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  1. I think some of the reason behind Fyreslayers is that for years people had been crying out for a full Trollslayer army (in plastic) for WHFB. They arrived in the tumultuous early stages of the mortal realms being born and people didn't really know what was going on, let alone what to do with a load of half naked duardin who hammered runes into their flesh. Going a little off tangent, I'd love to see smaller games become more popular so that some of the forces with smaller ranges actually get to see the field a bit more. Of course that would also need a bit of work as I don't think all battletomes scale very well to cater for games that aren't at the 2k size)
  2. +++ MOD HAT +++ Can I please remind everybody that we have a no leaked picture policy on TGA as per our Forum Rules. I've just spent far too long tidying this up... For new members who haven't read them or older members who need a reminder, here are those rules:
  3. Largely think similar to many of you. I think the dead part of the reveal is going to be a Deadwalker update, so zombies etc. It would be amazing to have vampires there too as they did with one of the old Vampire Count Warhammer Armies books (Vlad?), but personally I'd rather have an entire Soulblight update so you can actually run a proper vampire contingent to an army. This weekend may only be an Underworlds/Warcry warband though. Divine I do think Warhammer Quest is going to be redone at some point, I'm not convinced that we'll get that revealed this weekend though.
  4. +++ MOD HAT +++ Think we've veered pretty substantially off track now folks (the discussion on high vs low fantasy could actually go on for years). Not necessarily convinced there's much more discussion left to be had on the original subject either. I have noticed a number of newer members contributing to this thread too, which is great! Just incase you've not read it, here's a link to our TGA and You post where we clarify the base rules we expect members to follow such as being pleasant to other members etc.
  5. All the VAT rules are in a bit of a state of flux and many changed at the end of December. When posting something to outside the UK a company now appears to be allowed to declare it zero VAT. This is something most third-parties have never had to deal with because GW's T&C prevents them selling outside the EU I'm not sure how GW is going to be handling it. It may be they can use distribution centres so that they charge at the local tax rate rather than it being a customs tax? I'm sure I read they have something in N. Ireland which they may be using to facilitate this?
  6. Ouch, that's pretty rough! Have seen this before where companies basically pretend to have a presence in another country with a fancy website and charging the local currency, but it just gets shipped direct from wherever in the world they are. Lol, that's not necessarily a bad thing ๐Ÿ˜‚ I stopped when I discovered I had so much Arcadia Quest & Rivet Wars that it wouldn't even fit under the spare bed...
  7. Agreed. There's so many moving parts, knowledge of the actual legislation, the technical part of doing it on the website and like you say there's additional paperwork to do, which varies depending on how orders are being sent. I'm fairly sure that things will settle down, but unlikely to get there for a little bit.
  8. I believe that a UK company selling to the EU shouldn't be charging the UK 20% VAT - instead you'll get a customs tax bill for your respective country. In theory that should mean your order only increases by 1%. However the rules are very complicated and many smaller companies won't have the expertise/time to get this sorted and implemented, so you may well find yourself paying UK VAT and import duties too.
  9. Not going to lie I came very close to locking this thread as we're going over old ground again here and feeling a bit moany. Comparing AoS to 40k, especially during a 40k new edition year is always going to show that AoS has had less releases. The 40k community were having exactly the same discussions during 2018 when 2nd edition AoS came out. It's nothing to do with being neglected at all - the fact we've had any releases during a global pandemic when manufacturing & distribution is well up the spout is remarkable!
  10. I'm 99% sure TOW will have a brand new ruleset written from the ground up in the same way Specialist Games did on the current version of Necromunda. A few "nods" towards the old system and maintaining the same "feel", but a new system implementing new ideas. Some of that is because the excellent community here is very good at flagging those posts up to the mods to sort out ๐Ÿ˜‰ I'd agree on this, but I also think that it did encourage more hobby where it was easy to kitbash some units from left overs. I've a feeling that some ideas have been moved down the line a bit. I'm pretty sure we'll see more Sisters of Silence once we actually get to the Siege of Terra.
  11. +++ MOD HAT +++ And please can we get back to rumours...
  12. Just been catching up with this thread am and curious about something. Do people think that we're making our own lives difficult because we're using a digital tool to create our lists rather than going old school and using a pen and paper? A huge amount of the issues I've had in the past with writing 40k lists has actually been the tool rather than the process of writing the list. I've only played 40k using power level and it's been fantastic. At a few open days in the past, I've also spoken to many of the designers and the crux of power level is that it's reliant upon you and your opponent having similar mindsets. If one of you goes in with the approach that you want to crush your opponent and the other is looking for a chilled game, one (or both) of you is going to be disappointed. Ultimately power level is all about throwing a quick army together without over thinking it and having a good game, it's deliberately loose so that players are free to do things that may not be allowed under the stricter matched play points system. It actually comes back to the most important thing about gaming - communicating with your opponent. Make sure you both know what you're after from a game. It's something my local group does pretty well and why we all make sure we've an idea what each other are bringing to begin with (for example, I make sure to let my group know if I'm bringing a full unit of 30 grimghast reapers).
  13. I've gone for the Formoroid Crusher. Just something I really like about that model (and have one to paint up at some point too) If it's like other years it'll be somewhen between 9.30am and 10.00am (UK time). It'll be a pre-recorded video & WarCom article rather than Twitch.
  14. You've been talking about the margins in a number of your comments as if it were the margins they make on miniatures which is why I made the comment that the margin you're talking about is the overall company profit margin - that includes everything from computer game franchises to the beer they sell in their HQ. I meant more that the references originally drawn upon weren't original in themselves. Tolkien features heavily in many fantasy works, but many of his ideas were iterations of other ideas. I'd suggest you may wish to revisit this opinion because this is an Age of Sigmar forum and that's the names they go by. There's no problems with the odd slip here or there, but a downright refusal won't be looked kindly upon ๐Ÿ˜‰
  15. @Greybeard86 probably just worth pointing out here that GW's public margins aren't anything to do with the margin/markup on models - they're the companies profit margins (which is the difference between revenue from sales exceeds business costs). The actual markup/margin GW make on a miniature kit is a pretty closely guarded secret. There was, what shall we call it - an "incident" a few years back where GW and one third-party ended up in court in the US. The details have been covered in depth in other parts of the internet, but suffice to say that neither party had what you'd call a definitive win and it resulted in a fairly sizable shift where GW now secures it's IP a lot more aggressively both in names and styles. It also highlighted the difference in IP laws between different countries. There is a whole philosophical debate on originality (which isn't specific to AoS - or in fact GW - so won't go down that road). There's been a few interviews with various former GW staff over the years. I believe it was Rick Priestly said in one that GW either had to become a "company" or stay as a small hobby business and risk vanishing into obscurity or being bought out by somebody else. GW does have a tremendous reputation within UK as a good employer too. The base wage isn't the greatest (though I've been told they're not awful for Nottingham), however there have been regular company bonuses, good holiday, sick pay, things like a subsidised canteen (at HQ), gym (also at HQ), achievement awards, evenings out and a staff discount. They also appear to have been really fair during the first UK lockdown, where all staff were paid on full wages whilst being furloughed. I hope that other companies put as much time effort and money in and produce their own alternatives that people are prepared to pay a similar price for. This is what the smaller companies need to compete with GW.
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