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  1. This...came out of nowhere. Not complaining. Just that I wasn't ready for this pleasant surprise.
  2. The main reason GW bought the Middle Earth rights was to prevent any other company to do so. Regardless MEBG profitability I think that's still a good reason to keep the game, specially -as others have said- with an upcoming new show. But maybe I'm wrong. GW dominates the market and might feel confident they can crush any competence, even if they have a big, iconic franchise. The rotating kits system they're using for LOTR could certainly be useful with the Old World and its big Fantasy range. I'd personally love to see the Old World as the third main game, but I'll remain skeptical for now.
  3. Not directly related to salary, but James Hewitt made a series of interviews where he explained the inner workings of GW. (which sounds like messed up by the higher-ups) An interesting read, I think: https://www.goonhammer.com/the-goonhammer-interview-with-james-hewitt-part-1-age-of-sigmar-and-40k/
  4. So which mechanics does people think will make a comeback and which ones will be forgotten? I'm pretty sure we'll have random charges because no way we get back to "no premeasuring". Yes, KoW has showed that you can have premeasures and fixed charge values, but that's not GW's style. I hope we lose the incentives to really big hordes, let's keep a reasonable entry cost. I also think "square bases" doesn't necessarily mean they keep the same base sizes. Potentially annoying, but also better if you want cross-compatibility with AoS. I found intriguing they reference hobgoblins twice in the article. They seemed kind of forgotten and now they're receiving love in two game systems? Not that I would complain.
  5. I doubt aesthetics had a big role in Dominion "low" sales. GW has a track record on making boxes runs based on the previous ones without considering the game/setting. One of the major blunders in their story was the big Gorkamorka release, which they treated as if it was a new 40k edition. Seems like they don't learn from their mistakes.
  6. Congrats, mate! My best wishes to both of you.
  7. These guys werenยดt that well received when they were revealed, but i think your post and others I've seen here and on reddit are turning people around. They look neat!. Hope they reveal soon the rumoured cavalry.
  8. I was surprised when i read a special dedication to Jervis Johnson in the Dominion rulebook. Didn't figured out he was retiring, probably because I don't want to reflect about how many years have passed since i discovered the hobby! Reading that article was bittersweet. I haven't bought a WD in years but I might get that issue.
  9. New short story confirming the draconith wil be part of the new Stormcast: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/07/12/broken-realms-fiction-the-scales-of-victory/
  10. What do you think will happen with gutrippaz and boltboyz push-fit models? Will they fade into oblivion or be available in some SC!? I didn't follow what happened with nighthaunt but seems like they have a lot of EtB still available.
  11. We finally get why Grungni ws so busy making stormcast instead of helping his own people. It was practice! Now that he has refined the process he can start reforging duardin, No memory loss for this guys, no dwarf would forget his grudges!
  12. I wish you were right, is about time BB gets a new old team. This year has been pretty dry for that game.
  13. I like that they're not slaves to the duardin, and yet have a relationship that kind of mirrors what they had in the Old World. Hope there is some kind of hobgrot hero!.
  14. I wonder if Gordrakk will try to fulfill the prophecy now, or maybe a different Boss would (a kruleboy one?). The poor guy is not that interesting, and as others have said Kragnos stole what should have been his minute of glory, his "headbutt to Archaon", you know, that cool thing people could always remember about him. He keeps feeling like a generic warboss but bigger to me. Skragrot was the only character I really enjoyed reading about. Hopefully the kruleboyz will bring more "kunning" characters to destruction. Not sure about the role of Kragnos in this new edition. For now his function seems to be rallying (just by existing) the destruction forces, but if he got nagashed in the next "end of the edition campaign" before doing anything meaningful he will be remembered as the lowest effort ever made to sell a big model. Hopefully he wil be more relevant than that.
  15. Maybe I give them too much credit, but i wonder if GW is not playing the long game here with their focus on smaller games. The economy is not going to be great, and they won't want to hinder the coming of new and young players. I personaly dig this, and I think many people will find the posibility of colecting various functional armies more exciting than investing in a very big one (specially armies were most models feel samey, like fyreslayers). Not everyone sure, but bigger games are still possible. As a Skaven player I can tell you the pain was real. The thing that got me more excited about KoW back in the day was not having to remove models individually. That alone speed up games significantly.
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