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  1. I'll definitely agree it's a pity it ended as I loved the world building it did (and Grungni's chant in the Audio sequel I have put on repeat it's so good) but on the otherhand we've no shortage of order mortal tales from Path to Glory, The Red Hour, The Siege of Greenspire and almost every Warhammer Horror story going from a priest in Greywater's swamps to Azyr nobility in Shyish cities. And with both Soulbound & Broken Realms focus in the future we're assured lots of great new material to explore the realm cities. Odd. Works for me. Here's a direct link to the drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zp2onbTYTBGuvuKtiuzJ7DS8DIqemS86/view
  2. Nah, that doesn't add up. They would've had plenty of time to finish the series by then, even in audio form like the sequel got, and there's Freeguild stories & novellas coming out even now that has mortals banding together to explore the realms. Even if the specialist historical gets stories it wouldn't affect any of that. It's likely just behind the scenes interests just shifted same as what caused several 40k series in the past to never get a conclusion. Just Hamilcar: Age of Enlightenment. Oddly it seems none of the Warhammer Horror novels utilize them yet(maybe just too obvious a threat). The only other appearances I can think of is their part in the soul wars campaign tomes(Forbidden Power & Everchosen), Soulbound's newest pdf and a pseudo-appearance in Realmgate Wars: Quest for Ghal Maraz with the origin and wrath of Celemnis the silver banshee of Anvrok. Otherwise the Malign Portents stories gave them the most haunted spotlight. (Archive link here for anyone that missed out on the site before Broken Realms replaced it.)
  3. It's on this thread too. They accidentally leaked the name on the Daughters of Khaine Shadowstalkers before editing it back to Daughters of Khaine. So as it follows -neth it's likely Malerion's aelves remade in his devilish image.
  4. That sounds about right, civil war that changes it to worship the rise of goddess Morathi-khaine since "The Fall of Anvilgard" is in the book and the Coven leader is said to be the behind the power in the city she could easily pull the shadowy mat from out under the Stormcasts boots. It'll probably go into the big Cities of Sigmar change they hint at, an extension to Morathi & Malerion worship and Ulgu cities alongside the God-king & Alarielle ones for bigger thematical builds and whether you build your city to opposing god (kinda like chaos marks) or united for when Gordrakk and Nagash get tired of being on the sidelines for this show. My other big wonder is how the Soulbound rpg will handle Anvilgard with this but that's better left in the rpg thread.
  5. Off-topic but does that God-king statue make anyone else want to make a Stonecast army with him a proxy Celestant-Prime that hops around like a Zelda Armos as they vengefully animate to smite chaos?
  6. They get a handwave there because we don't know their life expectancy. That's always a teased hint that "greenskins don't get older, only bigger". So even the average Grot/orruk hero can be said to live centuries by virtues of being fungus and Waaagh magic/belief.(and indeed, Gordrakk and the Loonking have) That's more my point, without a unique leader to lead them and build lore around while not dying through the ages, an army isn't going to happen yet. Like say if people saw their model of the Candlemen priest died in lore because more than a century passed after his God-beast 2016 campaign and now he'd get no more narrative focus or opportunities to get new rules with even White Dwarf. They'd feel robbed and certainly future buyers won't get an outdated model with a setting & game moving on without him. Oh certainly! I loved their brimmed spike helmets and the novels are full of human armies fighting to survive, be it the Glymmsforge black-cloaked guards with their magic rifles and silver shields or the Jercho hoplites with their leather armor and monster bone weapons. I hope they come in as future Freeguild someday. Even if their leaders never get around the mortality problem then at least Cities and Warcry gives us plenty of examples that they can have new unique Aelven, Stormcast or Duardin leaders take them into battle.(Stormcast leaders would make sense as most of the major city armies are founded by them anyway) Oh nah, like you said we already see designs in the artwork and the Corebook has examples of each realm human in the artwork. They just didn't fit at the beginning because the Age of Chaos meant too many human hero models would die as the ages moved on and now with their designs finally leaking out in 2018 it'll probably be the usual 3 year wait for the armies to go from concept to model(so 2021-2022) and fit with the order human cities finally regrowing from the twisted ruins of chaos. TL:DR, I'm not saying Order human armies won't happen i'm saying we got to wait for them to when the narrative & production time is right.
  7. "Hear that? Whispers in the dark that the end draws nigh." The 31st tomorrow is the final day to turn submissions in. So don't forget! And here's wishing you all a safe and happy Halloween!
  8. Well yeah, I meant functionally the same as healing support/semi-combat roles that can target chaos. Of course stats-wise the Castellant is gonna be greater. It's comparing an immortal to a mortal Fair enough on Devoted. Their sub-faction lost everything but one unit that got subsumed into cities so I wasn't sure if they truly counted.
  9. Cities has 19 leaders. Unless you meant something else? I'll agree the healing was nifty but I wouldn't call it great buffing across the lines like an Knight-Azyros or Lord-Ordinator does. Using a Ghyran city gets those heals across too. Mostly though I just see it as a sign that they're taking humans in another direction. Since he was a mortal version of a Lord-Castellant(gryph hound companion included) they'll leave that up to the Stormcast while realm natives focus on their realmscapes more. Though if Azyrites come about then we could get new warpriests. The Stormcast tome did have human warriors assembled under the Celestant-Prime like a new force of Devoted.
  10. He wasn't a waste, he was an excellent addition to the Silver Tower quest and made a nice addition to people's Order forces as his healing ability helped everyone. But he does serve as an example that order humans in the Mortal Realms don't last long, as per the natural order. At least he lives on in Soulbound. And neutral on the spears, at least you can cut them down to make the length manageable. They probably should've went more fantastical with them like plastic glow light effects around the sunmetal tips rather than pike sized.
  11. Case in point: people complain about a lack of human mortals but we've been getting them non-stop since Age of Sigmar started. They're just been mostly on chaos' side. 😛 It's intentional though, the only Order human model we got was the War Priest who came from a tribe just like all the chaos forces do. Because we're still in the dark ages of the Mortal Realms and life for humans is quick and harsh even inside the safer new cities. Chaos humans can get around this by being blessed by chaos for longevity or twisted immortality. Order humans not so much, we've had plenty of heroic humans between the Realmgate Wars and The Seeds of Hope but those were centuries ago and they're all dead by age now. Demigod armies of Stormcast and magic races of Fyreslayers, Sylvaneth and Deepkin aren't weighed down by that so the the lore can keep moving forward while humans stay on the sidelines for now until the realm tribes regrow into new powerful nations themselves (and likely humans changed by the magic of their native realms to give them life boons as chaos humans get)
  12. The site's down right now but go to AoS Shorts novels and they have a complete list in release order. Pretty much the case for Warhammer in general there(which fair enough these novels are more pulpy fan love of awesome lore than amazing literature) but they've been really fair with Age of Sigmar reviews. Nothing below 3/5 and some really good insights on the higher marked reads. The first commentor for Gloomspite excellently sets the atmosphere of it. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/51805321-gloomspite You've been lost in the shifting labyrinths of the Ghur canyons then. https://www.blacklibrary.com/warhammer-age-of-sigmar/quick-reads/the-warden-in-the-mountain-2019.html https://www.trackofwords.com/2019/09/24/quick-review-the-warden-in-the-mountain-eric-gregory/
  13. It's awesome. There's not much rule-wise so they pumped it full of lore instead and it's glorious. If I had to use one word to describe why it's worth it for lore and those Destruction chuckles then it's "Sole Wars". (Also kudos to them nicely tying in the Bonesplitterz Drakkfoot battletome lore into that. It reminds me how the Stormcast tome had both stuff from Malign Portents "spell hunters" in their cities section and expansion references for Excelsis. The lore devs who are taking the time to have so many connections between books and tomes need a Big raise. )
  14. Indeed, it makes for a good mix between them being a growing power like the other flourishing races but at the same time they aren't dominant as they're fighting from the shores inward to reclaim their continents so this nicely steps over the worries players had that armies like Bloodbound and Gloomspite couldn't fit in Hysh if everything was under aelven control. Stormcast Sacrosanct already had wizard units and that didn't cheapen the Lumineth's release as was befitting the creations of the greatest Order god of magic himself. If GW want they can easily release another earth focused faction with wizard units and make it largely different in flavor with a few tweaks. For example it can be the Gholemkin race in the lore, their realmcrust bodies allow them to be wizard units to cast Chamon spells until too much is chipped off (too many wounds)and they're walking earth elementals so that can be uniquely played on by having them do stuff like eat terrain to repair their bodies. It's like saying Kurnothi take the Brayherd's gimmick or Fyreslayers step on Khorne's firey berserker foot. As long as they have a distinct style then they there's no worry of the Mortal Realms races getting in eachothers way while they fill out the endless possibilities the setting gives them.
  15. Even then there's signs of them growing beyond the Realm of Hysh, they don't have the "been there for centuries" excuse other races do like the Fyreslayers or Sylvaneth so they're similar to the Kharadron/Ossiarchs who had to also slowly make their way out of their homes and a strong presence in the other realms as time went on. That's the best part of the Mortal Realms as a constantly growing setting, nothing is set in stone. For all we know with the next Broken Realms book the Lumineth might see bigger expansion through the realms to account for the Khainites mischief and whatever rumblings it causes Slaanesh so we end up with glistening ivory towers of bone in Ghur & flying trade spire cities in Chamon as aetherquartz and aether-gold exchange hands. It's also a subtle thing on their huge numbers i love. With their access to magic cloning being relatively common they've finally justified "as many aelves as the plot demands".
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