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  1. I wonder with people who anticipate being stuck at home will buy up on GW stuff to paint and build during this time?
  2. All those wonderful adepticon organisers and attendees will get what is sure to be an especially grand one next year. Maybe I’ll have to get myself over to the US for the next one.
  3. Yeah, they aren’t cheap. Even though they are out of print they are still under copyright. You might be surprised how much mileage you get from the monsters in the core set though. It didn’t feel like the game lacked variety. Playing games in Skaven lairs would be very cool for sure.
  4. Also @Jill Kill, White Dwarf July 2018 is the one that adds the Nighthaunt to the game. The article adds Knight of Shrouds, Lord Executioner, Lord-Excorcist and Knight-Incantor to the list of playable characters. It also adds Chainrasps, Bladegheist Revenants and Spirit Torment as Exotic Adversaries. All our Skaven friends are in the Chaos Adversary Cards pack but the only goblins in the game are the Scutlings. There are no offical rules for Mollog so you might need to make your own.
  5. Probably about once a month on average - I've edited my original post to make that a bit more clear!
  6. After about 18 months of painting and a dozen sessions over just over a year, last week we finally defeated the Gaunt Summoner and won the game! We had a cracking time but my biggest tip is to not try and complete each trials in one sitting. We had one trial that took us about eight hours to finish. We quickly learnt to play to a time limit. We would photograph the board, cards and other paraphernalia from above and carefully pack everything away so we could reconstruct the game state for our next session. I just did a quick eBay search and found a set of Chaos Adversary Cards , buy these if you can. One shortcoming of the game out of the box is that you have to flick through the rulebook to find all the stats for the adversaries. The Adversary cards can be used to expand the game and add a whole host of new opponents but they also contain cards for all the units in the original game with the latest FAQ changes incorporated into them. Makes playing the base game so much more user friendly. What might be harder to obtain but is also pretty great is the Silver Tower Hero Cards. This pack adds a whole host of new heroes, (it also adds your skeletons as minions to the Necromancer character). We used three heroes from this pack for our play through and they were great (Skink Starpriest, Saurus Old Blood and Lord Castellant). These cards aren't as useful as the adversary cards though.
  7. I am in the middle of a Skirmish campaign and it is an absolute blast. (Skirmish was a good decision over Warcry for us I think). My main suggestion is to list build collaboratively. See if you can agree that your model choices will give good fun games.
  8. Thanks for the kind words @Fairbanks. It generally takes me around 15 hours give or take to finish a batch of five models. I paint for my own pleasure but very nice to be asked to do a commission!
  9. Before I put up my new years resolutions, let's have a look at my 2019 ones: 1) Herald of Tzeentch for Silver Tower - done! 2) 3 Freeguild Archers for Skirmish - done (+2 more)! 3) Archeological dig site terrain set, including some tents, crates and some treasure chests to use as objectives - done! (See tents below) 4) Freeguild war camp terrain set, including command tents, camp fire, pickets - done (sort of)! I decided I didn't need a full war camp and made a scout camp for my skirmish force instead. I also got lots of extra stuff done too! - 5 Greatswords - Azyrite ruins - 3 Shattered Dominion Objectives - Ophidian Archway and Azyrite Townscape Models painted 2019: 29 (11 troops, 18 terrain pieces) Models rebased 2019: 25 (8 Kairic Acolytes, 6 Tzaangors, 1 Ogroid Thurmaturge, 10 Freeguild Guard with swords and shields) Given I exceeded my goals, I thought I'd be a little more ambitions for next year... 2020 Goals: - 3 Chaos Warriors - 5 Chaos Warhounds - Hrothgorn's Mantrappers - Freeguild General on Griffon - 5 Freeguild Greatswords - 3 Empire Wolfships
  10. Nice work! Witchhunter looks awesome - very evocative.
  11. Wow, that is amazing! Can I trouble you for the recipe for the sky ships timber? Like to use this on my Gloomtide Shipwreck.
  12. Wow @Eevika inspiring stuff! That looks incredible - thanks for sharing!
  13. Katakros for me. I guess the narrative of this diorama was what clinched it for me.
  14. This might be a bit of a dissenting view but I like the splash release model. The Kharadron and Indoneth both seem complete to me and I love them both. (I’ve bought an Overlords warband I plan to play in Skirmish). The old model of having a few factions with waves years sometimes nearly decades apart was problematic. The other advantage of the new model is that it is possible to see totally new mind blowing stuff like the Deepkin, Bonereapers and Ironjawz. I do like the idea of updating books though with a new miniature or two to keep your collection fresh.
  15. I am going to miss the Duncan videos! His emphasis on a higher quality paint job over speed has really resonated with me. Nick and Chris are great but Duncan is a tough act to follow.
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