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  1. I really appreciate Monday Model initiative. Great. That keeps us interested in the hobby incessantly. Prefer it over waiting several months for a new preview.
  2. This is what I call a great preview. It's like 10x better than the previous one. Each and every mini shown today was great. Some of them fantastic. You have to be a bad person not to be excited about Cursed City.
  3. How do you behave against strong melee army that sets up first and tells you to go first?
  4. I'm really excited for another Kurnothi model. This greatly increases the chance that Kurnothi will receive a full AoS army one day. That's my most anticipated army.
  5. Are we really sure these skeletons (or similar sculpts) will be included in the Gravelords faction?
  6. If it takes 3 Vampires + Man-Bat or 4 Vampires in a warband to be on par with 3 stormcasts in a warband you know they can't be really powerful. Sorry. I really hoped it was Kurnothi. That would almost guarantee GW will release them as a full faction in the future. Hope they just don't stay as a single warband and that's it.
  7. If any good came from this preview it was Gorslav the Gravekeeper. He's like a character torn out from Bloodborne. Strong competitor for mini of the year.
  8. This is one way to put it. But some of us are really tired of this formula. Why bother if those shows tell me nothing? It's like fifth time in a row when I'm disappointed with their "reveals". Don't get me wrong - I love the minus and have them much more than I need but the shows alone are just disappointing. I'd rather visit warhammer community once a week from now on than wait for another disappointing show.
  9. That's why they should present those models that were just silhouettes in the video. I guess they miss the point of these shows. Instead of keeping some of us hyped, they make us pis**d. All of us wait in great anticipation for that show and all we get are more questions instead of answers. I still don't know what models do Lumineth get and how they play. I don't know what kind of release will be Soulblight Vampires. Few units mixed with old death? New faction like Idoneth? When are they going to hit the stores? Even Curse City is just a silly teaser that tells almost nothing. And you know what? They are gonna answer these questions on a random Monday or Wednesday when no one is expecting them to do so. They did that many times in the past. Firstly a weak show keeping people underwhelmed and then out of a sudden 3 weeks later an article on warhammer community revealing units for a certain faction. This show is the time and the place to do that! Not later!
  10. For some time now GW are masters of disappointing shows. After the leak everyone expected a full presentation of second wave of Lumineths, a full presentation of Vampires and perhaps a dual box of those two. What did they show? ONE NEW MODEL for Lumineth. Joke that isn't even funny. Yeah the cursed city is cool and the vampire warband is just ok but that is nowhere near a fine AoS presentation.
  11. That's the worst case scenario. I'd rather vampires were hold on with a release for another 5 years rather than give them a few new heroes and recycled LoN. Vampires should have like 15 units of their own theme.
  12. It is Teclis then. I really enjoyed the teaser. Great music, romanticism like scenery, the drawing style.
  13. The image was passed to me by a friend with no source written down. He was really crushed by this message as he is a LoN player. His emotions influenced me as well so maybe I reacted a bit too soon. Hope no battletomes were burned or Nagash miniatures decapitated as a result. 😉
  14. So Soulblight replaces Legions of Nagash. That's terrible. I was hoping for Vampires to get shiny new units designed exactly for their faction. Now we probably will get a LoN 2.0 - maybe five new units out of which 3 will be single heroes for Vampires and 20 units recycled from LoN.
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