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  1. Interesting to hear the other side of this and hadn't thought how it could cause a negative experience (you're right, some people would use it as a way of prolonging the agony of a certain win). My thinking is based on my own experience (as somebody who doesn't play a massive amount), that it's pretty disheartening in an event to have a really close game but come away with a major loss - basically diddly for the effort you put in. Something in the middle would work. I do think secondary objectives have certainly helped - there's something to play towards regardless of the outcome of a game, but I still think the almost binary win/loss conditions could be improved.
  2. +++ MOD HAT +++ Don't think I really need to point out where the topic has deviated do I? Behave... Naming anything is always a challenge, look round the UK and you'll find numerous examples of bizarre names (Goatacre near me) or names that are duplicated. There are even place names that are copies of other with the prefix of "New". AoS has the added challenge that things need to be "in keeping" with the residents or realm so you do get a certain amount of repetition - flame..., skull... etc. That said if you look at narrative army lists where people have named characters, you actually get very similar repetition.
  3. As @Overread says, we don't have up to date information from GW as to their manufacturing process. That information comes from when they outsourced their plastic production to another company - which (if memory serves) they ended up buying so they could reduce the costs by doing production in house (this is when the ballpark figure of £50k per mold came from). At that point GW began investing money into making the process as good as they could for producing plastic miniatures and the techniques and processes involved became closed to the outside world in case a competitor ripped them off (a bit like some restaurants have a "secret sauce"). What we do know is that each mold is made from two* solid lumps of very high quality stainless steel and machined using CNC machines. The physical size of the sprue will affect the size (and cost) of the steel blanks and the complexity of the parts on it will affect the time it requires to machine. Now you don't have to use stainless steel, other metals work and I'm sure I've heard that you can also use epoxy molds. However they all are going to effect the quality of the end result. If you think about the original AoS scenery which was produced in China, the quality wasn't very good at all and that was down to the material used for the molds not being a high enough quality to maintain a crisp edge. Of course it's also worth bearing in mind that the cost of the mold is likely only a portion of the total investment put the product we buy. You've the hours put in by sculptors, painters, games designers, artwork, marketing etc plus the physical overhead of things like business rates, heating and lighting. It wouldn't surprise me if the actual Bonereaper release actually cost in the realm of 2 million all told. * there are odd exceptions that use more - the Baneblade super heavy tank for example used more than two molds in order to achieve the holes in the gun barrels.
  4. I've felt for a while that the victory conditions for battleplans could do with some improvement, but I do think GW are trying different things to make it better and see what's popular. We now have a couple of battleplans where the victory points scored in for the player who goes second are greater than the first, which is a step towards making the priority roll choice more tactical based on the battleplan. One downside of this is that it almost puts too much emphasis on the priority roll - most of us will have played games (and in cases whole events) where we've lost nearly all our priority rolls and in those cases battleplans that use this weighted victory points could be determined by the luck of just a few dice. I've also felt that I'd like there to be a better distinction between minor and major win/loss conditions. I've played quite a few games that have been really tight and the win determined by a single victory point - there's always a bit of a bitter taste if the victory points are 19 to 20 and is a major win/loss when it felt that a minor win/loss would have been more appropriate. That said one of the joys of AoS battleplans is that they are largely pretty streamlined and not too complicated.
  5. Going to close this topic and point to one that's got more information in! Though we don't like thread-o-mancy here, the other topic isn't even 6 months old 😉
  6. You're still going to need the Wight King alive in order to use the timeglass, so it's a risky strategy if your opponent has any ranged attacks.
  7. I'm quite old school and would much rather have a physical copy - warscroll cards are ideal size for me and I personally think are a bit quicker. Downside is that they take up space on the table and make any photo's you take look nowhere near as pretty as they should do. Digital wise my issue is that as good as the app is, I don't think there's an easy way to have access to everything in one hit - adding an artefact to a hero doesn't display it on the digital warscroll, so you end up with additional faff too. I also think that phones are just too small, something like a small tablet works a lot better, but there isn't a quick way to jump between warscrolls and such like.
  8. You had siege rules in one of the Generals Handbooks - think it may have been the first one.
  9. There's changes afoot within Forge World which have yet to be announced to the world. Forge World as it stands doesn't fit with the rest of the organisation, it's a catch all for a portion of resin production, miniature design and the Age of Darkness ruleset. What I envisage happening is that Forge World will simply be a badge that gets stuck onto resin miniatures and you'll have separate teams doing the design for each game system (we're not far of that being the case now). If we're brutally honest, producing full army ranges and rules never really worked that well, they had an awful reputation within the gaming community and often were banned from events. Speaking to various people over the years, new miniatures always hinged upon the success of what had come in the past - so if nobody bought any Fimir models then there wouldn't be any in the future, but that caused a chicken and egg vicious circle. 100% agree - on the 25th of last month we had a massive amount of resin on the table for the 40k game on WHTV. A huge mixture of effectiveness, but it looked fantastic! Sorry to nit-pick on this, but if you don't buy something you're not actually a customer, you're a window shopper. I'd also say that GW as the parent company has taken on board some of the feedback passed and all of the rules are now being produced by the relevant development teams rather than by FW themselves. This has resulted in rules that are a lot more in keeping with the game systems the models appear in. All we know at the present time is that the small Fimir range and slightly larger Tamurkhan models are going on last chance to buy. At the moment they're still available on the website though.
  10. I think it's worth remembering that generally the reason things from Forge World go on last chance to buy is because people haven't been buying them. The decision to stop selling something is made at a business level. The company I work for is exactly the same, if we have a product range that's taking up shelf space and sold just a handful of units in the past year it will be got rid of in some form or another to make way for something that stands a chance of selling - quite literally a product needs to turn a certain amount of profit to justify it's existence in a warehouse. Don't get me wrong, it's really sad to see products be pulled - I really fancied painting up Tamurkhan one day. But as I didn't buy one, I ultimately contributed to him now being on last chance to buy. However, it probably is worth bringing this back onto the subject of rumours 😉
  11. Depends upon the environment and partly how you're doing it. I think things like texts and Twitter where you're normally using a small keyboard (i.e. mobile phone) and limited on characters, acronyms are very useful. On a forum or other platform they can be confusing and often cause a lot of misunderstanding because there are often multiple interpretations for the same shortened phrase: BT - Battletome or Blood Thirster? LoS - Legion of Sacrament or Line of Sight? LoN - Legion of Nagash or Legion of Night? My own view is using them to reduce repetition is great, using them because you can't be bothered to type the words isn't.
  12. I don't think anybody can make a statement like that with any certainty. I'm fairly sure that none of the models they removed had formed part of an actual battletome for AoS, so fell under the "legacy" collection. I think it depends entirely on circumstances. Most teenagers I know have at least a £30 monthly mobile phone contract funded by their parents. When I was a teenager, my hobby funds came from a paper round followed by an apprenticeship when I left school at 16.
  13. +++ MOD HAT +++ Nudging this back onto the topic of "GW prices and your hobby" rather than supposition on why GW is raising prices and if you're happy with it.
  14. Bit of an update since I last posted - and infact the base has been almost finished since this pic too! Just need to finish the rocks, the Scythe and glue the head in place 🙂 Would like to push the highlights on the spirits but think that'll have to come afterwards
  15. My own opinion? Yes it's in a great place currently! Our lore & background has moved forward significantly, the new battletomes coming out are fantastic and really oozing character along with advancements in miniature design and production. We've had a number of campaigns/expansions that have allowed us to get involved with how the world will move forward #PraiseNagash and the community has gone from strength to strength. Now, don't get me wrong, it doesn't take too much searching to find some things that aren't ideal. As loathe as I am to use the phrase "balance", there are some armies/lists that are simply superior to others under some/all circumstances. This can lead to some people getting a really negative game experience at times - often compounded by some people who perhaps don't approach the game with the same mindset as others. That said, I remember the olden-days - when as mentioned, some army books would take half a decade to come out and FAQs were something you discussed with your opponent and rolled a dice when you disagreed! Can AoS be better - too right! For me that's one of the joys about the system - there is so much potential! But we mustn't forget that the system is still young - we've gone past our terrible two's and just got into Toddler years now 😜
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