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  1. I saw pics of those months ago and had no idea what they were for but was sorely hoping for some undivided daemons for AoS. Maybe some more such Daemons will show up in Warcry and/or AoS…..we got new Furies afterall. I can't decide on the Chaos Warband I want to make, probably the Iron Golems to start. Have the Gitz and Bonesplitterz assembled, and all the Grand Alliances got some good allies to throw in there. Really makes use of some of the random guys in storage too, or odd old blister pack in the back of the FLGS for $5 Trying it out for the first time next week. Looks like people can get 2-3 games in a regular night out. I think the expansion is good timing actually, keeps the momentum and makes for that many more combos to try out until the next major push, which will probably be more faction card-packs?
  2. That's fantastic! I want to do this for my Legion of Azgorh old school Chaos Dwarves (the big-hats). Was it with Photoshop? I have an old version of that.
  3. You can't destroy things with math!
  4. Hello, Stormcasters! I'm new to the army, wanted to balance out my Chaos with some Order, and make a force to honor my cat and old dogs and do some neat conversions (so they will have cat helms, and possibly convert my 40k Space Wolves megathunderwerewolf guys, because where there's thunder there's lightning). Here's what I have in mind with the current models I have: Lord-Aquilor (general) Lord-Arcanum on Dracoth (giant Thunderwulfen Wolf Lord) Lord-Arcanum on Dracoline (same as above, but brown) 3x5 Vanguard-Hunters 3 Pallidors with Javelins 4 Concussors (Thunderwolf Cavalry conversion) 5 Retributors (2 Starsoul maces, big Wulfen I made from old minotaurs and Fenrisian Wolf heads and Wulfen bits) Angelos battalion Is that a reasonable place to start for a half-decent Stormcast army? Or are those units just ******? I could use my chickens for Chaos knights of Tzeentch too. Mainly I want to use my cat helmets and dogs as good guys.
  5. So long as they don't ****** with the rules before the big local tournament in late October.....I need to use my 8 war engine army at least 5 times in 2 days!
  6. Hopefully no changes for a while, as I don't want to have to use mine as Slaves to Darkness instead of Azgorh.
  7. Yeah I like the standard bearer. No CP required for his help and I made old Astragoth into one, for which I’m sentimental.
  8. I like that extra magma cannon range though too. As long as Daemonsmith stays alive that is.
  9. Getting prepped for a big two day tournament in October. I’m planning on going with max war engines just because it’s fun and few people have played against Azgorh. Can’t decide on my last 140 points. I’m bringing: Daemonsmith (general/grotesque/armor of bazherak) 3x10 Fireglaives 4 Magma Cannons 3 Skullcrackers 1 Iron Daemon Artillery Train Im torn between a Castellan with the thermal rider cloak, the standard bearer with ignaxs scales, or allied Karanak
  10. I'm definitely gonna watch that video, with sound, while not at work. I want to bring my cat to games now too.
  11. I'll snap a picture of the toy mammoth I found. It's sufficiently huge; I think from some Chinese museum style toy company. Will for sure take some heavy conversion therapy; the top parts of my Skaven Gnawholes can be structure for the howdah. Gotta find something to start off a statue of Hashut for my ziggurat display board too. I have a toy in mind but hard to find....
  12. Ah, the Mommet; I kept one of those old Grot Shaman just for that relic! Gotta do some paintin'....
  13. I got a big plastic toy mammoth and plan to convert it into an AoS-worthy model. Super hard to find that old Forgeworld model, especially for a decent price. I usually see a Nurgle player using one, but one other time at Adepticon 2019 I saw another. I really wish someone would use 4 and do a battle report.
  14. I was thinking a similar idea this weekend. Was very close to ordering a Colossal Squig too, as they're -1 to hit. While I agree the Troggs don't offer too much in body count, they certainly do a bunch of damage and can hang in there with the -1 to hit. So perhaps later in the game they could take control of objectives. I think the big monster of the Gitz are potent and also just fun to use! What's the Loonboss for? Also, does Mollog have -1 to hit? He seems pretty meh to me, though a great model(s).
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