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  1. You think trees are bad, most buildings are hardly big enough to stand in let alone swing a cat or a choppa. It's nearly always been the way for "army" games in that terrain is always vastly undersized. We get the same thing in computer games too, barracks hardly bigger than 2 tanks and yet providing enough room to train legions of infantry (who appear one at a time). Even cutting down to 8-15mm sometimes terrain is still underscalede, though there's more potential to have things a bit closer to true scale because you can at least fit more than 1 house on the table before its full. Heck even unit to unit there's scale issues - vehicles are often undersized (there's loads of arguments as to how many marines can "really" fit in a rhino ;)). I believe one of the big selling points of Dropzone Commander was that everything was true-scale to each other and that's a smallerscale game to accommodate such a system.
  2. Considering that GW has limited production and appears to be doing the new Hatchettworks magazine in the USA this year I would wager GW cannot produce more at this stage for a huge launch. We all knew this was likely to run out of stock, but there's no panic on this order. It's got several years ahead of it and GW can pace out the production. The only thing you miss out on is the metal key if you order from GW direct. Otherwise you can safely wait a few weeks/months and Cursed City will be back in stock. The only thing in the Warhammer Quest series that history has shown you have to worry about are expansion packs, which sell out pretty fast online, though can often last a lot longer in physical stores (some hunting around can get you copies even now of some of the content). Even then GW typically restocks them a few times after launch before they are gone for good. This isn't a launch to worry about, frustrating if you wanted a copy and didn't get one, but not one to worry about; it will be back. Same price, same content, same models
  3. It depends what GW wants to do really. They might remain exclusive or they could release them as a single page. They've done it with the Indomitus pack of models which has a bunch of Necron units on a single sprue. It really depends on GW and GW can be very hard to predict at times. My gut feeling is that Cursed City is being made ot tie more closely to AoS than Blackstone Fortress was to 40K.
  4. Think of it like this - a human, aelf, dwarf, seraphon, sylvaneth can all attain a state of living where they are at peace and feel fulfilled. They can build mighty settlements and attain a state where they be productive and happy without any combat. Indeed for most of them its the state they would ideally like to live and actual brutal combat leaves scars upon them (physically and mentally). Destruction can't live like that as a whole race. They can for a time, but they've a wildness to them. A nature that calls in their very core for combat, fights and the struggle to be the strongest, biggest and best. Just like a dwarf can't pass by gold, they cannot pass by that physical and metal shift into combat. It's that which separates them and which draws them back toward different goals than the Order factions. I think the only Order faction that would get close are the Daughters of Khaine with their blood and heart magic and their survival of the fittest attitude. However its important to realise that those are choices they make as part of their religion and that at their core they are simply aelves. If time were different Morathi could guide them toward new concepts and ideals. Sure with their long life spans it might take a while for the "old guard" to change and settle or die off so that a new generation would bring in new ideals, but they could achieve a peaceful/less brutal way of life if it were an option. An Orruk though is an Orruk down to the marrow in its bones.
  5. IF (and its a massive huge if) Kurnothi appear its going to be very interesting to see what happens with the Wood Elves in Cities of Sigmar. Will GW do what they've done with Legions of Nagash and port those models out and back into Sylvaneth (or into Kurnothi if they wind up being their own army); will the do nothing and the Kurnothi are a new idea; will they even remove them and the Kurnothi replace them. It could be a very important moment in terms of what GW is looking to do with Cities. They've sort of teased ideas with Morathi and the old Dark Elf stuff, but as they only made it an optional army in an optional expansion book and have given no hints of Morathi's forces welcoming the new armies into them in a big way (they are as allied as Idoneth are) then it leaves us still wondering what the long term plan is. The other difference is that lore wise GW has put a lot into Morathi's army being just the DoK and nothing else. Splicing in the old Dark Elf models would swell the army to a full diverse force in one go; but it would also totally dilute the DoK themes they've had going for them since release. Especially since the Dark Elf half doesn't "need" the DoK forces as such to bulk it out; its already got everything it needs really.
  6. Well since vampires are clearly coming before that (they've already teased the battletome and they are already in Cursed City) that would actually bode well for Destruction appearing in any big starter set for the year. It does raise the question of what the heck Kragnos is going to be since even without GW having to push things due to corona issues, 2 full new armies in advance of a new edition is a lot; esp ontop of a big update to armies like Lumineth and Slaanesh
  7. I'm sure GW has ramped up production as much as they can in current times. I still fully expect a sell out over the preorder weekend.
  8. Like Black Fortress this will be a medium term product. So GW will keep it in stock for a while. I fully expect to see it run out of stock every so often, but be restocked steadily as well. The core game will likely remain in stock until the product life cycle is over. GW needs it in stock because they will expand the game with expansion packs which will add new elements to the game and new models. The expansion packs ARE the ones that you will want to grab early because they are short term products that will have a much shorter restocking lifespan (if one at all). The whole game will eventually vanish, like Blackstone Fortress, however you've a few years. The 1 per customer limit on the GW website is purely to help try and stifle a few people grabbing loads of copies and denying them to others. This helps limit scalpers, but also helps try and ensure that as many people who can, can get a copy. Note that it will also stock through 3rd party stores as well so you don't just have to get it from the GW website. Depending on price I'd expect a strong reception next week for pre-orders on the GW site and 3rd parties, but perhaps not as powerful as there was for Indomitus (which crashed GW and most other websites for half a day).
  9. I just heard my wallet scream and throw itself from the window!
  10. The Quake caused massive destabilizations which are still having ongoing effects. One of which is Endless Spells went from something from the Age of Myth which were then locked away by Sigmar - into something that was wildly unleashed upon the Realms once more. So in theory they can be locked up again, but it would take a huge amount of directly godly intervention to achieve. With Chaos around there's just not the time nor resources to waste on such an endeavour, esp when forces against chaos can make use of the powers.
  11. My only real dislike at present isn't really a dislike its just that they are small army at present in terms of model diversity and choices. I think that like a lot of smaller armies in the range they can feel less interesting and also have a less well established visual identity. However give them small additions over time or a big second wave and things can change dramatically A great AoS example is Lumineth. Last year they were "so so" in popularity and hype; this year its far more hype and far more interest as the second wave is fast approaching and we've seen a new selection of models. Increased model variety gives the army more visual options and more tactical options which pleases both creative and tactical players. I think it helps armies branch out from using a few spammed units and instead gives them new tricks and tools and ideas to work with. I think Ossiarchs are just in that trap of being well made, working well, but not being as exciting. They also got some hate I think because they are such a new concept for AoS. They are a totally new idea that isn't really something GW has done before in terms of lore nor sculpt style. I think that more models, more variety and more creative freedom will really let them shine. Right now I love them for their differences ;for their bone-machine-animal style of construction of their war engines. I really want to see GW let loose with designs for some bigger monsters not just the catapult; as well as new troop types (the archer and axe unit in the new Underworld set suggest heavily that we'll at least have the hope of seeing archer infantry in the future). I think that coupled with some slightly lower points would help. Right now they are expensive in points which actually makes them one of the cheapest armies to collect; however it also means that they have fewer options to put on the table. Right now that is perfectly fine because they are elite and because they don't have vast numbers of options so often as not you're repeating options. However I think just as Morgahsts find it hard to slot into the force right now; there's going to be issues with other new things fitting in if the points remain as high as they are - as there simply won't be point room to fit things in. And I'm ok with Ossiarchs losing some of that elite status as the range increases and being able to fit more models on the table.
  12. GW seems to still be on the 2 week release rota
  13. MOD NOTICE Ok people lets take all the talk of balance and the new rules for Lumineth off into its own section. I'd also like to remind people to be respectful with their language choices. Whilst its all good fun, some get a little carried away with balance discussions come out and with the language chosen. Remember its not always nice when people are shouting about the army you like and collect being "abusive" especially when its not even out yet (in full). So lets calm down, remember that the sky is not falling and hobby on.
  14. Cursed City is close and with the number of units in it that are clearly jumping into Vampires it wouldn't surprise me if we saw Vampires this side of the mid year. I think GW is clearly cramming in as much AoS as they can probably whilst 40K is having a less model heavy update. Heck I think the only army people want to see get a big load of attention in 40K right now is Eldar. Certainly when the subject comes up Eldar are almost the number one thing everyone talks about needing an update - Kroot and any possible Tau increase of other Xenos follows and Imperial Guard are using a lot of older sculpts that could do with a face lift, but they've also had more steady stuff drip fed into them over the years (though things like Catachans still stand out as very old plastics/sculpts).
  15. You can guess most of it. Board size min-recommendation to match GW's boards just like for 40K. Mid year just like last years new 40K edition. It might explain why GW is going full steam ahead with the narrative books. We don't even have Teclis out and yet we already know the name and big model for the next book and that there's another after that already being teased. That's a very; fast rate so could represent GW gunning for that mid year launch event. The other aspects are harder to predict. Right now the new battletomes we have don't really show many fundamental changes. If anything the only real change that I've spotted is that units now no longer get large unit discounts. Which could be something we see rolled out en-mass with a new Generals Handbook release for forces that don't yet have a battletome. If they are changing osme core rules then they operate with the same current style of battletome.
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