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  1. Yep, Generals handbook could be second week, considering we've had Contrast paint stuff all this week and nothing on the GHB. Sylvanath might come this weekend its hard to say. I hope it does because that would mean we might just get another Battletome in June if we are lucky and if GW has one in the waiting. They've done two in one week before with Skaven and Flesheaters.
  2. For some annoying reason GW doesn't put unique onto character warscrolls. Instead they put it onto the pitched battle profiles tables under the "notes" column. These are found at the end of the Battletome or in the Generals Handbook. For the Gaunt Summoner it is not a unique character and thus you can take as many as you wish up to the leaders limit for the game size.
  3. Hopefully! Be great for AoS to get back on Battletome Track! Also considering all the contrast paint update this week I'm guessing we'll see them up for preorder this weekend so that they'd basically go on sale right at the start of June.
  4. My on worry is that they put a load of points up which doesn't actually shutdown the main powerhouse, but does mean that armies get basically even more focused around it alone. I still wish they'd consider actual stat-line changes not just point changes. Then again we've seen Flesheaters and Skaven rising up to be big powerhouses as well so its not as if daughters are alone at the top of the risky tower. Then again GW might be more marginal with changes this year s they are about half way through updating all of AoS.
  5. You know straining your eyes to try and see only makes the issue worse so I've heard - chances are you'll only need the glasses sometime any way so easier to just go get a quick test and have it confirmed. Heck might be you don't yet need them or anything, but it won't hurt to find out for sure.
  6. You can either: a) Use an Everchosen Army with Skaven allies (skaven would be limited to 1/4 of points and unit count as per allies rules) b) Use a Grand Alliance Chaos army with both forces how you want. Baring in mind the Everchosen faction currently has no up to date 2.0 Battletome of its own and thus the ability for them to take Skaven allies might be changed when their book is released (which is likely to be sometime within the next 6-12 months). Further noting that the Grand Alliance books are very old and not as "powerful" as regular up to date armies. Note I'm unsure where the current rules for Everchosen are to be found
  7. Another thought for these new paints - I've just got some 18mm models - layering on such small models can be more of a challenge before you start obscuring detail. Contrast paints could be a huge game changer for them in terms of what is possible on such a small area, esp for establishing a very solid base colour and some highlight/shading.
  8. Aye, and in destruction again its the new tome vs old tomes issue again as Ironjawz and Beastclaw Raiders are old tomes. Still until the new books come we can't be certain.
  9. Ouch that's just darn confusing! That said it makes me wonder if/when GW address Everchosen we will see a change to reflect how the Skaven Battletome currently stands. It's a thought to keep in mind because there's a very strong chance that the Tome iwll be updated within the next year or so.
  10. Skaven have a battletome and within it are the allied factions they can draw from which is basically only other skaven and Nurgle (through a skaven pestilens clan army). So you can't form a Skaven army with Everchosen nor an Everchosen army with Skaven. However what you can do is form a Grand Alliance Chaos army which can draw units from any force in the Chaos Grand Alliance. The Grand Alliance has its own book and abilities, however they were some of the first published for AoS and are very out of date now, which is why you don't see too many Grand Alliance armies.
  11. I think GW is doing a lot more to promote Black Library in general - I seem to recall when I was into Warhammer years and yeasr ago BL was "thing" but nowhere near as heavily marketed. It was almost all in the background for the super-fan. Right now GW is pushing BL harder and harder though they oddly still split it off onto its own website (though they are steadily adding some books to their main store site). Glad to hear that its having a positive effect at the actual writers end of things - onward and upward for more lore and books!
  12. Hmm not pre-ordered any but which books were they?
  13. Considering how big they are making contrast paint and how it hits all their product markets I would wager that GW might even do a 2 week preorder for the launch rather than a 1 week.
  14. Have an eye out for the new contrast paints https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/22/contrast-the-pro-perspectivegw-homepage-post-1/ These are what GW is releasing in June and they are a range of paints which can instantly highlight, colour and shade a model in one coat of the colour. They do not replace highlighting nor shading nor any other method, but they provide a very solid base to work from. Letting you either get a battle ready army very fast onto the table with simple touching up of details after the contrast paints go on; or giving you a solid foundation to build up further detailing and highlighting detail etc.... In short they sound like the ideal product for you in helping you get up to having painted modesl to play with. Another option - go over to ebay (or if you collect skaven or the few other models GW makes get some of them) - grab some old metal models. Don't pay a fortune just grab some. Then get yourself some paint stripping stuff (brown dettol in the UK - though there are loads of articles on paint stripping out there). Metal strips easily so you can undercoat it - paint it up - paint up a few - improve your skill and then soak them, strip the paint and start again. The idea is through this method you are building hand eye skills, brush handling skills, posture etc... You're basically gaining experience without risking your "actual models" for the tabletop.
  15. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/22/contrast-the-pro-perspectivegw-homepage-post-1/ Ok so the video is very much like watching actors talking about an upcoming film (seriously is this contrast paint the product or CONTRAST PAINT - THE MOVIE? ). Overall though GW has reached out and got a nice range of quality painters in the video and I think that their enthusiasm and viewpoints certainly echo many we've been hearing already - that contrast paint is going to be a likely solid tool in the toolbox for many high quality painters; whilst for the more casual or battle-ready painter its the kind of paint that can let them get armies up to tabletop standard and down on the table playing with them painted.
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