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  1. Hmm Nagash is kind of insane, but he's likely noticed that Gotrek is back and is running around in his realm and wanting to go fight him and whilst Nagash is insane, he's also got to know that Gotrek has infinitely more powerful plot armour! So if you're a many thousands of years old lich who's a bit insane what would you do - bring back one of his former companions of course Ulrika Magdova. As a vampire of course! Though she likely fell during the End Times, Nagash has shown that he's basically capable of bringing back most Vampires from his deep connection to them and memories; or heck perhaps she found a loophole. Regardless, after Felix she'd be the one of the best ways to really unsettle and manipulate Gotrek. Since Felix keeps getting teased as being a Stormcast (potentially), Ulrika is the next best!
  2. I think hoards will remain for now because its a cornerstone of how too many small armies work and I don't think GW wants to end up with a game of tiny armies. If anything over time I would expect to see armies get a little bigger every so often as reflecting more of the community having bigger collections and armies having more and more variety of models and options - therefore players wanting to use more of their toys. We've seen this with 40K and honestly most other wargames over the years - even Warmachine has grown since its early days. I'd like to see some rules move around and vanish (looking at you double turn); I'd also like to see things like terrain become disconnected to GW's warscroll system and get back a bit of the old school style terrain elements. I'd like to see flying units split into two kinds - full time flying and short term flying. Eg drawing a line between say a KO airship that's in the sky all the time and a Khinerai which can pick and choose and can be in the air or on the ground. It would be neat to see flight as a separate area and broadening the power for a ranged flight unit that can fire whilst in the air but is impervious to ground attacks against it - however that might be a touch too powerful when quite a few factions lack good ranged options right now. But I think if we go too far down this 3.0 rabbit hole we are going to stray and wander off Slaanesh. Heck fingers crossed maybe we get some news this weekend (I'm not banking on it though but it wouldn't shock me if GW had another little thing up their sleeve for Slaanesh in the new book)
  3. I think we are sort of agreeing, but just fighting over subtle variations in interpretation. I'm all for armies not having all the "tools" or having fewer or worse once and having benefits in other areas and negatives in others. Done right it doesn't just give variety in play style, but can make an army feel like their core themes. Compare Ossiarchs to a Skaven clanrat army and you can feel the difference; one is a huge swarm of fearful 1 wound weak rats that wins by swamping you with rats and then letting a few big elites smash you whilst protected by the screen of rats; the other grinds on you with fewer elite troops that are hard to kill; hit hard and can come back from the dead with a harvester nearby. For me its more that I look at niches within armies as options to provide concepts to expand upon. Eg I look at the artillery tab and the monsters tab; or at anti infantry or anti magic etc.... For me those are ideas and concepts that provide niches for units to fit into. So I'm basically looking at easy questions the army doesn't answer and hoping that they might get something that fills that role. It doesn't mean it has to fill it well or that every army has to fill every slot; just the hope that when GW adds models that they've got a purpose within the army. Take the new Warcry Warbands for Slaves to Darkness, because of how GW did the stats for them in Slaves ot Darkness they don't actually have a slot. They basically do the same as maruaders, but because they don't get the same synergies and buffs they can't achieve the same result for the same points. So what you end up with are some fantastic sculpts and a huge amount of fantastic creativity, that on paper isn't really all that interesting to take for many of them. They are great models, but they lack a slot and place. The reverse of that are armies like Fyreslayers who are missing a lot of tools and make up for it by having generally really good niche units. However the result is that, in theory, they don't "need" other stuff. So you have to build those needs into them so that you can expand and add more models and more variety.
  4. 3.0 could be a thing, certainly this would be the first book since 2.0 that's a repeat of an existing faction. However it depends if 3.0 is on the horizon (GW has no problem updating books within an edition when there's a big meaty addition like the one coming for Slaanesh) and also what changes between 2.0 and 3.0. The curious thing is that GW isn't making any noise about 3.0 right now. If they were starting 3.0 books I'd be expecting to hear hints of 3.0 on the horizon; though we might get details this coming weekend. This makes me consider that it could be a 3.0 book but that 3.0 isn't actually going to change much in how armies work and function, or that its not a 3.0 book and that 3.0 is further off.
  5. But AoS is fantasy?! And I was thinking more FB and Dakka. And sure some didn't like the blurry photo, that's because it was a blurry photo leak and looked pretty rubbish unless you engaged your imagination. Of course multiple angles and better photos improves things; just the same as improvement happens in seeing a model in reality as opposed to in photos and also yet again when models get painted by different painters. There's a good few people who simply won't like any model painted by GW's style of painters; or who don't like things in phots etc.... Heck personally I "dislike" 3D renderings over photos of actual models (thankfully GW hasn't fallen into that pit; but a good few other brands do make extensive use of 3D images as opposed to actual cast and painted models)
  6. No no we must not hope for that - we mustn't.... unless Slaanesh gets a dragon too....
  7. They are hyping the army they have the most on show with a teaser for the Vampire which won't get lots of attention till the weekend reveal event, where it might well dominate. As for the Kangaroos I'm seeing FAR more liking it than hating it, esp once they calm down and see the running sculpts and realise that they are less roos and more tauntauns
  8. For me its not so much about access to everything, but that each army has a high amount of variety and niches (eg artillery, monsters etc..) are niches within the game. An army can certainly just have a limited range of artillery. Eg an Aelf army might have one whlist a dwarf army might have four or five options. The trick is to introduce real variety within the game rather than giving one aelf faction 10 different close combat glass cannon style models that are all sort of the same and only visually/mechanically different in subtle ways. Also I think most like to think of their armies as "armies" which means the ability to deal with multiple different situations. That means they will all share some core similar elements to deal with similar problems.
  9. Well they do have an official Leaks Department. That said sometimes they seed their own leaks, sometimes things slip out Eg what prompted that video above was someone selling part of the sprue for Slaanesh Fiends randomly on ebay. It was basically bundled into a box of excess bits that had been sold off privately and the ebayer picked them up - put them on sale - then wound up with the net going nuts when the misstakenly included sprue was spotted. However GW today tends to roll with those leaks rathe than go nuts trying to shut them down.
  10. That new hero mount looks utterly fantastic. Seriously GW I'm trying my hardest not to start another army and you're showing these off!!
  11. I'd wager that the plan last year was Lumineth and Gargants in the first half of the year; Necrons and Marines in the middle then Vampires in the last part of the year up toward Christmas. The new Lumineth being shown off now are a curiosity since they aren't in the book yet its very close to when the book sold; perhaps they sold really well and GW is pleased or perhaps the bovine designs didn't catch enough peoples imagination and GW is reacting by pushing out more diversity into the army quickly to get its popularity up. Could be anything; might just be that "its done when its done" and those got done sooner so GW is letting them out. Lumineht certainly had perhaps the worst of it last year for launches because covid hit right at their launch time and stalled it dramatically - worse than for gargants that came all at once (well one model and book).
  12. Thing is if you go by Warscrolls Daughters of Khaine have: Morathi snake Morathi aelf Hag Queen Hag Queen on Cauldron Slaughter Queen Slaughter Queen on Cauldron Avatar of Khaine Bloodwrack Bloodwrack on Shrine Witch Aelves Sisters of Slaughter Khinerai Heartrenders Khinerai Lifetakers Blood Sisters Blood Stalkers Khainite Shadowstalkers Melusai Ironscale 17 That looks like a lot right, quite a big range of models and diverse options. However when you look at the number of kits suddenly it drops Morathi Cauldron kit Melusai Khinerai Doomfire Witch Aelves Shadowstalkers Ironscale 8 And the thing is many of the multi-part kits are not vastly different. The two queens are very similar and when on the cauldron its only one small difference between the two models; the army lacks any big monsters or big non-leader models. The cavalry is purely an elite skirmisher kind; the khinerai and aelves differ only in a head and one weapon arm; melusai in the same but with duel handed weapons. Basically the army has a lot of duel and multi-build options which help bulk it out on paper, but don't bulk it out model diversity wise. If you compare to 40K then most of those "duel build" are actually mono-builds with just a different weapon option and decorative head choices. In fact compared to 40K most of the weapon swaps are actually very few since most 40K models will have several different weapons and one or two specialist weapons in a set often as not. Flesheaters are much the same, they've a lot of warscrolls, but many are simply head/arm swaps on existing models which bulks out the paper side but not the actual model side. Now don't get me wrong I don't mind GW using a different warscroll for different weapons, I don't think we need to go into 40K levels of things. But at the same time I do want to see far more diversity within the armies in terms of model appearances and sculpts. I think most fans want that, they don't just want 120 witchaelf models every game with the only difference being if they have a knife or whip. They want to see additional diversity as an option within the army. So I don't look at warscrolls, I look at kits, because kits are what we build, what we paint and what define appearances on the table. Unless GW shifts toward doing super complex multipart kits that allow huge amounts of free-form posing (which sounds neat, but at the model scale such things can be insanely difficult to put together, esp if you don't want big ball and socket joints everywhere) then the best thing is if we get more weapon options then even if they are on the same units they can vary sculpts. If DoK were to get a sneaky stealth elite style of melusai weapon uses, perhaps twin daggers or such; then instead of it being and option on the current kit, having a separate kit with sneaky stealth like poses is the best option. And like any army fan I could sit here and list a dozen ideas off the top of my head for units and models that could be added; both from the game and the lore and imagination. We've already seen 2 kinds of artillery in use in the new expansion book during the siege of her fortress. We've got spear wielding aelves on the cauldron kit that could easily be used as basis for an elite or common fodder style band of spear users; we could have witchaelves riding cavalry as either an elite heavy hitter or a close combat fast harrassment unit; Morathi has often been seen to summon shadow demons to her air and we could go down that pathway for endless spells or beasts or monsters. Khinerai could get a leader model for themselves, we could get named Khinerai and Melusai leader models. As for the question on where the limit is on warscrolls, I'd say there isn't one. However I would say that each army does best when it can offer a full range of options (cavalry - infantry - ranged infantry - ranged cavalry - artillery - named and generic heroes - monsters/beasts/machines etc...) with multiple build options ranging from niche armies that spam a few units through to combined arms forces. Diversity is a key cornerstone both in terms of appearance of the army, but also in helping to keep a hold of our interest in our armies beyond just adding more of the same.
  13. GW release cycles run on several factors 1) Designer led - ergo they are not always looking to fill in key slots to armies but to design what they like 2) Money led - marines sell and get a lions share of releases. 3) Manager bias 4) Dice rolls Basically never look for a pattern because you won't really find one. Sometimes armies get update after update after update even if others are more in need; sometimes armies get left out for years and years; sometimes GW releases a lot all in one go and sometimes its drip fed. They do it all and there's not really any concrete pattern save the rate of releases. One thing that has changed is in the past GW used to tie big releases to the codex/battletome and they came out much slower as a result. So whilst you got a lot in one big go, you might wait year upon year and it was possible for some armies to go several editions with nothing. Today GW is faster all round, but they are also more willing to do smaller side releases as well as big chunky releases. But as to what faction gets it, that's almost totally random from our point of view. Don't forget though that prior to last year Slaanesh had gone a LONG time without any new models and had one of the smaller Chaos God ranges even to the point of people thinking GW was going to write them out of the game (both games) entirely. Part of why this wasn't an issue before was because Chaos God armies didn't exist until AOS, in the past they were all one single demonic army. This meant Slaanesh didn't need ranged weapons, you got them from other Chaos gods as needed. You could run pure, but you were basically running a fluffy niche list. When GW spread the gods out in AoS it meant that some wound up very small in diversity. Slaanesh getting two releases is clearly bulking them up like the other three core Chaos Gods. I'm somewhat surprised Lumineth are getting a new slew of models so soon, esp when Ossiarchs and others didn't. However as I said sometimes its a bit random and Lumineth were "high elves reborn" and thus GW was likely banking on a higher popularity. Still Daughters of Khain, Flesh Eaters, Fyreslayers are all smaller factions that can easily take big updates and players of those factions want those updates. When or even if they will come is unknown - FE and DoK have had some drip fed releases (FE got the count and DoK have had an underworld and Warcry warband and one new leader). Heck look at Skaven and Seraphon - big diverse armies in need of a big overhaul of a lot of their models (esp skaven) and both are very popular and sell well and yet they've not had anything much more than a token update here and there (heck have Seraphon had anything in AoS? I think their Underworld Warband might be their first update and Skaven have only had one new leader model - although in fairness they did get some nice stuff from End Times)
  14. It looks like the card insert for a blister pack - something GW hasn't done in a while but could be bringing back for individual models such as characters/leaders. Heck might be they are cutting down on packaging once more or want to show more "what's in the box plastic" not just hide it with product art Edit - and as shown above Lumineth already have them. Actually now I type this I recall that Ossiarchs also have them. So yep totally normal
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