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  1. I'd assume it's a very aggressive list. The two 10-man Chainrasp units as backfield objective holders. Their protection exclusively being that the opponent can't divert firepower to them if the rest of your army marches forward. Crucially for that to work, nothing goes into the underworld. Which in this particular list I wouldn't do anyway. The 30-man Chainrasp unit is the one being directly babysat by Spirit Torment with Shademist and Guardian of Souls. The subfaction's Command ability would be used in the first turn for 6" extra movement, so both heroes have to advance to keep up. Personally, just for the first turn, I'd also really reinforce that big blob with yet another hero just because it is so menacing, immediately threatening the whole middle of the board. Black Coach would be a good pick due to his speed and yet another source of resurrection. Such a big points investment far up the board also forces the opponent's hand. They either try to evade the center, which is not a good idea, or they engage with a big points investment themselves. At which point they're in range of anything that you set up beforehand from the Mega-Gargant to Lady O. I'd like to know how he split the flanks. Though this list is versatile enough to have tons of options depending on the opponent. For example against many opponents the Mega-Gargant can hold a flank on his own. Against melee-centric lists I'd just park the Mourngul between the Mega-Gargant and the Chainrasp-blob in the middle Shooty lists, I assume, need to be bum-rushed by Mourngul and Black Coach. In this meta you don't really have much choice other than sacrificing good assets for the chance to stop their shooting. But I can totally see how the one loss would be against a shooty list where that didn't work out
  2. I hated the idea when I wrote it. But you just made it sound really cool 😁
  3. Hope? How dare yee enter the Nighthaunt thread with HOPE! With Soul Wars gone, of course it's just an alternative GoS sculpt to buy as a single model. For twice the price and half the abilities. He's just a spoopy lamp with movement 0" now
  4. The newest Rumor Engine shows a Nighthaunt model. It's happening! Guardian of Soul's upside-down lantern
  5. Nighthaunt's obvious thorny tendril imagery aside. That's the Guardian of Soul's lantern but upside-down
  6. All our FeelNoPains (Deathless Spirits, Krulghast's aura, Lord Exec's save against mortals) now stack with the Amulet of Destiny from the Core book which gives a hero a 5+ Ward 😍 It's interesting that Ward saves do not replace FeelNoPains of all sorts as the new generic term for it, or even mechanically. I think most of us assumed that this was the case. You specifically roll the ward save before Deathless Spirit etc, cementing it as a new mechanic
  7. I love the new bracketing. I'd even consider the first 6 damage taken as inconsequential, which is a big deal Having a monster that still does it's thing virtually unimpeded after having been stomped to less than half health would be so amazing... if he was priced more realistically. It's infuriating to me just how close the Mourngul is to true greatness. But instead we have a 300-point tax as our only monster in the faction
  8. Oops, played that wrong then in all of my 3rd ed games. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Bummer! On the other hand I haven't used my Hexwraiths' fly-over attack after retreating. I only checked that ability for my Tzeentch Screamers where it specifies normal move. But for Hexwraiths it doesn't, which is awesome.
  9. And now Monster is also a unit header for the Linebreaker and Battle Regiment Battalions for which you don't actually need Monsters but Behemoths. So the Black Coach who is a behemoth and not a monster is a monster for purpose of those battalions. 😵
  10. That's not what I said. Read my post again. This! I love it so much. It's an especially great change on flying units. One of my favorite changes that NH benefit from more than the average army. Together with heroic recovery testing against bravery... oh man, imagine we would actualy debuff bravery in a meaningful way and make healing borderline impossible for other heroes
  11. Joke's on us. The rules team has people who actually play Bonereapers. Their FAQ has very specific errata to make them playable for the new edition. You know, like 4 out of 6 battalion boni grant command points or let you use Command abilities for free once per battle. FAQ added the rule for Bonereapers that they get Relentless Discipline Points instead. The use of those Points is for the whole army, not just for units from one of the battalions. So it's technically even better. Would've been a darn shame if an army had to do without new core mechanics and abilities just because the new edition changed around the faction :^)
  12. PSA: Don't use the Shyish Reaper! Even with the new Endless Spell mechanics and buffed warscroll it is not worth more than triple the price. I'm puzzled how GW only changed the numeric values (like casting value, mortal wounds etc) instead of the actual gameplay. Has anyone, including the GW rules team, actually played with that thing? With its massive base, wholly within 6" cast and mere 8" movement, there is only a narrow window where to set it up and where it lands. Specifically if at the start of your hero phase, an enemy unit is exactly between 8"-12" away from a wizard, then sure... go ahead and cast it. That is it, you only get this 4" corridor. Even in 40k where the movement phase happens before casting, that would be a helluva restrictive setup. Malus points if one of your own units is anywhere in the 4"-8" window or behind the enemy unit as then you might not even have room for the setup. You could try to go in at an angle, but that makes the window where the Reaper can fly over even smaller than the 4". It's baffling really.
  13. It's 80% of what people talk about for the new edition, almost completely neglecting all the other myriad changes with many hobbysites writing complete articles just about that. I can tell you, it won't take long until the topic gets annoying, like the endless discussions about the double-turn. Other than that, I'm with lare2. It's a game mechanic and for better or worse, we have to deal with it... again, just the like the double-turn. It's also not a targeted nerf for Nighthaunt, let's not kid ourselves. 32mm units are THE staple for the huge majority of factions. And I can only repeat that we even have the potential workaround of our main chaff being on 25mms and one of our main damage-dealing blob having 2" range. Which puts us above most other factions in this very general new game mechanic, because those tools are completely missing for most. But yes, the new edition puts a very strange emphasis on shooting and magic and in this regard we're one of the Have-Nots. For now we have to wait at least for the early FAQ and then what the coming months show in real-world gaming terms. Theorycrafting only gets us so far.
  14. I am totally going to try understrength units for Spirit Hosts. Pay for 6 but only bring 5. I waste a little over 40 points but the benefits are huge. Think of it as mini-Battalion
  15. Definitely worth a read. But they themselves come to the conclusion that the coherency rules are awful. Most importantly though the article is solely about screening. It doesn't mention how it impacts piling in and getting attacks in afterwards and how wrapping units is gone even a single time. Screening isn't a problem. We haven't lost models. Split the old 20 man Conga line and make several min-sized roadblocks. The 3" bubble does the rest to screen the opponent out. Also if you're focussing on janky workarounds that we'll see in play... where is the Tokyo drifting cavalry? You know people will string them out sideways and move horizontally like crabs! GW is giving us crabs because we asked for crabs 😋 My problem with the coherency rules is that my Bladegheists have to stay in a vaguely rectangular shape even after engaging a small elite unite and me getting way fewer attacks in. That being said I still think we haven't been hit as hard as other factions. Our main screen are on 25mm. And our main damage-dealing blob is blessed with 2" range
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