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  1. Skaven and Seraphon got some choice wins. Skaven were a big factor in the Age of Chaos in letting their Nurgle allies basically blitzkrieg much of the Realm of Life to where they still have such a devastating grip on it today and were the Archaon's crazed lynchpins in corrupting Behemat with their mecha spider cities and parasite engines warping country-sized land portions so they could impact the slumbering God-beast's massive body. Then they capped it off by foiling Nagash's last steps to conquer all the realms and now with chaos on the defensive they have to wait for their chance again while they expand their holdings through the realms be it their grey leaders convening in Hysh, gaining more territory in Eight-points'industrial catacombs, claiming new precious minerals and tech from Chamon by battling Flesh Eaters for the lost ruins and finding better gnaw-hole routes even if they end up digging into a Seraphon temple ship in aetheric orbit or drain a undead sea into Skavenblight. Seraphon are completely different in how active they protect the Order cities from chaos and interact with the people, booby trap chaos realmgates to cut off their transportations, teleport down to stop followers of Slaanesh from getting artifacts to see Slaanesh's prison and with the help of the Stormcast Jordain were able to flood a section of the Realm of Chaos with pure Azyr magic and claim it (probably the only successful invasion of chaos itself ever. Though points to Katakros for giving it an impressive try ). They're more secretive about it than the Stormcast but they protect the Mortal Realms just as much as they do, thus why they ally often as celestial brothers-in-arms. One my favorite lore entries is just them meteoring down to save a random city from being literally consumed by chaos. "A Hole in Chamon - The frozen city of Aslandas vanishes into a giant sinkhole ringed with teeth. The maw grows until a meteor crashes into its depths, and sounds of battle carry up from the dark." On another neat note, the upcoming TempestFall VR game has a dev blog where they're detailing the history of the Mortal Realms and lead up to how it'll tie in to their new game. I thought that was a very commendable effort on their part. https://steamcommunity.com/games/1337100/announcements/detail/4475982739454679490
  2. Fellow on discord pointed out a White Dwarf story that would make some Magmadroth encounters interesting for those unaware of their chameleon side. " Did you guys read the short story of The Wanderer in the last WD? Interesting tidbit; Magmadroths are (limited) chameleons when inside caverns and can appear almost invisible" (Also more reasons on the pile why we need a AoS: Soulbound videogame. This would make an epic boss intro )
  3. That cover art is absolutely epic! Mega-gargant wrestling an Ancient Magmadroth. And a 150 creatures, wow! I got a feeling it's gonna be more focused on the Realm of Fire(understandably to build off the others) but I hope some Ghur creatures pop up like the colossal crustaceans that held a ring of Dreadforts in the All-Gates campaign.
  4. A Minigant. Size of an Ogor, half the hunger but twice the ferocity! (Years being looked down on by their titanic kin has done nothing for their temper)
  5. "Bright shining gold" They have a little but they pack on the dark. So they'd fit, especially as they're undead specialists(many reforged from the undead) in both fighting and talking with them. The only reason I wouldn't want a Stormcast in Cursed City is because they already appeared in the previous two Quests and AoS is all about that glorious Mortal Realms variety. So I'm adamant on wanting Deepkin, Lumineth or any other strange race to prowl the haunted alleys of this new realm of death city.
  6. There's already a shining Sigmarite priestess in there. A Lumineth priest breaking off from Teclis' Hysh invasion force to further spread the light or a even a dour black armored Anvil of Heldenhammer Stormcast or skull-helmed, former life necromancer/vampire, Relictor stormcast priest would fit with her divinity. It's all in the presentation. Just look at any AoS28 examples:
  7. Yeah, that's why I put they can easily surprise us because trying to predict GW is like guessing where a bottle rocket without the stick is gonna fly. Like they discontinued the Doomseeker despite having a perfect army for him and then brought it back with the Fyreslayer update. Warhammer Quest's history is very random so using it as a basis is definitely us clutching at any straws. Yeah, the blocky body, strange head and bulky forearms kinda look like somebody tried to build an Orruk. Also yeah I hope the 8th hero is Deepkin(or Solaire Lumineth would be fine too in bringing the sun back into the city with their glowing body). The map has that old canal that could connect with them and certainly there's a ton of tempting lost souls in the city now.
  8. Been meaning to bump this. Some great articles people missed out on: https://www.cubicle7games.com/aos-soulbound-encounter-design/ "Greetings once more, mortals and monsters! I’m Elaine, one of the staff writers at Cubicle 7. I am here today to talk to you all once more about the dark arts of crafting encounters for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound. In my previous article, I painted some broad strokes about the themes and tone of Soulbound adventures and how you can make them feel uniquely Soulbound. But with this article I wanted to give you all a special treat, or three treats to be more precise! Below are two separate combat encounters made specifically to show some of the versatility of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound system. Next week we’ll have the third (and biggest!) encounter, so be sure to check back." https://www.cubicle7games.com/aos-soulbound-encounter-design-part-2/ "The Mountain That Walks. The time has come. The ritual is complete. The mountain of corrupted living metal has uprooted itself from the horizon and begun to stomp towards the city under the control of Chaos. There is no time to mount an offensive. Only you can stop the Mountain That Walks.’ Fighting atop the Mountain That Walks provides a number of challenges. Every second round of combat, all characters standing or climbing on the Mountain must make a DN 4:1 Body (Reflexes) Test or fall Prone as the ground beneath their feet quakes and lurches with the Mountain’s unnatural movement. After four rounds of combat, the Mountain That Walks reaches the city and breaches the walls with ease. Every round after this, the Mountain destroys 2d6 buildings and the Doom track increases by 1, as countless lives are lost beneath the Mountain’s uncaring feet. If the Doom track reaches 10, the city is completely leveled. (Design Note: The environment here is a character itself, so we want regular reminders to the players that it isn’t just another mountain they are fighting atop. We also add a nice big ticking clock to this final encounter by giving the party a bird’s eye view of the destruction.) The Mountain That Walks will only cease its destructive rampage when three ritual sites are destroyed or cleansed. Each site is ten Zones away from each other site. The party will need to split up and prioritise the different sites if they are to prevent the entire city from being destroyed. " Finally, really cool fan commission for someone's Soulbound battle between the new Lumineth classes and the shadowy melusai agents of Ulgu. https://mobile.twitter.com/M_M_MK2/status/1343610567542657032 " Michael @M_M_MK2 Replying to @cubicle7 Y’all already made me write a campaign and comission an image of the antagonist, and I don’t even have a group yet. Hope there’s more amazing stuff coming. (Art by @ feyspeaker )"
  9. It could be. But man that upper body build and head crest has me thinking it's something else. Even the thin Ogor breaker isn't rocking those long arms. Edit: looking closer I notice a ring around his head too besides the crest. If that's too snug to be a helmet...parts keeping the head together?
  10. Warcry's a good caveat. They get passed the Ogor rule because it's one whole warband for AoS with a similar moveset(armored close combat) and doesn't use an Ogor keyword like the other warbands skip past aelves & duardin keyword worries. Warhammer Quest models get ported over as individual heroes with unique skills though. So if they're all Order the Ogor would need to fit somewhere in the main game where it currently doesn't. It's all still a mystery though and they can surprise us in a number of ways. The only hint we really have is the huge face pauldron as that's not something associated with them but could also be a red herring in itself for what race it is. Besides that the strange small crest and lump on his head along with the seeming lack of a gut could point away from an Ogor. Gholemkin would still check more boxes in my mind if the Kharadron and sky port connection is anything to base it on but we'll see!
  11. Agreed. Long term this is a boon to Order as well as how she stopped Azyr from being invaded. It's a nasty blood price being paid for her ambitions and the Order pantheon will have to treat with her as an equal in matters but her empire can benefit them greatly and ruin chaos two-fold. Another point is the Realm of Fire is not only crawling with chaos hordes but even the Order races there are a double-edged blade like the Fuethan Deepkin. On one hand they've slaughtered chaos numerous times on the coasts by unleashing terrible ancient sea beasts or in lethal raids. In peace times though... "Following the Necroquake, the Free Cities become too tempting a target and the Fuethán launch raids across a dozen coastal regions to claim the souls of their inhabitants. The Redblades: Akhelian Guard who ride diamond-backed redfin Fangmora, famous for their feeding frenzies and who have depopulated whole areas of the coastlines of Aqshy." That could better handled if a snake goddess and her battle hardened melusai watched over the villages and had their stronger pact in place to focus on chaos instead. Similar case in her shadow agents making sure all Fyreslayer deals are exclusively with Order and not with Chaos. That said, Fuethan look badass though.
  12. Hmm, honestly not sure. I can't find anything concrete on the articles or twitter either. Maybe it was mentioned in the stream or facebook? On reddit and some youtube videos pouring over the info for clues they kept claiming it's all Order so an Ogor wouldn't fit. I just thought I missed something. It's true it certainly wouldn't be unprecedented in the realms. The Shyish Kharadron port of Toba Lorchai has Orruk merchants and spider grot black market guards amongst duardin city authorities so if it is just hearsay it could be an Ironjawz from there also working with the Kharadron. Pros for it: the lore city in that realm. Soulbound coming out with Destruction heroes. Cons: Gordrakk's upcoming assault gonna make Destruction and a Order alliance messy right now. Tougher to push this as a Cities of Sigmar release afterwards(Gholemkin can at least be put under Duardin keywords like Kurnothi got Sylvaneth) So the possibilities are still open until someone can chime in with Order confirmation. Yeeeah, I'm calling it now. Ironweld are gonna get destroyed. Alarielle already went through this in Malign Portents, there's a point you just gotta pluck out that thorn in your side. Upside though. Though Greywater might get squished by the almighty green thumb it can pull a Misthaven and have a new mecha city appear in Chamon or even Ulgu(seedy dark machinaries between duardin and darklings) to keep spreading the realm cities beyond Life & Fire realms.
  13. I imagine the implication is Gordrakk's hordes will keep Sigmar too busy in Ghur to deal with Morathi-Khaine's rising empire and Godhood in Aqshy. It's kinda the only way her coup doesn't get put back in line from the Stormhosts. But we'll see! I imagine Teclis' story will illuminate with what's going on in the realms.
  14. I think they confirmed it's an all Order force so Ogors and Orruks wouldn't fit. (And he seems too monstrous for a barbarian, but a Death realm tribesmen shouldn't be fully ruled out) My 3 hopes on why he may be a Gholemkin: 1. He's very close to the Kharadron in his picture. That could hint they're both a team. The Gholemkin could be his bodyguard from Chamon as they arrived from the city's sky port and the Kharadron looks to be more a accountant that stays at range with his aether harpoon gun. He lacks a balloon so has the Gholemkin tank for him instead of floating away. 2. basically the Man of Iron. He was hugely popular and another surprise release like that fleshing out the new races of the realms would be hype. 3. He's wearing a finely crafted pauldron with a face and what looks to be a bit of clothe on his chest. That smacks more of his Kharadron employer crafting things for him and dressing him as the Destruction races lack both those fineries. (Only Ironjawz like pauldrons so far and they hand bash those from looted chaos armor, so wouldn't be baroque) So BIG hope here for Gholemkin appearing here.
  15. Surprised no one's talking about this prophecy from the Gloomspite short story. "You seek prophecy, wretch? You go to your death!’ he boomed. ‘The gate will shatter! The earth will tear! The sky shall eat the storm, and the serpent’s tide will rise! The Changer’s riddle is born anew by the splitting mirror of the Dark Prince!’" The Storm is obviously God-king Sigmar and his forces. If you recall the "The Clobbering" story the Orruk at the end saw something massive moving through the skies of the realm of beasts. Could be something new for Gordrakk's horde or the God-beast skull he has was locked away for a reason besides being big.
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