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  1. Afternoon all, Hitting my first tournament soon but I have the problem that I’ve never had to transport models before. It’s a pretty low body count of fairly small models, about 45 models in a pure Skryre list. Can anyone suggest any ways to help me get prepped and minimise damage? Cheers!!
  2. I was lucky that I was able to deploy the Dracolines on the board, move them to an objective and charge in these games but obviously putting them up in the skies without any bonus to charge is a risk, even with the free reroll. As it was I could put the Castellant behind them turn 1 for the buff and run him up behind for later turns. Azyros went up in the sky so I could put him down within 10 of as many enemy units as possible. He does have a big move though and he hardly fought so you could run him 13-18” every turn to decide where you want him. If all buffs and spells come off then you’re hitting and wounding on 2s rerolling 1s on both for the Thundercats which is boss and those mortals are brutal.
  3. So I’ve really enjoyed my first couple of (fairly casual) games with my Anvils list (list below) Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals- Stormhost: Anvils of the HeldenhammerMortal Realm: ShyishLeadersLord-Arcanum on Celestial Dracoline (220)- General- Trait: Deathly Aura - Artefact: Soulthief - Spell: Celestial Blades- Mount Trait: Pride LeaderLord-Aquilor (180)Knight-Azyros (100)Lord-Castellant (120)Battleline5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammers5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammers5 x Judicators (160)- Boltstorm CrossbowsUnits6 x Evocators on Dracolines (600)6 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (340)Endless Spells / TerrainSuffocating Gravetide (20)Total: 1990 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 97 Both games were vs. Gloomspite, a Trogg list with a spider and a block of 60 Grots. The first game I basically lost because I kept forgetting all my rules and used Scions poorly. But the second game I won fairly convincingly, though my opponent definitely messed up their deployment and turn 1. Plusses: 6 Dracolines are super nasty buffed, they took down a -2 to hit Hag in one round of combat. Azyros is well worth the ‘2CP / 100 points) price tag for rerolling 1s for multiple units over multiple turns. Do like the model of Aquilor and having him ferry around the 6 Longstrikes at will is great for character sniping. Enjoying the damage of the crossbow Judicators but the range is definitely a limiting factor. Gotta love that hero phase shooting / combat. Minuses: Its definitely low on magic with no bonuses to cast, not sure how much difference another Arcanum would make though tbh. Gravetide is obviously dead weight but it’s a fluff pick really. Maybe it’s a little too jack of all trades? But I like how it plays anyways. Will keep playing and trying refinements anyways!! Really enjoyed my games with SCE.
  4. Starting to paint my new Anvils Chamber tonight. So hyped!!
  5. For me, having read that community article, he looks obscene but I’ll wait until he’s out on tabletops before making any judgements. Would really hate to see him on every tabletop being a broken af beatstick. Let’s see I guess?
  6. Anyone tried out the new named Anvils Arcanum on Gryph-Charger?
  7. Mate, if you could post that up it would be amazing.
  8. Thanks man. I love the Anvils and I’m determined to make a low model count mini bravery bomb with a faction for my new army, so anyone up for ripping this list to bits? Just updated it a bit. Libs to screen the 6 Raptors, Relictor to buff them with rerolling 1s or is that overkill? Cheers!! Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals- Stormhost: Anvils of the HeldenhammerLord-Arcanum on Celestial Dracoline (220)- General- Trait: Deathly Aura - Artefact: Soulthief - Spell: Terrifying Aspect- Mount Trait: Pride LeaderLord-Arcanum on Gryph-Charger(220)- Spell: StormcallerKnight-Azyros (100)Lord-Relictor (100)- Prayer: Divine Light5 x Judicators (160)- Skybolt Bows5 x Judicators (160)- Skybolt Bows5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammer & Shield6 x Evocators on Dracolines (600)- Lore of Invigoration: Celestial Blades6 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (340)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 96
  9. Is using the Anvils CA on a big group of Evos on catdogs to get them to fight again a thing?
  10. Wanna take this for some spooky fluff. If anyone has tips on spells, artefacts, choice of general or whether the Trevs are worth it that would be super appreciated: Allegiance: Sylvaneth- Glade: DreadwoodBranchwych (80)- General- Trait: Paragon of Terror - Artefact: Jewel of Withering - Deepwood Spell: Verdurous HarmonyDrycha Hamadreth (320)- Deepwood Spell: The Dwellers BelowTreelord Ancient (300)- Artefact: Spiritsong Stave - Deepwood Spell: RegrowthBranchwraith (80)- Deepwood Spell: Verdurous Harmony20 x Spite-Revenants (200)20 x Spite-Revenants (200)10 x Spite-Revenants (120)5 x Tree-Revenants (80)6 x Kurnoth Hunters (400)- GreatbowsOutcasts (100)Horrorghast (60)Suffocating Gravetide (20)Vengeful Skullroot (40)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 117
  11. Ok guys, give it to me straight, I wanna play Sylvaneth Dreadwood with Spites and all the minus bravery gubbins - how many trees am I gonna need? I have one Citadel Wood at the moment and painting a huge amount more is gonna put me off.
  12. Sweet. One extra command point for me then, have been starting it at turn 2 up to now.
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