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  1. I found this in the Designer's Commentary of the Core Rules Our WD battalions are safe. Thanks for coming to my Spook Talk
  2. Goonhammer has a very interesting Retrospective of the 5 years of AoS. Starting with the jarring beginnings
  3. Zombie Dragon, Mourngul, Keeper of Secrets and Maw-Krusha are the ones I'd be most intimidated by. Even if I lived in that world and were a powerful hero myself.
  4. Daughters of Khaine, Idoneth Deepkin, Lumineth Realm Lords, Cities of Sigmar You can also give them either a command ability or make them a PRIEST or WIZARD for free Also MONSTER if you give them a gargantuan beast
  5. Ok, I see yall are wearing your face masks. 😂 Mod edit - please don't link to copyright material My edit: Sorry, I thought only direct links to the leaks were forbidden. 😇
  6. Mortis Engine not even being able to ally with us is highly irritating. However check out the Coven Throne. It will get 20 points cheaper and becomes more and more of a juicy addition to NH. 3 heals/resurrects, a spell to potentially bog down even the strongest units in the game and a Command Ability that's good enough that you'd want to spam it every single turn.
  7. Interesting thing: Now I've seen the GHB page for Nighthaunt leaked in french and italian. On the french page Kurdoss went down from 180 to 160 and Reikenor stayed the same. On the italian page, Kurdoss stayed the same but Reikenor went down 10 points. The other changes like Harridans or the lack of the new battalions are the same.
  8. On 4chan. I'd rather not link to that place but should be easy to find. Just follow the smell 🙃
  9. All the pages have been leaked already though
  10. I've seen the GHB page now on 4chan, here are the changes: Mourngul 270 (-10) Rogue Idol 420 (+20) Warpgnaw VVerminlord 270 (+10) Exalted Greater Daemon of Khorne 520 (-20) Exalted Greater Daemon of Nurgle 390 (-10) Skaarac the Bloodborne 410 (-10) Soulfeaster, Keeper of Secrets 370 (+10)
  11. Those things are all in the Monstrous Arcanum section that hasn't been leaked yet afaik
  12. I can't find it again for the life of me. Now I'm doubting my own memory. 🤔 Honestly I hope I remembered that wrong and we're in for a surprise points drop (grasping for straws here, but yall NH players understand) [EDIT] I have now seen the GH page and Mourngul costs indeed 270 (-10) now.
  13. At least the Mourngul went down a whooping 10 points. I'm interested to know how much cheaper everyone's lists are now? Most of my 2000 points lists are 30 points cheaper from 10 Hexwraiths and the GoS. So the same as a Stormcast Lord Exorcist who went down from 120 to 90. 😂 1.5% cheaper army, I take it!
  14. I actually like our artifacts, with some of them being quite potent. Our problem is more that our heroes aren't particularly good at all. Balefire Blade and Headsman's Judgement would make good melee heroes outstanding. Slitter would be phenomenal on a durable hero. Pendant of the Fell Wind and Midnight Tome are universally great and Dreadbolt Ring being at least okay. Now here's an interesting thought: The new Build-A-Hero mechanic (Anvil of Apotheosis) that will be introduced isn't just for open play and narrative. GW mentioned that Tournaments should think about allowing that mechanic and provided a way to calculate the Matched Play points values. If that becomes standard in the tournament scene, all we need to do is choose every damage and health upgrade we can on our MALIGNANT hero and our artifacts will make them shine.
  15. The artifact changes refer to the new Realm rules. Instead of the full Malign Sorcery list, in every game one Realm has to be chosen and there's only one artifact that can be taken from there. Here for example is the Realm of Shadows, Ulgu. Note that we can't take the Sword of Judgement anymore, so no Knight of Shrouds shenanigans to have at least one worthwhile melee hero. Also of note is how as command ability, now everyone can get a trimmed down version of Nighthaunt's Spectral Summons teleport.
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