesn't mean no detail. * I actually pulled my finger out and did a YouTube review on this
  13. Heard this too. My brother is ordering his through Forbidden Planet in the UK and was told they're now on a fortnightly release schedule rather than weekly.
  14. Sorry about me vanishing folks, sadly work went mental due to the current climate so massively behind with everything now - looks like @Ben is on the ball with this month's contest!
  15. +++ MOD HAT +++ Don't think that playing the blame game is the right approach to take here. It's irrelevant which country this came out of or why, just that we try and tackle it in the best way we can whilst protecting the vulnerable, and develop a working vaccine as quickly and safely as possible.
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