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  1. Children's building blocks. You can drill them for wire and they're heavier than cork so won't fall over. This lot have been magnetised, but I've a couple with wires in them too
  2. I didn't manage to get round to an update last weekend as it was a fairly busy one. However I have been ploughing on with painting and happy to say that I'm slightly ahead of schedule! The group shot below still has a couple of things outstanding - the second Dreadblade Harrow and Reikenor, need the bone and details completing on their mounts and a bit of edge highlighting on their riders. Reikenor actually needs his metallics done too. The banner bearer in one group of skeletons needs his banner finished off and the second group of skeletons need their cloth painted - I'd like to use a different colour to try and differentiate them from the first group (but unsure what colour to do yet). Here is the one Dreadblade Harrow that is pretty much finished bar a couple of odd bits (highlighting the flesh & ribs and blending the blue on the back). Ultimately this is the sort of level I'll be pushing everything once it's all "battle ready".
  3. +++ MOD HAT +++ If we could avoid the Marine vs Stormcast discussion that would be good - firstly because this is the rumours (and related discussion thread) and secondly we don't have marines in AoS 😉 It's 9pm EST - so 2am UK time - only a couple of hours to wait
  4. @Cr1m50n, pretty much @lare2 has hit the nail on the head. If you're attending an event that has stated your army list needs to be "Matched Play" from the current (2019) generals handbook, then you're not going to be able to use your Mortality Glass as it has no points. If the event is running WYSIWYG then your TO may be kind and allow you to run them as counts as "Guardian of Souls with Nightmare Lanter", but I'd not put money on it - if it's not WYSIWYG then still check, but you should be fine to use the model with the Nightmare Lantern warscroll. @EMMachine is completely right though - if I'm playing a matched play game round the club, I'll likely go "you guys happy for me to run my limited ed GoS?" One other point (and I find this confusing as anything). The Errata document is official changes to publications. The Designers Commentary is frequently asked questions - so clarifications on how rules should play rather than modifications to them. That's why it's a single "no" - basically reinforcing the rule in the Generals Handbook.
  5. It's not a specialist game so it's highly unlikely we'll get anything from Forge World. Warcry is part of the main studio as it sits alongside one of the "core" backgrounds (AoS and 40k). It'll likely get support every 3 or 6 months for a few years or so once it's come out (a bit like Kill Team)
  6. Will just correct this - Guardian of Souls with Mortality Glass isn't legal under matched play army lists as it doesn't have an entry within the Pitched Battle booklet. There's absolutely no reason why you can't use it in a friendly or at an event with the TO's consent. And I do think this is super frustrating for a model less than a year old too! Always the keyword for anything like this.
  7. It's actually not as uncommon as a business practice as you think. If you know you have a low supply, you can restrict demand by increasing price - that's obviously a massive oversimplification (as any economist would tell you). It's actually similar to how the Bank of England lower interest rates in order to stimulate people spending. Providing the model is actively being sold, it'll receive support. Currently where there is more of an issue with regards to Matched Play is models that are only on sale for a short time span e.g. Guardian of Souls with Mortality Glass.
  8. One of the problems with doing this is that Forge World wouldn't be able to keep up with demand - they simply don't have the factory capacity to increase the supply, so have artificially limited the demand by making it more difficult to get hold of. In all honesty, getting hold of FW is nowhere near as painful as it once was now that they've a cheap £3.50 shipping option rather than 12% of the order. Think you've hit one nail on the head with saying this. When you look at the amount of Age of Darkness stuff that's been put on last chance to buy over the past 2 years, you realise just how many people actually don't buy stuff. It's actually one conversation/debate I've had a few times at work - if you have a customer that's never bought anything from us or nothing in the past year, should we refer to them as a customer*? * this is a debate everybody has their own views on of course
  9. +++ MOD HAT +++ Just going to put up my usual comment here folks. If you want to rant - take it elsewhere. Appreciate it's frustrating when prices of anything goes up however no company is under any obligation to give us notice when something goes up and us moaning* on a forum isn't going to do anything other than increase our blood pressure. * I appreciate not everybody was moaning, I am generalising a bit here
  10. That was the plan back when FW had a dedicated team, now that they don't, any rule changes need to be done by the main design studio. Now to their credit, we are seeing things being updated as battletomes are being done - if you cast your mind back to when Gloomspire came out, we got a number of changes on things like the Troggoth Hag and the points are being included within pitched battle profiles.
  11. Forge World are kind of in a strange place for both AoS and 40k. Last year there were specialist FW teams formed (3 people per team and one team for each game system), however they have both been broken down/incorporated into the main studio design teams responsible for each game system. 40k has a benefit in that a lot of the models made for Age of Darkness (30k) can have rules created for 40k, however this doesn't exist for AoS. One contributing factor is that plastic technology has come on in leaps and bounds, so what previously could only be done in resin (i.e. super large models) is now regularly done in plastic. The plastic Great Unclean One is actually larger than the Forge World one as an example. There are oddball exceptions (the gigantic Khorne dragon), but I personally can't see very much new content coming out for AoS. What I'm hoping is we might see LoA and Fimir be properly adopted by the main studio and get a proper plastic range - either that or mercenary companies created for the models that do exist.
  12. Contrast on top of Mech Grey will give you a fairly washed out effect. As well as being darker, you'll find that it sucks some of the vibrancy out of the contrast colours. Personally I'd hit them with a zenithal of wrathbone followed by white to really boost that vibrancy!
  13. On option 2, I'd say that mega-monsters shouldn't have a +1 to wound ability when making attacks as this should already be hard-baked into their weapon profiles. I think a -1 to wound against attacks made by non-monsters could help add bolster those mega-monsters without complicating the game too much.
  14. One thing I found is the pitched battle pages at the end of the Errata document have a massive graphic in the background that took a while to display - giving me a nice blank page until I stopped scrolling and let my phone catch up... 😉
  15. The confusion comes from the way battalions are included in your army. Within the core rules it says you can include battalions if you have the right units in your army, however within pitched battle rules you put the battalion in and then fill it up (I'm paraphrasing this). I believe this partly stems from Open Play being the original core of the game (which is a different approach to composing your army over pitched battle profiles). What complicates issues for us at the moment is the inconsistent way battalions are "allowed". The Legions of Nagash battletome says that armies from there may include any of the battalions in the book. Legion of Grief isn't part of that book, but from a Lore aspect is one of Nagash's Legions, yet can't even use Deathmarch despite being able to include all of the units. There's an FAQ somewhere that says that battalions automatically gain the keyword from the Battletome they're in*, so there is a certain amount of logic that as Legion of Grief may include warscrolls with the NIGHTHAUNT keyword, that we also should be allowed to include NIGHTHAUNT battalions too. It would seem the intention is we're not allowed (you can only use battalions from the battletome that also includes your army), but this was sadly missed from the recent FAQ (along with the Guardian of Souls with Mortality Glass) and the impression is that we're going to have to wait another 6 months until we actually know the answer. * bearing in mind "Legions of Nagash" isn't actually an allegiance or keyword - it's the title of a battletome that we frequently use to refer to 5 different allegiances
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