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  1. 95% sure that's just her covered gorget/pauldron connection being raised up by her arm and hugging her face. You can see a theme they all have a bit of the golden sigmarite metal uncovered by their necks. It's like the cloaks the Praetors wear. It's stylish and marks them out but after a quick closer look they're still packing a Liberator's worth of massive armor and giant pauldrons under it. Juggernaut in a disguise vibes, there's no hiding that 9-foot tall armored badassery. (It's funnier when he's standing next to the passengers barely taller than his elbows)
  2. It'd be cool if he was the brother* to the UnderWorlds Kruleboy with a crow on his right shoulder to mirror the vulcha on his left. *(as much a brother as growing from the same swampy mushroom patch can be) I'm curious how Kruleboyz ended up under the Ulgulian sea though. Either they got teleported there from Shadespire's growing pathways and they came from Beastgrave or they're from a sunken slave ship and used their swamp magic to survive. (Just another add-on to the pile of great cinematic ideas an AoS rpg videogame could have with these guys dropping down on you from the sea above). Also cool to see a Azyr lightning lantern in full design. There was a few mentioned in the novels of lighting up noble Greywater & Azyrite districts. Very clean looking with the reinforced looking glass to contain the lightning bolt stored in it. Good eye! That'd fit with their talk of the Realm of Shadow's messing with the fighters.
  3. That thought has crossed my mind. Scenery warscrolls got watered down in AoS2 where several became just "obstacles & cover" with a few giving a buff or garrison rules on the Warscrolls. Only the few massive scenery pieces gave more abilities. Now even garrison is covered in Core Rules instead so they might be streamlining it so scenery and terrain are blank slates that get abilities from the Mysterious Terrain chart, battleplans and Realmscape rules. Which would be a pity for the narrative side losing all those fluffy rules but on the other hand does keep with making AoS more accessible for newbies that don't have to keep extra tabs on every piece of terrain beyond using them as cover or having troops skirmish through them Warcry-style to funnel enemies & monsters with few eldritch changes that happen because of the layered on battlepack or realm rules to increase depth. Wins and losses. As long as it helps more people get into AoS i'm okay with it. My stance on warscroll flavor and even a nice model picture in the background remains resolute as the Alarith mountains though. ⛰️
  4. I'll take duardin insect cavalry instead. https://ageofsigmar.lexicanum.com/wiki/Dobkine Be great mixed Ghyran freeguild shellriders units. "Not every insect carries the foul touch of the Plague God upon its body, however. Not only do bugs and grubs provide [Hammerhal Ghyra's] main source of food, but larger species of insect native to Verdia are harnessed as beasts of burden or even war-mounts – the famed Shellriders of the 68th Veldtguard have employed rockcrusher scarabs to great effect in their massed cavalry charges. Docile and pliant andronicus beetles are more common than carthorses in the city's farming strata, and have the added benefit of a powerful pair of glittering wings. Indeed, beetle-flight is one of the few ways for one to reach the docks of the floating drift-isles and the highest levels of the city."
  5. Yep. It's pretty much a 1-to-1 remake of the tabletop. (Hopefully they update to Beastgrave soon. The AoS:Silver Tower mobile game is already moving on to Shadows over Hammerhal and even has a werewolf-vampire hero from Cursed City) No. We've had lions, gryphons, dragons and Vanguard chamber brought a very tiny wolf flavor(some really cool lore their winds powers and personal abilities to teleport on the aether come from a Azyr wolf God-beast Sigmar slew and had it's last howl crystallized so that the Zephyrs are empowered by to ride the winds as the wolf god did) but the celestial boar and bear stuff is new. Great to see the Realm of Heavens get more variety with that. As for me, absolutely love the setting and Stormcasts. Nice mystical paladins trying to be stealthy vibe. The vanquisher armed with a great hammer is a nice work around to avoid putting a busted Annihilator goliath in the game that'd turn the other warbands into mulch every time they resurrected. He also looks like if Uther got crossed with Fable which is a big win. Though this does show why Morathi-Khaine and Shadow Stalkers are important assets to Order when the God-king's best sneak attempts are still lightning-wreathed golden 9-foot armored giants with a few hoods and black armored guantlets to keep a low profile.
  6. My only slight concern there is for my overworked wallet. I fully encourage the realm variety models though. Something for everyone. Broken Realms was a spectacular example: Heavy metal dark fantasy giant Belakor. Grounded but still magic/large weapon-laden witch hunters with a early Victorian clean dress look. Super high fantasy Gardus Steelsoul looking like he could give MCU's Thor a class on hero landings and the Warsong Reverant showing that the average AoS bard is a supernatural ghost-tree-aelves hybrid that kills daemons with magic insect swarms it grows on it's back. And Kroak's glow-up, after empowering himself with the infinite magic of the Realms to become fleshy & eternal, going full science fantasy Star-gate and his lore entrance being a fullblown Space Battle in the aetheric void. Very few fantasy universes can have all that in the same setting much less the same storyline While being the tip of the iceberg with how crazy and varied everything else is with endless possibilities in the infinite realities of the Mortal Realms. And then there's the big plus the variety isn't one lane. We got AoS, UnderWorlds, Warcry and Warhammer Quest(when it recovers) that puts more depth in the factions with new focuses on how parts of their forces adapted to the realms for even more spins. (And of course the boon of being hobbyists. Even if say future Seraphon are pure sci-fi Starborne but you wanted Coalesced Aqshy tribes, well where there's a will, file and greenstuff there's a way. )
  7. It's very possible. The father and daughter Order of Azyr members were teased with Shyshian vampire hunting trailers but instead end up all the way in Ghur & Excelsis instead to slaughter Slaanesh's forces. And this one Dawnbringer Crusade art is obviously in the Realm of Death with haunted green aether and all the skull architecture and purple uniforms honoring the death gods there. Things likely got ported around to make use of them(could also be why the next UnderWorlds realm is Ulgu to make use of darker designs going from death to shadow) That all said i'm very happy the Corebook has the Lake city of Lethis as the focused Free city of the realm of death instead of Ulfenkarn. Yeah Ulfenkarn and Glymmsforge are really cool but Lethis narratively has the most story potential has a broken city of mortals, Stormcast and Deepkin at war with NightHaunt, Ossiarchs the Stormvault under Lethis allowed to be unleashed in the first place and Death's Fyreslayer mercenaries. Lots of boiling tensions great for wargames and rpg's.
  8. The aesthetics make sense to me since they've been realm-focused releases. Soulblight have a nice OTT mix as they bridge the change between magical Malign Portents to gritty Era of Beasts so we got vampire-centaurs & werewolf hybrids next to zombies and skeletons(though very heroic looking). So we go from crazy Ossiarchs and Lumineth to gargants and orruks while the Thunderstrike have a few toned down elements to balance out their meteor knights, angel and lords who look like they solo'd Warcraft raids for crazy epic fantasy armor(and heck even the Vindictors are packing sword-staffs instead of actual spears. all their new weapons are easily 10-12 feet tall). They wouldn't fit Ghur's bestial tone if they all came charging in on lightning vessels backed up by Azyr's robot automatons powered by sentient storms. Though now we're getting very ungrim/unwarhammer dragons straight out of high fantasy 90's DnD or Spyro for another tone balance. It's like how grim Cursed City was but still had art showing the light of Hysh reached the city. They're showing the Mortal Realms can do every tone. That "anything goes" aesthetic AoS has in ample supply with the infinite realms. I'm sure when focus swings back to realms like Chamon or Ghyran they'll crank the dial back up to match the crazier realms with their floating islands and rampant magic realmscapes compared to Ghur's hungry wastelands(though the continents eating eachother and even ghurian moons staying far away because the Realm of Beasts reached out and ate one are great)
  9. Hey friends and fellow generals of the Mortal Realms, sorry if this feels like superfluous post compared to what I'm sure are many other pressing matters with the Beta(please don't smite me too hard mods from your rightful positions in Azyr, and a boulder hurled from Ghur by King Brodd). But it struck me that despite how much i'm liking the new app(really smooth searches) I noticed that they left out factionless Scenery Warscrolls entirely. Here's a link to Legends so people can see the older Scenery warscrolls if they don't know what they added to a battle and don't have the AoS2 app to check yet.(2.0 did streamline them a bit which was good though I still loved the older fence's "signpost to war" gave a movement buff. What a fun detail!) https://www.warhammer-community.com/legends/ Now it is only Beta so they want the shiny factions and endless spells people really care about front and center (though Endless Spells could use a Malign Portents page) but I think it's still valuable to bring this up as all that scenery has such great narrative fluff and flavor that really enhance the battles in the Mortal Realms. It'd be a true shame if this oversight kept someone from stumbling on the fun the Realmgates can bring with quick moving armies or the Occulum and Archway amplifying mystical terrain effects on the field causing even heavier shifts in what an army might aim for as an advantage. My second part on Warscroll fluff/flavor came from seeing some people on Facebook give feedback that the warscrolls don't need anything but rules. I'm definitely of the opinion the flavor texts need to 100% stay(and even have more of it!) The ongoing battle between players who just want to play the game and players who want to be immersed as generals in the Mortal Realms. Which mind can be necessary as we saw with Realm Rules that went from huge lists of purely narrative things to watered down matched play bonuses to now where they strike a great seasonal balance to be hefty enough to please lore lovers and efficiency ruled enough so Matched players don't seem them as unbalanced messes of fluff. In short: when you put in feedback please say something for regular scenery warscrolls and to keep the flavor texts. Mods if this seems unnecessary or "ranty" then by all means delete this thread. I just wanted to get a few more people aware of what made the Azyr App such a joy to browse through even with no games in mind. Best of fortune to all of you and that the new app can become something great.
  10. Yeah they're leaning way heavier into the Ogors battletome where it's not a mixed army but like 2 mini tomes in one with the sub-factions feeling very seperated. AoS3 is emphasizing that to the 10 degree so much I propose we stop saying "Soup" and begin calling these combinations "Battle Trays": It's all very segmented so they don't mesh and obscure the Sub-faction individuality unless you specifically go for the sandwich holder. And I gotta say while I still want the Duardin to have seperate and beautifully fleshed out Battletomes this would soften the blow in the event of a duardin tray when the tomes are around 30 pages bigger with less rules so now there's room for tons of glorious lore for all that Kharadron history and the factions in them are fully independent. It'd at least feel like a stop-gap until 4th or 5th edition can seperate them again with bigger revamped armies and crazier units, gods and heroes. (Though Dispossessed fans should probably pray to Grungni they're left out after what they did to Bonesplitterz. They make it very clear what shiny new armies are going forward as main meals and which are napkins in the lunch tray)
  11. That's an instant pre-order there Oh that's a great point. Japan has those Tapir-like yokai that eat dreams which would mesh with the Tibetan & Japanese monk aesthetics the Lumineth are heavily rocking. And certainly throwing yourself into the water to drown until a river spirit saves you would certainly cause a aelf pilgrim nightmares. (Just hoping their Pachyderm helms are just as epic as the Alarith cow helms. Emphasize those head trunks!. ) Somewhat off-topic but seen this (rather bad) speculation by a few people with middling knowledge of the World-that-was and very little of AoS. They're wondering if "celestial dragons older than the Old Gods" is a retcons to connect them to Dracothion as a celestial dragon(like if that's the Cathay one) Big no. The world was just dragons vs dragon-ogors before the Old Ones landed there bringing greenskin spores on their ships and started creating mortals. That's all the same. Dracothion is a God-beast whose history is a power that's been following behind the destruction Chaos causes to destroyed worlds and recycles the remains to make new solar systems. He found Sigmar because he planned to turn Mallus(the molten core the God-king was clinging to through the void) into a new moon. He revived Sigmar with his breath and Sigmar forged some molten materials into a shimmering necklace for Dracothion to thank him beginning their friendship. He also has a connection to the twin-tailed comet that puts Dracothion closer to Sotek more than anything else. Just thought I'd nip that in the bud over here. Old dragons =/= a God-beast that rebuilt galaxies.
  12. Desert Deathrattle(Tomb Kings) could be fun with the fluff being the water pachyderms are using is soul-healing waters leaking up from the underworlds which allowed the skeletons nearby to be empowered enough to hold off the Ossiarchs looking for parts and so built a sacred oasis hold around the water which the elephants can channel.(if they have water on the model then a cool glowy green effect to get that waters of Styxx vibe).
  13. Cathay wishes they were that cool. Can't beat samurai aelves with floating cities that live on the sun with their pimped out kangaroo cavalry and BotW fox archers. 😎 Maybe those golems could stub a mountain spirit's toe though. Though if the White Dwarf teases are true Lumineth will make a even bigger splash when their River Temple magic water pachyderms hit the field. Put Cathay in the trunk.
  14. Model-wise* In the novels you can see anything from a oriental city on a mountain top in Chamon that makes tapestries out of jade, pearls and precious metals to trade with the Kharadron and worships a daemon that turned to peace, nomadic Chamonites from silver desert tribes in flowing metal garbs that harden on impact and raise metal-eating giant lizards for mounts, Ghur kingdoms like Jercho with their hoplites in leather armor and using monster bone weapons, shyish cities with humans clad in bone armor riding zombie dragons, Settlers Gain humans living with Lumineth to learn how to float up to the higher cities and making solar-powered automatons and just a ton more examples from Soulbound like how they expanded on the floating airship trade city of Bataar in the Realm of Fire: And that's just off the top of my head. Lexicanum's trying to track of all the free cities too which keeps getting heftier. https://ageofsigmar.lexicanum.com/wiki/Cities_of_Sigmar Did they say if the Core Battalions were significant changes or just rearranged ones like with Stormcasts and Orruks?
  15. I still remember the early novels of the city Excelsis had Scourge Privateers patrolling the harbors on giant bioluminescent crabs. Would love those being redone for Deepkin that took over there positions in an diplomatic act with the free cities. Or at the very least the upcoming Soulbound supplement on Excelsis have them in an adventure.
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