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  1. Same here! Nice shock to read about and looking forwards to the reveal next week. Hopefully means models are by March as I have some vouchers I need to use by then 😁
  2. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Just a reminder - when participating in this topic, just be mindful how you reply. I know some of you are quite passionate about it but just make sure how you are replying is not offensive. Ive just had to tidy this topic up after some reports and a review. So however you like to play, just bear in mind other people may see it very differently.
  3. This sounds awesome! I would love to see this. Hopefully we will get some rumours about it soon
  4. It’s LVO. I think it will be a another teaser of the Pointy Aelves for AOS and we will learn the name of them
  5. I chose not to do this as a private message because I want to make it clear to all of you we want you to treat each other nice. I’m completely happy for you to disagree on things, just don’t call each other names or be nasty to each other.
  6. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Quick warning as I appreciate this is a new book - @Phasteon & @Eevika please stop bickering with each other. This forum is for everybody and we expect member to treat each other with respect. Any further behaviour similar to the last few posts you have added to this forum, will result in Warnings point being issued.
  7. Hard to say. I think it will be a bit of both as I think these Aelves will be trying to recreate the old world glory days when they had a big empire, so I suspect they will be a bit war hungry. Still only a couple of weeks before a teaser
  8. I do think in general most historical gamers are all about the story of the battle and doing fun stuff with the narrative. But this group were the complete oppersite and some thought themselves as experts. It generally led to games that became frustrating as you couldn’t get past turn two as if you had a lucky dice roll it turned into a grumpy debate about what could do what. I just wanted to play games. Anyway, I have faith in GW that the Old World game will be fun and great to play. Not sure it’s something I would jump straight into unless there’s a good gaming group near by.
  9. I was not aware about that (just had time to have a look). In that case it’s different but in the past we’ve had people want to do recasts of current models which is not what we want on this forum.
  10. I don’t know a lot about the scene down under but I know this happened quite a few years ago (see date of the article you’ve linked to 😉). The Oz scene seems great at the moment going off social media and YouTube
  11. I hope not! I remember playing historical games when I was younger and the club I played at treated them as simulations, which basically led to arguments about what X could do against Y. As a child this put me off any game which tries to do this! Personally I’m hoping for something a bit like Warmaster and WFB. I think they will cherry pick the best bits from all games they have made over the years. Like @RuneBrush mentioned earlier, we remember the best bits more easily than the bad bits and I think a lot of games we used to play would seem clunky or not quite right.
  12. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Welcome to the forums but to make it clear, we do not want any discussions about using molds to do recasts. It’s against the rules about copying no matter how old the miniatures are. As for your questions, a lot of the stuff you are after are in the compendium Warscroll are are supported in the current edition (2nd) unless you want to play open or narrative play. There will be no points for them unless you choose to make some up with your gaming group.
  13. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Just a nudge but can we get back to rumours please? Think the next preview is the Las Vegas Open on 24th Jan which hopefully we will hear what other name the Pointy Aelves go by
  14. I’m just expecting some endless spells and maybe a terrain piece. Yes it would be great to replace some of the kits but GW seem to be more focused on a couple of kits to “refresh” a range and then put more effort towards a new army such as Bonereapers and Pointy Aelves.
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