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  1. Gaz Taylor

    The Rumour Thread

    It’s been mentioned several times already but I’ll do it again.... 1) As @Kramer has said, it’s like pub talk (well I prefer Club talk). Go to your local gaming club and talk about a rumour. Now after 5 minutes are you still talking about that rumour? Bet you aren’t 😉 2) People like to chat about stuff and as long as it’s vaguely on topic, it’s okay. 3) Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean other people can’t enjoy it Now back to rumours..... I think it’s roughly seven days until the Adepticon seminar.... 😁
  2. Gaz Taylor

    The Rumour Thread

    You are free to ask @RuneBrush or @Chris Tomlin if you feel you have been treated badly. Now back to rumours
  3. Gaz Taylor

    The Rumour Thread

    One of the miniature designers at GW Really nice guy and knows his stuff
  4. Gaz Taylor

    The Rumour Thread

    Yikes! A rumour!!!
  5. Gaz Taylor

    The Rumour Thread

    +++ Mod Hat On +++ Not happy with the discussion in the last few posts. This forum is for everybody, but please leave some discussions at the door because they are offensive and not what we want being discussed here! Do not do it again
  6. Gaz Taylor

    The Sale and Trades Feedback Thread

    Hi, Welcome to the forum. In order to create new topics, we would like you to interact with some threads and spend some time in the community. So basically, just reply to some topics and you will be fine. Cheers
  7. Gaz Taylor

    The Rumour Thread

    Honest answer.... no idea. I could summarise that with the Forbidden Power Supplement coming out near Summer, I could guess that there is some sort of power surge which free's Slaanesh a little bit from His/Her/Its prison. I don't think GW would do something like having Slaanesh fully escape but just enough to make the forces of the Dark Prince siege (or attempt to) the prison. So I think if Slaanesh gets a battletome, we would see an Aelf one as well (and hopefully a starter set).
  8. Gaz Taylor

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    And he’s a nice guy. Always open for a chat. Only met him a couple of times but he knows his stuff and is passionate about playing games. Like everybody in the studio! I don’t think they are, but we don’t know what’s round the corner. What happens if we get Darkoath this year and they have an army made up of these kits?
  9. Gaz Taylor

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    My two pence on this... Firstly, I'm very excited. I love the idea of what this could be and it looks to be a mix of Kill Team and Necromunda in a Age of Sigmar setting. I think if they have got the blend of rules right, this will be a great game. It seems to me that it could tick all the boxes about the different ways to play and I think if you can get a good group of people to play with or if there is a nice way of supporting it in a 'matched' play environment, I will love it. I like the idea of the setting as it's showing us something we haven't seen before. It's cool that it's set about Pilgrims going to the Varanspire as this suggest's that it could be a very big area for the game to explore and opens it up for lots and lots of possibilities. I like that the core setting is Chaos as it means we see more that the themes that have been developed over the last thirty years, which in turn should help players in the main game think about how to theme their armies. I see the future having warbands from other alliances and factions as they can all have a reason for being in the area (gotten lost, epic quest, revenge, etc). The new models look great and I think the scenery looks amazing.
  10. Gaz Taylor

    The Rumour Thread

    Yup. I wouldn't read too much into that as we know Skulls and Warhammer go hand in hand. I'm sure if you cracked open a skull of somebody/something from Age of Sigmar, you would find it filled with skulls. With Adepticon at the end of the month, we will find out more soon
  11. Gaz Taylor

    Age of Sigmar RPG

    Hello, sorry about delay but been a horrible few weeks in the real world and been distracted by it. Yes I think this is a good idea and something I want to discuss with Ben but not the best time for me at moment. I love the idea of being able to do some AOS RPG sessions at home as it would get some brownie points off my wife. I'll get back to you
  12. Gaz Taylor

    Equipment for Kairics and Tzaangors

  13. Gaz Taylor

    The Rumour Thread

    New Rumour Engine Image - https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/03/12/the-rumour-engine-12th-march-2019/?fbclid=IwAR1iRT9imGuTrScx4eYAbkMj_2AwK0tDiB6Vkb5q19pI9jNmlVjWaZPMvYs
  14. Gaz Taylor

    The Rumour Thread

    This is what I'm expecting/hoping for. I suspect with Adepticon not far away, we will see a teaser for something really cool and I think people will get really excited.
  15. Gaz Taylor

    The Rumour Thread

    Right, I challenge you to have a conversation with your gaming group about some Rumours. Now after a short period of time, is the conversation still on Rumours? You also need to remember that people get excited about the stuff that's coming out and it's okay for them to express themselves about it (that's what this forum is for). Just let the mods poke things back on topic and let us know by either a report or message.