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  1. Likely but we do still need to see their abilities. There might be a twist that their sun spears have a magic attack that can give the illusion of a pike with a better reach than a regular pole-arm. Also I'm in awe at the artwork. The bull helms look just as badass as I imagined they would and are awesome on the cover, the bits of the Hysh wall Endless Spell around them is a fantastic touch to show off the realm of light and that it empowers them, the otherworldly explanation and self-created light in shadows is brilliant(light pun intended) and they showed off the name and art of the beautiful veiled aelf. Scinari Cathaller This tome is already an epic win in my eyes. God-king willing people's theories on that giant vertical ram/spiked pillar tease being a new King Brodd model will be true for a fifth confirmation since none of the gargant concepts had it. "That could also be King Brodd himself, the leader of the Sons of Behemat warscroll battalion. He's known for using a big granite pillar as a weapon."
  2. I could see it, I mentioned before on the adepticon thread of all the different gargants, titans, jotunn, gigantic monsters and spirits of God-beasts mentioned in the Mortal Realms lore. If they wanted they could include everything from fiery armored titans from Aqshy's steppe khanate to gargants in Chamon that wrangled sky krakens into servitude like the mercenary chaos gargant menagerie does for a mix of sizes. However I could see this being just a handful of models as well. A 2.0 version of the Beastclaw Raiders as another easy to get into Destruction faction with a few massive models to have fun with as crush your enemy and stomp on objectives. Easy and fun to play but hard to master while also allowing a ton of Destruction forces as allies or new armies to naturally build into and keep the hobby and gameplay fresh. In the end I'm just happy Age of Sigmar has another unique faction to it's already amazing roster and our King Brodd is doing cartwheels for it. That's what I'm hoping for with the chamber hint. Seems too early for something like Ruination Chamber so it's likely new heroes bolting in. Hopefully for Beastgrave or even Warcry(maybe alongside the recent teaser for Ossiarchs too since they're invading Eight-points? ).
  3. The art? From the Flesh-Eater Courts battletome. (Rule of thumb is just go by which side is winning to know the faction tome source. ) Also on the grand alliance thing, I won't deny I loved early AoS' "just do what you want" system and all the crazy awesome combinations it allowed but I respect the need for better regulation. It makes a fun proxy challenge at least, want a Ghurian army of Deepkin and Bonesplitterz that joined together to hunt powerful monster souls? Either go Order and proxy Fyreslayer rules so you can have axe-throwing orruks armed with magic hand-cannons that shoot sticky amber (to simulate their magma) or go Destruction and have Deepkin use Gloomspite rules for flying cavalry and to show the monster soul diet has driven them wild and more unpredictable than their kin. Plus the mercenaries really help add flavor for those combinations.
  4. Indeed, and in "A Dirge of Dust and Steel" Shyish duardin worshipping a death diety are able to bring him back through faith to drag a Slaanesh daemon into the underworld even though their Stormcast allies noted Nagash had long since devoured their god. Their response was "What is death to a god? Dust and less than dust." So being devoured by Nagash isn't permanent as long as faith remains to have those death gods manifest in some way even though it may be as a assimilated aspect of the Undying King himself. That's really an important thing to remember with the Mortal Realms gods, it's actually more that they're the realms themselves but can use avatars to physically appear and through different faiths can spawn different ones for different followers like God-king Sigmar as a golden god for most Azyrites while the Crawling City made a Sigmar worm god aspect and the Vurm-tai raiders of the amber steppes worship him as wraithful storm god Zig-mah who helps them capture merchants and prey. Nagash has a great list as an example: He has a number of aspects for like Sigmar he contains multitudes - All are one in Nagash and Nagash is all. Black Priest: He who gives succour to those whose deaths are too painful to be borne. Nagash-Mor: Calm and silent, he weighs the hearts of dead souls against a feather Nagash unbound: A titan of death who strides across a field of corpses and wherever his shadow falls the dead rise and walk, ravening for the flesh of the living. The Forlorn Child: He leads those who die before their allotted time to gentle slumber. The Undying King: He leads the nine hundred and ninety-nine legions to war and walks in every man’s shadow and wades in every man's blood. The one who draws up the bodies of the enemy and hurls them back at their allies and who will not rest until the realm of death is scoured clean of false life. And then there's this art of Grimnir's aspect being warped by Flesh Eater faith. "No, it's just that in this particular image, he is witness to a battle where the Fireslayers are losing. Since the Gods are powered and shaped by belief, the death of the Fireslayers, who picture him as a giant flaming dwarf, is slowly being replaced by the picture of him as whatever the Flesh Eaters might see him as. On the other hand, if it was Nagash who was witness to this battle, and the Fireslayers were winning instead of losing, Nagash might appear as a giant, burning skeleton." Two final notes. One, Gorkamorka does already split into Gork and Mork when they begin to argue, it's been that way even since Sigmar saved them in the Age of Myth from the original god-beast of Ghur (a great blob of sentient amber) and after being saved Gorkamorka punched out Dracothion and fought Sigmar whose blow split them in twain but when they're in agreement and ready to unleash waaaghs they become Gorkamorka. Also, Taal was mentioned in "Sacrosanct and other stories", he was a minor diety that was worshipped by tribal kingdoms in the realm of beasts among several other deities that were also forgotten in the Age of Chaos which saw the kingdoms destroyed and things like their sentient mammoth allies they traded labor for food with corrupted into mindless monsters. Some may still worship them but many had to go to stronger faiths to protect them from Chaos like Sigmar or Nagash. Two, I think Nagash is fine for now as he does unify the faction and his aspects cover the death god bases enough. I'd say wait until much after the Soul Wars before having Nagash take a step back and other death gods carve out their places in the underworlds but with the ever looming threat of Nagash regaining his momentum and pulling them back into him. Him as a god of death juggernaut that's making chaos think twice is really good for the current plot and adding variety to the wars. I will say I want more God-beasts but it's looking like that's in the cards with the Lumineth spirits getting more attention and the Sons in the near future. Definitely more of that and the original dieties of the realms before Sigmar and his pantheon arrived.
  5. Oh here's hoping! One more surprise mountain unit or a hook into the next culture would be fantastic. Yeah, we already got some amazing reveals between the Ironjawz, Khainites and the gorgeous Scions. It does make me wish they'd give us back Warhammer Quest, they're just doing rule & scenario add-ons now from the looks of it so 40k's time with it should be over until they release a new adventure. Let us have it now and a quest with new models and lore. Excelsis as it prepares for Gordrakk, the gruesome new Boneforts at Eight-points as chaos & undead battle it out or the heroic spirit continent/city of Hallost in Shyish that's being devoured by the Nadir, Silver Tower 2.0 in the Chamon Aether war as Kharadron attack the flying towers. There's all kinds of choices right now with the action everywhere.
  6. Something something it's the principle of the thing something something easier to complain than actually buy them. 😛 I can't wait to see their art, tall helms marching into battle with the Hyshian sunlight gleaming of their hammers and horns while the tassels wave in the winds as they smash apart their foes with their magically enhanced strength. Gonna be epic. Hear hear! Also I forgot to note the merchant Orruks in the Kharadron Shyish port working together for business and protection. Good luck finding that in any other setting.
  7. Maybe "Mega-kapp'n" for a Grotbag-scuttler warband? He wears an especially big hat for that mega touch while sailing on his small flying boat with a crew sporting spikey boots from the rumor engines. Ummm, you might want to have another look at Fyreslayers and Kharadron. Between the two factions there's only one dedicated unit of axe users in the Fyreslayers (2 if you count Shadespire). Otherwise it's a lot of polearms and weapons that go against the old dwarf tropes. Add that in to AoS lore having realm of life and beast Duardin making their homes in giant trees and you can see AoS was overturning fantasy conventions long before Lumineth ruffled some traditionalist feathers.
  8. Very much this and the countless other voices of reason pointing out it's a brand new army aesthetic they've been shooting for in the Mortal Realms and GW should keep pushing it's creative boundaries 100%. If people don't agree then that's the beauty of kit-bashing as it always has been all the way back to when Bret players despised 6th edition's new t questing knights and battle pilgrims they decreed ridiculous on the forums and wouldn't use the "Monty python parodies" and ugly peasants who "stupidly carry a skeleton around a necromancer can make kill them"(of course they didn't bother to read the lore or how it was appropriate to the setting back then either). Fast forward ten months and they're a fan favorite in the forums. It'll be the same case here as the angry fans simmer down and the hordes that love the spirits and bull helms (both tall and shortened) come in after the dust settles. The bottom line is the angry minority only have their selves to blame. Classic aelves =/= classic elves. Aelves of the Mortal Realms are 10,000 years in a entirely different setting and chaos corruption different than the Tolkien expies they're expecting. Honestly it's best that ego band-aid got ripped off now before the rest of the hold-over races in the Cities of Sigmar (and likely Seraphon) get replaced with their own Mortal Realms overhauls that flip everything they thought about Warhammer. And seeing how much I adore every detail here with the new Lumineth I cannot wait!
  9. Says the fellow who started quarantine by weaponizing Nurgle bile. I like the list those. Maximum mobility with Grundstok thunderers to lay down the firepower while the crews hitch a ride to where they need to be.
  10. Maybe that's how Aleguzzlers started by being driven to drink for waiting for their battletome? Lift the curse, GW! We know you can do it!
  11. Oh nice, Frankenstein-esque Flesh Eater Court from the realm of metal.
  12. This especially, a lot of the chart is geared towards that and would rather be wasted on a caster. Maybe just go a step beyond and make your own "The Whispers of Tzeentch" chart that has conditions and effects better tailored for sorcerers?
  13. Hard to believe they won't get that with the Zenith sub-faction that's for sky spirits. (Though the caveat may be it's not just wings but whole bird arms coming out of the helmet to flap and carry the warriors skyward ) Also not sure if this was pointed out but there's this bit of lore with the Mountain connection. "On top of the "spirit of the mountain" stuff other mentioned, they also mentioned that there's some kind of bovine creature that lives on the mountains in question that never die of old age, only if something kills them, so they're seen as symbols of toughness and durability and were taken as the sacred animals of the Aelves that worship the mountains" That on top of the aetherquartz overdose civil war these guys had before the mountain spirit calmed them and channeled their magic strength to be better controlled has me Really excited for their tome.
  14. Meh, I like the helms. They give off the Tibetan monk vibe who also wear really tall hats so fit the theme. It's to each their own of course and you can easily just use the bull head itself as a cool spirit helm but i'm keeping the awesome tall bull helm. That's likely how the sub-factions will go, one of the 4 geomantric cultures of Mountain, River, Wind & Zenith having heroes, giant spirits and elites backed up by the vanilla lumineth while the aelven gods Teclis and Tyrion form their own sub-factions of moon and sun but can mix with the others as Teclis already shows he has bonded with the powerful Hysh realm spirit Celennar. (Not assuming Tyrion will be with this faction yet, it's possible he may end up a final release for the whole faction but I wouldn't be surprised if he just gets referenced as a powerful martial sun god sub-faction and he's saved for later down the line). As is though I'm fully satisfied with how awesome the Mountain spirits look and the Tibetan vibe the sage & hammerers give that echoes the higher learning culture of the realm of light is a instant buy, awesome horned helms and all! Today was my birthday and seeing this was the best gift I got.
  15. Well i'd be okay with it in a narrative play because that is really fluffy and your second rule adds a lot of fun to your own army, an ally chaos army and a straight up chaos wizard duel. Crunch-wise I could see why they avoided it because at best your wizard is flinging lethal chaos magic and a long list of Endless Spells that's stacking up those kills really fast and at worst your squishy wizard kills himself even when trying to stop becoming a spawn and quickly takes your army out of the magic game. In short, chaos wizards are too effective for their own good. But like I said, I'd be happy to use your rules otherwise because they are a neat idea. (Side-note, great profile. Fable is fantastic and is on a long list of reasons i love AoS because it gives me Fable vibes, especially the Shadespire cards with a similar art aesthetic)
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