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  1. Planning some upcoming purchases - I am thinking of getting a box of 20 Kairic Acolytes. 10 will be made up as intended, to serve Tzeentch, perhaps I'll bless a few with minor mutations. The other 10 I am thinking of making into an alternitive gladiator type take on Freeguild Greatswords for my Living City army by trimming or smoothing off the obvious Tzeentch symbols and bits. They will obviously need new heads and my current plan is to get some heads from Forgeworld for them, either Stormcast heads or World Eaters Legion MKII (maybe trimming the 'horns') off. My question is if any
  2. This is sad news. Do Tzeentch armies still get access to the 'general chaos' stuff with the Mark of Chaos ability?
  3. Have Disciples of Tzeentch been un-Gor-ed? Sorry if this has already been asked but I can't find it and the AOS.3 threads are too unwieldly to go back over. With the new 3.0 rules on battalions does this mean that Disciples loose the option of the Phantasmagoria of Fate Battalion and does this mean that the various types of beastmen (who aren't bird-beastmen) can no longer be part of a Tzeentch army (except as allies?) I mean I'm obviously all for change, but this would suck...
  4. Do we know yet if the basic AOS 3 rules will be free like they were with AOS 2? And if the warscrolls will be free for download/on the App?
  5. Hello, this is a great post and seems a good place for my Noob Death question. Are all forces or followers of Death Dead/Undead or are there currently alive people who serve Death? I know that Cities of Sigmar can have wizards (Mages?) who are from the Realm of Death, where do they fit in? Do they worship and get their power from Nagash? Are they alive or undead?
  6. Thanks both. I am slowly building a Living City army based mainly on models I'd like to (mod and) paint rather than being in any way competetive. I like the look of the lizards and lizard chariot but really dislike the lore around what I guess previously were dark elves. So I'm going to try to give them a bit more of a wood elf/Wanderer look and wanted to fluff-up where they got thier lizards/dragons/dinosaurs from. I think I may well just go with "tamed" lizards from the forest.
  7. Within the lore of AOS are Seraphon Cold Ones and Order Serpentis' Drakespawn the same creatures? Or different but related or are they totoally different beasts with different origins that happen to look similar? And what are their origins? Are they magically created creatures, tamed dinosaurs? Or something different?
  8. It's not about what is plausable, but I can imagine Lightening Empowered Angelic Warriors and Celestial Lizard People, but I can't imagine my 20 crossbowmen firing into my dwarves in chaotic hand to hand combat with skaven and taking out skaven but not hitting a single dwarf.
  9. I am not suprised this hasn't changed but I am disappointed. I realise that playing AOS there is a lot of rules trump logic and I get that because it can make the game simpler and flow better. However I have always found it so jarring to my imersion in the game that I can send a volley or arrows or crossbow bolts into the middle of a melee clash with no risk of hurting my own side. It just drags me right out of being involved in a fantasy battle and into 'you're playing a dice game'. (And I'm the same with my archers being able to draw their bows and fire at the enemy at the same time the
  10. Apparently Verdant blessing is not technically part of Lore of the Deepwood, so alas my city is still restircted to one Wyldwood (via a Treelord Ancient) So maybe not worth the points or money investment after all.
  11. Thanks for the reply. My dream also got shot down on the Sylvaneth thread. Where can I find a reliable list of Lore of the Deepwood spells (I don't have the Sylvaneth Bettletome) - my googling came up with a list which does include verdant blessing which I now gather is wrong.
  12. Sorry,my bad. When I googled Lore of the Deepwood I found a list of spells that included Verdant Blessing. Oh well, I had a few minutes of dreaming of new possibilities for my Green Alliance.
  13. 275 for a wizard for my Living City who can cast Verdant Blessing makes me smile.
  14. Quick question to show my noobness - Is a Warsong Revenant availble to my Living City as part of my Sylvaneth 1 in 4? And if so does this mean I can now have a wizard who can cast Verdant Blessing? (Warsong's warscroll says they know all the spells from Lore of the Deepwood). If I'm right there are lots of good implications for a Living City army being able to have more than one Wyldwood.
  15. 1) I gather that Stormcasts and Sylvaneth in a Living Cities army gain the Cities of Sigmar keyword, does this replace the Stormcast Eternals/Sylvaneth keywords or is it in addition? 2) If it replaces, then does this make any abilities and spells that affect friendly Stormcast/Sylvaneth useless? Or does the keyword in the ability/spell description also change to Cities of Sigmar? 3) Do any Dryads spawned in a Wyld Wood by a Branchwraith also gain the Cities of Sigmar keyword? 4) Can Dryads be spawned as above if this will take the total mumbers of Sylvaneth units over the 1 in 4
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