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  1. Don’t worry. I’m sure in a week or two the Realmlords will drop.
  2. +++ Mod Hat On +++ We’ve been relaxed in this thread as some people need to say what they are feeling and have been fairly constructive about it. However, we seem to be edging towards that dark place and can I ask you all to not go there. With what is going on in the world, we want TGA to be a place you can come and connect with each other and enjoy talking about Age of Sigmar. So I’m going to ask you all now to keep it civil and constructive. Also consider this a warning, as if any of you start venturing away from the values we follow here, warning points will be issued which can lead to bans.
  3. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Back to Rumours please.
  4. +++ Mod Hat On +++ No more discussion about recasting.
  5. @NkfPanda - we’ve said no more discussion about recasts here, so please no more. This is bang on. At a guess with the price rises, GW want people to spend around £400 on an army. So looking at myself, I’m unlikely to do any events this year and if I started a new army in a June and took six months in it, that works out to about £66 a month. I think the days of bulk buying have gone for many people and we just need to adapt. Ive been doing GW stuff for nearly 30 years and it’s like this every time there’s a price increase. I used to get annoyed about it but then I realised I like the models, the games and the people. Also being older, I’m realising I should slow down and enjoy all aspects of the hobby. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve brought a load of models and not done anything with them. I’ll of course want all the models and be distracted a lot but there’s no way I would paint and play everything.
  6. +++ Mod Hat On +++ I’m locking this topic. These always go very negative since I’ve been in the hobby for nearly 30 years. Also your first topic after signing up shouldn’t be to vent frustration about a price change
  7. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Friendly nudge part two Folks, can we please step away from the price conversation. Nobody is super happy when prices get adjusted as it usually means it’s going up, but this is not the forum to moan about it. I’ve been in the hobby since the 90s and I’ve seen this many times and seen the “discussion” many times. It usually gets very negative and it’s not what we want here. Thanks
  8. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Can we get back to rumours and talk less about power creep on something we’ve not fully seen yet or the stuff that comes after it
  9. +++ Mod Hat On +++ As far as I’m aware, the mods that Tabletop Simulator use are okay but please don’t let this thread descend into what is and isn’t legal. +++ Mod Hat Off +++ Okay, I’ve had a bit of a play with this and followed the guide @meermouse posted and it’s good. It takes a bit of getting used to but I think this is a great way of getting games in during this time. It will no way replace playing the game with actual models but for when you can’t be with anybody, it’s good.
  10. +++ Mod Hat On +++ @Kurrilino You have made your thoughts clear on Slaves to Darkness in previous posts but I’m going to ask you this; in this time where many people are restricted to where they can go and worried about what is happening, the last thing we want to see is negative posts just moaning. You are not being constructive, so can you leave the subject alone now. If you carry on, we will issue a temporary ban. @Everybody Else: this also applies to you. Please continue as you have been but if we see you doing similar behaviour, we will look at points and a temporary ban if it’s needed.
  11. Need to source a dot matrix printer so I can have that authentic play by mail experience 😁 This will be good, thanks guys
  12. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Just a reminder, this is the rumour thread not the complaining about the price of things thread. Back to rumours please
  13. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Just a note but we want everybody to be nice to each other on this forum. After reviewing your previous posts in topics, you’ve been passive aggressive and it’s not what we want on this forum. I’ve issued a weeks ban. For anybody else, please note this. This forum is for enjoying toy soldiers not for snide remarks to each other. Just be respectful to each other.
  14. With Seraphon Warcry cards being up for preorder next week, I’m going to guess the new Seraphon book and terrain will be the week after 😁
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