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  1. Well they are basically an elite unit (witches) made into a whole army. So too much of their kit was formerly elite or is brand new. I figure most who have got into AoS with them are still holding onto them, hence the lack of a secondhand market. Plus I suspect what there was was quickly bought up when they launched and were overpowered for a while.
  2. DoK also technically have the least model kits in AoS. They "sort of" get away with it because most of them are modern kits and they have a lot of duel kits even if most are just weapon and head swaps. Their Cauldron kit is also very cheap when you consider the number of leaders you get from a single kit; but overall they are not a cheap army to collect. They look great though! I really hope that with a Warcry band and Underworld band we might even see a few more kits (even spells/terrain) for them at some stage "soon". Of course they aren't alone, but when you then look at Flesheaters, who have similar problems but are much cheaper to collect because its pretty much all in the getting started set, its a funny comparison.
  3. Oh my Warcry excitement might be making me miss remember. Though I'm sure that it can't be too far away for Morathi to get more reinforcements.
  4. Well GW did say Beastgrave and Warcry were both coming this month so next week or the week after could well be the new DoK Warcry Warband and perhaps even the Fire Warband too!"
  5. Whelp that's going to be my first Underworld Warband set of models! Honestly GW doesn't even need to give them rules; the Queen alone looks fantastic. I also love her very classic fantasy pose
  6. The Daughters of Khaine. An almost all woman army of acrobatic religious warriors who use blood and shadow magics. A savage force given over to the ideals of perfection through strength and prowess in battle. Who carve out the hearts of their foe with brilliantly aimed strikes of sword, spear, blade and bow; using the offerings to power vile and powerful blood magics and to concoct drugs and brews to enhance their performance in battle. Everything about them speaks of agility and speed; of the inhuman abilities of the aelf, their bodies trained to the extreme even for their own kind. They have all the violence and love of combat that a true orruk would have, yet they are not orruks. They are aelves and thus also prim and proper in their own way. They build fancy temples and mighty cities. They have creative arts and style (Even on the battlefield). Indeed for all their focus on the ideals of brute strength and power, they are more likely to dance before their foes on the battlefield; weaving past every strike before delivering their blows back with sharp blades. Their leaders is a woman scorned and enraged by a very god of Chaos. Her mind partly insane and her body twisted and deformed into a mighty form of a gorgon with a dragons wings; a serpents tail and a head of writhing snakes. A powerful mage and also warrior driven with a lust for power; denied it by betrayal in a lost world. A desire so great that now she declares herself Oracle and steals the power of a god to fuel her own. Her jealousy and lust for power so great that any who might threaten her from her own circles are gifted with a deadly bite that tears their body apart with the curse; twisting them into writhing all powerful blood serpent sorceresses. Yet for all this blood and power there's also the shadows. Assassins, writhing shadows and other darker things that lurk in the deep night of the realm of shadow. Tales of winged harpies that summon weapons from the very shadows to strike; of medusa like halfbreeds that slither out. They are quite the dark army, as bloody as vampires and as violent as any orruk. Yet they are no wild and crazed force; nor are they given over to the ideals of undeath. They are one of the most fanatical forces in their desire to purge the realms of Chaos and stand with Sigmar and his forces of Order. A dark force that stands proud with the light against the tide of Chaos. At the same time they are a faction that I think gets a darker view of them than is true. Their military forces are certainly dark with a razor sharp edge, but at the same time they have artists and poets. They have cities bustling with all the hub and throng that you'd expect of a living faction. Traders and artists, bakers and farmers. Though one might notice that men take a lesser position than the women, but otherwise they are a regular normal living faction. They love and lust, die and reproduce. They are not vampires given over to eternal life and its entropy; nor chaos spawn given over to madness and endless conflict.
  7. I think some of it is blowback because "loot boxes" have a very negative connection with online gamers right now (and we are on a forum so there's likely a lot of people who don't like loot crates and such in computer games). The other aspect is that some people just don't like random boxes and fear them becoming the norm; whilst others worry that its devaluing the brand/game etc... In general its likely also taht its not as "interesting" as new models which is what people want. There's a lot of stuff that people are impatient for that, without Corona, we'd have had already.
  8. Oh they are very much aimed at shifting dead-stock or stuff that just isn't selling fast. I've seen them be pretty popular in certain gaming circles; competitive wargamers not so much because that breed tends to only want to buy very specific models. More build/paint fans or DnD/roleplaying groups though often love them because they are more interested in something to build and paint and random things to play with. An RPG DM might well have loads of models, some of which might only see use a few times for campaigns or once if at all. They are happy with it because what they want is variety for their games. Meanwhile builders and painters are fully into the construction and art sides of things so having spare parts and random projects can be fun for them. Heck if they did one for armies I collected I'd be tempted; or one for Adepticus Titanicus etc... They also don't really harm models sales; the only time is if you end up with a situation like Warmachine/Hordes has had where the company wound up on a LOT of deadstock and a bit of a dwindling marketing campaign because they then somewhat flooded their own market with models. GW is on the up and its very unlikely that they are sitting on vast amounts of unsold stock. So chances are that they won't hurt anyone.
  9. We know there's a multi-part chaos warrior kit to come to compliment the push-fit so this could well be the optional part from that! Also GW is now doing random loot crates https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/08/05/mystery-models-unmissable-prices/ There's an "Imperium" themed one and an "Underworld" themed one. You get double the price of the set in value of models and the contents are fixed per region but also different per region (though as you can only order from one region its a bit of a moot issue, but does mean if you bought two or three you'd get the same repeat content). Bit of a surprise move and "loot boxes" are always a bit of a hit and miss thing in that some people love them and others hate them. It's also curious because its very odd if GW has enough stock left over from those franchises to actually make it an excess stock clearance.
  10. That's right! Darn it if anyone is getting free painting of models it should be the admin and moderators first - then the lowly membership!!
  11. Don't forget that 40K got a new edition for existing fans, but Indomitus was never marketed nor expected to be sold to new gamers. So the starter sets make sense coming out fast. They are for newer customers just starting out in 40K.
  12. One hard thing to predict is how much GW releases in a week. Sometimes they seem to be under-releasing compared to what they could release; so it might be that they are having to stagger things so that they've enough production slots so that new releases don't run out of stock too fast; whilst at the same time keeping up as best they can with the rest. For example the new 40K Starters sets might well come out on their own, or they might come alongside several other new models previewed for both armies. What might have once been a one week release could be two or three.
  13. MODERATOR POST Ok I've just cleaned out most of that minor spat. People are free to resume posting. NOTE its ok to disagree when interpreting rules that might have a vague wording or could be missunderstood. Disagreeing is fine, but lets leave out starting to make attacks on other peoples character or to start getting angry when people disagree with your viewpoint. Debate the rule and the point and leave personal comments out of it.
  14. Even if they don't release physical, the ebook versions were ideal, especially because there are a LOT of Old World stories and the collected editions are an affordable and simple way to pick them up.
  15. The other issue is the looming pressures of another potential lockdown. UK is already starting to feel the corona cases creep up and is putting in place a slowdown on the unlocking process. There is every chance if the number of cases starts to climb again that we might well see businesses closed down again. For GW this might mean the high-street stores have to close ,but that their main site can remain open. However if the local situation to them gets worse then staff might have to or want to pause work to isolate. In the end GW has very healthy finances and is a non-essential product and service. They can survive another shut down if they have too.
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