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  1. Here is the new thread for discussing Maggotkin of Nurgle. With the imminent release of AoS 2 (and a lot of the info already being out there), now is the time for us to start afresh on TGA. Moving forward, this will be the main thread to chat about and discuss Maggotkin of Nurgle in the new edition. I still wholly encourage people to keep their own threads/army blogs within this sub forum and I also think those are a great place to share some photos as I know not everyone frequents the Painting & Modelling section. But this thread is purely for discussion around the faction, things such as (but not limited to) tactics and list building etc. You all know the drill, we've been doing it on this forum since inception! For newer players, I would say the older thread could still be worth perusal and whilst it is now locked for further replies, you can find it here - http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/9323-lets-chat-maggotkin-of-nurgle/ Really excited to see what we can come up with as a community and I look forward to reading all your ideas and thoughts.
  2. lare2

    Poxbringer, Herald of Nurgle

    Last of my lockdown freedom.
  3. I just finished up my Nurgle Chaos Furies kit bashes and I'm super happy with how they came out. I'd love some feedback if people have suggestions. I'd also be interested to see what other folks have done with their Furies if they've likewise built some. Enjoy!
  4. I'd like to get a few Beasts of Nurgle for my Nurgle Daemons army, but I hate the current models AND they are absurdly expensive. Does anyone have recommendations for alternate models or kitbashing options? I'm open to non-GW suggestions.
  5. Dear Allpoints and Chosen of Chaos ! I don't think I've seen a post related to this campaign on the TGA so I thought I would share it here! It's starting today but it's really easy and not too late to join! 6 Coalitions are fighting over the next 5 weeks, The Servants of Chaos are represented by two coalition (and I'm a speaker for the Undivided), please have a look at the trailer which is amazingly done, browse the website and join us on Discord if you want to take part in any shape or form ! (We have some TTS games, some Background story writing, some Soulbound RPG and more! ) Youtube Trailer for the campaign https://animositycampaigns.com/2020/07/17/animosity-ii-you-learn-to-swim-by-jumping-in/ Hope to see some of you soon! :)) Best regards, Ninelives Silvertongue of the Undivided
  6. Basically title. I am heavily interested in running a combination of Slaves to Darkness and daemons. So far I only have the start collecting for Slaves to Darkness and no battletome. I am interested in a tanky, but hero centric playstyle. Thoughts or advice on where to go? I have already checked out 1d4chan.
  7. Hello. I would like to trade for another army or sell a Nurgle army. (preferably Destrucion)🤑 I've tried to play with them but I don't like their style. 😞 I've got around 3000 points of nurgle constisting in: 2 Great Unclean One. 1 Rotigus. Blightlord Sloppity Bilepiper Poxbringer Spoilpox Scrivener Gutrot Spume Festus The Leechlord 20 x Putrid Blightknights (well Painted) 39x Plague Bearer 2x Pusgoyle Blightlords 6x Nurglins 1 x Feculent Gnarlmaw If anyone is insterested into buy them I would like to have 550 euros for them. Shipping world wide with tracking number.
  8. I kitbashed some Nurgle Chaos Warriors awhile back and just got around to painting them. First real attempt at kitbashing an entire unit and it seemed to go pretty well. I have some nurgle chaos knights coming down the line and a few lords in various states of building or painting. The goal is to eventually have nurgle marked warriors, knights, chariots, and lords to compliment my Rotbringer army. Let me know what you think! Im not the best painter, and I am horrible at edge highlighting but I tried my best anyways!!
  9. Hello! I have decided on StD as my second AoS army. I play Death Guard in 40k, so my love of Nurgle had me swaying between this and maggotkin. In the end, the newer rules and cool models made me choose this. So I have picked up the following: 2 Start Collecting (1 old and one new) 40 Mauraders 1 Chaos Lord 1 Chaos Sorcerer I intend to use one of the Chariot models as a different Chaos Lord. I keep seeing a Shrine is a necessary pick up (also a suggestion for an alternative model for this as I do not like the normal one), but was wondering what else to get for my Nurgle theme StD to make up a 2000 point army, that will be semi-competitive. Thank you!
  10. Hello everyone, I am new to age of sigmar and I really like nurgle, in particular the blightkings and I would want to create an army. I read somewhere that to begin with the start collecting is a good idea, I also read that adding heros like the Harbinger of decay, gutrot spume, the lord of of blights and the Rotbringers sorcerer is a good thing for the army but I also read that the blightkings tend to be slow so do you have any advice of units in the nurgle army or in the other armies (if possible not skaven) thank you in advance
  11. Hi guys - new user on the forum here, though I've been slowly building my Rotbringers army since AoS first came out last summer. Just wanted to show off my army in progress: Blightkings: Sorcerer: My Giant, which has been completed since, unfortunately no finished photos: My Harbinger of Decay: Now, some WIP pics: Chaos Trolls: Skull Cannon of Kh... I mean Nurgle: Beast: And my Soul Grinder of Nurgle: I also have 3 plague Drones, a converted Great Unclean one (maggots lord based), a Daemon Prince and a unit of plague bearers in the works - more to come. All comments and critique is appreciated.
  12. Hi all This is going to be my painting log for my different armies in AOS. I have quite a few armies partly because I've been collecting along time and at the same time I like swishing between different armies to keep painting interesting.Though I do tend to favour order and chaos armies though I do like ogors and orruks.
  13. With the new Nurgle releases I've been inspired to dust off some mothballed Nurgle units I've had lying around for some time and with that I figured a painting blog would be fun. Here are the models I currently have which I will be painting up in the coming months. Glottkin 10 Plaguebearers Herald of Nurgle 3 Nurglings 3 Plague drones Gutrot Spume Lord Of Plagues 10 Blight Kings For once in my life I will do my best to avoid going out and buying a bunch of new models and then succumb to some sort of painting depression brought on by having a seemingly insurmountable heap of models to paint (fingers crossed) So I intend to paint everything I have above before getting a new and juicy Great Unclean One for instance. I'm a very casual gamer but I do enjoy a game or two with friends so I thought I'd start painting things in an order that would allow me to start fielding the army as soon as possible. So I'm thinking I will try out a 1000 pts army containing Glottkin, Gutrot, 10 Blight kings and 10 Plaguebearers. I suspect this is probably a pretty bad list so if you have suggestions on other list made with the above units I'd love to hear about it. Now enough talk and let's start of with the first pics of the blog: I started off with Nurglings because I wanted to get a feel for the painting scheme I will be using for the green flesh on my Plaguebeares and my Glottkin: For the skin I started off with Ogryn Camo which I followed up with a recess shade of Biel-Tan Green. Then after a glaze of Waywatcher Green I layered Ogryn Camo back on (here it helps to thin your paint with Lahmian medium to make it easier to get a smooth result) then I added Flayed One Flesh to the Ogryn Camo mix to smooth highlights on open areas of the skin like the top of the head, shoulders etc. Finally I did a finer edge highlight of Flayed One Flesh. Next up will be five of the Blight Kings so stay tuned for that =)
  14. Recently, in the Beasts of Chaos discussion thread, a post inquired about what opportunities arise when playing Beasts of Chaos battalions out of the various Chaos God allegiances. Rather than simply answer there, I figured it might be helpful to respond in a new thread. That way, we can hopefully grow the conversation in a way that is more accessible to both casual review and search attempts. Beasts of Chaos Allegiance Before getting to the four Chaos God allegiances, it might be helpful to note what a Beasts of Chaos player gives up when using those. The Beasts of Chaos allegiance itself is a collection of minor, albeit interesting benefits, each keyed to the main Beasts of Chaos factions: Brayherd, Warherd, and Thunderscorn. Note that the Beasts of Chaos' menagerie of monsters (cockatrice, jabberslythe, chimera, etc.) get nothing from the allegiance's battle traits, little from the currently available Greatfrays, and only slight buffs from the allegiance's spell lores (the "Titanic Fury" spell notwithstanding). Nor are these monsters involved in the four Chaos God battalions. The focus of comparison thus centers on how Brayherd, Warherd, and Thunderscorn play differently in each setting. Only Beasts of Chaos allegiance armies get to ambush, only Beasts of Chaos allegiance armies get the Herdstone and its related Primordial Call mechanic, and (perhaps most significantly) only Beasts of Chaos allegiance armies get to use Bestigors, Bullgors, and Dragon Ogors as Battleline if the general is either Brayherd, Warherd, or Thunderscorn. I think the latter point is probably the biggest factor in allegiance selection. Having the option to forego Gors or Ungors, in favor of more elite forces, is attractive. With the recent price discount of Warherd units in the December FAQ, fielding an exclusively elite unit Beasts of Chaos army is more accessible. It is also helpful to note that the Beasts of Chaos allegiance can field a surprising amount of high Rend. The Herdstone itself creates an ever-increasing Rend effect. Further options include: fielding Warherd with Great Axes, the Brayherd spell "Tendrils of Atrophy," the Thunderscorn spell "Sundering Blades," and several artefacts. In fact, not many armies can have two Heroes with -3 Rend, which a Beasts of Chaos allegiance army can do by fielding two Dragon Ogor Shaggoths (one with an “Ancestral Azyrite Blade” and one with either Chamon’s “Rune Blade” or Ulgu’s “Dimensional Blade”). Much is said elsewhere about ambushing and summoning. Brayherd units often contribute the most to these two features. Beyond the Brayherd, the Beasts of Chaos allegiance's capacity to make Thunderscorn run and charge (via the artefact “Horn of the Tempest”), along with the Creatures of the Storm battle trait, results in Thunderscorn being one of the game’s faster heavy cavalry choices when used in this allegiance. The Warherd’s Bloodgorge battle trait is somewhat underappreciated, too. By the way, while earlier conventional wisdom seemed to recommend fielding Bullgors and Dragon Ogors in MSU, I think running units of six alongside their respective Hero option is the way to go. Bullgors benefit from having a Doombull nearby, not just for Slaughterer’s Call, but also for Inspiring Presence. Dragon Ogors are strong with the ability to re-roll ones when near a Dragon Ogor Shaggoth. Such seems applicable to all the possible allegiance options. Khorne Allegiance The biggest benefit to running a Brass Despoilers-heavy army out of the Blades of Khorne seems to be Khorne’s capacity to give units additional attacks. The Bloodsecrator (especially when buffed by the Gore Pilgrims battalion) and Wrathmongers make this possible. Both Bestigors and Warherd are the strongest recipients of this resource. Large units of Bestigors, if their charges maximize frontage, can produce a startling amount of -1 Rend attacks. When fully buffed, Tuskgor Chariots can also be surprisingly good in Khorne. Warherd probably gain the most, though, complementing their already high Rend and the battalion’s re-roll benefits. A solid unit of Bullgors in Khorne can put out a lot of damage. In range of both the Bloodsecrator and Wrathmongers, a fully-engaged unit of six with unit leader has 25 attacks at a stat line of 4+ re-roll 1s/3+/-2/3. A Ghorgon is particularly nasty in Khorne when fully buffed, with three potential Huge Slavering Maw attacks. Remember that the Wrathmongers’ buff helps the Cygor’s missile attack, too. Tzeentch Allegiance Warherd are going to come up several times in these discussions, because several Chaos God allegiances provide ways to address the Warherd’s weaknesses. Those weaknesses include few attacks, average accuracy, and no innate ability to run and charge. Khorne addressed the first by doubling, when fully buffed, a Bullgor’s attack output. Tzeentch addresses the accuracy issue. Destiny Dice can help ensure the Bullgors hit their targets. Even better, note that the new Tzeentch book explicitly states that Destiny Dice count as unmodified dice. This means that when used by Warherd to score 6s for their to Wound rolls, Destiny Dice activate Bloodgreed/Ravenous Bloodgreed. A Fatemaster’s innate command ability is arguably a better buff for Warherd than the Doombull’s. Also of note is the Hosts Duplicitous Change Coven: an armywide buff that prohibits enemies from retreating seems helpful in a Warherd-heavy army. Lastly, successful completion of agendas can result in different Warherd units that increase considerably in potency as a game progresses. Nurgle Allegiance Once more, Warherd benefit arguably the most in Nurgle, gaining increased maneuverability thanks to both the Great Unclean One’s “Doomsday Bell” and the Feculent Gnarlmaw’s run and charge buff. When combined with a maximized run, a Ghorgon can reliably move 17” on its first turn, making first turn charges a real possibility. This is without factoring in an additional 2” movement bonus from the Cycle of Corruption, and also without further speed buffs from endless spells. Effective management of the Cycle of Corruption is a key to getting the most out of a Pestilent Throng in a Nurgle allegiance army. Its wizards gain access to the “Foul Regenesis” spell, just like all Nurgle wizards in a Nurgle allegiance army. If cast successfully, pick the bonus needed at the moment, with an eye to the next turn, too. An armywide +1 to Wound is helpful, especially for those units like Bestigors and Warherd that are already at 3+ to Wound. Alternatively, if defense is needed, the capacity to neuter opposing forces’ exploding 6s might be more useful in some circumstances. Healing should not be ignored; remember, the Great Unclean One’s innate spell also heals Nurgle units, which include a Pestilent Throng’s multiple wound Warherd, Thunderscorn, and even the Brayherd’s Centigors. Centigors (and, to perhaps a lesser degree, Bestigors) in a Nurgle allegiance army have a particular combination available to them when buffed by a Rotbringer Sorcerer’s “Blades of Putrefaction” spell. These Brayherd units both have an innate capacity to gain +1 to Hit (Bestigors is dependent on opposing units). That bonus means that the additional mortal wounds made possible by “Blades of Putrefaction” trigger on 5+ to Hit rolls, rather just 6+. With the amount of attacks Centigors and Bestigors inflict, such results in a high likelihood of many mortal wounds prior to damage from the attacks themselves. The speed at which “Blades of Putrefaction”-buffed Centigors and/or Bestigors can move, combined with Warherd units’ own improved movement, results in a Pestilent Throng that can reliably charge a surprising amount of elite units on the first turn. Slaanesh Allegiance Thunderscorn gain arguably the most from Euphoric Killers, given innate amount of attacks available in a given space, with both Warherd and Bestigors also significantly benefiting from that armywide buff. A Dragon Ogor Shaggoth also has an innate healing option which, combined with its high wound count, can result in many Depravity Points becoming available over the course of a game. Additional benefits for a Depraved Drove in a Slaanesh allegiance army likely depend on the Host chosen at army creation. A Godseekers list amps up units’ already above average speed. A Pretenders list allows Gors to both re-roll 1s to Hit and have a melee 4+ save, making a 30 block unit of Gors a cost effective buy at 200 points each. Further, a Pretenders list can run a Doombull with both the “Hunter of Godbeasts” command trait and the “Sliverslash” artefact, resulting in a Hero that: (1) re-rolls charges against an opposing Hero Monster with an artefact (many armies have these), (2) attacks five times at 3+/3+/-2/4, re-rolling to Hit rolls, (3) inflicts additional mortal wounds on unmodified to Wound rolls of 6, and (4) rolls additional attacks from Bullgor Horns. An Invaders list might slightly edge out a Pretenders list as the most efficient option for a Depraved Drove. While its outright potential damage output might be somewhat less, the additional range for command ability like Inspiring Presence is very attractive for units with average Bravery. Also, the “Best of the Best” command trait complements the Depraved Drove benefit, especially for a Thunderscorn Hero. When fighting an opposing Hero that has an artefact, a Dragon Ogor Shaggoth general, armed with a Rune Blade or Dimensional Blade, will attack three times at 3+/3+/-3/3, re-rolling to Hit and to Wound, plus other melee attacks. That is a strong Hero killer. Closing Thoughts Beasts of Chaos is a fun range of units to play in and of themselves, before even considering which allegiance one finds most fun. At times, I have explored all five options; each has an appeal that might surprisingly compel my interest for a time before I move on to a different build. I recommend eventually trying them all, but for beginners, especially those without much experience with Beasts of Chaos units, I think starting with the Beasts of Chaos allegiance is the best bet. Learn the basics of what the Brayherd, Warherd, and Thunderscorn do well and what they do not do well. Get a sense for their capacity for speed relative to other armies, as well as how their respective innate buffs complement each unit. If there is an aspect to the Beasts of Chaos range that you discover you particularly enjoy (high Rend capability, high speed, etc.), then explore the Chaos God allegiance that most accentuates that facet. Have fun! I hope the above is helpful and look forward to the conversation. Happy wargaming!
  15. (This narrative will correspond with a local league's slow-grow campaign.) Blott Moldtoe stared for a brief second at the wad of mucus, before flinging it unceremoniously into the pile of squabbling Nurglings at his feet. The diminutive demons chortled and hacked with glee, momentarily occupied with their new, lumpy plaything. Blott ignored them as best as he could, and set his one cyclopean eye to the horizon. “Bit of a storm coming,” cackled a wet, phlegmy voice from behind where Moldtoe stood. “Looks like nasty waters. Does this creature walk on land?” There were several sharp taps on soggy wood, followed by a long, exasperated sigh that seemed to emanate from the vessel itself. Blott turned to see the plague shaman Melena Grubwarm leerily eyeing the deck of the ship they both stood on. In her hand was a long, twisted staff, made from the mutated vertebrate of a previous friend who had already joined the Garden, and decorated with the twitching entrails left behind by his ascension. “Stop hitting the beast.” Blott’s words were dull and uninterested in the mortal’s distractions. “He can’t feel it! Blessed be to Nurgle!” The crone cackled again, a thin stream of spittle forming a spiderweb from her lips to the front of her tattered blue robe. She clicked her heels together in mock pomp. “Of course, yes sir Blott sir, no more prodding the Festerfish.” As if to answer her, the ship shuddered, losing a few small planks of rotting wood into the ocean. She looked around, now disinterested in the bits of swollen skin pressing out from the baseboards, and focused her cataract-ridden eyes towards where the Herald stared. In the distance, the thin strips of land signifying the new landmass broke the perfect line of the horizon. The Nurglings began to claw and push their way over the railing, straining to see what the larger Maggotkin were peering at. As they did, part of the decrepit wood splintered, breaking off a section of the hull and scattering a handful of the disease-ridden imps into the water below. Beneath the remaining planks, a mound of sickly-yellow flesh quivered and glistened, slowly pulling what remained of the vessel forward. Melena shuffled up to where Moldtoe stood, her bent frame dwarfed by the much larger Poxbringer. “That’s it? I’m unimpressed. I thought you’d be able to see a god from here.” “Godbeast,” Blott drolly corrected her. The ship lurched forward, blackish filth seeping into the waves behind them.
  16. Hullo folks. I am hopefully on the path to rounding up my slipshod Nurgle Army before I move onto the new Sky Dwarves, so I fancied collecting the various photos I'd taken into one place (everyone else has a plog!) as well as ask for some advice on where to go next. I only got back into the hobby at the start of 2017, after a 10 year leave of absence (although I didn't particularly paint much before) and so painting is pretty new to me. There are a lot of places to go for great advice, including GWs own videos. But I want my dwarves to look top notch, and I think that means levelling up my technique a little. So I want to know what the best advice you have is. I find that I have the most trouble with gradual blends or colour fades the most. I have recently invested in some Lahmian Medium, and also 2 Windsor and Newton 7 Series brushes for details (they really are excellent), and for my Dwarves I have kind of planned my palette and basing style in my head. So yeah, Criticism and Feedback on stuff would be very appreciated, as well as links to videos or blogs on technique and style. I think due to work and uni I have been a little impatient in some instances so I know that has led to some errors, but specific advice would be welcome (unless it links to that Next Level Painting guy. as good as his stuff can be his voice and demeanour just ruins me. On to the photos! This is the whole bunch, so far, shelved. I don't have close ups of the drones yet: My initial 3 heroes. Order of Completion was Lord of Plagues, Herald of Nurgle, Lord of Chaos My Blightkings, which I am proudest of, by far., but I am not too happy with some of the bruising. Chaos Sorcerer which was done recently as a reward for shifting a metric tonne of essays out of my way (this one appears to have been hit by some bad compression?) As per the other thread, this is my WIP Epidemus. I didn't actually buy this myself, it was a gift from some friends so It has taken a lot of psyching up to paint because the detail is intimidating and granular, which I find quite different from the regular GW plastic cast heavy contrast detail. (Apologies for messy thumbnail) I'll try and sort a lightbox or at least a proper white background for the things I haven't got proper pictures of: Warriors, Plaguebearers and Plague Drones. I think I have at least, with Nurgle, managed to attack a variety of different textures and techniques, some better than others, but would still be curious for advice! Thanks!
  17. Hello all my fecund noxious friends! After sitting on this project forever I finally got around to making my own custom Harbinger. Hope you all like it. C&c appreciated, I'm still working on my sculpting skills and would love some comments on the cape. I look forward to getting some paint on this bad boy. More pictures to come!
  18. This is a collection of projects, which I partly started since 2017, but didn't do much since. Partly they are opponents of other projects. The first post is a collection of the lists. Later a short review of the years 2017 and 2018 will follow. Skaven (Clan Machi) Nurgle Darkoath Khorne Slaanesh
  19. Plokoone


    Hi everyone, Does the Maggotkin Witherstave artefact effect enemy mounts? The Forces of Nurgle rules on page 58 say "Some heroes have a mount that they can ride. In such cases, any command traits or artefacts can only be used to affect attacks made by the hero, and have no effect on attacks made by their mount unless specifically stated otherwise". The Witherstave on page 64 says "Re-roll hit rolls of 6 for enemy units within 12" of the bearer". I understand the mount rule prevents you from getting a bonus from artefacts you take for the character, for instance the Rune Blade from Chamon wouldn't make your mount have rend, but it would be silly if the penalty from Witherstave effected a Zombie Dragon's attacks but not the dragon attacks from a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon.
  20. As I’ve been enjoying everyone’s conversions and painting in these blogs I thought I would start to contribute as well. My Nurgle army is my favourite hobby project, and I think i’ll be adding to it forever more. Got a group shot yesterday and will try and get some half decent photos to show any conversions or paint jobs I like.
  21. Hi firstly forgive my poor English, long story short I had models to paint but still I was buying more of them. To my only shame boxes and gray silhouettes keep growing in a mess to the point I quit entering in the room I was storing them. (Not the case of my girlfriend that is getting mad at me). So I decided to get rid of some armies I won't paint and sell them( done!) to commit myself to paint my most beloved units. So far it consist in mostly Nurgly (AoS and wh40k) , finally this is the list of my things to finish, almost gray or in box: 1 Great Unclean One 10 Plague Bearers 3 Plague Drones 1 Beast of Nurgle 1 Slopitty Bilepiper 1 Spoilpox Scrivener 1 Feculent Gnarlmaw 1 Epidemius 1 khorgorath 1 bloodsecrator 5 chaos knights 10 Chaos marauders horsemen 40 Cultists 1 Foetid-Bloated Drone 1 Daemon Prince of Nurgle 1 Foul Blightspawn 1 cygor 3 Minotaurs 1 Liberators 1 Lord of Blights 1 Festus 2 Blightlord Pusgoyles 15 Putrid Blightkings 20 Daemonettes of Slaanesh 5 Fyreslayers Gutrot Spume 3 Lord of plagues Minis Painted /Big Models: 36 / 6 Minis Bought / Big Models : 34/ 0 And I think thats all. I will self impose some rules. 1.- End full units and don't jump to anything. Bases too. 2.- Don't buy anything impulsively. (Or don't buy at all). What do you think guys? are some of you in the same boat? I'm a perfectionist and sometimes I don't paint because I think it won't be a good paint job. And some motivational speech:
  22. Looking to buy a single model to Complete the unit after building a lord of affliction Preferably on sprue but beggars can't be choosers
  23. Hi I’m new to the hobby, and I fell in love with the Maggotkin models. I’m in process of building an army, a big chunk of it arrives tomorrow. I’m thinking of a blightcyst battalion as the bulk. Here is my 2000pt list so far- -glotkin (general) -gutrot spume -Lord of blights -Harbinger of decay -chaos sorcerer lord on horse -blightking unit x3 -15 marauder horsemen unit with javelins My idea is that I have glotkin with two units of blightkings as a big block, slowly going forward. Gutrot spume deepstrikes with a unit of BLKs. Then I have a unit of marauder horsemen supported by a mounted chaos sorcerer lord; giving them re-rolls of 1s. Then I have a harbinger of decay to buff either the BLKs with glotkin or screened by the marauders can run forward to buff gutrot spume’s deepstrike. Which is a great distraction while glotkin, lord of blights and BLKs get in position. I wanted a mobile unit, so I thought the marauders would be super fast and can retreat, shoot and charge. They can catch objectives or screen harbinger while he plants a Feculent Gnarlmaw. Is my list any good? Are my ideas realistic? Would you replace any units? Should I drop chaos sorcerer for lord of plagues? What artifacts or spells etc? Are the marauders in insufficient numbers and just a gimmick that’s not worth it? -stay tuned for ton loads of conversion- I’m doing a sea theme with rotting flesh looking like blue cheese. And the BLKs are going to be a proper ship’s motley crew
  24. I am about to play in a local tournament, and I was wondering if my army was any good. I am a long time Nurgle player, but I am trying a new playstyle. Tell me what yall think... I call it Swift Contagion, it is a 2500pt Nurgle Rotbringers and Maggotkin army... Leaders: The Glottkin Lord of Afflictions Lord of Plagues Lord of Blights Harbringer of Decay Gutrot Spume Units: 2 units of 3 nurglings 4 units of 5 PBK's 2 units of 2 Pusgoyle Blight Lords I am a bit confused on how contagion points work! How many points is a feculent gnarlmaw or plague bearers? Do I have to spend points to summon them? What is the new contagion cycle? If y'all could answer these that would be great! Thank you so much! Please tell me how my army is!
  25. I have 10 Blood Warrior bodies that I'd like to convert into Nurgle marked Chaos Chosen (/Greatblade Warriors) and I was wondering if anyone had any idea as to what I could use for the weapon arms. My sculpting skills aren't the greatest so I've been trying to find some arms that I can just kit bash, but have yet to see any stand out options. Any suggestions?
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