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  1. Khul Ascendant was in a vision of a Slaughterpriest when they were in battle in one of the stories on WHC I think? Pretty darn cool, and I very much expect that after the year of the index, the next Khorne tome will have him go the way of Angron in 40k.
  2. Guess I'm just not eager to paint all the Night Goblins. I might be painting a bunches of Skaven, and I know I'll be painting bunches of Chaos Dwarfs
  3. I picked up a box of Fellwaters that someone had exchanged today at GW store, got lucky there. But after reading through this and other forums it does seem like I'll need to have some non-Troll Shaman or two in there as well. On Goonhammer they suggest perhaps a Level 4 Weirdnob with some Boar-boyz. Those might look good with some swampy and or crystalline cavern bases; I could see boars sniffing around for mushrooms or something. Was also thinking perhaps Spider Rider screens but are those Night Goblins? The Old World Builder app doesn't have all the restrictions built in. This coming week I think I can get the OG Almanack. I just have so many Troggoths from AOS that I feel highly compelled to run them in both games, similar to Daemons who could be in 3 different games if cleverly magni-based. Though I guess Night Goblins could also do that. Shame that they can't hang with Trolls in the Old World though 😛
  4. Wasn't there a thing where we can fill ranks with a couple bases worth of decorative stuff and it's alright rules-wise or something? That would help round out the scenic vistas of foetid swampyness for my River Trolls.
  5. As much amazing hobby goes into AOS stuff, I think because of the different basing with trays and 'fillers' we will see even more amazing amounts of hobby go into TOW. I know I have much more elaborate plans for my Chaos Dwarfs and Troll Horde.
  6. I had good luck with Slaughter of Sorcery with my Ogor Beastclaw army, but with Eshin I always used Masters of Execution since I had 5-6 Eshin heroes in their all the time. Not sure I'll even be able to use my army in the index season of 4th ed.? BUT I am eager to spam other interesting things in quantities never before permitted, and invent different versions from many many bits. Seems like Skryre will coming in hot.
  7. Next time I'm at my FLGS I gotta get this book.
  8. I always have full confidence that every plan-scheme will go according to plan-scheme! This sounds like a great fun army. I have no idea what that new DOK list does but aelves can stick it. Is Masters of Execution the one where you have to keep your Deathmaster or Slynk alive? That might be difficult, though Deathmasters are easy enough to hide if you don't need them actually do anything.
  9. Maybe the phrases Plague Monks and Night Runners are somehow copyrightable? Doesn't seem correct. I expect the new replacement/similar units to have more unique names and of course new models. So Gutter Runners will become much better looking elite ninja rats, and then we can still use our old metal ones instead on whichever base size they decide to go with. Clan Eshin is always busy in the stories, don't see how they can NOT be in the next tome and edition.
  10. I went 4-0 and got Best Overall! I had Boulderhead/FLOSH w Nullstone Icon and Rockmane Elder/Icebrow General w Pulverizing Hailstorm/2x2 Frost Sabres/Thundertusk Riders w Vulture. I fought an Ironjawz w Mawkrusha and 3x2 GoreGruntas Bloodtoofs. Then did see a Gitz army w Two Aroks and Spider Riders and probably some other little guys, and a nice Trogg army too. I just bought a gigantic Gitz army, definitely eager to do a big Swamp Troll Horde for TOW (Troll Hag on the way from the UK) but will base them for alternate use in AOS too. Bunches of Mangler Squigs also seem highly doable in 4th edition coming up?!? That would be pretty fun.
  11. I'm totally down with the new no-battefield roles other than heroes. How many different types of Doomwheel kitbashings can I come up with? WE SHALL SEE
  12. Cities-humans, KO or Fyreslayers, Sylvaneth, those are all good guy Order factions that could start people off. Stormcast has plenty of details to paint just like all of them. KO and Fyreslayers aren't too bad to assemble for modeling noobs. Stormcast is the most Space Marine like but there are so many other factions stirring the lore-pot these days.
  13. Heck yeah, I'm definitely making the Troll Horde! And possibly just all puking swamp trolls. Maybe with a Colossal Squig as a proxy for a giant (a little surprised that thing isn't in there?). Or do all Trolls puke? I don't have the Arcane Journal yet. I want 2 Hags, but one will need to be kitbashed for uniqueness. Guess I'd pick up that Ogdrugz or whatever his name is too.
  14. Is the Spearhead group of armies going to be fixed to certain units only contained in the boxes called Spearheads? And are the Vanguard boxes equivalent to Spearhead boxes?
  15. Made To Order makes so much sense for all the golden oldies! There's not that much up-front investment, and they don't have to stock anything except metal and the molds since the sale is guaranteed. Some people think next year AOS will get Chaos Dwarf equivalents though, so if that actually happens, TOW players will have proxies at least. I'm not holding my breath though. It would take at least twice as many units than Fyreslayers have to make a right-proper Chorfy faction.
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