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  1. Alarielle why from 600 to 740. She had a Warscroll and points updated just before AoS 3.0 with those kind of points level in mind. Is she worth 740 points in 2nd edition with her warscroll reworked? No, she's not. She wasn't worth 600 points before the update. Best they did if she got her warscroll update and stayed 600 or 660 max. Then I'd say she was worth her points. Now she's overcosted again.
  2. Only if the account could be shared with other users.
  3. If points aren't the problem I'd gladly accept discounts on Durthu (as did Katakros) or 190 points on Hunters (as with Annihilators). For once, just for once set points in our favor, not against. We've been waiting for long now. Really long to receive a boost for a faction that is the weakest tournament faction on par with Beasts of Chaos. Let me rephrase your question: how many points changes in 2nd edition fixed Sylvaneth? Guys, you may defend GW as long as you want. You may wait for erratas, FAQs, whatever another 6 years. I would like just devs to be reasonable about settin
  4. We evaluate what we get. Can't judge on things that may or may not happen. I don't expect much from errata for Sylvaneth. Everything is clear here. I run also 2k points of Bonereapers and there is errata needed if they will be able to use new CA (especially all out attack and all out defence since they are powerful and will nerf obr a lot if they won't be able to use them). But some examples are just clear even for newbies. Like Sentinels +10 points where community ask for fixing them for couple of months. Look. Some of us are really tired by hearing promises that next edition has th
  5. Thanks. That helps me understand the problem better.
  6. Compare your points to other armies. Like Sylvaneth for example. Fyreslayers are amongst those armies that have the smallest increases in points. I lost 300 points on my Sylvaneth list. How much did you lose?
  7. Yup. Laugh. Take pleasure in another edition where Sylvaneth is at the bottom. We already know all the rules. All the points. Some of us, like me, play AoS from the very first day it was released. But yeah, it's so HARD to compare units across factions, right? That would like almost force you to use your brain! Madness!
  8. Look at Fyreslayers points. Much better army than Sylvaneth which was proven on countless tournaments. Runefather on Magmadroth 15 points increase. Durthu 40 points increase. Drycha 30 points increase. Kurnoth Hunters 35 points increase. Hearthguard Berzerkers 5 points increase. That's just sad.
  9. Ok Sir but at least now devs will be aware of the flaws players see at first glance. It is mind boggling that a company which has 30+ years of experience in wargaming, 6 years with AoS alone, still makes obvious mistakes in writing rules and setting points especially when having a vast community that constantly supports them with game experience and comment. As if GW didn't care at all.
  10. Does somebody know why f.e. Runefather on Magmadroth is now 15 points more expensive (top army, hero, monster) and Spirit of Durthu is 40 points more expensive (worst army, hero, monster)? What kind of balancing thought processes lead devs to this decision?
  11. Seriously the longer I play this game the more I'm sure that people without any qualifications write the rules. Total amateurs that set points based on their feelings not math. I'm not sure even feelings are taken under consideration. People read these points and in a heartbeat see how nonsense they are. How random, how unfair. GW get yourself up. Hire people that know how to write rules. You will loose customers otherwise. Oh, and to people writing "less emotions, be patient, be positive". Here's my advice: don't be childish. Wishful thinking won't solve anything.
  12. Massacre. I lost close to 300 points on my current list. Sylvaneth might be unplayable until battletome or next edition. Great support for the worst army. On the other hand I will barely feel changes to my Kharadron Overlords list... Make GW hire somebody who knows how to count.
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