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  1. Not sure where this idea of IJ and Bonesplittersz fused together is coming from: Thematically they work better as separated armies, and as others have pointed out, battletomes like FEC or Fyreslayers proves that GW is still ok with armies with a limited range. They're even differentiated factions in Warcry, something that won't make sense if they're going to be reunited before/at a similar date. I could have seen vanilla orcs fused with IronJawz (or with regular goblins) but seems like those miniatures are done for good.
  2. Yep. Those who express that same problem in the FB page were told to please repeat the survey. Which I'm not really eager to do.
  3. Same here. Not sure if the survey has been sent or not.
  4. Actually, I think they're trying to move away from been seen as the "cheap" alternative., And the quality is certainly improving. That is actually a problem because the price has increased too, and the price-quality relationship has suffered from this. They're not always noticeably cheaper than GW anymore, just "worst". The strategy now is creating their own IP's, like nightstalkers and Northern Alliance so players have fewer alternatives in other companies. That's a better strategy, but Mantic is still a small company, moves slowly, and the competition is fierce.
  5. IIRC it was Giraldez. They also hired him for their giant, and that definitely panned out. Then again, the giant is a much better model. And now that we're talking about KoW, I wanted to point out that is much more accepted -if not the norm- to play it with miniatures from other companies, so you can't tell the popularity of the game just looking at the sales. (Something Mantic regrets and is trying to correct with Vanguard, but can't back away with KoW).
  6. My solution is similar to @JPjr, in that I would group vanilla dwarfs, whatever elves don't fit the new factions and humans. But humans would be made from new kits that actually fit the AoS aesthetic, while I will squat most of the old Empire range. I really think historic cultures don't have a place in this setting. Having said that, I understand that would suck for many Empire players, and judging by GW new approach, they're more likely to be satisfied than me. So hopefully they won't harbor bad feelings towards me!
  7. This is what Tuomas Pirinen called the "Closed Door" approach: (From an interview here, although he has referred to it previously on his facebook page) The fluff about the Clans Tichritt sounds especially cool, with skaven jumping in time to the present. It reminds me of the "Dwarfs" from the Elder Scrolls games. Fan-theories aside, it is unlikely that anything like that has been even considered at this point. As others have pointed out, skaven have a huge range, and many units need an overhaul. I actually think our beloved rats we'll see some kind of update relatively soon (like 2 years), even if it is only new models for some old unit coming with a new box set, in a similar fashion to how new genestealers units have been introduced before their codex. And the old clans still have room to expand!
  8. Something specific? Have skaven driven them to extinction again?
  9. I'm sure he ascended to Verminlord status. If there's a skaven who deserved it, that's our little maniac. What a badass warbringer verminlord he would make.
  10. I dislike that too, but that's the same problem I have with the herdstone and the loonshrine. Seems like going forward all the armies will fight at home. (The gnawholes make sense, thou. I actually like that idea). That aside, I think this release is good news, not only for the respective army fans but for most players with old or non-existent battletomes.
  11. Well, I think I'm screwed. I spent last night looking for second-hand goblins and recounting my stash of old miniatures, all hyped for the Gloomspite gitz. Now I see this box with factions I really dig and I want two boxes!
  12. A bit disappointed with the new "rockgut troggoths". They're not bad minis, but compared with the old ones, I think they lack character. Alas, it was a matter of time for the old rock trolls to disappear -they've been there since Fourth Edition, which I think speaks volumes about how cool those models were- but I hoped for replacements that either looked closely like the originals, or have at least as much character in their own unique way.
  13. Love the video. Really makes you want to make an army for each of the three factions.
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