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  1. Oh wow, I total forgot about the Bad Moon's thing for Spiderfang. That would help using them in a mixed Gitz list for sure. I'm gonna have do some thinking, and maybe get 3 squig herds for battleline, using a big mob of Spiders as a mortal wound unit....though Bounderz are pretty good at that on the charge.
  2. I'm thinking about getting into the Spiderfang. The Gitz seem to have what my other armies lack, and that's speed (with the spider riders) and decent wizardry. I like the Skitterswarm/Mob, as 12" flying over terrain is pretty sweet, and it fits in the battleliners and a good general. The mortal wound potential of the Spider Riders is good too, and they get quite a lot of, albeit mediocre, attacks per turn if we include the spider bows. I'd plop a Scuttleboss in there for sure as the ArachnaShaman can't take a command trait, which sucks. For Scuttleboss I was thinking the Master Rider for +4" move, and the Totem of the Spider God for the 5+ venom hits. Then with the big Shaman's Venom spell that's some good biting! And with a couple CPs, courtesy of a Fungoid Shaman and battalion bonus, the Spiders could move/run 18" and reroll charges I think, then if we're lucky the WebShaman on foot will have done the run and shoot/charge spell. I'm thinking a Spiderfang army with my Troggoth Hag and at least 1 Fungoid Shaman and the Endless Spells (at least the Scuttletide and Mushroom) would be pretty sweet. Don't know if the big whole Spiderfang Stalktribe is worth going for, though rerolling saves of 1 is good; I think it takes like a minimum of 1700 points to do that one so not much room for much else. Hopefully the new GHB will reduce our points a little bit.
  3. Yes indeed! The Thundertusk/Stonehorn kit can be made either way. Beastclaw Raiders are a very very good army for budget and time constraints I think. They can also be super duper good performers in the game. Not sure about any battalions they might have, but the start collecting boxes are excellent. I know many players like those ice Yetis too, and some like the saber cats for outflanking, but the big guys and the Mournfangs are great to start. One guy I've played with has a Stonehorn general, 2 of the Thundertusks that breath icy death shooting, and 3x3 Mournfangs I think? And like 6 Yetis. Can't remember what else, maybe an allied Ogor Butcher with the Cauldron for a wizard. They could be considered easier to paint than many other armies because of the low model count, but also they don't have loads of super teensy fiddly details like fancy pants Chaos or Aelvish models often have. Washes and drybrushing will be good techniques, as may the new contrast paints (which I have not tried yet).
  4. Alas, the ArachnaShaman double venom damage is a spell, not a command ability. They can't get a command trait either, only a Scuttleboss. Guess they're focused on wizardry rather than leading the charge? I have yet to play with my Gloomspites, as they're still early in the works. But I've played against 3 armies, 1 all Troggs, 1 heavy on the gobbos and bounderz, and 1 very mixed with 2 big Manglers and a Rogue Idol and Rockguts. Used my Legion of Azgorh against all of them and the Troggs were the ones I couldn't handle, though the mission gave my slowpoke stunties a problem.....as did the combo of the Mushroom and Scuttletide! Troggs are strong and I've read many people are thinking they're the best in Gloomspite. I've only seen one person use Spiderfang and didn't find out how he did (at the Adepticon Champs), but he had 4 Arachnaroks and I can't remember what else. For some reason I think he faced off against 4 Verminlords in a Skaven army. It does seem the Gitz tome has very select keyword usage. The new Blades of Khorne book does too actually....my Bloodstokers no longer work on my Bloodthirsters! LAAAAAME, but that's for another thread. But I do also agree things like the Sneaky Snufflers should work on anything with grots on the model, if not Troggoths. They all eat the same shrooms! And the Gobbapalooza too, as I love those models but if I can't use them I don't want them. Skraggrott also forces the army to be either a Grot or Squig army no? Since he really needs to be the general to shine, those would be the only battleline options then, though I suppose one could go cheapo min/max in that regard and not expend too many points and still get the Loonking on board. That Bad Moon can pay off in a mixed army big time. Idoneth moving the Tide is pretty awesome, as is Nurgle moving the Corruption Cycle. Anyone actually used the Loonking yet?
  5. Thank you for your advice! I see your point about bodies; so key for objective holding, which definitely is a challenge later in the game with too few bodies. Those big monsters bracket down hard so they end up not being able to squish enough enemies to take control later. The big Spider Shaman is a great wizard too, getting +1 to cast naturally.
  6. I'm back in the armylist building mode, and am gathering the Gitz. I have the Troggoth Hag, 2 Fungoid Shaman, 1 old metal MadCap Shaman, and the Endless Spells so far. Was thinking about all Troggoths but I have Bullgors for a small elite choppy force. I don't really wanna do mobs and mobs of gobbos, so I'm tossing between Squigs and Spiders. I see that a Spider Riders could dish out many mortal wounds potentially with the Arachnarok Shaman and the Scuttleboss with a Totem as general (to make them Battleline). I also like the Spider Rider speed, something my other armies lack, and they fly across terrain (and the Scuttletide spell, which I've been bogged down by many a time now). However to do a whole Spiderfang super battalion, the Stalktribe?, looks like it takes a whole 2K and would leave no room for the other wizards I have. But the little Skitterswarm, and maybe just the ArachnaShaman would suffice for a good use of the Spider Riders? As for Squigs, an entire Squigalanche can be had with Hoppers and Squig Herds as battleline, and include most of my wizards. Though Squigs seem less good, slower, less killy, aside from the Mangler Boss/Mangler. Frankly I think just a Mangler Boss/Boss on Giant Squig/Colossal Squig might be the best Squig combo. Hmmm, would something mixed like this be viable? Or too few bodies? That Madcap Shaman just doesn't seem to fit into any of my lists I've tinkered with. A Webspinner Shaman might be better with all the spiders, they have some good spells.... Hag Fungoid Shaman x 2 Scuttleboss on Gigantic Spider (general, master rider, totem of the spider god) Loonboss on Manglers Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig 4x5 Spider Riders (battleline) Colossal Squig Spider Rider Skitterswarm Mork's Mushroom Scuttletide
  7. I always get greedy and throw Drazhoath into too dangerous of enemies. He does need to be a sneaky git and hit the weak points. Between him, the K'daai, and the Skullcrackers, that's some decent speed and sometimes I can get into enemy zones with them....but usually my Blightkings with Gutrot Spume do that for me much better as allies. For kitbashing a Skullcracker, my starter is going to be the chassis from an Ogor Ironblaster cannon thing, and then some Skaven Screaming Bell/Plague Furnace wheels on the front, and any old superstructure from which maybe the Aethervoid Pendulum or any old shafts with blades and stuff mounted on there. Then I'll stick on 2 or 3 little guys to run the thing, or maybe even a centaur on the back to push it like the super old war machines had, kinda like a wheelbarrow of death.
  8. Welcome to Azgorh! This a very fun faction to play that can be reasonably competitive, usually not a top tier but a great spoiler army. Their weaknesses I would say are poor wizardry, and slow speed. Strengths are pretty good saves and durability all around, and pretty high potential damage output. Actually another weakness might be the models are either expensive and/or rare, or much work to convert 😜 They can be played in many styles, from hordes to very low elite model count, which we were just discussing above. A mixed style I feel is generally strongest, and of course don't discount getting some allies in there to augment their weaknesses. Azgorh can ally with any Chaos god keyword, Slaves to Darkness and Everchosen I think? I've seen people ally with a Verminlord Corruptor for example for his wizardry and Endless Spell access the Warp Lightning Vortex. To help their speed the Skullcracker starts off really fast, and the K'Daii Fireborn are the fastest if you use a command point to make their run move 6". Many Azgorh players love their Fireborn! If you like using mobs of Dwarves I would start with a Blackshard Warhost. Gets you plenty of models to be battleline and hold objectives; models in the battalion will probably end up having Bravery 9 or 10, especially if the units are max size; and they'll reroll wounds of 1 in melee if they haven't moved that turn. Not bad at all. If you like war machines do an Artillery Train, preferably with 3 Magma Cannons and 1 Iron Daemon and the Daemonsmith. Very very good battalion. And while you're at it add 2 Skullcrackers, which you might have to kitbash unless you have the old Whirlwind and Tenderizer models. And if you like cavalry the Execution Herd is also solid, though it takes practice and skill to get the most out of it, I guess like anything. Good luck!
  9. Oh dear Lord, that is AWESOME! Definitely do this. It would be a huge spoiler against many armies, and while it lacks what you said it has plenty to get in there and mulch almost everything. So many people hate having to have Shartor as general cuz we loose the Grotesque Trait on the Tauruk…..however I don't feel that's actually that much of a sacrifice, as he could still have the Armor of Bazherak. Freeing up those points for the war machines is a good trade. I just played this morning with my BullCentaur army, and I had the Execution Herd with 2x3 and 1x6 Renders, and Drazhoath, Standard Bearer, and 3x10 Fireglaives. I think 3x3 Renders would have been plenty too as it's really really hard to get any more than that into combat most of the time. I miss the days of yore when Renders could take great weapons like Bullgors can, but that's another tail...….. I highly recommend the Execution Herd, which would require the sacrifice of 1 Skullcracker. Rerolling hits against (usually) at least 2 enemy units per game is so very useful! As is the extra CP and artefact, though without another HQ I guess kinda wasted. Renders not necessarily needing the Tauruk's Command Ability allowed me to use Shartor's ability to make 3 charge rolls turn 1, and also ignore a battleshock roll. The Fireglaives got an objective turn 1 but are so slow they really can't hope to capture much else later on, as they squish easily on the way too. 30 of them failed to kill a unit of 10 Bladegheists over the whole game (as he could summon back more). But that's pretty sad, even rolling average as I was. Drazhoath is so disappointing every time I use him I would definitely not use him except for a mass Blackshard Warhost (he can be my Sorcerer Lord on Manticore from now on). If his Hellshard Amulet worked against mortal wounds, and he somehow had a casting buff or just hit on 3+ instead of mostly 4+, I'd say he's worth it. Standard Bearer always helps to some extent; I had Talisman of the Watcher on him for the extra relic and that rerolled some saves. His Bravery buff is solid and rerolling 1s to wound is very good. I didn't use him this game but a Castellan with the Thermalrider Cloak would have also helped kill stuff faster, that was amazing at Adepticon when I used the Magma Train battalion and 2 Skullcrackers. So yup, I'm making a 3rd Skullcracker!
  10. If one was choosing a Masterclan HQ for an Eshin army, would one prefer a Verminlord Warpseer or a Screaming Bell? One is leaning towards a Warpseer but one could be misguided.
  11. Looked briefly at those new Endless Spells in Forbidden Power today. I think we short-legged folk might really have great use for the boatman and scary bridge spells! I was really thinking I wouldn't ever have to buy more Endless Spells, seeing as how I almost never use any.....
  12. I was thinking, since the Lord on Manticore is a mortal, he can get at least 3 extra attacks with a flail, which I think is 6 attacks already, with the Bloodsecrator/Wrathmongers/Aspiring Deathbringer?. Then give him the Sword of Judgement, and buff his hits with a Slaughter Priest. That's a bunch of mortal wound potential there. For modeling, a giant sword blade on a chain should suffice and look super awesome!
  13. I think a huge Brass Stampede is a very viable Khorne build. Chaos Knights probably are too but should have that mounted Lord of Chaos with them too. And Bloodstokers! Bloodstoking all over the place. I'm hoping that the Slaves to Dankness tome gives some battalions with the various god keywords like the Beasts of Chaos did; that would give many an old Warrior and Knight something new and exciting to be a part of.
  14. Don't forget to add Legion of Azgorh to the middle tier! If they wear stilts they could make it to the 2nd tier
  15. Sorry if this has been asked before but: If a Bloodthirster in a Tyrants of Blood battalion has the Halo of Blood, do all the other Bloodthirsters in the battalion get to strike immediately after the Halo of Blood model? Or does just one of them get to strike immediately after the Halo of Blood model? As it's written, I feel like it's the first option, but that does seem super duper powerful; so I thought I'd see what others think.
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