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  1. Question - Just to be clear -for the Claw-Horde Battalion - Which requires 1 Clawlord We cannot use the Skaven Clawlord on Brood Horror (keywords include Skaven Clawlord on Brood Horror AND Clawlord) In the Battalion to substitute for the 100 pt Clawlord, right?
  2. I was thinking of making a Moulder list... What are some builds for Moulder lists? Probably a Grey Seer on Bell or 2, then 160 Giants, 2 Moulders and 2 Abominations and 2 units of Packmasters?
  3. Any looked at lists with 3+ units of. 40 giant rats? What list would you build? I have a project in mind, and am considering alternative Giant Rats.
  4. Warpseer, better value than Deceiver. Don’t get me wrong I love the Deceiver, but Warpseer is so much more utility than the Deceiver.
  5. v😀v I just looked at his Wikipedia page, having been a fan since Trollslayer, I hope it would be AoS. This is just me hoping, but if anyone could bring F. Jaeger into AoS it might be William King and Teclis (who actually met Gotrek in Elfslayer if I remember correctly).
  6. I’m wondering if this will have something to do with Teclis and Tyrion. Supposed to be a three book series about them if haven’t already been released or “shelved” 😀🐀
  7. MMWP works well if you’re moving Jezzails like a SWAT team or you Gnawhole them someplace sneaky for an Assassination
  8. Question Scry Orb for — Is it re-rolling the failed Warpsaves from the Protection From Horned Rat too? Does this mean - 4+/4+/5+ or 4+/4+/5+/5+?
  9. So we should be expecting a new FAQ and (hopefully) updated Download for Base Sizes after the 2 new books just dropped, right? Maybe we can get ahead of any new FAQ rulings by addressing open questions here 1. What open and kind of unanswered, open and uncorrected FAQs are we hoping GW will answer? 2. Base Sizes - My only question is resolving the Skrye Acolyte Base Sizes (32 in download vs being sold with 25 mm) Not time or place to argue any Open or Unresolved questions, - lets just list anything “unresolved” here and leave arguments to other threads?
  10. Sharing a quick story - Warp Lightning Vortex and recent tourney game. i hadn’t had much luck with the WLV initially, and only fielded it with not great results, so I tried it this weekend because I need more experience. So, first game was a mirror match Skaven vs Skaven - opponent went first. He was able to plant the WLV where my Archwarplock general was right at 6 inches.... perfect placement. I’m getting a Master level lesson here. Top of turn 1 - Hero Phase he rolls for to Hit AW - hits. 3 Mortals. On the move phase - rolls to hit the AW - hits - 3 mortals. My AW general with Vigordust Injector evaporated - Awesome!!! Before my first Hero phase even! Now a fan.
  11. Sorry 😀 I had to laugh at the mental image of the (probably justified) 1 man riot trying to explain the reason for the riot to the Police that just pepper sprayed and tased the single rioter “See there’s this game and.... Ahh Ahh!” Zizzt zizzt zizzt zizzt
  12. (For units that are within both ranges of effects.) Thanks!
  13. Quick question sorry If already answered long ago.,, If running 2 Screaming Bells, and roll Roll Peal of Doom for both, and say both rolls are same - like a 7 for Avalanche of Energy (+1 to Cast)... The results Stack? Right? So two rolls of 7 for Avalanche if Energy would be +2 for all casters for the phase?
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