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  1. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Ive just had to remove a couple of posts which are not what we expect of members of this forum. This forum is for everybody, so just remember that when you post
  2. I actually think it’s something for Lord of the Rings. Has that sort of vibe to it
  3. No Mod Hat here but my own personal thoughts.... Do I think GW kits are expensive? Yes, but then they are the best model kits in the world, especially when compared to others. Yes some models from other companies are amazing but GW consistently makes kits that are a joy to put together and use. I also think as you get older things change. When I was younger, I had a lot more disposable income and I thought GW was expensive then but now I my circumstances are different. I have less disposable income and more responsibilities. Also things change in life as I’ve not been well and I’ve changed jobs, so I’ve not done much hobby stuff (doesn’t help my hobby area is now a portable set up now due to in laws stopping round whilst they are waiting for their house to be finished). I think for the pleasure I get from the hobby, GW stuff is great value. For example I have an Ogor army from a few years ago which I love playing and with the new book, I’ll get more fun out of playing it. I came to the realisation, I can no longer go out and buy all the models I want, so I’ve just dialled the pace back and it’s fun. I get stuff as I go and that’s okay with me. Besides, even if I brought all the models in one go, I don’t get the time to paint it all anyway! 🤣
  4. I would say anytime this afternoon. I think in the past it’s been around 4 or 5 UK time.
  5. Yup. I’m expecting a new Underworld Warband as well from an AOS point of view. yup but I think it will be more 40k focused with a teaser for AOS due to Mawtribes and Bonereapers out around same time.
  6. 100% this. I hate the faction dice thay have put out over the last year or so. Very difficult to read but they aren’t aimed at me but collectors of the dice. The best ones they did were the Horus Heresy dice but I think because the public can make their own with a symbol, they’ve chosen these ones because it makes them more special.
  7. Pleased about this, especially as I wasn’t aware it was a limited run! I’ve been scouring the local shops for weeks trying to find issues!
  8. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Just a gentle nudge but can we please steer away from price discussions. They never end well. Also just to clarify - posting prices is okay but not any discussion about things costing too much. This discussions are never pleasant to read and can be quite negative. This is why we would prefer people not to discuss Thanks
  9. Wow. Didn’t notice that! Yes in this case it looks like 25s else the big dudes are massive!
  10. I think they are on 32s. I think who ever made the picture thinks they are on 25s but I’m on the same page as you due to how big they look. I hope not as I see the army as a classic bump and grind type one with artillery support. 😁
  11. 100% this. Not sure why it does this but this will resolve the issue.
  12. As @Thiagoma has mentioned, the best way in my opinion is magnets. However at the moment I just use a storage box and bubble wrap for my Beastclaw/Ogor army. It’s been to a few events and the army has been fine. I chose this method as it’s quick and I was being quite lazy at the time 😁 It’s not foolproof as not great in situations of drops but then magnets wouldn’t be. It all depends on how you are travelling with the army. If in a car, magnets or my lazy method is fine but using public transport or via plane, I would invest in a carry case
  13. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Okay, I’m going to lock this topic now. I think people have had their say or the discussion they needed. At the end of the day, TGA is about having fun and enjoying playing Age of Sigmar. I understand that people need to vent but topics like this are generally quite negative and just create a bad atmosphere. Could GW have done things better between now and the first announcement of the book? Probably. But then they didn’t have to announce anything. I’m sure they will have taken on board any feedback about it (they do look at this forum) and you can also mention things like this in the next survey, email GW, or attend an open day.
  14. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Just a warning - I’m leaving this thread unlocked as I think people need to have their say, however if you do please follow the rules of TGA (basically be constructive, nice to others and No swearing). Just bear in mind that we have no idea what has been happening behind the scenes for the logistics and also we have seen some quite big releases since the announcement (Three new games by end of next week, loads of new models and of course space Marines which make GW a lot of money). So if you feel you need to vent, just be constructive, nice to others and no swearing Thanks
  15. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Just a nudge we like everybody to be nice to everybody when talking about Toy Soldiers and your post does come across as rude. You could have worded it very differently. I agree that some people are being too passionate about wanting news but this is about an army that’s very popular and people have waited for a long time. +++ Mod Hat Off +++ Back to rumours.... So with the surprise reveal of Grot Wolfriders, I suspect they are in the Orruk book. Which has me thinking if we will see a Cities of Sigmar and Ogor warband in Beastgrave? 😁
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