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  1. I have been putting a lot of thought into how Mega Gargants would work aesthetically for different armies. One thing I keep wondering is whether or not GW would release specific upgrade sprues to make them fit certain grand alliances. Namely they could release a sprue with a zombified head and torso for Undead or a different sprue with mutant beast-legs and tentacle arms for Chaos and maybe a helmeted head and pauldrons for order. But your suggestion made me realize that doing a sprue for different realms could actually cover those bases and more. However, I have no clues how well GW upgrade sprues sell and if there would be much interest in this idea at all? I also am worried that this would be very cost prohibitive and untenable for most collectors or even GW. Maybe this could be something that would be of greater interest for forgeworld as I believe they have some upgrade kits for Imperial Knights?
  2. Sisters of Slaughter and any other whip wielders will quickly become the new Meta.
  3. I am much more interested in learning what Slaanesh's machinations have been while in captivity. I keep making the argument that having unfettered access to Malerion will have allowed the Dark god to stroke the Draconian lord's ego, if not turning Malerion to Chaos at the very least turning him against Sigmar. Similar whispers could have reached Tyrion's ear maybe imploring him to look for a certain sword which was just mentioned in a recent Warhammer community article. I feel like through Slaanesh's corruption and lies none of the Aelves will truly be able to trust each other. But there are so many more plans Slaanesh could have woven in captivity and I feel like Slaanesh is just as dangerous in bonds as when free. I also like that Morathi, who followed Slaanesh in the past, will likely be the most resistant to plots of the Prince of Pleasure. However, I don't think freeing Slaanesh will necessarily prevent these stories and I personally do eventually hope for a return, but I am much more invested in exploring the idea of these vain lesser gods trying to tangle with a true force of nature such as one of the Chaos Gods. As for the next edition I like the current defence of the Eightpoints taking narrative centre stage for Death and Chaos, as I am part of the bandwagon that is hoping for more defined terrain and siege mechanics. Meanwhile, Gordrakk's seige of Azyr would likely be the central conflict and the basis of a starter set. It will be fun to see Death and Destruction putting Chaos and Order on the defensive for a while. Maybe freeing Slaanesh will be the culmination of the story as having the Fab Four* back together will finally repel Nagash's invasion. *The Great Horned Rat is clearly Pete Best
  4. I dunno if being close to the release window of a new edition means no new factions, especially if we are roughly a year away. Particularly as AOS designed armies with second edition in mind and they updated Space Marines just prior to the new edition. I feel like a new order and death faction could round off this edition. Order is hard to predict as I feel that Aelven forces have been well explored and Duardins and Humans could use a day in the sun. Death will probably expand on one of the subfactions of Legions of Nagash, Soul Blight seems to be the favourite bet.
  5. History has shown that the prevelant view of Vikings as violent horn helmed barbarians is highly inaccurate. Instead like most historic cultures they were a people of diverse beliefs, hopes and ideas. Slaves to Darkness jettison dull reality in favour of violent horn helmed, heavy metal mutant, demon worshipers. You may never win a game but you will look awesome losing. Furthermore, you have the mortal realms in a stranglehold. So any lose on the tabletop is only just a pyrrhic victory for the opponent.
  6. I like the lower value and I am okay with the idea in theory: But only if they guaranteed the unit would work for specific armies. I would pay a little less for an additional random Slaves to Darkness or Idoneth model, but I do not want to randomly get a model for a different faction that I would have to trade away for the thing I wanted. I would be a fan if the loot boxes were available as a cheap but random booster set for every army, making army building a little easier and giving more varied unit variety in future games. Even if it was something I am not currently in need of for my armies a few push fit models or a new hero would likely see the battlefield on occasion or be fodder for a kitbash. But overall this seems like a bad direction and a predatory gamble style marketing ploy. Although, I am guessing that 9-10 of the 'Imperium' loot boxes will be some brand of Space Marine. So once again Space Marine players will probably get the benefit that every other army needs more.
  7. I am getting better at not just jumping on all of these and yelling Malerion elves, but I immediately thought Black Guard when I saw this. I assume it is something undead and cool but still a cool draconified Black Guard is my hope.
  8. Amazing!!! I sincerely doubt I will be able to afford a full Sons army especially as I have somehow ended up with the beginnings of an Imperial Knight army. But I will try and buy a single one to run as an ally for my current armies. But I am more excited to see what you think of them and see all the interesting conversions and paint jobs that the community will unleash. 😇
  9. So maybe I should stick with my original plan for Goblinhood and his band of merry squigs.
  10. That is perfect for me. I am a rather shy and non-competitive person that much prefers friendly games with people I know. I was dragged to a tournament once when I was a kid during WHFB days and had a massive anxiety attack. Luckily, I have a good group of friends that I mostly introduced to the hobby. I think that Gloomspite Gitz seem to balance fun, cool models and interesting mechanics and goblins are pretty easy to bring into other game systems like tabletop RPGs. I have been holding off on them as I keep hearing rumours about Grotbag Scuttlers and I am secretly hoping for Pirate themed sky grots.
  11. As for the cost of Sylvanth it seems largely tied to the fact that they function around terrain mechanics involving a piece of scenery called Wyldwoods. They gain certain buffs for fighting in and near the terrain and can use them to teleport models across the board. They place one on the board at the start of the game and can summon further wyldwoods through various means (notably through spells). I assume for friendly games three would be an ample number but I have never played the army. The Warcry set Souldrain Forest seems like a decent deal but again I do not play the faction and have no great insight into their cost. They can also summon Dryads which are their basic infantry unit which I can imagine adds to the army's cost as well. I will say that the Sylvanth start collecting set seems like a pretty good value netting you a monster, a hero and a big unit of Dryads. The unit size in the box is a little awkward though as they are a minimum of ten but the box comes with 16. An additional unit should net you 30 though which seems like a decent sized unit or a good number for summons. There are probably further hidden costs like units might get bonuses over certain sizes or possibly due to Spite units being very low value for points and a high cost for models?
  12. My friend has just gotten into AOS and is making a city army with a Disspossed theme and has gotten the start collecting set and I bought him Gotrek as a present. He is unsure how to move forward and I was wondering if his bearded brethren could provide some help? His goal is to remain pure Duardin and he wants to expand in some way and is not sure if he should go Tempest Eye and ally in KO, build a Barak-Thryng army and ally in his Dispossessed or remain as a pure Dispossessed army. We have also tossed around the idea of building some 40k Armigers as some custom dwarven steam tanks an exciting, albeit intimidating project. He is not a huge fan of Fyreslayers which is funny because they are by far my favourite Duardin faction.
  13. Are Gloomspite bad? I always heard they were really swingy and unpredictable, making them less competitive but does this translate to them being a bad army? I am asking because I am thinking of starting a Gloomspite army as I have heard they are really fun.
  14. In changing inspiring presence you would make the units immune to battleship feel more unique and lore friendly. Also I love the idea of a return of fear/terror. It is also such a great effect for spells and items.
  15. I suggested such an idea in another thread so it seems great minds think alike. I think this change would give heroes more playability and variety and thus makes their presence feel more dynamic and characterful. It might make less seen heroes such as a Loonboss or Exalted Champion more optimal as a hero choice than a Fongoid-Cave Shaman or Chaos Sorcerror Lord depending on the scenario. It is always frustrating to see CP starved heaven forged battle angels flee from battle while cowardly goblins sit back and laugh as half their unit is wiped away. I do think that it would require that battleshock tests be revised somewhat as they are currently extremely damaging to units before implementing such a change. I am excited to see how the new system in 40K works out to see if they are applicable to AOS.
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