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  1. He can't be defeated by Archaon if he runs as soon as the Everchosen appears.
  2. He wrote these posts on October 30th:
  3. Whitefang also mentioned Light Elves (something like they wil be very reminiscent of High Elves and about 8 months to drop), so yeah, it's a strong possibility.
  4. I concur the first "Age of Sigmar" is one of the best choices to set the Old World game, as it lets them feature most of the races that inhabited the continent: Sigmar allied with dwarfs and kicked asses of greenskins, undead (Naghas would be featured as well, and he's a big deal in AoS) and even skaven. I don't remember if it was mentioned back then if he fought beastmen and chaos marauders, but is pretty much given and no one will rise an eyebrow for that. I'm still more inclined towards the different campaign/era books, but your guess is as good as mine.
  5. I know you already know this, but there's little chance of GW moving away from the 32mm heroic scale. They have to play their strengths, and great sculping is hard to appreciate at that scale. That being said, I'd love something like Warmaster, even if it keeps a more popular scale as @sandlemad suggested. Heck, whatever keeps us away from individual miniatures removal would be great for me.
  6. A great choice! Certainly better than Karl Franz at stopping Chaos Invasions...
  7. My own guess goes in that direction. I still think BB was revived just to prevent other companies from making money from it. No need for new novels when tehy have tons setled in the Old World. The lore needs almost 0 investment.
  8. As a long time WHF fan I'm...not excited by this. But maybe I will. The thing is, I moved on. Or better put, I nevel felt the Old World was gone. 30+ years of novels, the rpg, the videogames...the Old World was pretty much alive and kicking, there for those who want adventures in it, and I know many people still settles their KoW or 9th age battle sin that setting. Although I'm not a fan of AoS rulesett the game is hands down more accesible than WHF was, and I'm always interested to see the new factions and concepts GW brings to the game. I'f they just bring back WHF as it was, I'd be happy for other old fans like me, but uninterested myself. As I said, the lore is already there for me to enjoy, and other rulesets (and IMO, better) are there too. That being said, this thread has some interesting ideas: - Setting being an specific, iconic time from the Old World. Or more than one. Sort of MEBSG: One year we have "armies of black skull pass" with rules and miniatures, then next year we'll have "war of the beard", and so on...of course with all these armies being compatible to batle against each other. - Leaving room for AoS to focus on AoSified factions. Bear in mind that soem factions fit both settings really wel, as FEc and Gloomspite/Night goblins, but many others could be shoved into the Old World and leave space for all the new high-famtasy stuff. So I am actually getting a bit excited about this, but the (comprehensible) lack of information turns me off. Which also rise the questions of why this now and why this way?
  9. Quoting the Warhammer wiki: When Sigmar vacated the Imperial Throne in the year of 50 IC, it is unclear whether he left his Warhammer upon the throne along with his crown, or whether he took it with him. Historical texts differ on this point: some say that the Emperor left the Warhammer on the throne, others that he took it with him, and still, others that the Dwarfs returned it to a future Emperor some years later, saying that Sigmar had left it with them on his journey to the East. So it is technically possible for the Celestant-Prime to be Magnus the Pious or Mandred Skavenslayer, but popularity being a factor in these "creative decisions" make it unlikely.
  10. I think it was around twelve when a classmate lent me a White Dwarf and I get hooked. I was already a fantasy fan into LotR and Dragonlance, and I started collecting a few minis and monopose plastic boxes in a disjointed manner. I even asked for the 4th edition box for Christmas (Grom vs Eltharion) and manage to get a single game at the LFS where I played D&D. But the lack of money, skill (for painting) and a gaming group frustrated me and I gave up on the hobby. Years later, with all the End Times fuzz, I realized that I had money and knew friends into the hobby, so I jumped in (Some might say it wasn't the best moment, but hey, people were underselling their armies). Honestly, I get bitter when I think about all the years I missed, so stories like the ones shared by @Minis by Night and @Televiper11 helps me reconciling with myself.
  11. I have to disagree with you on this point. Following your example, the appeal here was not the power creep: An army with 3 or 4 AGKoTG sounded appealing because a monster mash looks cool, seems fun to play with, and allows you to collect FEC (well-loved for their fluff) without having to paint a hundred ghouls. The fact that is overpowered can actually prevent people from collecting such army for fear of being considered "that guy" among his casual gaming group.
  12. The issue with "unbalance" in AoS is largely about how is delivered. In Blood Bowl unbalance is sold as a feature, and people are happy with it. Some teams are just harder to win with, and in exchange, they offer either a rewarding experience (teams that become powerful at the latter parts of a league if you stick with them and level up wisely) or just a fun experience. As @JPjr has explained, the way armies are released for AoS (as in old Warhammer, or 40k) leads inevitably to power creep, as designers want to try new, cool things, and people inevitably wonder if this unintended or not (although the annual adjustments with the general handbook should minimize this, so they really manage this better than in the old world era). Anyway, most people I know are happy with not being crushed consistently for playing the army they like against similarly skilled players, I haven't met anyone who expected "perfect balance" in games like this.
  13. Yes! It's surprisingly refreshing to see a GW mini with a more classic or "generic" design, instead of taking a theme to the extreme (And don't get me wrong, I like minis with the latter approach too).
  14. As you said, the only similarities are the source material and the one eye. No club tail and no beak. So I don't expect anything in regards to fimir, and I certainly hope this guy is not related at all, since it would imply a parting of their iconic* look. *If such term can be used for something as obscure as fimirs....
  15. More importantly: Why is there a guy with a pointy hat??😨
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