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  1. Greetings from a safe distance, Kruleboyz! I have read that there might be 2 Troggoth units in your army and one or both can grant my hungry Ogors +1 to hit somehow with an aura perhaps? Anyone know which units these are? No free warscrolls on the GW site anymore....wasn't wanting to buy a whole tome, but that Mirebrute sure looks pretty awesome, and only $50! Please and thank youz!
  2. The nice thing about Taker vs Stomper is the Mancrusher extra damage won't affect you since you're units of 1, not 10 or 20. I bet you could almost take out a Mancrusher from the Mob with boulders/debris in your first round of shooting, then finish some more off with a multicharge against the same Mob. Then relax and let the dice unfold gently over the next 4 battle rounds.
  3. I think a new Ogors tome will maintain much of their current allegiance abilities but probably alter their subfaction abilities to dish out more MW somehow. Don't think we'll see Ironguts go rend-2, though that would AMAZING. Maybe hits or wounds of 6 for various units will be rend-2 or MW; the latter seems to be a popular trend. Would be a good Command Ability for the Tyrant or Slaughtermaster. And we'll get some unique Battle Tactics for sure. REAAALLY hoping for some appetizing Endless Spells too, just ridiculously oversized ones (gargantuan maw of some sort to devour everything around it, a massive hand with club similar to the Khorne axe but HUGER to hunt things, and mountainous pile of food or something like a mirage to encourage the hungry to speed up for dinner). The coherency for units of 5 or less in the core rules is just dum and should have been 6, since so many units come in 3s and 6s. The little Troggoths come to mind, and of course Gluttons are just trash because of that. But I don't think they'll give an exception in a battletome unfortunately. Also Gnoblars need to be like 80 points for 20. I am keen to see which units in the Kruleboyz are Troggoth and give a +1 to hit bonus to Ogors?! That's exciting news to me....
  4. @PennydudeHello again! Once on the bridge is better than none Such a cool looking spell, and I think it could be useful for my Ogors too, probably my Bullgors as well. After playing against those Horror blobs, the Stomper Mancrusher Mob is much more appealing to me. I mean if an army has 1 of each Mega and the Mob anyways, it almost doesn't matter which Tribe is used, and we could get a 3 drop army too, or a free 6" run.
  5. I was wondering about that Net. Trying to figure out how to model nets on my customized megas (which are Chaos mechanical constructs). Also strongly leaning to making a 4th mega though if my 3 Mancrushers don't sell I'll just keep them and save hobby time. I don't think the Arcane Tome is worth it for the off-chance of a single unbind. Best chance of dealing with something like Blades of Putrifaction is to hurl boulders at the wizard with that spell, usually a puny wizard if I remember my Nurgle correctly. However I just remembered a guy at a recent big 3K event using Stomper Tribe, Arcane Tome, cast the Soulscream Bridge successfully twice at the event, once he launched a Warstomper with a 3D6" charge into someone's face turn 1, and in a different game it was 3 Mancrushers. Game 4 Vs a high table Tzeentch army, 3 mancrushers in a different army wiped out 50 Pink Horrors (and their subsequent splitters) in two turns using Stomper Tribe. Guess that tribe has its perks! When it works, it WORKS.
  6. Sometimes amazing events like that makes playing a sub-optimal army sooooo worth it
  7. And his model should be kinda freaky. But I agree, not oversized like so many of the centerpieces these days.
  8. Thats exciting if we actually are gonna get a new tome and new models?!?! I would also really hope and expect a plastic Shaggoth and Dragon Ogres to up their damage output to be like, well, Ogors. Or at least spit lightning like the dracoths. Plastic Doombull too but hopefully also Bullgors as the most recent plastic ones are kinda weird and almost abstractions somehow. Anyone think the Bray Shaman might switch to be a Priest? That seems somehow more appropriate. Sounds like I need to get some Tuskgor Chariots. Haven't used my Beasts in a long time. Eager to get them out again.
  9. GW doesn't seem to have the lore-bug in their rules like they used to. I mean for Khorne's straight up martial prowess, they should add 1 to their hits or attacks on the charge. For axes, they should be rend -2 or something more deadly on hits of 6. I feel they should also have some sort of kunnin' like Orruks have. At least a few units can attack when they die...and they do anti-magic reasonably well. That's fluffy. I agree the Blood Tithe is cool and should stay, but also agree that it should bank and not cap at 8. Tzeentch's Fate Points certainly don't! And they can easily get 9 of those per turn if they want to. Our stuff has to die to get even close, and the Tithe doesn't make up for lost units, forcing us to take MSUs for ****** just to have Blood Tithe. I think a tally of dead enemy models to donate to the Throne would be better. Depending on the size of the donation you can get a coffee cup, or a set of DVDs, and even a beach towel!
  10. You know I might almost keep my Kragnos just to fight these dragons once. He gets a few buffs when they're nearby. And then I expect him to fail hard and THEN I'll really want to sell him.
  11. I will 2nd that emotion on the Dominion Stormcast grouping. Except that Stormcast are punks and 2 Start Collecting Beastclaw Raiders is the much much much better option.
  12. I think if Tuskbreaker provided a 4 or even 5+ MW ward save that would be enough for me to keep him, but I can use that dough better to round out my Beasts of Chaos and make my last Kraken-Eater. Either one will be more fun.
  13. Gah, he just gets worse and worse. I used Kragnos in 5 games this past weekend, and in game 5 he FINALLY made his points back, or at least a decent chunk by killing Arkhan the Black. Before that he killed 2 Plaguebearers, maybe helped split 12 Pink Horrors, got rid of perhaps 20 Chainrasps, then fell hard to Legion of the First Prince doing absolutely nothing, and finally rolled a 3 when charging Nagash for his stupendous charge effect but was next to Mystical Terrain, and survived with 1 wound left to fight Arkhan and used Finest Hour and All Out Attack. To me he's garbage and I'm selling him off. I wish I would have run 2 more Kraken Eaters instead of him and a Mancrusher.
  14. Did the new Orruks Tome rules get leaked?! I just saw a Bonesplitterz army finish almost last in a 44 person event. That was the old tome though.
  15. Ah yes, the Snowflake award was also known as Sigmar Hardmode, an army composition with fun theme and not especially optimized for competitive combat and also had to win 3 out of 5 games. The DnD award I think was the highest scoring army with the most heroes, which looks like it was a Stormcast army with the full 8 heroes. Monstar was 5 monster heroes, no more, no less. I was the proud winner of Most in the Middle, and he even misspelled my name with an M. Right above that 50% because I won a magnificent roll off with that Tzeentchy guy who tabled me day 1
  16. Had a blast at a big 3K event this past weekend, 2 days, 5 games, all just plain GHB missions. Pretty diverse army variety but strangely, no Lumineth that I saw . No Beasts of Chaos, but I wasn't surprised by that (I shoulda brought mine instead of Sons of Behemat just for funsies). Interesting to note, I brought almost the exact same army as the winning SoB player: Taker Tribe/KrakenEater/Kragnos/1 Mancrusher/3 Gatebreakers, and I think the winning guy had a Warstomper instead of a 3rd Gatebreaker and possibly VeryAcquisitive/w Sandals and Glowy Lantern instead of Extremely Intimidating. ....but he matched up against 3 of the other SoB players (but not vs me). I however started with a grudge match vs my buddy's Nurgle army, then fought Tzeentch Horror spam w Belakor (lost hard there), then Nighthaunt (which was an extreme grind like the first game vs Nurgle), then the Legion of the First Prince (which steamrolled me handily), and finally OBR (which put the nail in the coffin for Kragnos, who rolled a 3 for his big charge effect vs Nagash; though he did manage to kill of Arkhan the Black after like 2 turns, pulled a minor loss on that one, but my Skaven Gatebreaker whooped Nagash like mashed potatoes in turn 5 for a MORAL VICTORY). Certainly true that the matchups make a big difference in who gets on the podium. Notice the kill point spreads too. Possible total was 15000 and the Kharadron guy got the most but did not finish near the top of the standings.
  17. WOWZAH, I wonder if my Sons of Behemat might be in for a Skaven sneak attack this weekend then....going to a 3000 point tournament, 5 games over two days. Should be amazingly brutal.
  18. Wait wait wait, you can hide weapon teams in clanrats?! I haven't ever heard of such a thing. Is that a new Skaven thing from Broken Realms or something?
  19. Here's why I think that (from page 2 of the Core Rules FAQ):
  20. I think the Ogor player's lack of army experience is one big factor (with the other player being a very active tournament player); he also was using Kragnos, and appeared to be too timid with everything. Aggressive behavior is so key with an Ogors army most of the time. I agree, the BCR stampede should probably roll the Stegs...however he was using at least 2 or 3 Thundertusks, and those are fairly meh aside from a Destiny's Child Huskard. The Seraphon magic and 3 or 4 Engine of the Gods did a bunch of stuff too. Apparently the Engines are Priests now and he took Curse and used it to good effect. All Stonehorns all the time! Kragnos is like a FLoSH and a half! Not super sure he's worth that in a BCR stampede.
  21. But if an ability specifies wounds and does not specify mortal wounds, then the ability will not work vs mortal wounds. They specify wounds and mortal wounds in abilities very consistently now, if that was GW's intent. I'm not an Orruks player (yet) but just caught the thread here. That bit on page 72 of the GHB2021 looks to be referring to the time and order of allocation of mortal wounds.
  22. Maybe Troggoth or rat ogre bodies, green stuff fur sticking out of cracks, with Kragnos faces would be a good Yhetee conversions. He comes with 3 faces, and then Kragnos could have just a big rock for a face like he's still got some mountain stuck on him? Saw a Kragnos and Stonehorn/Thundertusk army fight a 10 Stegadon army yesterday (3K points). The Ogors held out for a good while but I think he had some bad rolls, as the last I saw of it was 6 Stegs still standing, a Butcher getting finished off and a Stonehorn remaining. But to be fair he was a first time army player and the Seraphon guy was a super duper experienced player. Still, Stegs are pretty hard counter to Stonehorns, or everything really.
  23. I wouldn't expect the Sandals Kraken-eater to outdamage a Gatebreaker vs those good armor saves, rend -3 is pretty amazing, but hard to argue with computer math.
  24. Yeah, I did that once when I played my practice 3K point game yesterday vs FEC, Blisterskin w 2 Zombie Dragon kings, 3 Terrorgheist heroes, and I think 3x3 crypt flayers, plus 10 Ghouls. He gave me first turn, I forget which mission but was on page 32 of the GHB2021, 3 objectives across the long center line of the table, rolling randomly for alpha objective each battle round. I followed vinnyt's lessons from previous pages: Turn 1: I moved up, running Kragnos/Mancrusher/Kraken Eater to my right objective, scoring Ferocious Advance and all objectives, killing his general with my wounded Gatebreaker before he died, cuz generals just need to die. Then he came all in vs my left Gatebreaker w Manticore Venom, but only got 1 Terrorgheist in w bad charge rolls, took out that guy and scored his tactic and that objective. Turn 2: I got Priority roll, (and continued that for the whole game) Then Savage Spearheaded, moved my Amulet Gatebreaker left with Finest Hour, killed a zombie dragon there and some more Crypt Flayers, also charged my center Gatebreaker into more Crypt Flayers. Regained all objective points. He tried and failed to kill my Amulet Gatebreaker, got my center one down to 24 wounds with Crypt Flayers, his too-far-teleported Terrorgheist moved up but still couldn't reach the left Gatebreaker (his mistake to put him so far back). I think he just kept forgetting to summon stuff, but perhaps for lack of CPs? He scored some tactic but no objective points. Turn 3: This turn was a blur and a quick one, but I got Broken Ranks, left Gatebreaker died to his last charging Terrorgheist in the bottom turn, but not before hurling a boulder at the wounded Terrorgheist's face to kill that off at the top of the turn. Turn 4: I got Priority again, and just wanted to see what Kragnos could do to the last Terrorgheist as he finally got in range to charge having moped across the whole table.......charged it and did 16 MW and SPLAT, game called. Kraken Eater didn't have to do anything except kick his objective, but I had the sandals and -1 to hit on him. Kragnos being so delicate to MW I held back planning to flank the enemy, but enemy decided to avoid him which gave my right flank and easy time of it. As planned! Just with Kragnos was faster, I mean he's got four legs! Love the Bosses of the Stomp, such a gift from the White Dwarf, thanks GW! My grudge match first game of 5 next weekend is vs my friend's ultra resilient Nurgle army. Boulders will try to snipe his support heroes/warshrine. I'm hoping MW on the charge can deal with his GUO. The sea of Plaguebearers will be super annoying, but maybe I can just walk over them with good positioning. Then maybe, just maybe, I'll end up facing the guy with 10 Stegadons?!?! Good times ahead
  25. Seems like most ward saves are on heroes, or are from hero support spells, abilities, or auras. Not sure too many warscrolls besides Nurgle Daemons have native ward saves. But I think some armies have subfactions that have a blanket ward save like that one from Daughters of Khaine maybe, Hag Nar or something? Rend -2 and -3 is certainly handy to have, and will be more so when Stormcast comes out (I predict all Paladin units will be at least 3+ armor with Annhilators being 2+...aside from all their save buff stuff too). So a small unit of great axe Bullgors charging and then striking will be very good. Just getting into combat is the usual problem. Doombull w Rampant Juggernaut helps. Ambushing units to get into combat with the pesky backline enemy shooters will prevent them from shooting afar for a turn or 2. I'll repeat til I'm muted, take a couple allied Mindstealer Cats, and/or the Wildfire Taurus spell. Then multiple Bullgor units can do their charges and strike before being struck back. Assuming they can actually hit their targets on a 4+ 🙄
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