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  1. I can completely understand why some of you are angry that the points haven't been updated and Azyr feels a bit like a forgotten child. However can we please not pretend we actually know how GW's internal processes work, nor that points are "an easy change". The only people who know how easy it is, is the actual app developers themselves. If you work as a programmer of some kind then you may know how you might personally code it, but that doesn't prove that's the way it's been done. Sorry if I come across as harsh, but it's a massive bug bear in my work when people tell me "that'll be a quick job" when they don't have a flipping clue - another bug bear is when I get criticised for having not done something when it's actually down to somebody not providing me the information/resources I need... As a few of you have correctly said, if you don't think Azyr is worth it, don't pay the monthly subscription if you've not already cancelled it.
  2. GW still hasn't returned to full working capacity yet. March was when the whole company were put on furlough and although parts of the company are back, their in-house mobile app team will have been focused on finishing and sorting out the new 40k app (I know that my own workload would be massively behind if I lost quarter of the year's worth of coding). The free web app tools available on the community site are actually maintained by members of the community so there isn't really a comparison. Don't get me wrong, I do think that it would be good to get the points updated and am sure that we will see it done - but a little bit of support in the current trying times would be good until they get a chance to sort things out.
  3. Speaking to the AoS design team, at one of the Open Days last year I got the distinct impression that Wrath of the Everchosen was them seeing if the format is popular or not and that we'd likely be seeing more books along this lines as time goes on. I think the question I have, is what the life expectancy for this style of book is going to be. Seeing a number of battalions that appeared over the last year have their points pulled in the latest generals handbook would certainly make me more cautious at committing to a series of 6 or 7 books that could have a portion of content invalidated*. I do feel a little lack of love for things that have been produced in the past or outside of battletomes - forbidden power, white dwarf etc. * please don't mistake this as me for saying matched play is the only way to play - I (and I'm not on my own) use pitched battle profiles for nearly all of the games I play and would be worried that that running something that's no longer supported could give me or my opponent a raw deal.
  4. 40k is deliberately a different beast when it comes to 40k and the designers wanted to really push that weapons should be good for some things but poor for others, forcing the general to make sure they've got the right tools for the right job. Lascannon being a good example as it fires a single bolt of energy designed to blow holes in tanks and fortifications - it's a tank sniper rifle basically, so to see it mowing down hordes of infantry would be weird. Conversely (and bringing it back onto AoS) our weapon profiles generally have a lower damage value but carry over to reflect that something may literally be hewing through a unit with each swing. You do have to use your imagination a little bit at times, but it makes an AoS game more straightforward. Having the two different games also gives us a choice on what we want to play rather than one ruleset with a fantasy or sci-fi flavour.
  5. GW aren't back running on a normal keel yet, quite a few members of staff are still doing work from home I believe so not surprised it's not out quite yet. Within the UK, the event/tournament scene is still closed too, so there's likely to be less feedback going in than normal that could also have an effect.
  6. @Sartxac I think @RedMax has covered it pretty well. What I'd say is don't go overboard with building a killer character if you want to give your opponent a fun game. Most units tend to be capped at damage 3 because it's still pretty powerful but isn't over the top.
  7. They're in the latest Generals Handbook, so your best bet is to grab a copy of that
  8. I think this may be related to doing this on a mobile device - I didn't do any mobile testing on the designer 😂
  9. As @someone2040 says the editor supports HTML, so for bold enter it like this: <strong>KEYWORD</strong> and italic <i>some text</i>
  10. It's a timing issue. The points will be updated but GW's in-house app team is getting the 40k app ready for launch. Warscroll Builder has been updated though
  11. I wasn't suggesting we bring it back. The point I was sort of making was that the percentage system did help to prevent the issues you can on occasion get with games at small points where people bring the most powerful unit possible and dominate a game. AoS is a different beast to WHFB so the old system certainly wouldn't work verbatim - but I do think that small games would benefit from something a little better than what we currently have.
  12. As with all things, if we embrace it and advertise the fact that we're using the rules then there's a higher chance we'll see it taken forward in the future. Things like this thread are a great start - let's keep this rolling beyond the honeymoon period and we'll see what comes out of it.
  13. ^ this Seems to just be a way of collecting together a lot of the stock they're forecasting there will be an issue with.
  14. +++ MOD HAT +++ And that's enough of that. I've just removed a number of posts where a few members were taking swipes at each other. This is not what we expect from our members. Always read what you're about to post before posting it - if it comes across as personal or rude then don't post it - this includes "learn to play" or suggesting a member should "leave the hobby".
  15. Interestingly a global increase in points is one of the things that has just been done in 40k and I wonder if we're going to see this in the next edition of AoS. This will make games smaller (thus quicker) to play and actually increases the granularity in points which is something I feel we're losing with each set of points changes. For AoS the challenge is ensuring that you can take that big centrepiece miniature without it dominating the game (personally I like the old percentage based limits on unit types from WHFB 😉)
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