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  1. Gaz Taylor

    GW is asking for advice on GHB 2019

    They do review and look at everything and it’s taken very seriously. If there is something you want reviewing, add a post on the Facebook topic. The GW community team look at everything and will pass onto the studio. They do but I would post on the Facebook topic to get it properly reviewed. I would say anything they read on this forum is extra but if you really want something to be looked at, add it to the Facebook topic. They have put aside actual time to look at this, so always best to get it to them in the way they want. I know what you mean. I grudgingly use it just to keep track on some events or news about the game but that’s just because a lot of people use it 😭
  2. I want a room where my son won't go in and pull everything off the shelves, climb on my desk and pull everything down. At the moment, he's too young for the hobby but it would be great if he didn't come in and trash my stuff. If I had loads of money though, I would have a nice large room with a good sized gaming table in the middle, a hobby desk with loads of paint and tools, lots of storage and a comfy chair and tv. Problem is, if I had this, I probably wouldn't see the outside world!
  3. Gaz Taylor

    Speculation Thread

    +++ Mod Hat On +++ As we’ve got a Rumour thread and a Wishlisting thread, we don’t need another one in the same area. @JackStreicher I know the Rumour topic can be frustrating, but seriously try talking to other hobbists about rumours and keep it on topic ??
  4. Gaz Taylor

    Wrath and Rapture

    I don't think it's going to happen but recently I have constantly been surprised by GW with what they seem to shoehorn in. For me, Wrath and Rapture will be next year, as I'm expecting the first quarter of 2019 to be very Age of Sigmar weighted (Moonclan!) before GW switches over to doing the next stage of the Vigilus Story in 40K. For the rest of this year, I'm expecting it to be dominated with Blackstone Fortress, Chapter Approved and the Christmas Boxed sets. But I've been wrong before about this sort of thing
  5. For me, I would like to see something more for Destruction (which we are obviously getting with the Moonclan book at some point soon) as well as something for Skaven (Book called the Chittering Hordes and has all the Skaven Clans in it). However, I would love to see something on the back of the events from the Malign Portents and Necroquake, where we get to see a certain King from the World that Was decide to sort out this usurper Nagash....
  6. Gaz Taylor

    Can we trust "fan" sites and channels?

    And on that note.... +++ Mod Hat On +++ @HollowHills - Hopefully you have had the answer/discussion you wanted but this is now just going round and round in circles. I'm locking this now
  7. Gaz Taylor

    Can we trust "fan" sites and channels?

    It’s not loaded at all. It’s just my perspective on this topic. I think you can be interesting/cool and critical. ? I 100% agree with you on this. ?
  8. Gaz Taylor

    Can we trust "fan" sites and channels?

    As @Overread has mentioned, there’s being critical and there’s being negative. If somebody acts in a negative way, you don’t want to be around that person. So would you want to give your spare time reading or listening to a overview of a product from GW or would you rather spend it listening or reading about somebody being interesting and cool. You can still be interesting and cool and say something critical about a product. ?
  9. Gaz Taylor

    Can we trust "fan" sites and channels?

    My two pence on this.... I just see it as GW sending stuff out to people who have sites , video blogs or podcasts that are popular to show off the cool stuff that's coming out soon. I don't think there is any sinister motive outside of marketing on these items. I don't see these as a review but more as an overview of the products as very simply if it's something you are interested in, you will probably be buying it anyway but it's nice to see somebody's thoughts on it. So in short, if you chat or write about your hobby in a cool and interesting way that will probably get you some cool stuff from GW to chat or write about. If you do it in a negative way, you won't but probably won't have many people reading or listening to your thoughts and GW won't want to send you something to chat or write about. I don't think there is anything more to it than that
  10. Gaz Taylor

    The Rumour Thread

    +++ Mod Hat On +++ This is really not what we want on TGA. We are all interacting with this forum because we all love and enjoy playing Age of Sigmar. So can I ask you all to think before you reply to comments and think if thats something you really want to say. If somebody has said something you deem as nasty, please raise a report or contact a mod.
  11. Gaz Taylor

    The Rumour Thread

    I don't think they promised anything about more information about Moonclan apart from the tease on Friday. Personally I'm expecting it to be all Blackstone Fortress and Orks this month. A good place to keep an eye out for teases, is the Hammerhal Herald
  12. Gaz Taylor

    New team event format at WHW

    It's this. I suspect the idea is to stop players taking four identical Daughters of Khaine armies (or something similar that people like to moan about! ). Also as mentioned, it's to try and encourage players to bring different lists so everybody has something fun to play against. I know the WS10 guys are going and they will bring some cool stuff You can still do that. The nice thing they have done in the pack is let you do this sort of thing if you want to, but I suspect most players will be thinking in a more competitive mindset due to things like the ETC and six nations
  13. Gaz Taylor

    New team event format at WHW

    Agreed. I quite like it as it means there will hopefully be a variety of lists at the event as well as stopping players turning up with two or three identical armies per team.
  14. Gaz Taylor

    The Rumour Thread

    Very simple warning. Do not associate me locking a thread with fascism. That is totally the wrong language to use. It's the rules @Ben wants to use and we have used for years. If you do not agree with them, this is probably not the forum for you. If you need to discuss this more, we can chat with messages rather than cluttering up this topic Now can we have some rumours please!!!!!
  15. Gaz Taylor

    A discussion on Rumour Policy on TGA

    @Overread the Rumour Thread stays as it is. I know it can be frustrating if you are only after rumours but it's very difficult to have any discussion about this subject without things going off at tangents. Don't believe me, go and have a chat with somebody down at your local store or club and see if you can keep it on topic about rumours I'm locking this now as we do not need a separate thread