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  1. Thank you both! It's great to hear from a couple of guys just starting out, who sound so happy w/ their results. I can't wait to get started, but you always have to get past that initial resistance, which can be difficult.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm hoping the community can help me out a bit here. I got an airbrush for Christmas, and I'd like to start using it, but I'm a bit nervous about getting started. Can anyone recommend some resources for someone looking to learn airbrushing? Mainly looking for beginner resources, but really any resources are appreciated.
  3. Honestly, I had primarily intended this as a joke. As for toxicity, my own or others, do you think poking at the people who are disappointed actually increases or decreases toxicity. I would suggest that if one were really interested in reducing toxicity, they might try something along the lines of this: 'Dude, that totally sucks. I'm sorry you are disappointed. To be honest I am a bit too. But keep the faith brother! Good things will come our way. It's been a long hard wait for our preferred faction, but this whole thing is about us. I think our patience will be rewarded.' Or, some other such encouraging things. Or, perhaps, if it really upsets you, keep scrolling. Here's the thing. There are folks like me, that had our faction axed when AoS came out (Tomb Kings), but we stuck around anyway, even though we lost our army. AoS looked (and IS) awesome. So, we packed up our old TK, because we could never sell them, and started collecting the old Vampire Counts line, and settled in, with much excitement, to see where GW would take our new favored army. And we waited. And we waited.... And here's the thing. Maybe we're overreacting a bit, but getting angry at us doesn't fix that. Pointing out that we are whining, even if we are, is only baiting us to also get angry, since you've decided that our frustration is somehow not valid, which is something you don't get to decide. Trust me, I understand what you are saying. I've been you. I've called folks for whining. But amazingly, it never fixed anything. Now, here's another thing. You guys at the TGA are pretty much my whole community. I know that's rather pathetic, but there isn't an AoS scene near me, and I'd be too busy to join in even if there were. So, if I'm ecstatic about something, or pissed about something, you guys are the only ones I can vent too. So here I am. In short, what I'm saying is that, telling someone to feel something different has never worked. But, you can help them to feel different. But to do that, you have to remove the assumption that they are a whiny ass, and instead assume that they may actually feel pretty upset. Sure, someone might just be trolling, but here's the thing. If you are kind to them, instead of being combative, you'll quickly figure out who the trolls are, and who the impassioned fans that are just having a hard time are. My 2 cents. Anyway, I'm sorry my frustrated joke/retort upset you so much. I'll try to keep on eye on that behavior from now on. Believe it or not, I really do try to refrain from causing drama on this site, since the greatest thing about TGA is the fact that most of us aren't embittered fans, who stick around even though they appear to hate everything about the game they claim to love.
  4. Don't forget, whining about whining, very productive.... I would be careful to assume this comes from complaints in forums. GW has been reaching out to various community leaders, and listening to their players, sure. But, I don't think they are trolling the forums to see what we want. Now, I say this as someone who has recently been very complain-y about the lack of news of new Death models, but forum whining really solves nothing. In my case, when I complain, it's more of a 'does anyone else feel like I do', or, hey guys, say something to show me I shouldn't be worried. But if I really wanted to tell GW something, I'd email them, or shoot them a message on the relevant FB page.
  5. I'm not sure this part matters. As seen in 'The Cycle Interrupted' even the ground was able to burn and destroy the minions of Nurgle. This is a great point. I don't think it quite hits being definitive, but is perhaps the best argument for her being a Vamp. This. Nagash has changed. His powers have changed. I don't really think we are going to know what/who he is now, until we get LoN and MP. I took this more like in the Bible, 'Be still, and know that I am the Lord.' In this context, it means be calm, don't worry. Obviously coming from an emissary of death, that's going to put a new twist on it. But ultimately, I don't think it implies any sort of harm. And the 'and your end will come’ part is referring to what the pale woman had said earlier: ‘Nagash can end the torments of these people,’ said the pale woman. ‘Nagash can end your own nightmare. He offers his help to you freely.’ again, ominous, but not necessarily foreboding death. One of the key things we are about to see is how mortals live along side the undead in Syish. The tone of the story is certainly ominous, but I don't think there is any reason to assume that Gosma is about to die. In fact, it would be out of character, for what we know of the pale lady, who has only been killing those too far gone already. I have no Idea what to think... But it feels like a damned kick in the nuts to me. Death finally get's some attention, but still nothing really new. We all know these campaigns are won by the army that has gotten the most recent new releases, and part of that equation is new models. Here we are about a month from MP's start, and Death is still not getting anything new in the foreseeable future. Instead, our last update was yet another Chaos entry, and the next one looks to be yet another Order entry. FFS!!!! I want to be excited, I am excited, but I'm also seriously worried, that not only will we not get much for GA death outside of some alternate kit builds, and a some rules that make us more competitive, but that we are also going to get our A$$es handed to us in the campaign, because no one wants to build a new army of old models.
  6. But by no means, am I try to trample on anyone else's enjoyment of the game. Like I say, I usually keep quite when I feel like this. As, I really don't like people who publicly rip on things that others love. In fact, I find people trolling forums and such despicable. I'm more of a walk away, if your that mad, kind of guy. But I really, really like AoS. It's just that I'm starting to loose connection to the setting and the game, because, the part of the game I love the most, not only got hugely trimmed at the release of the new game, but has now been neglected for about 3 years. Anyway, I'll stop posting after this, at least on this specific, line of discussion, unless directly commented on. As I say, I'm not trying to spread negativity, I'm more just looking for something to be hopeful about, in terms of the parts of the hobby I'm actually able to interact with. Sorry if I came off otherwise.
  7. Perhaps some context would help you see why I'm disappointed. I too am a Skeletons fan. They have always been my part of the aesthetic that I like most in Death, which was part of my attachment to Tomb Kings. But, my real disappointment is because I very rarely get to play this game. I'm first, and foremost, a hobbyist. I like the modeling and painting side of this game. It's not that I don't like to play, I love to play. But ultimately, my current life, combined with a very small AoS community here, adds up to me not getting many games in. Entire years pass between my games. So... The addition of new models, and new lore is what drives my interest in AoS, as well as 40k. w/o that, I wouldn't be in this hobby at all. At least not until my children are older. But, reading battletomes, and painting mini's is what keeps me in. And Death has, imo, the funnest models to paint, and put together. I love the Gothic horror, I love the focus on mortality. Sure, I like some of the other models. But I don't have nearly the same level of interest in the other factions. Or, at least not to the extent that I want to collect everything they have. I'll put together an army once in a while, sure, or paint a specific model I really like. But that's it. It's now been three-ish years since I've seen anything truly new for my preferred army. Sure, I'll likely enjoy the ride in terms of fluff, but what I want is something I can get my hands on and spend hours building and painting it, watching it take on character as I work, because that's why I love mini's.
  8. I haven't wanted to say much, because of the old, 'If you don't have anything nice to say...' rule, But this embodies my concerns to a tee. Ever since the announcement of Legions of Nagash, my excitement for Malign Portents and the future of Undead in AoS in general has dropped significantly. I've always loved the Undead, in almost any setting. It was hard for me loosing the TK, because I loved their aesthetic so much, but I persisted. AoS, to me at least, was already way better than WHFB at release, even before the GH. The GH, made it better, for sure, but I already loved everything in the new setting... So, I gave the loss of my favorite army a pass. Then there was FEC, which pissed me off at first, w/ no new models, but after reading it, actually gave me more hope than ever for Death, the fluff was just so awesome. Then came the drought, we watched every other GA get new factions, models, battletomes, etc... But Death was silent as the grave. MP sparked my interest in Death again. But, idk about the LoN. It makes me very worried that all we're getting is a FEC treatment for our whole GA. I desperately want something that pulls Death more firmly into the new setting, something that establishes us as a force to be reckoned with instead of a punching bag that has to hide in the shadows, because everyone else kicks the ****** out of us both narrative and on the table. That said... I'm trying desperately to hold out hope. But if this summer comes and goes, and nothing substantial changes, if we don't get new models, and a few new battletomes to get us at least to the same number of battletomes that Destruction has, and if at least one of those battletomes doesn't reflect an entirely new faction, I don't know if i'll still be playing Death come next winter, and I may give up on AoS as a whole. But it doesn't give me a whole lot of hope when the the first major announcement for the Death re-vamp, seems to be GA:Death 2.0 Please, talk me down guys.
  9. I'm sorry if I missed your point. I'll drop this here. No interest in arguing.
  10. @tea_wild_owl Those are A-FREAKING-MAZING! Keep up the awesome work.
  11. Don't you think we can agree this is a lot over-simplified. Everything you just mentioned is either a part of the Imperium in which the Space Marine is sort of within their aesthetic, or Chaos SM which are literally Space Marines that have rebelled against the imperium. This is all enshrined in the games fluff, and is the basis upon which all of 40k was built. If you could point to Eldar Marines, Ork Marines, Necron Marines, etc.... I'd take this more seriously. As for things being put on the 'back burner' as it were. Marines/Stormcast are, and always will be, the poster children of their respective games. They will always get more attention than the other factions, and will always have the most players. It's just a fact of life in the GW world. Heck, Death has been on the 'Back Burner' what? 3 years now?
  12. *Forewarning! I'm about to get philosophical. Actually, one of the consistent things about the worlds GW creates, is that Good and Evil aren't part of the equation in a large sense. The dichotomy they explore is Order v. Chaos. Now in AoS it's a bit expanded. We have Order v. Chaos v. Destruction v. Death.... However, if you think about it, Destruction is still an aspect of Chaos, and Death the ultimate expression of Order. So really we are still looking at Order v. Chaos ultimately. Good and Evil, in GW games, is always a matter of the perspective of the specific characters, and is largely defined within their relationship to Order or Chaos. As people, we have our own views, and they tend towards lining up with Order, to one degree or another. But as others have pointed out, Order can absolutely go to far, and become what most of us would consider Evil... Ultimately, we need all four of the forces in AoS, none of them are Good or Evil in of themselves. They are impersonal. But if anyone of them fell away, or gained too much power, I think most of us would agree it would be bad. I personally believe, in terms of GW games, the only 'Good' would be someone capable of sitting at the center of these forces, keeping them in balance.
  13. Am I the only one completely confused about this whole 'Deathcast' thing? Shouldn't all GA:Death units be something that was once living? Are we really worried GW would just re-color the SCE, or add a couple of skulls to the models, and throw them at us? That would be like them giving us Free Company kits and telling us that we need to make our Zombies and Ghouls out of those. Maybe w/ new heads... Nagash is studying the SCE. Eventually, I suspect he'll break the mystery of their creation and twist it to his own ends. But the idea that GW would be so lazy as to give us the same or similar models the SCE is just silly. Even if they did, just don't buy the models if you don't like them. There will still be other Death factions. Those don't appear to be going away. GW has said repeatedly that they have big things in store for GA:Death during Malign Portents. We should be totally geeked. We've had nothing since the launch of AoS. Now, we are the focus of what appears to be the next huge narrative arch. Our faction will be shaping the Mortal Realms for the next several months. Instead of arguing about something that we can't possibly know anything about, I'd like to enjoy the ride. I was getting depressed about the lack of GA:Death attention. So much so, that I'd started to move back over to 40k. undoubtedly there will be things I don't like during MP. I already have a few worries. But I'm not ready to waste my time on that just yet. As I'm also certain there are things I'm going to love coming up too.
  14. There's no time for metaphors cried the little pill to meHe said, "Life is a placebo masquerading as a simile"Well, I knew that pill was lyingToo gregarious, too niceBut as he walked I had to sing this twice -TMBG Lie Still Little Bottle Clearly.
  15. As a fellow deadite, I can feel you're pain. We had a two faction army, reduced by half in the transition from Warhammer to AoS, and since then, we've only gotten a set of re-packs, and one (admittedly awesome) Codex. I am disappointed and frustrated that we didn't see at least one more Codex and some new models in that time, considering we are now the smallest and least diverse (aesthetically) GA in the game. That said, the current drought doesn't surprise me. Whenever a new edition hits the shelves, it is always followed by a ton of excitement, it's only natural for GW to capitalize on that. Hopefully in a few months we'll settle into more regular releases. I feel extremely confident in believing that even now, my awesome new Death Army is out their, in it's final stages of planning/production, and that we'll see new stuff soon. But right now, releasing more AoS would put it in competition with 40k sales, and it would loose, since 40k has always been the GW hotness, and will be especially during the first several months of a new edition. So, yes, I want more AoS, especially things that rot, shamble, and no longer breath or eat. But no, I ain't even mad bro. But, in the interest of full disclosure: I loved Old-Hammer, but hated the rules, they were way to byzantine. Since AoS hit the market, I've been a complete fan boy. And, since then my confidence that the new GW finally understands it's market, and knows how to serve it, has been growing. The new 40k rules have really cemented that opinion for me (I collect Dark Angels). So, I'm just not going to throw my hands up and have a meltdown just yet. Even though I want to, since my TK bit the dust (pun intended) and my new chosen faction is rotting away in the realm of death. Then I remember, the dead can wait forever, and that's why we always win. Because where other factions grow old and weak, and die in fruitless wars against each other, their conflict only fills our ranks. Every meaningless loss, every hollow victory only adds eternal warriors to our silent legions. In death, all serve Nagash! (Except Settra, that dude is an F-ing bad ass.)
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