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  1. Here's a thought I just had - has Legion of Grief been added because we're going to lose being able to take Nighthaunt within a Legions of Nagash army like we currently do - e.g. Grimghast capped at a smaller size or not at all?
  2. For those asking about Zenithal undercoats, Richard Gray had a play with them and results are super solid (yes this has also received highlights). I'll be honest and say that seeing this is making them even more promising for painting armies to a very good standard.
  3. Not yet as I believe all testing has been done in a closed environment. Am intrigued how this could work with a coloured base (e.g. blue), white(ish) zenithal prime and then Contrast on the top!
  4. Not a stupid question at all! For transportation, rather than using foam I have a number of cases that have metal shelves. By gluing a magnet into each base (or in some cases more than one) I'm able to simply mag my models in place 🙂 This also works if you fix baking sheets into Really Useful Boxes. I prefer this as foam often snags models with delicate or pointy bits and also takes quite a while to remove models from. One side benefit is that that extra gram or so of weight really helps balance the model whilst you're playing. I've got a mixture of cases now - I've an A+ Case, Battlefoam Magnarack and also KR cases with baking sheets rammed into the bottom. I've also backed the A-Case Hybrid Kickstarter which will replace my Magnarack when it comes later this year. They're not cheap - the Magnarack wasn't far off the cost of my Legions army, however I've not yet had a breakage whilst using it and ultimately it'll last forever! I do plan on picking up some sets of the MiniMagTrays once I'm a bit closer to completion. Have a read on this thread where Sedge talks a bit more about them: https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/22567-best-aos-movement-trays/
  5. Funnily enough as a random aside, one of the groups I used to play 40k with (back for 7th edition) turned out to be a bit of a power gamer. Although we made the best of it, the games we played against them tended to be a pretty one-sided affair with our more thematic armies generally bearing the brunt of their super powerful units. That was until the day one of our group decided to show that they too could bring along powerful units and proceeded to wipe the army off the table. No words were said, but the message was clear - "just because you can, doesn't mean you should".
  6. I wasn't planning on building another army until something new came along - however the new Legion of Grief we're getting in Forbidden Powers has really enthused me to put together a ghost army. Because I'm a nutter this has massively grown from "just paint up what you've got in the cupboard" to "let's build something from scratch" - compounded by my idiot brain telling me it'd be nice to play this at Blackout in August... So without a plan, colour scheme or in truth any idea, I've dug out the remaining sprues from Soul Wars, a couple of other boxes and some limited ed models and started to put them all together. No guarantee that everything will make it's way into the army, but there's something satisfying about throwing away boxes and sprues! In fact the Lord Executioner almost certainly won't go in the list because he's astronomically tall and wobbly. Please excuse the state of this picture! It's actually not as bad as it looks as last night was me magnetising all of the bases - and I've learnt from experience that if you remember to do this first, you actually make your life a lot easier in the long run. This weekend I've got two boxes of Bladegheist arriving as I've always liked the models. My intention is to fundamentally have the army assembled and ready to undercoat when the new Contrast paint range comes out and more specifically the new Grey Seer undercoat is available (which should make spraying these a lot more straightforward). All being well I'll keep this thread up to date as recently I've not been able to post a lot of the bits I've been working on - this army isn't secret though, so no reason why not to!
  7. You're going to want to be really hot on how you place your gravesites if you're relying on bringing units back as it's super easy for your opponent to cap them by parking a unit on top of the marker, you're also going to be limited to a maximum of 5 units due to CP limitations. That said - really looking forward to how this works when/if you play it! I think Legion of Grief could really surprise people with shenanigans!
  8. From what I heard, because the paint is transparent, they act as a filter rather than a solid overlay colour when airbrushed. I'm guessing they give a similar effect to airbrushing an ink over a colour. Looking forward to having a play with this when they're released as there still isn't a good replacement for the old FW clear red paint!
  9. There are some models that simply double up as an un-named version (Khorgus Khul is another one). They're going to be fine as there isn't a specific model for the un-named version. What wouldn't be is plonking Nagash on the table and telling your opponent it's Arkhan the Black on a bad day.
  10. Would agree we're going to have to wait for the FAQ on this - or if one of the rules writers appear on Twitch ask then. There doesn't seem to be one hard and fast rule - you can use the Khorne Beastman battalion within a Khorne army for example. I actually looked at the Deathmarch battalion last night and it's simply got "Death" above it - muddying the waters even further! 🤣
  11. I'd not even thought about something like that! I was tempted to pick up a box of Dreadblades and even more tempted now... I think the biggest challenge is going to be running out of available hero slots - you're going to want some "utility" heroes (spirit torment, guardian of souls), banshees for getting the most out of the bravery debuffs, dreadblade(s) and then something like Reiknor...
  12. I give it less than a day 😉 The 'Eavy Metal guys have found the new paints to be fantastic for glazing over metallics for the shadows - apparently they're much easier to control than a regular thinned down paint. You also get some quite funky results airbrushing them too.
  13. The two nighthaunt paints were practise attempts at the new contrast range. It has a different base acrylic medium with more flow than the normal one. What this means is if you add in one of the existing range (with the regular base acrylic medium) you'll stop the contrast medium flowing in the same say (in essence just making a very strong wash). The way you'd increase the gradient would be to add in more of the contrast medium - so making it more transparent so more of the undercoat colour shows through.
  14. As with all this type of mechanic you "setup" the unit in the underworlds rather than on the table. So 6 units in your list will always equal that number of drops.
  15. All we got told was "June" at WHFest. Would agree with @CitizenX that pre-order this weekend or next is the most likely - there's a fairly hefty article in White Dwarf the next issue which is due middle of next month, so it wouldn't surprise me to see it out in time for that. Could even be a 2 week pre-order window which they've done with the last couple of major releases. There's also a new black crackle paint due out too as that's used in the article (and apparently some of the FW airbrush paints being brought back as part of the main Citadel range).
  16. I'd also add in one point of view I generally have when playing an army I've never played before: "Not convinced I'm going to win this, but I'm going to come away with knowing how to tackle it next time"
  17. @SleeperAgent & @Qrow - cool that you're both thinking of Harridans, they're a lovely looking unit (and sorely tempted myself). I do think there's some potentially good shenanigans to be had with the bravery debuff mechanics. Really looking forward to seeing how the new Legion works in practice - I'm a big fan of gravesites in my Grand Host army (really works for my playstyle), and have a few bits and bobs I picked up when the Nighthaunt range originally dropped (chainghast box, myrmourn and a few bits from the original box set). Currently contemplating building everything and using the new contrast paints thinned down like Tyler Mengel does with his Nighthaunt.
  18. The ones I've got are the 3d printed ones by Winterdyne. They paint up to match your army and have a hole in the bottom so that the magnets in the base still allow me to transport them on a baking sheet/metal case. However Mini Mag Tray have just started producing a slimline metal one - which I'm currently tempted with for my next project. They're actually cheaper than the 3d printed ones, but more expensive than the mdf ones. The thing that appeals is that I don't actually need to paint them up so once they've been bought I'll never need to buy new ones, plus the cloud formation ones are practically invisible on the table - and significantly easier to move your models off when the time comes.
  19. So, out of curiosity, what are people thinking they're going to be running in their Legion of Grief armies? I know this depends fairly heavily on the answer to the battalion question (which my own feeling will be yes). I may have picked up a couple of boxes of Bladegheist...
  20. I'd say that it would depend entirely on if you'd done any conversion work. The reason for wysiwyg is that it's written with your opponent in mind. In the heat of a game it's really easy to forget what special conditions your opponent has told you - heck it's easy to forget what model is your opponent's general! If your model looks like an Exalted Deathbringer then that's what you should be running it as. At a minimum to run the Exalted Deathbringer with Ruinous Axe as a Slaughterpriest, you would need to remove the skullgouger and do a head swap - as both of these items clearly identify it as the original unit.
  21. Would agree with @Sleboda on this. Is it clearly identifiable as a unit armed with X when you put it on the table? If so, then you're good to go! As an example, my 40 person unit of spear armed skeletons has the champion armed with a sword - because it looks cool (and is exactly how GW models it too). It is however very obvious that the unit has spears rather than swords. It also helps identify the champion (who also is the only person with a helmet and armour).
  22. Interesting that you are both saying that as I was thinking similar from a painting perspective the other day (although we do have painting courses available which sort of cover this). I do think that time is one of the biggest factors, video or article editing requires a huge commitment of it which most of us would rather invest in hobby. One of the other things I feel contributes is that some people aren't natural teachers / public speakers. At work we've done a number of training videos and got a number of people in to present them. The person who was the most engaging was the chap who was formally a teacher at a secondary school, even though he probably knew the least about the subjects, he was hugely more interesting to watch.
  23. From an AoS perspective, I've never seen one ban FW*. Within 40k, FW used to have a really bad reputation for overpowered rules, however that's generally no longer the case and certainly isn't for AoS anymore. What are you thinking about getting/using? * I'm excluding local Warhammer stores which is down to the whim of the manager
  24. @Paladork Not sure if you have a Twitch subscription to the Warhammer channel? If so, some time ago there was discussion with John Bracken about how to be sporting (or similar title). It was a really inspired discussion - John is well known for writing really competitive lists, but he went over how to play them whilst also having a good game - for both players. A huge portion of it is down to attitude rather than the list itself. One thing I'd also say to everybody, is that it's really easy to forget that AoS is at it's heart a game - it's intended for all players to actually get some enjoyment out of it. If you both come away having not enjoyed the experience then why are you actually playing? We're not talking about a super competitive grand tournament here - we're talking about a friendly round a club or somebodies house. I love AoS because it's a system that provides so many different facets to the hobby, but it's really important for to all remember that the way we play isn't the only way and isn't the "right" way (because there isn't a right way).
  25. +++ MOD HAT +++ @ElectricPaladin & @Sleboda Can we keep politics out of the forum please 🙂
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