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  1. +++ MOD HAT +++ Just a nudge to please be tolerant when getting into the nitty gritty of explaining rule nuances. We use quite a few words interchangeably within AoS (e.g. turn, round) so it's easy to misunderstand each other. That isn't any reason to talk down to other members.
  2. You'll have a fantastic time! The gents there make you really at ease 😃
  3. I'll be honest and say I think Louise's work is some of the most unique and stunning out there - I was lucky enough to speak to her and watch her paint some of the squat model she painted the beginning of 2019 and it's a completely different style to anything I've seen before!
  4. Sounds like you're in the same boat then. I'm sure conquest was 4 issues per box and that was 2 from the past and 2 from the future based on the normal release, but we're now 3 (almost 4) behind, so not quite sure how it'll work. It may be that it'll just run 4 weeks in arrears.
  5. I think you'll need to do some experimentation. I've a feeling there aren't many examples of this could be that it's not easy to pull off as the cold colours are going to be in a similar hue to the silver you're painting. Colour wise, you're going to be looking at your dark grey and dark blue colours. You're certainly going to want to stick a colour in there as anything in the neutral grey range will be pretty lacklustre. Have you poked Google yet? Quite a few thoughts when you search "metal reflection snow"
  6. Out of curiosity, has anyone who has a subscription received issues 3 ~ 6 yet? A few friends got issues 1 & 2 (plus the glue and bits), but not a whisper on the other issues yet - not been charged for anything either.
  7. I believe the Honest Wargamer is currently working on AoS objective mats at the moment?
  8. Couple of updates from my post last week. First off I've managed to create a bridge and work out how to fix the Ironclad. Sadly I've not been able to attach it purely from the side and going to have to use a couple of pieces of acrylic rod to keep it stable. Not going to lie, it's not really what I wanted, however the practical part of my brain had to win on this as I wasn't prepared to dismantle what I'd done and this will need to be transported up to Birmingham in a car (and then carried). There are going to be chains from the end of the bridge attaching it to the silo (the chains are on order) and I'm also going to attach a fuel pump from the silo to the main Endrin - but that can't be done until the actual Ironclad is glued in place. Saturday wasn't the most productive of days, however I did have a play in Photoshop with colour schemes: Sunday was a lot more productive - somewhere, somebody was smiling on me as I managed to dodge the wind and the rain for just long enough to get some undercoat onto some pieces! This meant that I was able to paint up the "inner silo" piece that sits behind the hole in the top section of the silo. I also know that 90% of this is going to be hidden from view... Getting this largely done will mean that I can actually make progress on some of the other pieces. I'm going to go back and try and add some more colour into the metallics as looking at them in the cold light of day, they're quite flat. I think a dark green added into the shadows of the pipes will help to add some depth to them. I need to think about what to add to the silver as I'm deliberately steering away from browns/rust (those Duardin aren't going to let things rust!) The silo itself got a light dusting of undercoat so that I could spot any blemishes (and there are some). One of the challenges I've found with the sector mechanicus scenery is that the models aren't quite as sharp as a regular miniature. What I mean by this is that because the pieces are large they're prone to a little bit of warping, so the edges don't join together as cleanly as you'd like. It's nothing that can't be fixed with some putty/filler and fine sandpaper, but a light dusting of undercoat highlights the areas that need attention.
  9. +++ MOD HAT +++ Think we've gone as far as we can on the discussion about why Destiny Dice work as they do now 😉
  10. Dice quantity is something that I've been really self-conscious about for the past couple of years. In the past I've always tried to theme my dice - so I'll buy 50/100 12mm dice the same colour as the army I'm playing. However when I played my Grand Host army at Brotherhood earlier this year (40 skeletons, 30 grimghast both provide a lot of attacks), I actually swapped over to 10 sets of 10 16mm dice (each set being a different colour). This meant I could always work up/down in units of ten and probably sped my dice rolling up by a factor of twenty. I don't actually think this was only the original intention. Using destiny dice will ignore modifiers on To Hit and To Wound rolls (because Tzeentch says you will hit) - equally there are some artefacts/spells that boost damage or the number of attacks that will be skipped to guarantee the result, that's before factoring anything coming along in the future. Appreciate your suggestion is more elegant and straightforward but it doesn't provide the same result that the Destiny Dice mechanic currently has.
  11. I think what we have is the best compromise between a thematic rule and an overly complicated rule - I still think it's thematic, Tzeentch is often portrayed as having it's plans foiled by overconfidence or weakness in it's minions. From a gaming mechanic, anything more complex would have had the potential to slow down the Tzeentch players turn and one thing the new battletome has done is to reduce the amount of time it takes to play the army (which was a huge criticism with the old book). Although it has caused a few issues, I think 5 weeks to get to where we are is pretty decent.
  12. I'm guessing its the same reason that the Lord of Change's ability no longer works - because our Lord Tzeentch has determined the fate of that result... In truth, it actually brings it inline with everything else (charges, magic, attachs etc) which can't be modified.
  13. +++ MOD HAT +++ Just a black mod hat post here - this thread is going to be super helpful for people who are struggling playing against Tzeentch. Can we keep this focused on tactics and not complaints or ideas that aren't viable. I've just tided things up to aid this.
  14. Just spotted that - hats off to GW, they listened and came up with the clarification we asked for! #ThanksGW
  15. Probably worth pointing out that cargo ships can take up to three months to arrive from China 😉 That's without factoring in GW's scheduling and shipping to stores etc.
  16. Sorry my bad - forgot that metalcruncher was a mount trait (I really need to sit down and read through the battletome fully). I've just had a look and the artefact would trigger on anything that specifically doesn't state it's from the mount. In my view that would be: Trampling Charge; Grasp of the Everwinter; Harpoon Launcher/Trap; Punches & Kicks; Prayers (e.g. Pulverizing Hailstorm) It would not be: mount traits (e.g. Metalcruncher); Frost-wreathed Ice; Horns, Hooves. As these all state they are from the mount And I don't have a clue on the Blood Vulture? Quite often "pets" are treated as mounts (such as the Mighty Lord of Khorne), but I can't find anything that specifically states the Blood Vulture should be treated as such.
  17. I've a feeling this may come a little late, but I'd certainly say that it's a good idea. I painted up a load of Nighthaunt last year with thinned Talassar Blue over Grey Seer and applied a zenithal highlight of white which really helped to brighten them up (without it they were quite lack lustre). I used an airbrush, but a rattle can or carefully applied drybrush would have a very similar effect. Have a search for Dana Howl, she's done a load of YouTube videos where she underpaints using drybrushing in preparation for applying colours on top and the result is fantastic!
  18. Ish. Artefacts don't affect the mount unless explicitly stated, so you'll get to roll for damage from Metalcruncher but not the Stonehorn charge. One thing to remember too is that if the wound is negated in any way (e.g. a Disgustingly Resilient roll on a Plaguebearer or Deathless Minions save on a Death model) then that doesn't count as being inflicted.
  19. I think it's worth bearing in mind that playing competitively requires a different mindset to playing more casual games. Lists will be created that reduce the impact that dice rolls have so that the army performs more predictably. From my own experience there are more ways to reduce randomness than increase it for your opponent. Don't get me wrong, there will always be an element of luck involved, but with minimising that for the bulk of the army you can focus on tactics so that when the dice don't go your way, it isn't going to result in a loss. I think you're on the right lines, but I think the percentages vary depending event you're playing. In the most simplistic terms, GT events generally have more predictability in the armies you'll face, but they'll be generally fielded by players with quite a bit of experience playing the army. Conversely Throne of Skull/Soft Score events will have a much more random range of armies, but normally against players with less experience than a GT. Just those two items will shift your percentages and that's without factoring in the amount of dice luck you can mitigate with your list.
  20. Which is one of the reasons why I'm suggesting that it requires clarification and that this conversation keeps going round in circles. The issue we currently have is that the paragraph you've quoted doesn't explicitly say that save and battleshock rolls actually count as modified. This has caused two interpretations: - one group is saying that because you are replacing the dice it's unmodified (in the same way as a re-roll would be)* and the errata doesn't state it is modified - the other group is saying that by inference if the "other" dice are explicitly unmodified then the save and battleshock dice must logically be modified There's arguable logic in both of these conclusions! TL:DR nobody actually has the correct answer and the more we look at it, the more we're tying ourselves up in knots * as I said, my own interpretation is that modifiers are an in-game "thing" that change the dice result. Unmodified being synonymous with before modifiers as per the core-rules
  21. A while ago, I decided that I was going to make a concerted effort and create a dedicated Golden Demon entry for 2020, my past attempts/success has pretty much been me grabbing models that I've previously painted and having a punt! After a bit of pondering I've also decided that I'm going to show WIP photos of this as I'm going - no "top secret" project for me, my entry will either be good enough to win a demon or it won't. So after a few false starts, the decision was taken that my entry would be a Kharadron Ironclad docked at a Skyport. Rather than go for the traditional "large model" category, I've instead decided to go for the "diorama" category. This gives me loads of scope to actually build something a lot more impressive than a scenic base. I'm now about a month into the build and almost got the basic construction completed! Here's it mocked together: And here we are having screwed and glued stuff in place The brackets that the wooden shelter sits on were scratch built Plenty more pictures up on Twitter/Instagram too! The "backing board" is actually part of a cheap cube bookshelf which measures 300mm in all directions. I've deliberately confined everything so that it doesn't overhang and placed it on a slight angle to give the illusion that the skyport continues off in other directions. The bottom will also be covered in clouds made from toy stuffing with patches of colour airbrushed in. I'm actually a little further forward than I've a picture for too. The gap where the wall meets the floor has been covered by plasticard strip that looks a bit like a skirting board and the right-hand edge has been sanded back as it was slightly longer than it needed to be. The steps have also been cut at an angle and fixed in place. Although very tiny, it's attention to details like this that could well make the difference between making the cut or not. Next up I need to tackle actually how I'm going to secure the Ironclad and then create a bridge that connects one of the doors on the side of the ship to the door/gap within the silo. No idea what I'm actually going to do on this! Colour wise, I'm leaning towards Barak Thyngg for the Ironclad (so a funky red and off-white scheme). I've not yet decided on the skyport colours - that will likely require me sitting down with a greyscale version of the setup and playing in Photoshop. Happy to answer any questions or listen to suggestions!
  22. OK, just to try and bring things back on track here as we're currently going round in circles a bit. The errata doesn't state that "the result of that Destiny Dice is modified". Here is the full paragraph: Personally I treat modification is an actual in-game mechanic whereby you modify the result of a dice roll up or down based on something (slain models in this case). Destiny dice (in the same way as a re-roll) are not modifiers because they replace the dice roll with a different one. Edit: I still believe some official clarification could be good as it's not quite as clear-cut as it could be
  23. Would agree with you on this and pretty sure it's how most people envisage it working. (myself included) In my eyes, abilities, battleshock etc trigger off models that are actively slain - basically damage or killed by something tangible like a spell, ability etc. I think the reason we've not had this question arise previously is because a lot of triggered abilities occur in a specific phase or at the start of the battleshock phase.
  24. Let's not go too far down the WAAC discussion as it means different things for different people and isn't appropriate to this topic (it also causes a lot of hostile feelings when people disagree with their interpretation). Ultimately what most gamers try to avoid is winning or being beaten by a "gotcha" - so the actual game result being decided because one player has a rule that they've obfuscated or hidden from the other. I think this is largely proven here because a large part of this topic has been talking about clarity of rules. I think following the FAQ there are two main points that need clarifying (this could be officially by GW, or agreed with your opponent before the game starts). These being: - does swapping out a Destiny Dice count as a modification to the dice roll - does "count as slain" within the battleshock phase trigger other rules (specifically the Split and Split Again rule on horrors)
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