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  1. Going to wildly speculate: new warhammer quest where villains are the 'heroes' looking for a way to bring down Sigmar.
  2. So any guesses for this Saturday other than more aelves and possibly giants (tho I don't think we'll see them until what would have been warhammerfest) New bloodbowl team? Next battlebox? New campaign book? Something completely out of left field?
  3. This is what I love about AoS. Give me something new, something other games don't have. If I want high elves or normal dwarves, I'll play warhammer (and I love warhammer armies, I'm building a 4th edition dark elf army). Give me eel riding soul stealers, flying dwarf investment bankers and hammer wielding, bull worshiping aelves who seek validation from a living mountain any day!
  4. I'm loving its not just a carbon copy of the old high elves and its something different. Plenty of other games have generic elves so let's have something different. I'm excited and curious what they have in store for shadow elves. High elves are dead. Long live the Lumieneth Realm Lords.
  5. Loving this range more and more. Great to see a new take on elves and their lore sounds awesome.
  6. Didn't they do the water thing in a lizardman painting video?
  7. Cheers, hopefully I'll have a tester done over the weekend.
  8. WHFB. Square bases and goblin green rims and all!!!
  9. Myself and some friends on instagram are taking a trip down memory lane and collecting armies from our childhood. I'm doing dark elves, some amazing models which still hold up. I will add pics here as I finish units but if anyone wants to join in, I'm @jamie07 on instagram and we're using #flashbacktofantasy Here's what I'm managed to collect after a couple of weeks trawling eBay. Painted stuff is taking a bath right now. So excited to get these done!!
  10. They remind me of the cardboard obelisks that came with the tears of isha campaign box
  11. Good for them closing and looking after their staff, while we're all eager to get our hands on their latest shiny toys, the well being of all the staff is by far more important. I've no doubt they will have planned for this and while everyone can moan like a nighthaunt kicked out of tomb sometimes, the hobby community is a overall positive one and we'll all get through this. I'm looking forward to seeing all the cool stuff people get up working through their piles of shame!!
  12. People will moan regardless; show to little get flamed for hyping to much, show lots and people complain when it's not released within a month. Go in with no expectations and enjoy the show. In regards to shipping and stuff, we all have to be flexible and understanding in these unprecedented times. I think GW would keep everyone informed if there are delivery issues.
  13. That would be one freaky sex tape!! 😂😂
  14. But you don't have to have greenskins in 2 of them, ogres and trolls. A huge strength of AoS is the variety of army builds you can make, I love seeing fully themed and wacky armies on the table.
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