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  1. I quite like it for 40K as it’s such a simple change that will impact the game a lots. I’m not too sure it’s a great idea for AOS though because some armies have limited options and it could make some very silly/power lists for each alliance if you aren’t careful with the keywords.
  2. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Can we step away from the female marines topic and how it fits in background. It never ends well and besides this forum is for Age of Sigmar
  3. All I can say is keep emailing them to let them know the issues. On another note, if you venture over to the GW jobs page there are some positions which look very much to do with app development. https://jobs.games-workshop.com/search-and-apply?_department=information-technology I think this means they are aware of the issue and trying to fix it
  4. I’m hoping board game as well as that would bring back so many fun memories
  5. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Right folks, just a poke that whilst there has been some good stuff in this topic, can we keep it on topic please.
  6. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Just a nudge but the topic is getting quite nit picky and argumentative. Just remember to be polite and constructive. If what you want to say isn’t any of these, don’t reply to the topic. 😉
  7. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Just a nudge but can we back away from the price discussion please.
  8. Any issues with the app, email gwapps@gwplc.com The more people that do this, the easier it will be to get them to fix it. I suspect they only have one or two people working on the app along with other stuff, so the more emails they get, the easier it will be to show demand. Also remember it needs to be constructive!!!!!
  9. +++ Mod Hat On +++ I’ve just issued Icegoat with a warning and weeks ban for the constant going on about lack of free guild models. For everybody else - if you see somebody behaving negatively, report them please
  10. Which is why it’s best to let them know. I 100% agree with you as been doing IT for a while. I have some sympathy as I think they are under resourced but you are right a app like this for a company like GW isn’t great
  11. I always liked blast markers in Epic Armageddon and Epic 40K. Great way of enhancing the look of the game as well as being a mechanic on how it effects your units. I also loved the card element to magic and psychic powers in older versions of WFB and 40K. It’s better now as the game flows better but it was fun at the time. yeah Blood Bowl is ace. It’s great how you need to plan how you do what you want to first before rolling dice. Just remember Nuffle will get you at some point, so you better learn about risk management
  12. Any issues with the app, email gwapps@gwplc.com
  13. If you have any issues, try mailing gwapps@gwplc.com so they can have a look.
  14. Maybe. The roadmap was released a few weeks ago and there will be a release this month. Well GW have confirmed that we will see the Next Codexes in October so my guess is over next few months it will be starter sets for 40K. So hopefully the Sons will be this month but with the disruption caused by COVID, I would hate to be the release planner for GW. Six weeks lost as well as all the disruption to your supply chains and staff availability. Whilst some businesses have coped well working from home, there’s only so much you can do with staff at GW
  15. That may be the case but let’s keep it to Age of Sigmar 😉
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