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  1. Progress has been slow, but I finally got a chaos mind cat! Then followed a long hunt as I was sure I had a phoenix model, but I could not find it! Went through my main model storage and didn't see it and half convinced myself that I'd sold it along with a bunch of other high elf stuff last year. However when I checked what I'd sent out I didn't find mention. Back to the mystery and I re-checked the box - turns out I'd missed it! There it was safe and sound and ready to have its wings clipped and cut and chopped at by a madman with a pair of clippers! I've now clipped the wings down and got them ready, hopefully tomorrow I can attach them to the body and start adding some greenstuff to the join area. After that I'll have to start making some feathers and fur to just mask over where the join area is.
  2. You're welcome - and someone had to save the Rumours thread from becoming the newest battleground for the never-ending War of the Beard between (a)elves and dwarves
  3. The forum automatically resizes any photos that are embedded so that they fit the forums structure without warping the pages/display. However if you click on the image it opens up in its own window at the original size. If you want to upload photos larger than the gallery allows you can use a 3rd party service such as Imgur Just copy the direct link into the thread and the photo should display as normal.
  4. No idea and I suspect GW doesn't actually know fully either. Don't forget their entire factory is closed at present. For them there is nothing moving. So they can't produce or develop any products. This means that whilst they likely have a year's worth of concepts, ideas, releases and plans; they can't release them to us in the normal order and rate because otherwise they build themselves a backlog of promises that they can't easily deliver upon. Remembering that when the factories come online it might take several months to get stocks back to a stable point once again whilst also producing stock for new releases at the same time. So they are teasing up the Adepticon stuff, however this disaster is likely going to also run over other reveal events that were planned later in the year. As a result GW might combine them or might delay some stuff. Furthermore from a marketing point of view they clearly want to have something at least once or twice a month to tell us to keep tehir market interested. That means teasing things out; however the date for re-opening keeps shifting and adjusting and there aren't any clear facts on it. So chances are they are now planning for the worst - which if I recall right is reactivation on the 1st June - based on a bit I heard that the lockdown might remain in force until the end of May. That's a LONG way from the original April 14th date that was earlier quoted. Another aspect is that at present lockdown is advertised as a one time event, however when it ends and people start moving there's great potential for infections to flare up again very quickly. So it might be that GW only gets a short term window before lockdowns come back into force and clamp down the country once again. This might mean that their early focus is on restoring existing stocks and that they don't even get to start making new things before the lockdown hits again. So things are all a flutter. GW is in a very strong position with no debts, strong assets, a loyal and active customerbase etc... They will weather this better than a lot of other companies. OF course we also have to consider that GW might have to cancel some side projects in order to free up money to cover losses made during this time. The UK Government is covering 80% of wages so GW still has to make up 20% themselves.
  5. Exactrly -Flesh Eaters can already run an army almost only comprising undead dragons and terrorgiests and its not really made any big "OMG Broken" waves at all. Time will tell if AoS can maintain this as I expect that as GW expands more armies the amount of ranged weapons will increase. Right now there's armies like Flesheaters with no ranged weapons and armies like Daughters of Khaine and Bonereapers with only one perhaps two ranged options.
  6. One bonus AoS has is that the majority of armies rely heavily on close combat. So putting giants in doesn't really change things a huge amount. Instead of a block of infantry you've got a giant or a terragiest or a dragon. They all mostly engage in the same/similar ranges and the alternation (mostly) of close combat attacks per turn also helps level the playing field. The problems with knights and such in 40K tends to be more that ranged weapons are far more powerful so in some situations its possible to obliterate things during a shooting phase before the opponent can react. I can see 40K potentially adopting an Apoc approach whereby casualties are removed at the end of a turn not during the shooting/attacking phase and then merging shooting into a single turn or somesuch - ergo allowing return fire.
  7. @Snitchey and in one photo you've probably come close to "winning" the backlog competition Though its really nice to see it all sorted and orderly like that. At least you can find stuff! Just think by the end of all this you could have made a serious dent in that mountain!
  8. Aye but GW still has a block of products that they don't sell to retail stores with discount. That's why some things at the local store level are the same price (or very near too) as the GW store. It's those products that, with this discount offer, would be worth getting from GW direct with discount. Of course @Aelfric raises a good point about supporting your local game store - which has likely been hit far harder than GW has by this global shutdown. Indeed DO support your local store(s) as much as you financially can.
  9. Yeah a lot of direct order only is only sold at pretty much GW levels from 3rd parties so you can make a significant saving there - and if it applies to FW then that's an even bigger boon. NOTE I'm aware that store bought vouchers can only be redeemed in a store and not online. I've on idea if FW and GW operate the same vouchers or if they have different vouchers. Ergo if you want a FW model you "might" have to get the voucher from FW and not from the GW store. Keep that in mind. It's basically a 10% saving, which is pretty neat.
  10. They might not have known before. The UK government was giving them till April 14th - now advice sounds like it might not be until the end of MAY that the sanctions lift and factories can open. The situation keeps remaining fluid and GW has to tease things out so that they've got something to keep customers interested and to keep marketing to us during this prolonged period of shutdown. Asides it doesn't really matter if stuff is strung out; we can't buy any of it. It won't come any sooner. All we can do is talk about it for the next months. REMINDER - Soul Wars is still only £1 from Black Library https://www.blacklibrary.com/warhammer-age-of-sigmar/novels/ebook-soul-wars.html That's BOTH the Ebook and the Audio book being sold each at £1
  11. I think its important that people realise that the preview isn't so vast that it was split up to make it possible; but more that GW is overtly spreading things out to try and keep some media coming our way whilst the Corona Virus has them fully shut down at present and thus unable to deliver on anything they market to us. I think GW also ahs to be careful not to front load their marketing too heavily to the point whre they are previewing things that could be 6 months off at best estimations; accepting that they don't have any date upon when they can restart their factories; nor even any details on how many of their staff will willingly or legally be able to come back to work at that time (some might be living with at-risk groups or be an at-risk themselves or they might catch the virus and have to be in isolation etc...). It would not surprise me if GW cuts down content a bit; spreads it out a bit more and even ends up repeating things eventually as the weeks drag on. I don't mind that in the least because its better than GW promising huge amounts of stuff that might take a very long time to arrive or which might even get delayed or cancelled as a result of the continuing situation. Don't forget GW's stock is ok but the whole 3rd party market will likely be dry of models by the time GW gets to shipping again. That's a huge back-order for GW to full-fill.
  12. Right that's it you shorties - out OUT OUT!! By the powers of Brian Blessed and Ale begone yea dwarves to your own place for general chatter/grudges/grumbling/quaffing and whatever else you dwarves do. Return this thread for general rumour chatter safe for all, including elves.
  13. This is a place for dwarves to be dwarfs. Where beer is quaffed; beards are grown and nurtured; grudges recorded and elves insulted. Ergo a general place of very generalist dwarven chatter not suited to the specific army faction threads for the specific races present within the Mortal Realms.
  14. I'm tempted to force all you dwarves and aelves off into an AoS War of the Beard thread of your own for all the grudging.
  15. I think there are good and bad parts from the PA system that 40K has going right now. The good is trickle fed models so that more armies get new toys spread out. Of course not every army got new models, some only got new/updated rules. That is where it can get "messy" I think. When you have to buy expansion pack books to keep all the rules together. In general AoS has been better than 40K for this. AoS has mostly remained quite tight and updates in other publications are often casual play or optional elements. 40K is a lot more of a mess I think in that regard. Hopefully AoS learns from PA. Giving most armies a new thing every so often is great as even one new model can redkindle interest in armies. New rules are nice too, but they can get bloated. I'd say that my interest in Eldar - who got new models - is far greater than my interest in Tyranids right now; which only got a rules update in PA and no shiny new models (or updates to existing ones)
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