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  1. Quite a few angels are actually pretty much gender neutral anyway. Or rather the Bible mixes up which they are. Gabriel is one that springs to mind who is equally shown to be both male in some stories and female in others. Granted traditional art might pick one or go for a more "tom boy" look rather than "half boob half no boob"
  2. Storytime with Slaanesh today - and some great new artwork too https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/24/slaanesh-the-lore/ This pretty much confirms that the Prince and Herald are a unique character so that means regular demon princes might still be on the table; in addition the twins with the mirror appear to be normal not named, which is an interesting twist!
  3. Honestly I think the way GW releases cards should change. Warbands should have warband only cards whilst generic ones shoudl appear in dedicated packs or the core set. Right now I feel that GW moving into a 3rd season might well need to either cycle out a load of cards or (better) do a card pack for the first two seasons of all the generic cards. That would let current players keep their sets without feeling punished for early investment and it allows new people to jump right in without big issues or having to collect cards and make a huge investment.
  4. I'm fairly sure we'll hear more at the big event coming up at the start of May. That would very nicely coincide with GW now running out of confirmed releases for AoS once Slaanesh releases. With Warcry in July or June we've got at least room for one or two more Battletomes; possibly the new Gloomsite and (guessed) Sylvanath boxed set which would then suggest a Sylvanath Battletome release. After that one more Tome which could be anything (though unlikely to be a new army). Personally I'd really like it to be a destruction tome, just because I feel that Grand Alliance has the least amount on offer at present to new players. Death is completed, Chaos is almost there (and the two armies remaining are pretty much guaranteed to remain - Tzeentch and Slaves to Darkness/Everchosen) and whilst Order has a lot of mess, its also got a lot of Battletomes already.
  5. @PlasticCraic I believe Gloomspite lists Greenskins as allies in the battletome; also about a week before Greenskins were removed there was a spread in White Dwarf showing their Getting Started set advertised in the segment talking about the (I think) new Skirmish rules. So at that time it seemed that at least one portion of GW - or perhaps two - had at some point assumed or been told that Greenskins were remaining. Honestly I think that their removal and how it was conducted is one of the bad side effects of GW's heavily compartmentalized workteams. Another is the issue with base sizes where the rules team seems to say one thing; but then I think that a different message makes it to packaging who then box up dozens of models with a certain base size and then the community site gets laods of confused gamers messaging them and then the base size defaults back to what's in the box and the rules get updated. Some of this is clearly a communication breakdown somewhere in the system; I think also likely coupled to different departments operating on different priorities and timescales. Thankfully these tend to be rare, though they stick in the mind. AoS has also suffered because GW has never been up front early about hwat they will remove and sometimes I wonder if things get removed because they do get "forgotten" about. Or left on the back burner so long that to bring them back is too great an investment for GW to make.
  6. Question, has anyone got an original Keeper of Secrets (metal or finecast) and a demon prince? I'd be interested to see and know how they compare in terms of model size.
  7. I've got an old metal Keeper and I really want to make it into a prince! I figure its going to at least roughly fit onto a similar base size and since the new proper Keeper is so much bigger it lets me put the old keeper on the table. That said the way its shaping up it might wind up being a regular demon prince to go alongside the Slaanesh named prince.
  8. Reading some of the new Inferno short stories it suggests that the Mistweaver might well be the forerunner of one of the shadow aelves from the new army that has yet to come out.
  9. I don't believe in flying dwarves - its against my religion Ok ok ok so 4 new armies but do skeletons with bedsheets over them really count?! That's the question we really should be asking
  10. Just a point on price but a lot of the core models are pretty cheap for slaanesh - the getting started is cheap and has most of the core army models within it; plus if you grab some slaves then they've got some really great priced models in there! 10 horses for about the same price (if less) than many factions pay for 5. So I can also see GW loading more profits on some of the newer models because the core army is quite cheap in comparison (then again after the cost of Witch Aelves EVERY army feels cheap for troops)
  11. Honestly its only empty for those who only want to build a mortal army without using Slaves to Darkness models. For any straight Slaanesh Demon players or even those using them as support its a fantastic release. GW has also chosen to do all the leaders and heroes which is very expensive for them. All those one and two sales models - heck even the great keeper might only sell twice to many gamers (heck I've seen a lot of skaven armies with just one verminlord model - people just counts-as or magnetize the arms to change it around)
  12. AoS still continues the same lore that Old World had - it was never fully about getting rid of it. What I think it was about was allowing GW to add and remove armies (factions) at a whim and (as a result) models as well. Allowing them to fast cycle things and essentially have a boutique model line made of plastic rather than resin. So each time a plastic mould gave out or a line wasn't selling they'd just retire it and release a new model line. That's why we had grand alliances - 4 factions that had many subfactions within; and why we had no formal rules. You can see that with no formal rules and only 4 actual "factions" within the game, GW could add a dozen new armies and retire a dozen armies and still have the grand alliances. That backfired. What we have now is much more sane for what hte bulk of the market wanted and because its born from another game it will keep the old armies - heck we've really only two new factions - Nighthaunt and Stormcast. Everything else is either a direct continuation of an old army or an evolution of them. Sure some of the old stuff like high elf archers and the like are quite "rank and file coneheads" and not as "exciting" as newer sculpts. That's not a fault of the idea of an aelf with a bow, its the simple fact that GW can only update so many models in a year. So right now sure they'll keep them and then in time release new versions with more "cool and dynamic" posts. Much like they did for the Gloomspite. We don't see this for every army because GW can't do it. For all their power and money they can't remake every army and release new battletomes in one to two years - its just beyond their capacity to achieve. They could do it possibly if they outsourced everything and threw all their money into high end moulds for investment; and it would front load them so heavily that it could cripple them (esp if the market got choked on so many new models that GW exceeded the market ability to buy in continual bulk volume). And I agree much of the range still fits with the high fantasy world of the Realms. Remember just because its high fantasy doesn't mean everything has to be supre gaudy and sparkling. Your high fantasy world still has mundane regular troops on the ground. I also feel that GW is leaving it up to us to paint, convert and base for different realms. Sure some armies will have very strong ties to specific realms, but I don't think they all need to be bound as such. In fact many races live in multiple realms - Aelves and humans and dwarves are very clearly spread over many realms. Furthermore with the size of the realms themselves even a small outpost of Dwarves in Shyesh could have enough numbers to form an army for a player even if there is no major outpost there in the lore. Heck lore wise we don't really yet even have high detailed maps of the core realms that identify specific territories, lands and features. @PlasticCraic I didn't add Gitmob mostly because they've nothing save for a name now. No models, no rules anywhere and nothing on the horizon. Far as I can tell they vanished into Gloomspite and that was it. Greenskins are mostly in the list because they were around when the list was made and they then vanished, but did oddly retain references in some forces - though I agree they are pretty much totally gone.
  13. Aye its an older article I think done before Wrath and Rapture if I recall right - so yeah their stats might well be out of date and in need of revision. Though it shows that even back then they were no slouches in combat. So if they've already improved and then might improve or adjust again they could easily be in line with daughters and that's a good position to be in. Of course that's only one aspect of the army, one has to consider the other elements of the force and how they work together and support one another.
  14. I did some maths theory and used Deamonettes against Daughters of Khaine https://warminiatures.wordpress.com/2018/10/20/dice-theory-witch-aelves-vs-deamonettes/ What's interesting is that, without buffs or auras or any support (and assuming all got into close combat) they actually held up pretty well. In fact if they got the first attack they do quite a significant amount of damage. With a little adjustment and perhaps some buffs from within the army (as one might well expect to get in a real world battle) then they are a very capable force of infantry. Remembering that Witch Aelves are considered one of the better hoard infantry. Of course also granted the witches weren't getting any bonuses in this study either so both sides its a little artificial.
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