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  1. Gaz Taylor

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos discussion

    +++ MOD HAT ON +++ We already have a discussion for this
  2. Gaz Taylor

    AoS 2: Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    +++ MOD HAT ON +++ We already have a discussion Topic for this - Locking this thread.
  3. Gaz Taylor

    Tournament Sportsmanship: Goals, Methods

    I think there is an element of that but I think it's also what players are expecting to get from the game. Some people like the very mechanical process of playing a game without much interaction with their opponent as it's a tactical battle of their minds. Some players really enjoy this intense focus and it's what they want to get from the game. Like I mentioned, it's all down to working out what you both want.
  4. +++ MOD HAT ON +++ Folks, as said previously - No more comments about painting scores here. If you attended the event, you would have been aware about how the winner of the event would have been worked out. As for the comments about paying somebody to paint an army, this should really be a separate topic
  5. Gaz Taylor

    Tournament Sportsmanship: Goals, Methods

    Just my few thoughts on this. I agree with what some people have said is that Sportsmanship scores are subjective and can be gamed but it's all down to a bit of common sense and working out what you and your opponent both want from the game. I tend to have the following in my mind: The Rule of Timmy (aka @Bananaman) - Just to translate it into something that's safe to say on TGA but "don't be an 'idiot'". Work out what both you and your opponent want to get from the game (besides winning). Are you on the top tables? If so, then this is probably going to be a bit different to a game on the bottom tables. Does your opponent like to chat or are they focused on the game? If so, try and adjust how you interact with them. At the end of the day, you are spending a few hours with this person, so you might as well try and make it a bit of fun! Mistakes - These are going to happen both tactically and rules. Try to decide before you go to the event how you want to play this but adjust it for your opponent. Some players will want to play by the rules, so try to as well. Others might be more flexible (is that charge just in or out). Cheating - To my knowledge, I haven't played anybody who has cheated but in these situations be calm and ask them if they got the rule right. If you are still unsure and have good grounds that they are, find a judge and get them to watch your game (this is often done from a few tables away). This may not work for everybody as I know everybody is different and has a different outlook on things, but I do get Favourite Game votes and I have won a Sportsmanship award after using Stonehorns when they were filthy, so I think these work. On the subject of Sportsmanship scores, I like how a lot of UK events do it. Have a favourite game vote and use it for tie breakers if Tournament Points and Victory Points don't work. I think applying a score to a game doesn't work as it's all down to how you are feeling on the day and how you get on with that person. Keeping it to having to choose your favourite game is better in my opinion.
  6. Part of the issue is we are still very fresh into 2nd edition and lots and lots of people are still finding their feet.
  7. +++ MOD HAT ON +++ Folks - Less about the painting and sports scores please. All details for how the scoring would work at the event was available beforehand, so it shouldn't be a shock to anybody attending. If it's not something you agree with, then that's fine but just remember that everybody attending this event would be aware how scoring worked
  8. Gaz Taylor

    Disturbing News from NOVA

    +++ MOD HAT ON +++ Unless anybody has any FACTS about what happened at NOVA, this is just fish wife gossiping. Loads of gossip like this comes out of events usually by people who weren't there or if they were, they were no were near the incident. I'm now locking this thread now. If some of you want to start a conversation about Sportsmanship, that is fine but please remember the TGA Rules
  9. Gaz Taylor

    Thread sticky/preservation request

    I think it's a good idea and created a stickie topic for them! Well done, @Overread
  10. One of the reasons why we enjoy playing Age of Sigmar is the rich and vibrant background that the game is set it. However, it can be a bit confusing about which books to start with. @Overread has very kindly complied the following list... And if you want to know about the world that was.... If you have any suggestions for the lists or any books you think people should enjoy or start with, please add a reply to one of these topics!
  11. Gaz Taylor

    The Rumour Thread

    They tend to ask you not to say anything until the end and most people comply. Besides you are listening to what they are saying. Andy usually has some cool remarks for some of the questions
  12. Absolutely gutted it's nothing to do with Chaos Dwarfs but please there is some stuff for Beastmen now.
  13. Gaz Taylor

    The End Times collection...?

    Unfortunately no. If you want to read about the background, then try and hunt down the Big sets that GW released during this time that had the background and rules for the End Times. If you want a set, I'm happy to discuss in DM If you want to read about stories set during this period, check out the Black Library - https://www.blacklibrary.com/warhammer-chronicles/the-end-times There is no big set or book that covers it all
  14. For me personally I would like them to concentrate on new stuff as well as go back and tweak anything that had a battletome to bring it into the new edition. I can't see them doing the same model they did with 40K, mainly as it's been a few years since the end of the Warhammer world and the birth of the new realms and I don't think it make sense to go back and do this when they are kind of doing it with support with the Generals Handbook. The people in the Design Studio are very talented and I would rather they put their effort into new stuff than trying to work with old stuff.
  15. +++ Mod Hat On +++ You spend a bit of time away from the forum due to a funeral and being ill and things get a bit out of hand. Whilst I love Dinosaurs with Laserbeams as much as the next person, this topic is way off tangent and has behaviour we don't want in TGA. I'm Locking this now