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  1. So Vasillac isn't a lord as such, he's something in the vein of a (former) Myrmidesh champion. Based on his rules, possibly the Myrmidesh have some sort of fighting style options? His Painbringer Shield seems identical to theirs but I see no rules there. Interesting as well that the 'Deadliest Procession' rule seems to capitalise 'Sybarites'. I'm going to call it and say that that will be the name for the Hedonites mortals, equivalent to Rotbringers/Arcanites/Bloodbound. Looking at the models, I like how the Lumineth all have travelling gear and bedscrolls. Also page 2000, wowsers.
  2. Yeah, this is a bad example because tons of people on this forum and elsewhere (correctly) interpreted this as referring to Sigvald. It was building on reference in the Malign Portents book all the way back in April 2018 to kharadron privateers plundering the 'Magnificent Mirror', "within which is trapped the vainest soul ever to have existed". Same mirror and those bones were the ill-fated kharadron. Whole thing made for a pretty clear-cut reference to Sigvald given his towering vanity and historic connection to mirrors, even if it didn't guarantee a new Sigvald model. Given the lead in time on new models, it's actually likely that the reference was inserted in the book around the same time the first concept work was being carried out for the new Sigvald mini though.
  3. That's a good call but Slaanesh has also already had bovine (and caprine, in fairness) imagery for decades, I think possibly on the basis of fertility symbols and the occasional association between cattle in pre-modern societies and wealth/luxury. There's a beauty angle as well, with Hera being described as "ox-eyed" for her beauty. The golden calf thing is there though, as is the imagery of mysterious/pagan/Near Eastern religions venerating cows/bull-headed deities as false idols, with implications of sacrifice and flame-lit chambers and ecstatic revels. Fairly Orientalist stuff. It's that last bit's the bull imagery that the old chaos dwarfs drew on as well. The Lumineth's bovine imagery seems more linked to strength, resolve, stoicism and the earth than any of the above. It shouldn't really be a huge surprise that animals familiar to so many RL cultures for so many centuries should have a breadth of different associations and symbolic meanings that can be drawn on and deployed differently in different contexts. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if there actually was some intent on GW's part to contrast the Lumineth's ox imagery with that of Slaanesh as some sort of dark mirror. Not as an in-universe thing or as the main thing-to-be compared but it's a sharpening of the classic thematic contrast between High Elves/Eldar and Slaanesh: both refined, both elegant, but one's calm and restrained and 'classy' while the other is decadent and disharmonious. Comparing the bovine imagery of one with the other is the kind of note in the larger thing that GW designers like to do.
  4. I actually think it's all that similar to the Cauldron of Blood statue. That one was clearly an elf with a prominent Khainite rune and had a slightly more angular, abstract style, unlike this dude. Not impossible - some sort of DoK terrain would be a handy one to bring in for the next DoK battletome, whenever that might be - but I think we should be cautious about confidently assigning it to a particular faction because the concept is seemingly similar to something they already have. My gut says Slaanesh because of the emphasis on the marble effect, which is all over their recent releases, but then it's big and Slaanesh already has a centrepiece release coming (Sigvald) and a terrain piece. Malerion's Shadow-elves isn't impossible either but difficult to assign when we have zero real knowledge about the angle GW will take with them, if they'll even be a new faction, or how closely they'll be tied to DoK.
  5. That's surely Slaanesh... something. Classical stylings, submissive pose, focus on sense organs (here blocked off). More terrain? Eventual base for 40k Fulgrim?
  6. I do think they're on that track already for WHU (and definitely for AoS), given Shadespire and Nightvault were both £40, and Beastgrave was £45 at launch only a year ago(!) before going up to £50. I suspect it's more than the price increase times didn't align rather than that GW is taking a considered approach. Wouldn't be surprised to see Direchasm climb to £55 by autumn 2021. Overall though that's still roughly within the "entry premium boardgame" price band for folks who aren't already into GW stuff. What's probably more meaningful is the increase in warband cost by nearly a third since Nightvault.
  7. Huh, I was under the impression that Direchasm was going to go up in price from Beastgrave but it hasn't. Good.
  8. Predominantly rules but the core book does get across a lot of atmosphere and character through, e.g. each faction’s campaign has a story running through it with details of each battle, like the Kharadron seeking a downed ship or the DoK hunting a renegade. Gives a good feel for the harshness of the Bloodwind Spoil.
  9. Also how good is that 'The Price of Treason' short story? At the risk of crowing a little, it's cool to see the obvious angle of embittered Anvilgardian loyalists setting themselves against the new power of Har Kuron being taken up by the studio. Hell yeah. That's more than enough for anyone with an Anvilgard army to build on.
  10. Well cool. That's guaranteed Soulblight for WHU so. While I agree that there's no guarantee that this means a Soulblight AoS army is on the cards, we have seen quite a few obviously vampire swords. WHU warbands since Nightvault tend to be pretty heterogenous in terms of their equipment and a vampire warband would probably be fairly low on numbers, so I think one or more of those swords could still be for AoS or another non-WHU kit. Kixi Taka looks cool.
  11. Bog-standard might be a bit much. Nighthaunt aren’t radical but they do develop the gothic ghost angle with stuff like the cruel & unusual Sisyphus-style punishment aspect and GW-specific visual cues like the briars/roses. So there’s a sliding scale to my mind and even where GW’s doing a ‘safer’ new thing they’re still anxious to put their own stamp on it. I’d agree though that there’s more to this than copyright protection. You can go back to the WD designer’s notes for 6th edition ogre kingdoms, before all the copyright/lawsuit stuff, and see the emphasis the designers were putting on these being Warhammer ogres, unique to GW and distinct from other fantasy universes. GW push their brand as much as a unique selling point as out of concern for copyright.
  12. Cool, I can see the connection. Part of Syll'Esske's background is that they're idolised by those who want synchronisation between the mortal and the daemonic. Wouldn't be surprised if they get some rule boosting Twinsouls, or maybe a battalion.
  13. GW's always looking to put their own angle on fantasy archetypes and there's many worse takes than swole beach bully vampires that slap people on the back and call them brother. (Sophisticated vampires wearing opera gloves to battle could also be ok) Looking at this, the pommel and hilt are vaguely similar to some of the swords we've seen. Not a million miles from the 'perfume bottle' style pommel from one of the earlier ones. Interesting as well to think about what gets shown and what doesn't. From what I can tell almost nothing we saw yesterday was previewed in the rumour engine pics, if we discount those done deliberately as previews of the preview in the week leading up.
  14. That's my point though, I don't want "Marauders but Nurgle" because there's already Marauders with the mark of Nurgle and because then it would be just a box-ticking exercise for the faction. I would like something conceptually distinct, something weird and unique to Nurgle like these hypothetical death's head grenadiers. Also yes, Nurgle's received a lot of attention (a lot more in 40k, mind) but they still only have two mortal units. I've not got anything in particular against armoured Tzeentch dude and get the precedent in concept art/background but like... make them more than can be represented by regular old chosen/chaos warriors with additional curly stuff on their armour, you know? Skullreapers have their daemonic swords and tally thing, Wrathmongers have less armour and unique hammer-flails, Twinsouls are half-daemon and have exotic weapons. For theoretical armoured Tzeentch dudes, what's their shtick? Maybe they ride on discs, or can cast spells, or have flaming weapons, or fight with staves and swords, or have a Forsaken-style dual build option. That sort of thing, that's more conceptually interesting to my mind.
  15. I think Ossiarchs are almost a guarantee for WHU. They're a high profile new faction and important in the background, GW's been pushing them pretty hard. They have less thematic and mechanical crossover with the Sepulchral Guard than e.g. the S1 ironjaw ardboys and the S3 brutes. There's also a preview or two that is clearly an Ossiarch axe, has the right cartouche and all.
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