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  1. WLV went down to 80 pts I see We’re ok. Nice to have the changes, I’m happy Acolytes dropped as I’m finishing 130. Jezzails didn’t change, most of our anchor units are about the same, and taking all three of our Spells is only 160 total.
  2. @Skreech Verminking I see you have a drinking cup on your work table - Pro tip - Don’t drink your paint water. Learn from my mistakes my friend. 🐁🐁
  3. Rewritten like Star Wars - Sigmar shot first! Tomb Kings and Bretonians books are coming out next April! End Times never happened!
  4. Double turn is Arbitrary. We shouldn’t be in a position to win or lose based on getting 2 turns in a row. Every game we “win” with a double turn should have an asterisk * next to it. GW thinks “ok then don’t use it” but it’s not as easy as that. Most of us don’t have groups or places we can just throw down at 4 nights a week or buddies we constantly hang out with. I struggle to play 12 games a year, most people I know play les than that. So the rules we have, that’s what we play with.
  5. You’ll find me consistently on the bottom tables in Minnesota, so I don’t think you have much to fear 🐁🐀
  6. KO have a thing where they can trap any endless spell in a bottle and use it. As for point changes, in the short term following the previous few years of examples I don’t expect points decreases or unit rewrites. We could use an overhaul on a lot of frankly underpowered units (looking at you catapult) - but not this month and maybe not this year. I don’t know if GW has had enough tournament data to evaluate and frankly some of our good Skaven players continue to hold their own in the tournaments. Maybe the easiest thing is to target our successful Skaven players and take their armies away so we tank the Tournament scene, then the Grey Seer on Bell and Verminlords can drop down to about 80 points each.
  7. So, new Generals Handbook on the horizon; last year we were surprised at the points changes. I’m not sure what to expect. Any realistic thoughts? It’s likely some units are going up in cost.
  8. There’s a Canadian site that sells bases to put your square bases into their round bases. I don’t know the link, didn’t need it, but the vendors are out there.
  9. I don’t think you’re missing anything from Doomflayers. They don’t have a lot to offer.
  10. I argue that they can still release intellectual property (I.e books) digitally though, and in fact it’s a poor choice to hold electronic copies back. Posting digitally is almost (i know it’s not as easy as I make it out to be) free cash influx. New book PDF? My download doesn’t require printing or shipping. Errata? Release a new pdf, have me download the 1.01 version. Just give me base sizes, points costs and rules - I’ll develop my own hype once models are available if want them. If they need cash, and who doesn’t, they’re ridiculous to not take the cash for PDFs.
  11. And as a non-40k player, personally I have no interest in anything 40k except as a release hurdle to get past to get more Skaven.
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