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  1. So with Skaven getting a potential update from GW soon I thought it would be handy to remind skaven players and potential players that when an army gets attention some old things go away forever*. These tend to be older sculpts, sometimes in finecast and certainly in metal - of which Skaven still have several listed models! So unless the listings are wrong these are the metal models that could very likely vanish from the store in the semi-near future. Note they might be replaced or might just vanish its impossible to say - so if you like them grab buy them before they are gone missing! Warlock Engineers https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Skaven-Warlock-Engineers Arch Warlock (Ikit Claw) https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Arch-Warlock Pack Master https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Packmaster Ratling Gun (note doesn't say its metal but the warp grinder still is, so I assume this one is metal too) https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Ratling-Gun-Weapon-Team Skryre Acolytes https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Skryre-Acolytes Assassin https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Skaven-Assassin-with-Twin-Blades Warp Grinder Team https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Skaven-Warp-Grinder-Weapon-Team Warlord https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Warlord-Spinetail If there are any others I missed please do mention below. Remember I'm not giving any guarantee of information, just looking at patterns from GW and the higher likelihood that these models will be removed/replaced when/if Skaven gets full attention from GW. *forever been a period between now and whenever/ifever GW ever decides to bring them back; which might be never
  2. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    This Employee Orientation video should tell you all you need to know sorry about the - ahem - filters they put on it for creative effect.
  3. Invest all the money so that I can live off the interest and such! Seriously do it that way and provided you spread it out and keep it in multiple different investments you can live very nicely without having to do anything and without seeing the money vanish in 10-20 years; whilst if you spend the actual money most people eventually run out. Though as for something special that I'd do if I had millions upon millions in the bank - I'd open a fantasy art gallery. Tied to a big geek store and hobby centre of course - but I'd make it big enough to project fantasy art into the mainstream. I don't see why the Tate modern should get all that vast investment for trashy art when there's so much fantastic artwork out there made by fantasy artists that goes without any proper gallery save Deviant Art and, if you're lucky, landing a spot doing the (almost) annual Lord of the Rings Illustrated edition. It would probably also have a side dedicated to Metal and Rock music because many of them have some outstanding fantasy artwork on their albums - esp the classics.
  4. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    GW closed the rumour mines and I've heard that cutbacks at the office have meant that the Leaks Department has also had to donate their potato for the shareholders dinner.
  5. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    He might and he might not. The thing is Gods tend to operate at different time scales and can wipe out interest in mundane regular troops - whilst your average gamer is more vested in the lore of the peoples they play as. Basically a god in teh game is a single model (if that) whilst a faction is a whole race of peoples and armies and such. The peoples are more interesting than the gods in terms of lore and worldbuilding by and large.
  6. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    I think once the main stories shift away from the god-battles a bit and focus on the people in the stories we might well see a lot of shifting perspectives. Right now much of the big lore events are at the GOD end of the scale; which honestly leaves little room to develop characters for some factions because by the time most gods complete a campaign many of the more mortal creatures are generations old. AoS started with the gods, but I think we'll steadily see characters and mortals rise up and the time advance slow down some. I think tihs has to happen for GW to get a handle on the lore and background and to build up character franchises. You need your Gotreks and your Gaunts Ghosts and such to be the backbone of your lore.
  7. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    @Nos I think you're reading way too far into the lore with a specific lean against humans. Don't forget the Dwarves got beaten long before humanity fell to Chaos. Come the end time setting Dwarves are heavily on the way out and are a fallen race by and large (I've been reading the old Gotrek novels so yeah dwarves are very much a failing old race). Humans lasted far longer - however dwarf, human, elf, tree - they ALL feel when Chaos tore the old world apart. None were able to withstand it and all fell. Stormcast are the extreme reaction, but they are not the be-all and end all. They have their own failings and issues. Plus don't forget your average aelf is not much more durable than the average human. Aelves and Dwarves are not godly in power and are flesh and blood just like a human; their only real bonus is in being able to naturally live a lot longer. Humans often relied on population - faster breeding and also generally being able to work with stuff like technology and magic at the same time (Aelves and Dwarves focusing on one or the other). Honestly look at Skaven - 90% of their forces are fearful ratmen who die in DROVES and who basically are just sort of nasty and easy to kill. If they can survive then surely humans can too. We won't lose humans - we will get 1 or more human factions in the AoS setting and they will work. They will have features that let them rise up to meet the challenge of the current age of Chaos. Be it through machines, magic, grit, population, divine intervention etc... Heck in the lore they already fit - we already have them all over the place. The only place we don't have them is with a Battletome.
  8. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    Humans were far from annihilated in the Realms. Sigmar is their patron god and humans themselves were as heavily populated as any other species. They were, like ALL others, decimated when Chaos launched their major offensive and took the Realms for a Thousand Years. Dwarves, Aelves, Humans - all were crushed. Also you're mistaken about the gods - the age of Gods and beasts was the Age of Myth. That age is passed long now and whilst there are still such creatures around they are more rare and muted. Humans can very much survive just as dwarves and Aelves and orks can in this Realm. If it were only the gods then all the other races we play would be near useless. They'd be driven out and crushed too. Yet we see that in the early Realmgate novels there are many bands of humans who survive; we see in the newer stories that humans not only survive, but build cities - big ones. The only reason they are undrerepresented on the tabletop is because they've yet to have their Battletome(s). Just like Destruction and the goblins. Humans can very much survive and thrive in the AoS setting. What might set them apart is a use of things like black powder; the power of steam; the power of magic and also infantry and regular swords. Bolted to the side of the Stormcast; aided by their Patron God Sigmar and perhaps others in the future. The Realms are a dynamic setting and there's certainly room for all factions. Also the Old world was on the brink of the end of the world, but lets not forget the "end of the world" was only a theory until it happened. Until it happened the end could have been coming for another thousand generations or might even have been defeated and driven back.
  9. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    Humans also forces GW to write stories within a sane timeframe. At present you've got Aelves and Dwarves and Stormcast and Demons - all of which can live for hundreds of years. Humans get a tiny slot and that forces the stories to focus down far more so on a niche in time so that you can have heroes arise and such. It also fits ithings into a timescale that most people can more readily identify with.
  10. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    The only "most popular" faction for 40K is Space Marines - everything else pales in comparison. However Imperials sell very strongly in general - heck look at FW they mostly produce Space Marine and Imperial content in buckets - they wouldn't do that if there wasn't a market for it to feed. Fantasy, esp in its latter years, just didn't get the marketing to really push it forward. I think that armies like Bretonians and Empire also started to feel a touch more retro in a market that was steadily advancing away from more historical and toward more epic fantasy (you can blame computergames for that probably). I think the idea that a human faction would be unpopular is not really holding water - Stormcast are basically just humans in big armour and they sell well. It's often more about marketing; model design; communication of themes; updated sculpts etc... Heck lets be honest the only real difference between your average Aelf and human is pointy ears and a slightly thinner body build overall (and I mean slight).
  11. Overread

    GW's Half Yearly Report

    Aye and that shareprice drop GW already warned about a while back at their last meeting last year. Whilst that's not what power-investors want its certainly what the company wants as they are simply not suited to driving their share price higher and higher and higher. A steady share value with a few dips or rises is a healthy position for them to be in. I think the new management has a much more sensible angle of how shares should work with the company rather than making the company work for the shares.
  12. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    I don't know about those who have gone off and will never return as customers, but it certainly acts as barrier to some looking to get into the game. Both those who have old collections waiting to see if they are valid once more and those who are new, but who like the look/theme of some armies. Heck take the tried and tested staple of a dragon in fantasy. Currently the only Order army with a Battletome that has a dragon is Stormcast - none of the Aelven dragons have a battletome! That said it is being solved and each time a new tome comes out I certainly see people look up and pay attention to the game! GW's plan is working its just slow, made slower by the fact that unlike a new game, AoS already has many models out there. I'd bet it would be different if AoS was a totally new game with no legacy models and the rate of releases would then seem like an insane speed (which it is of course and it feels like that now, but many are still "waiting" for the speedy release to get to their army(ies)
  13. Overread

    Age of Sigmar RPG

    Oh very much agreed and I think even in the world of AoS there's room for mortal warriors. Heck take at a look at Malazan Book of the Fallen - many of the top characters in that are not gods/demigods/gifted but regular sappers and warriors - highly trained after years of brutal war; but essentially normal people who rose to a position of power through skill, practice and dumb luck at staying alive.
  14. Overread

    Age of Sigmar RPG

    Daughters of Khaine are not evil! I assure you all those hearts are donated freely by the weak, the meek, the feeble and the fallen in battle! It's not the fault of the sisters that many in the Mortal Realms are just not as gifted as those who follow Khaine. Interestingly I see DoK and Idoneth as closer to neutral than pure evil, yet both forces are capable of more evil acts than many order factions. Idoneth are just soul-vampires (essentially) who are also somewhat shunned, hated, feared and also very cautious themselves in how they hide up. Whilst DoK are mostly just obsessed with the simplistic concept of survival of the fittest in terms of strength and skill in battle. And hearts, or at least the queens like hearts a lot.
  15. Overread

    help deciding on next project

    Do Skaven whilst you wait for the new angelic/high elves approach to appear! Because Skaven are functional now and getting more attention soon whilst the Angelic Aelves could be a 2020 release! Also forget gentlemen rats - think Rats of Nhim!!