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  1. Silent people could have a caste system based on their evolution. Like backbone of the army are ant-like humanoid bugs seen on Underworlds cards. The higher caste could be more human-like specimen like the one seen for WarCry. Maybe some insect only creatures with no humanoid features to be monsters and/or mounts tamed by higher castes. As for the Spiderfang... If these truly are Silent People with strong spider theme then Spiderfang is dead in terms of new models imho. There is no space for two spider themed armies. Oh and as for spider - insect distinction. It might be a language thing but in Polish the word "insect" is used to name all the bugs, where spiders (arachnids) are only one group among insects. In other words: all spiders are insects, but not every insect is a spider. And thus maybe spider-like humanoids are only one caste of Silent People.
  2. Unless I missed something while scrolling through the posts I can't believe nobody mentioned Silent People. If this is not a specimen of them, I don't know what is.
  3. My friend told me that there was a two weeks long break in new animations on Warhammer+. Is that true?
  4. I'd buy AoS Dreadfleet instantly... Like leaving AoS and Malifaux for a long while to play naval battles in AoS.
  5. As for my armies: Sylvaneth made again worse by limiting 1 wood per ability. Ossiarch Bonereapers made better by allowing them to use same CA several times. Kharadron Overlords without changes for my build. Nothing for Nighthaunt.
  6. This is ridiculous. 😄 Higher price AND no animations. 😄
  7. GW have you lost your mind? Polish prices for Warhammer+ are bigger than in GBP or USD? Are you aware that polish revenues are like 30% of GB's? No way I'm signing for that.
  8. It would be great if it's a Slaanesh mortal type update. Battleline, elites, centerpiece, all mortal. We've had enough greater deamons already.
  9. As for the silent people I'm pretty sure we will witness their release. To much effort was put in their design. Also community seems to like the idea.
  10. As far as I support asymmetric gameplay I think that army specific Battle Tactics will ruin balance more than anything else. Some armies will receive easy Battle Tactics and will score all three without caring and others will be hard. Advantage of one easy tactic over your opponent will set many games. So far my games in third edition were all close with only 2-3 in difference. Now one faction will benefit more than other from Battle Tactics.
  11. Played yesterday with my standard list against Stormcast Eternals. It was my first game against SE. Alarielle did nothing and died at the beginning of turn 3. She missed 5 out of 6 spells she could cast. I underestimated evocators and they punished me for that. The game was overall balanced and the result was 23:25 and I lost. If she had survived one more turn it would have been an easy win. Need to keep her more in the back next time. Best unit: Durthu. He's a killing machine. Stormcasts were extremely resilient with mistic shield and some CA from his general that made two units a turn 2+ save.
  12. Hope we will never hear about it again. 😉
  13. Well I'm not familiar with Beats units but maybe you can tell from these two pictures. What made it a most close game was probably a fair number of monsters and heroes in my friends ranks. Additional actions for heores and monsters really make a difference. He had like two cygors, a jabber-something, and another monster. He was able to score additional points by performing battle tactics with monsters (easy while having four in his army). That also make my Sylvaneth playable. He also was always second and had additional command point. At the beginning of fifth round we were really close in points. It was something like 15:14 in my favour. I managed to score my last battletactic (which was to get two units in enemy territory) and ran away with my treelord and tree-revs far away by teleporting through the woods and warscroll skill to the other side of the map. The only battle tactic he was able to perform in the last round was to kill my battleline. He made a move with his cygor to get him just in range of his missile attack. It probably would kill a unit of 5 tree-revenants. He missed. Just like that. If not, it would have been a draw if I remember correctly. Good game. Alarielle shined in that game, while durthu did nothing and died by comined attack of jabber and his bull hero. Monsters really matter in scoring battle tactics.
  14. I have the opposite feeling. My games were longer possible due to mystic shield and heroic actions.
  15. Fun fact: his salary considered poverty wage is actually considered very high in most countries, even EU. Of course I'm aware that living costs in UK are much higher than in those countries.
  16. Those dragons look pleasing. The grin on one of the dragons face is also an enjoyable relief from ever angry models. The thing that bothers me is very characteristic pose with the wing up. Even if you implement both dragons in your army they look very much the same. I think they did better job with Dexcessa and Synessa as for a dual kit.
  17. Again, I really understand that somebody chuckles and feels like king of the universe when he can call Maw-Krusha a cabbage but then there should be understanding for people who dislike this. Especially if somebody spent like 30 hours painting it, read the lore, enjoyed it, wants to play his first game with that model and the only thing he hears once he/she put the model on the table is: "Nice cabbage! Got more vieggies?" It turns down all the effort person put into that model. Are we all grown up and know we shouldn't make war over plastic soldiers? Sure! (or most people at least) Should we take personally comments about Warhammer models? No, we shouldn't. Is it possible that we feel emotionally attached to a hobby we spent hundreds of hours on? Very likely. Although I am aware that somebody doesn't want to offend me when calling names for miniatures, I really get displeased whenever I hear names for my Endrinriggers that sound terrible in my language (baloon related). I've heard dozens of names for Stormcast Eternals usually about them being fake Space Marines and I think people playing them are pretty tired of hearing them over and over again. Same goes for cabbage and other haha names.
  18. You know it's like with Gordrakk and his stupid nickname cabbage. Everyone used to repeat it over and over again. I don't see Gordrakk anymore. The first thing that comes to my mind when I see him is cabbage. Not that he reminds me of one but because people repeated that beyond anything. It for sure ruined my feeling of the model. Yeah, i get it that for someone out might be funny and so on. Glad I don't have to play Gordrakk.
  19. You know it's like with Gordrakk and his stupid nickname cabbage. Everyone used to repeat it over and over again. I don't see Gordrakk anymore. The first thing that comes to my mind when I see him is cabbage. Not that he reminds me of one but because people repeated that beyond anything. It for sure ruined my feeling of the model. Yeah, i get it that for someone out might be funny and so on. Glad I don't have to play Gordrakk.
  20. These mems, jokes really spoil all the joy of new dragons...
  21. Played three games so far with Sylvaneth in 3.0. Against Fyreslayers, Beasts of Chaos (ironically this was the toughest fight) and Kharadrons (in this fight we decided to resign from double turn. I recommend it to everyone). All won. I'm running Alarielle (summon Scythes), Durthu, Treelord, Archrev, dryads, 2x tree rev, Scythes, gladewyrm. It's just a casual list but I've played Sylvaneth a lot and thus I am capable of winning against armies considered stronger. Most important changes from my perspective are new rules for Wyldwoods. Ability to summon 3 independent Wyldwoods in one move is huge. It gives a lot of flexibility to teleport across the map. Secondly Alarielle is a real beast when you can easily make her save 2+ and all sorts of healing (skill, spell, gladewyrm). New Metamorphosis is also a killer. It can easily deal 7+ mortal rules (I managed to score 11 MW against BoS). Alarielle and Durthu both benefit from Heroic Actions and Mystic shield making them 2+. I still think that units costs were increased too much compared to other armies. Alarielle is cool but I'm sure that running Warsong, Drycha and something more in her place will be more effective. Kurnoths should be around Annihilators cost. I need a clarification on Wyldwoods. What's the consensus about summoning trees out of initial scenery set up? Are we allowed to summon 1,2 or three trees independently while using spell, artifact or TLA? Or just when setting up faction terrain?
  22. Old World will probably be the "normal" fantasy, tolkien wise, while AoS is fantasy on steroids. I prefer the latter. I just hope that not much resources will be taken out of AoS development. AoS is attractive thanks to its strong and original releases. If it becomes "1 hero for 5 factions a year" from TOW release date it will be really disappointing. 40k feels dead compared to AoS releases. GW: Please include more Polish culture in Kislev. Polish sounding surnames, Husaria, szlachta (nobles), kosynierzy, war-bears ...
  23. Provate message since I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links to shops.
  24. It might be a bit early since Battleforces are released around November but some small talk won't hurt either. Any ideas of what we might expect? It's probably inevitable to see some factions getting their second battlefoce box (or fourth? in case of Stormcast). If I were to guess I'd say both Ossiarach Bonereapers and Lumineth Realm-Lords will get a box since they didn't have one in the past. I would really like to see a box of Cows and Stoneguards. Yeah, really. Stonegurds are expensive and you need a lot of them to run Alarith army. It would be great if Battleforce had at least two units of them, a cow and some heroes. As for the two more boxes, since we always get 4 for Age of Sigmar I'm afraid those will be for older factions. Fyreslayers deserve one for sure but chances are small since GW seem not to care about this faction. If it's Chaos then maybe Nurgle. There was a rumour I think that they would receive a new battletome. And probably Stormcasts again. What do you think?
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