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  1. I believe this is called “accelerating the contradictions”. You’d hope that this is the sort of thing which would finally break the chains of hyperliteral RAWism from people’s brains but even if it doesn’t, it’s very funny. “Oh you’re playing using an older publication? *sniff* Huh, around here we actually follow the rules...”
  2. Man that Varag Ghoul-Chewer is such a step up from the resin one. And those gobbos are exceptional! BB is the go-to game for brilliant goblin/small greenskin sculpts. I mean... it's Blood Bowl. If it was just for more space marines, sure, that'd be a pain, but it's hard to be too mad at a game which was underserved for so long and survived two decades in the wilderness, so to speak, only through the passion of long time fans.
  3. Yeah, I was tempted for half a second but even assuming it comes with two or three warbands, it's a crapshoot. I can even think of multiple warbands I'd like, and the terrain is cool, but no way. And that's for a relatively concise game like Underworlds, extend it to "anything imperial for 40k" and it's ludicrous.
  4. The Grymwatch halberd is a good deal less ornate, though they do both show a similar pitting. And it's vaguely gothic looking alright, fancy but damaged. Not crude or glaive-like enough to be skaven. Not quite like elves, or at least not like the halberd designs we've seen on their darker variants. The Black Guard halberds do have a sort of studded sleeve coming down below the halberd's head, like this. But then so does the lance wielded by the vampire atop the zombie dragon, as below: I think this is a soulblight weapon.
  5. I think it speaks a lot to the spirit of Blood Bowl that not only do they have official art of a gor cheerleader (who appeared previously in one of the BB magazines) but the artist also traced the expression from the high goat out of that one meme. We are all of us richer for Blood Bowl existing.
  6. Sooo... new edition of Blood Bowl is forthcoming, looks like: https://war-of-sigmar.herokuapp.com/bloggings/4729 New rulebook, new starter kit, new human (imperial) and orc teams. Folks had already been anticipating where the release of the snotling team would come in the schedule but seems like it'll be more than that and may indeed be more than a week if they're launching a new edition. SG stuff does often tend to be released on the same weak as 40k/AoS stuff though.
  7. We'll have to see but the idea of keeping a cadre of spies and assassins that can manipulate the shadows of Ulgu is definitely something that would appeal to Morathi. The DoK are a powerful force but ultimately a pretty bloodthirsty cult of fanatics. Given their queen's goals, a more subtle weapon would probably be called for at least some of the time. In terms of their shadowy powers, this seems to be coming from Morathi herself based on how the trailer says that they were reborn. Sounds like they could be a new variant of Scathborn mutant, though they seem a little un-grotesque for that. Maybe it's a power she can grant? She does turn people into gorgons after all, giving them shadow-magic might not be that difficult by comparison. I'd imagine that for now they'll fit into a DoK army in much the same way as the Kurnothi UW warband fits into a Sylvaneth army.
  8. I could see Soulblight, it's suitably gothic and it could be the key to something like Blood Keep? Ossiarchs also have an association with crows/ravens (see the cavalry and the birdmaster on Katakros's base) so maybe to go with the previous Ossiarch hint(s)? Though I think the existing examples have all been skull-headed undead constructs rather than seemingly alive crows. Or yeah, something 40k. Ravenwing have their associations with... ravens and also keys. Or the Space Wolves character Njal Stormcaller, he's known for his psyber-raven but then that has a rather spiffy bionic eye.
  9. I think Slaanesh, Idoneth, Lumineth and Ossiarch are pretty much guaranteed, they're all too prominent in the overall AoS plot not to get represented. I would be shocked if they didn't appear in S4. Seraphon are also likely, if slightly less so. Vampires, sure, maybe, but their specifics as a new AoS faction are still unclear. CoS would be great, all the fan-wishes for the Ubersreik Five or a similar crew of adventurers are fun, but in terms of support... well, you don't have to be signed up to conspiracies that they're being squatted imminently to see that they're in a weird place support-wise. Not impossible but it's still a tricky one. That said, I would love to see more like Rippa's Snarlfangs, spotlights on smaller or far-out factions. What do we think about factions doubling up? We've already got four SC warbands and I wouldn't be surprised to see another. Two Ironjawz bands and two NH bands. Skaven doesn't seem impossible, though I'd expect a doubling-down on Skyre, feels like GW has been jumping on the wacky steampunk side of things for skaven. Maybe a new Slaves to Darkness warband, something closer to the Archaon-influenced side of things, say, a Varanguard and squires/spawn.
  10. Pretty sure this one's a joke about the ludicrousness of being ok with all sorts of magical nonsense in your setting but not the actual RL existence of trans people. It's based off this tweet:
  11. He singled out one of the only POC in the room, made a joke based purely on the colour of his skin, and then had the entire room of white people laugh at him. Josh Mallett was made to feel alienated and deeply uncomfortable in a hobby space he was previously excited to be in because of something he had no control over. Cottrell clearly wasn't setting out to be malicious but it was uncaring and hurtful nonetheless (and not the first time he's done this sort of thing). That's the kind of casual, thoughtless racism that having a more diverse staff-base is liable to stop.
  12. If they don't have some sort of Johann 2.0, they'll really be missing a trick. I can't think of a single bit (i.e. random extra from a sprue) that's as joked about by both the fans and the designers as that. Maybe, like, nurglings in aggregate but for one individual thing, no way. EDIT: actually the Gatebreaker has a Johann-looking chap in his hand but hopefully there's someone sprinting away in terror as well.
  13. Absolutely this. Not only does broadening the range folks involved in creative decisions improve it and decrease the chance of something stupid or insensitive being put out, making a song and dance about the product while still having the company be overwhelmingly white and male is a bit rubbish. Like they can put out all the female or BIPOC models they want but if they're going to have cases like the former head of Forge World and current lead on the Old World project say racist stuff towards fans in public, it's going to come off as pretty empty.
  14. Facebook is also immensely racist but no, 4chan is ridiculously OTT when it comes to racism/homophobia/transphobia/misogyny/ableism, the works. Acting like it's just a /pol/ issue is a classic misdirect too, this is all over tg as well. The most outright, openly alt-right members are insulted and told to go back to /pol/ but anything less than that is accepted as basic edgelord nonsense. It's a cesspool and that there's LGBT folks taking part in that makes no difference. I also find it telling that you have to preface racism and homophobia with "genuine". Ironic racism is still racism. Acting like it's banter or a joke or just what channers are like does nothing to change the racism or homophobia inherent in the near constant and casual use racist or homophobic slurs on tg and elsewhere. It's the air they breathe.
  15. I mean people are slagging it off for perfectly solid reasons, namely that you have to sift through a morass of racism, homophobia, misogyny, general awfulness... Even the parts that distance themselves from the actual fascists are still rife with all that. People hitting it up for leaks doesn't stop 'dumpster fire' from being a generous and polite way of describing it.
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