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  1. Greyshadow

    Oh god this article...

    Maybe it is because I am Australian and knocking people down a peg as a sign of affection is probably in our citizenship test but I am not in the slightest bit offended or annoyed by this article. I thought it was quite good, funny and well written. Also, the subtext is that Warhammer is doing well because it is fantastic. (The author ends the article saying he went and got his shelf fix so he can again put his models on it again, read the article to the end). The bit about the meditative and relaxing benefit of painting is also a true. I know a lot of people who would benefit if they had a hobby like ours.
  2. Greyshadow

    Model Warning for all Skaven!

    Thanks at @Overread, this kind of announcement is something I wish GW would/could do themselves.
  3. Greyshadow

    New Years (Hobby) Resolutions?

    Here were my goals for 2018: 1) Complete my chosen hero for Silver Tower, the Lord Castellant. Done! 2) Paint: 3 Flamers, an Exhalted Flammer, 3 Screamers and a Herald of Tzeentch - Almost Done! (Working on the Herald at the moment) 3) Complete all of the heroes from the base set: Mistweaver Saih, Fyreslayer Doomseeker, Knight Questor, Excelsior Warpries and Gryph-hound, Tenebrael Shard and the Darkoath Chieftan 4) Finish my Watchtower terrain piece for Age of Sigmar 5) Rebase and reorganise my Empire army into a Mixed Order army. 6) Rebase and reorganise my Ogre Kingdoms army into a Gutbusters army Stretch goals: 7) Paint my Nobleman’s house (Chapel) terrain piece So, I might have been a bit ambitious! I did paint some extra stuff though, a Chaos Lord for my future Tzeentch army, two Chaos Warriors, an Azyrite Ruins set and this guy, a Freeguild General: For 2019? 1) Herald of Tzeentch for Silver Tower 2) 3 Freeguild Archers for Skirmish 3) Archeological dig site terrain set, including some tents, crates and some treasure chests to use as objectives 4) Freeguild war camp terrain set, including command tents, camp fire, pickets That should be quite achievable for me, we will see how we go!
  4. Greyshadow

    New ad banner - None UK Members to test

    Hi @Ben, great job with this. The audible ad is clean and relevant and appropriate for this community. I have noticed donations have slowed and I think advertising appears necessary too. If this is the standard for future advertising I think that's a great outcome. I just noticed the subscription option on our account too, thought this was clear and well presented. All the best with the fund raising and thanks for providing this great space that so many enjoy.
  5. Greyshadow

    Rockgut troggoths sold out

    Thanks for sharing that @Russrmc, back in the day I tried to place a phone order for an Ork Trukk. I told them I was planning to cut it up for a conversion and they suggested a Diggernob Trukk from Gorkamorka that was on sale for half price. Made a totally sweet Ork half track out of it so I was very happy. Now I know why it was cheap! Sorry, back to Troggoths!
  6. Greyshadow

    Rockgut troggoths sold out

    Gosh I am not surprised about the selling out. Those Rotgut Troggoths models are freaking superb. I was thinking of getting some to use as allies for my Gutbusters just because they look awesome.
  7. Greyshadow

    Starting skirmish with Storm Strike

    Been great reading all the responses, very insightful. I understand there are some dedicated Skirmish players out there who can really make the game work. I think another way to view Skirmish is as an escalation campaign where the main objective is to have fun growing an army for Path to Glory and the full game. If you love the Sacrosanct Chamber and the Nighthaunt (and why wouldn’t you) and want to grow these forces I say go for it. I would recommend the previously suggested rule of three though and consider other mods to keep the games as fun as possible.
  8. Greyshadow

    New to AoS and TGA :)

    Have a look at the rules for command abilities. Your General can gain some powerful additional abilities.
  9. @Novakai, I like your theory! Grot sky pirates would be sensational that's for sure.
  10. I wonder if @scrollbuilderdude, (the absolute legend that he is), is working on adding the new renown points to Warscroll Builder?
  11. I didn't see the Gitmob models go Last Chance to Buy. If I was a Gitmob collector, I guess I would have bought what I wanted buy by now as experience has taught me this was a possibility. Still, why have a Last Chance to Buy if you don't use it?
  12. Just to weigh in, the rules about limitations on special weapons are unchanged from the book. I am not sure about whether it is more fun but I think the most sensible interpretation is you need to take five models to get a one in five limited weapon option. In terms of points, if you allow one special weapon when taking one model you are giving yourself an advantage, sometimes quite a significant advantage. You are essentially getting the weapon at an 80% points discount. Not taking the weapon you are paying 20% more than you should which is not perfect but much fairer.
  13. Greyshadow

    Creating the Skirmish that Everyone Wanted

    Err, what we got in White Dwarf was exactly what I wanted. I prefer the current Skirmish version. And I am not alone. I get you were going for impact with your subject heading though and I am not against your idea at all - it sounds great! Just scratches a different itch. Best of luck with the unofficial expansion.
  14. Okay, to answer the original posters question (and my own!), the skirmish expansion in White Dwarf is self contained. No need to have the original book(let). P.S. Wow the new White Dwarf looks fantastic! Very interesting that the WD team are part of the design studio. If you haven't got it yet, go get it, it's great.
  15. I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on this update. Just how I wanted it too. Looks like a nice update to an easy-to-get-into variant for Age of Sigmar. Very pleased the system opens up a wider variety of models too. I take it it is confirmed we don't need the old Skirmish book anymore? (I am very happy I have it, was so cheap and I love all the battle plans that came with it).