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  1. Rachael is on Twitter so you could ping her a message on there, or if you've a Github account you could make a suggestion on the public repository she's got for the tool: https://github.com/rachelnertia/warcry-card-creator/issues
  2. Last time we had any figures a normal steel mold was around £50k (probably 15~20 years ago) for a normal infantry sized sprue. I believe when they took this in house some molds halved in price - however that was for pretty simple old molds. I would imagine that the material cost and manufacture cost has bumped it back up by a chunk and you're probably back up to the £50k mark. There are other ways to make molds which is quite prevalent in China, but the quality isn't as good. If you think about the realm gate miniature, that's a good example of a cheaper mold.
  3. Glad you said that! It was a revelation I had a number of years ago when I was playing far too much WoW than was healthy (around the time Burning Crusade came out) and prior to that was after playing too much SWG. I had the realisation that all of the hours I spent tucked away of an evening in front of the computer didn't give me anything I could touch or show people. "what did you do over the weekend" - "I dehydrated and starved myself to change one collection of pixels into a different bunch of pixels that was better". That was the point where I shifted over to committing more time to the hobby and if I'm honest never looked back.
  4. Are you sitting comfortably? 😊 November time last year a friend of mine gathered a load of people* together for a small friendly 40k gaming weekend up at Warhammer World called Purge the Pit. Great hilarity was had by all and it was decided to run another one this year. As you can imagine the current restrictions have resulted in there being no event, however rather than simply go "that's it folks" Dave is building an Armies on Parade board and invited people to send over a miniature to feature on it. The loose theme is "pit fight" and although it's 40k, pretty much anything can fit in - I've painted up an Ogroid Myrmidon (which I've popped over into the painting area) but there's a huge assortment of miniatures being created and painted up for it. For me it's a great way to scratch the itch of doing something for Armies on Parade but without having to commit to creating a massive display board. https://twitter.com/dave_the_dr?lang=en <- Here's Dave's Twitter profile https://twitter.com/hashtag/PitOnParade?src=hashtag_click <- Here's the hashtag * most of the people only knew each other from Twitter.
  5. As a note, generally the 'Eavy Metal team don't use an airbrush for their painting. The most they'll do will be to put down a base colour and then it'll only be on rare occasions. In addition to @Lysandestolpe's video, have a look through Darren Latham's YouTube tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSz0WzAuhwjezFyEIv3Xksg. He covers flesh in a few of them and that will be more like how the display miniature was painted. At some point in the future I do plan on picking up a mega gargant for my Khorne army, but will likely be doing it in a super pale tone (verging into blue) that matches the rest of the army. What I will say is that I do use the basic rule that it's easier to darken a paint than lighten it, so I tend to hit the whole miniature with my base colour and shade down rather than starting with a dark colour and lighten it.
  6. I airbrushed pretty much all of the flesh. The first volupus pink layer was applied really heavily and then Vallejo Flat Tan on the chest and then flicking between tan and flesh tearer red. Contrast through the airbrush is weird, you either have to apply it really heavily, flooding the area and then you get normal contrast effect or you apply it as a thin layer that works more like a filter. I prefer to apply it thinly as there's more control but it requires pre-shading and you need to build the shadows by applying multiple layers up. The airbrush also works a lot better if it's a flat layer as it won't naturally get into the nooks and crannies. That said, the hair (fur?) was done traditionally using a couple of coats of flesh tearer red over vallejo aged white. The black blend was touched up with the airbrush and I did apply a little bit of matt varnish to remove some of the gloss finish. What I have found in the past is that if the layer you're applying the contrast onto is too matte, the paint doesn't flow properly. You ideally want a satin or slightly gloss finish to the paint - which is very counter to what we'd normally want.
  7. I'm contributing a miniature to the #PitOnParade community armies on parade board that's being run over on Twitter 😊 I decided that was enough to scratch the itch for this year as I've too many other projects going on!
  8. The other reason was because third-party suppliers in the US were pointing out that they couldn't compete with UK third-parties. This also had an environmental impact (it's better to freight a large shipment via sea than individual parcels via air). Supply is still an issue wherever you are. Many places sold through their stock pretty quickly when various countries put lockdown measures in place. That was compounded by production dropping due to shut factories and many paint manufacturers moving over to bottling up hand sanitiser. Generally it takes 3 months to ship containers to the other side of the world, so hopefully you should be starting to get stock back in towards the end of this month.
  9. Only just managed to read through this thread, but thought it was worth putting my five-penneth in. Warhammer Community and GW's marketing department is one in the same. The WarCom website/blog is their platform to promote and advertise products, along with newsletters, Twitch, YouTube and all of the social media platforms. One of the main parts of the team is certainly to build up hype for new releases. I do agree that some of the articles on the website are a bit questionable - the hobby at home one I did find a little weird as don't most of us already do that? That said, I'll bet that some people didn't know GW made those paint rack holders until they read that article. I'm not sure it's necessarily fair to claim that the whole of the WarCom website is a massive marketing ploy. The cartoons and tools like Warscroll Builder don't have any form of sales spin to them (which they could quite easily do). I think the community aspect of WarCom is because they're actually trying to get people together. I see articles shared on Twitter a lot and people talking to each other that wouldn't have done so without that article. To a certain extent we're talking because of one article that was perhaps a bit questionable. One thing that has happened is that White Dwarf is no longer GW's primary marketing tool as it was at one point. WD will always have articles covering the latest releases but doesn't have those (immediately out of date) "released this month" adverts.
  10. Thanks! I can really see this miniature appearing in a pit fighting type scenario in something like Warhammer Quest 😃 Thank you 😊 The reds were lots of progressive layers of Volupus Pink followed by Flesh Tearer Red on top of a white undercoat. Together they've given it a much richer colour than I could have achieved with a brush. Cheers. It really helped that the model has some really fantastic definition across it, which made it a lot easier to get the blends right.
  11. Not done a massive amount of AoS painting recently as I've largely been doing 40k/Necromunda. However this weekend I painted up one of the Warcry Ogroid Myrmidon's (it's being sent off to be added to a joint Armies on Parade entry). It's been really nice to paint something completely different and lovely to do something that wasn't destined for an army. Although this had a pretty quick turn around, the sculpt is fantastic and if you've been toying with the idea of picking one up, I would thoroughly recommend it. I'll try and get some better pictures of him at some point - his posture actually makes it pretty tricky to get a good photo of as his face is quite far forward. Really fancy painting the fomoroid now 🤔
  12. I read that part of that was because GW reached out to some of the ITC organisers and incorporated some of their ideas/concerns into the new version of 40k which removed the requirement to run different variations in certain tournament settings.
  13. Appreciate this was a few pages back, but GW has been heavily investing in new facilities over the past 10 years, from new plastic production machinery to new factories. Expenditure like this reduces the amount of profit you make within a year so would result in a lower amount of corporation tax being paid along with general reductions applied by the UK government. GW's investments are printed in their investor reports too so we can actually see what's been spent.
  14. Would absolutely agree with this. It's the same attitude that my current and previous employer has taken - if you can't afford it, you can't have it. I've had some great conversations over the years with them and it's such a simple concept, but really easy to be swept along in the current day of borrowing. Another line of thinking is that when there's a downturn that's the point to invest if you've money in the bank. It's also worth pointing out that over the years GW has been very shrewd in what they've invested in - plastic development is a good example, GW invested huge amounts of money into improving their plastic production facilities (including brining it in house), the end result is that they're able to produce vastly superior products in comparison to their competitors.
  15. I don't think profit margins are something we can actually talk about with any form of authority because we haven't got a clue how much a miniature actually costs. We can fairly accurately guess the material cost of a miniature, have a rough idea of the capital for manufacture (i.e. the steel mold) but beyond that it becomes a bit more fuzzy. Sculptors are going to spend time on it, concept artists, painters etc. That's before we consider marketing (including WHTV, YouTube videos) or any overhead for running things like Warhammer World's free gaming tables. Please don't read this as me saying that we shouldn't be going "that's quite expensive for a miniature" (I did this with a release the other day), but let's not pretend the manufacturing cost and profit margins we have in our head are anything but us guessing.
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