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  1. Yeah, greenskins have been in two separate WHFB starters (orcs vs empire in 6th ed and night gobbos vs dwarves in 7th ed) as well as in two starters for 40k. It’d be a classic.
  2. I think it’s probably best not to try and draw too precise a line between a hero’s strength in WHU and in AoS. Fjul-Grimnir is a Runefather and he can still get stomped by WHU fighters who in AoS would be nothing to him. The mechanics are too different and don’t correspond particularly tightly, by design. It’s not inconceivable that you could have a WHU warband made up entirely of fighters who are balanced with other warbands in WHU, but whose AoS rules are then wildly more powerful than those of other warbands. Not saying that’s what will happen here - I have no expectation that GW will break their streak of making dull, nothing AoS rules for WHU warbands - but it’s possible.
  3. It wasn't a hoax but it was a publicity stunt, like pretty much everything PETA takes a hand in. It was put forward by deceased genius Inq28 modeller and GW designer Cameron Cornelius. He ginned it up with his wife, who worked for PETA at the time, specifically as a media stunt that would go viral and obviously kept quiet about it to his bosses. It's mentioned in a tribute article in the second issue of 28 magazine.
  4. As in understand it, that was pretty much exclusively true for the Mourngul in WHFB. There have periodically been similar things in 40k but it’s always been scattered and inconsistent and down to sloppy rules writing rather than an active attempt to make the pricier kits stronger.
  5. Yeah, that’s part of what I’m getting at. It’s GW so it’ll sell, even if it’s just an perfectly adequate GW-brand Deadwalker™ at the also plausible price of €35-45 for 10 dudes.
  6. RE: zombies, I kind of feel like... well, they're zombies. There's only so much you can do with them. What could GW do to make new zombies hit that sweet spot between cost and sculpt quality (bearing in mind you're probably going to have a lot of them in your army) to make their offer a better option than the Mantic ones? Intricate detail won't be all that when you're running half a hundred dudes. A GW brand name won't make a difference and any attempt to put an AoS-unique stamp on them will be rather more shallow than most, particularly as this grave thing doesn't stack well and seems specific to Ulfenkarn. People don't wax poetic about zombies in the way they do about vampires or wights so I think that while everyone agrees the current GW zombies are dreadful (or at best have a crude, goofy charm) there is going to be less demand for cool! new! deadwalkers! Bluntly, I don't think GW can make a good enough zombie kit to be worth what they'll charge for it. Mantic zombies are €40 for 40. GW zombies will, at best, be €45 for 20, quite probably more expensive than that.
  7. It wasn't just the detail, they started out as their own little fiefdom within GW making big expensive tanks, vehicles and monsters to support 40k and, to a lesser extent, WHFB, along with bespoke campaign books that were a cut above what GW itself made. As things progressed though, GW got better at doing those kinds of big things in plastic, meaning FW did even more specialist stuff and eventually the entire separate Horus Heresy game, which was immensely popular and attracted a lot of players around 6th/7th edition 40k, when the 40k rules were a mess. Folks talk about how well GW has done in the last few years but pre-2015 FW were one of the only parts of the company that was not a hot mess and didn't receive a lot of bad will on the part of the hobby/fandom. For quite a while, they were the coolest stuff going. The Horus Heresy range was a success but sort of cannibalised a lot of their other creative output and there were other false starts. FW started a series of WHFB campaign books and minis about the end of the old world but GW basically shut that down, ironically, with their own End Times stuff and switch to AoS. Combined with all that, the departure of some sculptors and the tragic death of one of their central figures, Alan Bligh, had an impact on their consistency (a lot of their rules are patchy and seldom updated) and output. A bunch of their resources have also gone towards supporting Specialist Games like Blood Bowl and Adeptus Titanicus. Rules writing for all their minis was (and might still be?) taken out of their hands but hasn't improved in regularity or consistency. FW were never a particularly well-managed mini-company/part of GW (which was the flip side to them being sort of scrappy and creative and approachable) but in the last few years they've been even worse, with stretches of time between releases, announced and unannounced removals of products, lots of stuff being out of stock, and a general decrease in what little support there was for AoS in particular. They're kind of a mess, to put it generously.
  8. There were a few prominent examples of FW kits for 40k being ported over to GW plastic - the tau Piranha, the tyranid Trygon, the Baneblade and most IG superheavy tanks as well as a few other tanks and flyers, half a dozen 30k space marine kits - but none of them are terribly recent. It doesn't seem to be something they do anymore. We do see examples of broad FW concepts getting used for new GW kits though. Thinking here of FW's original Blight Drone getting recycled as the plastic Foetid Blight-Drone. A different unit and both remain in the rules but it could be called inspiration, if you like. Neither process ever seems to have happened with WHFB/AoS stuff. Unfortunately, hoping for the Mourngul to find its way into an already expansive plastic Nighthaunt range when they've already previewed the new Cruciator (suggesting a Sylvaneth/Kharadon/Tzeentch/most 40k armies-style update with a battletome and a single new hero mini) is most likely going to end in disappointment.
  9. I mean to be frank they barely support 40k or 30k either, though there is a difference in scale there. Specialist Games is great, consistently the most interesting part of modern GW but it's sad to see FW reduced to a just-about-on-life-support appendage to them, even before covid.
  10. I'm reluctant to see the Mourngul being sold out as indicating anything more than FW waking from hibernation to cancel a bunch of kits and then go back to sleep, as is their way.
  11. That's exactly what I like about Cursed City too but I should clarify and say that while a realm-level setting-changing demigod would be terrible as a final boss, something just a little bigger wouldn't hurt. Having Radukar hulk out into the Vargskyr as his "this isn't even my final form!" moment would have been perfect for example. Your average AoS army probably has something bigger and scarier than a hypothetical beast-mode Radukar (a stardrake, a greater daemon, a terrorgheist, etc) and almost any given special character is of more importance to the setting but it would have come off like more of a throne room culmination while still being within the wheelhouse of a party of adventurers.
  12. I'm coming around on Radukar. He's still a touch underwhelming as a Big Final Boss but I like the details (the bloodline/dynasty belt, the Nagash hat-pin) and I like how low-key his gear is. That sword looks like a janky old sabre, less elaborate than even your average Liberator's WoW-style sword. But give it the association with the barrows, emphasise that it's dusty and malicious and unassuming, and put it in the hands of a lightning-fast murder machine and suddenly it's a lot cooler.
  13. You had exactly that sort of confusion in the Soul Wars book, right down to Evocators being called a different name. Doesn't take much for an author not to get the full scoop on every unit, some confusion over rodent skulls or horse skulls is understandable when they might just have been going off a jpeg.
  14. Christ yes, imagine how this dude appears to skaven. He's the equivalent of a rat-man who suddenly dissolves into a swarm of tiny naked men running around your ankles and biting you. More generally between him, Radukar, the red-haired one from the potato cam, and the WHU warband, we now have seen what are basically seven plastic vampire lords. They'll no doubt get specific AoS warscrolls but it's a rather good spread for vampire players.
  15. Oh man that's so gross, those tails. I love it. Fantastic model, really enjoying this seeming focus on the more obviously folkloric aspects of vampires. I can see this dude being the central part of an expansion for Cursed City. What's that, you slew Radukar and freed the city? Surprise, look who just showed up at the gates, it's another vampire, only this guy's more cunning, harder to kill, and has a legitimate claim to rulership of the city as one of its pre-Radukar nobility! He says get the hell out, it's now called Rottenkarn!
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