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  1. Hammerhal Herald doing it's part to hype up future adventures in the boiling seas of Anvilgard. I love the detail mix the art has. The Anvil Stormcast founders celestial love of towering shining buildings results in the mystic towers, human workers make the more rustic docks and the druchii privateers have all the ships sleek and spike covered. The glorious cultural mixing pots of the free cities.
  2. Nah, at the end of 2016 Rountree stated they had the next 5 years of AoS planned out (as they had to account for the changes Seeds of Hope made). So it's all been in planning from then. Plus your aelven examples don't help support speculation. We got Malerion's portrait in the 2015 AoS starter book so that's a case of us getting an example of what to expect with twisted shadowy daemon forms as we did with the melusai and book examples of future devil-looking shadowkin to match their god. Then there's the light aelves who were always heavily speculated to be angelic greek winged warriors, not Tibetan cow monks. So that just shows speculation is worth diddly to the whims of GW. He's from the 2017 Firestorm Wraithfleet OP already mentioned. Had pretty cool faction rules of his spectral ghost ships floating over the battlefield to disembark troops in a torrent of spirits He got another mention in the new Kharadron tome as his ghost fleets battled their airships in the skies of Aqshy. This is why I don't think we'll see Vampirates. Cause frankly, they're pretty limited in the realms where there's seas of lava, aether, sunlight, liquid metal or void seas into oblivion and all the while they can be attacked from above or below (not counting other dimensions by Skaven & Seraphon) by powerful magical armies. Now flying ethereal NightHaunt fleets that build off the Wraithfleet while being able to sail under the oceans to attack Deepkin or soar through the aether to get revenge on Admiral Brokk or just so they can navigate the innumerable floating islands and continents of the realms and take part on the battlefields as the Kharadron fleets do? Yeah, that I could much more likely see happening.
  3. Yeah they're called Lodge Lofnir and have been around from the get go lorewise as they're the ones who built the gilded steamgird for the Lantic empire but later destroyed it for chaos' promises of Ur-gold. (Their heavy mercenary attitude probably playing into their ogor friendship) I certainly am hoping more Ghur focus could mean a sub-faction release for them in the future to spice up the Fyreslayers with more magmadroth & fire beast variants as they specializing in raising & killing monsters.
  4. I'm betting Fyreslayers. Their older warband got left out for season 2 (pour some Aqshy ale out for the poor lads not escaping Shadespire) and they have a very powerful lodge in the realm of beast with caverns full of magmadroth eggs and ogor allies. They could make an impressive comeback with their fiery selves bringing along Ogor weapons and ornamented with magmadroth scales. I think vampire too with how thin that hand looks and massive that pistol is. So unless we do get surprised by a Sky-Grot captain pumped on ghur shrooms or an Ironweld captain with a steampunk arm assisting the weight my bet is Soulblight noble for undead WHQ.
  5. Twitter never fails to have inspirations from across the mortal realms: https://mobile.twitter.com/ProPainted/status/1293486454237286404 "Struggling to find the motivation to paint at the moment, but finished a few touchups on my Kadgetzan Aether Khemist. Converted from GW parts & watch gubbinz #warhammercommunity #wipwednesday #warmingers" https://mobile.twitter.com/TabledPodcast/status/1278251375617626117 "2 pain-trains pulling out of the station (except every second Tuesday and alternate Thursdays where a replacement pain-bus service will be offered instead) ... or chaos chariots for my chamonite slaves to darkness #Warhammercommunity #paintingwarhammer #paintingwarhammer2020" https://mobile.twitter.com/Hiroki57788578/status/1280814212311207939 "In his heart, he struggles to choose between light side and dark side." https://mobile.twitter.com/tension_surface/status/1279415630811275265 "Finished my #LiegeKavalos for my nature inspired #OssiarchBonereapers army. Painted in oils. The base reflects the narrative of my force so there are plenty of extra elements added. Hope you like it! #ageofsigmar #aos #wepaintminis #warmongers #warhammercommunity"
  6. Same, I had this discussion on discord recently and I can agree that digital is the way forward but I need my physical tomes and general books. That's why I hobby in the first place and not just stick to videogames. Which even then I stay with discs and cartridges. I want to own my product, not have it lended to me with someone else still in charge of it. 😛
  7. I'd say that is ideal with more Freeguild monster mounts like demigryphs, Ghyrlions and Ibuqs (plant lions and metal-eating giant lizards respectively). Human horse cavalry are poor in the realms with many stories showing them on the losing side, be it 2000 Volpone knights slayed by chaos with their bodies dumped in their sacred river or chaos knight lances glancing off Stormcast chestplates, and there's already crazy powerful wizards and witches all through the realms in large numbers with many further armored & empowered by their gods. You could try to combine the two but the Lumineth are already spellcaster knights with light pouring from their bodies which makes them work so well while any exotic monster cavalry excuse is covered by Freeguild, Deepkin and Stormcast. The last example especially so with our glorious God-King and his golden knights already doing the retaking of the realms and stopping chaos while also doing what mortals cannot by redeeming and reclaiming those fallen to chaos(where as regular human crusades are usually kill everyone affairs. Not even any Judicators with their holy sight to tell if someone's lying including the undead) It just cycles back to what's been said in this thread numerous times. There's not really a place for them with so many holy knight and magic cavalry armies already running/flying around in the realms with the Freeguild eventually bringing more.
  8. Well with how comparatively cheaper that is you could always get returns by selling the unneeded surplus models online. But maybe that's more of a case to a frugal moth.
  9. Surprised no one brought this up yet. Mortal Realms magazine landing in the outback. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/08/10/from-the-mortal-realms-to-australia/ "You buy your first issue at your local store. This week, Issue 1 will be hitting shelves at Warhammer stores and newsagents near you. For about the same cost as a pot of paint, you’ll get some Chainrasps, Sequitors, dice, a range ruler, and a mini gaming mat – ideal for fighting your first battles. You may be able to find a copy at your local newsagent now, while stock will be arriving in Warhammer stores by the end of the week. " That outta help a few wallets out.
  10. That deal is sweet and I can't wait for a deeper look into shadowy Anvilgard. Bring on the black-armored grim Stormcast patrols and aelven pirates! On a sillier note the recent Hammerhal herald post got me wondering about a gourmet sidequest for players. Cooking theme for each realm like aetherquarz sprinkled wheel angel cakes for Hysh and ghyran aqua drenched tossed salad while also tying in to smuggling important items in the food. With underhanded Anvilgard on the aether horizon there's opportunity for the second part. Food for thought.
  11. Okay, are you getting these ideas from an rpg session? This seems way too real to what a player would do to doom his party.
  12. Yeah, I mean i'd love and pre-order on the spot more fantastical terrain like floating islands and living landmasses that suit the lore of the Mortal Realms but not only would those over complicate things in an average battle but the added random elements would be a bigger Matched Play turn off. I mean it's at a whopping 42 scenery warscrolls now. Cuts have to be made to keep the game on track. That said I feel they've done a great job of balancing the streamline nature of AoS while keeping it feeling very mythical with the Scenery they have kept from the beginning, magical faction focused scenery, the newer fantastical Forbidden Power terrain, Endless Spells adding their own thematic flavor and now standardized realmscapes to keep it interesting even for plainer battlefields. Certainly the AoS battlefields are as epic and versatile as they've ever been for players, if not more so. Lots of great stuff on the board these days to accommodate all the huge fights, crazy magical mash ups and small skirmishes in an AoS battle. However if you're a fellow Narrative nut that really needs that epic fantasy fix that standard gaming can't cater to (like an authentic Aether Sky War) then look up Dark Fantastic Mills. Gorgeous over-the-top terrain that's perfect for Open and Narrative play in the Mortal Realms. https://mobile.twitter.com/Dark_Fantastic/status/1286242258472271872
  13. Yeah they updated the Scenery warscrolls a few years back to be more streamline with AoS2. Which was fine but I missed the fun little extras the original Scenery scrolls had like Walls and Fences having even that little signpost on the model give you a movement boost with "signpost to war". Just the Narrative lover in me. Here's a link to the pdf but if it doesn't work then just Google "AoS Scenery Compendium" for the old scenery warscroll rules. https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Compendiums/warhammer-aos-scenery-en.pdf&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwjKx_y7zIzrAhXPFzQIHQB4BpMQFjAAegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw01trda-04b6buKIZ3yyk3S Edit: there's a legacy compendium archive here too you can look at.
  14. There's always time to get one and his amazing Mortarch mount. Complete the circle of one-upping Chaos in the realms by showing them you don't make a boring throne out of skulls. You ride them into battle!
  15. Yeah it still has validity. You can also still get years of mileage out of it with the tome's siege rules, roaming monster tables, battle plans and realmscape scenarios. Even if you're not a Narrative player there's lots of stuff there to spice up Matched Play battles if not purely build lists with anymore. Same. I'm wondering about a themed kitbash for Legions of Nagash for a Tactics Ogre reference with a pink witch deathmage commanding pumpkin head deadwalkers. A Living City flip with Sylvaneth would be interesting too...
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