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  1. I just ordered the Cities of Sigmar battletome to give the wicked duardin something to do in case Azgorh gets axed from reality. But in the mean time......I'm making some K'daai from the Exalted Flamer flames and spare old big-hats. 12 of them for 480 points is a good deal. Maybe they'd be good behind a max unit of Renders (also a good discount max-unit cost) because of the 3" weapon range? That would be a new approach to try for me. I've been going artillery heavy for a long time.
  2. Looks like I can run a Changehost using my smattering of Tzeentch Daemons, as the Burning Chariots count as battleline with my Herald on Chariot as general; makes a single deployment drop army. If I redeploy the Changeling, cast the Purple Sun, then Changehost swap him with another Herald or Lord of Change, have that one cast and endless spell too, can I then swap a second time since I'll still have 9 models in the Changehost? Changehost says while the battalion still has 9 models I can pick two different pairs of models to swap. It doesn't say any particular moment in the Hero Phase though, so my thoughts are at least the two endless spells could be cast amidst the enemy lines like that.....but does the second pair of models count as different if only one of the models is different? First swap pair is Changeling/Lord of Change/, second swap/pair probably Lord of Change/Herald on Foot. Anyone have thoughts or experience with this?
  3. If I'm ever in the neighborhood, I'll bring them and give you a heads up
  4. Hmmm, the activation wars are a thing. For Azgorh, the only solution would be to ally in perhaps a Tzaangor Shaman and take the Wildfire Taurus spell, or even a Keeper of Secrets I guess? Not sure if they naturally get a fight last ability or if that's the Hedonites allegiance thing?
  5. I have been hoping for a mirror match with my Legion of Azgorh for over a year, but alas, we wicked dwarves are quite scarce.
  6. I converted 4 Iron blasters into Magma Cannons for my Legion of Azgorh. Maybe I'll bust out my Bullgors too and try a proxy army to see how the Mawtribes compare
  7. Man, I haven't fought Tzeentch in over a year. Hard to counter the wizardry with Azgorh, but allied Khorne (maybe Karanak and a Bloodsecrator, or Slaughterpriest with Hexgorger Skulls?) or even allied Blue Scribes (get the Prismatic Palisade cast on a 2+ turn 1 to block LOS to your valuable units maybe? ). But really almost impossible to deal with Tzeentch magic without dedication to such effects. I would try to get your K'daai going after the Skyfires, as they have the best chance at catching them with the 8" fly and run/charge (worth a CP to make it a 6" run if needed). Position the Tauruk and Skullcracker maybe as an interceptor crew to engage anything that goes after the K'daai when he sees that they're gonna get his Skyfires. Put some hurt with the Magma Cannon on the Lord of Change soon as possible and try to bracket that guy down, as the spell he has is so nasty at full strength. Screamers are fast but pretty meh, though they can do much more damage to the Skullcracker since it's a Behemoth I think. I'd probably ignore the Horrors, maybe tarpit them in pointless melee with Fireglaives, since don't they just multiply when they die? Then when the other units get (hopefully) clobbered by the strong Azgorh units, you can focus fire on the Horrors. Have you tried the Chalice of Blood and Darkness at all? That might be fun vs Tzeentch.
  8. Whoa, that's amazing! I love low model count armies. Even if the models are HUGE. That new rule where the monsters count as 10 models for objectives is a really big boost to Ogors too. And them being hungry or eating. Seems like a fun army, as it was before.
  9. Agree totally with the Standard Bearer, rerolling melee wounds of 1 only is lame. The Iron Daemon would be great if the damage was D3 and hitting on 3+ like the Skullcracker. Frankly just being a ranged form of Skullcracker would be fine. But the rend-2 doesn't make up for 4+ hitting and 1 damage, and that we have to constantly suffer mortal wounds to get any decent amount of shots out of it. Draz should be almost exactly like the Verminlord Warpseer; I'd change his spell from another mortal wound target thing to a mortal wound burning aura thing. He should get a +1 to cast/unbind period being the high priest of Hashut and all, and he should have the Bahal keyword since he's riding a bull!
  10. Can the Contorted Epitome take an artifact? Thought they were a unique hero unit. Looks like the OBR are coming in strong. And they certainly have some interesting looking units. I might give them some more consideration when I see more paint jobs.
  11. I have full confidence that Archaon will come to all of our rescues in the Slaves to Darkness tome!
  12. Catapults eh? Should I build 4 Hellcannons again, and like 120 Gors?
  13. Next phase is to figure out how to make some cool K'daai from old ****** dwarves and firey bits, to match my old ****** army
  14. Thank you very much! It was a bunch of fun to build and use. The first game I just tanked some dice rolls turn 1. I've taken out Mawkrushas before with relative ease but the dice were cold and tired in the morning. I could have taken him I think except for the swinginess of random Magma and Skullcracker attacks. The second game I lost because of poor deployment and moving away from the objectives at all. Shoulda played for the draw, killed everything that he outflanked on me, then hoped for a fast push forward in the last 2 or 3 turns. Not sure how to deal with FEC and those 2 Terrorgheists. They are deathdealers, super fast, super tough. Guess I should have had the same tactics, playing for the draw and hoping to push forward. Lost against Stormcast mainly because of Escalation (not good mission for a bunch of behemoths and artillery!) and also I have so many drops with this army. He went first and ran up on the objectives to score them early. Many drops hurts bad sometimes. I think more bodies is definitely good, but also we need more speed and flight, thus K'daai are a good unit to have. Some allied wizardry too. Gotta keep practicing!
  15. Yeah, the Fireglaives the ones with blunderbusses. Glad to hear the regular dwarves still have some gunners! Bull centaurs are the old metal ones, but they're on the 90mm long ovals, like Mighty Skullcrushers. Magma cannons are on the 120mm x 92mm oval bases, but I could rebase them smaller; made from Ogor Iron Blaster cannon barrels on the Iron Blaster wooden looking bases, with some extra wheels and 2 little guys on there. I've seen those Hurricanums,; my old Archaon killed one outright with Destiny Dice once. Maybe I could mount some orbiting ****** on it, like whirling braziers and alchemical vials. Skullcrackers are tougher. Mine lack the height for a dragony monster. But I'll keep thinking on it, and pick up that battletome!
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