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  1. It's a funny one, feels like that low-level approach was the plan when Warcry was being designed, with its eight different warbands of random cultist mooks from the realms. The idea was clearly that these were a far cry from the chaos warriors and stormcast of the world, from distinct cultures (like Necromunda houses or Mordheim gangs) and fighting for scraps of territory, food, etc. I think they're still fantastical in a sword & sorcery sort of way, strong shades of Conan the Barbarian and certainly unique to the AoS brand with their realm-theming, but 'lower' fantasy than basically any random 2000pt battle or bit of battletome background. At some point though (I think well before launch, during the design process) GW clearly decided to open things up to include randos from the main factions. Not saying that was necessarily a bad or entirely unjustified - people want to play with the toys they already have - but it does highlight a shift away from that older idea where the gangs/warbands are 'low-level', specific to the location and at least partially distinct from the main AoS factions. And that's happened before; even Mordheim launched with mostly warbands from the WHFB Empire or which were semi-unique to the setting rather than "here's two high elf spearmen and a phoenix guard" before letting a broader range of stuff in down the line. Now, in 2021, it feels like new Kill Team is trying to have another crack at the idea but in reverse, where you start with a whole bunch of available factions but then gradually introduce KT-specific dudes like these veteran guardsman, new ork kommandoes, sisters-in-training, upgraded tau scouts. None of these are quite as low-level or unique to KT as e.g. a Goliath gang is to Necromunda or an Iron Golems warband is to Warcry but still. I do wonder if that's the kind of thing that could find its way back into Warcry. RE: customisation, that's really by design. Rules-wise, old Mordheim and modern Necromunda are just completely out of step with how GW proper makes its games nowadays. Hyper-customisation of fighters and gear, ultra detailed campaigns, very granular/'crunchy' rules for movement/combat/shooting and less for strategies/command points/high-level battle tactics, conversions/kitbashes not just encouraged but necessary, extreme jankiness... That's from a different era and flies in the opposite way to the design philosophy you see in 40k/AoS/Warcry/Kill Team. I wouldn't expect to see any of that come back except in very broad inspiration.
  2. That leak also correctly predicted the existence and rules for the special Black Templars flamer that was previewed, and the semi-leaked primaris Helbrecht. Presumably in the next two days we'll also see if they were accurate about the other BT stuff too. There's a few rumour engines that look a bit dwarfy - the ones with the boots and the floating rocks, one very dwarfy hand holding some sort of power axe/cleaver - and especially this, which is pretty similar in its chunky coils to the old squat bikers.
  3. Definitely full of it. Moreover, with the confirmation of a Sisters Novices vs Tau Pathfinders box for kill team, this pretty much solidifies the B&C rumours as cast-iron reliable re: 40k stuff for the near future. Roll on squats!
  4. Harrowdeep hell yeah. This looks good. Neither warband blow me away in the same fashion as Direchasm's Hedonites so I'd agree that the setting is the star but still, they're really quite good. If anything the Brian Froud/Jim Henson influence is even starker than before on e.g. the ork fighter and the gobbos. Looking forward to seeing what the story is with the new rules too and what will become of hunger/primacy/etc.
  5. The flying beasts seem to be Tzeentch furies. Given that from earlier previews we know that Khorne also has his own red furies, it looks like each chaos god will get marked versions of them. That sort of applies to the others too, looks like Tzeentch is getting 'reskinned' warriors, forsaken and spawn, though maybe these will be shaken up a bit more by the time of release. I know the Khorne warriors have their own unique helmets, at least.
  6. Damn, new stormcast preview in advance of GenCon. And they got Lil Nas X on board!😮
  7. @Loyal Son of Khemri There's also some sort of horse-drawn cauldron/warshrine thing and a gunpowder missile unit with pavises. Looks dope.
  8. Looks quite jagged and metallic, pretty distinct from a leaf design. Not much similarity to the woven crosshatch patterns we've seen on the existing Kurnothi.
  9. Yeah, that sword at least has basically nothing in common with anything in the stormcast repertoire. Doesn't even match the two-handed swords we've seen the Thunderstrike crew wield, which I'd expect to feature in the new SC WHU force based on that little bit of art we've seen. It's really very, very soulblight on multiple counts. 'Perfume bottle' pommel, just like those on the Crimson Court, Blood Knights, Kritza, the blood-born and basically all the older vampire counts characters Bat/dragon wing flair on the scabbard, just like basically all new non-Vyrkos vampire minis have for their armour. The shoulderpad looks similary angular Sculpted dragons on the hilt, another classically vampire symbol The ridged grip is new and doesn't exactly match any existing vampire/Death two-handed swords, most of which have a single ridge half way along, but the size and overall shape are similar. The Bladegheist swords have ridges but they're in more of a spiral pattern. Given we just had a Soulblight warband for WHU, I'm expecting this to be part of a Soulblight Warcry force.
  10. Still early-ish days but those leaks are looking increasingly solid in most particulars. And good catch re: this SC fighter.
  11. Looks to me like a dude holding a lantern, one of the key motifs of the Black Templars. I’m thinking this might be a servitor or neophyte for them, maybe even part of the partially-leaked new Helbrecht mini with the big Katakros-style scenic base.
  12. Cool. WHU is the one I'm most interested in but I guess we know what to expect: either a teaser with nothing more than the name of the new season, or possibly an actual/silhouetted preview of the new season box. Maybe we'll get a reasonable amount of detail given that we've seen already seen a member of Da Kunnin' Krew. Kill Team could be this rumoured sisters vs tau box and 40k will almost certainly be deets of the Black Templars. Dunno about Blood Bowl but Necromunda could be moving onto something like Ash Nomads now all the regular houses are done. Warcry though, that's a mysterious one. It's been very quiet on the Warcry front lately bar the (very decent) WHC articles so will be interesting to see what pans out.
  13. Something that just occurred to me is that the absence of these warscrolls is also particularly rubbish for anyone who uses allies or coalition units. If I wanted to slot some liberators into a CoS force or chaos warriors into a Nurgle force, it's going to be harder to do so without purchasing an entirely new tome for the sake of a unit.
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