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  1. I am looking forward to this one. The two miniatures shown so far look brilliant. Love the art style. I may as well start saving now as I don’t see how I could possibly not get this. Thanks for mentioning that their will be six heroes too @Sharkbelly, I think that is great news.
  2. I’ve got to comment on the art style presented for Warhammer Quest - wow! Gosh they have some wonderful artists. Cracking stuff for sure. Excited to see more!
  3. Nah, Fyreslayers are awesome. Think the Doomseeker is my favourite - such a cool model.
  4. One lens to look at this is that the citadel miniatures come first. I recall reading how the miniature designers just handed over the Underworlds war bands to the design studio and they were just told to figure out what to do with them. Awhile back there was a real lack of Age of Sigmar Aelves. Perhaps a second wave of Lumineth was planned with this in mind?
  5. In January, I finished three Chaos Warriors to complete a unit of five. Next up was five Chaos Warhounds. They took me a lot longer than they should have. The rearing one in the middle is now the pet of my Chaos Lord when I play Skirmish. I then painted the Shadows over Hammerhal Heroes (excluding the Lord Castellant which I did a few years ago). The Loremaster is probably my best ever paint job. Very proud of this lot. I needed a few more Acolytes for Hammerhal so I painted these in July. I love these models but they do take me awhile to paint. In August, I finished the Freeguild General on Griffon. My gosh was this a fun model to paint. I couldn't put my brush down. I then painted another five Freeguild Archers to make a unit of ten I could use in Path to Glory. In November, I finished five more Greatswords to make a unit of ten. I finished the year with some rebasing projects. First up was eight Knights of Order. I used this as an opportunity to add a side arm to every model in the unit too. The artillery looks fantastic on their new bases. Finally, I rebased my remaining Cities of Sigmar heroes from my collection. The Gunmaster was given a new right arm with sword, a holstered Artisan Pistol and a Masterwork Long Rifle slung over his shoulder. The long rifle was made out of a Freeguild Handgun with a scope from my bits box. Comparing with my goals from the last new year's resolutions thread: Completed goals: 3 Chaos Warriors, 5 Chaos Warhounds, Freeguild General on Griffon, 5 Freeguild Greatswords. Incomplete goals: Hrothgorn's Mantrappers, 3 Empire Wolfships. Extra stuff painted: Gryph-hound, Cogsmith, Loremaster, Black Ark Fleetmaster, 2 Kairic Acolytes, 5 Freeguild Archers Rebased: 8 Knights of Order, Helblaster Vollygun, Greatcannon, 2 Battlemages, Freeguild General with Stately War Banner, Gunmaster.
  6. Realmwalker. How cool would an Age of Sigmar Rogue Trader type of character be!
  7. I freakin' love the Fyreslayers. I'd love to paint an army of them with lots of Magmadroths. One day, one day...
  8. Merry Christmas all, may the dice be in your favour!
  9. I was converting up a Freeguild arquebus last night and that rumour picture sure looks similar. Witchhunter or something Freeguild seems plausible. Very excited to see what it is!
  10. On cogforts, I am not sure we will see them in game. The depictions of them as massive mobile fortresses mean they would be simply too large to be playable. Still, I suppose smaller mobile mechanical emplacements or bunkers might work?
  11. I find that an army painted cohesively looks fantastic even if on closer inspection you realise that each individual model is painted quite roughly. 'Quantity is its own quality' is the aforism here. I'd avoid repainting models and enjoy the charm of what you have done if you can. I can't recall a single model I've repainted and I have been in this hobby for ages.
  12. @Overread nailed it. Age of Sigmar scales much better to down to lower point games.
  13. @EccentricCircle, that Treebeard Model! May be the best Tree-man model (since Klinty of course...)
  14. 😍 Wow! These Age of Sigmar models are brilliant! Those Chaos Warriors in the Direchasm Slaves to Darkness warband are off the chart good - can't wait to paint them! As for Sigvald and his attendants, finally those patient Slaanesh players have got some love. Those troops with the helmets may be the best Chaos infantry models ever made. Just something Blanchian about them. Amazing stuff.
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