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  1. I think this is the way the wind is blowing out there in the gaming world. I am a massive dinosaur when it comes to this though. I LOVE my downtime, it’s when I get to drink my beer and eat my pretzels. I know I am a total outlier though!
  2. A good author can pull at your heart strings and get you to really care for the characters. There is a viewpoint character called Niksar who is such a great cipher for us the reader. He sees the madness of it all but doesn’t give in to it due to a simple but very relatable friendship. The author really understands our expectations too and pulls the plot in unexpected directions . Also, there is no Dues Ex Machina’s in here, everything weaves together beautifully. If you like Spear of Shadows and Cities of Secrets, you’ll like this one.
  3. I just finished Dominion by Darius Hinks and my goodness - what a cracking read! Definitely in my top three Black Library books I've ever read and it may even be my favourite of all time. The characters are wonderfully well done and the way the plot unfolded was just fantastic. I was actually sad to put the book down as I didn't want to say goodbye to all those characters I had warmed to! An emphatic five stars. It's got me thinking, perhaps there are some other brilliant Age of Sigmar reads I should be giving a go? Here are my top three Warhammer books (in no particular order): Domion by Darius Hinks City of Secrets by Nick Horth Dreadfleet by Phil Kelly (Okay, not Age of Sigmar but hey, I love this book and have read it three times!) What are your top three Age of Sigmar books? Hopefully, new players will get some great recommendations from you lot too! 😀
  4. I don’t think anyone is thinking the models should be less beautiful. I think the Dawnriders are just astonishingly good miniatures for example and up there with the very best models in the Lunineth range. One of the things I love is just how uncluttered and clean they look. Sometimes less is more.
  5. I found the relatively statuesque pose of the older plastic Chaos Warriors really has a menace about them that I really like. I added a little more dynamism through careful posing of the arms, head and shields and I think they look ace. I decided against buying the new ones as I was just so pleased with the originals. One disadvantage the older ones have is they require some decent amount of flash and mould line removal. I may still get the Start Collecting set though for a mix of old and new warriors and knights.
  6. First time going to the web store to look get Warscrolls to print for a demo game for a potential new player only to find they are all gone. Didn’t appreciate enough of what a fantastic free service this was until it was gone. Yes, the app is nice but it is not the same.🙁
  7. I was never a fan of the presentation in the old app, if they can add a tablet mode I think the new will be superior. The Warscrolls look so much nicer but I am not sure if they will be as practical in game as the old format. I thought the Azyr army builder was awful but Stormforge seems quite nice. Not as nice as Warscroll Builder, but having the scrolls integrated in is a big plus. I didn't encounter any bugs in the iOS version. I saw a few things that needed work though.
  8. Well I am pleasantly surprised so far. Couple of obvious improvements jumped out at me: - on a tablet you just get an ugly enlarged version of the phone version (iOS) - don’t seem to be able to adjust youarmy name after it is created. Good points: - Warscrolls look great on phone - gesture support - overall layout and presentation
  9. Indeed, 'war scrolls' (or equivalent) weren't free in nine of the eleven editions of Warhammer (I'm including the original Warhammer Fantasy Battle here). But, it was so convenient and accessible making them free. You needed to buy the Battletome to access the allegiance abilities if you wanted to play an army seriously anyway. I have opponents that I doubt would be playing today if they hadn't been free. I am somewhat bemused about being nudged into a subscription to access stuff that I have paid good money to have physically elsewhere. Sadly, I can't see this decision being turned around. I do think the way the scrolls were/are hosted on the web store is a bit clunky though.
  10. Oh Gosh, tell me about it. I paint like this too. I try and push my skills with every model and am painfully slow. I think if I was asked to given advice to a new player I'd tell them to think about how much time they want to spend painting per week and when do they want to have their army finished. I think most new players would not say they want to spend seven years per army 🙃. A simply painted army with just a few well chosen colours and a simple but consistent basing scheme can look amazing.
  11. I have just noticed a new banner note is appearing on the Australian GW website. It states 'Only a few copies of this limited-run boxed set are left, get yours soon'. Perhaps, we are starting to see the point in time where this set might sell out. (Note that we are experiencing a pretty significant COVID delta outbreak in Australia and our vaccination rates are still relatively low compared to the US and UK. The two most populous states have large lock downs so there might have been an uptick in sales due to so many of us (myself included) being stuck at home. The situation with international shipping has also seen a lot of warnings in our local media about the need to organise Christmas gifts now. If you are in Australia and were planning to buy Dominion it might be time to consider placing an order. (I expect their would be quite a few copies in local gaming stores for some time after the web store sells out).
  12. I am all for tournaments that have no painting standards but I prefer if events do. Like others have said, the game is a visual one. You are creating vignettes with your models as you play. You can stoop down and see a recreation of another world. Painting your army is a way you can help create a better experience for your opponent. There is a balance between being as welcoming as possible and promoting the hobby in all its glory though. One thing I did before I had a painted army was go and watch a tournament. I got free entry and I could enjoy seeing all the incredibly painted armies duking it out. Was super inspiring for me as a new player.
  13. I agree @Ggom, I think 32 mm for almost all infantry sized models would be a good thing. I think another smaller standard size for very small infantry like Gnoblars and Brimstone Horrors wold be a good idea though.
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