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  1. Seems like the Soulblight are coming to me. Not sure who the narrator is but Vlad or someone new would be my guess?
  2. Free cities for me just - a new Ogor Tyrant is just brilliant
  3. I own two fully painted armies - Free Peoples and Gutbusters! It doesn't get any better than this!!!
  4. Yes! Last game session our group got the seventh shard - only one to go before we can face down the Gaunt Summoner in battle. This is a party of Stormcast and Seraphon - we will be cutting that fiends head off as soon as we get a chance! Oops, back to rumours!
  5. Oh man I nearly fell off my chair with astonishment when I saw the Free Cities cover! I have been painting my Twin Tails Regiment from Excelsis for most of this year for skirmish! The future is looking bright for my puffy sleeved friends - long may it continue!
  6. Wow this game looks great. So hard to choose a warband though as they all look so nice.
  7. I voted Corvus Cabal but it could indeed by the Cypher Lords. Otherwise, what @Still-young said - I really like all of them.
  8. What size do you think that board is? Same as the Blasted Hallowheart or is it Killzone size? Seems Smaller than the current standard skirmish size of 30”x40”. Looks quite cramped but I guess the terrain spreads everything out a lot.
  9. My goodness - this warband captures the post apocalyptic horror of the Age of Chaos amazingly well. Imagine these abominations facing off against the Stormcast, how awesome would that look. That champion is probably the most Blanchian model ever released - awesome work GW.
  10. Good for you @JReynolds - some times we do need to step away and do something different to recharge those batteries. On the topic of Free Peoples battletome - I collect Freeguild so yes, I really want one but if I am honest I am not sure GW are quite ready to do this yet. Personally, I'd love them to get the Beastclaw treatment where the existing models are kept but with new lore. Given GW have strived for Warhammer to be truely their own thing, I worry they see them to be too renaissance Germany rather than original IP ripe for further effort. I don't see it this way though. I look at them models and see loads of skulls and flowing parchment and golden armour - I see Warhammer. From a narrative and literary device standpoint their mundaneness is a wonderful contrast that makes godly beings look even more godly. Note, I am not complaining. The Free Peoples have definitely got some love in the General's Handbook and in Black Library books. Long may it continue. P.S. I am sure a lot of people would love an entirely new range of models that are built from the ground up to fit the new setting. I'd like to see this too. I think the current range has a place though.
  11. Chamon. At first glance you might think it is a table top painted with lots of metallic paint. For me, Chamon conjures of images of alchemy, of strange and rare transmutative substances. In a land ripe with such material you would expect the flora and fauna to be exotic and strangely transformed. This imagery fits well with Tzeentch, my favourite Chaos god. Tzeentch brings its lovely blues, pinks and lilacs. If I ever get around to making a second table it will be a shattered dominion Chamon one. I have already squirrelled away a box of Deathworld Forest terrain for this purpose.
  12. +1 For Warcry, really looking forward to seeing what our @bottle has come up with.
  13. This looks like a great way to play. Thanks for all the reports people.
  14. That would be a step backwards. Keep the core damage system clean and modern. Better ways to make behemoths play better if needed.
  15. This one was different I think, we know the release was planned to come out months ago as we saw the new wildwood in White Dwarf back then. (It's also in the General Handbook too).
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