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  1. Good comments on the timeline issue. I do think their is some wisdom in not being too prescriptive with the timeline too early. I think though we have enough detail to start seeing a detailed timeline at least for the current age.
  2. This looks fantastic! We have a Path to Glory campaign on the cards in the not-too-distant future and have been thinking about house rules along the lines of what you have come up with here. A Path to Glory: Road to Renown edition campaign could be just what we are after. Thank you for posting this!
  3. Beastgrave Terrain would make cool scatter Terrain for a Realm of Metal board. Maybe next week for cities then.
  4. I think the new Wolf Rider warband is just gorgeous. The detail on those wolves is incredible - especially for push fit models. Really interested to see these mounted models turning up in Beastgrave, it fits with the new setting for season three. As for where they sit best in the Age of Sigmar game I'm not sure? I'd be very surprised if we saw Gitmob again anytime soon. I big mob of these in a Gutbusters army would look great.
  5. Gosh I love these warbands - I really hope they stay around too. (It looks like they will be which is good).
  6. And now for some AoS rumour discussion... 😀
  7. I am experimenting with high quality black cardboard document boxes at the moment. I stick metal infused rubber to the base and stick models to this using neodymium magnets. I have four so far, three deep shoe box style ones and a large flat A2 document box. Advantages: looks really attractive, robust enough for car trips on good roads, reasonably cheap, very quick to unpack. Disadvantages: doesn’t stack well, not suitable for flying, only protect against light impacts, single model coming loose could cause big problems, security. Might be a suitable method for those who mainly play in homes and don’t travel far.
  8. I don't know if I'm saying something new but GW stores primarily exist to recruit new Warhammer enthusiasts. If someone walks in and sees nice people playing Warhammer in a friendly and fun manner with beautifully models then they are more likely to want to jump in. The stores want painted models because it is great advertising for the 'collect-build-paint-play' that is the core philosophy of the hobby. If you don't want to paint that is absolutely fine. It's nice that you can find nice players happy to play you and you have a great time. Fair play to you and I don't begrudge you at all. Be aware though that the wider community culture is that having your models nicely prepared and painted is considered a show of respect to your opponent just like offering to shake hands after a game. Why? Because it shows the effort to give your opponent the best possible experience. I am very supportive of this culture. Also, it is not how good your army is painted it is the effort that counts. P.S. I think your Stormcast looks great. Speed comes with practise.
  9. Funny how a few days can make all the difference. Re-looked at the Ossiarch again this morning and I have to say they are really growing on me. I feel like the penny has dropped. I was a big fan of the End Times: Nagash book. Ancient Nehekara was re-conquered with the majority of the Tomb Kings abandoning Settra and joining Nagash to form the bulk of his armies during the End Times. Fast forward to around a hundred millennia and you would expect Nagash's elite armies to be reforged in his image. The Ossiarch are just that, more horrifying than I could possibly imagine. How awesome would Nagash look leading a host of these bone reapers! I love the acknowledgement with what has gone before too. The red hafts, the cartouche, even the name (Ossiary = Tomb, 'Arch-' = chief in Latin, i.e. King). I also love that they have made something new that fits the new setting and shines a new light on how things are in the Mortal Realms. Really looking forward to seeing you lot paint up your new Bonereapers.
  10. Some really interesting stuff here. Definitely a bold new direction for Death. Is it too much of a departure from the classic fantasy sword and sorcery troupe of I have been raised on? Quite possibly. The four-limbed Tyranid Warrior like models look quite science fiction to me. Please, I take nothing away from those who love them - that's great! The quality of the designs and detail of these models is undoutably fantastic . I do really like the rank and file models too.
  11. I think this is a great idea. The bigger army will have an advantage as it will have a larger roster to task organise from. Will be interesting to see how you get on. That said, we are planning on throwing caution to the wind and playing some unbalance games. If I am greatly outclassed, I’ll just try and see how long I can hold out. We are planning a reduced length campaign of around four battles per army though.
  12. Oh boy, I’m excited to see this new army! 🤗
  13. That’s a rumour about the watch tower but it could happen. I am planning a cities army that has Stormcast as the elite core. I reckon the Eternals will look cracking against their Freeguild allies.
  14. That's what I was thinking, you did a cracking job @GuitaRasmus. It looks fantastic.
  15. Planning a play through of the original Skirmish book. Made an archeologists camp from Mantic Games Terrain Crate sets to use in the Treasure Hunt skirmish scenario. If my warband camp comes under attack it will double as a Freeguild scout camp.
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