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  1. I think its because they were going to originally make each clan their own sub-army in full with their own book etc... So shifting from a unit name that denotes it as just a unit type and instead makes it an acolyte, thus sounding far more important and as part of a specific clan I think was part of giving each clan its own unique identity. A globadier could be from any clan, but a Skyre Acolyte is only from one clan.
  2. Yes its time to talk about free stuff, in particular free stories about the Mortal Realms and indeed all worlds of GW as published by the Black Library. I hope we can make this thread into a good archive which can list out all the free short stories and references that appear through the various GW websites and publications. The idea being so that new people can jump right into some lore and tales without having to hunt around. It should go without saying, but I'll say it, this is only to show LEGAL free releases. Anyone caught posting links to websites distributing material illegally will suffer the consequences! Please use this thread to talk about the stories; those you like and love; when new things get published and I can add them to the list and more. The more we chat and interact the more this will stay up and active and the more we can share and enjoy stories of the Mortal Realms. Plus, if that wasn't enough, I'm also going to list fanfiction sources too! So perhaps you've a favourite fanfic; or perhaps you've written your own. Again this is a place to share the links to them for all to read. Official Free Stories: Age of Sigmar Malign Portents website - contains all the short stories released in relation to the Malign Portents event. Loads of stories about many of the races of the Mortal Realms. So no matter who you are a fan of, chances are there's a story or two for you in here! https://malignportents.com/stories/ 40K Psychic Awakening - the current 40K campaign set after the most recent Black Crusade and its fallout. https://www.warhammer-community.com/psychic-awakening/
  3. Don't forget AoS had a very different design at launch. Many of the forces we now see might have been armies designed and planned for way back then. However GW held them back and adjusted their plans. Perhaps armies like Luminoth are getting more than they were once going to get. I'm surprised GW didn't keep the high elf stuff out there, rename it luminoth and then replace/update the sculpts. That said it might be that when Cities of Sigmar was designed it "saved" a block of concepts within the lore and within the game and GW decided to keep it going.
  4. Reminder because it seems GW forgot its Black Library Week! You can now get the first of the daily new short stories - this one featuring the mysterious Idoneth https://www.blacklibrary.com/prod-home/black-library-celebration/the-harrowing-deep-eshort-2020.html Or you can sign up for the whole set from the week here https://www.blacklibrary.com/prod-home/black-library-celebration/black-library-celebration-eshort-subscription-2020.html
  5. In fairness Eshin was never designed to be an army of its own but more the assassins' wing of the faction. So they'd nearly always been a supporting or scouting role rather than fielding large armies of diverse units. That was down to the bigger clans like Moulder and Skyre etc... Though I do agree the Eshin models we do have need an update.
  6. I just want them to hurry up and give the Ossiarchs those living dragon bone construct mounts that they had in Ghoulslayer!
  7. Gotrek is rather random at present and without any focus. One moment he's in depression, the next he's running after his axe, then he wants to kill all the gods, then he wants to find Felix. His axe tends to dominate more so, whilst his desire to hunt for Felix flits from yes to no as he battles with the fact that he wants things from the past, but at the same time fears for what might have changed. Killing the gods is more revenge for the fact he blames them for all the ills and wrongs in his life at present (which to be fair is basically true).; plus he remembers some from before they were gods. I think we won't see Felix, if we do don't forget he might have been reforged enough times to forget he was ever Felix. Malaneth is proving really popular and I think its also a really nice way to change the dynamic between Gotrek and his companion. Instead of one questioning if he wants or should keep going with an insane dwarf; we've one debating on the best way to try and get him killed - whilst at the same time sometimes not wanting to get him killed.
  8. Many thanks @alghero81! I've now updated things adding in the newest books and also note that we've got Lady of Sorrows coming up soon and also next week is Black Library week with a slew of short stories appearing as well as a collected short story book free for those who make orders on the event day at the end of the week. Keep an eye out too as there's also loads of exclusive stuff going on and some old reprints to get your hands on https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/02/05/what-you-can-get-at-the-black-library-celebrationgw-homepage-post-3fw-homepage-post-3/
  9. Updated with the new Heroes of the Empire book. I've also added the The Adventures of Florin and Lorenzo as a story collection so this just moved those included stories up from "stand alone" to the series listing. Also in May "Elves" by Graham McNeill is coming with 3 stories and 3 short stories. I'm assuming this will include his two novels "Sons of Ellyrion and Defenders of Ulthuan", though I'm not sure what the other contents might be.
  10. Malaneth has also risen in the Gotrek stories and it seems she'll be there for the long haul - perhaps even as long as Felix was in the Old World. Of course the dynamic between her and Gotrek is very different, especially as she has conflicts within herself as her attitude toward him and her own ideas of self preservation and advancement.
  11. You're just mad its not DoK Who hopefully are next!
  12. GW only has a limited range of push-fit models - which is why they get rolled out a lot for those sidegames. The pushfit are basically aimed at allowing GW to have easy assemble and quick assemble models for side-games not targeted at wargamers and hobbyists. The sort of person that buys them might never apply any paint to them nor clean off mouldlines or even use glue. They will clip them out; push them together and play. It's why the 40K version of one game has easy assemble marines and then no ork models. Of course GW gets away with it because its not a wargamer market they are going for with those products; its boardgames, families e tc....
  13. News from the Toy Fair https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/02/22/revealed-at-the-new-york-toy-fairgw-homepage-post-1/ Of important AoS note - new Underworld Warband
  14. Depends how big the games are you play; though in general you'll be more buying a second or third box for options rather than putting all the models down. Of course that assumes you're playing standard pick-up warcry games of the 1K level. If you play bigger games in that and/or in AoS with a Slaves to Darkness army you'll use more to all of the models.
  15. I would be shocked if GW didn't do a vampire army - In fact I'm more surprised that an army like Ossiarchs came before vampires considering how many books BL has made focusing on the vampires and how vampires have always been well liked. I can very much see them getting their own army and I hope it comes "soon". It's almost criminal to think that currently the most blood orientated army is Daughters of Khaine.
  16. One box gives you a working warband right out of the box. If you get the Warcry brand box you get the cards for the models as well in the box. If you get the AoS brand ones though you get 2 sprues (basically two warbands). Of course the AoS ones cost more (but less than two warcry single band boxes) and you don't get the game cards - which are helpful when playing and quicker to use than referring to the book. Of course to build more varied warbands you might want a second box; or even more. It really depends how you want to build your band and what you want it to do.
  17. It was one of several contributing factors yes. Lets not forget we have seen some updated models for AoS. Gloompsite got a massive update last year; Slaanesh got a much needed demons update; Khorne got some more plastic doggies etc... So we are getting updates along the way too. It's just a sign of how long Old World was left that we have so much in need of an update in AoS; not helped by fragmenting several armies. Daughters of Khaine are small because its the elite back-end of the old Dark Elves full range - for example.
  18. I get a feeling GW has a plan of how many factions they want and one of their core approaches is to try and get the bulk of them out and in players hands then focus on expansion of what they've got. That, at least is what I hope. The one dread is that GW keeps adding more and more armies. I don't think they will, there is a limit point. Especially because gamers have shown time and again that whilst they are happy to spread out and collect a second army; many (most) are loyal to only a few armies if one. So if you stop making models for an army the sales for that army eventually flatten out to basically only new customers, Meanwhile existing fans steadily slow on purchasing; some might jump to a new army, but if their core army gets no attention ever; they are more likely to jump ship to another game. Remember starting a new game VS starting a new army is basically the same cost to a gamer; a new set of rules, even at the top end of the market, is very cheap in comparison. So if GW wants to retain a hold on their customers, its important to keep attention on all their armies. Things like the current PA campaign and releases for 40K are just what GW needs. Small updates to a wide range of armies which sparks renewed interest in each army on its own is far more effective than just releasing a full new army on its own.
  19. Don't forget Slaanesh is huge so on Slaanesh the chains might look small even if in reality they are vast. Plus just because it took a huge bite to break doesn't mean they have to be vast in size. As for what chains you could use check out Zinge Industries https://www.zinge.co.uk They make resin products with a metal core which means you can pose them and they hold position. They do loads of stuff like ammo belts, powercords and chains! I've got some and they do work very well. Real chain can work if you've got both ends secure or laying flat across a surface so you can glue it down; however where all else fails metal cored chains work well. Search them up on ebay as their chains are currently out of stock on their main website. Zinge chains or otherwise search just for Zinge Industries and you should find them without much trouble. Eg I found these for the UK https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Zinge-Industries-Flexible-Chain-Set-of-6-Various-Poseable-Resin-New-Bits-S-CHA01/293033016394?hash=item443a20fc4a:g:-coAAOSwc15bOT9K Not much more than searching the company name and going through the list of results.
  20. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/02/20/warhammer-for-your-earsgw-homepage-post-4fw-homepage-post-4 https://www.lacedrecords.co/collections/warhammer Title says it all, GW and Laced Records have teamed up many of the major computer game creators of the Warhammer licences to put the music from the games up for streaming. The pages also contain links to other streaming/purchasing websites. Note that whilst some of these aren't totally new, this does give you a one-stop resource. Great if you've never played any of the games or have missed out on some.
  21. Hey we were talking about genetic makeup of men and women at the same time. That said lets not also forget that we've got release information this weekend too!! Though its likely to be supporting games or boardgames; but one never knows what might appear and some of the 3rd party licence GW stuff is a LOT of fun
  22. Oh agreed, I'm not disputing the differences in eye structure and measurable differences in colour perception and the fact that there are more colourblind males than females. Just the reasoning behind it. Indeed the more they've studied genetics the more they've found that its not as simple as a single gene affecting a single property. Many times its several elements that come together to affect one property as we might understand it. Thus a beneficial element might also be attached to some negative traits as well; allowing those negative traits to be preserved within the genepool. Of course positive and negative can also be variable based on ones viewpoint - but that's getting into a whole other topic and far from colourful shiny winged hypnocats. Also for those interested the wings used on the sphinx are the wings from the frostheart phoenix kit - which thankfully wasn't axed when GW slashed the highelf range so you can still get them!
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