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  1. I love the look of this. I'm guessing Greatswords bodies and Shadow Warrior heads? Where are the halberds from? They look more ornate than the standard Freeguild guard ones. Edit: are the choppers from Executioners/Black guard?
  2. Free warscrolls? That's a fantastic marketing strategy! Do you think they'll extend it to the rest of their model range? 😂
  3. I find no-one in lore is as evil as Dark Elves (at least they aren't quite as disturbing as dark Eldar) You're right that Chaos isn't always that chaotic. Destruction actually seem the most chaotic.
  4. Except those blessed with being turned into Tzaangors and Chaos Spawn. But yeah, overall I'd agree that Chaos Stormcast would be a terrible (and lazy) idea.
  5. If it gets a definition in the dictionary as a general bug then linguistically it will be correct, even if scientifically and morally it'll be (as you say) wrong. I never said I approved of the adding of new meanings. Don't even get me started on the fact that now in the English language "literally" has definitions which mean it can be correctly used to mean either literally or not literally! (Sorry to distract from the rumours - bring on the fantasy 'nids insectoid Destruction faction)
  6. Interesting. I think in English common usage "insect" is increasingly used to refer to bugs (or at least bugs with legs) rather than just six legged bugs of a specific type, and as English is an evolving language and changes with usage this new less specific/accurate use will become an official definition. I'm curious if in Polish there is a word specifically for what English speakers would call a (six legged) insect? (Obviously I'm sure Polish bug scientists have a word, but I mean in general usage)
  7. I see the sense in what you're saying, I guess either let some ally with Tzeentch or ban the others from allying with Nurgle.
  8. Depending on the clan Scheming Skaven being able to ally or coalition with Tzeentch would make sense to me.
  9. I thought the talk pre 3.0 was of a whole new faction for Destruction. Was Kruleboyz it? Or are we still waiting?
  10. Well if they don't have options to have helmets at least I'll not have the dilema about getting them. All that armour and no head protection just looks bad to me.
  11. Do we know (e.g. from the dominion box) if the Annihilators will come with an option for all three to be helmeted?
  12. Skaven fit better in Destruction than in Chaos.
  13. It says on the warscroll that they can use spells from Lore of the Deepwood, warscroll overrules tome/core rule when there is a conflict (unless specifically stated) so the Warsong Rev gets the Deepwood spells. (But note that Verdant Blessing is a Sylvaneth faction spell but is not a Lore of the Deepwood spell so allied and coalition Warsongs don't get that particular spell.)
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