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Found 374 results

  1. Gaz Taylor

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    Here is the new thread for discussing Maggotkin of Nurgle. With the imminent release of AoS 2 (and a lot of the info already being out there), now is the time for us to start afresh on TGA. Moving forward, this will be the main thread to chat about and discuss Maggotkin of Nurgle in the new edition. I still wholly encourage people to keep their own threads/army blogs within this sub forum and I also think those are a great place to share some photos as I know not everyone frequents the Painting & Modelling section. But this thread is purely for discussion around the faction, things such as (but not limited to) tactics and list building etc. You all know the drill, we've been doing it on this forum since inception! For newer players, I would say the older thread could still be worth perusal and whilst it is now locked for further replies, you can find it here - http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/9323-lets-chat-maggotkin-of-nurgle/ Really excited to see what we can come up with as a community and I look forward to reading all your ideas and thoughts.
  2. Hi firstly forgive my poor English, long story short I had models to paint but still I was buying more of them. To my only shame boxes and gray silhouettes keep growing in a mess to the point I quit entering in the room I was storing them. (Not the case of my girlfriend that is getting mad at me). So I decided to get rid of some armies I won't paint and sell them( done!) to commit myself to paint my most beloved units. So far it consist in mostly Nurgly (AoS and wh40k) , finally this is the list of my things to finish, almost gray or in box: 1 Great Unclean One 10 Plague Bearers 3 Plague Drones 1 Beast of Nurgle 1 Slopitty Bilepiper 1 Spoilpox Scrivener 1 Feculent Gnarlmaw 1 Epidemius 1 khorgorath 1 bloodsecrator 5 chaos knights 10 Chaos marauders horsemen 40 Cultists 1 Foetid-Bloated Drone 1 Daemon Prince of Nurgle 1 Foul Blightspawn 1 cygor 3 Minotaurs 1 Liberators 1 Lord of Blights 1 Festus 2 Blightlord Pusgoyles 15 Putrid Blightkings 20 Daemonettes of Slaanesh 5 Fyreslayers Gutrot Spume 3 Lord of plagues Minis Painted /Big Models: 36 / 6 Minis Bought / Big Models : 34/ 0 And I think thats all. I will self impose some rules. 1.- End full units and don't jump to anything. Bases too. 2.- Don't buy anything impulsively. (Or don't buy at all). What do you think guys? are some of you in the same boat? I'm a perfectionist and sometimes I don't paint because I think it won't be a good paint job. And some motivational speech:
  3. With the new Nurgle releases I've been inspired to dust off some mothballed Nurgle units I've had lying around for some time and with that I figured a painting blog would be fun. Here are the models I currently have which I will be painting up in the coming months. Glottkin 10 Plaguebearers Herald of Nurgle 3 Nurglings 3 Plague drones Gutrot Spume Lord Of Plagues 10 Blight Kings For once in my life I will do my best to avoid going out and buying a bunch of new models and then succumb to some sort of painting depression brought on by having a seemingly insurmountable heap of models to paint (fingers crossed) So I intend to paint everything I have above before getting a new and juicy Great Unclean One for instance. I'm a very casual gamer but I do enjoy a game or two with friends so I thought I'd start painting things in an order that would allow me to start fielding the army as soon as possible. So I'm thinking I will try out a 1000 pts army containing Glottkin, Gutrot, 10 Blight kings and 10 Plaguebearers. I suspect this is probably a pretty bad list so if you have suggestions on other list made with the above units I'd love to hear about it. Now enough talk and let's start of with the first pics of the blog: I started off with Nurglings because I wanted to get a feel for the painting scheme I will be using for the green flesh on my Plaguebeares and my Glottkin: For the skin I started off with Ogryn Camo which I followed up with a recess shade of Biel-Tan Green. Then after a glaze of Waywatcher Green I layered Ogryn Camo back on (here it helps to thin your paint with Lahmian medium to make it easier to get a smooth result) then I added Flayed One Flesh to the Ogryn Camo mix to smooth highlights on open areas of the skin like the top of the head, shoulders etc. Finally I did a finer edge highlight of Flayed One Flesh. Next up will be five of the Blight Kings so stay tuned for that =)
  4. Looking to buy a single model to Complete the unit after building a lord of affliction Preferably on sprue but beggars can't be choosers
  5. Jamesdart

    New Maggotkin Army

    Hi I’m new to the hobby, and I fell in love with the Maggotkin models. I’m in process of building an army, a big chunk of it arrives tomorrow. I’m thinking of a blightcyst battalion as the bulk. Here is my 2000pt list so far- -glotkin (general) -gutrot spume -Lord of blights -Harbinger of decay -chaos sorcerer lord on horse -blightking unit x3 -15 marauder horsemen unit with javelins My idea is that I have glotkin with two units of blightkings as a big block, slowly going forward. Gutrot spume deepstrikes with a unit of BLKs. Then I have a unit of marauder horsemen supported by a mounted chaos sorcerer lord; giving them re-rolls of 1s. Then I have a harbinger of decay to buff either the BLKs with glotkin or screened by the marauders can run forward to buff gutrot spume’s deepstrike. Which is a great distraction while glotkin, lord of blights and BLKs get in position. I wanted a mobile unit, so I thought the marauders would be super fast and can retreat, shoot and charge. They can catch objectives or screen harbinger while he plants a Feculent Gnarlmaw. Is my list any good? Are my ideas realistic? Would you replace any units? Should I drop chaos sorcerer for lord of plagues? What artifacts or spells etc? Are the marauders in insufficient numbers and just a gimmick that’s not worth it? -stay tuned for ton loads of conversion- I’m doing a sea theme with rotting flesh looking like blue cheese. And the BLKs are going to be a proper ship’s motley crew
  6. I am about to play in a local tournament, and I was wondering if my army was any good. I am a long time Nurgle player, but I am trying a new playstyle. Tell me what yall think... I call it Swift Contagion, it is a 2500pt Nurgle Rotbringers and Maggotkin army... Leaders: The Glottkin Lord of Afflictions Lord of Plagues Lord of Blights Harbringer of Decay Gutrot Spume Units: 2 units of 3 nurglings 4 units of 5 PBK's 2 units of 2 Pusgoyle Blight Lords I am a bit confused on how contagion points work! How many points is a feculent gnarlmaw or plague bearers? Do I have to spend points to summon them? What is the new contagion cycle? If y'all could answer these that would be great! Thank you so much! Please tell me how my army is!
  7. Electricferret

    Help Converting Blood Warriors to Chosen

    I have 10 Blood Warrior bodies that I'd like to convert into Nurgle marked Chaos Chosen (/Greatblade Warriors) and I was wondering if anyone had any idea as to what I could use for the weapon arms. My sculpting skills aren't the greatest so I've been trying to find some arms that I can just kit bash, but have yet to see any stand out options. Any suggestions?
  8. Jasondarkelf

    Lord of Plagues

    © Jasondarkelf

  9. Jasondarkelf

    Lord of Blights

    © Jasondarkelf

  10. Jasondarkelf


    © Jasondarkelf

  11. Jasondarkelf


    © Jasondarkelf

  12. Jasondarkelf


    © Jasondarkelf

  13. Twentysomethingth time's a charm... I'm now in my third decade in this hobby, and as far back as I can remember my New Year's resolution has always been "paint what you've got before you buy any more!" Nevertheless, like the mound of skulls at the foot of Khorne's throne, my plastic mountain of shame continued to grow. The point of this blog is to keep me honest and make 2018 the year I break the back of my backlog. I'm focusing on one faction a month, starting with Nurgle in January. I'll be setting mini goals each week and doing my best to keep things updated. As it stands my plan is: January: Nurgle February: Bloodbound March: Tzeentch April: Slaanesh May: Slaves to Darkness June: Seraphon July: Stormcast and Free Peoples August: Aelves September: Brayherds October: Destruction November: 40K (shh!) December: Inevitable impulse purchases.
  14. This is a collection of projects, which I partly started since 2017, but didn't do much since. Partly they are opponents of other projects. The first post is a collection of the lists. Later a short review of the years 2017 and 2018 will follow. Skaven (Clan Machi) Nurgle Darkoath Khorne
  15. Rollcage

    Lord Of Plagues.jpg

    © Rollcage

  16. Hey fellow Maggotkin! I (almost entirely) finished painting my first model! This Putrid Blightking is lacking a base banner color and a satin varnish, but beyond that he's basically done! I think I'll go back and touch up his apron when I paint the other PBKs, though. Feel free to ask any questions about the paint job or basing. I learned a great technique from my local GW manager: to get cork board edges to firm up and look less jagged, apply PVA glue to the edges. For the list, this one utilizes a Beastmen battalion: Leaders: Great Unclean One: General, Tome of a Thousand Poxes, Grandfather's Blessing, Favoured Poxes, Blade and Bell configuration Lord of Blights: Rustfang Festus the Leechlord: Blades of Putrefaction Great Bray-Shaman Battlelines: Ungors x10 Ungors x10 Ungors x10 Putrid Blightkings x10 Other Units: Centigors x20 5x Tuskgor Chariots x1 Endless Spells: Soulsnare Shackles Battalions: Pestilent Throng The strategy this list employs involves sending the Centigors and chariots flying across the battlefield on turn 1, pinning the opponent in his or her deployment zone while your army takes up advantageous positions. When near the GUO and GB-S, the beastmen units get +6" to their movement, meaning the chariots will move 16" and the Centigors will move 20". The latter can run and charge natively, and the former can use the Feculent Gnarlmaw, since the battalion gives them the Nurgle keyword. The other gift it provides is that, upon death, all the beastmen in this list will "explode" on a 2+, dealing one mortal wound to all enemy units within 7". So after pinning the opponent in place early, the chariots will splatter a MW over hopefully a few units. The Centigors have an ability that gives them +1 to hit in exchange for being +1 to hit for opponents. The downside of that can be addressed by the Lord of Blight's command ability. If BoP goes off, they do MWs on 5+ with 4 attacks each, for a total of 81 attacks that reroll wounds on a turn in which they charged, likely wiping out whatever they hit. The Ungors are 60 pts for a unit of 10 and are needed for the battalion; they just try to screen and be annoying.  The GB-S can use his Devolve spell to move enemy units out of cover and into combat, if desired. The Blight Kings and LoB move into the thick of things and contest for central objectives. Let me know what you think of the list and the painted up PBK! Next time I'll offer up another competitive list and hopefully some more pictures of the rest of the unit.
  17. Hello fellow Maggotkin! It's New Year's Day, so ... new year, new army. Nurgle caught my eye largely due to its fantastic models and its strategic diversity. I started painting my first Warhammer miniature in years yesterday, a Putrid Blight King that has been a blast so far, despite that I forgot how to set up my wet palette properly and struggled to keep the right amount of paint on my brush. Regarding Putrid Blight Kings: in reading the Nurgle battletome, it struck me, as it seems to have struck most, that PBKs are key units for the army. It was the first unit I reached for at the store, with a Lord of Blights coming soon after for support. From there, I picked up a Start Collecting! box and Horticulous Slimux, with the aim of putting together a list like this: Leaders: Poxbringer: Favoured Poxes Festus the Leechlord: Blades of Putrefaction Horticulous Slimux Lord of Blights: General, Rustfang Battlelines: Plaguebearers x30 Putrid Blight Kings x10 Chaos Warriors x5 Other Units: Nurglings x3 Plague Drones x6 Hellstriders of Slaanesh x5 This is not the most competitive list, but it allows me to paint different miniatures and get a feel for how different units function before taking more advantage of the synergies and combos in the army. The strategy for this list will be for the Plaguebearers to advance and take on the bulk of the opponent's main force, with the LoB using his command ability on them to make them -4 to hit in shooting and -2 to hit in combat and the Poxbringer activating their daemon focus and attempting to cast Favoured Poxes on the unit that most needs to be killed. The PBKs follow and try to set up on a central objective or line up an advantageous charge, with Festus keeping them healthy and casting Blades of Putrefaction on them while the LoB gives them a shooting attack and uses Rustfang on their target. Meanwhile, the Plague Drones and Horticulous head off to a far objective, with the latter dropping a Feculent Gnarlmaw to ensure they can run and charge, along with turning on the Plague Drones' daemon focus. The Nurglings deep strike (if possible) and either go for an enemy ranged or support unit or head for the least threatening objective. The Hellstriders of Slaanesh, with their banner that provides -1 to hit in an area around them, look to support either the main force or the mobile wing of Horticulous and the drones. The Chaos Warriors sit at home on an objective or screen for a more important unit. Next time I'll post an image of what I've managed to paint and take a stab at some more competitive lists for the future. But until then, any ideas on tweaking my starting list, or tips for a starting Nurgle/AoS player?
  18. Hitch

    Welcome to Age of Blogmar!

    Here, I plan to write about my involvement with Age of Sigmar. I am getting into AoS for the first time, after having played Warhammer 40,000 off and on every few years since the early 2000s. Currently I am just beginning to collect a Maggotkin of Nurgle army and learn the lore of AoS. In this blog, I will detail my thoughts related to both the hobby and strategic sides of the army, sharing my progress with pictures and, eventually, battle reports and more! I typically go deep into the hobby, and I attempt to paint amazing miniatures. I may also decide to write some fiction about the army as I develop its backstory, especially if there is demand. Tournaments may be in the future, so some posts will explore current Nurgle tournament lists and ways to iterate on them or theorycraft completely new lists. I plan to check the blog regularly for comments and feedback. If anyone has any questions or comments, I'll try to address them, so feel free to ask anything. About me: My name is Hitch, and I am 30 years old and live near Chicago. I have a passion for gaming and worldbuilding, among other things (Go Bears!). One of my dreams is to write a worldbuilding sci fi/fantasy series in the line of Dune/the Malazan Book of the Fallen. I have two great cats with opposite personalities and a wonderful fiancee.
  19. As I’ve been enjoying everyone’s conversions and painting in these blogs I thought I would start to contribute as well. My Nurgle army is my favourite hobby project, and I think i’ll be adding to it forever more. Got a group shot yesterday and will try and get some half decent photos to show any conversions or paint jobs I like.
  20. Jasondarkelf

    Maggotkin Army WIP

    Here are some wips that I have on the table that I'm hoping to have done before the end of the year. Teaching seven classes this semester has really knocked out my hobby time! I've got a ton of work left to do on these guys, plus the numerous other Nurgle warriors and demons.
  21. Dreadmund

    Poxbringer 1

    My first ever hero painted
  22. Dreadmund

    Poxbringer 2

    My first ever hero painted
  23. Dreadmund

    Poxbringer 3

    My first ever hero painted
  24. Dreadmund

    Nurglings Detail

    Gazing across snot lake
  25. Dreadmund

    Nurgling Bases

    My first attempt at these Nurgle Cheerleaders