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  1. Spotted this on the Death Grand Alliance Facebook page... Wonder what it could be?
  2. 100% this. This sounds like a release which will have some real world elements in it but it’s been jumbled up and turned to AOS. Don’t forget that Kharadron Overlords and Idoneth Deepkin are jumbled up from what some players were used to. Why would this release be no different? I would love this but I don’t think it will happen 😭
  3. I’m expecting stuff for preorder next week. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the Cities or Orruks as a quick drop EDIT - didn’t realise all the warbands for Warcry weren’t out. Might be another warband! 😉😁
  4. Hi, I mean a Battletome rather than a couple of pages in the Generals Handbook. For me it’s great as they can focus upon new stuff and everybody has a fleshed out background for their models. This won’t please everybody but it’s a good spot to be in 😉 On another note, did anybody go to the open day? Did anybody get chance to chat with the people in the studio?
  5. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Can we please get back to discussing rumours and what was at the open day. I get some of you are a bit annoyed that some things weren’t shown but I’m sure GW have a plan. The folks at the studio read these forums and I’m sure are aware about some of the stuff you are asking for. Looking back at the releases for Death and Chaos, as well as the reveals yesterday, it will be worth the wait 😉
  6. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Right, can I please ask you all to calm down. I get some of you are disappointed with the reveals at the open day but there is no need to to treat each other badly because you have different views. +++ Mod Hat Off +++ Personally, I liked the reveals as it’s pretty much all the core races (apart from Seraphon) with books now. This is great as almost everybody has a proper book now which means GW can move into doing new stuff. 😉
  7. Here you go - https://aosshorts.com/etc-2019-team-lists/ I think most of the people who organise the ETC are still very 9th Age focused, which is why it gets a bigger billing.
  8. I’ve just had a quick check and I see nothing unusual. Not sure if @Ben is doing anything behind the scenes. He’ll hopefully drop past this post to let us know 😉
  9. It’s this. Doing a battle report is a lot of effort and you need to have the skill set to be able to pull it off. Majority of the good ones are sponsored or do it as a job, but because of this they have to cater for all viewers. The problem is, really competitive games aren’t that fun to watch unless you are really into that type of game. Not everybody gets what is happening and you also have to either pause the game to commentate on what is happening or have commentators during the game which can be mixed.
  10. +++ Mod Hat On +++ I’ve just had to remove a couple of posts but I want to make it clear - we do not want any form of name calling here on TGA. This is a place to enjoy chatting about the hobby, not insult each other
  11. Send me a PM with the details 😉
  12. +++ Mod Hat On +++ I just want to make it very clear - we are not abusive towards other forum members. Points have been issued. Just remember we all come here for fun and to discuss something we all enjoy.
  13. +++ Mod Hat On +++ Folks, back to topic of Meeting Engagements. Understand some of the conversations in last few posts but it’s off topic. If you want to discuss something different, please start another topic 😉
  14. It’s just another way of playing. A lot of players will approach it from a competitive point of view but it’s not just for that. If you want to field a tough army, that’s fine. For mean it means it’s easy to tweak my 1000 point force to have an answer to it or come up with something else. 😉 But I think this is a brilliant framework for games, especially for pick up games. I’m looking forwards to using them as starting a new job near a GW store so hoping it means I can play more games in future. 😁
  15. I think everybody is getting too fixated about how some armies will be too good under these rules. It’s a set of rules to let you take a small army, hop on a train or bus and play at local store. It’s a set of rules to play quickly over lunch or after work. It’s a set of rules to play when you’ve just painted up 1000 points. Its just another way of playing 😉
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