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  1. +++ Mod Hat On +++ @Kurrilino You have made your thoughts clear on Slaves to Darkness in previous posts but I’m going to ask you this; in this time where many people are restricted to where they can go and worried about what is happening, the last thing we want to see is negative posts just moaning. You are not being constructive, so can you leave the subject alone now. If you carry on, we will issue a temporary ban. @Everybody Else: this also applies to you. Please continue as you have been but if we see you doing similar behaviour, we will look at points and a temporary ban if it’s needed.
  2. Need to source a dot matrix printer so I can have that authentic play by mail experience 😁 This will be good, thanks guys
  3. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Just a reminder, this is the rumour thread not the complaining about the price of things thread. Back to rumours please
  4. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Just a note but we want everybody to be nice to each other on this forum. After reviewing your previous posts in topics, you’ve been passive aggressive and it’s not what we want on this forum. I’ve issued a weeks ban. For anybody else, please note this. This forum is for enjoying toy soldiers not for snide remarks to each other. Just be respectful to each other.
  5. With Seraphon Warcry cards being up for preorder next week, I’m going to guess the new Seraphon book and terrain will be the week after 😁
  6. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Can we get back to rumours please? Guessing Seraphon book and terrain are up for preorder soon, paving the way for the Realmlords and Sons. When Adepticon again as I can’t wait to see the previews.
  7. Drop me a message when you get there and I’ll sort out
  8. You got called out because you were trolling. It is. GW are going to great lengths to promote this, for example yesterday’s announcement about the Warhammer Indent. As you’ve said, the issue you have is you don’t like that some of the stuff used to be in WFB and you just want a line to be drawn under that and everything to move on. I get that but also I understand that GW want to support players that have these models. They seem to be doing the right thing now by giving older ranges a book and not much else. This says to me they are gearing up for lots and lots of new stuff in the future 😉
  9. 100% this GW stores are for people new or just starting with options for experienced players to collect essentials such as paint or some kits. With the internet, I have loads of choice from who I want to buy models from and less likely to go into my local GW. I think last time I popped into a GW is near where I work and I think that was around September last year because I had a gift voucher (I got a white dwarf). Most of my purchases are online. Back on topic... I don’t think so. I like there is lots of choice and how the game is structured you can swap and change armies with allies and but things up. Will it always be a bit “messy” due to these updates? Yes but that only becomes an issue if you like to play competitively and want to know everything. However, it doesn’t seem to bother many of the top players so this is probably more of an issue if you just like things neat and tidy. 😁 Without the variety, I think the game would get boring and I think it would just end up where we were years ago. With the change it’s exciting and if I was to complain, there too much change because I want it all! 😁
  10. +++ Mod Hat On +++ This is trolling. I’m issuing you a warning with points now. Continue and we will look at a weeks ban. Please don’t carry on doing this
  11. I’m half expecting some models for a steampunk empire as I was just reading up about the background the other day in the main rule book about Grungini going off and creating an empire
  12. I like the fact that everybody in the studio listens to feedback and things can change. I also like they are contactable and will answer questions. For example... also Phil Kelly is doing a fantastic series of tweets with random facts about the mortal realms. This level of contact was unheard of years ago and shows how great GW are now
  13. It was him and a great job he did with it. He’s worked on quite a few things now and is a nice guy in person. I doubt that’s going to happen and I suspect we will see something for one of the great cities next annual they do +++ Mod Hat On +++ Also can I ask you to be mindful about your posts. I’ve been checking you last few and they are generally negative or designed to get a reaction out of people. This is not the behaviour we want on this forum. Please refrain from acting like this
  14. +++ Mod Hat On +++ I think this topic has reached its end as it’s going round and round in circles and I’m going to lock it. Firstly, generally the discussion has been great in this topic but I just need to remind some of you that TGA is for everybody and we should be nice to each other. Not everybody is going to agree on some things but there is no need to act childish or rude towards them. Secondly, this discussion has been going on for years. I remember going back to 96 and my first visits to Internet forums and people were saying the same thing. I remember playing DBM around the same time and people were saying the same thing then. It’s all a matter of perspective 😉 But I do need to point out that what we have now with GW with everything they do is a million times better than it used to be. So whilst some things may never be perfect for you, enjoy what we have now as it’s never been this good. Also don’t forget AOS (and many GW games) are just a framework for you to meet up with somebody and play a game against them. If you both agree something isn’t quite right, tweak it. Want to do something with matched play as well? Tweak it. As long as you all know what is happening, it’s fine.
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