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  1. Apart from the Gargants, is this teasing a new Starseer model? We had a rumor engine not too long ago with a Seraphon staff and some feathers.
  2. Looking to start a GG army based around Stabbas and Fanatics. At 2000 points, I want to include Skragrott as my general which means that my regular Loonboss's command ability will only have a 12" wholly within range. How hard is it to make the Loonboss (non-general) stick to a unit of 60 Stabbas to be able to use his command ability on them, in practice?
  3. Holy ******, those are some epic looking goblins - congrats man. But yeah, I have to agree with you on this one. Regular stabbas/shootas don't look out of place along the new kits. In fact, they're one of the best-looking older chaff units, in my opinion. Stuff like crypt ghuls and skinks look like golum-ass retards in comparison.
  4. Good point, although, the main problem is that you almost always need chaff battleline units which, for some bizarre reason, GW refuses to update. Gitz are a prefect example of this - they updated most of the range except the Moonclan Grots which is the unit that every Gloomspite army needs. Other units, such as Fanatics and various Squig units, are entirely optional but they're the ones that got updated instead of the core unit.
  5. First of all, thanks for all the suggestions. I'm seriously considering Gloomspite as a result. Also, there's one more thing I noticed on the GW store page. Some older kits have years in their links e.g. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-PL/Gloomspite-Gitz-Grots-2019 or https://www.games-workshop.com/en-PL/Skaven-Clanrats-2019 meaning they were repackaged recently. I think those kits are relatively safe for now in comparison to stuff like https://www.games-workshop.com/en-PL/Flesh-Eater-Courts-Crypt-Ghouls or https://www.games-workshop.com/en-PL/Pestilens-Plague-Monks. My reasoning is that they wouldn't waste resources on repackaging those if they wanted to replace them with new kits.
  6. Interesting. They just got a range refresh so they're not going anywhere. The only problem is that if you want to make them horde you need to go with the stabbas/shootas which did not get new models.
  7. Ironjawz player wanting to start a second army. I'm looking for something more horde-based. Armies like Serphon, LoN, Skaven and FEC felt like the ideal pick at first glance until I realized that their lines are quite old and, in some cases, ancient (we're looking at 8 - 20 yeas from what I was able to research). Don't get me wrong - most of the minis still look decent but it'd be a shame to buy and paint 100 plague monks/ghouls/skinks/skeletons just for GW to update the kit to something way better like they did in the case of StD. Thoughts?
  8. I decided to write an email to aosfaq@gwplc.com asking for rule clarifications regarding Get Da Realmgate (Bloodtoofs command trait) and Drawn to the Waaagh! (Ardfist battalion). I got an automatic reply saying that they don't reply to individual emails but will consider answering the questions in the next errata. This makes me believe that the more times a question gets asked the more likely it is to get addressed. If you want to see clarifications to these rules, consider sending them an email with similar questions.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Although I agree that Ironsunz are superior to Bloodtoofs I fail to see how this applies to my list in particular. This isn't an alphastrike list so the -1 to hit during the first battle round is no big deal. Also, I'm afraid that my MBMK can die easily without an Ethereal Amulet or a defensive command trait. Would it be a good idea to fit a Megaboss on foot into the list? It could be accomplished with removing one Warchanter and reducing the Ardboy blob to 10 models. That gives us 200 points = enough for a MB and a CP.
  10. I've been theorycrafting some Bloodtoofs lists recently. My Ironjawz are painted red so I really want to make this clan work, even though I realize that it's most likely not the most optimal way to play them - especially with their trash command trait. I'm also interested in the Ardfist since it should synergize well with the Bloodtoofs +1 to run and charge rolls, totaling in your Ardboyz getting +4 to charge rolls (+1 for Ironjawz, +1 for Bloodtoofs, +2 for the drum). This is what I came up with: Allegiance: Ironjawz Warclan: Bloodtoofs Mortal Realm: Hysh Leaders: Megaboss on Maw-krusha - General - Quickduff Amulet - Get Da Realmgate Orruk Warchanter - Atherquartz Brooch Orruk Warchanter Orruk Weirdnob Shaman - Shamanic Skullcape - Wrath of Gork Battleline 3 x Orruk Gore_Gruntas 5 x Orruk Brutes 5 x Orruk Brutes 15 x Orruk Ardboyz Other Units 5 x Orruk Ardboyz 5 x Orruk Ardboyz Battalions Ardfist Ironfist Endless Spells Balewind Vortex 2000 points in total. There are 3 simple ideas at play here: Keep your units close to the Shaman to nuke the opponent with the Wrath of Gork. Suicide your two 5-man Ardboy units to get more Ardboyz. Buff up and teleport the 15-man Ardboy unit with the Quickduff Amulet to take out high-threat targets. I haven't played any games with the new battletome yet so I have no idea how the list would do in practice. What do you think? Is the concept feasible at all? What would you do to improve it?
  11. Question about the Ardfist: When a unit of Ardboyz dies, can you 'summon' multiple units (spending multiple CPs) or are you allowed to only bring back 1 unit? The rules are written in such a way that I think it's possible to bring back multiple units (since you're spending CPs each time you attempt to use the command ability), however, I have a feeling that the designers' intention was different.
  12. Will GW FAQ this? It seems to be a huge oversight.
  13. Bloodtoofs question - how does the Realmgate stuff work? Do you have to buy the Realmgate in your army list? Where is it placed? The 'Get Da Realmgate' command trait doesn't really specify how the Realmgate gets on the battlefield.
  14. Are we getting a terrain and endless spells like other 2.0 factions did?
  15. I was holding out with assembling my second squad of brutes for the new battletome but since we're probably not getting one anytime soon I decided to do it now. My first squad has a boss with the claw and brute smasha, 1 brute with a gore-choppa and 3 regular brutes with two brute choppas. My question - can a single squad of brutes have a mixture of two brute choppas and jagged gore-hackas? Their warscroll description makes me believe that it's legal but in both battlescribe and the official warscroll builder you can select either one or the other. Second question - is it worth it to build a 10-man squad (this is assuming that we build a boss, 2 gore-choppas, 3 jagged gore-hackas and 4 double choppa brutes - so that they form 2 lines with the range 2" weapons staying in the back line)? One one hand, a single warchanter can affect all 10 brutes with his buff. It's also easier for the 10-man squad to stay in range of the megaboss brute buff. On the other hand, we're missing out on a second brute boss (who, in my experience, is really powerful) and we have less units for the waaagh command ability. Third question - if we're going with 2 separate squads, is it worth it to build 1 brute in each squad with a jagged gore-hacka? That way we can place 2 double choppa brutes along with the boss in the front line and keep the jagged gore-hacka and gore-hacka in the back line. We're losing 1 attack in theory, however, brutes have big bases, making their pile in to the desired target harder, so in some scenarios this might give us an advantage.
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