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  1. For Bloodreavers/Blood Warriors, is there a recommended weapon loadout? I have the SC box + 5 more Warriors with Gorefists, but was thinking about picking up some more and was thinking ahead to building with them.
  2. Huh, I hadn't seen that aspect of the GHB. Carry on then!
  3. Can you explain where you see this? Magore's Fiends I get, since Riptooth and Fiends are specifically called out as being separate warscrolls/units that have to be bought as a set, but I'm looking at the Ravager warscroll and it says one unit with four models.
  4. Thanks. I'm thinking the spear as well, but wanted to check around.
  5. Be'lakor is out for himself and won't hesitate to sacrifice or kill his own team in the process. You can treat it as a warrior on his side that died fighting for him, or part of another Chaos warband that was an obstacle to Be'lakor's ambitions.
  6. Any opinion on Exalted Deathbringer loadout?
  7. Thinking about the Warlord/Command battalions for Ravagers. Not sure if it'll be a solid take over the other options, but 1-2 free enhancements seems good.
  8. Min unit size may be 5 right now, but nothing saying they can't fiddle with min size for units.
  9. Hopefully, though the S2D article today was disappointingly light on any new content.
  10. You know, I'd completely forgotten that I had the UW Stormcast - but then I haven't had a chance to play in quite a while...that should set me nicely then and allow me to hit 10 Sequitors / min size Evocators for now without having to buy any more. Thanks for reminding me 😅
  11. I picked up Soul Wars a little back, more aiming at the Nighthaunt side but have the Stormcast side still as well. I'm planning on picking up some Evocators so I can field a legal unit, but is there anything else I should look at in the near future to build out what I have with Soul Wars a little? I know 3.0 is coming and that with Stormcast in the core box we might be looking at a Stormcast battletome soon which might potentially revamp things, but any suggestions at present?
  12. They're part of BR: Kragnos, but hopefully a preview of when they get around to a Skaven 3.0 battletome.
  13. See attached image, part of the Black Coach description in the Nighthaunt battletome.
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