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  1. I like that they're not slaves to the duardin, and yet have a relationship that kind of mirrors what they had in the Old World. Hope there is some kind of hobgrot hero!.
  2. I wonder if Gordrakk will try to fulfill the prophecy now, or maybe a different Boss would (a kruleboy one?). The poor guy is not that interesting, and as others have said Kragnos stole what should have been his minute of glory, his "headbutt to Archaon", you know, that cool thing people could always remember about him. He keeps feeling like a generic warboss but bigger to me. Skragrot was the only character I really enjoyed reading about. Hopefully the kruleboyz will bring more "kunning" characters to destruction. Not sure about the role of Kragnos in this new edition. For now
  3. Maybe I give them too much credit, but i wonder if GW is not playing the long game here with their focus on smaller games. The economy is not going to be great, and they won't want to hinder the coming of new and young players. I personaly dig this, and I think many people will find the posibility of colecting various functional armies more exciting than investing in a very big one (specially armies were most models feel samey, like fyreslayers). Not everyone sure, but bigger games are still possible. As a Skaven player I can tell you the pain was real. The thing that got
  4. Or like that chunk of the story had to be removed when they merge Alarielle and Kragnos (if that's what really happened).
  5. I'm a big fans of the big hats from 4th edition, but after seeing how the kruleboyz take clues from the very early editions of Fantasy, I wonder if new chorfs won't be referencing their first miniatures. Now, won't be fun if these darkmasters have nothing to do with chaos dwarfs, and GW is just teasing us like with that bull-shaped endless spell? After all, a world has beed destroyed and eons have pased since the hobgoblins served the dawi zharr, I don't see why they'd be eager to get back to that dynamic. Unless of course, these hobgrots are the darkmaster's creation...
  6. Pretty neat story. Never cared much for beastmen, but they look interesting and mysterious here.
  7. To be fair, the regular hobgoblins, the ones in the chorf army, didn't have those faces at all, and I think those are the ones everyone misses, not the unfortute mercenary unit (never liked it).
  8. Kruelboyz can be cool, but whatever I like them or not, if I can spam the hobgobs and make an army out of them then I will get this army anyway. But I think I'd like the whole faction, sounds very morky.
  9. You can also see "the nation of the hobgobla-khans". But two games teasing with hobgoblins it's more than what my heart can handle.
  10. Nice! We got a second mention of a traitor in T&T ranks. My money is on the Lyrior Uthralle guy, who -IIRC- was Ymetrican and lost his family to a flesh-eater invasion (Mally's agents in Shys may have found them?). We will have to wait a couple years at least to know for sure, I fear.
  11. I could settle for this: gnoblar, fimir and weird toad creatures. What's not to love?
  12. No offense to anyone, but discarding fimir because they looked "generic" (I disagree) is a bit weak. Elves in WHF 3 edition were pretty generic too, would you say the same about Lumineth? New fimir would be as cool and groundbreaking as GW wants them to be.
  13. I would never believe it but..yeah, Fimir. Those red eyes didn't come in pairs at all. And all that fog and bog... I'd be happy if that is the case.
  14. Damn, Blood Bowl is definitely the game suffering the most from the messed up schedule. I think it's safe to bet that the game is more popular than Aeronautica Imperialis, maybe they're saving some surprises for latter down the year? EDIT: I forgot about Warcry. I don't play it (sadly) but certainly deserves more love too.
  15. True. When you think about it, Morathi was probably one of the most influential figures from the Old World, if not the most. She's the first domino piece that leads to the End Times. No Morathi means no dark elves, which means the alegiance between elves and dwarfs would not have broken, which means you have two powerful races at their peak to fight chaos instead of corruptible humans. You like AoS? Thank Morathi
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