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  1. So, I don't follow 40k news, but some info has beed flodding into my gaming whatsapp groups. Info that will probably be relevant for AoS future. Seems like there is going to be a point increase for all units. This seems like a smart move if they want to keep atracting people to the hobby in the dire economic future that awaits us. Not sure how 40k scales with AoS in this regard, but anyway I think we can expect the fantasy game to follow the same route as soon as they can implement it. There is also table size reductions and apparently some focus in shorter games, which is where modern games are headed anyway, and where they were stepping into with Meeting Engagements. Again, I think all of this gives a hint on AoS future. Thoughts?
  2. I do like the idea. For me, a multiverse of sorts is pretty much implied in a setting like this, handled by different people and projects. We know Blood Bowl happens in the Old Wolrd...but is not the same Old World where you played your WFB games. TW:W and the End Times can hardly happen in the same timeline. And the Storm of Chaos never happened in Warhammer 8 edition. That being said, I'm not sure GW would find appealing that approach. Ditching the results of a global campaign because "now we move to a universe where none of this happened" (again: Storm of Chaos) will ****** off players. And fans may want them to divert resources to different timelines that the ones they're interested on exploring/ find profitable (like asking for an EndTimes-free Old World). So I don't think it will ever be official, as fans can pretty much do that fan-canon (not canon at all) by themselves without GW having to compromise.
  3. That hand looks lizardy to me, too. Maybe a new hero for a new limited box.
  4. The second part is already online. Nothing about AoS, but more about how GW (and FW) used to work. https://www.goonhammer.com/the-goonhammer-interview-with-james-m-hewitt-part-2-blood-bowl-and-adeptus-titanicus/
  5. This was a really interesting interview, with lots of hindsights about how things worked at GW not long ago. Looking forward to the second part.
  6. Grom and his shaman Blacktoof would be the best avatars for Gorkamorka: A brutal goblin and a cunning orc. Make it happen GW.
  7. A shame there aren't suitable leaders for Eshin or Moulder list. I'm thinking maybe the Stormervin boss could represent an Eshin with a naginata or a Packmaster with some kind of monster-prodder. The Moulder warband is growing on me the more I think about it, I can totally picture the rats roaming the All-Points looking for suitable test subjects. Rat Ogres are powerful, with packmaster also giving them extra attacks, and both the masters and the giant rats have the same damage output than the warriors but are cheaper. As someone who only tried the game once, what would you say it's the best approach for this? Should I make room for squishy rats and be more "swarmy" or just spending the points on Rat Ogres and packmasters?
  8. The Great War against Chaos would be an interesting era (and explain why the North is so well featured in the new map) but wasn't that in the aftermath of the Age of Three Emperors? Still, as you pointed out, there can be conflicts that I forgot, or just others newly created, (there's room for that. And weren't the skaven also amidst a civil war?). I also forgot to mention what I consider the positives on my last post: The map is beautiful, and they seem to have a direction for the game now.
  9. The icons of the map suggest this will be settled around the Age of the Three Emperors. If the game focuses on pseudo-historical humans it will be a hard pass for me. I know the Gorbad Ironclaw's invasion happened around that era, but I don't remember anything else interesting happening. Of course, if this follows the Middle-Earth BSG approach, we may be only talking about the first book, with others potentially based on more juicy eras.
  10. My personal preference would be for Gotrek to appear mid fight, throw some cheesy line like "daddy's here" and stomp both. What I actually think would happen is that Katakros will secure the Realmgate to Shyish and that will be it. Other safe bets (already mentioned in this thread): - Skaven thwarting Nagash's plans somehow, probably being key at stopping the Bonereapers advance. - Death will achieve some kind of secret objective/just as planned, like Mannfred snatching something from the Allpoints in the confusion or whatever.
  11. Tyrion doesn't need to have a miniature the same way Sigmar or Gorkamorka doesn't have one. He has god stuff to do.
  12. Considering all the name changes we have endured since AoS, it wouldn't be hard to reintroduce Malal as Malalol or something lazy as that. He could be an interesting addition.
  13. Oh, I meant the lore too. I was talking about Teclis design, which based on his track record is doomed to be flawed, as Whitefang said. A miniature/diorama of the twins in the same vein as Katakros would be amazing.
  14. Since you're in the know, I can't help but wonder if that's a hint. Should we expect some design flaw on this new aelves? Not pointy enough?
  15. He can't be defeated by Archaon if he runs as soon as the Everchosen appears.
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