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  1. Yeah darkoath heroes should come with the undivided keyword. Cultists too, for the matter.
  2. People say Starcraft was originally a 40k game a lot too, and that isn't true.
  3. Hm, I logged out and tried the link myself and it still works. Maybe try clearing your internet cookies? Or maybe someone more tech-savvy than I can chime in.
  4. Aight. They just need an eratta which lets them take Ravager artifacts then.
  5. So I've been meaning to come ask the community but kept forgetting; Idolators don't have an artifact table, right? I really want to have missed some detail where they get one and aren't limited to just realm artifacts.
  6. The main rules document has been updated to 1.5c, with some small changes to using the Anvil of Apotheosis as well as formatting changes to hopefully make it more readable. Also incorporation of the Anvil of Death from the most recent White Dwarf.
  7. They don't have to have knowledge--they just have to make a warscroll for it. Also out of curiosity, where was that confirmation? Whatever interaction that came from could have some interesting hints.
  8. Quick update; I do have the basics of the DoK & Slaanesh updates worked out but I am waiting on the two-week FAQs to clarify how some things work, since they could significantly affect functionality. Edit: Also, just did an update to the scenario WIP document with the current versions of Destructive Fonts and Pillager victory conditions.
  9. I think it makes no sense for GW to change the scale or style for the WHOW. It would invalidate old guard who still have fantasy armies and royally ****** them off, considering this seems to be a project catering to such fans that would be counterproductive. Not to mention starting things off on a bad note, the negative feedback would not be good for a new side-game. But more importantly, by maintaining the scale they can have kits do doubly duty in both games. Every WHOW release also becomes an AoS release, and the number of players willing to buy that product grows massively. It is also a huge part of the line they could simply rebox with squares instead of needing entirely new kits for.
  10. A cheesed out Fyreslayer army is exceedingly difficult to counter; one of the hardest armies in the game to counter when played properly. It'll also cost something in the $750 range and you will be more or less locked into one list. $500 of FEC will give you all you need to run a wide range of tourney or casual builds, including the extras needed for summoning.
  11. Fyreslayers have a lot going against them beyond theme; -Tiny unit roster. Literally the army has three infantry units and the rest is heroes. -Lack of distinction. Said three infantry units all look very similar on the tabletop, and blend in with the foot heroes. -Price. Building a decent Fyreslayer army is absurdly expensive because those units have an insane cost relative to the number you need. On top of that their heroes have all gone direct only. The infantry NEED to be reboxed at a lower price per model to make the army a commercial success. This is almost certainly a case where GW pushed the prices beyond what the community would accept and ended up with less money than they would have had with lower prices. -Internal balance. Vulkite berzerkers exist for theme only, because hearthguard berzerkers do what they do but are massively better at it. The three-unit roster just dropped to two. The characters suffer similarly, especially with magmadroths largely being less effective than more stuff on foot. You basically end up with an army that has less than 10 viable choices to put on the table. To shoot customization in the foot further, certain heroes are basically mandatory to make the army work.
  12. I don't know of any. I imagine it is a very niche situation possibly only related to a specific scenario.
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