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  1. How about their symbol with the warhammer and lightning but with a scythe instead.
  2. Also, according to this AOSreminders.com data, the Balewind Vortex is by far the most popular Endless Spell. It's by no means as conclusive data as proper sales figures, but a good indication of what people use regularly.
  3. GW does that all the time with terrain kits. Take The Garden of Morr for example which has been repackaged in varying sizes and under at least 3 different names. Soooo, it's not really far off to see the Balewind Vortex repackaged... again...
  4. How did you not lose entire units to Ogors? 😲 For me they always feel like one of the toughest matchups for Nighthaunt, even before Tzeentch and Petrifexiarch Elitereapers. They bring way too many wounds to the table for a faction that hits so hard. Without a few Wave of Terrors, they retaliate as if I had done nothing before.
  5. Beautiful! Inspired by Dana Howl perchance?
  6. DG-Hexwraiths can use gravesites as they work indiscriminately even on your opponent. They can also benefit from Endless Legions as it is a command ability that only asks for SUMMONABLE. On the same vein they'd benefit from the 6+ shrug of Deathless Minion. An allied hero like Lady Olynder wouldn't generate the aura herself but would get a 6+ from another hero. She also wouldn't get something like the +1 to casting or even a spell from the spell lore in the first place because those allegiance abilities ask for "wizards in a Legion of Sacrament/Grand Host of Nagash etc army" and as an ally she wouldn't be part of that. The key word in most of these abilities is "friendly" btw, which makes them so universally applicable.
  7. Even as a 40k veteran this was the source of one of many confusions when I started the game too so I can relate.
  8. Amazing! Please consider doing one with Lady Olynder and Kurdoss Valentian 😂
  9. *takes 6 Tomb Banshees and deepstrikes them all to deal 12d6 mortal wounds for an average of 42 mw in the shooting phase* That would only kill 2/3rds of a full Grot-unit. I am 100% on board with this idea 😁
  10. Slaves to Darkness, Cities of Signar and several other factions have working bravery bombs that far surpass everything any Death faction can do when stacking all our different effects. And now the Mindstealer Sphiranx comes out for StD that also randomly gives -2 bravery. Instead of directly dealing more damage, how about Glaivewraith Stalkers brings bravery debuffs to another level. For every wiped unit (same as Khorne's Blood Tithe mechanic), our Aura of Dread gets an additional -1 bravery. That would help out Tomb Banshees too, yet another unit noone even talks about.
  11. Great write-up again. Only thing I'd change is the wording for shademist as it's not really an aura effect. Oh and you could mention the initial extra boost to spell-range when you cast Balewind Vortex. You cast it 1" away from you and add the huge base of that thing because it is now treated as your casting model. That's an additional 5" you can sneak out of it on top of the innate 6". Also when it gets dispelled, you set up a whooping 6" away from it. Because it's a set-up and not a move, you do not count as retreated. A great way to get your caster out of a fight they can't win and move to prepare a charge to where they can. Bonus points if you let your Myrmourn Banshees do the dispelling. I just love everything about the Balewind Vortex 🙂
  12. 16 Banshees would need the +1 attack buff to become a little stronger than the Harridans, which is extremely unreliable or costly to do all the time. Harridans are unconditionally strong and have 4 more bodies for the same price. You already have dispelling covered with Arkhan, which would've been the main reason to prefer the Banshees. Well that and if your local meta has a lot of units that reroll saves where the extra rend becomes exponentially more useful. Anyway, here I compared the damage-output of some units you can get for 280 points. Keep in mind that this is just mathhammer. The jump from Chainrasps to Bladegheists for example is much bigger damage-wise, because when do you ever get all 40 Chainrasps in attack range?
  13. What do you mean by that? Also, unlike the self-healing, returning models with Nimbus of Power happens at the start of the hero phase oddly enough
  14. I can't wait for Archaon's Forgeworld upgradekit once Slaanesh has been freed
  15. - Core book, page 236 If you play without a battleplan, that's the victory condition. However every battleplan has its own victory conditions from holding two objectives to immediately win, to getting the most points untill the end of the fifth turn. In these cases every single round has to be played out even if you have literally nothing to do and you can absolutely still win long after being tabled. Just check what your battleplan says for major victory, because that's what overrides the blank rule.
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