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  1. GW very much swaps stuff between AoS and 40K now since both use very similar systems of gaming. So yes I'd expect to see some kind of campaign Crusade system appear in the formal rules of AoS. If anything its actually creating Narrative mode as opposed to just saying "narrative is games with story/connections" which is somewhat totally open-ended and informal. Crusade isn't really creating a 4th way to play its giving Narrative structure, unity, common ground and suchlike. Right now narrative and open don't get talked about as much because they are different for each player group or each game event within a player group. Giving them something like Crusade creates a common ground. That said it shouldn't be part of Matched Play. Even small upgrades are upgrades and crusade also has its limits too. It's a fun system, but non-crusade armies could be at some disadvantage compared to crusade armies. Especially since nothing forces a player to play their Crusade army faithfully. You can give your army free points, upgrades or whatever you want before the game; because unless its part of a structured campaign and monitored there's nothing to force you to obey the rules. It's just social agreements and the fact that the idea of the modes fun is to play the games. Let matched be matched; let crusade be crusade (or rather narrative).
  2. "plenty of new models" is marketing talk. It basically means that some are coming but we've no way to know how many. It might mean one book gets a whole new army; or each army gets one new model or there's only 5 in total. Heck some might be "new models" by building specific kit options from existing kits into new named hero models. In general treat "plenty" like when GW says "best ever preview coming up". It's just marketing talking like marketing.
  3. Slaanesh doesn't have to break free though. A Chaos God tearing at hte chains - causing huge issues between Shadow and Light Realms works just as well for Chaos. Who knows perhaps the Dark Prince finds it a benefit! If he can cause great calamities and yet is also hidden from the other Chaos Gods Slaanesh might work it to remain entrapped in a place where Slaanesh is basically safe. So long as a trickle of control and influence gets out of the prison the Great Prince could give command to the legions and rise against the other Gods with almost impunity.
  4. Morathi can't become the new Slaanesh - her own cult would have to stab her many many many times and then we'd not get to use that awesome model. More likely it sounds like she's going to try and steal power from Sigmar; or perhaps her plan is to fully steal the souls from Slaanesh in one big burst. A huge glut of souls that will pour into the vast blood cauldron which she can then use in an epic feat of magic to unleash a huge tide of khinerai and melusai upon the realms. Perhaps driving back Slaanesh's mortal and demonic forces and then entering into a major war with her son to steal significant chunks of land. We should not forget that just as she's weaker as a demi-god she's also weaker in terms of military might and armed forces.
  5. At last! A fantasy setting where the old magical races are not a past gone faction steadily falling into decay and ruin and failure. Where humans are not the shining light of the future that is the beacon of all goodness in the setting; the rising power that will arise to crush all and yet at the same time rule fair and wise over what remains. At last a setting that isn't following the Middle Earth pattern of human dominance at the expense of the fantasy older races. That and Cities of Sigmar are getting rules; Slaves to Darkness are getting rules. For a book ending the realm of man there's basically the two major human forces getting rules and support through it.
  6. This sounds like each army is getting a theme army with a bit more "validity" behind it than being a "white dwarf" army. It will remain to be seen how the new warscrolls work; ergo if they are outright replacements or if they are used only within the theme force introduced in the book. The lore is interesting because its suggesting that Morathi is going to make a bigger play for power and also to stab Sigmar in the back quite powerfully. Whilst we were never under illusions that wars within Grand Alliances happen, this sounds like a pretty major one. Especially as thus far most of Order has been fairly well united against Chaos (even Idoneth are mostly only against others to harvest souls rather than for territories and such). Destruction wars against itself; Death has Flesheaters doing whatever they want and Chaos has rarely if never been truly united. Order was an enigma and it sounds like Morathi is going to strike like the viper she is to try and steal herself some power from that upshot of a golden god
  7. Darn it GW you should know you can't name the Dead Play!! It's bad luck @SunStorm GW's factory and shipping side of business should remain operational provided they are operating covid restrictions (ergo socially distanced working; washing hands; etc...). Basically most of the restrictions hit at social and retail gatherings. Heck even at the highest tier they are keeping schools/universities open. It's not as strict as it was the first time where basically everything that was not essential was shut down. I would assume that GW might not feel much of a hit other than having to close Warhammer World. They might have to reduce or change some practices but I believe they are already operating within covid guidelines.
  8. Orion has no legal model outside of legends rules. Only way to bring him on would be to make a conversion of a tree-man model and use that. Basically make it the same size, same base and use the tree ancient rules and just have it look like Orion. I'm not aware of any Kurnothi stories, but I'd expect there to be one out there since they are part of the starter pack. Right now Kurnothi are a concept, we've no real idea if its a concept GW will run with in the future as part of an update to Sylvaneth or if its just a conceptual idea that GW is doing a one-off through Underworlds. One power Underworlds has is being able to do small groups like that to be creative and expand on the setting, without having to make full armies. WE can hope for them, but I'd treat it like stories and artwork - nice to see but never pin hopes on them appearing.
  9. I did lists a while back for both AoS and Old World https://warminiatures.wordpress.com/black-library-publications/ It's mostly up to date, though its only showing the published books and which short stories are in which collection and such. I've not even attempted to put things into chronological order; especially since so many are only possible with rough major events (eg before or after Necroquake)
  10. Using magnets is a good one - worth putting these ideas in the budget thread we've got going already
  11. Special Ability - All my Toys Upon losing more than 50% of his army (excluding his own points), Sigmar can activate this ability. Remove all friendly models from the table and leave the game club. Return to the table (in whatever state it is in) in one week's time with triple the points of what was removed and resume the game with your deployment. *I'm sorry I couldn't help myself*
  12. We "Sort of" get Black Friday in that a few of the bigger international stores are slowly pushing it as another sales day and its creeping in here and there. But its nothing like the US version. It's also a much more recent thing for those those which are doing it.
  13. @Grim Beasties neat find! That said it doesn't surprise me, we've sort of known that mortals should come at some point for Slaanesh and that Underworld team might be a bit more fancy, but yep should set the tone. Looking forward to seeing the full units! @Charleston no rumours yet. It's all just wishlisting right now. Chances are we'll hear something in November or early December about them and what's happening over Christmas.
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