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  1. RuneBrush

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    I'm not sure why people keep thinking that we need to lose Open and Narrative Play? Matched Play is great and has a really solid place - but it's designed when two opponents want to play a game with roughly matched forces and is the most restrictive method of playing. Just because you've written an army list using matched play building rules, there's nothing stopping you using it in a Narrative Play game or even an Open Play game. Why do we have 3 ways to play? Because it means that regardless of your model collection, experience or persuasion, you've the foundation on how to play a game of AoS. Different communities tend to veer towards a single play style, but that's not normally endemic of the game as a whole. Don't forget that GW have the benefit of having a permanent gaming hall where they can see what games people are playing - every time I've gone round I've seen people playing a real mixture of play styles. GW's game developers have been pretty open about how they're not really very happy with how terrain currently works within AoS and 40k. However the challenge they have is that terrain rules need to be really easy to use during the game - if you have to pick up a rule book then they're likely too complex and will be forgotten or ignored (think about the number of times you've forgotten that 6++ from mystical). They have to also be "non-exploitable", so if you gain a benefit if 50% of a unit is on a terrain feature what's stopping somebody stringing out a unit to benefit it, but fighting a combat 6" away?
  2. Hobby wise I've changed my mind almost as much as I've eaten junk food this year White Dwarf diorama is currently the only active project I've got going. That's very nearly complete too - all being well it'll be done by the end of this week, just a few bits and bobs. Realistically I'm not going to be able to look at much new until early Feb (am away this weekend and need to clear up after the diorama and then it'll be the Heresy Weekender). I'd like to do something fantasy based for Golden Demon this year (so second week of May), but I know time is tight and not sure it's sensible to go from one big project straight into another! Almost tempted to just pick up a box of squigs for something completely different!
  3. RuneBrush

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    Would love to see this and think that it'd be a huge boon to allowing the Narrative & Open playstyles to flourish. For anybody who raises an eyebrow at this, it effectively moves the competitive list building part of the game over to Matched Play rather than bleeding into what should be less serious Narrative and Open play games. Curious on your thoughts behind this? I've said it a couple of times, what I believe would be a good solution would be to increase the points of Grimghast Reapers when fielded in a Legions army* - increase by 20 points per 10, limit to a maximum of 20 per unit and as such drop the horde bonus. This leaves the current points when fielded within a Nighthaunt/Grand Alliance army. * this being an army that uses the Gravesite mechanic
  4. I think talking about paint is one of the most divisive subjects within our hobby. Dropper bottles are good for certain applications, pots are better for others. I use a mixture of droppers and pots - including a significant number of citadel paints decanted into dropper bottles. It's very much a case of picking what works best for you and running with it. Despite being more accurate to dispense paint, dropper bottles can also have a much higher paint wastage - it's difficult to get "just a dot" of paint and if you put too much in an airbrush, good luck pouring it back in. The nozzle can also frequently contain unmixed paint which you then put onto a palette - blocked nozzle is just as bad as gummed up lid too! What I would say for those who are struggling to get paint out of the pot, is to shake it like mad and then take the paint from the lid - watch some of the Duncan & Peachy videos to see what I mean. TL:DR I genuinely don't think that one paint container is better than another - they're just different, with different pro's and con's.
  5. RuneBrush

    Events for 2019

    Following on from our curry talk, I just noticed that Bristol Smash is being advertised! I'm likely not going to be doing it as I'm fairly sure it'll clash with the AoS Open Day, but know that some of you could be up for it
  6. RuneBrush

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    Opps, didn't clarify that! I'd like all 4 booklets to be sold as the Generals Handbook - so one purchase and you get all of them, but in a more useful format.
  7. RuneBrush

    England Team Selection Criteria / Debate

    Thanks for putting together this post! I'll hold my hands up and say my initial reaction was "oh the usual crew" when I saw the list & the first couple of comments* - however I then put my rational head on. At the end of the day this is a team of 6 individuals who are representing England - if I don't recognise the people on the list, that's when the selection process needs to be questioned. Surely we need those high caliber well known members of the community - the ones who have earned a reputation for being an expert matched play gamer but with a really good attitude to go with it? The 6 players in the list certainly fulfill that criteria. One suggestion that I would put forward for the next ETC, would be to put the selection post up within the General Discussion area rather than the Events area as it would have a lot more visibility (though I can see the logic of putting it in the Events area). * I actually think I saw the comments before the list
  8. One thing I would say is that on the whole, the Warhammer Chronicles books are a lot less high fantasy than AoS stories. I found that the Sigmar and Nagash triologies were both fairly heavy going - I had to have a couple of punts at the Nagash one in fact. That said, both trilogies do add a lot of layers to the AoS versions of those characters, you can really see why Nagash is like he is and Sigmar does come across as a barbarian king. The Gotrek and Felix books are a bit of an exception to the low-fantasy generalisation (especially the William King ones) - a lot more light hearted and less gritty. I'd actually say that Josh Reynolds is the AoS equivalent of William King - engaging, good amount of action and generally don't feel like a slog to read. The G&F books don't go too heavily into the dwarf & elf background, it's there more as a setting rather than a crux.
  9. RuneBrush

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    What I'd like to see? 4 booklets rather than one big book - one for each way to play and a separate one for pitched battle profiles (i.e. points). That way if I'm off to play a narrative play game, I need only pick up one booklet and that (plus my battletome) contains the majority of what I need.
  10. As @Sleboda says the rule is that once set, prices won't come down. I was told that there is a pricing structure in place based on the box size and number of sprues it contains, but would imagine this fluctuates and varies a little - it's also a fairly new structure, so old things (Varanguard being the best example) are super expensive in comparison to newer releases. Angry customers is probably the best example. I'd be really miffed if I spent £30 on a box of models only for it to be reduced to £25 a week later. Personally I'm really curious to know what time period GW has for their return on investment. As @Overread lists, there's a whole host of overhead that GW have - don't forget WHCom and WHTV bring in very little income (Twitch is the only one realistically) so will be included as part of the cost we pay. I do not understand this? It's almost as if you're implying the box of new models are going to be available next week 😮🤣
  11. I'd take that conversion chart with a little bit of caution - Stormvermin Fur and Baneblade brown are nothing like Vallejo Kharki (and certainly Kharki can't be the equivalent of both!)... It also doesn't take into account the paint type - base paints are a different consistency to most other brands. Ultimately though, Paint, Brushes and Palettes are one of those items that is very much down to personal choice as a painter. Citadel paints are probably one of the most accessible brands out there as most towns will have a stockist (even if it's only a small selection).
  12. Very cool that we're being given a month's notice before the change! Can see why people might be a bit frustrated - nobody wants to pay more after all! But overall can't really complain too much. For non-UK fellow hobbyists, I believe that GW have their own static exchange rate in place so that they're not constantly modifying prices. Sadly I think this was calculated quite a few years back when the UK £ was much stronger than it currently is which means you get a bit of a rough deal.
  13. RuneBrush

    White Dwarf and AoS

    I'd give GW a call, I'm not 100% sure when the cut off was for January - I received my magazine on Monday so would have expected you to have had yours by now in truth.
  14. RuneBrush

    A Bad Rule for the Bad Moon

    Again, anything put up by WHCom you need to take with a bit of a pinch of salt as they don't always get it right (Legions of Nagash players were led to believe that any hero could use Endless Legions and it turned out to be just the general).
  15. Sorry, going to have to disagree with this - your palette choice is largely down to personal preference. Some people use a wet palette for everything and others don't even have one. This applies to all levels of painter too - even the 'Eavy Metal team varies between painters. How much you water your paint down also depends on the paint brand, colour and what you're using it for. A base coat just needs enough water to make it flow better whereas painting highlights are going to need it watered down a lot more. @RexHavoc I think you've had quite a few really good suggestions. I was in a very similar situation a few years ago before AoS launched, so when I decided to paint up a Bloodbound army, I knew I had to approach it in a different manner. The "tricks" I used were really simple. Firstly only have the unit you're painting out - pop the rest under a towel, in a cupboard or otherwise out of sight Scour painting guides on YouTube to remove the thought out of painting - I was lucky in that WHTV had released a really good set of painting videos by Duncan. This meant that I could be really formulaic about what I was doing * Finally push yourself to finish one "step" on your batch of models. Lets say your current step is to paint the tails on a batch of 10 Skaven and you need to stop painting to go to bed. Work out if you can finish that step for all 10 models, or if you need to clean your brushes and stop for the evening By doing this I was able to go from perhaps 10 models every 8 to 12 months, to painting a 1000 point army in under 3... It also changed how I approach painting too and sped me up - I faff a lot less than I used to. With regards to your paint drying out, it sounds like you're not topping up the water on your wet palette? Ideally the foam/tissue should be "sat" in water, with only the top layer and paper out. * Write down the steps too rather than relying on the video