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  1. Greyshadow

    Map campaign input wanted

    Have you considered a narrative campaign instead? The campaign master could describe the strategic orders from high command and move the armies around a map based on that. Players then find an opponent and come up with their own reasons why they might be fighting and they feed that back to the campaign master to weave it into the story. I have also found completely delinking game play victory with narrative victory works tremendously. (A player might achieve victory according to the battle plan but you could decide that in fact the army over extended itself and had their supply lines cut off, by the narrative they lost). De-linking in this way allows you to give all players a sense of winning by taking part but still gives kudos for excellent generalship). I have found this approach fosters really great friendly games.
  2. Greyshadow

    The AoS lore and novels thread

    Nice pick up @Whitefang. Hopefully, with a designated lead back ground writer and engagement with the Black Library authors (eg @JReynolds) these things conflicts become a lot rarer. As an aside though, a small bit of conflict isn't a problem for me. I'd rather that the Anvil be moved to the Sigmarabulum because it is just super cool than for the writers to go 'drats - we should have done it like this, oh well too late...'
  3. Greyshadow

    The Rumour Thread

    For me, the terrain is the star of the show. I have a pretty reasonable collection of Azyrite Ruins so I probably don't need heaps of it but I could make a large size ruined city if I combined both kits. I do love the models though, especially the Furies. Not a big Khorne follower (I am more Tzeentch). Interested to find out more though.
  4. I just realised I didn't say a proper congratulations! Well done @Greasygeek, that is an awesome achievement.
  5. Hehe - yes, it’s a challenge. My goal is to get at least 40 mins of painting done per week. Last week I got 50 mins in, it took me nearly two years to get the monsters for Silver Tower done. I have just spent nearly a month base coating five Freeguild Archers! Focusing on Skirmish has made my slow rate much easier to bare.
  6. Greyshadow

    Your favorite unit model kit

    Oh gosh, this is really hard. Even though I don't collect this faction (at the moment), nothing has blown my mind like... The Eidolon of Mathlann - Aspect of the Sea
  7. Greyshadow

    Slogging through the Realmgate Wars

    Had a bit of difficulty with Skaven Pestilens. I petered out about half way and gradually lost track of who was who. I might give it another go though. City of Secrets is my favourite followed by Spear of Shadows. Reading Silver Shard at the moment and really enjoying it. Also listening to Soul Wars and am liking it too.
  8. Greyshadow

    Slogging through the Realmgate Wars

    I couldn't finish Warbeast either. I do like book seven though, Fury of Gork is a cracking book. I'd love to read it again. Stuff has come out now about how difficult it was to write Age of Sigmar in the early days. To put it nicely, GW really didn't have their head around what the backstory actually was and were a bit all over the place with their briefs. This made it quite a challenging experience for the writers.
  9. Greyshadow

    Warscroll Cards....

    I think it may be due to how quickly they become obsolete. I know it doesn't happen very often but Warscrolls have changed in the General's Handbook. Flesh Eater Courts are on to their second book after about two years give or take. Even if they are still accurate, all cards were kind of made out of date at least presentation wise when the new edition dropped last year. Don't get me wrong. I wish all the cards were available all the time. I think they are fantastic.
  10. Greyshadow

    Considering a second army

    Don't have to justify wanting Stormcast here. They are definitely on my list of armies too. Fists of Sigmarite Warrior Chamber infantry army is the way I am planning to go.
  11. Greyshadow

    Warscroll Cards....

    Yep, these things are almost blink and you'll miss it. I was astonished to find the Nighthaunt and Stormcast ones aren't available given they are the poster children at the moment.
  12. Greyshadow

    The Rumour Thread

    At the end of The End Times: Nagash most of Khemri turned their back on Settra and joined Nagash. These forces could indeed have survived the destruction of the world-that-was through Nagash. I feel that if the Tomb Kings did indeed make a return they would be thralls to Nagash and indeed a Death faction.
  13. Greyshadow

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    Not exactly Warcry news but Warscroll builder has just been updated to include the new Skirmish points. Huge thanks and great job @scrollbuilderdude
  14. Greyshadow

    Carrion Empire Gone Already?

    @Sleboda, bit hard to say whether it was bad planning or not. GW would have followed their data to predict sales. No predictive method is going to be perfect. That said, this set is definitely my favourite out of Wrath and Carrion. I would give them a call to see what you can do, you might still be able to get a copy.
  15. I remember I faced this problem with the old metal Yhetees. Fortunately, I could buy off the rack then. I think I had to scour a couple of shops until I had one of each pose. I thought this was a thing of the past but evidently not!