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  1. Just a slight detour but I imagine not a lot. You can still go work under the current rules. I imagine transporting things will be the issue but I suspect with GW switching to a two week release schedule helps that out. If there is an army, probably this year. Also if there’s a new edition, they could be part of that box set
  2. Honest answer - I don’t know. Without going political, businesses have been given no time to prepare for it and I think the idea from the masterminds behind it, is that things will just work themselves out. This means though at the moment nobody knows where they stand or exactly what needs to be done. It would be tough enough without a global pandemic as well! Personally I would try and not order anything for a few months but that’s not helpful if you want to support that business.
  3. ++ Mod Hat On ++ 3D printers are ace and I’m tempted to get one so I can explore 6mm and 10mm gaming in a sci-fi or fantasy setting BUT this is the rumour thread. Can we bring it back on subject please? I know it’s tough at minute with how the release schedule has gone but I’m sure there will be some cool stuff comping up soon
  4. ++ Mod Hat on ++ Just a reminder that we don’t look kindly on Necromancy here when it comes to old threads! In future start a new one rather than adding to a very old one
  5. I would suggest starting a new topic asking this question 😉
  6. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Just a reminder. Yes we are in a global pandemic and you may not agree with some of the actions of some governments, but can we please keep out some of the political comments. This forum is to help people escape from the horrors of real life.
  7. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Just a reminder, watch the swearing and other content please. Just had to remove a post because of this. Some of the stuff here is borderline but I will issue warning points if this is ignored
  8. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Can we get back to rumours please? Wouldn’t be surprised they drop some big teasers around Christmas Day
  9. @aosrulesbest I’m curious how this question came up? Was it a hypothetical discussion or something somebody tried to argue?
  10. Now the question is, will there be a Durandin book and will it include Hashut 😁
  11. Misbehaving user. The account wasn’t compromised and all links were for another AOS site
  12. +++ Mod Hat On +++ @Kadeton - just a gentle reminder. Do not call out other forum member with passive aggressive/derogatory comments. Rest of this topic. Can we please stay on topic. I don’t see the issue with the article personally as it’s just a snapshot of one way of playing the game we all love. I think it’s interesting to see what people have been doing well, especially at the moment where it’s difficult to play games or attend events for a lot of people. Anyway, less bitter moaning or making comments about other forum members! More talking about Age of Sigmar!
  13. Okay my thoughts on this.... Firstly, I’m not a massive fan of the cost of the mega gargants but they do look an impressive kit and I think they would be fun to assemble and paint. Also the army has the attractive option of not having lots of models, so you can have more fun with each one. Secondly, I have no idea how they play but imagine they are a hard counter for a lot of lists due to how they can just sit on objectives. I suspect ruleswise they are spot on for this but I’ve not played them or seen any games being played yet. I think the main issue for a lot of people is the cost but as somebody who doesn’t have the time to spend painting an army in one go, I’ve given up trying to buy everything in one go. So for me, buying a mega gargant now and then as a slow pace is just right. +++ Mod Hat On +++ @Icegoat - very simple reminder. Less of the negative comments please. I know it can be tough with what’s going on in the world but you have been reminded about this before. Continue and you will be banned for good. This forum is for everybody to enjoy Age of Sigmar and should be an escape from any negativity outside this. Let’s keep it that way
  14. I quite like it for 40K as it’s such a simple change that will impact the game a lots. I’m not too sure it’s a great idea for AOS though because some armies have limited options and it could make some very silly/power lists for each alliance if you aren’t careful with the keywords.
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