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  1. Yeah, and that included Gods of Order too since Chaos comprises all that can exist. But that was dropped long before AoS. I don't think they had get out of their way to say other gods don't exist, but they have ignored it for decades. Alas, the grey aspects of the Ruinous Powers have been downplayed too as time has progressed. Guess it's easier to write a story if the hope of the heroes doesn't fuel the villain and if they are not fighting the embodiments of honour and beauty. Would be interesting to keep that take, thou. What would be the "positive aspects" of the Great Horned Rat? Thrive against all odds? Dumb luck?
  2. We will need a Skaven-Johann Appreciation Society.
  3. Even after the culling of TK and bretonians, and the gradual dissapareance of finecast, there's no way GW can keep all the old units and keep producing (and storing!) all their cool new plastic kits (which is where the money is). In fact, the rumours that announced AoS after the End Times pointed out that this was one of the reasons behind the change: keeping a more manageable number of boxes (and mostly new). Now, I understand GW might want to save themselves the backlash of squating any more armies, but I think it would be better for everyone to put units out of production now than letting them slowly fade into oblivion. This way players will know where they stand, and no one will start collecting unknowingly a squated army. Now, I don't say they should get rid of all the Old World range. That would be a waste! And all-old minis battletomes like Bonesplitters, FEC or LoN are relatively inexpensive for them to do. Maybe one of the reasons some of the obvious ones take so much time in seeing the light (like the unified skavens battletome) is because they're not entirely sure what they want to keep and what not. Anyway, without entirely forgetting the Old, AoS should (and will) focus on the New, which is not only what brings money home, but what catches the eye of new (and old!) players.
  4. Jator

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    There's beauty on a list that can be done with exactly two "start collecting!" boxes and nothing more.
  5. Ok, guys, you know what this is about: A new endless spell has been revealed in a very teasing way, and it matches the evil dwarfs' kind of magic. This thread is not to discuss if GW is only being cruel with the pointy hats fans or we are really getting new CD, but to canalize our wishlists and fears in one thread. Personally, I would like to see: Dawi-zharr as a Destruction faction: I'm not adamant about this, but I think it would be kinda cool. IIRC, Hashut was killed during the End Times (by Gork and Mork, nonetheless), at least according to Reynolds unofficial expanded universe, so there is little point in keeping the "chaos" tag for them (I mean, besides being mutated and making deals with the slaves of darkness). Their way of life is more organized than your typical destruction faction, but their society is pretty destructive nonetheless. A stronger case can be made about they remaining in the chaos allegiance, but being destruction would add some variety to a grand allegiance that really needs it and maybe warm the heart of its players. Hobgoblins: Sure, I talk about variety above, but some more greenskin won't hurt!. Maybe this new ones would be a race created by the dawi-zharr using grot prisoners and modeled after their slaves of yore. They really are not needed, but they were one of my favourite races of the Old World, along skavens and goblins (I do have a type). What I expect: An off the charts steampunk aesthetic, and bull motifs everywhere. A safe bet, I know. What I fear: Nothing really. Bring it on!
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions so far. As @Ragnar Alpaca said, I should probably discard the FEC. I like the fluff well enough, but I would have to paint a lot of crypt ghouls, and I really don't feel like it. As for @michu, I didn't expect to have these many points just with the IoB's skaven, good to know. Guess I should buy the GHB to properly ponder this. I'm in no hurry thou, so I'm going to keep wondering about this a bit longer. Any other tip will be appreciated, like the ones I've been given so far. Cheers!
  7. Hey, people! So, I haven't tried AoS yet, but I bought the new Core Book (I like shiny books with background and maps), and despite not having any friend interested in the game right now my hobby mind cannot help but wonder what would be the right army for me to start with this game. I told myself to focus on factions with low model count (slow painter. Used to move regiments altogether), and new miniatures (to feel reassured that the army is fully supported by GW) but the heart wants what the heart wants, and none of the factions I am considering to meet any of those conditions, as you will see. My idea is a collection around 1000 points, not necessarily "competitive" but neither sub-par. My options right now: Skaven. Pros: Already own an untouched "Island of Blood" set, a good starting point. Cons: Yet I will still need lots of miniatures, even focusing on big models like Stormfiends. And no battletome yet. Flesh-eaters courts Pros: Like the fluff, models seem easy to paint. Cons: Very limited unit choice, boring models, doubts about how much love will receive from GW. Spiderfang Grots Pros: best way to have a goblin army with a relatively reduced model count, funny models. Cons: Even more limited unit choice. Unlikely to receive a battletome. Starting boxes and other ways to save money are factors to consider. I'm also open to other suggestions. I mean, I would love a troggoth army, but I still don't know what kind of players I'm going to find, so I better make ar army "legal" in all ways of play. Thanks!
  8. Jator

    Is AoS cluttered?

    I haven't tried the game yet, but I also got the impression that AoS works better for smaller games. My reasons to think that are all the special rules each unit have, all the random rolls for initiative and effects, and moving all your units one by one (movement trays do seem like a bad option for this game). I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing. You'll have fluffy, fast fun games. But I do not know how popular that is. People usually gravitate towards "the more the better". Again, I don't have real experience with the game, so I'm ready to stand corrected if needed.
  9. Jator

    Hardest kit you've built?

    Not to mention how bad they rank.
  10. Jator

    The Great Gnaw- Skaven release?

    I step out of my lurking because I'm surprised no one has brought this up yet: We do know how the new skavens will look (and there are "small arms fire"):