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  1. I was dum and decided to try out my Beasts of Khorne instead......and lost every game.....including to two other Khorne armies! The Horned Rat was displeased with me. Beasts are almost all sold now; just not a fun army to play for me for some reason. Next time I'll use Eshin. I agree, having first turn and being able to take out the supporting heroes seems to be a great potential advantage. I hadn't thought of taking Cogs but getting some Gutter Runner charges from outflanking would be super awesome. They do very well in the first round of combat, not so much a second round. Cube of Mists is very interesting. Still I find myself rooting for the Deathmaster to unleash a potent Sword of Judgement attack. I think your masses of pre-game movement with the Night Runners is an excellent idea. If I have excesses of time I might give that a try too. With the points increase for the Warpseer I can still fit my 80 Gutter Runners, but only the WLV and Vermintide.
  2. Yeah, probably not worth it in most cases. I think if one wanted a low drop army, then taking a Warhost and Train, or Execution Herd and Train, battalions could work well, and have enough heroes to use the relics well. But for armies with K'daai best to take those sorcerous allies and more bodies for the points. I think for my massed war engine army that extra 120 points might be good for just another 10 Fireglaives for 4x10. I'll be going 2nd most of the time anyways.
  3. I'm on the fence about the Artillery Train too, as the Daemonsmith is pretty easy to snipe out, but it does net another relic which if you have some mighty heroes could be of help, plus the extra CP. However, we will almost lose that first turn initiative so perhaps not worth it at all. Sure do like that extra magma cannon range though! Deployment can certainly be a tricky business. I feel Azgorh needs to take the Boatman or Bridge endless spell for transport purposes to be truly competitive, and Gutrot with Blightkings helps get into the backfield too. For my next games with them I'm going full hard engines, with the Artillery Train, another Magma, and 3 Skullcrackers (+30 Fireglaives, Castellan). Really just want to see how many kill points I can get. Moral victories are as encouraging for me as actual victories
  4. Ah ha, good point; I forget that the spells can't be topped off by other models. Zoning out the board is a good reason to have them. Good reason for that Warp Lightning Vortex in my Skaven army, and the Dyreflock for my Beasts too!
  5. That's a great way to snipe an enemy hero. Maybe a good reason to run 2 Skitterswarms with 2 Scuttlebosses. I really hope the app updates the Webspinner Shaman on A-rok to be like the book, and have a triangle of +3 to castings/unbindings!
  6. Personally I would dump the Shackles and take the third Magma Cannon. But I've burned myself with those Shackles, maybe I need to watch a safety video on their proper usage.
  7. Since Spider-Riders, and Arachnaroks with missile weapons, move over terrain as if they can fly, are they permitted to shoot through Sylvaneth Wyldwoods? Or does a unit have to outright fly to be able to do that? I am leaning towards the latter, but wasn't sure what others thought. Since the shooting happens through terrain and they fly over terrain, hmmm? Hmmm.
  8. I totally agree; in AoS they always (as far as I can remember of the units I've used) specify wounds AND mortal wounds, or just one or the other. I put the Cloak on the Castellan for an 8" fly, and run, and use a CP to get him to run 6" if really needed, which gets him to a 14" move, and flying of course. That gets him into a good position for turn 2, which is hopefully when the Skullcrackers are in range to attack. And if the enemy is closing in before turn 2, which is often the case, then no CP is needed. But I have the extra one from the Artillery Train battalion to use for the +1 to wound ability. Worked super well against the Mangler Squigs and Rogue Idol in one game. He can thwack people in combat reasonably well too.
  9. The Blackshard Armor Trait only ignores the first regular wound. In AoS they word rules consistently if things affect wounds and/or mortal wounds.
  10. I won 3 major victories and 1 minor victory at the Adepticon Championships this year using my Magma heavy Artillery Train, Tauruk, Castellan and Standard Bearer, 2 Skull Crackers and 4x10 Fireglaives. Beat out Idoneth, Ironjawz, Gloomspite mixed, minor vs another Gloomspite, lost to Beasts of Khorne (dude was playing slow though, and another turn would have made it on the edge). Sure Azgorh is slower, but bullets make up for lack of speed. Sure Azgorh lacks mortal wound protection, but there are so many other armies who also lack it...at least we can dish it out too, from a distance. Sure we lack CPs, but we don't need buckets of them, just a couple. Not sure if the Magewrath Throne is a Matched Play thing? Maybe a mysterious ally could help with those? As for the Blackshard Warhost, I don't think piling in counts as a move for the bonus purposes. Usually rules that count any kinda move as a move, say any kind of movement. A TO could say for sure but doesn't sound right to count piling in as movement to me for that rule application. As for the Castellan, I always give him the Thermalrider Cloak to make for his short legs. Then he can keep up with the choppy units.
  11. I'll have to disagree about the Skullcrackers, they dominated every game I have used them in. They do bracket but are plenty fast enough to get in there and mulch things. Used in conjunction with a Castellan wearing the Thermalrider Cloak, they are my favorite!
  12. HOOOORRAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! Time to make a third And a fourth magma cannon too.
  13. What if AoS has the damage output not spill over to other models? Meaning from normal units one hit can only kill one model. But then for monsters and war machines or perhaps special weapons on little guys one hit could cut through many many models? That could slow things down but would maybe help those multi wound mini monsters stick around better like they should ?
  14. I would say no to S and T in AoS. I like the difference between it and 40k, and the streamlinedness it brings. I think the theoretically tougher units should have a better save though, and then bigger beings have the extra wounds already. That's my main beef, is very very few units have a 3+ save, though a magma dragon or troggoth with iron-hard skin should have a better save. Enemies with sharper weapons have better rend, so that to me does the job of denoting S vs T. Dragon Ogor weapons are an example; their sharp glaives are rend -1, and they are skilled warriors who can hit on a 3+. But their crushers are blunt and have no rend, but do more damage if they get through an enemy's save. Armored Stormcasts should have a save of 3+, which would denote their resilience to attacks (like T represents). I also think the monster bracketing effects should all be moved down one notch. Many are just too crappy even at the 2nd notch. Also agree with # of wounds around objectives rather than models, or at least diversify the objective scoring in more missions somehow. Painting less models would help more people enter the hobby!
  15. Plus Shaggoths are such cool models! I also wanna make a Jabberslythe.
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