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  1. Looks like its from the Total War Warhammer 2 game for the Pirate expansion
  2. Just remember these points won't take into account any feedback from the Slaanesh feedback already provided. These were sent to the printer months ago. It takes months for shipments to make it by boat around the world even before the pandemic slowed down international trade. The Slaanesh feedback might well be part of what contributes toward an errata or FAQ document, but might also be invalid by virtue of being based on the 2.0 not 3.0 system. If anything Slaanesh players should treat it as a dry run - learn from what they collated and tabulated and work to improve a second attempt once 3.0 h
  3. Marines make up something like 40% or GW's total sales as a company I think (or at least have reached such heights in the past). So they are a BIG thing and Indomitus with Marines inside makes it a huge product. So AoS is already less in total sales let alone sales for Stormcast and the new army. So yep there is likely far less pressure than with Indomitus GW also wasn't shut 2 months prior to launch of Dominion and has had a year of inflated sales to have at least a bit of time to adjust their ordering and sales rates for Dominion. Don't forget Indomitus hit right after Covid lockdowns a
  4. Lets not forget last year with Indomitus GW saw their sales rate double from the previous year without any warning and 2 months prior to Indomitus they had to shut down. So yeah I'm not surprised they've managed to handle the stock a bit better this time around. Of course AoS is a different beast and sells less than Space Marines will so there's that to factor in as well. That said I think the system on the website at least stopped it crashing this time, which means people didn't feel as pressured when trying to buy. So it removed some of the panic.
  5. After 2 massive updates and releases a few models in the next few years is exactly what I'd expect for Slaanesh even if they were top dog right now. Slaanesh for AoS is very much going to enter the drip-fed system now and very rightly. There's armies like Fyreslayers that need big additions or Skaven who need a nice big range update . The next BIG Slaanesh release I would expect to be for 40K, and then more focused on the Marine side not the demon side; with things like noise marines and the like.
  6. Darn it I've got to wait a whole 2 weeks before excess rulebooks (at cheaper than brand new from GW) hit ebay! That or the listings are taking their time coming through from the box splitters. This is what I get for not caving to pressure and buying new armies I don't need! These are the pains of being moderately responsible!
  7. Considering its often just a cover and a book mark ribbon I rarely feel sad about missing limited editions. On the one hand the different cover rarely feels worth it for the high price GW charges for them. On the other I'm glad in a way, that they aren't full of additional content because their limited production numbers would make it a nightmare to get a hold of a copy.
  8. Moderator Notice Ok people take a step back from the keyboard. This is just a points change, we've done these before time and time again. Lets not get bent out of shape and start fighting each other over variations in opinions. No one wins in those "fights" so lets stop them before we start.
  9. Deep breaths people - its just points its not the end of the world. There's no sense falling out over opinions as to if points are too high or low or whatever. Remember discussions here are only airing our views and how we might deal and with the hand that is dealt to us as gamers. It's not a place to let our passion for our hobby spill over into a fight or argument. Remember you're just talking to fellow gamers, not the GW rules team; what we discuss here won't change the world. Also remember if you find the game ends up with too few models for you and your local; ju
  10. I think the sting for DoK and Slaanesh is that they literally just got new books so seeing point hikes on top of point hikes is quite a blow, though its nice to see hellstriders and such come down a bit. It does make you wonder how GW's internal system is for proof reading and balancing and writing things when battletomes being updated for 3.0 are being updated even before they've actually had a 3.0 game and in quite a significant way, this isn't just a few small corrections. That said if every army is going up I can see logic from GW's angle in trying to limit the chances of the g
  11. I figure that this because of how the new realm rules will interact with the core rules, but GW hasn't got a realm book out yet. So they've chucked a load into the GHB to get things going.
  12. This is one of those things that's basically impossible for us to answer. GW certainly weights things to different regions based on their metrics for selling and their stock. The only bonus is that limited editions in this case mostly means a fancy cover, so you can still get a hold of the same contents with a regular copy. Based on Indomitus the limited edition sold within the boxed set shouldn't be "too" hard to find in the early weeks. Between people selling off second copies from buying more than one set through to split kits on ebay and the like they should be reasonably accessibl
  13. Indeed, which is somewhat an odd choice considering GW is also pushing more model diversity per army right now with armies getting bigger and heck Stormcast have a huge problem with it. At the same time they seem to be pushing smaller unit sizes this edition so that might balance it out. Then again sometimes GW just does stuff. One big issue with their new rule editions has always been that there's more an attitude to "just change stuff up" rather than to perfect and polish what was there. In a sense its them defending you getting a new rules edition because its not ju
  14. When I look back at old armies they were much smaller. However at the same time the number of model types per army was also much smaller as well. So it balanced out. Bigger armies are the result of a more diverse army by army model range. Simply put if you've got 5 different models per army players can put most of their models on the table. If you've got 20 different models and some come in 10-30 model blocks suddenly its a lot harder to let people play with all their toys. I think the best thing is to have cheaper entry games - Underworlds, Warcry - coupled with the main game and
  15. I guess its a trial run. There is the Sabbat Worlds Crusade limited edition up today so that might also be another good one for GW to curtail rapid demand on. Though the book itself also has a hardback made-to-order version for 2 weeks; but the limited with coins and art is only 1500 copies.
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