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  1. Looks like that's confirmation that the lord on boobsnake is staying. Good, I think he hold up the best out of the remaining 6th ed. WHFB chaos release. The Tzeentch Fatemaster is only so-so by comparison.
  2. They fall down somewhat on the models but Fyreslayers might well have the greatest concentration of excellent art that doesn't date to WHFB, probably because of Kevin Chin's interest. The increased focus on the strange ritualistic aspects of their culture - the priesthood, the initiations, the religious accoutrements - is a good call, gets them away from the battlefield despite being a cult of religious mercenaries. Frankly the world could always do with more illustrations of battleworn dwarves having a pensive post-battle smoke amidst the carnage. It's good subject matter.
  3. Putting aside stale arguments about rules vs background, I agree with Chikout. Speaking strictly about immersion, I don't really see any genuine qualitative difference between these bits of terrain and bases. If your model has a skull on its base, are we presuming that that mini is dragging it everywhere with them? Or even if it's just a rock, are they finding a convenient spot to prop one foot upon? Or just basing material, if your model is based with (say) black sand, does that not break your suspension of disbelief when you play on a grassy green board? Miniatures are not purely neutral and able to fit any situation. Even a pose is an idealised snapshot; are we to understand your liberator as holding that hammer aloft all battle? If it's round 3 of a battle, why doesn't your model reflect the damage it might have suffered? Same with terrain. We don't have to hyper-literally presume that a throne or a shrine is being dragged to a specific place or even that every battle that involves them is situatued near them, just that they are relevant and play a part in the game under their influence. Either every army is hyperspecific to a given battlefield and a given moment in a conflict, or you accept a certain level of abstraction. Different folks are going to have different levels of tolerance - I used to know a guy who would go out of his way to convert his empire models to sorts of plain parade-ground poses on the basis that it was more 'reasonable' and who would sniff at playing against armies with ruins or similar beacuse they necessarily didn't match the board - but none of these takes are necessarily more logical than the others.
  4. There's certainly room for something like this, though I would hope they exercise the same restraint in introducing these things as Necromunda. Like, I get how people want to use their freeguild or stormcast but I'd really rather GW didn't lob in other factions as-is from AoS just because. For Necromunda, they probably could have 'justified' having, say, tau operatives or a awakening necrons. Instead they've been fairly restrained: the odd beastman or squat bounty hunter and thematically appropriate shanghaied chaos cult or low-level genestealer cult. Most of the effort has gone into the main gangs and, in the near future, the guilds and outlanders such as scavvies and ash waste nomads, none of whom have a simple connection to a broader 40k faction. Or, to a lesser extent, Mordheim. It was never 'here's the rules, just use the faction', it was specific and tailored to the setting. Not just dwarves but specifically dwarf treasure hunters (heavy on the crossbows and rangers, a mix of mercenaries and excited beardlings with the odd slayer along for the ride) or a bretonnian quest (a questing knight and his peasant retinue, maybe with a knight errant apprentice) or the carnival of chaos (fairground-themed nurgle). I'd prefer for them to do the same for warcry, to make it particular to the setting. Not everything has to be done entirely with one eye on the main games. I am far more interested in Warcry qua Warcry than as a backdoor to main AoS.
  5. I would maintain that Underworlds remains the best put-together ruleset ever to come out of GW (apart from LOTR), easily leapfrogging any edition of 40k or WHFB/AoS. Both tidy and characterful. There's a lot that can easily be transferred over into a non-hex-based format. Throw in bottle's Hinterlands stuff and even a sniff of the campaign rules from Necromunda and it'll be far from watered down.
  6. This looks great, GW's on a chaos undivided roll at the moment. I like how they're diversifying the aesthetics away from "Khorne = this" or "Nurgle = this". Having a beast hunter (tamer?) theme and a more armoured gladiator theme is interesting. These being respectively Ghur-ish and Chamonite/Aqshy-ite seems plausible, which would make them the first models so closely tied to particular realms, apart from (kinda) the original endless spells. It does make me wonder how much of this we can reasonably use to infer about a main line Darkoath AoS force, if these six warbands are going to be as divergent from each other as they seem. Here's hoping it has more of a (roughly) narrative or campaign emphasis like Necromunda rather than the competitive focus of Underworlds or, more recently, Kill Team. If they can draw campaign inspiration from the old Path to Glory - the incredible WHFB 6th edition pseudo-RPG warband rules, not the anodyne current set - even better. D100 mutation tables are too much to hope for but still... Underworlds has the most competantly put together ruleset I've ever encountered from GW (bar LOTR) and Hitnerlands was clever, characterful stuff so I have high hopes. Fighting for a location with untainted water or beast herds, battles over who has ownership of sacred sites, actually deciding on the patronage of the Varanguard through champions' duels, there's a lot you can do. I always loved the Moorcockian/dying earth feel of warbands in the chaos wastes, the kind of thing you got in MacNiven's Scourge of Fate, Rob Sanders' Archaon novels or, ultimately, the old Realms of Chaos books (and their lower fantasy incarnation in Abnett's Riders of the Dead). The internal dynamics of power struggles, the path of the champion, the fighting for resources and divine favour between half-mutated weirdos under blood-red skies. And clearly Mad Max: Fury Road gave some of those aesthetics a new lease of life. Would other forces be interesting? Sure, if they were tailored to the setting of the Eightpoints. A ragged crusade of devoted Sigmarite flagellants. Starving Idoneth, stranded far from the sea and hunting souls to stay alive. Hardbitten ironjaws, whittled down to a core of dudes after 'da greatest scrap'. That sort of thing. Otherwise I'm perfectly fine with all-chaos. Necromunda and Mordheim both showed how you can have a lot of interesting force diversity (compare Goliath with Delaque, or to a lesser extent Middenheimers with Marienbergers) without having to tick every box for a matching main AoS faction just because. Also: mini dragon-bird = cockatrice hatchlings?
  7. Dreadfane though: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/02/15/15th-feb-new-models-games-and-funko-pop-at-the-new-york-toy-fairgw-homepage-post-3/ Shadespire stuck with my less gaming-focused friends better than other GW stuff so an even more streamlined version is likely to go down well. Presumably it'll be pretty affordable and not a bad way to get another board. Also I'd already considered getting those ETB stormcast just for being such good models soo...
  8. Those heads look good but I agree about the white background and the photoshopped appearance of the female heads. The male ones look a lot better in the 4-panel close up image, which the female ones lack. The hair isn't amazing, mind. They're varied too and not just in expressions or accoutrements. Nice to see some which are clearly not the usual Caucasian facial features.
  9. I love Skagrott so much. His spell is "Nikkit! Nikkit!". His weapon is "Da Moon Onna Stick". He is the ****** "herald of the Everdank". He is perfection.
  10. Now which is a better name, Knight Goblins or Shroom Knights... Also... I wonder if this answers the dual kit question? A combined regular/armoured squig hoppers kit and a separate squigs with herders box. They really don't seem to share much in the way of common bits or even squig faces and it wouldn't be the first time WHC got this kind of detail wrong.
  11. It’s more the fact that the Loon King was talking about the Spiderfang as though they are separate from him and his... crusade or faith or whatever. As though they’re something he’s defining his own beliefs against. That said he talks about the shamans in a similar way and if he’s the overarching faction leader for Gloomspite then it makes perfect sense for the spiderfang to be associated with the Moonclans. Spider-Rohan to Moonclan-Gondor, so to speak. And there certainly was a fair bit of spider imagery. EDIT: It’s a bit like how it seemed a sure thing here that the Idoneth were going to incorporate Scourge Privateers as some sort of outrider, which obviously didn’t pan out. I certainly think that based on the spiders around, spiderfangs being part of Gloomspite alongside moonclan, trolls and fungoid is likely.
  12. Yeah, not 100% on if that’s confirmation that spiderfang are in. It’s plausible, with Gloomspite being the overarching ‘Blades of Khorne, etc’ unifier for Moonclan, spiderfang, trolls, new fungoids and so forth. I do like the idea of a goblin being driven by a crisis of faith though, that’s fun.
  13. The 40k rules have also changed for flesh hounds (they now have a leader with a ranged roar attack, as befits the option in the new plastic kit) and bloodcrushers (can't quite make it out but I think just better stats for balance). Same for horrors, though this is largely just to line up the Thousand Sons and Daemons versions. I'd be very surprised if we didn't see new AoS warscrolls for flesh hounds and fiends.
  14. Definitely, something about the pose and the proportions? Maybe just the big nose but it's all very french.
  15. "Mollog is accompanied by a small pack of Squiggly beasts, including the already infamous Bat Squig, the toxic Spiteshroom and the Stalagsquig – the squig you never knew you wanted until now." Huh, looks like the definition of squiggly beasts is getting broader with this new Moonclan stuff. Not just the same red hoppers and even broader than all those weird 40k squigs.
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