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  1. Actually own all the warhammer one! 😀
  2. I can't see anyone leaving the hobby over this. GW were up front about it. They revealed that cities of sigmar is coming and said some units won't be supported and heading to legends, then they announced what's going to last chance to buy. Everything has sold really well yet I suspect a lot of it is by people who think they can flip them for inflated prices on eBay. I bet in a few days there will be skycutters and dwarf warriors on sale for £60 -£75 I'm more curious as to what endless spells cities of sigmar will get as this is the first book with wizards from different factions.
  3. I don't think it's a miss. It makes sense, get rid of everything that's not going in the book so when it's released the only things on sale are units in the book. Yes it sucks we're losing stuff but it's happened before and will happen again.
  4. It's official, the old citadel woods can be used as awakened woods in the new sylvaneth book. Not that I ever saw it as an issue but I know some folks like everything to be 'legal' https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/07/11/sylvaneth-the-endless-spells-and-awakened-wyldwoodgw-homepage-post-3/
  5. Dreadfane was announced ages ago at one of big reveals. There's another AoS easy stepping stone box set coming out as well but can't for the life of me remember what it is!
  6. I don't actually think it's AoS, I think this and some of the past rumour engine pics, namely the scaly tail, are elder exodites. I've no back up for this, just speculation but would be cool.
  7. What currency is that? Also on today's warhammer community article about upcoming events, it stated that the 20th July will be the first time to try warcry so I'm guessing pre orders will start that day and not released on the 20th
  8. We don't know when it's being released and we don't know if they have their shipment yet. Also they didn't have to tell us anything about the delay, they never announced the sylvaneth release it was in response to a leak. If they were able to release it I imagine they would, I want to get my hands on the book as well but everything that's happened seems to be out of GW's control.
  9. What's the bets for tonights 'coming next week'. My guess is the Chaos Knights which will then lead into a 2 week pre-order for Warcry. Thoughts?
  10. I'm loving contrast, the colour intensity, the easy blending and slot in nicely with other techniques. The squig for example was given one coat of iyaden yellow and drybrushed dorn yellow, so simple!
  11. I'm fine without having a book, but look forward to seeing what happens in the future. I like the new khorne book, in fact I like all the new books. I'm not one to chase the meta but try different combos and each one allow for different types.
  12. I do get your frustration, I'm an elf player with a load of dark elves waiting for a book but it's all about patience. Waiting 2 years so far isn't that long compared to what we used to have to wait through old warhammer. They have stepped up the release cycle hugely, I've been in the hobby over 25 years and never before has there been 6 army books released in 6 months along with updates to all armies (for good or ill). There are other ways to play as you said, you can do some cool narrative stuff with dwarves; holding out against a never ending swarm of skaven or goblins, going on a troll hunt to clear out a mine, searching for a lost anvil of power in the realm of death where the spirits won't stay down.
  13. Excellent insight and thank you for sharing. I do see a lot of knee ****** reactions to things (mostly on fb) and while it is decreasing a toxic attitude to GW just because it's GW so (again virtually all on fb) so it's nice to see someone with a well thought out and insightful view.
  14. Movement trays will be £25 for a pack of 18 x 25mm 12 x 32mm 16 x 40 mm
  15. I also think it's because the book was written before all the new battletomes this year so didn't have the loonshrine, gnawholes, fane etc in mind. There will be an errata I'm sure on day one
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