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  1. +++ Mod Hat On +++ A few things... 1) Bare in mind that some of the stuff you want to discuss may be offensive to others, so really think about what you are writing. I believe most of you will not want or intend to be offensive but some of the things you may say can be offensive to others. So just think before you post. 2) GW are making efforts to change diversity in their models, artwork and background. It’s not going to be perfect overnight but they are trying. 3) It’s your models so paint them how you want.
  2. Maybe. How I understand the process, is that you don’t see the finished product until it’s out. I did some of the Epic Armageddon testing years ago for some of the lists that came out after the core game, and I found that Jervis kept changing stuff. I think he got excited and liked tweaking, which is fine if your job is 24/7 gaming but when you have a job and family gets kind of crazy at times. So just because you are a tester, doesn’t mean you are 100% certain of what will be at the end. Plus you are looking at so much different stuff, you don’t get chance to remember it all. As I’ve mentioned (either here or somewhere, I’m loosing track of time in lockdown), I personally think the only advantage you get being a play tester is communication skills and playing lots of games. But you tend to find all the good players do this anyway because they talk to each other sharing ideas and play lots of games 😉
  3. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Back to Rumours please. @Icegoat - enough about humans and you feeling short changed about them not getting any new models. I’m sure GW have plans and we will find out in the future but this is it now. I’m only not banning you because you have not quite crossed the line with this (even though you have been warned enough times). How about you try and enjoy cities of Sigmar and come up with some cool background for a army with humans and do lots of conversions.
  4. I think it’s this. They’ve got to the stage where all the old ranges have books now and they can now work on new stuff. I’m fully expecting them to revisit some ranges and expand on them but I think we will see new stuff now. Im expecting next set of human models will be very different to what we’ve seen before. With the way the story line has shifted, it would be cool to see them expand on the witch hunter idea
  5. I don’t think it’s designed for the average hobbyist. Looking around, The cheapest I’ve seen it is £88 and that’s a bargain personally. If you think there’s around £80ish of Minatures in there, plus a limited edition book and cards and gubbins, it’s a nice start collecting set. I’m really tempted by it but I’m holding out for 40k as it looks a good set. i would guess September but it’s hard to say due to how things are. Guessing GWs release schedule is really messed up so they will have been moving things around. With 40k for July and at a guess August, I think besides a splash release there will be little for AOS. But as I’ve said in the topic, I’m not a betting man and often get things wrong
  6. +++ Mod Hat On +++ No photos of any leaks please. I’m sure you can wait a few days for when the war scrolls appear due the box set release. Now back to rumours please
  7. This is why I’m not a betting man 😁🤣😉
  8. If I was a betting man (I’m not as rubbish at it), I would guess the following.... 1) Sons of Behemat will be the next AOS release as I believe it was shipped earlier this year 2) it’s going to be 40k for more weeks now. Box unveiling this weekend and guessing up for preorder the weekend after (20th June). Also guessing two week period for this as well due to most of their new editions happen in July and lots of people in UK typically get paid at the end of the month (so hoping for June pay check burning hole in people’s pocket). I think the issue is the logistics as 40k is their flagship product and they would have put a lot of resource and planning into it. AOS will have its moment and I’m sure there’s lots of special things on the way
  9. +++ Mod Hat On +++ I’m going to lock this now. My goal was not to be political but just let a topic exist because of what is happening in the world and I felt that some people may have wanted to do something similar with asking questions.
  10. +++ Mod Hat On +++ I left this topic alone because I thought with what was going on in the world, it is of interest and relevant. It wasn’t for it to go off on a tangent. If it does it again, I’ll lock it but I thought some of you may be interested in what others are thinking about in this aspect and may want to be asking GW similar questions.
  11. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Just want to say I’m going to leave this topic as these are questions that do need to be asked and sending them to GWs investor relations and customer services is a great way of doing it. If you feel you need to, do the same.
  12. I think we will see something over next few weeks with a release before new edition of 40k. I imagine it’s been a logistic nightmare and they are juggling releases around
  13. Don’t worry. I’m sure in a week or two the Realmlords will drop.
  14. +++ Mod Hat On +++ We’ve been relaxed in this thread as some people need to say what they are feeling and have been fairly constructive about it. However, we seem to be edging towards that dark place and can I ask you all to not go there. With what is going on in the world, we want TGA to be a place you can come and connect with each other and enjoy talking about Age of Sigmar. So I’m going to ask you all now to keep it civil and constructive. Also consider this a warning, as if any of you start venturing away from the values we follow here, warning points will be issued which can lead to bans.
  15. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Back to Rumours please.
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