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  1. I feel everyone in this thread would sacrifice me to Hashut for my heresy, but I really hope that they are introduced as a fully playable sub-faction within Slaves to Darkness. Ideally they would be a distinctive culture with internal synergies but usable in the larger Slaves to Darkness army. I think this would give S2D a more unique identity to the God Specific armies which can make use of the majority of Slaves to Darkness' forces already. Furthermore, it would also allow for GW to test the viability of sales for the army and see if they could expand them into a stand alone faction. However, I think this would require some set up in the lore detailing how Archaon had convinced a number of Dawi-Zharr to enter his employ but also mention that many resisted his call. It would also shield them from being squatted in the future as the popularity of Slaves to Darkness will always shield them to some extent. As for an initial release of units I would like at the very least: -A Chaos Dwarf Lord (Melee focused with casting) -A unit of Infantry: Ranged and Melee options -Bull Centaurs -Demon forged Warmachine/Hellcanon -As for Hobgoblins I think that they could make use of the Gnoblar set but with the a unique warscroll called HobGnoblars but largely because I think that name is hilarious and appropriate for AOS. -Eventual Underworlds warband that is pretty useless but gives great alternate model options 😉 Although, I would want that initial list to grow in scope I think it creates a great basis for a subfaction within AOS that could be expanded outwards into a fully fledged faction. But is also gives enough units and hopefully variety to develop a fully fledged army using just the units within the sub-faction. Also I expect to be roasted alive for this post and I apologize! Just let me know where to turn in my oversized hat... 😱
  2. If it is a smaller scale I will make Halflings if the scale is larger Ogors. Checkmate GW!
  3. The Zenith is the point that is directly above the observer on a celestial body in opposition to the gravitational pull or a 90 degree angle above the astronomical horizon, thus the Sun reaches the Zenith at high noon... High noon... Cows... Will the Lumineth introduce Cowboys into the mortal realms? 😮
  4. I mean lets be real here we know who the true immortals are: Vampires ≈ Immortal Chaos Champions = Get Head caved in by troll and come back more magnificent then ever.
  5. This is why I keep making my numerous Malerion jokes*, I am excited by a lot of the news but I am trying to remind myself there will be something else on the horizon. However, I am not the choosiest of people and would be happy with any army so I feel like in waiting I am just trying to find something that contrasts interestingly with my current armies (S2D & BCR). I feel like LRL and KO are the best of the current lines but I also know that a potential Devouted of Sigmar army might also make a nice opponent for my current forces. I had some Idoneth but the hobby aspect of the Force was a little daunting for me. I also played Dark Elves in fantasy so I am always interested in in DOK and Malerion's forces (I feel Shadow and Pain is the obvious solution to my predicament as it expands my Chaotic horizons and nets me my favourite order faction). However, I persist in waiting for news that will eclipse my current interests. Here's hoping for a fun Halfling army sometime in the near future. *I will switch to Valaya hype when Malerion is released!
  6. I am entirely on board with that, I also want some more undivided demons to be honest. I think a chaff styled shade would be great for AOS and 40k! I like to imagine a fury that has yet to get it's wings!
  7. I feel like there is enough distinction between salt water and fresh water biomes to make the Lumineth spirits feel different without taking away from the IDK. However, I personally would like there to be a more clear reconciliation between IDK and LRL and particularly the River Temple and IDK to develop a really strong alliance. But I also want there to be Temples and Enclaves that are particularly unkind to one another and unwilling to support each other. Also serpentine water dragon with a cool stone mask sounds amazing.
  8. I actually wish there were more rules and models that were not meant to be direct line soldiers the brood-mothers sound like they would be great for narrative play. Heck maybe they can eniterly mitigate Skaven biggest supposed weakness of bravery as they fight to protect the brood mothers?
  9. My rule is and always will be build it whatever way looks coolest or most distinct within your army and then be extremely clear and constantly remind the opponent what it is and how it works. I feel this is why I could never ply 40k as I cannot make heads or tails of bolters, melters, flamers and the like and WYSIWYG seems much more enforced in that community. As for foxy I think I like the pose of the named character and the quiver of the generic one. So I would likely mix and match and drive people up the walls but I personally think that makes it more appropriate to proxy for either build. The heads are so similar that I guess I would stick with the named one as it matches the pose better.
  10. Which means I should be able to ally them to my Slaves to Darkness!
  11. The new Lumineth article shares some potential new units that will likely one day release particularly there is some cool lore about water spirits. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/01/26/how-well-do-you-know-the-spirits-of-hysh/
  12. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/01/26/how-well-do-you-know-the-spirits-of-hysh/ Sorry to move away from the angry FAQs postst but the new Lumineth artwork looks pretty amazing!
  13. I am going to echo a pretty common sentiment in recent months. We are living in fairly unprecedented times. Games Workshop has done very well financially but as @Gaz Taylor pointed out it is still a company full of people who are also existing in our turbulent era. I am actually pleasantly surprised by the amount of content we were able to receive and I sadly have not had any real games during our downtime. I am not opposed to the virtual representation of our hobby but much of my interest in the game comes from building and painting an army and then spending an afternoon or evening with a friend playing the game. I feel that is fairly common for this Hobby and so despite statistics coming out from virtual formats many people have not been able to play and give feedback. More than simply tournament numbers, they also rely on feedback from the community and much of the community has yet to actively play against some of the new meta. So I understand the frustration but I also feel like they are doing their best during this time (although I am upset about a lot of their sales tactics), and I am happy that we got some FAQs even if I am personally underwhelmed by them.
  14. I love this idea, but I would really want some massive KO ships to take part in this or maybe if it is set in the Age of Myth some of the Gods which would hilariously be tiny models in that scale. Sigmar finally gets a model and it is smaller than a grot 😇
  15. Thanks for the info, I was just curious as I literally know nothing about the characters other than that I found them cool in the olden days. Do you have any further insights into the silhouetted figures from the preview?
  16. Any chance the dual characters are a reimagining of the Twilight Twins? I don't know much about their lore or if they would be willing to work alongside Teclis over Alarielle in AOS... they are just the only thing that have popped into my mind for that unit.
  17. If there is a focus on destruction invading Azyr for the next edition I think Duardin focus makes more sense than an Aelven focus. I think it makes perfect sense, Grungni seems to be Sigmar's closest and most loyal ally and helped create the defences of Azyr. He is also trying to reclaim the ancestral homes of the Duardin which will bring him into further conflict with the factions of destruction. But then again they have to make room for the narrative of Malerion getting a sweet leather jacket and motorcycle... so I could be wrong.
  18. A few Lumineth have a Bird Motif, namely the Vanari Lord Regent and Eltharion... Currently we do not have any significant bird representation in the army, there is the unit champion for the sentinels and the owl in underworlds. This leads me to suspect that maybe it is hinting at a future release... thats right Tyrion will be borne aloft in the beak of a mighty Pelican! I am curious will Sevireth, Lord of the Seventh Wind have a generic build option like with Avalenor, the Stoneheart King and Alarith Spirit of the Mountain?
  19. I wonder if it will help or hurt in terms of speculation regarding future Broken Realms books? I also was honestly hoping for a similar thing for Slaves to Darkness but alas that seems to not be the case.
  20. On the Preview it states that the Broken Realms books will cover: Lumineth Realm-lords Cities of Sigmar Maggotkin of Nurgle Flesh-eater Courts Ossiarch Bonereapers I have a sneaking suspicion that each Broken Realm book might come with a new set of rules for Cities of Sigmar that will tie into the featured title character. Possibly each one will set up a different city to include new allies. Maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part?
  21. This is also why I assume we will get SCE one more time for a Starer set as that way they will have had them combat each of the grand Alliances. I hope that I am wrong and it is something Stormcast Adjacent like Cities of Sigmar or Devouted of Sigmar. I think that would be a nice compromise and could even include a Stormcast hero and or unit. I also think that the Siege of Excelsis will have massive ramifications on the game even by making all of the realms (including the Eightpoints) playable.
  22. Hahaha, I had just edited my post to include some of these facts as I rewatched the video a minute ago but thank you for providing pictures. Do you think maybe the one floating over the other might include the cloud? It reminds me of Syll'Esske! Also as someone that like Banners that one is a bit ostentatious even by Lumineth standards (unintended pun).
  23. As per usual here is my uniformed and random musings in an attempt to breakdown the reveals with my hot takes (a little more lukewarm in this case). Weirdly underwhelming as the leaked images we got recently were more exciting to be honest. However, coupled with those images I am pretty happy about the direction of the hobby and I am very thankful for the potato cam leaker. Sadly no real confirmation or explanation of what is going on with the new Death faction which was my biggest hope for this preview. 40k: Sisters of Battle mech is possibly the coolest 40k mech, it suits their style and theme. If I were to ever play 40k they are the most interesting and cool looking Imperium army (Admech and Knights are neck and neck though). Kill Team: Love the Necrons, but still not a Space Marine fan. I shall appreciate it from afar as I love Kill team batreps. Flayed Ones have always been my favourite Necron Unit. But this is less exciting than the Sisters of Battle Mech to me. If I had the cash I would dip my toes and add some AOS Chaos heads to the Space Marines. Make them Fallen Angels or something? Adeptus Titanticus: I didn’t know this was still getting support. I am a huge Mech fan but this game falls outside of my hobby interests as I am not a big Imperium/40K fan. It is a cool looking model but I hope that game gets something outside of Knights/Titans and they release some Giant Tyranids or cool Eldar mechs to expand the concept theme. Come on Bandai give me a Tabletop Gundam game! Age of Sigmar: Heck yeah! That new spirit will look great next to the Moontain! Also Swordmasters! Lots of cool silhouettes including Swordmasters! I have said countless times that as Lumineth expand their aesthetic theme would become more cohesive and I think this is further proof… Also Swordmasters! Will Daughters of Khaine always get a battle tome towards the end of an edition? The endless spells are cool but I am not much of an endless spell person. Also Swordmasters! Just rewatched the Lumineth preview video and it seems very hero heavy (didn't see the cloud but maybe I missed it), the mounted hero looks like a different model or build from the previous one... 🤔 Underworlds: Gorath(sp?) the enforcer is so cool… the others are great but I have eyes for that massive brick of Vampire goodness. Batboi on the other hand is not my favourite, even if he is referencing my dear Strigoi to some extent. QUEST!!!! This looks really cool, I am not a death person but I am tempted. My best friend plays everything Death so maybe I can convince him to get it… I am heart broken about Critters and Keys not being announced but maybe this will make up for it. Also if that is a hint at what a Devouted of Sigmar army will look like maybe I will have to forgo my Slaaneshi, Aelven and Duardian excitement in favour of some good ol Humans (although Vampire/Withhunter Halfling will be my general). Overall I think the announcements were decent but only coupled with the previously released images we had already. I am very hyped for the Lumineth but I am also thinking I might try and track down Shadow and Pain but that is likely outside of my admittedly tight budget! Curse you COVID and Student Loan!
  24. I just play video games while it plays in the background. 😛
  25. Biggest news of the day for me and they look amazing!
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