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  1. I think the idea that the terrain is free and has an effect makes people think it is fair that every army should have a terrain piece. But the reality is that it is typically an extra purchase that has an effect that might as well be allegiance ability. I often like them because they look cool and function as simple terrain when using different armies... The Herdstone in particular is one of my favourite terrain pieces and I want one just for terrain purposes alone.
  2. I think I fall somewhere outside of this poll. I personally feel that the more the merrier; the less, the better fare! I generally believe that the size of the army in terms of warscroll should reflect the culture being represented. For example Chaos factions are typically a diverse groupings of dark worshipers banded together across the realms and cultures, Cities of Sigmar represent a metropolitan area with interconnected peoples and cultures, whereas Daughters of Khaine represent a fairly homogenized and organized cult and Idoneth Deepkin are an extremely rigid caste system. So while I want more Fyreslayers or IDK and a big expansion to their lines, I also think that they do not need to have as varied and large a list of Warscrolls as say Skaven or Slaves to Darkness.
  3. These are amazing ideas, I always wanted Orruk Warclans to have a massive effigy with different build options for the head to represent different Gods or Unique Characters in AOS. I would imagine it largely working as a debuffer for the opposing army. People could magnetize it and have it reflect the enemies they are facing or specifically choose the opponent they are most likely to encounter. I wonder if they could represent a part of the whole, Like a Silver Tower's portcullis or gate house?
  4. I was being facetious, I have a tendency to sit down for these previews and twiddlw my thumbs throug 15 minutes of Space Marine. Usually it will be a Space Marine with a sword and then they go back to the hosts saying "did you ever think we would get Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo on the tabletop?". I don't think that Zombie Space Marines are a thing but like you I am not certain. I don't explicitly hate the split focus or the Space Marine reveals but I am trying to temper my expectations as my immediate response to the title was assuming it was two announcements for AOS. But I definitely think it is going to be a shared announcement. Maybe divine will have double meaning and we might get multiple announcements for AoS and one big announcement for 40k?
  5. Are Zombie Space Marines not a thing? I am guessing a new Space Marine Chapter and a new Edition of 40k. In all seriousness I assume you are right but once again I naturally assumed Divine was for Slaanesh... so I would assume I am wrong.
  6. Reading everyone else's responses clearly I have a very different (and also superior) idea of the meaning of "divinity"! 😳
  7. Why is Cirdan (or is it Celeborn?) so sad? 😢 Re: Dead and Divine Does anyone expect a full faction reveal? Also more Slaanesh if Divine is in the title? Hopefully we get a Mounted Slaanesh Lord! This is exciting news!
  8. Well keep in mind we have absolutely no clue if and when it is coming simply that they exist within the diegesis of Age of Sigmar. It might be prudent to start a related army such as Cities of Sigmar or Daughters of Khaine and hope they can be allied or proxied into Malerion/Malekith's eventual release... Although, I can see Morathi and her son not necessarily on the same page going forward...
  9. So this is not a helpful answer (for which I apologize), but there is still a faction that is being hinted at or in development around Malerion (Malekith in the Old World) which will likely reinvent the Dark Elves into Age of Sigmar. So the long standing nature of Har Kuron is currently unknowable it is possible we will see a really massive overhaul of what we think of as Dark A/elves. We have little information beyond the fact that Malerion has become God of the Realm of Shadows and looks really dope:
  10. I mean strange is absolutely a compliment in this case. But I think it is fair to warn when one is entering a world of memes and rules unique to a specific faction. Duardin and Aelves get the same warnings!
  11. Welcome @Stirlz, It would be helpful to hear more about why those armies appeal to you. Do they interest you for hobby, gameplay or purely aesthetic purposes. I feel those questions are a little tough as you are just entering into the fold. I will say that if you are not entirely sure what you will play the best bets are typically Chaos or Cities of Sigmar as they are more versatile in terms of how you can collect and grow your army. Since you mentioned Tzeentch I think it would serve as a prime example: Tzeentch is a cool magic heavy army of protean demons, ritualistic cultist mortals and bizarre beaked beasts. It is a very versatile army to collect as it can be built into whatever element of the army best suits your taste. But it is also a good starting place for Beasts of Chaos which make use of the Tzaangors, meanwhile the demons and Tzaangors are also useable in 40k (if you dare enter that scary rabbit hole). Furthermore, Tzeentch lends itself well to allying with Slaves to Darkness (my personal favourite army) as it can run many of those units within its faction, then you can build a more traditional Chaos army that is compatible with your Tzeentch models. All of the Chaos Armies are similarly easily expanded (although not all of them have specialized beast units). So I personally think this is a good place to start if your interests lie in collecting but they are similarly a powerful army and really cool for hobby purposes. Slaanesh is getting a massive expansion and will likely give you as much variety as Tzeentch with some amazing models. However, as they are still new it might be slightly more cost prohibitive to get into their upcoming mortal side. Skaven are less friendly with the other Chaos armies but it is a fun army with cool models, fun lore and a very strange but funny fanbase. As for Cities of Sigmar it is an army of unified forces that oppose Chaos including Dark Elves. It can easily ally in Stormcast, and has similar rules for allying Kharadron Overlords (Sky Dwarves) and Sylvaneth (Tree people). It is a little less diverse than Tzeentch but still opens up a lot of interesting possibilities. I had a small army of Idoneth, I traded them away for Ogres as I was personally somewhat daunted in trying to come up with a coherent technique for painting and basing the army, but they are aesthetically one of my favourites in the game. I think they are pretty beginner friendly in terms of gameplay and they can be built into a nice elite squad but I think they were beyond my hobby skills. Fyreslayers are a little trickier in my opinion as they are more homogenous force but they are a spectacular army and there are many cool themes that you can do with them: I am always fond of seeing them in elemental forms like frost or flame. I think there are no wrong answers so long as you have a passion for the project and you are excited to see it cohere.
  12. Oh man, I love this idea especially as Underworlds seems like a great place to test concepts. Fyreslayers especially need some variety and this would be great way to explore how to move their designs forward with a low commitment. I feel like Chaos Dwarves could also be explored in a similar fashion although I would prefer them in Warcry.
  13. I find endless spells to be such a strange purchase. I know they are meant to be good but it is really hard justifying getting models that may never make it onto the battlefield... but some of theme seem so good or look amazing.
  14. The cogfort discussion made me wonder do any of the books hint at any particular forms of terrain. I think it is so strange that in giving everything terrain rules that Legions of Nagash never got physical grave markers. That is beyond a unit being presented in lore but a literal gameplay mechanic.
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