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  1. 1) I gather that Stormcasts and Sylvaneth in a Living Cities army gain the Cities of Sigmar keyword, does this replace the Stormcast Eternals/Sylvaneth keywords or is it in addition? 2) If it replaces, then does this make any abilities and spells that affect friendly Stormcast/Sylvaneth useless? Or does the keyword in the ability/spell description also change to Cities of Sigmar? 3) Do any Dryads spawned in a Wyld Wood by a Branchwraith also gain the Cities of Sigmar keyword? 4) Can Dryads be spawned as above if this will take the total mumbers of Sylvaneth units over the 1 in 4 limit? (either in total or minus any Sylvaneth units that have been totally killed off earleir in the battle) e.g. 3 of my 12 units on the table are Sylvaneth, would this block me from summoning a 4th? 5) Can the army make use of Stormacast or Sylvaneth battalions? (provided of course the associated units don't break the 1 in 4 limit)? 6) Has GW yet provided any clarity on the "Can Sylvaneth magic users in a Living City army use Verdant Blessing?" debate? The googling I've done seems split between yes and no and lots of calls for a FAQ, has this been forthcoming? 7) Can a Living Cityarmy have Stormcast and/or Sylvaneth as traditional allies in additon to those in the 1 in 4 non allies role? 8 ) Does ANYONE actually like the Branchwriath model or does everyone kitbash a Branchwych or Dryad mini? Sorry it's a lot but they are of a theme and didn't want to spam the forum with 7 different but related questions.
  2. Thanks everyone, great answers as usual! I will try and remember to post pics when I've done the models.
  3. I am planning a Tzeentch army, mainly to satisfy my urge to kitbash and mutation-mod models. I am planning to have a unit of Tzaangors made up of prior enemies who have been blessed by the Boon of Mutation spell in previous battles and also a Chaos Spawn or two who used to be other things before experiencing a Bolt of Change spell. This should give me fluff free reign to kitbash various models from other factions with mutations (yay greenstuff!) and include then in my Tzeetch army. But this got me thinking, what happens fluffwise to a Stormcast who has been blessed by a Tzeetch spell to become either a Tzaangor or a Chaos Spawn? Under normal circumstances a defeated Stormcast gets zapped back home and re-forged. But if they are turned into a mutant what happpens? Is their soul reutuned to Sigmar while some chaos spirit controls their mutated body? Or if they are stuck as the mutuant then when they die as a mutant do then then return to Sigmar? Or Can their physical body even last long as a mutant or would their corrupted body be quickly reclaimed by Sigmar and teleported back for cleansing and re-forging? Is anyhting of this covered in any lore, stories or other fluff?
  4. Thanks loads for all the info and suggestions, really helpful and I think I will be doing something Tzeentchy. I like the idea of having the wizard who can turn enemies into mutants - a great excuse for me to make mutant models of skinks, orks, Stormcasts etc. I am also intrigued by Kramer's suggestion of people 'mutated' not by Chaos but by the powerful magic and changes to reality as you get nearer the edge of a realm. I would have thought Sigmar would frown on such things but maybe his views of Order are less harsh than those of the Emporer of Mankind. It means I can also get creative with my Living City army too.
  5. I'm posting here because I assume the answer is most likely to be a Chaos faction. Basically, I like to kitbash and I like to make mutants. I'm mainly thinking of cosmetic mutations, things like extra heads, or extra arms, or tentacles replacing limbs, or unfeasably long necks, or heads on the end of arms. Eye stalks are another favourite. Not particularly things to change rules or attributes. My question is which would be the best army list for me to use to allow me to fieldmy multitude of cosmetic mutants?
  6. The warscoll for Kroxigors says: Sweeping Blows: A Kroxigor armed with a Moon Hammer swings its weapon in wide arcs, smashing aside a multitude of foes with each blow. The Attacks characteristic of a Moon Hammer is equal to the number of enemy models within 2" of the attacking model when the number of attacks made with the weapon is determined We were playing recently and my Seraphon opponent was attacking my hero with a moonhammer. There also happened to be a bunch of my meatshield models within 2 inches of the Kroxigor. My opponent directed all the attacks at my hero but counted the meatshields when working out how many attacks his Kroxigor had. This seems unfair on my hero as he suffers for being too close to his own side. But is this how the rule shoud work? I (unfortunately) think it is despite logic, as the warscroll says to add up the number of enemy models in range, not the number of models in the targetted unit in range.
  7. I hope this question is in the right forum, I am new to TGA forums but figured I'd post it here as it is about what colours I can use when painting my minis.
  8. I am new back to Warhammer having played a bit of Fantasy Battle and 40k back in the day. I am starting to buy and paint minis for a Living City army. As well as regular human skin tones I would also like to paint some of my Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Stomcast (are they technically human?) with blue skin as I think it looks so cool - think Yondu in the Marvel films or Rogue Trooper from 2000AD comics. My question is, is there any fluff reason to specifically allow or rule out more unusual skin colours? I figure there's a whole lot ofmagic flowing in the Mortal Realms so anything is possible? And a related question - I notice that on the Games Workshop webstore all the Sylvaneth folk with skin rather than bark have blue skin. But I'd like mine to be yellow/orange/reds. Again, id there any specific fluff to allow this or rule it out? (I assume the same would apply for the colour of the cool sprite dudes that tend to hang out on Sylvaneth models)
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