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  1. Overread

    AoS Timeline interesting observation

    I wonder if its only one or two specific realms with that effect, otherwise its going to bite GW hard with the lore when there might be hundreds of years difference between realms in time and lead to all kinds of unnecessary confusion in the lore.
  2. Overread

    AoS Timeline interesting observation

    This can be taken in one of two ways 1) That time itself passes at the same speed, but different realms have a different day/night cycle speed. A day might be longer in one realm than another, but the seconds still line up. Ergo you couldn't jump into one realm and age "faster" than in another at a physical level. 2) Time itself has been messed with and some realms are faster or slower than others. This is far more complicated and, whilst possible (certainly under chaos) its less likely to be the case as it would make inter-realm relations very hard to manage. How could you ship goods or even armies from realm to realm if one realm was a few years ahead. In my view its 1; that the realms have different standards of time, much like planets orbiting the sun. Mars might have shorter years because it takes less time to go around the sun, but time still passes at the same rate be it if you are on Mars or Earth
  3. I should note, hard counters can work in greater number when there's reduced flexibility of army composition, but a greater variety of unit types. This works when you have something like the old Force Organisation chart, where you are required to take specific numbers of certain units, but also limited in what specialise options you can bring. Ergo you can bring your dragon, but you've got to bring 50 peasants too. Another option is what Spartan Games started to work with which was the idea of a helix system. In that instead of picking individual units, the player picked specific groups of units that had a unified role. Eg a heavy armour unit might have two tank destroyers, but would also come with three anti-air batteries and four regular infantry. The idea here is that the player has freedom to choose groups of units, but each group presents a variety of choices. SG took it further by making it on a helix grid so that you couldn't take infinite repeats of the same unit group and taking one type would void you taking another. The idea there being that the army composition also discourages and prevents extreme min-max choosing. In general army balance can be harder to work with when armies have far more freedom to choose models. This is because it leaves them more open to min-max choices and heavily weighting armies down very specific pathways. This can make the army very hard to counter by any force that isn't specifically designed to counter it. Thus it can have an advantage provided that the counter-army choice is rare in the player community. Restricted free choice (or structured) allows freedom to choose models, but at the same time helps to limit this aspect. Alliances between armies can also break things because many armies often have inherent bonus and negatives to their operation. Alliances (where there are based on whole core factions) often allow players to, again, min-max their army into the extreme. In general army balance is often not just about numbers, but also about providing a system that lets players put down fun armies. Fun often meaning varied model choice (players want to put down models they own); and also multiple viable choices. Armies where there is only one viable build can be strong, but at the same time can be dull to play with and against; plus commerically its a poor choice because it means some products are going to over-sell and others are going to undersell. Whilst that might even out, it does mean that the company is paying for models that are intentionally going to sell very poorly because they don't fit into the min-max meta.
  4. Like the new Inferno 1 and 2 and the new Novella series (which is great by the way)
  5. I think there's a few things to consider; 1) Unit VS Army balance. The example above shows that its not always possible nor even desirable, to balance a whole game based on specific units vs unit. A dragon and goblin are at a stage where goblins can't hurt the dragon but the dragon can hurt them. Balance wise you can deal with this on a unit by unit basis by making it so goblins can hurt the dragon. However another option is to balance it at the army level, whereby you give the goblin army a troll which can hurt the dragon. The goblin is still useless against the dragon, but its not supposed to be a threat to it, instead that is the role of the troll. Meanwhile the goblin is good against spearmen who are, in turn, very good against trolls. 2) Scale. In games like 40K and AoS there's a limit on how many models you can get on the table before things get silly/unfun. That in turn limits how many situations like the above, can be supported before things start to break. You can have one dragon type unit, but if you then introduce more units that require specific counters to them you can fast end up where you've so many that army composition almost has no choice (you have to take counters for everything which leaves you limited with no choice to pick other things); but also where an opponent can focus on one aspect and thus overrun because the enemy takes a balanced list and thus only has one counter unit. 3) Hard VS Soft. In the above example its a hard counter, the goblin cannot do anything to the dragon at all. However a soft counter might be that goblins can harm the dragon and/or can lock it in combat (ergo dragon will take many rounds to kill them whilst enforced in combat). Therefore the goblin player has a chance to win the game, perhaps not on kills, but they can throw goblins to distract the dragon and tangle it up in combat so that its busy chomping and smashing whilst the goblin player secures objectives.
  6. Overread

    The Fan Fiction Thread

    This thread might be of interest :
  7. Overread

    Which spell table do allies use?

    I believe this is one of those things that is true, but isn't obvious to most people until they pause to think about it. Because Endless spells are released either in the generic or the faction specific boxes people are used to the idea that a faction specific Endless Spell is tied to that faction. In truth its not, any faction can buy them, however those faction specific endless spells can only be cast by specific keyword linked mages. Most of the time this isn't an issue because if you're not playing a faction you've not got the keywords anyway; but when it comes to allies it does mean allied wizards can bring those spells with them In addition if you play with Realm Rules then your allied mages get access to the Realm magics that you have access too.
  8. Overread

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    A few tips: 1) With the Blood Cauldron break out the magnets. If you magnetize it you can use it easily as either cauldron or shrine, and at the very least for the Cauldron you want it magnetic so that the Avatar can be removed for transport (reduces the height by a lot) and also have the two queens able to be swapped over. Fully magnetic would mean that you can go for whatever you want, shrine or cauldron and have spare heroes for your army. If you don't want to use magnets then build it as a Cauldron with a Slaughter Queen and have the Avatar magnetized for transport purposes. Since Hag Queens are often better on foot for support. Or build it as a shrine and take the queens on foot. 2) You are right she will want the Bloodwrack as her general so that she can take one unit of 10 Witchaelves/Sisters of Slaughter and then a unit of Blood Sisters as battleline. This is a solid choice as the spear wielding snakes are generally favoured over their ranged variation at present. 3) The Khinari work well in either form, though spears is often more popular since they can strike at range. Two units of 5 I would build at 2 separate units (hero with each block of 5) which you can then deploy as separate groups or take them as a single 10 unit flight (just make sure the leaders for each group have a unique marking on them - or better give each group of 5 a unique unified marking to identify them) That should keep her happy with the box contents. If you want to go beyond the box I'd almost say a second box would be well worth it. Giving you all useful models with no waste at all really (some might consider 20 khinari too many, but I'd not, plus with the discount price they are basically totally free so better to have the box and have free khinari!) If she wanted to expand in other ways then adding more Witches is good to build up a nice solid core; or you can add more Snakes and go for a snake heavy theme (both cost about the same and both are very viable choices). Otherwise adding some units of Doomfire Warlocks is good, they give you a fast skirmisher cavalry with magic and a unit of 10 can be very powerful and versatile. Note I'd personally say 2 battle boxes is a good start, at 3 you'd be just getting it for free Khinari (the rest being all useful purchases in most armies, the khinari being a little more situational - esp once you get to owning 30, but don't forget they've two forms so that's only 15 of each if you build them equal). Beyond 3 and you'd likely end up with more Cauldrons and Shrines than you'd need for most situations, though extra queens is no worry and more avatars gives you the option of going avatar heavy (doesn't seem to be a heavily popular choice though, but it might just be that its an overlooked approach at present)
  9. So this has some spoilers from Heart of Winter Novella so DON'T read if you don't want some spoilers So in the story we encounter the city of Izalend, a city which rises up along the coastline and is protected by a wall of fire that is "twice the height of a sailed ship*" and fuelled by magical towers that rise up in a mighty ring around the city. With only one main seaboard entrance which is lined with cannon and guards as well as a tight walled channel for ships to float down. Now what's interesting is that this wall of flame is described as being extinguished during the Age of Chaos and was only sparked to life once Sigmar and his Stormcast returned to the lands to bring a spark to relight it. Furthermore the city within the wall of fire was destroyed during the Chaos Age. So the large and mighty city as it is now is built well after the return of Sigmar and his warriors. Indeed one character (who is approaching retirement and is human) speaks of how it was the city he grew up within. So we are certainly looking at a city that might be at least around 100 years old if not more since the beginning of the Age of Sigmar. It's interesting to me as the other novella, Warqueen, speaks of how the warriors of Sigmar are hardly known in their region of the world and how they are more recent thing walking the land. Indeed most of the novels thus far have been carrying that air of the Age of Sigmar only having "just" gotten started. So this little novella might be one of the most "recent" in the long trail of historical events and suggests that humans have rebuilt, in Sigmar's areas of rule, with a very fast pace. Now Realmgates, magic and the Realm of Sigmar might well have all conspired to help provide building materials and such to rebuild cities. Even so we are looking at a very fast rebuild, coupled to an advancing story that is now looking at having several generations under Sigmar's new Order. It's one story where I wish GW would give dates for their AoS stories, even rough years and a timeline so that we could at least see how the world is evolving; esp since the Realm system mean that stories that fill one realm might well have things advance far further than in other realms that might be stillburning with Chaos infection (and thus stories from them would feel like they were recent even if they are much later assaults by Sigmar and his allies) *A very rough value since there are bigger and smaller ships, but in general its likely twice as high as the tallest standard ship on the seas
  10. Overread

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    Get an Assassin model from Shadowblades and use her as a hero leader for your army. Even if she's not set to general, that gives you an assassin focus and a good versatile model to use in battles and to form a narrative around. I do agree that DoK need one or two named heroes who are not Morathi nor influenced/directly controlled by her to give some flavour to the faction. Fingers crossed we get an Inferno short story or a future Novella or even a book!
  11. Overread

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    They don't, the only way to get them is with the Blood Cauldron kit. Whilst it can sound expensive, it actually works out cheaper for DoK players as you get a Hag Queen, Slaughter Queen, Bloodwrack and Avatar for far less than GW would charge us if we were buying them as separate models. Plus if you use magnets (and its advisable to at least magnetize the avatar so that it can be packed easier) then you can build a blood cauldron or shrine out of the kit and vary if its topped with a hag or slaughter queen
  12. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    I read it a day or two ago Fantastic read!
  13. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    It's an interesting thing to notice, but it also appears in the books like that too. Chaos worshippers go through a sort of blood crazed phase when they are totally overcome with chaos and they charge around like a maniac without armour. Those that survive and make it to become champions and true chaos warriors are often more stoic. They still revel in battle, but they are more controlled, more in tune with themselves and their chaos influence. Radiating power in a menacing form as they march forward, towering over mortals and encased in thick metal that would be impossible to lift for a regular human. Plus they revel in that power far more so than, say, a stormcast because the chaos warrior still has all their memories of their past, when they were a weak simpleton. Before Chaos came to show them the way, to empower them, to bless them with the gift of the gods
  14. Overread

    GW is asking for advice on GHB 2019

    The way I see it making witches aelves and hags more expensive doesn't actually fix the central block of 90 aelves and queens supporting it. You still have that solid block, you just make the army even more dull because now the DoK player isn't bringing much else for support. Instead I'd rather see them adjust how bonuses work. For example limiting them so that witches can only benefit from one 1 or 2 spells/prayer bonuses at a time.
  15. Overread

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    It's based off the keyword rather than the model name, so as the Bloodwrack shrine has the Bloodwrack keyword; and the Shrine is a hero unit capable of being a leader, and thus set as general, it can indeed make the bloodsisters battleline. IF GW ever releases another Bloodwrack unit with the keyword in a hero slot then that unit could also make the snakes battleline as well.