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  1. As others have said, yes this is absolutely possible in the lore. (That's what open and narrative play is for).
  2. I am painting up some Slaves to Darkness at the moment for Path to Glory. It is an escalation campaign expansion book that replaces the points system. You earn new units by playing in a campaign and each unit you add has to be the minimum size. I haven't started playing it yet as we are doing Skirmish at the moment (from the White Dwarf magazine expansion that came out earlier this year where your army is around five to ten models). I also have some Khorne models from the old Age of Sigmar starter set. If you have some Blood Warriors lying around at home you could paint them up to match your other Chaos Warriors. I have seen that done and they look great in other colours.
  3. I am really impressed with all of the new war bands. We know that most of the Mortal Realms are under the control of Chaos and with these models you kind of get the true post apocalyptic setting as it is realised in the background. Very hard for me to choose a favourite but these new snake ones might be it. I've gone from mildly interested in Warcry to quite excited to see what is in store.
  4. I assumed the new primer was part of the chemistry. Like perhaps slightly hydrophilic to draw the paint away from the edges? Maybe it is just a nice tone for the contrast colours to sit upon?
  5. That’s how I feel. The skink in the video looks a bit rough but it isn’t bad at all for table top standard. Hopefully, we’ll get someone who has tried them out at the demo to enlighten us.
  6. Looks pretty interesting. Could be good for horde armies like Skaven. I am especially interested in combining the colours with the existing range and how the 'Eavy Metal team might use them. Think you will like them?
  7. I do like the look of it though. Especially the Wild Troggoth rules. I have always felt the Ghur realm rules a bit off thematically. I feel it should be a bit more random with some battles with no wandering monsters, others with maybe some hound sized beasts and then others with big maw crusher sized visitors. These new rules seem a bit more thematic.
  8. I’d like to read more Black Library stuff. The recent novels I’ve read have been cracking reads.
  9. As mentioned earlier, the preview talked about a specific mercenary force in the lore being available as mercenaries. In books like the Silver Shard you saw Chaos armies that were relatively disconnected and isolated from the faction. Darkoath and the Warcry war bands could be used to represent such independent factions who might act as mercenaries. I’d be all for something like that. There is no suggestion that you can take Archaon as a merc for Hammers of Sigmar or other such ridiculousness.
  10. I’m all for if it if implemented well. You could use it to make some really cool themed forces. I’d love to see Stormcast with Orruk mercs sort of the like what happened in Fury of Gork.
  11. Will have to give this one a look @Artobans Ghost
  12. And all the scenery is modular! Oh I like the look of all this!
  13. Hang on @RexHavoc, Footsore Miniatures said they received a request to change their name and worked with Games Workshop to reach a satisfactory conclusion. This is from the own press release. This is nothing like Chapterhouse. It was Dark Peak Games who served a cease and desist on them. To everyone else, I am sorry to make a post like this because it has nothing to do with rumours. I just thought you were being a little unfair in your last post Rex. Anyway, probably a topic for discussion in another place on the forum.
  14. Not sure the idea of the OP is a good one. I loved the Old World with great passion but Age of Sigmar is where it is at. If you miss the dark and grit, it is all there and then some in AoS.
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