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  1. Wow! Avatar Rage, your guide to death is amazing! I'm definitely going to do some more reading over this over time. Thank you for making such a comprehensive guide.
  2. I already have a membership with audible but I highly recommend anyone on the fence to use the above offer. I've listened to "Plague Garden", "The Silver Shard", and "Wardens of the Everqueen". All are great stories, and my favourite so far has been "The Silver Shard". We get a good perspective on how certain witch hunters operate as well as scourge privateers. In the climax of "Plague Garden", I could hardly believe what was happening and could hardly tear myself away from it. Right now, I've started on "Blacktalon: First Mark" and I'm pretty excited about it. If anyone has other recommendations, I'd be more than happy to hear them.
  3. Yeah. I'm studying in UCD and take part in wargaming night in the Games Society there when I'm able. Also, that's excellent work! That Durthu and Mortarion look amazing. Other than Alarielle, I'm slowly making my way through the nighthaunt portion of the Soul Wars box. I have nothing against Stormcast, they just don't click with me as an army I want to paint up. Hopefully I can find someone to trade with or buy them off me. Maybe in time I might change my mind on them.
  4. Wow, it took me way too long to reply to this. I'm based in Dublin and I game up in University College Dublin. Yeah, the Deepkin are so cool, and Sylvaneth too. What's the pride of your collection? Mine is my Neferata, Mortarch of Blood model. (I am building up an Alarielle model too. She was too pretty to not get.)
  5. Hello Everyone! Great to meet you all! I've been collecting models for up to a year now but had my first games only 3 weeks ago. Thankfully, I loved it! I collect skellies mostly with a side-army of idoneth deepkin. I'll post up my current collection later for anyone interested. Best wishes to you all and Hail the Great Necromancer Nagash! ? Glace105
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