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  1. I think that is why so many of these unpopular opinions seem very popular here. It isn't that people agree with us but that we have developed a shared community with certain ideas and theories that are internally consistent but not reflecting the community at large. Is there an audience for Chaos Dwarves, Malerion/Umbraneth Aelves, Silent People, Vampirates, or 'The Little Game of Big Action' Critters and Keys? Honestly, I have no clue! But it is fun for us and I hope that GW staff get to visit these forums and see the love for the more oddball ideas that we latch onto here.
  2. I completely agree with this idea. I think it would be cool if they had to 'join' the unit sharing the movement characteristic of the lowest movement between the hero and unit. It could also result in the unit gaining the hero's bravery characteristic to help mitigate the effects of battleshock and make heroes bravery actually have a functional purpose. Also Behemoths would be unable to join units.
  3. None at all, but there are some unfounded rumours and ruminations. I am not banking on either occurring but I am keeping both in mind just in case 😄
  4. Somehow I forgot the most important thing ☠️ I am really hopeful for Chaos Dwarves but I still think that they will likely be part of Slaves to Darkness and they will wait until closer to that release date to reveal them. However, if they soup Beasts and Slaves to Darkness then I would imagine Chaos Dwarves being an independent faction or a massive Chaos Undivided book.
  5. Big things: I am with you though and I really look forward to seeing what is in store for us and our hobby. I am getting more and more excited about Old World and Warcry personally, and I am trying to hold back my excitement about the possibility of creating a Nighthaunt Navy. However, I am trying to not get excited over Ogors or Slaves to Darkness as I do not expect news for either of them (beyond the Warcy models for S2D).
  6. Oh no now I am getting hyped off of my own suggestion. I was just thinking they would add a barrier to new freeguild units but didn't even consider the fun customization options: Ouroboros of hype!
  7. This is a fun article that indicates a return of focus to AOS. I know it is silly but I worry the most about delays and stuff when Warcom is delaying these silly articles. It makes me feel like they do not have enough throwaway content to make up for the lack of content. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/10/20/warhammer-community-investigates-which-is-the-best-hammer-in-the-mortal-realms/ Also this is a fantastic image: What are the odds that Dawnbringers will be armed with mallets and claw hammers? A whole army ready to raise a barn at a moments notice. Joking aside I really hope they get rules for setting up makeshift barriers right before the battle.
  8. Easiest way to tell the difference, Slaves to Darkness understand armour is for protection not just a means of accenting muscles and to hold up skulls*. But I think the real difference is in their adjacent archetypes: Khorne followers tend to be more of the traditional Barbarians and Slaves to Darkness the Evil Knights. The issue lies in the fact that Khorne has heavily armoured variants and S2D have Marauders which both blur the lines considerably. However, with the rise of Warcry cults I think Marauders may be saying a last goodbye to the mortal realms and the two factions will be more visually distinct. *I say this despite my S2D army having enough skulls and horns to pay Katakros the bone tithe for Hammerhal two times over.
  9. I honestly cannot understand people being angry about any faction getting focus. Less aelven factions would not somehow result in Fyreslayers magically getting more models, less Chaos Armies would not result in more Death or Destruction armies. The reason I tend to get huffy about new space marines has less to do with the fact that they get too much focus but more-so that the models are ostensibly the same design with different weapon load outs and colour schemes. I have never mistaken an Idoneth, DOK, or Lumineth unit for one another. I love having the god specific factions represented and I am happy that I can still use traditional chaos warriors in an undivided faction it is the best of all worlds for me.
  10. Oh here is one... I think it is extremely boring to follow the majority of games workshop's colour schemes. I am always disappointed to see people fielding the same schemes. I want to face your army not the one on the box. If I wanted to play a game with a standard scheme I would get into something with pre-painted minis. This is not an attack on anyone's schemes as I know you are all likely better painters than I am. I will also be the first to admit that the artists at GW understand colour theory much better than I do. I am aware that for many people the draw is the lore or gameplay and painting is a chore, but I like when people at least use the schemes of other subfactions to add variety. I just love seeing people's takes on things and it is always sad when it is something I have seen countless times. I wish I was better at kitbashing as it would add even more individuality to my models and a well kitbashed army with a unique paint scheme is always a delight. In other words, I love that people are able to enjoy the traditional colour schemes but know that for those of you doing your own thing that I appreciate your hard work and creativity! ❤️
  11. I have no issues following the metaphysics, lore, timelines or history of the mortal realms... the cosmology on the other hand confuses me beyond belief! 😅 But that tracks with the real world as I was a humanities student that struggled through my required science/math courses.
  12. Thanks, as I confessed in my earlier post most 40k tech and terminology is outside of my knowledge. I love the aesthetic of Mechanicus and Chaos. I have been thinking of making a fallen army using space marines and chaos space marine kit bashes and running it as either Chaos or Imperium with some demon engines or a knight rounding out the 2000 points on either end... but sadly I do not love the lore, history and community around 40k. So instead if I ever did an another army project it would be death rounding out my grand alliances or something Old world (possibly painted in a ghostly ethereal colour scheme to still round out my grand alliances in AOS).
  13. It looks very similar to the venomcrawler's legs and Abaddon the Despoiler's hand so I am guessing something chaos themed. Maybe the new khorne models or the new rumoured chaos knight although it looks too intricate. Then again I have said all the 40k words I know so I am not a good source for such things. Either way it looks like something chaos to me and thus has piqued my interests.
  14. I mean every time a new Warcry warband is released everyone jumps to try and find out which of the gods they follow or place them within a specific realm but the reality is always the same. They have been drawn to the Eightpoints due to their draw towards chaos and none of them have a traditional understanding of the Darkpowers, which as you mentioned Archaon then uses to his advantage building a massive army of cultists. I mean at least figuring out what realm they come from is much more interesting as they can at least hint towards aesthetics of their homelands. With @Whitefang hinting that the opposing force is not Chaos Duardin is their any chance that they are related to the Varanguard as mentioned in the first preview? I really would like a unit of unmounted Varanguard as a replacement/upgrade for Chosen
  15. When I first saw it I excitedly assumed it was a new arachnid beast of chaos. 😕 But I still like it and depending on their opponents I might go all in for round two of Warcry.
  16. I cannot wait to spend a premium on this spiderfriend getting the new Warcry set only to some them on with rally the tribes! Oh Warcry you are a fantastic system, but I mostly use your amazing models for the dumbest most mundane reasons. But gripes aside this is a really fun model, I look forward to trying to tie into my army colour scheme. I look forward to seeing the rest of the warband and whatever they are opposing. I still hope for Chaos Dwarves but I would love to see some unmounted Varanguard as they were mentioned in the previous preview. I also hope we get something along the line of the Chaotic Beasts but I wouldn't just want a rehash of Furies and Raptoryx', maybe a new larger beast?
  17. I know this is slightly different take on the idea as it ties more directly to the divine, but I want more epic mortal figures like Vishvamitra, Arjuna, Tiresias, Odysseus, Sigurd, Sisyphus and Gilgamesh. Human Heroes who are still often figures of divinity that can teach, impress, challenge, outwit, fall victim to, or even ascend alongside the Gods. I also wish the game was more interested in portraying the avatars and descendants of the gods rather than just having Teclis or Nagash physically appear on the board. Other than Nagash's cruelty and Sigmar's reforging their seems to be little reason to worship the major non-chaos gods. There also seems to be little in the ways of established worship or notable cults beyond a select few. I think that this game could lead to some fascinating stories about divided worship. For example: I think having a major Tyronic cult in Idoneth culture could create fascinating tensions with the Lumineth, or having certain Fyreslayer cults view Grimnir as a God of Destruction and find themselves marching alongside mercenary Ogors and Gargants to the disgust of their more orderly kin. I think this is part of why the stories of Chaos are so interesting to me. As the Chaos Gods are more abstract and yet, there are still champions that are able to rise to even challenge their positions, demons are just a small aspect of the true chaos Gods, Greater Demons can be seen as Avatars of the Gods and there is room for the followers of the Chaos Gods to find forms of reward and punishment leading to significant narrative tensions. Be'Lakor and Archaon feel like genuine threats to the stability of the Gods but simultaneously feel insignificant next to them in terms of actual power. I like that the modern pantheon of AOS Gods feel more like Olympians and the Chaos Gods as primordial abstract beings, I do hope with the inclusion of Kragnos that destruction tribes begin to follow more animistic faiths worshiping different embodied forms of natural catastrophes. But I wish they took more notes from the epics and focused more on the heroic deeds of their mortal followers with the Gods often intervening at only the most dramatic times. I think that is why the Celestant Prime's rules feel fun, having it appear only later in the battle makes it feel like a true Deus Ex Machina. Which ties really neatly into @yukishiro1's amazing idea of having Gods function more like summons.
  18. I am pretty open minded about what constitutes as a dragon: Actually I have been looking for a good soulgrinder proxy and for some reason I have not considered a Hell Pit Abomination? Although maybe Boneripper would work better and I can have Thanquol as a separate mage? I hope it is Soulblight or OBR. I need to save some cash and I would be extremely tempted to pick up a Nighthaunt or FEC set. Actually OBR would be pretty tempting depending what was in it, I should go to Warhammer rehab... only GW will likely sponsor it and it will be more expensive than traditional rehab.
  19. Yeah, if it is a minor production error release them at a discount, as it is likely the only way I can afford Smugly the Dragon 😢🐲
  20. Any chance that GW will make regiment trays that accommodate round bases or will I have to go 3rd party if I want to use my S2D in old world?
  21. Total Warhammer trailer indicates Kairic Cavalry have been at least designed and I would love to see them in the next battletome. I would love an elite infantry unit that is heavily mutated and extremely vicious in close combat, like a more anthropomorphic and intelligent chaos spawn that traded their magical prowess for martial might. Chaos dragons would be a classic choice that could help fill a command role... although I am really hoping for an Egrimm van Horstmann/Galrauch duel kit. Finally I already mentioned Aekold Helbrass who I think could fit the role of a named infantry hero to rival the likes of Sigvald, Carthalos and Radukar.
  22. Big Yellers time!!! Between these and my main man Lord-Commander Bastian Carthalos next week will take some of the sting out of the dragon delay!
  23. I have mentioned this before but I really want this to happen, but for it to be tied to the general's mark (the starting general in the case of Ravagers). So a marked general can take coalition forces from the god specific faction of their mark. In the case of undivided they could have Beasts of Chaos as their coalition forces*. If this was done I would get so many more chaos models. I also think it would be cool for Skaven to have their clans associate with the gods through coalition forces but lack Slaves to Darkness as coalition choice showing that Skaven are kind of on the outside of Chaos worship. Maybe have it be a more limited coalition force like 1/5. Pestilens - Nurgle, Moulder - Khorne, Skyre - Tzeentch, Verminus - Beasts of Chaos and Masterclan not having access to any coalition allies just rats. *Lets see if this idea remains relevant or if the beast soup rumours hold true. Eitherway I want some Dragon Ogors in my army.
  24. Remember that we stand strongest together... Or in the case of Nurgle a comfortable 6 feet apart. I feel this is going to be a further unpopular opinion but... With the return of Sigvald, I have been putting a lot of thought into how I would love to see a return and update for some of the iconic Chaos Lieutenants as a bridge between Slaves to Darkness and the God Specific factions. I would nominate Aekold Helbrass (Disciples of Tzeentch), Valkia the Bloody (Blades of Khorne), Feytor the Tainted (Maggotkin of Nurgle), Sigvald the Magnificent (Hedonites of Slaanesh) and Crom the Conqueror (Slaves to Darkness, Undivided). I would want them to share the Slaves to Darkness Keyword along with the faction keyword of their chosen God. I know there are potentially 'cooler characters', but I chose each model as they would be similar in size and with similar a rule set to Sigvald. Each would have a rule that when taken in a Slaves to Darkness army that any unit with the ability to choose a mark must take the mark of 'the Lieutenant's' chosen God. This would not forbid using any units in a Slaves to Darkness army but still limit your options in a fair and lore friendly manner. I know it is a dumb idea but I would still like to see Archaon make some friends 😅
  25. But the question is who can afford both? 😰 As mentioned in my last post, I need to find some regiment trays accommodating 32mm round chaos warrior bases ASAP!
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