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  1. Of course they’re not Behemoths but I always thought Khorgoraths should be battleline if Skaarac the Bloodborn was General. And I would love to play that army. Can you have an army without a Hero Leader?
  2. I’m tinkering with extra models to run my Beasts of Chaos as all the god armies. With the Pesilent Throng full of 3x10 Gors and then Bullgors, what else for Nurgle models might I need? I am thinking a GUO with bell and flail as getting the extra movement plus run and charge withe gnarlmaw is pure brown gold for Bullgors isn’t it? Not sure if I should bother with a bray shaman or shaggoth in the throng though as it seems the god tome spells all say ‘mortal ‘ or ‘daemon’ and The Beasts are neither.
  3. I always use random banners from icons. Like Marauders or Gors, I think Bloodletters have a good one. Then I glue it in like a cape outstretched as if the hot wind has captured it. I also need to do that for a great unclean one. But at his hips instead of shoulders.......
  4. I’ve heard only good things about masses of fireborn but I’d be wary of two max units as even though they ignore rend their saves aren’t very good. They get lots of attacks but again not super good attacks. Though with a Castellan doing his thing could be better! im always a fan of the magma train but love to see the renders trample things! I vote for that. Speedy and tough and hit hard. Good to take that skullcracker and cannon though. Keeps ppl on their toes.
  5. I think he’ll need the thermal rider cloak to do his flying justice 😬
  6. I just looked at Stegageddon. I was very close to getting a fifth Bloodthirster, now I’m tempted by dinosaurs.
  7. Ah the summoning ghouls thing. Forgot about that bit. Maybe that would make up for lack of objectives bodies.
  8. Many armies along with the new Seraphon are able to field nothing but huge monsters, even as battleline. Which is cool! ill assume the Stegadons will be awesome, don’t they shoot stuff too? And probably durable. Theres also the Flesh Eaters terrorgheists which have given me much pain in the past then the Beastclaw Raiders Stonehorns and Thundertusks, I’m inclined to favor Stonehorns though it looks like they have toned down their durability a little bit and toned down The Thundertusk frost breath a little bit too then of course the Steam Tank and celestial hurricanum army for the Cities of Sigmar. Did I miss any? Which is the best? I am thinking the Stonehorns because they have that counts as 10 models for objectives rule.
  9. Hmmm, if they’re stemming from Kharadron perhaps Juggernaut bodies? They’re sorta mechanical looking, like clockwork bulls. They can be the Dark Mechanicum of the Mortal Realms 😬
  10. I like the idea of tainting regular Dispossessed, who are so spite-filled with grudges they succumb to Chaos. Also, if anyone needs custom big hat bits and evil-er looking Duardin weapons I do 3D modeling!
  11. I was thinking the cogs could be cast turn 1 out of unbind range, net some good turn one charges and let the second wave hit in choice spots. But true we Beasts have weak casting. I’d love to fit a Shaggoth in there somehow. And to have the old metal model. I’ll definitely give the bigger Bullgor units a try and chop up the Gors. my summoning pool is pretty dry right now. Guess I should get some stuff for each tier? Ungors for the 3 pts, I could omit chariots from the army list and summon them. Cockatrice and jabberslythe are within my kitbashing reach. Centigors would be good. Also I have the old giant skull base from the magewrath throne; would that be big enough for a cool custom herdstone? I would put a Morgur statue or fire pyre up top.
  12. I've got a game coming up next Tuesday vs Tzeentch. I think he's gonna use the Summoner's Guild, which I think is mortal Arcanites and their ilk. I'm gonna use this: Darkwalkers: Great Bray Shaman Doombull (general, Darkwalkers Nomad trait, Ghyrstrike from Ghyran) Doombull (desolate shard) 3x3 Bullgors w Great Axes 3x3 Bullgors w Axes and Shields 20 Bestigors (cuz I only have 20) 30 Gors (shields and weapons) 2x1 Tuskgor Chariots Brass Despoilers Ravening Direflock Chronomantic Cogs My thoughts are with what I have, I can only fit 8 units into that one chunk of the Brass Despoilers, and I love my old Bullgors who need the hit rerolls, so thinking I should keep them smallish units to get more in range of that aura bonus. The Gors and Bestigors can either outflank or run up, and Bullgors could outflank as needed. I think the Direflock spell is pretty neat; seems like a good way to screen against enemy charges, and also debuff bravery if applicable. And it's a screen that's easily redeployed. Cogs seems solid for Bullgors; hopefully I can get it off vs a Tzeentch army. But maybe for my group of Beasts I don't even need to go Darkwalkers? Since the Brayherds can Outflank anyways? That would free up the Doombull general for a different trait and relic. Though I'd lose that teleport ability, which might be very useful. I'll take notes and post a report. Gonna stick with pure Beasts for a while and practice like I did with my Azgorh army. Only way to git gud!
  13. They could be a little tricky to magnetize as I recall them not having flat shoulder joints like good ol' Chaos Space Marines. But if you run them as pure Beasts or Nurgle, I agree the double-weapons, but for a Khorne army using Brass Despoilers, I would actually use the Crushers with a Bloodsecrator to give them extra attacks, and they could attack in the hero phase too. Glaives are cool with rend and reach but just lack oompf when I used them a couple times.
  14. Looks good to me. You can get around the backside with those Raiders and cause some big headaches, and launch your Bestigors turn 1 into almost every enemy unit. Is that battalion the extra hit one or the extra pile-in one? I always use Brass Despoilers.
  15. I agree, the diversity feeling is there. I tried Kings of War, though it was an older edition, maybe the 1st? and those units all had waaaay too simplified everything, and the enemy didn't get saves or have to do anything in response. Super bland feeling. For the spillover, I think it's got pros and cons. I like the idea that one model can be super good at cutting through 3 enemies, like those old samurai sword tests cutting through multiple cadavers. But limiting spill over might be a good idea, except that perhaps monsters or units with certain keywords can spill over....but that could get hairy to keep track of.
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