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  1. Stormcast are made from souls when two basic conditions are met: 1) The person is fighting/battling/combating Chaos. This doesn't have to mean in a one-on-one fight, but in some form the person dies/gives their life standing against Chaos. 2) The person also believes in and calls out to Sigmar in their life/in their dying moments. As a result, because most races have their own gods, the vast majority of those souls that would be right for Sigmar are humans. As noted above Dwarves and Aelves have their own gods that they prey too. That said it seems that only Sigmar and Nagash really play around with the Dead; most others are quite content for their dead to move on and stay dead. Meanwhile those that "might" decide to use their dead (eg Skaven) have their hands (claws) full holding off Nagash and his quest to rule all of the Realm of Death (that is the dead fighting the dead).
  2. I foresee GW ending the phase of adding new armies "fairly" soon. AoS still has a lot of small factions and factions with lots of old sculpts. There's a lot to rework on what is already out. Plus its important to remember that many people only collect a few armies or even one army. So if GW focuses too much on adding new ones; all those one/two army fans get disgruntled and bored. They are less likely to invest in new armies if their original army is never getting updates. If there's 20 armies (there's already more) that's 20 new/update models GW has to release to keep "everyone" happy. That's perhaps double or more a full "new" army being added. Of course ending new armies doesn't mean things stop; it just means that things shift in direction. changing toward Gloomspit Gitz style updates for Seraphon and Skaven; fleshing out Flesheaters with double the number of kits they have now etc...
  3. True, but ultimately GW made the Mortal Realms to allow them to basically do anything in the setting - including add factions at whim. Some of them will be hints at full armies to come; some will be cross-over armies (eg skaven stealing KO airships) to encourage conversions; some will just be a faction with a realm focus; others will just be something an author created for a story. etc... There are a lot of factions that will never see the light of day; there are some that are not planned to see the light of day, but might one day. In the end GW can only produce a finite number of armies, especially if we as fans want to see existing armies get new models and updated models. We can't get that if GW just keeps adding more and more and more armies. Eventually there's a limit point - beyond which imagination and conversion skills are the only way to create some ideas. It's a realistic view based on GW's 30 odd years of operation so its not out of the question. I already admit there's several strongly hinted at lore armies that are very likely to get forces of their own and would be surprising to shocking if they don't. For example I'd be very surprised if Soulbight/Vampires didn't get their own force or a major reworking of Legions of Nagash to push them to the top. I'd be surprised based on teh vampire legacy from Old World and how strongly GW pushes them in the lore. But who knows they could be like Nippon, Cathay, Araby, Exocidets, Demiurg, Zoats and others that have appeared in lore many times that never got a whole army to themselves. Or perhaps in 10 or 20 years they do (eg Genestealer cults got their own army). Ultimately my point is not to sit on the fence and wait forever nor to put too much stock into lore and rumour and hope. By all means hope for new things - heck I'm hoping to see the new Malarion Shadow Aelves - but I'm not "expecting" them in the sense that I know they are a guaranteed army to appear; nor do I know when - it might be this year; it might be in 5 years or 10 years time.
  4. GW now sells hoodies, shirts, mugs, posters and other merch https://merch.warhammer.com It's all 40K right now (and all the Xenos also get to feature); however under the "search by armies" there's a whole segment of tabs for AoS "Coming Soon"
  5. GW rarely leaves a door shut on armies they develop - even Squats have several avenues to be re-introduced into 40K if GW chooses. Old World (which had 30 years of production) had multiple factions which appeared in the lore many times and were well fleshed out in the story setting. They never appeared and one, Araby, only appeared in Warmaster (the 6mm wargame). As always I'd caution people against getting over-excited at seeing niche armies like Kirnothi being raised into full armies; or at "lore" armies like Grotbag Scuttlers or Skaven Sky Pirates becoming fully fledged models and armies Sometimes those armies just hang around for ages - Exodites for 40K have been referenced many times but never had a single model made since the Rogue Traders days. By all means get enthusiastic and perhaps even consider conversions (most of the sky-priate alternate factions get into the skies by stealing KO airships so that's easy conversion fodder right there). But I would never bank on any of those forces becoming full armies. Of course there's a few very certain hints. GW has all but said that the Shadow Aelves will appear; furthermore its clear that Soulblight (vampires) will get their own book for Death at some stage. Of course such certain facts can take a very long time to materialise. Sometimes taking so long they basically never come around. Eyes on the future is good, but keep yourself grounded in the present too and don't wait on hinted/lore/rumour armies.
  6. Overread

    Nurgle help

    Do please remember that if you wanted them do drop a polite email to Forgeworld to tell them. If they get enough requests they might look at making a new casting etc... Of course sometimes this has no effect at all; but who knows if enough people show interest!
  7. Really like this as well - very neat and clean painting and very distinctive!
  8. For me its not even a selfish thing, its more that I realise that many people only collect a few armies if one army at a time. If GW goes too broad the playerbase ends up with dozens of armies and GW has a harder time keeping people happy. There's a few exceptions - eg Giants might be one that gets fewer updates due to their very nature. We are seeing it happen too, Warcry added a load to Slaves to Darkness and we are getting some Daughters of Khaine additions too.
  9. PArt me also hopes it goes this way. Not only because it means that AoS doesn't get even more faction bloat, but it also gives Sylvaneth something new to bolster their model range. The last thing I want to see is AoS end up with 3 dozen armies - all a handful of models each and so many that GW never has the production slots to broaden their model ranges.
  10. I've given this a nudge in the right direction. Though this is a call only admin can make. I should note that typically forums tend to add sections when they see demand for it. Demand being when legitimate threads on a specific topic start to bulk out other generalist areas; creating a need to add a section. Adding sections before that happens is sometimes avoided simply because its not felt that there will be "enough" content to keep it alive. That said I'm fairly confident the RPG would generate content and interest and activity.
  11. Yeah I'm sure that the lack of rotational photos is simply that they've not had the photography people back in the office to do them yet - or that they are back but are being done possibly next week or too close to get things ready for today. It might have also just slipped the net with the rafter of other more critical things GW likely has to get rolling once again - along with corona safety measures. Kind of surprised they weren't prepared at the same time as the product shots, would have thought they'd have done them all at the same time in one go. Which might mean that its just sitting on a computer ready to go or be edited up and then go etc... So again could just be that whoever has access to the files hasn't been in to log in and work on them. I wouldn't worry about it, the 360 are really useful and I'm sure GW won't drop them as a feature.
  12. Please teach me this manner of bullet dodging - I could do with more skill at it!!
  13. I don't think AoS needs a commandpoint overhaul. 40K is having that done to deal with the issue of souped armies, AoS doesn't actually have that problem at all at this stage, if anything pure armies are generally superior to Grand Alliance ones. It also seems most of the fanbase is very happy with that situation, meanwhile those who want a more allied forces approach have several armies to pick from such as Cities of Sigmar and Legions of Nagash. Rather than cobbling together whole armies it simply cobbles together allied forces within the lore within a single army tome so that it balances and works alongside regular pure armies. It's one area that, 2.0 wise, AoS has really got working very well for itself.
  14. We don't, but GW has not hinted at anything else. It would be surprising for them to hide all the info on other releases for them, since normally if they have more to come they like to generate hype and tease it in the trailer/marketing.
  15. Actually with the long term impact of Covid I think GW can be ok right now to push ahead even if they can't keep everything in stock. Because they aren't alone in the boat - the whole world is in there with them in some form or another. Sure its not ideal, but GW likely can't even operate their factory and warehouse at full output for at least a year or more with social distancing restrictions. This ignores any local or national lockdown happening again or even if one person in their team catches it and then shuts down the whole site for two or more weeks. The imperative for them to get 9thed out is that they've got other stuff they've already invested in also waiting to go. The risk is that htye end up sitting on millions of £ worth of moulds and design work that they can't sell. Ergo an investment that isn't making any money and is costing them to store. Better to get it out the door as best they can. They can then steadily slow releases in the future and spread things out; they can regain control by clearing some backlog.
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