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  1. Overread

    New Player Army Question

    It's sort of min-maxing but its also partly because many people prefer single faction based armies overall. AoS has been weighted very nicely so that whilst there are Grand Alliances, the army mechanics make it beneficial to take mono-faction armies or rather I should say monobattletome because several battletomes (such as Gloomspite Gitz and Skaven) are combined arms approaches adding several forces together under one banner. That said many alliance blocks are subtle in how allies are drawn in - eg if you were playing Daughters of Khaine you could bring a Shadowblade Assassin - you might not even notice that it's not a DoK unit because visually its still in the same "dark elf" aesthetic from the old designs. So they blend in very well. Allies do happen, but they are penalties for them. Eg they don't get army traits whilst allied mages cannot take spell lores from their own battletome nor from the faction they are joining - though if you're using realm battlefields they can use the realm spell lore, same as any other mage on both sides. So when you take an ally its either a casual game or you're looking for something very specific that has to fill a good niche of its own. They can also be good for army flavour and composition fun - some armies like Flesh Eater Courts don't have a huge roster so sometimes its fun to bring something else allied in. Also note the original Grand Alliance books are very old now and quite out of date with how AoS has changed. We don't know if GW will release new overall Grand Alliance rules/books - my personal hope is that if they do then it wants to be subtle, I think AoS, like most wargames, works best when factions mostly stand on their own. When there's balance between factions and factions can have strengths and weaknesses whilst also having their own lore, style and flavour.
  2. The question is - have we provided helpful, truthful information or have we backstabbed our fellow skaven player with false and misleading information so that they cannot arise to challenge our own position! ?
  3. Welcome back back to the great Clans! A general point - many things in AoS work by Keywords, so abilities and traits and such reference specific key words which are summarise at the bottom of unit profiles. A unit can have multiple keywords and thus could be benefiting from more than one bonus. Also spell lords each mage comes with its own spells on its warscroll card itself - some list out just the basics (arcane bolt and shield) whilst others might have one or two unique spells that are listed in detail on their card. Then if you want to take spells from a spell lore there are two sources: a) The Battletome for the army that you are fielding. So if you're fielding a skaven army you've got two spell lores listed within there and, depending on the wizard, you can pick from the relevant spell lore to get another spell. b) If you are using "realm rules" from the Malign Sorcery boxed set then the realm the battle is set in can give you another spell lore that is universale to all mages in both your army and your opponents. Note that this is is about the only way an allied mage from another faction can get additional spells; because as they won't have the right key words they can't use your Army Battletome spell lores (and the cannot use the one from their own army because they are not being fielded as part of that army). Each Skaven unit is now part of a Clan, you can easily take units from any clan and mix and match as you want and you'd be fielding a Skaventide army, where you'd have battleline units such as clan rats that you'd have to take a mimumum number of. However if you take units from only Clan Moulder then you can use special moulder units as battleline instead. The bonus is that a clan focused army might have greater internal synergy and play a specific style better than a mixed army or other army; however a mixed army might have more options and be more versatile. Partly its player preference and what you want to play as.
  4. Overread

    Disheartened about the current stance on Elves

    @whispersofblood actually I think GW is well aware that many gamers are focused on only a few factions or even one faction "at a time". Sure they'd love us to all be playing multiple armies all the time, but that just isn't reality at all. Most people don't own 2K points of 8 armies and GW goes out of their way to invest lore, books, backgorund and such in single factions. They very much focus on the idea of the monofaction gamer. The duel kits are neat and they do encourage players to try out new armies I agree, but that doesn't take anything away from the importance of armies that players still collect. That said I think the yare also aware that most gamers that remain active and playing and building will replace models in existing armies. Most players who run space marines who've had collections for decades still get new marines when they come out - they replace the old with the new - using newer better sculpts or jsut different sculpts. Also getting easy to start isn't so much worrying about existing players; GW already has them. It's about new players. GW is VERY aggressive in securing new players because they realise that for Wargaming, esp fantasy and sci-fi, they ARE the gateway product for most countries. 3rd party stores aren't very good for wargames, the store makes far more profit off card games and is far more likely to market Magic the Gathering to their customres rather than a Wargame that's slower to sell, takes up more space and costs more per unit to buy in. Chances are they get way more profit for a booster box of magic cards than they do for a Knight and they sell a LOT faster too - both in bulk and in individual trickle sales of card packs. So GW is out there pushing their game to new gamers; it why Killteam is so important to them right now. It's breaking that expensive start up barrier down even more so than the getting started sets have done. GW wants new gamers, new blood because that goes on to become old blood and old gamers in the future. GW doesn't want to run the risk of a mounting generation gap where they end up with an ever ageing fanbase where recruitment of new young players is increasing harder and harder.
  5. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    It's really hard to tell - GW has been on a big Chaos 40K spree at present; then again that would leave them well in a position to them switch back to AoS where there's a lot more sculpting options on offer. That said Eldar for 40K have a LOT of legacy models still in resin and a lot of their plastics are really old too, so that could be a potential 40K target to improve next up.
  6. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    Out of interest what has GW done with other "new store" models in the past? Did they ever go on general or open release even for a limited period?
  7. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    Both Free Peoples and Stormcast have a big reason within the AoS lore to actually be very multi-racial. Stormcast are plucked from the heroes of two worlds and any peoples so there is inherent huge racial diversity right off the bat. Meanwhile Free Peoples are basically whoever survived the Chaos era - again a huge potential for being very multi-racial. That said for Free PEoples we aren't dealing with the Earth we are dealing with the Realms so multi-national for them might be very different from how we understand it on Earth.
  8. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    I'm not quite sure about the paintjob she's had on the face, but I think the sculpt is great and its really neat to see a leader female for the stormcast! The only real downside is that its a store opening exclusive! I really hope she goes on general or a more widespread exclusive sale pattern because store openings are really niche and rare. I like exclusives and they can be a great way to get more unique characters out there, but I really hope GW makes her more accessible to everyone in the fullness of time.
  9. Overread

    Traveling with models

    If its carryon you should be fine so long as the bag is tough on the outside as well (people will push/cram/squeeze things into the overhead). Though I'd probably cushion any heavy/large/abnormal/delicate models. Your basic "marine" style model will be fine but something larger I'd take a little extra precaution over. But that's only if it goes carryon and you've got to be very sure about that; last thing you want is to pack for carryon and then get told it has to go in the hold.
  10. Overread

    Traveling with models

    I would go for foam/bubblewrap cases for air travel and make sure the case itself is a hardcase. Airport luggage is somewhere between apes and cavemen in terms of their delicacy with regard to handling - ergo its not there. Even if the staff are careful the machines and auto sorting systems already bash cases around some. Magnets are great for holding things to a flat surface, but jolts and bumps and all angles (upside down, corners, left and right etc...) gives a huge chance for magnets to come lose. It would only take one model to come off and then its there to bounce around and chip and bump into everything else. Or there's also a chance that the superglue holding the magnet in place could give out - again leading to a bouncy destructive force. Remember on most car trips and carrying the case isn't moving all that much really and it might only get light bumps/jolts. The most likely time for a bump/jolt is when you're hand holding it and walking around and then if you take a really big swing and hit something you'll know it at the time and can pause to open up and check everything is fine before continuing on. Some models are also more delicate - a Khinerai might be ok held down by a magnet to a sheet, but all those jolts are going to take their toll on its supporting tail and upper body. So honestly I'd say go for a foam based approach. It will keep models separate, keep them secure and should provide far more padding and production during the transporting process. Furthermore a hard outer shell will prevent other cases bumps/etc... from impacting into the body of the contents and causing damage.
  11. These days I think Dice Trays should be semi-mandatory/encouraged for most gamers. They just remove so many issues and something like the KR Multicase even doubles to hold the dice as they come to the game so its the best of all worlds - somewhere to carry dice and to roll them into!
  12. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    They bought new land (apparently it might also have once been land they owned that they sold of years and year ago) and are building a brand new factory from the ground up. I don't know its current state but I think they were hoping for it to come online this year at some stage - but they only started last year sometime. It was basically all after the big boom in profits so might well not have been started till the very end of the year. I've no idea of its current status but I think the last meeting (their financial ones that they publish) it was still an ongoing project
  13. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    GW have said quite a few times that there is NO new Stormcats Chamber of models coming (over on Facebook if I recall right). That said they've only so many slots for new models and arimes and more slots for books and terrain. Terrian, books and Endless Spells are all produced overseas and thus GW can increase production of them quicker than models because models have one site of production which is GW HQ in the UK and a limited pool of resources. They can't just hire another factory to increase output Now they are building a new factory, but its likely not going to be online any time soon. As a result some armies are going to get a new tome, spells and terrain and that will be it; others will get a big revamp with new models and the like. I'm sure GW would love to revamp every army the same, but some are going to pull a short straw this time around. I think that's ok because the bigger barrier to armies being started and played isn't models but having an old out of date battletome or having no battletome at all. That is the bigger issue - once all armies are updated to 2.0 battletomes then those that didn't get as many new models or which are running with a lot of old sculpts can be updated in time as well. Armies with old tomes or no tome are still suck in that "will it stay/will it go/will it confederate with other armies" bracket where gamers have no idea what will happen.
  14. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    Yep and they can easily just add terrain and endless spells to those factions by releasing them with some warscroll cards. Job done, no need for a new Tome. Khorne only wound up with three for AoS thus far because of their popularity and being rolled out early the first two times so they wound up with earlier Tomes fast which went fast out of date due to the more fluid and fast nature of AoS and its rules shifts. 2.0 though I expect to last a good while; its really akin to the 1.0 release AoS should have had all those years ago when it first appeared.
  15. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    Pretty much all the rumours we have right now are simply educated guesses. That's about all we've got I think - I don't think there are any reliable rumours about anything else to come at present. Even the few sources who often have reliable info are often out of order with the current release schedule.