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  1. Very interested to see this years handbook. This will be the first handbook to start with a now well organised range. I'd be surprise to see points values for non-battle tome armies from here on out. This will keep things nice and clear for new players. On the topic of models that are no longer supported, I am very happily playing Cities of Sigmar in a campaign against the Tomb Kings. I am fielding legacy units (General on Horse, Archers) using the latest version of the war scroll that supported my units and the last published point values. We also give these units the Cities of Sigmar keyword. We are having a blast and GW hasn't been around to my house yet to tell me off. But if you are an exclusive matched play tournament player, I think you will be dropping units to keep up with the meta more than dropping units for being discontinued.
  2. Ooo, good thread @Icegoat! I think this is a very fair question and this could indeed happen, certainly if Nagash gets his way. Yes, the reforging is not without great cost. The death of a Stormcast is to an extent narratively equivalent to the hero who is gravely injured then recovers but is irrevocably changed. The strongest argument for the status quo for me is that it feels like the Soul Wars is just scratching the dramatic surface of the interesting idea of reforging. There are also a weapons out there that can permanently put down a Stormcast, if that needs to happen then it can already.
  3. We saw Sons of Behemat cards leaked on a shipping manifest recently. Can we make an educated guest when this tome might come out based on previous such leaks?
  4. I wonder if the larger bases are for game play reasons? The larger base makes area denial more achievable and keeps the models further apart to prevent tangling of weapons and other bits and pieces. My Kairic Acolytes on 32 mm bases are just easier to move around. I've finished a few older human sized models (Privateer, Loremaster) on 28 mm bases and they just look a touch too small to me. Maybe 32 mm just does look nicer?
  5. Try super gluing a few slate chips, PVA sand. Then an all-over quite heavily watered down coat of Dryad Bark base coat over the sand and the rocks. Make sure it is watery enough that some of the sand colour shows through. Follow this with another very watery base coat of Standard Mechanics Grey on the rocks so a hint of the brown is showing through. Next, give a light but streaky Dawnstone dry brush (brush should be just a still a little wet so the streaks give a bit of texture) you want the brown and standard grey still somewhat visible when you are done. Follow this with a light dry brush of Administratum Grey. For the sand give a decent dry brush with Steel Legion Drab followed by a lighter dry brush of Screaming Skull. Finish the base with one or two all over washes of Athonian Camoshade for the mossy look. Give that a try. (I haven't tested this myself but that is what I would do ). The rocks look quite dark, perhaps there was a watery coat of black between the brown and the Mechanicus Grey - yes, I'd add that to the recipe above. Once the paint is down, PVA patches of some of the old GW pale grass flock or equivalent. Sorry, back to rumours!
  6. Astonishing that all those models are push fit. As someone who has got as far as buying a few Necrons in the distant past and has a soft spot for them, they are the best Necron models ever made hands down.
  7. The Age of Sigmar community seems quite happy with the state of the game. Each new tome is improving the game rather than adding too much complexity. Lore and Narrative play however would be areas where a new Age of Sigmar edition would be incredible. It feels like we have barely scratched the surface in these areas. Conquest rules would be awesome for Path to Glory campaigns.
  8. I think an overhaul of the Cities would at least be post 3.0 in my opinion. The Sacrosanct, Nighthaunt, Bonereapers, Slaves, and Lumineth all fit nicely into the Soul Wars narrative. Cities 2 might fit better in the next chapter. Could the next chapter and edition occur next year? If we start to see the shadows of a major new story arc then maybe. Could Sons of Behemat be the start of a new destruction plot arc? (Oh my, I would LOVE that and maybe Cities would fit well with such a theme.)
  9. We found it was a passion project of some of the design studio staff. It was probably green lit for a few reasons: it helped consolidate a lot of lines that weren't quite ready for retirement, supported the discontinuing of Grand Alliance: Order and helped tidy the website up considerably. It also gave every current model a home in battle tome which is a selling and accessibility point for the game as a whole. I suspect that this range will change and evolve drastically as the new lore is realised but for it to go away altogether - possible yes but unlikely is my guess.
  10. I second the comment that he was highly influential for Age of Sigmar. It is pretty clear that the design studio prioritises their thoughts over the ideas of Black Library authors but Josh's vision seemed to resonate across the entire enterprise. He really helped me get into the background and I am very grateful for that. Thank you Josh and best wishes for your future endeavours.
  11. I think the timing is awkward. Your customers are doing it tough and the economy is shrinking. Not sure the price rise is a very good idea.
  12. The new book is looking fabulous - well done Cubicle 7! I wonder if those minor typos will be fixed in the print version? As much as I would love to have a physical book right now, one of the advantages of releasing first in a PDF first is the opportunity to have a large number of eyes to spot issues before it is printed.
  13. I found the Stormcast really engaging in Fury of Gork and Soul Wars. I know I am mentioning a lot of Josh Reynolds but I have been a fan of his stuff since Spear of Shadows and that has led me to seek out more of his books.
  14. What a beautiful collection of models @hughwyeth great stuff! Funny, I have been thinking of doing the Tidecaster to add to my line up of heroes - such an amazing model.
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