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  1. My guess is that it will be something to do with Asur. Asuri? Asurions?
  2. But they all sold so I'm not sure how they didn't sell well. At the end of the day if a model is good people will buy it. Yes are those who will only buy the most powerful and optimal units but there are also painters, collectors, narrative and open gamers who will go for rule of cool. If they make a giant faction that looks amazing, it will sell.
  3. Things we know about still to be released: Rest of the sisters Warcry monsters Underworld ogre Chaos book Dark angel psychic awakening Mechnicum flyer That's 6-7 weeks worth of releases which could take us to end of Feb. I can easily see a week for lizards battletome, endless spells, terrain and start collecting box fitting in.
  4. Fair point, I forgot about the start collecting set. There is still a discount however.
  5. They said going forward, the app will update on day of release.
  6. Assuming the hero's will be £20 the contents are £190. You can get the box for £88 from places like element games. I'm happy with that discount
  7. Wether wars is by far my fave box set they've released so far. Love the idea of everything flying, may even make some terrain for it. These box sets are a great idea, discounted models that can be the start of a new army, reinforcements or just a painting project. It would be nice to have the exclusive models available separately in a good timeframe and hopefully we'll start to see last year's one soon. Bring on the next one!
  8. In the first Gotrek audio drama there is a passing reference to a priest of Teclis so the silhouette could be that because we all know priests have the best hats!
  9. I wouldn't be surprised to see the announcement for them this Sunday
  10. They've already said sisters are a January release
  11. No, will all be updated next week on the day of release. This is how it will be done from now on.
  12. I've seen only educated guesses and wide net casting. If I were privy to information, I know I wouldn't breathe a word as I wouldn't want to endanger the position. But for all I know it's actually Jervis Johnson giving out tidbits lol
  13. I meant orruks not having endless spells was a surprise to me. As they have shamans and docs. Not fussed they don't, my ironjaws prefer a good scrap than all this magic nonsense!!!
  14. Both Khorne and fyreslayers have priests. CoS have empowered generic ones which makes sense as they have access to stormcast and sylvaneth ones. Orukks not having them was a surprise.
  15. Wasn't that big a stretch to assume. Tzeench being a magic heavy army and ko not having any mages or priests. Most rumour sources are guesswork as I doubt anyone in the know would jeopardize their position.
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