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  1. I'm excited! Very true. I suppose it is the "2.0 Grand Alliance" books like Legions of Nagash and Cities of Sigmar that make those GA combinations rarer on the tourney lists just by compromise. Yeah, I think realm clans would be the way to go like Orruks from Chamon on Metal beasts or a twisted light one from Hysh with spirits they wrangle from their moons as a challenge to the Grots. Da bad moon & darkness vs their light moon spirits.
  2. I'd be for that. Heck, i hope AoS3 makes the standard Grand Allegiance abilities more powerful so people will wnt to use them competitively. Nothing's better than seeing a mixed force or proper grand allegiance army. It looks awesome seeing so many different races working together to survive in their particular realms like they do in lore and makes it more enjoyable for new hobbyists that want to expand their armies in multiple directions. As for Destruction they could expand on the Skybasha Ironjawz for the ones making pirate airships (scrapfleets), that'd go well with Grotbags for two types of greenskin airfleets. Also from Realmgate Wars the more powerful Ironjawz commanded Scrapcogs in the Sea of Bones which are gigantic paddle wheel ship fortress hybrids with shaman crow nests so they can cast magic shielding on the cogs to protect them from attacks and the giant Grindworms that lurk in the deserts. Would make a great centerpiece for them. On new factions I would like the draconic Sanskrit creatures who are empire builders around the Sea of Bones, evil versions of the Aetar eagle people (probably giant vulture people) and a repentant Ogroids & Fomoroids force that threw off chaos' shackles and came back to Gorkamorka.
  3. This is the main one to me. In a realm where people can find life being born out of the ground and literal life giving water that can sustain them in the life-draining edges of Shyish, finding food and game should be child's play outside of Nurgle's territories. It's in the realm of fire and metal where the food supply gets interesting. So far one thing I noticed is Chamon actually grows good grapes vineyards. Which with a little research is clever as grapes can have a surprising amount of metals in them. "Concentrations and sources of chromium (Cr), manganese (Mn), nickel (Ni), cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb) and arsenic (As) were also analyzed. Higher levels of these heavy metals were observed in grape skins than pulps Finally, we evaluated the risk of ingesting heavy metal through grapes using the estimated daily intake (EDI). No health risk was found by consuming grapes according to the data from this study."
  4. @Kramer Didn't want to clog up your"going second" thread so I thought you'd like to see this recent tweet about the Blade's edge here while I kill two grots with one grudge stone by putting up more Duardin pics. https://mobile.twitter.com/groje/status/1282775282378854401 "jörg frey @groje Fantastic game in new #GHB2020 scenario “the blade’s edge”. Mixed Duardin from Tempest Eye vs. Eels of Domhaim. Took 5 rounds, just the frigate and a Gyrocopter and 4 eels survived and I won by 12:11. Awesome game mechanic, love this mission #ageofsigmar"
  5. I mean it was a joke but where there's a will there's a way. Wouldn't be fun to live of salads made of regular leaves but needs must. Though in "Auction of Blood" showed one of the plant infestations was colorful spores that grew on metal walls and even a flock of birds had sprouts on them from preaching near there so purified & fried mushrooms could be on the menu. Maybe a little aetherquarz wine on the side to catch any magic impurities. Yeah, probably would have the defeated bodies burnt so there's no evidence with his pure new one to claim absolute victory.
  6. My money's on the realm of metal. The novels all show Order making big pushes there despite some set-backs by the Gloomspite claiming some continents with da bad moon warping them and we just had a huge sky war which is even a prominent part of the new Open play. My bet is the next Underworlds will be one of those sky islands that the Gloomspite recently terraformed into an underground (Underworlds) which leaves a reason to try and either conquer it or grab the prized alchemy stones lost there when the kingdoms came under new green management. Though I certainly wouldn't say no to a shattered coastal city in Ymetrica to get our hands on troves of the aetherquartz brooches that went missing.
  7. Well Alarielle is, in a way. "Currently it is a city that never sleeps, its industry unhalting. To this day Alarielle is still trying to retake the city's grounds via raining fast-growing plants that require fast removal." If they have a vegan diet they're set. Plus there's the canals, their Festermere Realmgate to Azyrheim, militarized highway they heavily trade through and they're not too far away from two parts of the sea for fishing ehich is a major mortal realms food industry since the lands were corrupted by chaos. I love that too about him. He's the (un)living incarnation of "victors write the history books". With how smugly he thought himself as still undefeated despite being killed by Archaon leaves no doubt in my mind that if he conquered the Eight-points he'd make sure the ink would smear on that bit of trivia.
  8. Yeah, sorry for being stubborn on this. Seraphon got changes that enhanced their flavors for everyone. Should focus on the wins all round and less on the trifling changes every new setting goes through. I'll move on. @Grdaat Calling a truce. Way off topic.
  9. There's quite the difference between tribes growing up around a magic and a race having it breathed into them by a God-beast that's later the magic their spawning uses. That's the parts we know so far anyway about the Starborne. That they wax and wane with the stars themselves shows a deeper connection to the realm of heaven. Yes. I was agreeing with you. They need the Slaan so they can be stable there and eventually mix. I don't see why that's beyond the ability of a Slann & a realmgate. They just hold the teleportation in another spot. We've seen naturally occurring gateways appear in stuff like tarpits when the Ironjawz attacked Nagash's city from the realm of beasts. That seems pretty easy to explain. Cords of glittering energy is what Azyr magic the spawning pools draw on to form them with the reality bit just a fancy wording. And they're not long lost in the new lore because they've been active in the realms for centuries now with the Age of Hope instead of when they missed out in the Age of Myth. Yes but that still all adds up to how the Slann are needed to reform the teleported Seraphon still. It's just gone from the vague memory stuff to show that "given shape" is the forms the Slann make for their Azyr bodies to inhabit. The fading thing could still happen to Seraphon not properly mixed with the realm energies, it'd be like a localized version of a mortal going to a realm edge. That's why the Starborne roaming Ghur are around because their Slann is merely unconscious instead of dead as Coalescing takes quite a bit of time. "The Coalesced slowly become more and more physical the longer they stay within the Realms, until eventually they are normal flesh and blood." He's also able to make astro-projections of himself which goes towards the memory stuff. That'd be impressive from a article back in 2018. Hear hear! They've really added many interesting layers to the lore over the years. Very stable continuity too when the biggest debates are over space lizards and some tombs where-as the rest is surprisingly solid for being stories over near infinite realms that progressed nearly 400 years.
  10. @Oceanic_Eyes Close, Order of the Furrow uses Demigryphs. Josh clarified a bit more here: " What makes The Knights of the Furrow. The Order of the Green. The Order of the Last Flower. The Knights Ghyrlion different from each other? "The Knights of the Furrow are demigryph riders - one actually features in The Eight Lamentations: Spear of Shadows. I imagine the Order of the Green are an order devoted to tending a grove of soul pods, and the Order of the Last Flower are devoted to taking vengeance in the name of a fallen kingdom. The Knights Ghyrlion are a crusading order, devoted to spreading the glories of the Lady of Leaves to other realms." So I say stop looking to the past and embrace the glorious potentials of the people of the realms.
  11. The part that confused you in the first place as it kept the old lore and you mentioned at the start of this post: There's still something eldritch about the Starborne with that physicality and how the community site kept emphasizing this bit "Known as the Starborne, these creatures wield strange and celestial powers " on how they're suffused with Azyr energies. It's a vagueness they're playing with that i'm really looking forward to being answered in the future whether it be a novel, the Soulbound rpg or a new Seraphon tome and models to it justice. Yeah that one's on me. That's the very meaning of coalescing. Likely the case. Minor writer errors have happened like with Black Rift. The fact that they're larger than skeletons and have metal melded into their bones. If one fell apart you'd probably be able to fashion it into a suit handily. I guess large macabre mannequins works too for what the Skaven would've seen. Nah, Archaon just made him come back a bit stronger. The Nadir put him on a higher level with how much it empowered the realm of death. The Flesh-Eaters new tome goes into it a bit how he was able to access underworlds he never could before. so both in power and numbers Nagash hit the jackpot with his scheme. The funny part is the memory thing is more on the fans than the lore. Guy here back in 2018 pointed out that Seraphon always came down from the sky. He basically saw through that and predicted the new/cleared up lore of the Slann beaming them down into forms that can be on another realm's surface.
  12. Nah I was making a joke about it. They're not true daemons but certainly not flesh and blood mortals either. Until Coalescing anyway. I put them into a lesser daemon area. We need to see more of their interactions as Starborne. Bits on them having a harder to interacting with other realms and the community stuff mentioning ethereal properties or even creatures really puts to light the "strange magical abilities" the starborne possess. "While Starborne can interact with the tangible world, their deep connection to Azyr prevents them from achieving true physicality." It makes sense as it's two winds of magic being forced together. They need time for one magic to replace the other in their bodies. Eh, to me it sounds like he finally figured out he bit off more than he could chew but it probably was a writer's error. It'll be clarified come next tome. Skeletons yes which would've moved. What looked like bone armor they probably prodded wouldn't have mattered. It's a pointless discussion until the next Skaven tome. That'll have an actual focus on this and whether their gnawholes missed the tombs thanks to magic wards pushing their reality-drilling attempts away towards the corporeal cities or if they did find a few and are why some Ossiarch forces seek out replacement bones to fix their gnawed on exoskeletons. He planned far enough ahead to have the bone forts fitted with a large supply of his replacement bodies so he would've similarly planned far ahead for the tables to turn, get killed by Archaon and be besieged and thus leaving sizable elite forces and supplies in the fort to withstand Archaon. It's the reason he built them in the first place, he knew he'd never be able to conquer everything before Archaon got back so he decided from the start to make a foothold for Death. Nagash wasn't in ascension then with several more of the underworlds opened up to him plus every soul in the realms drawn to his Nadir. Death is waaay more powerful now in the Time of Tribulation than it was in the Age of Chaos. Oh, I meant I was looking through the Lexicanum. Though even going by your posts I don't see it as a retcon like you're saying. They just blended the lores together so the first tome was like being told by an Azyrite on what he thought was happening and the current tome is clarifying the Azyr forms, their magi-tech ships and how they interact with other realms. Edit: ah, like your edit here: "As I pointed out in my reply above, the book explicitly dismisses the idea that the Seraphon troops are created by the Slann when it talks about Astrolith Bearers. " They didn't have to specifically create them. Just a twist on the words "formed from memory" is enough to still make it true but obscured. Where-in the past the formed part made us think created now we see the trick that they formed their Azyrian forms to be able to interact with the other realms as they went from magical to physical in the teleportation. It'll be very interesting to see what direction they'll go with the third tome and a overhaul on the lines. By then they can actually go full out on the Azyr beings concept with models reflecting it.
  13. And non-daemons don't explode into starlight. They're light versions of daemons. It's pretty clear it's a similar case to Stormcast and their lightning charged blood. The Spawning pools form them through Azyr magic and Slann just reform the Seraphon's magical bodies once they get beamed down as their Azyr nature is rejected by the other realms which justifies the conjuration. So prideful enough to try and slay a god while also understanding he logically couldn't. Sounds about right for a undefeated general whose died twice. Because they're pretty clueless when it comes to Shyish. That's why one of the gnawholes dug straight into the sea of death and flooded Skavenblight with millions of undead. And after the Necroquake any of their works would've been undone in the realm of death as the lands shifted. Katakros was still able to order their commander and NightHaunt to attack the armored chaos highways so they had reserves. Bone forts + a gateway straight to the endless legions of death straight from Shyish for reinforcements. There's no steamrolling that. We'll probably get the siege for it in the next campaign tome. No I literally quoted it and how Seraphon are reformed by the Slann when they beam down.
  14. Oh that's really cool. (Also wise edit to nip that controversy in the bud) I've been teasing Narrative scenarios based on this and stuff like the Ogor scenarios that let you hire a third army on the field. Something like treasure or resource build-up by going second or just being slower so you can win a wealth victory for say Kharadron or spend the aether-gold to boost their engines & weapons if a victory by battle is insight. Similarly I was thinking of adding on to the realmscape cards stuff like getting overheated in Aqshy so your movement and Hits are halved if you choose a double turn.
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