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  1. I get that and it's an old argument at this stage but seeing rank upon rank of human troops with glaives/bows of enchanted ice, units of gryphon legion and war-bear riders with ice-spike peppered armour, and a type of cannon that moves around purely by magic comes off as a scale that makes me grimace a little. Even High Elves don't have it to that degree, with maybe two particularly visibly magical units. It's always going to be a matter of degree here and as ever YMMV. Had it been, e.g. ice weapons for heroes and champions or even just some sort of less numerous more-elite version of the
  2. Honestly I feel like that particular angle of hardcore suicide troops - dwarf slayers, Death Company, flagellants, Sisters Repentia, Medusan Immortals - is a little overdone in GW games buuuut imagining how they'd sculpt a skeleton/armature of lightning with floating plates of sigmarite barely holding it together in a coherent human-shaped form is really appealing.
  3. Lot of extremely cool stuff in those previews, especially how they're sticking with the older ideas underlying Kislev as a faction: having distinctions between the various levies, the central forces of the Tzar(ina), the cult of Ursun, and the institutionalised body of ice mages/warriors directly affiliated with Katarin. Personally streltsi having combined gun-axes isn't quite as cool as them having muskets and separate hefty bardiche axes to act as gunrests, and a cannon mounted on a magical carpet of ice is a bit high fantasy for me (still not keen on the sheer preponderance of magical
  4. I guess you're right dude, goblins simply can't kill stormcast. I'll inform the gloomspite players, they'll have to pre-emptively surrender to any stormcast players. Better tell the GW/BL writers too. It's sad but good that we can bring Facts and Logic to this situation to make sure stormcast keep their rightfully earned place as unkillable mary sues.
  5. If a wrecking ball swings at your helmeted head, your neck will snap as you go flying, your brain will all but rattle in its skull, and the transference of energy to the head itself will be enough to do insane damage. Even if the helmet itself is fine. That applies no less to a stormcast, or maybe only a bit less. You don't survive getting a 5kg+ rapidly spinning iron ball hitting you in the head. But also it is worth bearing in mind that this was sculpted as a joke, a Bug Bunny-style bit of humour to reflect a reforged demigod and champion of humanity getting absolutely nailed in the hea
  6. The mask might be fine but imagine what the head inside would be like (but moreover I was deliberately being flippant). Regardless we know that gobbos can and do kill stormcast on the regular, just like skaven and ungors and blue horrors and zombies and all sorts of horrible little fighters.
  7. It seems to fit with the little red icon of Kragnos's base as a hint of what's coming, and there were the rumours about something steppe-ish, but with these teasers focusing on swamps and bogs, it threw things a little.
  8. Unfortunately not, as appropriate as it would be to have with the mortarchs. They're not in the battletome and can't even be allied with.
  9. Neferata preview up: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/05/13/forget-mannfred-here-are-5-reasons-to-serve-queen-neferata-instead/ I mention this mainly to note that bit of art. Not sure it it's new (what seem to be ghouls makes me think not) but regardless, lol, those are tomb kings skeletons. Vampire Counts shields, Tomb Kings standard and headdress. A nice nod to her particular ancestry and a cause for great lamentation among TK players.
  10. @warhammernerd You're doing that hyper-aggressive mandatory positivity thing again. Saying 'all feelings are valid' and then immediately dumping hard over people who are disappointed isn't an excuse. It's quite offputting.
  11. Tbh that this idea has gained so much traction speaks to the wargaming community's need to make everything extremely personal and frankly seems like the exact same phenomenon as the rage at Matt Ward, just with a figleaf of acceptability in the form of these sin/bin pseudonyms. It's still trying to tie issues with rules writing to individuals rather than structures or processes within GW itself and it always seems a hair's breath away from gross gamer behaviour. You can even see it in this thread. GW's not your friend and deserves pretty much all the criticism they get for their many awfu
  12. Gotta be honest, if you’re not aware of what’s gone on in the BR books, yeah, you’re gonna be lost unfortunately. Summaries would probably do though. @JustAsPlanned It’s an interesting one, from her conversation in BR Teclis she made it out like a surge in life magic was just a natural and inevitable see-saw effect that come with Nagash/death falling from prominence. Malerion and Morathi though see her as deliberately making a play for power. Is one interpretation right or maybe both? MotherBoy are a pretty cynical couple and might just be seeing her like that and/or Alarielle could simpl
  13. Really? I thought it was handy enough. Dripping with sarcasm, bickering family jokes, and making reference to lots of other things under mildly opaque in-universe names (e.g. Sigmar being ‘the Barbarian’) but it’s pretty clear that it’s Malerion chiding Morathi and then them both reflecting on the events of Broken Realms.
  14. Well, that’s a lot. More Malerion in one story than we’ve seen in all AoS so far. Good to see him and Mother still have their strong relationship. Getting an increasingly Game of Thrones realpolitik feel from how Morathi talks about Har Kuron and Sigmar
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