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  1. Well, just put the finishing touches to my KO list which I’ve been working towards since Aether War dropped. Had a mare getting my Ironclad on the stand but hopefully it’s sorted now. Apologies in advance for the long-ish post. List attached here somewhere, went full-geek-ahead on naming and lore so here we go. Photos first (hope you all like Nurgle photobombs). I believe I’ve pioneered a painting style I like to call ‘s**t speed paint’ with this one: https://imgur.com/gallery/M1O6zsj Also, I hope you all like lore (in which I make excuses for poor painting and using Barak Zilfin rules for my custom Skyport): Barak Zinti (Tinkerers, Tinsmiths) are often referred to by fellow Duardin as the ‘Zintrommal’ (Tin Beards) due to their almost exclusive use of the commonplace, low grade metal in their smithing. It is a minor skyport with no seats on the Geldraad and no significant deeds of note. The real wealth of Barak Zinti, however, lies in the production of an alloy of tin and Aethergold known as ‘Aetherzint’. The method of production of Aetherzint is, of course, a closely-guarded secret, but while this alloy is no stronger than any of the other metals commonly used among the Kharadron, it is both highly resistant to corrosion and substantially lighter. As the consequence of these properties, the skyships of Barak Zinti have been known to keep pace with those of the illustrious Barak Zilfin on a good day with a fair wind. Furthermore, it is for these reasons that the skyships of Barak Zinti often have a drab and poorly maintained exterior, since no amount of chipped paint or sky-barnacles can slow them to the pace of most other Skyports. Barak Zinti are a Barak of miners and Whaleen hunters, needing a steady supply of both metal and oil to keep the forges alight and skyships in the air. Phew!! All done. Feedback welcome if anyone has any.
  2. Sounds rad, give it a go and let us know!! I had a 40/30/10/10 and 2 Frigates with the Attack Squadron so you could blob up on objectives but have them watching their back too. Definitely a long-term goal to have that list ready to go.
  3. I like the idea of the Diviner command trait or artefact (can’t remember which) that makes all your units within X of an objective or terrain piece immune to battleshock. That was they’re safe and you can use the gold for a reroll hits or something. There’s the non-skyport article or something trick that lets you retreat and shoot, you could get them engaged then pull out and unload (so to speak). 40 of them will do some serious damage. As you’d be mainly ground based a Khemist might actually do something too.
  4. Oh, absolutely, they are fantastic models and I am a confirmed ArCo fanatic, it’s the level of detail in them that puts me off painting that many - it would take me aaaaaaages!!
  5. I posted a list with 100 ArCo a couple of pages back, I think it’s got potential but I’m not sure I can face painting 100 of them. They are excellent value and Gold really helps them. Just a shame about that 9” reach. Maybe an idea to try out on TTS.
  6. So, have I got it wrong with this: if it’s a 12” back from the centre deployment, that’s 24” it can be to you at closest if your screen is on your own front line. Hero phase move plus normal move gets them close to if not just outside of 3” of your screen, then they charge, do in your screen. Then they’re outside of 3” of the rest of your army and can’t do anything else. Would appreciate if you could let me know what I’m missing. Cheers.
  7. Re: turn 1 Mawcrusha: deploy in a corner with a line of 10 ArCo around your army that’s more than 3” away from the nearest unit. They charge and hit the ArCo and that’s all they can do. Then you go full salvo back and destroy it.
  8. Loving these pics guys, keep them coming!! Question for anyone’s who’s painted an Ironclad - did you stick the guy with the paintbrush on the side or not? Seems a bit jarring to have some fella who missed a bit hanging around while the bombs are going off.
  9. Just starting my Ironclad today for the last points the 2k list of my KO I’ve been building and painting since Aetherwar. Pretty hyped!!
  10. @Cavemonster I don’t think there have been many tournament lists that weren’t a Skyport list and most of those were Zilfin or Urbaz, though a Mhornar one did well down under I think.
  11. 150 wounds with a 4+ save? Can’t get enough of that 9” range? Rerolls for (almost) days? Retreat and shoot an amazing one time per battle? Really like ArCo? Battleshock immunity for your big blob? You’ve come to the right place... EDIT: I know I’m joking about here but a fully buffed unit of 40 ArCo rerolling hits and 1s to wound stand a decent chance of doing 40 wounds to a 4+, that’s a unit of Mortek Guard or most of one. Only issue is moving it... Allegiance: Kharadron OverlordsKharadron Code- Artycle: Settle The Grudges- Amendment: Prosecute Wars With All Haste- Footnote: There's No Trading With Some PeopleLeadersAetheric Navigator (100)- General- Command Trait: Diviner - Artefact: Svaregg-Stein Illuminator Flarepistol Aether-Khemist (90)- Artefact: Spell in a Bottle Aether-Khemist (90)Battleline40 x Arkanaut Company (360)40 x Arkanaut Company (360)10 x Arkanaut Company (90)10 x Arkanaut Company (90)Units1 x Grundstok Gunhauler (150)- Main Gun: Drill Cannon- Great Endrinworks: Coalbeard's Collapsible CompartmentsBehemothsArkanaut Frigate (250)- Main Gun: Heavy Sky Cannon- Great Endrinworks: Magnificent OmniscopeArkanaut Frigate (250)- Main Gun: Heavy Sky CannonBattalionsIron Sky Attack Squadron (120)Endless Spells / Terrain / CPsThe Burning Head (30)Total: 1980 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 153
  12. Nope, but they can be MW’d off by bravery-affected abilities - Crypt Horrors and Terrorgheists etc. Have found the list, turns out it was a CoS list, so was a bit off the mark with LoG.
  13. Heard tell of a LoG bravery debuff list that can delete a blob of 40 Mortek Guard, does anyone have the list? Not a power-gamer but do love bravery debuffs. Cheers.
  14. Just had a couple of games with Mortek Guard. Crikey. Messed up my first game with my list above vs. Seraphon but wised up for a rematch and had my 2 units of 20 shrug off his magic phase and delete 500 points of my opponent’s army turn 1. So brutal 😍
  15. Yet another question, this time about Katakros: His Supreme Lord CA only gives +1 to save for (not keyword?) Mortis Praetorians - does that mean that bit can only work if you take that sub faction? Cheers.
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