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Found 354 results

  1. Here is the new thread for discussing Clan Verminus / Skaven. With the imminent release of AoS 2 (and a lot of the info already being out there), now is the time for us to start afresh on TGA. Moving forward, this will be the main thread to chat about and discuss Clan Verminus / Skaven in the new edition. I still wholly encourage people to keep their own threads/army blogs within this sub forum and I also think those are a great place to share some photos as I know not everyone frequents the Painting & Modelling section. But this thread is purely for discussion around the faction, things such as (but not limited to) tactics and list building etc. You all know the drill, we've been doing it on this forum since inception! For newer players, I would say the older thread could still be worth perusal and whilst it is now locked for further replies, you can find it here - http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/16063-lets-chat-verminus/ Really excited to see what we can come up with as a community and I look forward to reading all your ideas and thoughts.
  2. Gaz Taylor

    AoS 2 - Clan Skyre Discussion

    Here is the new thread for discussing Clan Skyre. With the imminent release of AoS 2 (and a lot of the info already being out there), now is the time for us to start afresh on TGA. Moving forward, this will be the main thread to chat about and discuss Clan Skyre in the new edition. I still wholly encourage people to keep their own threads/army blogs within this sub forum and I also think those are a great place to share some photos as I know not everyone frequents the Painting & Modelling section. But this thread is purely for discussion around the faction, things such as (but not limited to) tactics and list building etc. You all know the drill, we've been doing it on this forum since inception! For newer players, I would say the older thread could still be worth perusal and whilst it is now locked for further replies, you can find it here - http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/11269-let´s-talk-skyre/ Really excited to see what we can come up with as a community and I look forward to reading all your ideas and thoughts.
  3. Hello! And welcome to my review of the novel Warbeast by Gav Thorpe. I'd like to start off explaining why I have decided to write this review about two years after having read it. My interest in the Age of Sigmar universe was restored after the release of 2.0 and I immediately began digging into the wikis' and lexicanum to absorb all I had missed, especially everything pertaining to my lead faction : the Stormcast. I was thrilled to read all the Malign Portents shorts and to read about characters like Hamiclar Bear-Eater and Balthus Arum while being sad that the most famous named character from my host Thostos Bladestorm is perma-dead. To top it all off in all the list of all the characters with lore entries I read none of the awesome characters I read about in Realmgate Wars: Warbeast had entries. I have decided I cannot let this stand so I am here to regale you with the tales of Arkas Warbeast and Theuderis Silverhand. Ok so I am not going to drop the entire story here but I'm going to give a brief summary and then in a separate paragraph I will list a few spoilers that I feel are really interesting or at least they were at the time. The novel picks up right away with the instant striking of a lone Stormcast (Arkas Warbeast) a Lord Celestant of the Celestial Vindicators (the choppy ones) into Ghur in the middle of a tribe of bloodbound reavers who he proceeds to butcher. Whats interesting is Arkas has been sent to not just his home realm of Ghur but to the very lands he failed to defend from the Skaven (especially a certain Verminlord) centuries ago. The setting is Usungorod, a clear allegory to dark age Russia. The land is a frozen tundra and you can imagine the brillant colors of turquoise and red clashing among the white snow. You learn that The Warbeast chamber has been sent to reclaim a realmgate that leads to the realm of life. You also learn that they are only one half of the force meant to retake the gate which is held by the skaven who are attempting to use it to their own evil ends. The other half is a force led by Theuderis Silverhand of the Knights Excelsior stormhost. Theuderis is interesting in that he is formerly of the realm of metal and was a king who successfully repelled the chaos forces that attempted conquer his lands. Both these characters clash as do the tactics of their stormhosts ( it seems the Knights Excelsior have been retconned into brutal purists rather than strict disciplined by the book types). However they both have serious personal questions about their purpose and the wisdom and intent of their God-King Sigmar not least of which is motivated by their policy on discovered survivors. There are brutal, visceral fights, but the real heart of this book is the incredibly human depictions of the Stormcast especially Arkas himself. I love this novel and absolutely recommend you read it if you're able. It almost seems nostalgic to look back at a time before the building of the great cities or the assault on the allgates. Have you read this book? If so how did you like it? Lets have a discussion! Spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Frost Queen of Kislev makes an appearance with some interesting revelations. The story takes place in a region of Ghur with particularly potent magic influence and the characters struggle against its influence on their minds. It is revealed that the Warbeast purpose are to die, confronting the overwhelming Skaven alone and sell their lives dearly as the more regimented Knights Excelsior coast on to the realmgate with the bulk of the Skaven drawn away. My favorite: Arkas used to be a Were-Bear when he was mortal. Whats more he still is. he thought his reforging had removed the "flaw" but he will live with the bear spirit inside him forever and he must learn to become one with the beast.
  4. Hey there guys, With 2018 just around the corner, a new AoS storyline about to begin with Malign Portents and hopefully some sweet Campaign Weekends being run at Warhammer World I thought I would begin a new project that I've been thinking about for a while - a Clan Moulder army. I have a good sized Skaven army from the World that was that needs to be updated for Age of Sigmar but I thought I would focus on a single clan for my new army, one I had never touched before. The main thing I want from this new army is to make it look like a horrifying mass of flesh and fur when arrayed on the table, and to me the current Rat Ogre models just don't fit that vibe - so as my first unit I have begun converting the Stormfiend models into normal Rat Ogres with, I hope, some success! Let me know what you thing and I'll hopefully be back with some more soon!
  5. Building a Skaven List Clan Pestilens The only Skaven clan with a “battletome” (it doesn’t feature any of the stuff modern tomes do, only warscrolls and a small handful of battalions, you need the General’s Handbook for the rest), Clan Pestilens were one of the first armies in the game to receive a book and their line repackaged into the new boxes with round bases and so on. Pestilens takes the existing theme of Skaven being mostly high damage, low durability and escalates it severely. Everything in the book is a melee powerhouse but lacks any form of self-defence. What Makes the Perfect Virus Plague Monks. Everything about this army hinges on and builds around it’s most numerous battleline option. The army features a whole SEVEN warscrolls (people with other armies will think this is a joke, but only Clan Skryre has more options than Pestilens), and all of these bar one are either Plague Monks, or something that makes Plague Monks more useful. It’s unsurprising that the exception, the Plagueclaw, is awful and almost never sees use. Plague Furnace and Plague Priests have access to prayers that buff Pestilens units, or debuff the enemy to make your army more effective at harming them. These prayers are also integrated into the army’s allegiance abilities in a key way. Allegiance to the Great Corruptor Pestilens have 2 allegiance abilities, one is extraordinarily simple and the other is somewhat more complex. Strength in Numbers gives 2 bravery for every 10 models in a unit instead of 1, which makes I far more viable to take 40 stacks of Plague Monks. Echoes of the Great Plagues is where the thinking comes in. Every natural roll of a 6 when praying allows a once per turn use of one of a selection of super plagues. Bar one, all of the Great Plagues hit the nearest target within 13 inches and have devastating effects like body blows of mortal wounds or even making enemies pile into each other. As your army will usually feature a stack of priests who will all be praying their maximum amount every turn, the odds of receiving these are good. MC Corruptor, Straight outta Ulgu Malign Sorcery gave us new artefact tables to draw from, and these come in handy as only 2 of the Pestilens artefacts (Liber Bubonicus and Vexler’s Shroud) are useful. My personal favourite is the Sword of Judgement from Ulgu, which causes d6 mortal wounds on every hit roll of a 6 or more, which single-handedly makes the Verminlord Corruptor the best Hero/Behemoth hunter in the game. Play around with these tables and find what suits you best. Ghur and Ghyran have some gems as well. Unfurling the Plague Scroll Given I’ve actually played well over 100 games with Clan Pestilens and started playing AoS with them, I feel somewhat confident in writing an example list. Over the course of my time in the NZ scene, I meant from 5 Major Defeats with this army to maintaining a win-rate of 3/5 games or better. While most wouldn’t consider this an impressive brag by any stretch, I feel it’s pretty good in a meta that mostly only features the battletome armies. Allegiance: Pestilens Mortal Realm: Ulgu Leaders Verminlord Corruptor (220) - General - Trait: Master of Rot and Ruin - Artefact: Sword of Judgement Plaguesmog Furnace (180) Plague Furnace - Artefact: Liber Bubonicus Congregation Furnace (180) Plague Furnace - Artefact: Doppelganger Cloak Plague Priest with Plague Censer (80) Plague Priest with Plague Censer (80) Battleline 5 x Plague Censer Bearers (60) 5 x Plague Censer Bearers (60) 40 x Plague Monks (240) - Foetid Blades 10 x Plague Monks (70) - Foetid Blades 10 x Plague Monks (70) - Foetid Blades 10 x Plague Monks (70) - Foetid Blades 10 x Plague Monks (70) - Foetid Blades 10 x Plague Monks (70) - Foetid Blades Units 10 x Gutter Runners (120) - Allies 10 x Gutter Runners (120) - Allies Battalions Congregation of Filth (170) Plaguesmog Congregation (140) Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 2 Allies: 240 / 400 Wounds: 166 Plan here is simple. Charge the enemy with the 40-man unit of Plague Monks with both the Bless with Filth and Rabid Fever buffs active. This unit will likely die to counter charges, but the active buffs will ensure it takes well over its own point cost with it. This is followed up in the next turn by both Furnaces hitting the enemy. Both will get full chance to fight as the one activated second has Doppelganger’s Cloak and so can’t be fought till it’s activated. The small units of Plague Monks and the Censer Bearers are there to follow up aggression and take objectives, and the Gutter Runners coming on behind the enemy force them to split their deployment, so they can’t present 100% of their defence against the front charge. I myself have ran this list several times and can confirm it will have no trouble taking down combat armies, but has trouble against heavy magic lists. To counteract this, utilize Gutter Runners to harass backfield mages and split the enemy’s focus. Don’t forget to remember the Plague Monk’s once per game activations and the radiant mortal wounds on the censers and furnaces. Go forth, and embrace the 3/2 glory that only an army getting absolutely murdered by Tzeentch can know.
  6. Skaven Elites Premier Troops of the Skaven Clans Across the 5 Great Clans of the Skaven, there are a variety of powerful and varied units that when combined allow a Skaven army to manage itself against various threats. Among these units, each clan has an “elite unit”, a costly and specialized warscroll that best represents the strength of the clan they hail from. Stormvermin Specialization: Damage Focused Support Infantry Starting with the most recognizable, Stormvermin are the clenched fist of the Verminus Clans, forming the centre of their sizable infantry force. They come with a respectable attack profile that features both rend and decent range, and their 5+ save that grows stronger against attacks that are only 1 damage. Pros · A powerful attack profile that heavily rewards being buffed by command abilities like Gnash Gnaw Their Bones and Tyrants of Battle. · 2 Inch range allows large clusters of Stormvermin to all fight or even fight over the top of lines of Clanrats. · Their ability to retreat and still charge, as well as the +2 to run and retreat rolls make them insanely manoeuvrable for elite horde infantry. · Murderous Ferocity gives them a bonus if they outnumber their victim, which they almost always do. Cons · 140pts for 10 rats is a very hefty price tag. They receive a discount for a full-size regiment but that weighs in at 500pts. · Other elite infantry will smash them aside with their poor save and single wound each if they don’t fight them first. · No protection from being shot at and no resistance to battleshock built in. Plague Censer Bearers Specialization: Objective Holding and Harassment The glass cannon version of Stormvermin, they pack the same attack profile but also receive bonus attacks for charging and rerolls for being near Plague Monks. Their presence is deadly, radiating mortal wounds on nearby opponents. Pros · 2 Inch range weapons on a 32mm base unit makes for a very large footprint capable of tying up multiple units. · One of the few sources Clan Pestilens has of guaranteed, unconditional rend. · Can be taken in a Plaguesmog Congregation, further boosting their damage output with their radiant damage and giving them a protection against being shot at. · 60pts for 5 is a very affordable cost, especially for their purpose as harassers and objective holders. Cons · No armor save means any successful attack against them, no matter how lowly, will kill them. · No mobility steroids means a very slow, expensive unit. · Must be selected first in combat or they won’t likely fight at all. Stormfiends Specialization: Wound Output and Game Closing The big baddies of the Skaven roster. People who know nothing about the Clans know what Stormfiends are and what they do. The centrepiece of many comp lists, nothing about this unit is subtle. They’re big, they’re nasty and they put out one hell of a beating. Pros · The most powerful weaponry in all the Skaven Clans. Warpfire Throwers that fountain mortal wounds on the enemy, Ratling Guns that mow down infantry and a range of brutal and horrific melee weapons are just mere options for the Stormfiends. · Massive durability, packing both a 4+ save and 6 wounds as well as decent bravery. · Synergy with Clan Moulder Packmasters to further enhance their damage capabilities. Cons · 290pts for 3. Maximum firepower isn’t cheap, and every loss will be severely felt. · Large unit footprint but slow moving, it is easy for the enemy to tie these up with cheap chaff. · Poor choice for allying from other clans due to their prohibitive cost and lack of utility. This is a luxury unit, not a support one. Gutter Runners Specialization: Flanking and Harassment Ninja rats that emerge from the board edge and drown the enemy in a storm of throwing stars and poisoned knives. Mobility, speed, shooting and utility are just the order of business for the lethal foot soldiers of Clan Eshin. Pros · Emerging from any board edge on turn 1 is massive for an army that has no flying or high movement units. · A powerful combat profile that benefits well from being allied into other armies, synergizing well with Pestilens to-wound buffs and Verminus command abilities. · Running and shooting makes them a very fast and mobile harassment unit. · 60ps for 5 is very cheap. 200pts for 20 is even better. Cons · Not the most survivable, the armor save won’t save them from much and low bravery means large unit sizes are easily punished. · Requires buff assistance from units like Plague Priests or Skaven Warlords to be effective. · Little to no synergy with their own heroes, Skaven Assassins don’t help them, and they will often be out of range of the Verminlord Deciever’s command ability. Rat Ogors Specialization: Line Breakers The hulking masterworks of Clan Moulder throw themselves savagely at the enemy, using their superior durability and destructive strength to bat aside enemy chaff. Synergizing strongly with both their own clan and others, Rat Ogors are a force to be feared. Pros · Benefitting from Packmasters, Plague Priests, Skaven Warlords and more, their basic stats are a solid foundation to buff and build on. · Under the effects of buffs, their ability to gain bonus attacks will see them laying the pain. · Chaff will have trouble chipping them down due to multiple wounds, and won’t stand up to their 2 damage attacks. Cons · Too expensive and bought in lots of 2. Not good enough to warrant allying. · Awful bravery means if a Packmaster isn’t near, one casualty will see them buckle. · Shooting attack looks good on paper but will rarely come into play.
  7. Building a Skaven List Clan Moulder Rats on rats. Moudler is the Skaven clan characterised by two things; the massive weight of monsters and numbers it can bring to the table, and the staple reliance it’s players have on Forgeworld. A cursory look at the Moulder GW line will give you an entire Online Order Only army, most of which has lacklustre rules. Fortunately, daddy Forgeworld has our back. Brood Horrors and Wolf Rats are massively underutilized Skaven units but are both absolutely fantastic units, and very strong in the current meta. Building a Better Rat Moulder have no battalions since the gutting of the clawpacks, and no allegiance abilities either. This means we’re going high drop counts, and we’re going in with one artefact. A Moulder list hinges on it’s Packmasters, a specialized hero who provides a swathe of buffs to nearby Moulder monsters. He can whip a nearby unit to make it charge further and hit harder, and Moulder units near him double their bravery during the battleshock phase. Their battleline options are the cheap swarms of Giant Rats that get better the more there are, and the hard hitting Rat Ogors. Go Big or Go Home You have 4 behemoth slots at 2k games, and we need to fill all 4. The best unit for the job is the Brood Horror, a Forgeworld warscroll who boasts an impressive combat profile and the ability to heal itself for d3 wounds every turn. The Hellpit Abomination is also a contender for this slot, but their higher points cost, lack of durability and random modifiers tend to make them subpar compared to the Brood Horror. You’ll need speedy units for objectives, and again Forgeworld provides with the Wolf Rats. These fast moving units hit hard on the charge and are great targets for Packmaster buffs. The final piece of the puzzle is something that can tie the enemy up and keep them from counter-charging your Horrors and Wolves, and what better for this than massive units of Giant Rats. Their stats decline horrifically as they lose models, but at their best these things will slam hard into enemy infantry. Imperfect Monsters The army’s weaknesses lie in it’s vulnerability to battleshock and bravery shenanigans, it’s lack of wizards and absence of reliable shooting. Strong units to ally can be the Verminlord Corruptor, who’s command ability will aid your army while also providing a valuable wizard, and the Gutter Runners of Eshin who flank behind your horde and harass support heroes. Pestilens Plague Priests can buff the army’s wound rolls and allow rerolls to wound, making Giant Rats and Wolf Rats even more lethal on impact. The Horde Unleashed Here I’ve constructed a list designed to capitalize on the impact of the army. Given the enemy will be deciding who goes first more than likely, the best case scenario is going second and setting up a double turn. Praying for Wither on the enemy and then hitting them with the Giant Rats, as well as flashing the same enemy with the Plague Tome, will ensure the Giant Rats annihilate the front row. This leaves the Brood Horrors free to advance and take hit buffs from the Packmasters. Allegiance: Moulder Leaders Packmaster (60) - General - Herding Whip & Blade - Trait: Malicious Conqueror - Artefact: Crown of Conquest Packmaster (60) - Herding Whip & Blade Packmaster (60) - Herding Whip & Blade Verminlord Corruptor (220) - Allies Plague Priest with Plague Censer (80) - Allies Plague Priest with Plague Censer (80) - Allies Battleline 40 x Giant Rats (200) 40 x Giant Rats (200) 10 x Giant Rats (60) 10 x Giant Rats (60) Units 10 x Wolf Rats (200) 10 x Wolf Rats (200) Behemoths Brood Horror (160) Brood Horror (160) Brood Horror (160) Total: 1960 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 380 / 400 Wounds: 195 This is one hell of a lot of bodies. Hit up your local Pestilens player for their spare decorative rats to get a lot of Giant Rats quickly. Purchase a can of Mournfang Brown and a small bucket of Agrax Earthshade. And finally, develop both an intimate understanding of the British Pound exchange rate and the virtue of patience as you deal with our Forgeworld Overlords.
  8. Welcome to Age of Sigmar second edition people. Lets kick off the first blog post for this edition with how mixed skaven measures up thanks to the chages to Grand Alliance: Chaos rules. Allegiance Ability The GA: Chaos allegiance ability is nothing too overpowered, par the course for the Grand Alliances. "Unbridled Malice" is a slight rework of the old ability they had, in this edition you roll a dice for a unit when you select it to fight in the combat phase if that unit is within 12 inches of your general or 3 inches of a hero, and on the roll of a 6 they add one to all their hit rolls. I like this one (on the event anyone remembers to actually roll for it) because Skaven field a lot of heroes and a lot of units that really benefit from +1 to hit like Clanrats, Plague Monks and Gutter Runners, and I'll be adding this to my reminder sheet. Command Traits Dark Avenger - This grants +1 to hit against order units for the general. Not great really. Spiteful Duelist - Reroll one wound roll per combat for the general. Somehow worse than the above. Cunning Deciever - Roll a dice at the start of your turn, with a 5+ netting you a free command point. This is pretty cool to be honest, great for a pasive long range force like a heavy Skryre or a Moulder force that needs all the command points it can get. Lord of War - Pick a unit within 3 inches and roll a dice, on a 4+ it gets +1 to hit. Definitely neat, this one will usually not ever be a waste especially considering Unbridled Malice as a rule. Terrifying Pressence - Enemies within 3 inches of the general suffer -1 to bravery. Not awful, definitely not better than Lord of War or Cunning Deciever. Malicious Conqueror - Add 1 to all Unbridled Malice rolls made within 12 inches of the general. I like this one, and in my army that runs a heavy amount of minimum size Plague Monk units i'll be taking this every time. Artifacts I literally have no interest in covering 5 out of the 6 artifacts in this list because they're absolutely worthless. However one of them is a classic from the last two editions of the GHB, and it got one HELL of a remake. The Crown of Conquest - Friendly CHAOS units within 6 inches of the bearer don't need to test for battleshock. I'm sorry, what? How on earth did this get past the design team? Did they think the new coherence rule somehow would make this not completely broken? I'm switching from Pestilens Allegiance for this. That's how big a deal this is. This takes Strength in Numbers and kicks it out the door. This thing on a Plaguesmog Congregation Plague Furnace pushed by clanrats for the Look Out Sir rule? Totally broken. This is now a 12 wound model with -2 to hit it providing a 6 inch bubble of NO BATTLESHOCK. This is stupid. I basically wrote this entire blog post to cover this ridiculous artifact.
  9. Last weekend I played in New Zealand's AOS tournament Call to Arms, one of the biggest of its kind since the AOS Scene began. I had a great time, and the TO Fraser B did a fantastic job keeping things on time and running smoothly. Would happily attend another event if he was the TO. That being said, let’s do it. The List Allegiance: Chaos Mortal Realm: Ulgu Leaders Screaming Bell (200) - General - Trait: Malicious Conqueror - Artefact: Crown of Conquest Lord Skreech Verminking (300) Plague Furnace (180) Verminlord Corruptor (220) - Artefact: Sword of Judgement Battleline 20 x Clanrats (120) - Rusty Spear 20 x Clanrats (120) - Rusty Spear 20 x Clanrats (120) - Rusty Spear Units 5 x Plague Censer Bearers (60) 5 x Plague Censer Bearers (60) 30 x Plague Monks (210) - Foetid Blades 30 x Plague Monks (210) - Foetid Blades Battalions Plaguesmog Congregation (140) Endless Spells Chronomantic Cogs (60) Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 178 For the people that read my blogs, you'll notice this ISN'T the list I said I planned to use. After the FAQ dropped the TO allowed people to submit different lists, and I took this opportunity to take an army that uses magic with the nerf to Lens of Refraction. The list also was designed to perform strongly against Death and Nurgle, the two most popular lists in the meta. While almost half of players at the tournament ran Death or Nurgle, this didn't play in my favour. I didn't match a single one. Game 1: Disciples of Tzeentch Scenario: Duality of Death Outcome: Major Loss This was the closest game of the tournament by far. The scores were close all game and the game came down to a single victory point of difference. My opponent is a highly skilled player who played Tzeentch all through their changes and does consistently well, so I went into the game expecting some seriously tactical plays. I was not disappointed, Matt consistently pre-empted my moves and was rarely caught by surprise. He sacrificed control of half the table once he had gained a majority of points and focused on heavily protecting the initial victory point from me. His Lord of Change was running the -2 to melee against it which prevented the corruptor assassinating him off the point, as well as Verminking being unable to reach him past a line of Horrors. The game continued to turn 5, with me unable to remove the Lord of Change. Solid, close game was had. Game 2: Ironjawz Scenario: Better Part of Valour Outcome: Major Win Already a difficult matchup for the Ironjawz due to my high numbers and mortal wound output, my already disadvantaged opponent was not able to both hold a line and break my own simultaneously to win. My tide of rats shattered through the Ard Boyz and Brutes easily, shaving wounds off the Maw Krusha and easily tangling up the Gore Gruntas. Verminlord Corruptor ran in and kill-stealed both the Maw Krusha and the Fungoid Shaman with ease. My board domination forced him to burn his points early or lose them to me, meaning all I had to do was keep pushing and burn my own a turn later. Game resulted in both a win and full kill points to me. Game 3: Stormcast Eternals Scenario: Focal Points Outcome: Major Loss Wow, heavily underestimated the new Sacrosanct Chamber. I deployed along the line, expecting the usual Stormcast tactic of spreading onto objectives and trying to hold them for as long as possible before eventually dying off to numbers and mortal wounds. Shaun promptly told me to go ****** myself, charged across the table as hard and fast as possible on turn 1 and destroyed a third of my army. I constantly got smacked with an Everblaze Comet and any attempts at spellcasting were laughingly deflected by a Knight Incantor. I went for kill points as hard as possible after realizing defeat was inevitable and ended up taking maybe a third of his force. Easy win for Shaun. Game 4: Legion of Azgorh Scenario: Gift from the Heavens Outcome: Major Win Always a hard game against an army that very few people play. I out deployed my opponent opted to play first, using my clanrats to screen off charges from the Taur'uk and his Bull Centaurs, as well as sending 30 Plague Monks around the side to flank Shar'tor the Executioner and block line of sight from the artillery. The Magma Cannons opened fire on the Screaming Bell, which survived with a single wound. My opponent proceeded to double turn me, easily taking out around half of my army. What remained however were Plague Monks, both the Verminlords, a Plague Furnace and my Censer Bearers. I proceeded to match my opponent's punch with a heavy counterpunch that shattered the Ironsworn's defensive line around the war machines and reached the squishy interior. I then rolled well in priority, receiving a double turn of my own and proceeded to completely table my opponent with the momentum gained in the previous turn. Mess with the Ratto, you get the stabbo. Game 5: Daughters of Khaine Scenario: Relocation Orb Outcome: Major Loss A much-desired match for my opponent Shaun T, a good friend of mine who I was able to beat in one of the critical games at the NZ Masters. Shaun has wanted a rematch since, and he took the opportunity and RAN with it. Easily zeroing Verminking off the tale with Morathi and a Knight Venator in turn 1, the momentum continued smoothly with him simply creating walls to prevent me taking the objectives before he could reach them, ensuring that even with me slowly marching forward and killing his troops I wasn't able to score points. Shaun knew my strengths and made sure I wasn't able to use them against him and secured himself a very clean victory. Verdict Should have kept my army as it was before changes. I knew the list well but opted to try a counter-list instead and paid the price for it. I made a few critical misplays, namely not walling against Sacrosanct Chamber and playing too defensively initially against Daughters of Khaine. Positives Censer Bearers severely overperformed in every game, either holding objectives or following up the Plague Furnace to deliver solid, consistent damage. Screaming Bell did well, the bravery immunity from Crown of Conquest enabled Plague Monks to remain in the fight for far longer than usual and Clanrats to hold the enemy off. The Chaos Grand Alliance ability went off WAY more than you would expect. Sword of Judgement is utter filth on the Verminlord Corruptor and effectively ensured the enemy had to deal with him or lose their characters. Plague Furnace was a super effective line breaker and the Plaguesmog Congregation battalion kept it safe from shooting allowing it to reach the front line of enemy armies with ease. Cons Clanrats could easily have been replaced with Plague Monks and had the same outcome, units of 20 died too quickly to benefit from their mobility. Skreech Verminking either died too early to be useful or simply didn't kill enough to warrant his cost, paling severely next to the Verminlord Corruptor. Chronomantic Cogs either were too risky to use for fear of causing the enemy to come back from defeat or allowed the enemy to out-position me and prevent valuable charges from the Plague Monks and characters. Changes for Next Time Revert to Pestilens allegiance, Great Plagues and Strength in Numbers are far more useful than the +1 to hit, as useful as it was on the occasion it happened. Instead of allying Clanrats, ally in Gutter Runners to force a fight on two fronts. Swap out Cogs for more bodies. Take Congregation of Filth for the 6+ ward save and the reroll charges as I found several times that I wished I had them to fall back on like normal. In summary, the Great Corruptor punished me for my treason against Him and I throw myself upon his mercy. Great tournament, had a great time with my friends, and was stoked to see a good friend of mine with his new Nighthaunt army he hadn't even had a chance to test podium with 2nd. Hopefully some of his skill rubs off on me when we play alongside one another at the coming Doubles Tournament in September.
  10. Rangeltoft

    Clan Moulder question

    Hello to you all! Played my first AoS game ever last week with my Maggotkin (due to having Nurgle Daemons in 40k) and found AoS to be alot more fun then I expected. In Fantasy I always loved the Skaven and Clan Moulder has always been my favorite (followed by Pestilence and Skyre). So to my question: How do I run a Clan Moulder list in AoS 2.0? I understand that Rat Ogres and Giant Rats become battleline in a Moulder list, but what else can I include in the list , without bringing allies? Can I for instance run a Grey Seer and still count the army as Moulder? What Command Traits and Artifacts do I use (GA: Chaos or none at all?) /Cheers Rangeltoft
  11. Hanskrampf

    Allegiance Cards: Skaven Skryre

    Version 3.11.00


    Age of Sigmar started out simple enough. But the first General's Handbook changed a lot of things. Suddenly you could personalise a few things for your army with command traits for your general and artefacts for your heroes. Then dropped the first battletomes which included allegiance abilities. And the amount grew rapidly. Because I don't like flipping back and forth in my books for every other ability, I created some cards to help keep the important rules right at the table, beside your models. All cards are available as print files with 3mm bleed and cutting marks, as a 'web' version (for viewing on smartphones/tablets), US letter and DIN A4 printing sheet. each set contains: cover / card backside, Battle Traits, Command Traits, Artefacts, cards for spell lores and faction specific skills card size is 63 x 88 mm (same as Pokemon, Magic, 40k Datacards, etc.) language: English I tried to keep the original wording, but sometimes I had to abbreviate it to fit on the card without scaling down the font size. The rule intentions should still be clear. 'Dice' was continuously replaced with D3 or D6, 'wound roll' with 'To-Wound roll' (same for hit), 'Mortal Wounds' sometimes with 'MW' each set can be stored in a faction specific card box, with contents listed on the back (instructions) I will expand these cards further, but don't count on any release schedule or certain timeframe after release of new stuff. If you find any errors or have suggestions, please let me know. I had fun creating these cards and hope people will find them useful and have fun using them in their games. All rules, artwork and the Age of Sigmar logo © Games Workshop PLC These cards are for personal use only and you should always keep your General's Handbook and/or Battletome nearby to solve any conflicts from bad wording on the cards. These cards are only a playing aid and never could nor should replace an official publication. Please let me know if I have used anything you would like to be removed. Overview and changes
  12. Something a little different this time, we're reaching out of the pestilent pond and talking about the model that literally made me want to play Skaven as an army (Pre AOS even), the dreaded lord of all Verminlords, Skreech the Verminking. Royal Introductions Skreech is the skaven named character that does a little bit of everything. He has a solid combat profile, he has a toolkit of abilities that let him recieve a small buff of yur choice each turn based on each skaven clan that switches up his utlity, and he's a spellcaster packing the infamous Dreaded Thirteenth Spell. He has a command ability that will be at least slightly useful no matter what type of skaven force you take and he's exceptionally reasonably costed at only 300pts. Boons of the Rat-King The reason to take Skreech in the old edition was his surprising kill capabilities in close combat and his unleashing the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell to chunck a unit for between 5 and 10 wounds on average. In this edition, said sell now summons free clanrats because I don't know, it wasn't strong enough before or something silly. He also went down in cost and contributes as a spellcaster to deal with the new Endless Spells. He no longer has to be the general to use his command ability, a relief considering he can't take a command trait or artifacts. Drawbacks of Monarchy I mean, Skreech's only reaal weaknesses are the same as all the other Verminlords. He only has 12 wounds and a 4+ save, which honestly isn't even awful. He can't take traits or artifacts being a named character, but given his comman ability isn't tethered to being the general that doesn't come into play. Beseeching the Lord Taking Skreech is a no brainer if you've made the call to not use Thanquol and Boneripper (don't use both, it's cool but its 700pts). The real dream however is not taking Skreech, taking a Screaming Bell and summoning him for free, then instantly using the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell to kill a bunch of enemy troops and throw down a line of Clanrats in front of Skreech to cover him from a charge. Mixed Skaven can awlays find a home for the Lord Skreech, do so often and without hesitation.
  13. Most armies have their dedicated elite infantry, and from the Freeguild Greatswords to the Kharadron Grundstock Thunderers they bear an infamous reputation on the battlefield. Each of the Skaven Clans have their own as well, and those fielded by the Clans Pestilens are known as Plague Censer Bearers. Swinging High The standout strengths of the Censer Bearers are evident. Unlike Plague Monks their weapon range is 2 inches, meaning they can actually swing over the top of themselves when taken in large groups. Their base rend on their weapons is -1, above the Plague Monks who need wound rolls of 6 to compete with that. Topping this off, in the hero phase each unit near them has a chance to take a mortal wound on the side. They also reroll all failed hits and battleshock outcomes as long as they hang close to a unit of Plague Monks, which in any smart list they'll have at least 2 or 3 units nearby. Falling Short No save, and unlike Plague Monks, no way of acquiring one. Furthermore, they're 60pts for 5 models, and that's 60pts that can be erased by merely average shooting. This is an elite unit that cannot withstand ANY level of pressure, so they need a stack of buffs to hit their full potential. Plaguelord's Verdict With the Verminlord Corruptor's command ability, the Plague Furnace's Rabid Fever and Bless with Filth, and maybe an enemy debuffed with Wither for good measure, these guys will literally EAT anything they go up against. A unit of 10 swinging for 40 attacks rerolling all of it's failed hit and wound rolls is going to blitz ANYTHING short of a 2+ save rerolling fails. Taken in the Plaguesmog Congregation they will be -1 to hit with shooting and putting out far more proximity mortal wounds in the hero phase. However without these buffs, they'll get swatted turn 1 or 2 and you'll lose your high cost point sink. Take them in a group of 10 and a group of 5 as part of a Plaguesmog for the extra artifact and command point or don't take them at all.
  14. Striding above the lesser rats as they charge screaming into battle is a monster the skaven fear more than any other. Verminlords are the truest incarnation of the Horned Rat, be they ascended champions rewarded for excellence, shards of the Horned Rat given form and function, or the hideous Lord Skreech Verminking, an abomination formed from the essence of the entire original Council of Thirteen. These entities lead the skaven, from the front and from the shadows, and of their number none are fouler than the Verminlord Corruptor. A Nurgle Daemon Unlike Any Other The Verminlord Corruptor is the centrepiece model of a Clan Pestilens army. As the only unit in the book with a command ability, if they're in the list they'll be the general. Before Pestilens recoeved alleigance abilities this guy didn't see much use, he was an awkward out of place model that simply cost too much. Now, with a point reduction and command traits and artifacts that bring him into line with the rest of the army this chittering monstrosity makes for a formidable leader indeed. Disease Strides the Battlefield The Corruptor is best played thematically. He stalks behind a line of plague monks, casting his command ability on them while casting mystic shield to preserve nearby Plague Furnaces and unleashes his unique Plague spell on anything close, or anything close to his nearby expendable and targetable swarm. He only fights in close combat when victory is assured, and given his game changing command ability is willing to expend every last rat to preserve his own well-being. Equipped with the Blistervious, the Living Cyst and bearing the Master of Rot and Ruin trait this potent support general will stay alive on the back field, casting prayers and spells to support his minions and dealing with any enterprising assassins foolish enough to come close. Points to Remember 12 wounds and a 4+ save is not that durable. If the Corruptor tries to trade blows with anything bigger than a support hero, he will lose. The idea of this mighty creature cutting down hated Allariele the Everqueen is pleasant, until her beetle takes him out in literally one round of combat. Prayers used by a Corruptor who has Master of Rot and Ruin or the Liber Bubonicus cannot trigger Great Plagues. Can't fathom why, but rules as written he doesn't. Don't try it. We might be scum skaven players, but we aren't cheats. His unique spell can be chained through your own troops to reach the enemy. Not always smart, but always funny when it goes off and causes the enemy even more casualties. Parting Shots (With a Prehensile Tail) I've begun the hard task of repainting my corruptor, shown here in his original, if somewhat rough glory, and halfway through his new paint job with lovely crystalline horns.
  15. When I first started playing tournaments I would usually finish on a comfortable 4 or 5 Major Defeats. This was happening to me because I wasn't just a new player, I was a bad player. Losing doesn't make you bad, but losing consistently and not taking steps to improve does. My first step to improving was to read my warscrolls. Not just read, but really dig in and memorize them (Clan Pestilens has about 6 warscrolls, so no excuse not to really). From there I constructed a small phase by phase flow chart to remind me of all the small rules that I would sometimes forget that culd have shifted the balance of a game, and as soon as i made this chart i went from an average of 1 Major Victory to 3 Major Victories almost overnight. This can be applied to any army, but I've posted below the flowchart I was following for the NZ Masters tournament last year (Adapted for AoS2) where until Round 4, i was one of the favorites to win the event (Fate is fickle, ****** you Tzeentch). Pestilens Turn Progression Hero Phase · Choose whether to spend command abilities (not advised in the first battle round, save them for turn 2 charges). · Use all prayers of all priests (If first battle round things won’t be in range of Pestilent Breath, however you can still do it targeting nowhere to potentially get The Neverplgaue great plague). · Cast spells with the Verminlord Corruptor. · Choose whether or not to use one-use only effects in the Plague Monk and Plague Priest warscrolls, ideally the Plague Monk tome that deals mortal wounds or the enemy debuffs from the scroll. · Check if any enemies are within range of proximity-based damage (Plague Furnace, Plague Censer Bearers). Movement · Plagueclaw Catapults can move without a penalty to its shooting. · Move Plague Monks and Censer Bearers forward, however if they cannot possibly make a successful charge stay out of enemy charge range or bubblewrap with Plague Monks that have the Rabid Fever prayer active. Shooting · Prioritise infantry blocks with good saves as the Plagueclaw target, or soften up targets about to be charged by your Plague Monks. · Verminlord has a shooting attack, it isn’t awful against low save units. Charge/Combat · Command points can be spent to reroll failed charges, so roll charges before spending the points. · Charge in groups of 2 or 3 units, avoid sending you entire army in in a single phase. Battleshock · Remember that Pestilens allegiance gives you 2 bravery for every 10 monks in a unit, not 1. · If you wish to use Inspiring Presence it has to be done before any battleshock rolls are made. If you play Pestilens, I recommend taking this and adapting it to the list you run. If you don't play Pestilens (Normies leave reeee) I recommend constructing one for your own army regardless of how good a player you are. It only takes one lapse of memory to lose a game.
  16. James McPherson

    Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    I currently run an all Clan Pestilens list, and this is a thread to write down tactics, strategies and spread the dirt.
  17. Xanax Lot

    Let´s Talk Skyre

    Hi Guys just got my copy of the GH 2017, I am trying to get my head arround the what a very competitive Skyre Army could look like and therefore I thought It would be a good idea to talk it with the community to see which new combos we can have now!
  18. Dez

    Let's chat Skaven tactics

    I've been playing a lot of Skaven lately, and having an absolute blast. I love the diversity of the army, even staying within the keyword SKAVEN. I thought I'd start an index here, gathering thoughts on Skaven Units and overall synergy. So lets hear your feelings and experience. The Clans: Eshin - Ninjas! Moulder - Monstrous Beasts and Dr. Frankenstein tendencies Pestilens - Plagues and Filth and Bathrobes Skryre - A Knack for the Mechanical Verminus - Fighters and Warriors en masse...or at least the Rats in the front to prevent the cool toys from being destroyed Masterclan - Magic, Voodoo, Claw Wigglers Leaders: Skaven Assassin Verminlord Deceiver, Behemoth Packmaster Plague Furnace, Behemoth Plague Priest with Plague Censor Plague Priest with Warpstone-tipped Staff Verminlord Corruptor, Behemoth Arch Warlock Warlock Engineer Skaven Warlord Verminlord Warbringer, Behemoth Grey Seer Lord Skreech Verminkin, Behemoth Screaming Bell, Behemoth Thanquol and Boneripper, Behemoth Verminlord Warpseer, Behemoth Battleline: Clan Rats Artillery: Plagueclaw Warp Lighting Cannon Warplock Jezzails Behemoth: Hellpit Abomination Doomwheel Others Units: Gutter Runners Night Runners, Battleline Eshin Giant Rats, Battleline Moulder Rat Ogors Rat Swarms Plague Censor Bearers Plague Monks Ratling Gun Weapon Team Warp-grinder Weapon Team Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team Doom-flayer Weapon team Skryre Acolytes, Skryre Battleline Stormfiends, Skryre Battleline Stormvermin Battalions: Virulent Procession - Clan Pestilens Foulrain Congregation - Clan Pestilens Plaguesmog Congregation - Clan Pestilens Congregation of Filth - Clan Pestilens Clan Skryre - Skryre Other Synergistic Units: Sayl the Faithless
  19. Kraxriket

    Suggestion: United skaven battletome

    So i've been thinking about my favorite faction in the wake of the maggotkin and death battletomes which both do a great job of uniting the respective factions. I would personally love if Games workshop continued in this way with skaven, seeing as the faction has so many units that aren't really featured outside of the grand alliance chaos book. Skryre and pestilens have a spot, but having the different skaven clans work together and patch some of the weaknesses they currently suffer from (such as being a general footslog to play without comparable synergy to e.g. sylvaneth or seraphon armies which both have a smaller range of models but higher synergy between them due to a single unifying keyword. Imagine having the single unifying keyword be Skaven. You could implement interesting deepstrike mechanics like gnawholes to give the armies less of a footslog feel. Some warscrolls would be in need of a revamp, akin to the maggotkin book. Higher point costs for units with more oomph, such as doomwheels. You don't really need new models for this either. New terrain features could be cool, akin to the gnarlmaw. But the army has such a rich array of interesting models that you just need to get a book to unify them to spice them up and make them interesting again! Interesting spell lore books for the different clans would be really cool, giving bonuses to different styles of play without having to use just the models of one faction. I think this would And to open up for discussion, what do you think? Are there any other blocks that could have a unifying battletome? What would you like to see in a unified skaven battletome?
  20. I abandoned the original idea of playing Bloodbound to collect Skaven, as opening up their Uniforms & Heraldry book again kindled something nefarious deep inside of me... Of course, I'll still paint up my starter set Bloodbound and admire the minis. I've got 80 clanrats on the way, plus a few weapon teams and a warlock. They're going to keep me busy for quite a while, but so will deciding on a color scheme! I have a few clans in mind that I like the look and fluff of. Since my list is geared toward Verminus and Skryre, I could do with the majority of Warlord Clans and be fine. I'm not sure how many others are familiar with the book and the many clans it showcases, so I'll leave some examples here. I thought it' be fun to make a poll, although how much influence it has on my decision, I can't say for sure. Clan Rictus: An immensely wealthy Warlord clan, thanks to a large supply of Night Goblin slaves. They rival Mors in terms of wealth and both continually seek ways to outdo one-another. Their Warlord sits on the fifth seat of the Council of Thirteen. They are known for their black-furred Stormvermin, grim, violent and the cream of the crop of Skavendom. They favor black garb and armor, with white banners. Clan Mors: Essentially the strongest of the Warlord clans; their Warlord holds the second seat on the Council of Thirteen. They flaunt better quality equipment than other clans, owing their prestige to taking the Dwarf stronghold of Karak Eight Peaks. They favor red in their heraldry and garb. They frequently use Skaven of lesser clans to do their dirty work, and employ beasts of Moulder and weapons of Skryre. Clan Vrrtkin: A Thrall clan of Skryre since the Second Great Civil War. They specialize in exterminating rival clans, which they go about with Poisoned Wind Globardiers and Weapon Teams. As a result, their banners frequently depict green poison globes and warpfire on white fields, and they dress in green. Due to their obsession with poison globes, every Skaven in Vrrtkin treasures gas masks; these are in short supply and always go to the Warlords and Stormvermin first. Clanrats have to make do with broken remnants and bandages. The Warlord of Clan Skryre sits at the twelfth seat on the Council of Thirteen - the third most powerful, if one considers the Great Horned Rat on the Thirteenth. As thralls - extensions of the great clan, Vrrtkin have a lofty place on the totem pole. So there's my conundrum: choosing between three powerful, characterful clans with very different looks. I also like the Eshin thralls, although none of my lists have any Eshin keyword units!
  21. Riff_Raff_Rascal

    Ratnado - Skaven Shenanigans

    This is utterly ridiculous but I have a scheme. Thing-Things you need: Verminlord Deceiver, Screaming Bell, Balewind Vortex, X Skaven Assassins/Grey Seers Step 1: Skitterleap Screaming bell in their face. Ring the Bells of the great horned rat. You have fun whatever the result. Step 2: Scraming Bell attempts Summon Balewind Vortex. Dispelling be damned. Failing the spell be double dibley damned. But IF, successful rejoice. Step 3: At next combat reveal assassins FROM screaming bell. You heard me right, on top of the vortex. Next hero phase, skitterleap more wizards on top of it. Infinite Cosmic Powa!....with itty bitty living space. Tell me where I'm wrong. Have fun.
  22. Riff_Raff_Rascal

    Verminlord Corruptor - Plaguemaster

    Lets say I cast a verminlord's plague spell on orks with 2 wounds each. For each MODEL, roll a die, on a 6 the UNIT takes a mortal wound. It also has the potential to copy its effects to nearby ork units, also 2 wounds each. Lets say I do 3 mortal wounds to each unit and 1.5 orks die. Now, the verminlord also has a passive plaguemaster ability that says "if an enemy model suffers a wound from [him] but is not slain, roll a dice at the end of the turn. On a 2+ that model suffers a mortal wound". Will those orks with 1 wound left in each unit take another hit? Am I treating the spell's effects as another source of damage from the verminlord?
  23. excalibur

    Age of 40k a joke?

    Hey guys! So, I just got into AoS a while ago and I really like the hobby, so much so that some of my friends have taken notice. One of my best friends in particular expresses certain interest in the hobby, but is more interested in the 40k side of things. (Mainly because of Robots.) I have a sizeable Skaven force (Verminus/Skyre,) that I have hardly played with, but am still quite attached to. We would want to play against each other, so we could enjoy this awesome hobby with each other, but there are clear restrictions. I hear that there are AoS warscrolls for 40k armies, and looking into it for the Tau (my friend’s top choice right now,) there is a rule set for them. Obviously, close range Skaven against the Uber-shooty tau is a big difference, but would it work? Could it work? (Meaning 40k vs AoS in general.) He has yet to make a purchase, but would like to get to some painting. Are Tau even viable right now? Should I try to convince him differently? (Maybe to the AoS side?) but, as it goes without saying, it’s his purchases, so right now I’m just telling him what he might want to get. Should I even bother with the 40k warscrolls? Any thoughts welcome! Thanks a ton!
  24. fiZZycoke

    Competitive Skyre list??

    Hello all, I've been trying to make a skaven clan skyre list work for a few weeks now, it seems to do well in a straight up fight but in objective based scenarios it is much more difficult. I'm getting this army ready for a 2 day tournament in November (2400pts) check out my list and let me know what you think, any advice would be awesome. Alternatively I've made a "skaven" list along the same lines as well. Heroes Unit Type Points Arch-Warlock Leader 140 Warlock Engineer Leader 100 Warlock Engineer Leader 100 Battline 3 x Stormfiends Battleline 300 Warpfire Projectors 3 x Stormfiends Battleline 300 Warpfire Projectors 3 x Stormfiends Battleline 300 2 x Shock Guantlets 1 x Grinderfists 3 x Stormfiends Battleline 300 2 x Shock Guantlets 1 x Grinderfists Artillery Warplightning Cannon Artilery 180 Warplightning Cannon Artilery 180 Other units 1 x Warpfire Thrower 60 1 x Warpfire Thrower 60 1 x Warpfire Thrower 60 1 x Warpgrinder 100 Formations Clan Skyre 200 Gautfyre Skorch Arkhspark Voltik Arch-Warlock 2380 Or list 2.. Heroes Unit Type Points Thanquol & Boneripper Leader 500 Behemoth Unique Skaven Cheiften with Battle Standard Leader 140 Crown of Conquest Plague Priest with Plague Censer Leader 80 Packmaster Leader 60 Packmaster Leader 60 Battline 10 x Clanrats Battleline 60 10 x Clanrats Battleline 60 30 x Clanrats Battleline 180 3 x Stormfiends 300 Warpfire Projectors 6 x Stormfiends 600 2 x Grinderfist 4 x Shock Gauntlets Artillery Warplightning Cannon Artilery 180 Warplightning Cannon Artilery 180 2400 Again any advice on the lists would be appreciated -fizzycoke