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  1. Completely agree, tournaments were something that teenage me saw were only really for people who were super serious about gaming. Now there are loads of events and tournaments about (to the point we're getting clashes on the calendar now!) to cater for a huge range of gaming attitudes. I think for me it seems that people are super reluctant to even consider house ruling things that they don't like when playing at home or round a local club/store - even people who have no intention of ever playing at a tournament shy away from having a punt at doing something that's not written down. I think the double turn is a great example for people to have a play and see if some of the suggestions put forward would actually make the game more enjoyable for them - ignore the hype, arguments, debates etc and just get some dice rolling. I do completely get where you're coming from though on the lack of time - I've managed a pitiful 7 games this year (2 not at an event), so certainly wouldn't want to be testing out houserules for those 😆
  2. You're after Neodymium (or Rare Earth) magnets. Anything from 3mm x 2mm up to 6mm x 2mm (2mm being the thickness). Magets are rated based on their Newton strength - so an N35 is weaker than an N55. Generally I punt for N45's (available from Amazon UK too if you're on this side of the pond).
  3. That's a really interesting comment as over in the UK, the AoS scene is generally getting larger (it's going to vary from store to store as hobbyists are a bit like butterflies). I also do think that GW are trying to fulfil their competitive offering by introducing different games such as Underworlds. I'm going to be honest and say that I'm not sure GW ever really intended for AoS to be balanced/competitive - I expect there's more than meets the eye why they picked the term "matched play" over "competitive play". I think there's a couple of things to consider too - firstly what do we actually mean when we say "competitive"? I fully expect my terminology is going to be different to yours. This leads into the second point that everybody plays AoS for different reasons. My own experience is that I know more people who are looking for a relaxed game with friends than bringing their "A" game along to the table. That's going to vary from location to location and your own reason for playing is going to be influenced by the people you play with. We all change too, if there's something in a game system that is generally disliked the choice is to houserule* it or move to a different game system. * When I started playing 20+ years ago, houserules were something everybody used and you'd have a discussion with your opponent which ones were in play. This allowed you to really fine tune the game to fit your own particular armies/gangs/warband and play styles. The current thinking is that houserules should never be needed.
  4. Although I agree completely with the necessity of keeping things simple (or perhaps more accurately straightforward), it would be nice to have a couple of tweaks here and there to just improve some of the ridiculous things you hear - "I can shoot them because I can see a sword from one model". My own opinion too is that cover needs to make you harder to hit rather than improve an armour save (but I did grow up on playing Necromunda). I do also think the rules as they are have created an air of laziness - a couple of games I've had to ask my opponent to check that a unit can actually see a hero model when it's hidden behind other ones (spoiler alert, they couldn't). There's just an assumption that ranged units can target anything within their range unless it's parked behind a large piece of terrain. That said GW have also been quite upfront with saying that they've never been particularly happy with the way terrain rules work in both AoS and 40k, and open to suggestions on how to improve them without slowing the game down.
  5. I think when Legion of Grief was written, it was really only intended to be used within a Forbidden Power campaign, which is why the two allegiances within that book only received a couple of pages each (and a half-sized spell Lore). In a not entirely surprising move, quite a few of us went "this is fantastic!" for a variety of reasons and decided to built whole armies around it 😂 I'm hoping that at some point they redo battalions - including how they impact games through to clarifying exactly how you include them in armies such as ours.
  6. It's a narrative themed AoS event - more details can be located on our own TGA Events area:
  7. I think it's open to interpretation - there are a dozen different ways Nagash could have done it and I'm sure some of those could have limitations. It does beg the question (which as @Whitefang says has been sort of identified) - but it's equally plausible something has happened between then and now - the events in Undying King occurred during the Age of Chaos and we've had many years pass since then. I think it's been kept deliberately vague - it certainly gives us some great conversations!
  8. I can see where you're coming from - it was always one niggle I had about the Skull Canon too as it could feel like you went from the sublime to the ridiculous. As a general rule of thumb, when writing a competitive list people always strive to remove the random elements from their units - re-rolls, + to hit etc, all contribute to lowering that random component. For quite a bit of the Gloomspite book though you don't have many options to temper that randomness which results in some units not being included in competitive lists (at least for people looking to place high). They also suffer as they don't roll a lot of dice - rolling 10 D6 is going to give you a more average result than rolling one D6. Personally I think that randomness adds to the flavour of Gloomspite. I do agree that the Troggboss should probably have a more reliable "low-end", but I do think it's worth bearing in mind that AoS isn't just about competitive gaming. I've a couple of friends who have recently started playing Gloomspite and they're actually having a lot more fun (and doing pretty well) in comparison to their regular armies. +++ MOD HAT +++ On a more serious note, there have been a few comments that haven't come across very well - please read what you've typed before submitting it. The first post is a member expressing some legitimate worries they have for their army, telling them they picked the wrong army isn't particularly helpful...
  9. Sorry to disagree on this - but he did do this at the end of Undying King with Tamra's clan. Now we could explain it away as it was just a few mortals, he was in Shyish, they were worshippers of Nagash etc, however it is canon that he can (and has) snap his fingers and kill (or more accurately turn living into undead).
  10. I think it's important to remember that the model we place on the tabletop isn't necessarily going to live up to the legend that they've got in stories and the background. In all honesty a book that was written based on what happens during a game wouldn't actually be very interesting! or Because of this some characters are able to perform actions that could never be represented on the tabletop - Nagash killing Tamra's clan in Undying King for example is a good example of this. Equally his ability to release his essence from his physical form, trundle off somewhere else and then rebuild a body from skeletons and bones nearby isn't something that we're going to be able to do in a game. Nothing stopping you coming up with some appropriate rules with some friends though!
  11. +++ MOD HAT +++ Gently nudges back towards rumours and away from opinions on "what is AoS"
  12. +++ MOD HAT +++ That's enough bickering please.
  13. Just moved this over to the YouTube area of TGA
  14. +++ MOD HAT +++ Think we're going to all have to wait until an FAQ in a couple of weeks (you have all e-mailed AoSFAQ@gwplc.com asking these questions haven't you?) rather than ping-ponging the question here, as we could feasibly debate this until we're old and grey and still not agree!
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