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  1. Something really wonderful crossed my mind. Do we finally witness THE second wave for AoS armies (Stormcasts excluded)? Slaanesh is the first army that received two updates with units other than single heroes.
  2. You know. Opinions differ. If there is anything that's holding me from starting a Slaanesh army, it's those ugly faces of Slaanesh deamons. I was hoping for some cool corrupted nobility for Slaanesh mortals' battleline.
  3. I'm sorry to say this but deamonettes to me are probably the most ugly models in whole aos range. The first thing Slaanesh needs is a new battleline. Slaangors are a good way to go. Not a new elite unit presented today. Although their armor is cool.
  4. It still fits vampire pirates or dark aelves.
  5. What are your expectations for Saturday preview and Warhammer Day? I think there will be a tease of a new army at Warhammer Day with a full reveal on Christmas.
  6. GW lost a lot in my eyes for their groundless price rise. Everything is wrong about this release. Not so big gargant models priced higher than their equivalents like 40k Knights. Old as hell mancrusher gargants increased in price as well. Really, this kind of actions turn me from GW fanatic into dissatisfied customer. They do this once more and I will stop buying at all. There are several other miniature companies on the market.
  7. Any RUMOURS about next releases? Next factions? Content of Morathi book? Anything?
  8. We are not talking about rocket sience here. Even Kickstarter projects run by a small group of people have more often a quality of a GW model. I won't believe that designing those mega-gargants cost GW hundreds of thousends pounds. If a fresh graduate of 3d graphics can reach that quality it is much, much cheaper. At least 50% of AoS model price is the Warhammer logo on the box. I'd assume it's much bigger fraction...
  9. This is one way to put it. So far if I liked a model, I just hit the buy button. Prices seemed ok to me. If now, the very same company charges me twice as much for pretty same product I feel uncomfortable. I run a shop myself (jewelry) and it never crossed my mind to suddenly double the prices without any good reason. I would just lose customers. GW is rising prices in time of coronavirus, when most people suffered from economic lockdown. I don't get it. I'm sorry but I won't support this. It just feels wrong to me. People interested in 3d printing know how little it costs to produce these kind of miniatures. GW is making like 500% profit on every single model and they still think that's not enough. Well, I do. I'm not buying until they come back to normality.
  10. If those prices turn out to be true (150 euro for mega gargants) it will be the first time I wish GW's product doesn't sell. If we accept those steep prices we will sadly witness GW to charge 200-250 euro for a single behemot model in a few years. I won't pay for anybody's greed.
  11. What can it suggest? Fyreslayer unit? Out their enemy?
  12. The whole spider range for gloomspite. Cool theme but ugly old models.
  13. Sorry if it was already discussed but did you pay attention that in an article on Warhammer Community about aelves they mentioned about Kurnothi and aelves that want to follow Archaon? As for the Kurnothi I really would love (my most anticipated army) to get a full army of them but then the warband from the beastgrave ended up in Sylvaneth forces. Are there some kind of chaos aelves under way out is this just about Malerion? Also a few weeks back there was a similar article about Aelven gods with a mention of Tyrion. Do you thing he's getting his own race or will he be a part of Lumineth expansion in years to come.
  14. I just want to vote NO. AoS is perfect right now. Throughout human history women played only marginal role in warfare. It's only natural to our biology. It's cool to see armies like DoK from time to time, yet demanding parities for every group that is dissatisfied at a given moment is insanity. It's artificial, unnatural. Go, create your own wargame and stop demanding people to obey your demands. Just accept their vision or leave.
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