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  1. 3 years is an abnormally short period of time for a new Battletome. It does happen, but its not common, part of the reason Aos had faster than normal turn arounds is because AoS had some major restructurings and the early tomes were pushed out fast to try and sooth a very irate customerbase after the whole "no rules do what you want" disaster of a launch of AoS. That's why they were very bare bones and mostly just warscrolls with not much else. Moving forward GW normally leaves a longer period of time, on average, between tomes and updates. I'd be surprised if AoS was getting new Tomes adding only one or two new models to the range for small armies or replacing one or two for bigger ranges. Sure its what they did for 2.0, but that's because 2.0 was being pushed out at around one tome a month for a two year period. It was fast, too fast for GW to do bigger releases for all armies. Furthermore most of the armies didn't have a tome and some of the armies weren't even established as armies. So they didn't need lots of additions, it was basically establishing AoS as a game. That's why going forward I would expect bigger changes. DoK aren't even in a bad place balance wise, they work really well and have done through AoS 2.0 from start to now. You can't release a new book for them if there isn't much to change or add. So I'd wager we won't see a book until such time as there's perhaps a "second wave" of models.
  2. If you mean the new set of models for Warcry I would not expect GW to release a new Tome for one set of models. They are more likely to use the app, the website and the model instructions to give us the rules for one new unit of models. A new Battletome I'd expect to come with at least several new kits (esp since DoK hasn't really got any old kits worth replacing - the oldest is probably the Doomriders and they are not that old)
  3. Typically speaking expansion rules like mercenaries don't get overwritten unless specifically noted. This is partly why GW split the books into a book and a points booklet. Because the latter is always invalidated by the new edition, whilst parts of the older books remain valid. Expansion rules, like mercenaries, battleplans etc... will all generally carry over. Remembering that the use of expansion rules varies area to area; some places use everything, others with opponents agreement and some just stick to the "core" rules and not use any expansion. Of course if GW updates the mercenaries rules then the new versions would override the old
  4. It might be that GW is going to promote FW right on the main site rather than on a sister site - which is freaking fantastic - more FW sales means more chance of more FW models and more chance of old sculpts hanging around!
  5. Ahh not Tabletop Combat I meant Tabletop Fix http://ttfix.blogspot.com It's basically a blog that notes all the new release information from the market. What happened to them directly was nothing, but they stopped doing GW news because GW had a big clamp down and sent nasty legal letters to some online news sites that were distributing leak information on upcoming releases. This was way back in the dark days of the Kirby era when GW was not doing any online promotion and the only advanced warning of new releases was in White Dwarf. At that time there were WAY more leaks than there are now, partly I think because a lot of higher end GW staff saw a fanbase that was information starved and eager to hear of things so more staff were willing to risk it to leak out info on upcoming things. Today we get WAY less leaks and most are typically only in the few weeks run up to a release anyway. Those that are from longer can also be seen to potenitally be "official leaks"
  6. In fairness GW shop staff really don't get much advanced warning compared to regular fans. If anything fans might get more information if they are hunting down rumours. That said rumours always speed up a week or two before anything major launches, because stock starts to get shipped out overseas and such much earlier. Chances are those 9th edition rulebooks and boxes are already overseas in warehouses. The wider the circle of people gets the more chance of people breaking NDA and sneaking out info and photos. These day GW tends to roll with the punches in public in terms of major leaks - though I'm sure behind scenes people do still get in trouble. In the past GW tried the whole legal inquisition approach and it generally only earned them disfavour (heck Tabletop Combat still doesn't report on any GW releases - though honestly these days GW does well enough on their own for spreading their own news).
  7. The new edition is a huge focus for GW, they likely can't move it much. Plus with the looming threat of local lockdowns (and GW is in Nottingham not out in the woods) they likely don't want to risk ending up sitting on it all whilst in a lockdown. I think the only reason we aren't seeing GW speeding up releases in general is because their back end just can't cope. Lets not forget when they re-opened they had to shut the store every night just so that they could keep up with demand and even now some armies are half out of stock even on the UK site. If they can boost their output or demand slows a little we might see them doubling up on things; but chances are they've just pushed most things 3 months on and written those 3 months of releases off. We've seen this with the adjusted Necromunda release schedule with a general push of most things moving several months on from when they were set and that is basically the "Codex" for the gangs in that game, so pretty major releases for it.
  8. It's sad to lose you, but yes if you simply aren't into AoS at present, just log out and step away. If you keep your email valid then you can always step right back in without any issues in the future. Who knows a few weeks/months/years and you might come happily back Also don't forget if you're not into AoS, but still like the models we still have the painting and conversions sections. You don't have to be knee deep in army and tactics chats to engage with painting and hobby side of things. Good luck out there in the gaming world!
  9. Like almost all forums on the net, account removal is not a standard practice nor function. Even admin/mods are unlikely to remove an established users account from the site. It breaks the coherency of threads and conversations. If you are unsatisfied with remaining a member then you can simply change your email to a random string of letters and log out and then never log back in and you won't get emails from the site. Of course this also means that you'll never be able to use password recovery or validate your account in the future should you have a change of heart and wish to return. I'd also encourage you to consider, instead of resorting to fully leaving, considering taking a short break. Sometimes that's all you need to clear your head. I'd also encourage you to use the report function or pm one of the mods/admin if you are having issues with a particular user(s) as mediation and resolution of such issues might be far preferable for all involved.
  10. Nope, we got our Sunday Pre-Order info today, its early. Now this doesn't mean that GW couldn't sneak some extra stuff in, but I'd wager it will all be focused on 9th edition alone. They want 2 weeks pre-order so I'd be surprised if there's anything more than BL books in the week between .
  11. For those who don't pay attention to 40K the pre-order date for the new edition is the 11th of July and the release date is the 25th. This means that pretty much the entire of July is now known. We get the Generals handbook, some BL novels and such and that's it for fantasy this month. Next pre-release window will be the 26th of July. Which could well be more 40K to double down on the new edition. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/06/28/sunday-preview-calling-all-generals/ https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/07/01/indomitus-pre-order-date-revealed/ edit Fanataical are also doing a big bundle deal of books including some AOS ones https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/07/01/a-brilliant-book-bundle-from-fanatical/
  12. From what I recall the only real information we have on how they communicate is that the way they talk is likely a little bit like Data from Startrek Alive, but also rather mechanical, with an edge of formality/preciseness. A smart writer would have them speaking rather like a lawyer, with very flowery words, each chosen for their precise subtle meaning not just carrying a general point across. As for the mechanics of their speech don't forget that they aren't true undead but constructs. They don't even have standard "hollow" bodies; and instead have bodies filled with skulls and other bony constructed elements. They are also formed from the souls of the living so its likely the living would influence how they'd act. So many likely do open their mouths to speak, even though they have no vocal chords, tongues or lips to move to shape words. They might open their mouths and just "hang" them when speaking as the words come out as if commanded by a ventriloquist; or they might move their mouth in time with the words. It might even be a non-conscious thing they do. So they don't have to open their jaws to speak (meaning you could wire/seal them shut and they'd still talk), but they do so out of reflex. Indeed this living reflex seems to be a theme within them, giving them more life than the standard mindless skeleton summoned by a lich or necromancer. Another aspect is to consider their source bones and souls as they would influence how they'd speak. Those sourced from the bones of beasts might neigh, scream, roar and such from their dominant parent animal side. Meanwhile those from select areas of the realms might take on accents from those regions. Ossiarchs made from the bones of Aelves might speak and appear and act differently to those sourced from ogors or skaven. Again it would be hints and quirks to their mannerisms, perhaps just really subtle things. We also have to consider the souls as well, since they would also have some influence. Some might well shift depending on their mood/actions/situation. The Stalkers are already shown to have four heads for four different styles of fighting, lesser Ossiarchs might not be as extreme, but they might exhibit subtle elements of the same confused mix behaviour
  13. Slaanesh still has mortals - they are the afore mentioned Hellstriders of which there are two kinds (basically two different weapons). The Warcry teams are designed, lore wise, to be peoples who are just at the start of their journey into the depths of Chaos. Like Marauders they are very low on the pecking order. You really see this in the Warcry stories whereby when some make it to the Varenspire they go from being one of the top warbands (or at least top within their people at that time) to being right at the bottom of the pecking order. Bold and brazen but now way at the bottom compared to the likes of Chaos Warriors and such. So the idea that some who make it into the upper ranks of the unified Chaos Army (or into mono-god armies) go down specific pathways is a neat lore nod. Personally I'd welcome updated Hellstriders with Splintered Fang style riders (their current ones always look rather too bulky for their steeds).
  14. When I said (and when many others do) that you take a certain kind of list "just for fun" its meaning that you are taking the list primarily for fun knowing that the list is significantly sub-optimal for the army. In a game where competition is part of the game, taking a vastly sub-optimal option is not always the best path. My point is that Slaanesh right now if you're not rocking up with multiple keepers summoning more keepers then you are tactically choosing to play a weaker force. That's not bad but its also not good either and its not good for the health of the game nor the army. I think its a deliberate choice to help drive sales of an army that basically got all new leader models and a new big leader model (keepers). They only got one new non-leader model - the fiend - otherwise all the others were brand new leader type models. So having a tome that focuses on leaders and drives them as the key part of the army makes sense purely from a business angle of selling those models. As for the whole lore angle that doesn't really hold water for me because you can argue lore however you want (esp in the mortal realms). Eh I'd be shocked; GW have previewed them and there's a lot of time between now and 2021 next year. Furthermore we are ware that the Tomes are printed and shipped so GW is unlikely to want to sit on stock for a whole year.
  15. Exactly and it makes me really sad because there's so many good units and models in the set; but right now its all focused on the leaders. You only take a few deamonettes for the battleline requirements. Outside of that there's really no reason to take them. They perform well, but when your leaders generate summoning power when hit and when hitting back it just creates every reason to take more leaders. It even shunts certain leaders down - why take a regular leader when that big keeper can dish out and take way more wounds and generate more depravity. Heck the fantastic looking fiends of Slaanesh are basically mothballed right now - again they perform well but at 200 points for a basic unit its just too many when you're stocking up on leaders. They don't even have battleline, so again there's no pressure to take them. It's a battletome that's well made save for one mechanic that makes it into a one-trick-pony tome. Sure you can take other options, but you're purely doing it for the fun.
  16. The current story arc is orruks leading a vast army against the gate that leads to Azyr from the Realm of Beasts. It's just not really got underway because of Corona messing things up. With Giants now striding the battlefields one gets the impression that the Luminoth are going to stride forward smack right into an Orruks choppa!
  17. Probably not - there's ample reason for any of the Warbands to worship any of the Chaos Gods. Just as Iron Golems can be said to be military style warriors of iron born and bred to fight and collect skulls; they can be lords of excess. Driven to forge steel like bodies with their addiction to the metal. Or a crafty force of highly trained disciplined troops. A take on the Romans that speaks of the machinations of an malignant intelligence of the great Changer of Ways.
  18. I think the Age of Chaos is said to have been 500 years in duration. That said the onset of it was very fast. The Mortal Realms at the time were just not ready and Chaos had spend ages. The Age of Chaos was a vast invasion of Chaos and corruption that swept the lands at an insane speed. Almost all the realms were corrupted very quickly; leaving behind only pockets of resistance; especially once gods like Nagash and Sigmar withdrew and the Everqueen became infected through her link to her people which drove her into hiding. Essentially the Age of Chaos isn't very long compared to the Age of Myth and the already several hundred year Age of Sigmar. However it was brutal and the corruption goes deep into the ground. It's going to take far longer to cleans the realms than the 500 years it took to corrupt them.
  19. Don't forget some things from each edition still carry over. Plus everyone needs to ahve their own GHB collection to get the full griffin cover-set!
  20. Makes sense- heck Foregeworld is already sold out of almost all the necron models including their titan. I'd figure GW is also seeing a lot more 40K, esp necron and marine, orders in advance of the launch of the new edition. Gives the factory a moment to get some stock together. Though I'm surprised they didn't sneak out the giants since its technically just one model kit and a book as well.
  21. The cards look interesting! Also new team play ideas are a great thing for adding new ways to play and new approaches to liven things up - though with lockdown and social distancing measures "team" games in a closed close hobby environment are not perhaps the best of things to suggest (though that is hardly GW's fault). Also worth noting that another wave of Inferno Magazines are up for sale! 10 of them which are likely going to be £5 each so £50 for the total. Done through "print on demand" for 2 weeks so you can order any time during those 2 weeks then you just have to wait a few months to get them when GW makes the big bulk order. If you like short stories, bits of artwork, random comics, general lore stuff and more than these are great magazines. They are from the very classic era of 40K, Old World and other games. Great sources of fun and snippets of background. Some major stories began their lives in Inferno including Ghosts Gaunts and Gotrek and Felix.
  22. One aspect we've yet to really see explored is the idea of an ever expanding front line; the mostly circular nature of the realms and the fact that most invasions started around the central regions means that for every foot they take; they expand their front line outward. This means they could reach a point where stormcast don't have enough numbers to continue expansion. There's also the issue that, right now, they can advance really fast. They are designed to operate without support trains slowing them down. However this also means that they can advance far into chaos corrupted land. We've seen that cleansing corruption takes time and a serious investment - up to blood magics (dancers on bloody feet dancing during rites so cleans the soil). This creates a situation where the stormcast might well retake vast swathes of land that the religious orders can't cleans fast enough - creating either a situation where stormcast are chomping at the bit angry that they have to hold the line waiting for generations to catch up; or where they are retaking land so fast that chaos corruption spreads in their wake as forces behind them have to contend with corrupted land that infects them.
  23. So far the only mer-people we've seen in the lore (in a short story) are linked to Sylvanth and the realm of life. They were formed of nyads, merpeople and sea serpents in that tale.
  24. GW community reps are mostly stuck repeating the company line; if something people want isn't out the community repss can't change much, so they can note it and pass it along, but otherwise directing people are things like warcry was the right and only choice they've got. And lets be fair some of those warbands - like the Unmade - SCREAM SLAANESH from every oozing wound on them. That said I fully expect to see Slaanesh get a chunky update at some stage - esp considering the other 3 gods have already got a good display of mortal followers. Then again I'd love them to revise depravity to make the tome more than "just take loads of those awesome keeper models"
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