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  1. Technically the Savage orruks have arrowboyz so they've got range and melusai have ranged attacks too. The table is confusing because it lists models by unit creature type rather than as boxed models. Eg Daughters of Khaine have 3 listed, but of those three two have alternate forms (Khinerai and Melusai) and whilst witch aelves are a single type they might well mean the boxed set rather than the unit, so that would give them 6 total options.
  2. Who knows it could be the other way around I mean its not like we've seen any models from the two warbands - only a shadowy image of artwork and a hint of their background. Or perhaps they are all awesome for different degrees of awesome?
  3. That looks like pages from the rule book or other official material like that - see the apparent turning of the pages and the generally consumer style presentation. Considering the book is on pre-order "soon" it wouldn't shock me if copies were now leaking out to youtubers, stores, distributors etc.... Is that the board underneath the book? Further evidence that its content in the box!
  4. Just a note for those interested - all the AoS short stories thus far have been put into collected editions at later dates - Normally a few months later. So if you don't have to read them right now wait and you can likely get a collection, plus extra stories, for less
  5. Plus GW is all about bringing in new customers from other markets. Boardgames are an ideal geeky market to tap into and recruit new gamers. It's important to remember that GW is on its own mostly in being the big drawing force in the wargame market. By and large all the other companies are too small or lack resources/investment in the right areas to actually branch out in a massive way. PP does some boardgames and are certainly doing decently, but they are small compared to GW. So for the wargame market to get bigger GW really has to push it to enlarge. All the smaller companies are simply mooching off the market GW builds. So a lot of the increased market competition is direct competition for GW's customers. Esp in the home region such as the UK. Board games, books, computer games, school outreach programs, supporting events, kids books, etc... There are loads of ways GW is working to reach out and bring profits in from other markets, but also increase the chances of attracting new customers.
  6. Whispers - my view is more toward how much freedom the rules give Slaanesh players when building lists and armies. To my mind good Battletomes are ones which have several varied approaches toward building capable lists. Right now it feels like there's too much pressure to take leaders for depravity. You can see it in how things like fiends, which are not badly priced, feel really hard to put into lists because where do you put them. They are as much as a leader and the fiend won't generate depravity and doesn't count toward Battleline requirements. Fine summon it, but again it costs a good chunk and you can still get a leader for that amount.
  7. Warcry as the Killteam equivalent is early in my view as well, I would have thought we'd have seen it around Christmas rather than Mid-year since by Christmas we should have the bulk of the game with Battletomes. That said Warcry isn't a gimmicky side game; its the intro game. Perhaps GW's plan is that they generate loads of Warcry interest now and then have another massive marketing bash around Christmas focused at purely new players. By which point Warcry has an established fanbase playing at many clubs; by which point most Battletomes are out. Now you've got the intro game being played at stores and clubs to welcome the newbies who just walked in and bought their first box of miniatures. The Battletomes are ready so that when they've had some fun playing with their Gutbuster force they can grab the Tome and move on toward Meeting Engagements. Heck by Christmas I'd wager Warcy will have expanded possibly toward 2000 point armies (based on its own internal point structure) or at least branched out a bit. Giving more of a buffer period between it and jumping into 1K games in AoS proper
  8. I think there's several ways to adjust it; 1) Add a depravity cap per turn. Whilst this actually reinforces taking leaders to hit the cap as much as possible, if the cap is low enough then once players find a happy medium point it might lower some leader pressure since they don't need to take all the leaders if they can only generate, say, 20 depravity in a single turn. This can also help balance out the unit generation in the game and the depravity costs might want adjusting a bit to reflect it. If you can only generate 20 in a turn and a keeper costs 60 then you know at best you'll get 2 keepers and most likely get only 1 per game if you go for summoning a keeper. That's purely an example of course and the numbers might vary a lot through actual balance testing. 2) Add depravity generation to regular units in some form. If units take or give damage. This weakens the reliance on using only leaders to generate depravity and spreads it out to the whole army. This puts leaders and regular units back on a level footing with each other so now you don't have to worry as much about leaders. Of course it might actually swing things the other way and now lots of deamonettes appears the best choice. So we could wind up going from taking all Keepers to suddenly taking all hoards - neither of which is really a good spot to be in in terms of army internal balance. Personally I'd welcome both ideas at once. Adding depravity generation to regular units in some form spreads out the generation of points over the whole army. That takes the pressure off taking only leaders and means you can go chariot heavy or troop heavy etc.... It broadens out the viable range of lists you can take and armies you can form. It also improves summoning because now you're also making choices on what to summon based on more than "leader leader for more depravity" Meanwhile adding in the cap per turn prevents it being abusive. It also levels the playing field against different armies. That skaven force with all 1 wound models now doesn't look as bad as that stormcast army with all multiwound models because you can still only generated X amount of depravity in a turn. IT makes the army feel fairer to fight against because now your opponent isn't being punished for bringing multi-wound models. As we have it now there's no cap per turn and depravity is only generated by leaders. This places huge pressure on taking only the Battle-line tax in troops, then bulking out as much of the leaders tab as you can with as many high power leaders. It also means that players are encouraged to summon more leaders ot the table to keep snowballing the depravity generation. All this leads to a very top-heavy army that is full of leaders and rather empty of troops; or if you go troop heavy you're kind of leaving some depravity generation on the table unfulfilled. You're wasting army potential! This isn't even a min-max type of thing, its just basic core army building inherent in teh current style of the army.
  9. I think part of the issue is that at present depravity makes a Slaanesh player want to load up on a lot of very expensive leaders. This tends to leave a lot fewer points for the troops and infantry section of the army, but deamonettes kind of are a troop and are made to be taken in larger blocks if they are to be effective. It's again an issue with how GW made depravity a property of leaders only, because now having 200 or 300 points in a single troop block feels like a waste when you could start thinking of taking a leader or keeper instead and having more depravity from attacks made to summon more models to the table.
  10. The skaven player sees the shiny - the skaven player needs the shiny!
  11. Aye very much agreed and whilst you're trading lots you've still possibly not got hte space and staff and money to afford to expand. Plus expansion can be its own killer; more than a few companies have shut-down for a month or two whilst expanding only to find that their market collapsed; or that their restructuring got so messy that their service fell apart and cost them a bomb, leaving them with a lot of debt .
  12. Expanding fast can leave companies with issues and a lot of stress in the wrong places, even though they might be doing more trade it might be costing them to do more trade and there can easily be a growth time where they don't have the money to hire enough staff to cover all jobs, esp when they get peak orders. So "customer service" might not even be proper staff for that role and instead might be whoever is a picker or packer, stressed out and taking the path of least immediate resistance (just dump the order) rather than attempting to resolve the matter. They probably also saw a lot of duel ordering where people get wise to the shortage of stock at the national level and thus order from 2 or 3 stores at once, whichever store supplies first gets the order ,the others get an order cancellation - or bits of orders cancelled which results in more work to sort it out. It shouldn't happen, but it often does. You can see the same thing when companies get into troubles, one of the first signs is failing communications and failing customer service.
  13. GW has always had top rate customer service when it comes to resolving issues like misspacks and misscastings and the like. They are very good at what they do and they set a very high standard. As for other companies have had great customer service from Firestorm Games and good customer service from Wayland. Meanwhile I've had no issues with Element games though I've not really bought much from them, though I did get contrast paints and their order system does auto update itself with estimated delivery dates for the few that are missing (which includes the much prized black contrast paint which is out of stock in most places). I've certainly no problem using and recommending those three stores.
  14. There's two Orruk warbands in the launch set for Warcry. If I were in GW marketing I'd have put them there intentionally so that they'd lead right into giving those factions either a Battletome each or a unified Orruk Battletome. Maximise the interest Warcry generates with them into energy into the core game of AoS. Just like I'd also expect Slaves to Darkness to be pretty soon with a Battletome too
  15. Isn't that short story in one of the collected books? I can't help but feel that I've read the whole "skaven hungering after a cursed bell" story already in aonther book. Inferno?
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