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  1. +++ MOD HAT +++ Don't think that playing the blame game is the right approach to take here. It's irrelevant which country this came out of or why, just that we try and tackle it in the best way we can whilst protecting the vulnerable, and develop a working vaccine as quickly and safely as possible.
  2. It is indeed! It should be a fantasy miniature - or at least something that would fit within the mortal realms The intention is to run this as a monthly competition! Yup, right up until the end of the month 😃
  3. Based on bits that I've read, there isn't much evidence that it's possible to gain an immunity to covid-19, nor if you do, how long that immunity would actually last. There have been a few cases where people have been infected twice. Normally when the experts look towards pushing a herd/flock immunity, it's based upon there being a vaccine available - this was kind of highlighted last year with there being outbreaks of things like mumps where less children were being given the MMR jab. For hobbyists who have yet to be placed under lock down, my suggestion would be to make sure that you've got a range of hobby available to you (some good books, magazines, painting, new kits to assemble etc) and try and get something like Skype set up with some friends for hobby hangouts. Keep hydrated too! Sadly I work for a company that sells healthcare products, so the likelihood of being allowed to work from home or the company stopping for a period is next to zero for me, although I have got many things planned if that were to happen!
  4. +++ MOD HAT +++ Ahem, back on track about Adepticon please...
  5. +++ MOD HAT +++ OK folks, time for Rune to do do a "Dad" talk. Coronavirus is pretty big news, it's not often (thank goodness) that we have a pandemic, nor one that's been escalated both within the WHO and world media. It's really important to be aware that we don't all deal with stress in the same way - us Brits have a habit of making a bit of a joke out of it, it's not that we're not taking it seriously, but a coping mechanism that many people share. Not everybody sees the funny side in a time of crisis though, a poor joke (and let's be honest many of our jokes can be a bit naff) can actually go down really badly - we don't know what circumstances people are currently having to deal with. Our hobby is amazing, it's a safe place and sanctuary for most of us away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world. So when the real life invades it can be a massive shock to the system. Let's try to be thoughtful when dealing with this pandemic, accept that people have different coping mechanisms and circumstances and try most of all not to make anybodies life more difficult with comments.
  6. Absolutely gutted for the people who have been preparing for the event, both people running the event and people who have been preparing armies. Very much the right decision - would rather have events be cancelled and see them next year than most of the attendants get infected (and the potential fatalities meaning they don't see anything again). The US and the UK currently have different guidelines in place. I'm positive that when the UK advice changes, we'll see cancelled/postponed events on this side of the water. One of the items that has compounded Adepticon is that it attracts a large number of people from Europe (including people doing tutoring) so I imagine the travel ban has had a greater effect on the event than one of GW's.
  7. Cool! Glad you've had confirmation on that! No worries on the tool name - I'm sure you're a lot more proficient in english tool names than I am in other language's tool names 😂
  8. Interesting - will update here when we get the next bundle (not for another few weeks). It may be that they're trying to bring them back into the 4 issues per bundle (so your next one will be 9 ~ 12). Who knows - the communication aspect of the subscription hasn't been great! Interesting that you got tweezers as in my first bundle it was side snips, glue and a baby mold line remover (which is brilliant and lives on my keyring)
  9. Grey seer has it's place, but the nod towards blue tones means it'll suck out some of the vibrancy of your end result - that might not be what you're after, but equally could be what you want!
  10. Just to highlight that this is an 'Eavy Metal paint job, so you're not going to get the exact recipe unless one of the 'Eavy Metal painters share it (the app is populated by the WHTV team). They teach that it's easier to darken a light colour than lighten a dark colour. My own interpretation is it'll be a base of something like Ushabti and the shadows glazed in using baneblade brown into mournfang or rhinox, then a few edge highlights with palid wych flesh or similar. It's also entirely possible that the base colour is a special mix - that's pretty common across the bits they paint
  11. Time for an update and two week's worth as well. The past fortnight I've focused on moving the Ironclad further forward. This is for a few reasons. Firstly if I run out of time, the Ironclad could be entered on it's own, secondly I'm waiting for some pieces for the port which ideally I want before I start painting certain pieces and lastly the weather has been awful so getting outside to undercoat the port would have been troublesome to say the least! First up we have the decking of the Ironclad. I did a bit of experimentation on this as I wanted to achieve a clean but worn finish. Ultimately this will be continued throughout the scene with only minor dust and dirt visible - rust is going to be pretty much non-existent as rust ultimately would lead to break down and then things falling from the sky. Next up I've got the main colours onto the hull of the Ironclad. These were done primarily using various airbrushed layers and lots and lots of masking. I think I spent almost as much time masking off as I did airbrushing. The red got some highlights on as well round areas such as the doors etc. Once finished each layer got a light coating of Vallejo Metal Color Gloss Varnish. This basically soaks into the very thin layers of paint from the airbrush to give them a bit of solidity and meant that a misplaced finger wasn't going to deposit grease anywhere. I've now started working on the details, picking out the various pipes and nuts with silver ready for washing. Once again the varnish means I can actually handle the Ironclad without as much fear I'm going to mess it up. You still need to be careful, but it's more making sure you're aware when using anything with a hard edge (e.g. the ferrule of a brush or your fingernail) than greasy fingers. Once I've finished the details (including washing and highlighting), I'll give the boat another coat of gloss varnish. This will then allow me to apply some enamel washes to represent rain and day to day grime. The normally pulls everything together and hides some of the more scrappy/awkward areas such as the black line that separates the colours (it's always tricky to get a good sharp line along here because things like varnish kill some of the sharp corners) I also need to try and source some appropriate Dwarf rune transfers for the ship name (I think you get some nice ones in the Bloodbowl Dwarf team)
  12. The thing to remember about contrast paints is that they were originally intended to mimic the effect of a base colour plus wash. They then discovered that putting them over a white undercoat would also provide a highlight too so the whole "one thick coat movement" grew. Ultimately the key thing to remember is that they're a paint - just one that has different flow properties to anything else we have. I use them quite a bit for shading, both as a glaze and through the airbrush. It's not often I use them for their marketed task - however if you're looking to rattle an army out for a tournament, then they do allow you to do something tabletop ready really quickly. Also, don't discount using contrast medium with other paints/washes. It causes the paint to flow in a different way to Lahmian and has a longer working time too.
  13. Not really because it's always cyclical - at some point AoS will have a lot more content coming out in comparison to 40k. When 2nd Edition AoS came out 40k was really quite sparse for a good few months, so if 2nd Edition 40k is coming out then I think they're allowed a bit more coverage.
  14. I'll be honest and say I've not really sat down and looked through them! The next bundle should come with a binder so I'm currently thinking that I may wait for that before I have a proper binge on the content! Model wise, what's really nice is that with the exception of the first week, the models are arriving cast in traditional grey plastic, which is a lot nicer to deal with than the coloured ones. I received issues 1 & 2 as freebies as I signed up to the initial "test" run and this was 3, 4, 5 & 6. I'll update you when I get the next bundle!
  15. Just to say that I received my first bundle of 4 magazines this morning as have a few other people. I have also heard that for people who signed up last year on the "test" run, if they didn't complete the new payment form have been sent the bundle along with a bill.
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