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  1. RuneBrush

    The Rumour Thread

    +++ MOD HAT +++ Thought @Gaz Taylor made it clear in his comment, but having just having to hide a number I'll make it clearer. No more comments on the last conversation - that includes YOU This includes (but is not restricted to) responses that fall into the category of : - Sarcastic, Smart Alec, "Clever", Amusing, Justification etc.
  2. RuneBrush

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    +++ MOD HAT +++ Gentle reminder for everybody to take a breath before posting. I appreciate this topic is something that gets our blood up, but a few comments have been pretty borderline rude which isn't acceptable. I completely agree that we need to discuss things seriously, but let's try to keep things in perspective.
  3. RuneBrush

    Movement trays spacing

    It's personal preference but for me I use movement trays to make it easier to move my models around the table, so want them as close together as possible. This means that I can fit them through smaller gaps etc - I have a massive pet hate of people who have a stick of models 19" long and simply fly them over a wall or place them in a way that isn't possible if the tray weren't there. The negative is that it grants you less board control, but on the first couple turns of the game I know I move my models around a lot more quickly than I would otherwise.
  4. RuneBrush

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    +++ MOD HAT +++ Please can we avoid the doom and gloom and comments like "worst battletome ever", it's needlessly negative and if I were in a less lenient mood I'd issue warning points for breaking forum rules... Only a few lucky souls have a copy of the battletome currently so many of us are reliant on articles on WarCom and snippets of information passed over to us. Until we all have the battletome in our hands we simply don't know how good or bad armies are going to be - we don't have the full picture yet. Don't get me wrong, some changes will fundamentally change the way we use units but can we reserve passing judgement on things we only half know.
  5. RuneBrush

    Red Elephant in the room

    It was a decision taken by GWHQ the beginning of the year. No big announcement made, I found out when I was up at the Heresy Weekender talking to the FW staff. As far as I could make out (and the guys were being super professional about it), it was decided that it made more sense for FW to focus on models and the Age of Darkness ruleset and for AoS and 40k rules to be handled by the appropriate design studios. It's the reason we've seen the Squig and Troggoth keywords changed.
  6. RuneBrush

    Red Elephant in the room

    It's highly likely we may see that warscroll updated following the new Khorne Battletome. Forge World no longer deals with anything rules related, instead the main GW Design Team do, so I'm sure they'll be aware that the warscroll could do with a few tweaks
  7. 100% agree with this! My general rule of thumb is that 1 wound models is normally pretty efficient to max out (skeletons, grimghast reapers, blood reavers etc). As soon as you hit 2 wound models (which bumps the cost up), you're sinking quite a lot of points into a single unit which will often have a large footprint and make it pretty unweidly to manage. But it does depend entirely on the unit and how you want your army to function on the table.
  8. @Dead Scribe you're perfectly entitled to your opinion on 1k, but not everybody is focused on purely playing tournaments (or practising for them) - the hobby isn't purely about competing with each other. I'd also argue there's more reason to discuss houserules and things we've home grown as we might discover something somebodies tried and fancy giving it a punt ourselves. As I say, you're entitled to your opinion and wish to play AoS in one specific way, but don't knock people who have a different opinion.
  9. Depends entirely on why I'm playing! For me, 1000 point is the most awkward to create an army for as you need to ensure you have enough synergy and hard hitting units without completely blowing the entire points allocation on them - it's also very easy to bring a nuke to a knife fight. The 1500~2000 point range doesn't have quite the same restrictions, but I would say that I don't have a firm preference.
  10. RuneBrush

    The Rumour Thread

    I think you may need to drop the Anonymous part of that group name 😉 #tombkingthursday +++ MOD HAT +++ Can we have a little bit less Tomb King / Bretonian discussion please - already been done to death* and not really a rumour * ba-dum-ching
  11. I do exactly the same as you (along with many other gamers). I've a bag containing loads of 12mm dice (generally 100 or so) that I use when I'm rolling more than 10 (I have fairly small hands). I've then got an assortment of 16mm dice I use for things like priority rolls, magic, battleshock etc. I'd suggest a couple of different styles of 16mm dice so that for things like priority rolls you know you're rolling something different to your opponent
  12. RuneBrush

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    On the surface I've felt the same, however it does seem to be that all of the new battletomes are being written with "tricks" that can be super powerful, but not long down the line there's a battletome that can be built as a complete hard counter. Longer term it'll hopefully balance itself out - you'll know that if you decide to run a maxed out Gristlegore that there are half a dozen armies that will simply stop you in your tracks (i.e. you're going to want to tone it down and take something with a bit more variety). Hopefully this year is going to see a lot of battletomes updates and refreshed, which should put us in a better place overall. I do agree though that there seems to be a proliferation of Mortal Wounds added with each new battletome which I'm personally not a fan of. Don't get me wrong, I think the Mortal Wound mechanic is great, but it just removes interaction within a game so the number an army can cause needs to be controlled. In truth even "automatically inflicts a wound at -2 rend" would be better for a lot of abilities rather than a mortal wound.
  13. RuneBrush

    The Rumour Thread

    Funnily enough that's my feeling too. Looking forward to what the game actually "is" and what the support etc is going to be, but the scenery bits look like it could be the start of a larger range (fingers crossed)
  14. RuneBrush

    Competitive Event Game Concessions

    Nope, I'm based in the South West of the UK and use our antiquated public transport system to get to events so can empathise a bit with the difficulty of getting to events. I'm also under no illusion that voting with your feet always makes a difference especially for events that will fill up whether or not you attend. But what I would say is that a game shouldn't be purgatory - sometimes sitting at home is preferable to doing something that you would fundamentally not enjoy. ps - pizzas should be savoury 😋 I'm know this is going to come over as really pedantic now, but you've highlighted something that's really key - "Matched play guidelines". That's the point, they're not a set in stone rule system for how to play games, they're a broad set of guildelines to provide event & game organisers somewhere to start. It's also worth pointing out that p309 states under the section of Tournaments "Often, special 'house' rules will have been created for the event, and no two tournaments are eve the same, keeping things exciting and interesting". So not only do the Matched Play guidelines say it's OK, they actively recommend it to make tournaments unique. I'll get off my pedantry box now 😉 The point I'm trying to make is that event organisers should be able to change things up based on what they want to - most are gamers too so they'll be trying to make an event that if they were playing they'd want to attend. Just it needs to be communicated clearly enough that people can make that decision on if it's an event they want to go to or not. I do completely agree that I'd love to see us lose the "tournament" bit of TO and clarify a tournament as a specific type of event, the trouble is that it's ingrained in the wargaming vocabulary in the same way as we hoover the floor (despite not owning a Hoover brand vacuum cleaner) and refer to all hook and loop tape as Velcro.
  15. RuneBrush

    Competitive Event Game Concessions

    Personally I believe that if somebody organising a tournament wishes to impose restrictions, that's entirely their choice. If they want to limit the number of casters you can field, penalise slow players or utilise Kill Points for deciding ranks, they're the ones ultimately running the event (if you were organising a party you'd determine the food you provided). However the opposite side of the coin is that it's down to us as players to decide if we want to go to the event based on those restrictions/rules. There's so much choice out there for AoS events now that if we don't like something a TO has put in place we can simply go to a different event. Equally TO's shouldn't feel peer pressure to run things in a certain way - I know that if I were to run an event one thing I'd love to do is to tweak the victory conditions of all the Battleplans, but I do know that it'd be a really Marmite decision 😉