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  1. Destruction faction vs Stormcast boxed 3rd edition game would be ace.
  2. Wow, that Lord Arcanum is beautiful! That Silver armour works so well. Welcome to TGA!
  3. Regarding playing the game, tell me about it! At least I love painting. Regarding Age of Sigmar, it was when I read Cities of Secrets did the setting just click for me. Haven’t looked back since.
  4. Legions of Nagash Battletome is no longer available on the Australian web store - interesting!
  5. Warm welcome Darnok, nice to see you here. Use to enjoy your posts on Warseer. Very friendly community at TGA, I hope you like it here!
  6. Hi Darnok, long time no see! Yes, well I am a wargaming grognard and am aware of the unreliableness you speak of. Thing is, the guy who runs my local is as honest and nice a bloke as you will ever meet. He fully admits he has no idea most of the time. Judging by the comments from @Sleepers, someone from head office has told Australian managers that there isn't going to be a second run of Cursed City. I'd already pre-ordered so there was no pushiness too. (We used to have a big problem with pushy sales people at GW in the 1990s and 2000s I might add). I am not saying this information is correct, perhaps someone in the Sydney HQ has got their wires crossed, especially given @Svalack's post?
  7. Just got told by my local GW store staff that Cursed City is only going to be done as a single production run. Once sold out then that's it apparently . If you really want it then perhaps don't hold off too long. There were quite a few copies on the shelf at my store in Australia. Also was told that it was far more popular than expected.
  8. Gosh that Soulblight warband is great. Might be the best one they have ever done.
  9. Wasn’t the melting in hot weather found to be a myth? I think it started from a YouTube video where a fine cast miniature was placed in the direct sun inside the windshield of a sealed car on a hot summer day. The test showed minimal bending even though the temperature in a hot car can get insane. Not saying bending isn’t an issue and sure resin is routinely adjusted by apply heat but I think the melting part of the criticism was debunked.
  10. I think Deepkin are quite possibly the most spectacular range of models I have ever seen. They are just astonishingly good. Love to do an army one day.
  11. I love the expansion of cultural references. The Stormcast Romans, the Far East Lumineth, the middle eastern influences in the Warhammer Quest games to name but a few. I like how the macro is so incredible but the micro can look quite relatable. I like the mobility, the world is much more vast but you can move around it quite quickly via the Realmgates and air travel. This place is my favourite fantasy setting.
  12. My number one wish would be for a revamp of Warrior Chamber. New Liberators especially. I’d love to see options for helmetless warriors and an even split of male and female Stormcast.
  13. GW understand that some are life long collectors of a particular army. They also understand consistent basing is important. They might have just decided it would be nicer to try and keep both old and new customers happy.
  14. As @LuminethMage said, Aelf players have been waiting for this type of attention for many years. I am happy for you lot. Looking forward to seeing the armies you folks create with these awesome models.
  15. Totally understand the importance of ads helping to pay for this great site but obnoxious is totally the way to describe these ads. Perhaps we need another funding drive?
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