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  1. I'm an old grognard so I like physical. I printed my own warscroll cards for the units I don't have the official ones for. However, in 8th edition I did use the digital rulebook more than the monstrous physical book as the search feature made things so much faster. I really like the AoS App though. My only gripe is that I wish the iPad version of the scrolls looked nice, like the purchased printed ones. On mobile phones however I wouldn't change a thing, the presentation is excellent.
  2. I have always felt we have been very lucky when it comes to the availability of models. In contrast, I have maybe 12 months to get my son a lego kit. We've had years to buy these models. (Though yes, a lego kit can be put together in hours where an army can take years so GW does need to keep things for years for their model to work). With the current main range so huge (what, we are up to 20 battle tomes now and 40K and Middle Earth?) and containing super large units, Forge Worlds former role has been overtaken somewhat.
  3. @Eevika, as a player from the days of Heroquest, Fimir do have a place in my heart. Glad you got to get some and paint them up before they're gone. You own a little piece of history there.
  4. I wrote a short story for English about the origins of dragons when I was 12 that got a perfect score. My teacher lent me a series of three books called Lord of the Rings. I recall having to sit up to read through the battle of helms deep because I was that enthralled. Around the same time, I dropped around to my mates house and they were playing this game called Heroquest, you may have heard of it! I just watched them play. The evil wizard player was an older kid who was an experienced D&D games master. Wow, I thought that game was the best thing since sliced bread. My little brother got Heroquest for Christmas and the rest, as they say, is history.
  5. I have primed Chaos Warriors up next in my painting queue and am delighted that they will mix in a cohesive way with the new range. (As long as any scale creep is not too dramatic!) Looking forward to painting all these new Chaos models and getting my hands on the book (and Warscroll cards) too! P.S. I LOVE that Giraffe cat thing too!!!
  6. I agree some do look a bit goofy @Cronotekk but I think sometimes the paint job is partly the problem. Some of scenery is just outstandingly good though (eg Herdstone).
  7. Good idea @Sputnik, I made 19 bases of woods a few years ago and it cost me about $300 AUD if I recall correctly. I used the best quality coniferous model railway trees I could find. I mounted them on MDF with slate rocks and sand for texture. Just had to paint and flock the bases. They turned out great and I can make huge woods with them. i have nothing against the GW wood kits but their are certainly alternatives.
  8. I think faction terrain is great. I guess part of their success was making terrain part of your army list - that’s the bit I have mixed feelings about. Some terrain really feels like it should be placed and play like regular terrain. On the other hand, the change in business model has clearly made these models much more commercially sustainable.
  9. One of the best things we did with Silver Tower was not to try and finish a quest in a single sitting. We just took a photo of the board and set it up exactly as was when we next got together. The difficulty of getting five players to commit is the biggest barrier for our group. My impression from Silver Tower is that it would definitely play best with five. Four was hard to get together, five would likely require us to have six or seven players to have some back up when someone is unavailable. Thanks for your comments @Jefferson Skarsnik, your advice is much appreciated.
  10. The Age of Sigmar App seems to be the most authoritative and comprehensive single source of current Warscrolls. Two questions: 1. What if the most current version of a published Warscroll can't be found on the app, for example the Fortified Manor Warscroll. Does that mean the warscroll has been retired from the game and should not be used? 2. The latest version of the Freeguild General Warscroll no longer contains an option for the General to be mounted on a horse. Does this mean that particular citadel miniature has been retired from the game and can't be used? (Situation applies to Freeguild Militia too). Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Right, now that the peasantry have gone the best way to paint Ogor skin is grey. True aficionados and masters of the game choose grey.
  12. Have you thought about adding functionality to make scenery Warscrolls Runebrush? P.S. This is great what you have done.
  13. Mawtribes tome will is an instant pre-order for me as will the cards and the very characterful and understated scenery piece.
  14. @JackStreicher I am a fan - I think these bone reapers are awesome, each to their own though.
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