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  1. I learned a hard lesson- don’t go running up and attacking anyone head on with any Verminlord. They are support characters, even in 1 to 1 matchups with 6 wound characters - we average only about 6ish attacks at 3+ / 3+ so around 2 hits at rend -2 ( low end). Stats don’t usually show us dealing more than about 4 unsaved wounds, not enough to kill a 6 wound character. But, they excel in supporting with Dread Warp Gale, 2 Dispells, Dread Frenzy, etc behind or with your Plague Monks.
  2. I’d drop Thanquol, bring the ArchWarlock, and 1 Command Point. Then maybe a WLC too?
  3. Playing my 4 Bell list today to prep for a small tourney. Will try to post a highlight report later.
  4. I have some kitbash ideas, but what I * want * to make is either a looted Titan, or essentially a looted BattleTech mech - maybe using dozens of Skaven on running wheels to power it, or a combination of Doom wheels. Naybe just simply a Giant Skaven DoomWheel! That would’nt be “too hard” to put together and make it look like it fits.
  5. Regarding stinky giants - I’m a little leery if this’ll change the way the game plays for a while, if eventually most opponents have a 400 pt 35 wound stomper running around. I’m also wondering how many Skaven I’ll need to make a Giant RattleMech to squish things.
  6. Spending 50 points? Did I get the question right?
  7. Allegiance: Skaventide LEADERS Grey Seer on Screaming Bell (240) - General - Command Trait: Savage Overlord - Lore of Ruin: Death Frenzy Grey Seer on Screaming Bell (240) - Lore of Ruin: Warpgale Grey Seer on Screaming Bell (240) - Lore of Ruin: Skitterleap Grey Seer on Screaming Bell (240) - Lore of Ruin: Death Frenzy UNITS 40 x Clanrats (200) - Rusty Blade - 2 x Standard Bearers - 2 x Standard Bell Ringers 40 x Clanrats (200) - Rusty Blade - 2 x Standard Bearers - 2 x Standard Bell Ringers 20 x Clanrats (120) - Rusty Blade - 1 x Standard Bearers - 1 x Standard Bell Ringers 40 x Plague Monks (280) - Woe-stave - 4 x Standard Bearers - 4 x Plague Harbingers ENDLESS SPELLS / TERRAIN / COMMAND POINTS Soulscream Bridge (100) Warp Lightning Vortex (80) Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (60) TOTAL: 2000/2000
  8. @holyark Welcome! If you are new and haven’t played this is perfect. I’d plant your Engineer with the WLC so no Injector. Just max the WLC to 12 dice and enjoy. The Grey Seer with Bell - Give him the Skavenbrew. Maybe Death Frenzy for your spell. This list is kind of designed to take damage, we’re not a “run forward and punch in the face” army. I’m a hypocrite for saying this 😁🐁🐁. Don’t overthink your list. Also, Warfire thrower, also max his regulator thing too, never hold back.
  9. Question - Grey Seer in Bell - If multiple bells, effects stack (if in range) right? Lets say I have 3 Bells, it’s top of turn 1 and I roll a 7 individually for all 3 Bells. Avalanche of Energy They’re all within 26”’range of each other, So all three receive +3 (1+1+1) to cast any spells until end of that Hero phase, right?
  10. List for discussion x4 Grey Seer in Bell x3 - 40 Clanrats x1 - 40 Stormvermin
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