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  1. I'm personally hoping for a fourth since they haven't done the Extremis chamber yet and Beastgrave would be perfect for a single model warband of an Astral Templar Stormcast riding his battle-scarred dracoth which is cumbersome in the small battlefield but can fry the opposition with lightning in the right circumstances. I've been flipping out since the announcement and I saw his name on Oaths and Conquests with a glorious knight of their Stormhost on the cover! It's a match made in Azyrheim to have a famed gritty writer behind such a merciless Stormhost.
  2. She's awesome! Thank you. Okay, so on their site they just don't put the magazine number over the current offer. Good to know!
  3. Oh, what's the mini? I can't seem to find issue 5 info. On a sidenote I really like how user-friendly their site is as it quickly guides you through all the highlights. These model showcases on what you get vs the whole army are top-notch ideas.
  4. Ditto, i'm thinking of getting two and proxying them as the Gargant brother mercenaries. Going off their lore as a race of empire builders that were enslaved these can be freedom fighters that join the Order armies that fight to reclaim the All-Gates sub-realm.
  5. Looking at Beastgrave I could see that but on the otherhand Fyreslayers did get a lot of love with a tome, spells, kharadron allies and as a mercenary force. More likely it's the continued tradition of Fyreslayers having more White Dwarf exclusive material like with last year's Bael-Grimnir and several battalions. On which i'll be more than happy with if the White Dwarf gives unique scenarios like it does with Underworlds to go with the inferno warriors.
  6. That's doable, just make sure you got the even More big heavily armored Paladin Retributors leading the way so their giant hammers, glaives, and Soulmaces turn your opponents into lightning-struck mush. (If you ever give them another go then look into the Excelsiors or Vindicators stormhosts to make your celestial knights more smashy or choppy) Regardless, Ironjawz sound like an excellent fit for you as a powerful melee army easy to get into and gives you lots of ally options down the road if you feel like branching out with savage Bonesplitterz, skulking grots or monstrous Troggoths for more smashing. Another note is you could proxy some Blades of Khorne Bloodreavers or Blood warriors as the Rampager mercenaries. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/10/the-generals-handbook-2019-mercenary-companiesgw-homepage-post-2/ That way you can add and paint-up a group you like the aesthetics of with a Khorne flavor. Fun narratives you can base it on too like they joined the Ironjawz for free because of all the blood they were spilling. Edit: Oh, a side project with Warcry is always an option too. Small warband that's deadly in melee with the new Khorne daemon rules could be up your alley.
  7. Do the Blue Scribes have anything you can use as conversion material? (You probably already saw them but I thought it worth mentioning just in case) https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Daemons-of-Tzeentch-Blue-Scribes
  8. So Destruction is definitely the "Killy" alley for you. Definitely get the Orruk battletome, builds on the originals and adds a bunch of great lore and rules crunch. It's lore can also help you get inspired. Want a giant among warriors? Try a frost clan of Bonesplitterz lead by a Ironjawz Megaboss on a icy Mawkrusha. If you know some good sources for giant bear models or hairy AoS beasts you can even make it more unique by kitbashing a model for the Kattanak your Megaboss conquered to get the Icebones to follow him on Waaaghs across the frozen plains of the realms. (just proxy it for a Mawkrusha and say he crushed the Kattanak's 3 throats that stopped it's ice breath but not it's ferocity )
  9. Nothing novel-wise I believe but the Orruk Warclans tome said he raided some Ghur Stormvaults and found the skull of a god-beast he's fashioned into a battering ram and the Tzeentch tome builds on this that the "City of Secrets" events has compromised Excelsis' defenses which Gordrakk plans to take advantage of. So he should be getting material in the near future as Destruction keeps making it's move on the realms.
  10. I think your first suggestion coupled with your profile picture is telling of your future project. But yeah, Nurgle's solid as well as anything chaos with towering greater daemons leading it if not Archaon himself, Gloomspite and Ironjawz are overflowing with potential be it a Megaboss going on a monster hunt with Bonesplitterz, kicking around Moonclan grots, a Troggoth force leading the charge for the scampering greenskins or your giant spider option leading skittering clans and mutants. That's all on top of your Squig suggestion. If you want godly options then look to Death to have Nagash leading anything from elite Ossiarchs as a bodyguard or hordes of deathrattle plus the noble Flesh-Easter courtiers in their gallant masses following their king on a dragons to a royal banquet. And Order's got Alarielle, Celestant-prime, Morathi's true form and the Eidolon of the Deepkin to bring the mortals to war. You've got tons of great options. I think going with your gut might be best here, Nurgle's got the aesthetic you want and you can spread your hordes out even more with Slaves to Darkness or Clans Pestilence if you want to mix in a swarming rat plague to escort your lumbering diseases.
  11. Ooh, magic caffeine could be possible. Me and my friends were theorizing the purifying properties from the Malign Portents book here. Our theory was that between the phoenix emblem and aelven name that brewery was in Ghyran's city of Phoenicium. That's why it was bragging about the Aqshy imported products, unlike Ghyran those lands weren't overrun with Nurgle plagues, monsters and beer obsessed brayherds(at least nothing Aqshy flames couldn't cleanse) so Ghyran brews needed purifying from the hops fields in order to be drinkable. Would YOU trust brews that were grown next to Nurgly lands like this?
  12. They only started selling the AoS license at the end of 2016(that's when Cubicle7 announced they got it for an rpg in 2017), a decent game takes 5-6 years of development so unfortunately mobile is all we can reasonably expect until 2021-2022 and further. At least the mobiles released have been fun so far and pretty solid. Edit: Oh, I forgot Underworlds Online is near completion and Focus Interactive are rumored to be working on something. so that's good news in the gaming area. Awesome! That gets rid of the fear of it just being something for Warcry.
  13. Here's something interesting for future Lumineth players. An Hammerhal herald ad from 2018 implied that the magic-purifying Aetherquartz was also used in purifying ales. So you can pawn off your used off Aetherquartz stones to pubs and inns. Could a drained realmstone cause the chaos and magic impurities to go unpurged and negatively effect the drinkers? Well maybe but you got some local currency for that new spear on sale now and no emotions after bargaining your stones like that so no worries!
  14. The lore did put a lot of focus on the Realmlords using the bonded mountain spirits to fortify their infantry and let mages hurl boulders at the enemy. Between this and the stone-like hammer it could be a mountain spirit manifestation or a leader/mage on a moving mountain. Also kinda off-topic but a Silver Tower mobile game was announced today. https://toucharcade.com/2020/02/11/warhammer-quest-silver-tower-ios-android-perchang-trailer-turn-based-strategy/
  15. Yeah, there's a hubris about them being the cream of the elite as an army of "heroes" as Nagash's personal guard with Katakros having his own arrogance but it does feel like a missed opportunity. They could've just kept the superiority views to certain Sub-factions like the Skaven, Cities of Sigmar and recent Kharadron tome. We'll see how things go down the line as more factions come to light and Nagash has to change things around for his legions and Ossiarchs step down from the spotlight. Haha, fair point! Outside of a Destruction grand alliance for Matched Play I guess Troggoths are the ultimate bros of Gorkamorka's armies in being both elite and allies to the majority.
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