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  1. Squares is a bad idea in my humble opinion. Game needs to be compatible with Age of Sigmar in the same way Heresy is for Warhammer 40,000. I was pretty gutted when the Old World was replaced but I am feeling very Meh about this project.
  2. The new Heroquest seems a bit hollow without the connection to the Warhammer world. Not sure if slightly changing the art and background is fair to GW either. Will be interesting to see if GW legal have any thoughts about the new game. It’s a pity they couldn’t collaborate again and have the game set in the Old World. Still, I like the new dice and most of the furniture!
  3. I am particularly enamoured with the books City of Secrets and Spear of Shadows. I’d love a map in this region so a Ghurish Hinterlands map sound just the ticket.
  4. There is part of a Hysh map showing on the webstore item for next month's White Dwarf - are you sure you don't mean that?
  5. Welcome @BeeTee! Have you considered talking to you local gaming store about organising a table for Age of Sigmar on their gaming nights? Also, there is a Skirmish mode that you can play with as few as three models a side that I’ve been finding really fun. You can get the rules in the White Dwarf back issue from Jan 2019.
  6. You can if you go Death Allegiance from the core book.
  7. When the current core book was released the thing I was most looking forward to was a map of Ghur! It’s my favourite realm and is where my current campaign is taking place. (As an aside, when I realised the book didn’t contain the map I couldn’t bring myself to be disappointed given the amazing art and other awesomeness inside). If the Sons of Behemat contain a map of Ghur, I am buying it.
  8. I've got to say I am just blown away by the quality of the discussion here. I mean I know you are all a stylish, intelligent bunch with impeccable taste (you are Age of Sigmar enthusiasts after all) but this is the internet! I doff my hat to you all.
  9. I really like the Warrior Chamber Stormcast but I am waiting for their kits to be about fifty fifty male and female. Yes, maybe they could be under all that armour but I just really like the Leena Stormspire and Angharad Brightshield models as well as the female Stormcast on the cover of the core book. They just look boss. It is also a problem that much of the current range just doesn't fit the background as presented in the Battletome stories and Black Library novels . Female heroes (and anti-heroes) should be plentiful. Also, the history of the setting suggest multicultural societies. We should be seeing all the ethnicities from the near-earth analogue Old World. I have a wonderful one year old daughter and by the time she is old enough to ask to play models I want to offer her a space to realise that women are boss. I actually feel pretty positive that we might actually get there.
  10. I think it is a fair question @Gorthor21 and you have been wholly polite. I have just made my own scroll using Warscroll Designer for Freeguild Archers because I think they should have the Cities of Sigmar and Freeguild keywords. I added a rule to my scroll that the permission of my opponent is required to field this unofficial update. In friendly games you could ask your opponent if they mind an Iconbearing musician, if you were playing me I’d say no worries. When you ask these questions most people are answering with a matched play/tournament mindset. I think solving your problem with a conversion is the way to go though. Make sure you post a picture when you have finished your model.
  11. I haven’t assembled the Knights yet but I was planning on using my classic knights rather than buying the new Start Collecting ones. I would suspect swapping the hand the horn was held in would be pretty straightforward with the classic knights but could be a bit more difficult with the new ones @Gorthor21.
  12. I wasn't suggesting we have to assemble our models as per the instructions just that there isn't an appropriate citadel miniature for an Icon Bearer Hornblower hybrid. I have Chaos Knights coming up in my painting queue soon. I don't mind he Hornblower model but you could convert it so the horn is strapped over the shoulder or attached to the saddlery or something like that
  13. No as @Fulcanelli said. The appropriate citadel miniatures can be assembled as either a Chaos Knight, Doom Knight, Icon Bearer or Hornblower according to the kits description. There are no models available for an ‘Icon Hornblower’ although I do concede such a model could be invented and easily kit bashed. Does this question need to be FAQ’ed? Maybe, is a fair question. P.S. This is a good one for the rules questions section of the forum.
  14. I don’t know if they have stopped releasing them @swarmofseals but I recall the last two waves of models came out about a year after the sets with cards. I am waiting on the Mantrappers to come out models only myself.
  15. Gosh that Badlands one looks good. I’ve noticed that some of these mats look far too busy in photographs and videos and the models get lost in them. I am not sure that would be such a problem in real life though due to the angle you look at them? I noticed this with Silver Tower board which looked much better on the table than in pictures. I own one of the GW cardboard battlefields and I think they are neat too. So compact and it gives me that wonderful feeling you get when you set up a board game. 🙂
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