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  1. This is true but the gods can be very discreet in how they communicate with their people. It doesn't have to be an actual conversation but just the act of worship brings a connection between realms that connect the followers with their God. (To such an extent that Stormcasts refused to interrupt a little girl's prayers to Nagash because it could open a rift). It's between that, how the gods can warp their people and just how they can personally view and see through them that can cause a more cosmic King Fisher effect that I mentioned. There's a good conversation in the comments here on how even a "dead God" of the duardin can be effected by his worshippers and vice-versa with even Nagash being susceptible. To each their own. At least it can happen outside order like a Grot translating order tongue for a Ironjawz warboss or a Tzeentch beastmen acting as a mediator for the dark tongue.
  2. In the mortal realms the Gods can speak to their people everyday though. That the setting has the Gods literally walking amongst their people and keeping the civilizations together is where the "real world linguistics" falls apart as a problem. Slight shifts do happen though as I said, the realms affect their natives to have accents in different manners while the ancient dead and Anvils of Heldenhammer do speakin more archaic forms. Edit: An important thing in warhammer religion is that what you worship both changes the god and changes you. Just by worshipping Sigmar multiple civilizations will find their people shaped by his power, just as Nagash shapes his people and Chaos extremely changes theirs.
  3. They're not colonial, Stormcasts are natives going back to their lands to liberate them. They are those builders, cooks, messengers from distant lands that thanks to the order pantheon are able to come together and only find differing accents in all their languages like Azyrite is more musical sounding while Aqshy is gruff and quick. Eevika said it best that it's how the gods brought every individual together. Basically Sigmar perfected the tower of Babel before chaos broke it. Fine though if it annoys you but it's just not a problem the realms have as it's not civilization dependent but God dependent. Everyone literally speaks the language of the Gods. Edit: Another thing to consider is how King Fisher the gods are upon their people and realms. They can see through the eyes of all their followers, speak with them and even affect them in strange ways. Regulating all speeches for a more connected Order would not be out of the realms of possibility.
  4. Haha, probably more often than not. Though if it's a fortress with big enough walls (like the Steppe Khanate capital that housed an army of titans for some really sky touching buildings) or just to protect their squishier allies they likely have to be more creative.
  5. Interestingly the era thing is brought up in the 2016 GA:Order book as due to Azyr's strange timeflow sometimes people from the distant past may appear and speak in ancient dead languages no one knows. As for the rest though it's hand-waved that the Order gods brought up all the fledgling tribes and races together in the Age of Myth and brought about equality. That's why no matter where you go if there's civilization then that means the Order pantheon raised it and taught it's people, be it a distant desert tribe in a Chamon desert or race of Aetar bird people at the tops of sky-towering mountains in Ghur. They worship a member of Sigmar's past pantheon and were taught that order language. Thus you're only really gonna run into problems outside Order like a chaos tribe speaking the tongue of the dark gods.
  6. Ah, okay. I was going off memory and mistaken then I got the tome and reread that part: "Astreia Solbright Ultimately, she hopes to one day find a creature that can not only return to full strength after each death, but become even stronger for it-for whatever arcane or spiritual process leads to that ability, she will deconstruct it in the laboratories of Sigmaron and attempt to emulate it for her chamber's future reforgings. Thus far, to her growing disquiet, Solbright has heard of only one entity in all the realms that can claim to have returned from death stronger and more determined than before. That being is Nagash." So he's still the key for the salvation of the Stormhosts on a grand scale if they can reinforce their souls/reforging with his power. Likely what she and her chamber heard from such dark secrets being told.
  7. Indeed, for the Sacrosanct I imagine that's where they learned a dread secret about reforging. "No creature or power can stem the price of being brought back from the grave. Save one, one who gets stronger everytime they arise again- Nagash." (Mentioned in their tome) He's the key to it and possibly their chambers ultimate goal with the Soul Wars.
  8. Oh right, the moon of dark secrets. Doesn't that tie-in to why the Loonking targets magic-users/seers/prophets for his asylum because as mushrooms they can whisper/babble to him of the da bad moon's location? Edit: okay, wow I forgot. That's not on AoS, WE DID THAT! "This week in the campaign, your actions have attracted Lunaghast to the Mortal Realms, a colossal moon formed of Dark Matter from the Aetheric Void in which the eight realms hang. Thirsty for secrets and hidden truths, the moon has been lured to your kingdoms by the slaughter of your prophets and seers. Across the lands, the peoples of the Realms are attempting to appease it by screaming their darkest secrets and most closely guarded knowledge from the highest peaks." Love how the article points out that was messed up. Leave it to players to choose a witch hunt, geeze. 😧 Seconded. I really enjoyed that book and the Celestant-prime short story after it. I personally want one for Sureheart as I like his model and his background of being a former chaos slave named "Grub" could be interesting to see through his eyes how he went from a hopeless slave to a noble crusader.
  9. That'd be excellent! Gargant sieges too but at least the campaign book promised sieges already. I'm torn on Excelsis because it is one of my favorite cities with a great set-up while the Excelsiors are great hatesinks that get the job done. It getting destroyed would stink but at the same time it'd make a more fluid element to the setting that shows nothing's plot-armored safe which i'd like too and fits with the progressive plots GW is slowly changing to. I think the best call would be a global campaign for the cities of Ghur. Seeds of Destruction. See if they can survive or be destroyed and a new Ghur map released to reflect the setting change. (and ideally the destroyed city inhabitants relocate elsewhere for a future "win back our lands" plot)
  10. It never matters in any Warhammer lore, it especially stood out with the World-that-was because it was so small but because Status Quo nothing had impact. Empire loses 80% of it's population to the Black Plague? Immediately repopulate without losing land. Bretonnia lose 10,000 nobles in a battle that should cause rulership turmoil in the country? Glossed over. High Elves besieged for 500 years despite being a dying elder race? Just a scratch. It's never been about repercussions but just advertising and hyping up "your army". At least with 40k and AoS they can justify it better while also still adding actual threats like 40k losing valuable defenses that could doom Terra or the insane god magic of AoS that saw Tzeentch nearly absorb Chamon into the realm of chaos or when Nagash nearly rewrote the entire setting with Malign portents. I think it just comes down to tastes. I'll agree with Hallow that there's a lot left unexplored because the writers are confined by the advertising but as novels to just enjoy exploring the setting and army battles they're still pretty good. Also Shadows over Hammerhal proved Age of Sigmar can make amazing rpg's. There's so much to explore with the interactions of mortals and gods with their growing influences and survival in eldritch lands. The Exalted rpg does just that and I'm very excited to see what Cubicle7 can do with it. Ditto. They're no different than when people relate to chaos warriors or a Grail knight as super powerful paladins but still vulnerable. Most gripping is the reforging curse that afflicts them so and how they end up coping with it like the hollows out of dark souls. In "Lightning Golem" one's lost humanity leads him to become more mission driven and detached from his wife while in "Sacrosanct" the Incantor kept his great personality and kindness but sacrificed his memories to the point he became a seperate person compared to his former life. Throw in how they've shown fear, concern, paranoia, humor and bravado and the Stormcast read just like large pious human knights.
  11. Also read "Red Hour", "Acts of Sacrifice" and "Path to Glory" for humans vs horrifying odds. Also the audio drama and continuation of Eight Lamentations "War Claw" is a good listen. Surprisingly gets dark (I guess the writer wanted to address how spear of shadow was too light on bloodshed). I'll echo what's been said about Realmgate Wars, not their strongest work yet pretty entertaining while helping to flesh out the realms and helped the writers get a stronger footing for the setting. I find people who had problems with it and wrote the novels off I only had to convince to read the recent works from 2017 forward to bring them around on the writing and setting as a whole.
  12. It's out now, "Profit's Ruin" is up on the BL site. "Volturung Road"(get the "Sacrosanct and other stories" omnibus), "Sea Taketh" and the "Spear of Shadows" are good duardin reads too. That's a lot of reasons why I don't think AoS is the issue. The big variety of content and average to above average writing brings in a pretty good crowd of people diving into the setting. Most of the times I interest someone on reddit into AoS I have a whole slew of novels to point them towards for their interests to which they're pretty positive on the book in question. Edit: oh there's also "When Cornered" which has an interesting duardin related premise. " THE STORY For many long months has Neave Blacktalon, greatest of Sigmar's Knights-Azyros, tracked her prey across the Mortal Realms. At last, the sorcerer Xerkanos has been run to ground… yet he has not fallen beneath Blacktalon's twin blades. Captured by a duardin clan whose king he killed, Xerkanos is being transported for trial. But Blacktalon would have her prize – and any conflict between her and the duardin may be moot as dark forces plot to free the sorcerer before the blade can fall…"
  13. I remember Josh saying last year that their book sells were never great but it's surprising to hear they're doing bad now. They've been doing so many bundles, cycling older stuff back in(I was happy to see "Hammerhal and other stories" come back after two years gone), diverse stories & audios with free samples and while they could do better advertising it's still big announcements on their community sites and facebook. It feels to me like they're doing everything right(especially writing, AoS 2017-2019 has been amazing reads). All I can think is that the model sales boom is affecting it. I know when I do my orders I always prioritize what I can afford in models over books despite how much I adore the AoS lore & stories. Edit: Yeah I'm gonna hope on the "40k needs to do better" train. I recall on a big discussion on new Primaris in reddit that the AoS fans rallied behind the fact that they play and read AoS because it's not an endless power armor parade. I could believe the Imperium focus is a hindrance when they've gotten Necromunda and Black Fortress making other races and factions rise in interest. (Plus I wouldn't be surprised that the Star Wars turmoils are making sci-fi readers question nostalgia pandering)
  14. They wouldn't have to change anything. That was near 500 years ago and in a very tumultuous age where afterwards gods returned, civilizations arose and new races appeared. The have limitless elbow room to write that after her passing she and her order were Light worshippers in Ulgu who sought the Tower's wish to bring light to their realm but were martyr'd by Malerion and that inspired Teclis for his new race or virtually anything along those lines.
  15. Easy, we weren't smart enough to look at her description while debating her armor having symbols to the light gods. Thanks for that. Thanks, I never accounted for card art giving possible hints. That does look identical. Those would make good Ironjawz clans in Chamon and Shyish. Ironbonez having literally just that and Jawsplitterz being obsessed with collecting deathrattle jaws to listen to their secrets the same way Ironjawz honor the spirits of their rivals heads and talk to them.
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