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  1. Overread

    The Rumour Thread

    I've seen the Dakka forums do that a lot - it can be quite helpful; esp on a site like TGA where the site only has 1 primary lore setting so the acronyms are more unified. Throw up a thread in the suggestions and feedback section about it
  2. Overread

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    The main problem with jezzails is that they don't get many shots and only have a 4+ hit (really that should be a 3). So they really want to sit still and at least get their re-roll for hits. I love the idea of them but a whole unit still only gets 3 attacks for 140 points. I can certainly see using a warpgnaw to move then at the start or second turn into the game; but they are likely not goin to want to jump back and forth a lot if you want them to do some damage.
  3. Overread

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    Warpcheese is the only Cheese that contains warp. Please don't listen to the shrooms, the moon is not made of cheese! Now there might be a moon made of warpstone, which is even better than cheese!
  4. Overread

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    It reads like "Yes I know its the wrong base but I'm not allowed to send you the right base because packing and rules development didn't talk to each other all that often/enough or it was older stock or someone made a mistake etc.." Base size is a contentious point and GW generally skirts it by changing base sizes but also saying "it doesn't matter sort of"
  5. So I like that when in the Rules Questions section its possible to rank posts so that answers can be high ranked to the top and those which are missleading or wrong can be low ranked to the bottom. The problem is that this pulls the thread apart. It works if its a very simple single question and single answer; but once you get any kind of debate or discussion going; or if the answer isn't clear to the OP (or another) and they start to seek clarification - then the thread fast ends up tricky to read. Low ranked replies end up near the bottom; high ranked ones at the top and one has to start looking at the time posted to try and work out what's been asked, answered and what hasn't. I wonder if its possible to mark the posts another way to preserve the chain of conversation. Perhaps a colour code of 4 or so colours so that all +1 ranks get one colour then the highest (ideally that will be the one that answers the original question best) gets a unique colour; then the low ranked ones are another colour with the lowest being, again, marked out differently. Whilst this would mean scrolling to see answers the colour coding would at least highlight the answer(s) although it might mess with the post highlighting that is currently used for subscription/donation members. Another option might be to only highlight the highest ranked and instead of them being moved to the top; have the software copy the highest ranked at the top. That way the answers are shown at the top, but the chain of conversation below it remains the same. Note I accept that both these suggestions sound logical ,but might not be possible with the site software (or at least not without coding something unique). IT might also be there are other methods that could be used to highlight/promote answers and retain the chain of conversation.
  6. Overread

    Skaven battleline

    Masterclan is a clan keyword, its right there on every Masterclan unit Warscroll. In addition they have their own equipment pools to draw from in the Battletome. The only reason there is now "allegiance abilities" is because Masterclan has no troops at all to form a legal army. They only have access to heroes, but it is a clan within the system and it is a specific key word. I think the rules will make more sense to you once you've got a Battletome in hand and can read through it clearly rather than putting it together from apps, hearsay and suchlike.
  7. The plagues are powerful, but many will die rather than be enthralled and many of the enthralled are lower order Chaos. It's a powerful trick, but the other gods have their own ways to twist people to their cause. Slaanesh can spread cults of pleasure; Khorne blood fighting pits; Tzeentch the lure of power and knowledge. Nurgle is more overt in the case of plagues and poxes that show themselves on the persons body, in that you could argue he's weaker because those he's corrupting are visibly marked for all to see. Slaanesh pleasure cults can go on for years, generations without detection. Khorne fighting pits, might not convert many but they will twist and convert the strongest, the elite. Each of the four has their own ways and means to corruption of the masses and the select. The only Chaos god that doesn't is the fifth and that's because The Great Horned One has no need to corrupt the Skaven openly; they do it themselves from birth in how they raise their young.
  8. Overread

    AoS 2 - Clan Skyre Discussion

    To make things a little clearer - I think Kirjava is talking more about how "having clanrats in my Skyre army" requires him to take a generalist skaven army and thus can't have stormfiends as battleline and thus he has to take a larger number of clanrats than he wants. I still hope that GW might clarify the allies element of those battleline requirements, esp because it seems really odd that you can build a Clan Pesitlens army but not have any Nurgle allies .
  9. Overread

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    I think they are trying that - don't forget Chaos are getting a LOT of big hints and releases next for 40K. There are some glaring oddities like Eldar - however you'd also think that GW would want to get rid of finecast superfast. I put part of it down to design issues and another down to cashflow when the moulds cost tens to a hundred thousand each. Though there are some that appear totally no-brainers that its surprising we don't have them yet.
  10. Overread

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    All rats is a great idea and very Skaven! What you might find early on is that its easier to focus on one group and build up from there. Partly because you've got Carrion Empire (some stock still around and if not ebay has quite a few sets on reselling for a good heavy discount price) and the Getting started box. Those give you Skyre and Pestilens cores right out of the box; whilst not forgetting you can also build the Screaming Bell from the getting started set. Now I'm aware those two options don't actually have any clan rats in them, however you do get a very solid selection of toys to pick from to form your combined arms army. Throw in a Seer; add some boxes of clan rats; perhaps some weapon teams etc... you can really build up as you wish from there.
  11. Overread

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    If you're worried about receiving attacks then take as many bucklers as you can on your witches/sisters of slaughter (if you're taking them of course). Whilst you're going to want to get into combat fast, making them hurt for hitting you is a good way to challenge their feeling of power by them having a whole turn attacking first. The other aspect is to get into combat as fast as you can; you might even hold back or screen a unit of witches with twinblades so that they might well end up in combat, but against something weaker in turn 3 so that come turn 4 they can be ready to do some real damage again - or at least dodge most of it in turn 3.
  12. Overread

    AoS 2 - Clan Skyre Discussion

    Unleashe the DOOM!! I still love the Doomwheel - its such a crazy 80s style of a model to have an army of ratmen who have a running wheel that shoots lightning and is powered by running rats inside. I wonder if the designer ever thought it would catch on to become one of the more iconic Skaven models and last so long!
  13. Overread

    Balewind and arcane sac with endless spells

    Yes - I think when GW released this FAQ this was one combo that was specifically mentioned that could not happen. It's why the Spell portal went fast from almost an auto-include to a powerful, but optional and situational include.
  14. Overread

    AoS 2 - Clan Pestilens Discussion

    If your artillery was taken off the board turn one then chances are it never got to do anything it should have save be an expensive and short term distraction for that game. It doesn't mean the units are wrong, but that your deployment messed up. And you admit to that freely which means you already know the error was yours on that part. I'd run them again as the risk with going all monks is that you wind up without options. Perhaps against a DoK list that wants to be in close combat you're fine because monks and daughters are both going to slam into each other. But go against an army with some range and suddenly those catapults might come into their own to weaken, threaten or even destroy.
  15. Overread

    Skaven battleline

    From the book "Battleline in Skaventide army if general is Masterclan or Clans Pestilens and all other units are Clans Pestilens" The 'and' separates the two clauses and the other clan battleline options are the same, saving swapping pestilens above for skyre, etc.... As it stands as written in the book the general maybe either masterclan or "named clan" and all other units must be the same named clan. There is thus no option to, for example, take clan rats in a clan skyre army and have stormfiends count as battleline. The only area where people are potentially questioning it though is in the term of "allies". Now allies can't be battleline, but it does let you take allied units; esp for a faction like Skaven Pestilens that were used to taking Nurgle allies. As it stands you can't take any allies either as they would count as "other units". That's really the only area that I think deserves a clarification in the FAQ.