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  1. A gentle nudge isn't good enough - I need a freaking push off a cliff edge kinda nudge! Though more seriously I hope to get some paint on models this weekend and get some feedback Like your painting on that skeleton! The dabs of colour on the cape (almost looks like you used contrast paint?) give it that mottled soiled/worn look of an old bit of cloth never cared for since its owner passed over to death.
  2. Apologies on the delay. Please be aware that TGA has no rule nor policy against users creating their own house rules, nor with sharing them or discussing them with the community at large. Whilst we respect that not every person (or gaming club) makes use of house rules; or that you might not agree with them; we expect users to at least show general respect toward the discussion of house rules and those discussing them. In the future if users have any specific issues with another user or topic, please use the report feature or pm one of the staff instead of arguing within the thread. Note this thread will remain locked as its veered off course somewhat, however discussion on house rules, including those proposed within this thread, are free to resume in another thread. Users taking part in this thread tagged purely for the notification so that you see this post. @NinthMusketeer @jamie.white @Landohammer @Noserenda @AdamR @GrogTheGrognard @Ragest @Joseph Mackay @The Red King @Kadeton @Neverchosen @AaronWilson @vlad3theimpaler @Backbreaker @Skreech Verminking @Sarouan @Scurvydog @woolf @Chikout @Nordrim
  3. Welcome to the Cult - come the Day of Reckoning your account will be spared the great purging that will ensue as we weed out the unfaithful; the unclean and the unwilling to bow before the great Gods of the Workshop.
  4. Grand Alliance Armies are basically gone. If they are playing an open-play or narrative game its really what they and their opponents agree to play. If they are playing Matched Play then page 338 of the Main Rule Book or page 9 of the Generals Handbook specify that "You must pick 1 faction for your army. All the units in your army must be from a single faction." Over the page for both books there are options for Allied and coalition units, which lets you get around the "1 faction limit" but only in a modest way. Older reference material basically cycles out over time. Typically Battletomes remain valid until they are replaced - although they may get additions through White Dwarf/Campaign books and Errata documents preceding a new Battletome being released. Sometimes Battletomes are not updated through an edition and in the case of Grand Alliance Tomes these are from the sort of 0.5-1.0 edition of the rules and are very out of date now. As far as Matched Play rules are concerned, Grand Alliance Armies are no longer a thing. There are generic allegiance abilities in the core rules which could be used in open play with an older book as reference and then using updated points and rules from current models. A bit of a mess, but possible with opponents permission in open play, but not in formal matched play.
  5. It is more likely that moving forward other Chaos forces might well spread out into their own subsections. The idea being that we help generate conversation, threads and chatter outside of the single faction "mega threads" which are very popular when all the forces are in a single subgroup lumped together.
  6. Forgeworld is impossible to predict and honestly I don't think even FW know what's going on week to week with their releases. I think politically and resource based within GW they are on a knife edge for some projects getting funding or not and AoS seems to have a perpetual short straw. They've basically stripped it several times in terms of models. I'm surprised the Chaos Dragon is gone, it was one of the newer additions. It might still return (FW has an error which misslists out of stock as sold out alongside the political/resource issues which makes out of stock and out of production notices almost worthless), but so far AoS has just lost stuff. We "might" see some return when Old World returns as technically the only AoS stuff was the stormcast heads (Chaos Dragon was released during AoS, but was an End Times model originally, it just took ages to finish); however like I said its impossible to predict.
  7. In my experience it won't fuse/bond all that well, which is perhaps its main weakness. It's very fluid and easy to work into gaps where its got support on basically most sides. For seams, cracks, small holes and such its ideal. However its not a putty/material that can free stand on its own much nor be used to build up on a surface or anything. Ps if you're working with it get some colourshapers/clayshapers - they are even better than using your finger to smooth over putties and such.
  8. As noted its not the volume of the outrage or the anger or the language used; its the amount of people that complained that sparked change. It's just a lot easier/quicker/simpler to get people to complain and to get worked up into a frenzy than it is to get them to take a reasoned approach - doesn't mean we can't try. And in the end we'll have a more welcoming community. Ever notice how many people don't want a FB account because of "all the drama"
  9. Agreed. The bottom line for a company is very very important. It's not everything, but its often a very powerful factor in many choices. Aye so why don't we work toward 1000 people supporting well written arguments with research, constructive feedback and all? In the end we might well assume the company will ignore our plea (remembering that communities online are tiny compared to the real market size). If that is the case why not at least work toward having communities that are welcoming, constructive and have a good atmosphere, even when being critical of GW or other things? If we can create a fantastic community and grow that community its more likely to have a greater impact down the road than one that's hostile, abrasive, insulting and more. Because like it or not how we conduct ourselves toward subjects we talk about also affects how we conduct ourselves toward each other within the community. If you bring your hate for GW then when you engage in discussion with those who might not agree with you; you're far more likely to redirect some of that hate into how you write and thus (intentional or not) onto those you are talking with.
  10. Thing is you don't have to shout to make your voice heard; you just have to speak clearly. Remember whilst a company is a faceless entity, its comprised of real people just doing their jobs. If you attack them for things they do, chances are they'll just ignore you. Think about yourself, would you listen too or respect a person shouting, screaming and insulting you for doing your job? Probably not, even if they have a valid point. Constructive feedback isn't about shouting, screaming or insulting. It's about saying that you don't like something. Explaining why you don't like it and perhaps offering alternative options. It's perhaps about bringing to light things that the company and individuals within, might have overlooked. Eg some have pointed out that the loss of digital media impacts those who have more limited vision. If you can gather together many people and deliver a clear message in a constructive and polite fashion you've FAR FAR more chance of getting an open reception to your idea. The company still might not agree or make changes, but they have a vastly greater chance of doing so (even if it might take weeks/months to make such changes happen).
  11. The service is Warhammer+ It links to different subscribed systems - Warhammer TV, Warhammer Vault etc... What they could improve on is that the warhammerTV link in the subscriber page of your Warhammer Account (which is where you end up when you join) links to Warhammer TV the youtube page instead of the one inside Warhammer+. The Warhammer+ page instead has you scroll down past the subscribe/update link (which is very dominant) to find the actual links below which work well. Page just needs a different landing page which might happen after they get over the first few days and shift the focus from a big "subscribe button" focus.
  12. GW could have included more WD I agree, though I think it might be an experiment for them to see how many people access that content to see if its worth investing in the rest being put up and hosted. Esp since going further and further back they will eventually reach a point where they have to invest money into working older titles into being digitally readable. As for Disney and such I think its rather mean to compare companies who have been in TV for decades and have decades of TV shows of their own and loads they've bought/have licence to show - compared to a company taking its first serious step into media and who has I think one or two lower budget films in the past (that even in their day did okish but not great). Ergo you really can't expect GW to launch with Amazon or Disney levels of video content. It's just totally unreasonable.
  13. We aren't shutting it down (thread is all nice and open :)) - just reminding people to remain polite and constructive. It's got nothing specifically to do with GW themselves (this thread could be about anything); but its about the general goal to maintain TGA as a friendly and welcoming social group first and foremost. Criticism and critique are perfectly fine and allowed. We just take steps to help avoid it crossing the line into just ranting/raving/hating/insulting. It's not something that we, as moderators and admin, want to happen to the tone of TGA. And that aside I'll most likely sign up for Warhammer+. I do love that assassin model for 40K (and I don't even play Imperials in any form); the videos are neat from what we've seen and I'm eager to see more; the backlog of White Dwarf; masterclass painting; battle reports and more are all good sounding extras. For me its a model and videos first and foremost. The app's don't actually impact me at all as I don't tend to use them much for gaming; but having them there is a neat thing. Part of me actually wonders if GW will close WD and shift over fully to Warhammer +. I'm actually half considering cancelling one for the other, even though I do still love print media. Thing is things like battle reports, well made, can simply be better on video. We'll have to wait and see, but Warhammer+ is sounding like its designed to be a major thing to stay around for a while and fast become a cornerstone of the GW experience. That said if you're on the fence do wait There isn't a vast amount of content going out tomorrow, so you can get a sample and see or wait for a few months and then dip in and see. In the end each of us makes our own choice. For me the price and content are worth it.
  14. MOD NOTICE Ok people lets step back from the dark depths of doom and gloom shall we. We ALL get disappointed with delays and cancelled projects and such. This is just a forum where fans gather to chat and have fun, we are not changing the policies of GW or anything. A little vent now and then is healthy, but lets avoid getting too far drawn into it. I'm willing to bet we've all got models to build, paint and more - perhaps this evening is the day to put down the keyboard, pick up the camera, snap a few photos and show off your latest painted model, or conversion, or table, or such.
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