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  1. Being double turned is stupid rule. We need a petition to present to GW.
  2. Priority roll is stupid. Just like the Green Bay Packers. Every game we play where we “win” that stupid priority roll and win the game should have an asterisk just like stupid Packers games where they get/ don’t get obvious fouls / penalties.
  3. Hey there - Question on targeting unit cohesion- So I’ve ordered myself the Warpgnaw Verminlord- and am thinking about the Splinter Screech spell. I’d “like” to be able to target a model - say a Dryad in a conga line - and eliminate their unit cohesion, taking out more models. How would that work? I target in the Hero phase... can they “pile in” if not in combat? When does their cohesion occur on my turn? Movement? Battleshock?
  4. That’s it for the points changes? Could have been way worse.
  5. I’m just not sold on the Tyrant of Battle, vs Great Manipulators, and Forth, Forth Children of the Rat. i haven’t had much success with Death Frenzy (yet) vs Warpgale giving the mortals and limiting movement a little.
  6. $200 is hard for me to wrap my head around for the battlebox, it’s like the same price as 20 Clanrats + Verminlord + Plague Monk / Plague furnace box. I don’t see a price break - it’s good for anyone looking to start - it’s all right there, but no real advantage to expand because - for me - there’s no price break. And no Bombadier. Back to my needs though, a question from your weakest and most obedient and trustworthy ally- How would you plan to play this list? List for tomorrow for a mini tournament (I saw on Facebook) x5 units of 40 Clanrats (!) (General- Corruptor w, Master of Magic , Clawlord w. Powerful Grey Seer we. Bell - Skavenbrew and Death Frenzy, Grey Seer with Skitterleap) and Warp LightningVortex, Geminids (never used before) and Prismatic Palisade (never used before)
  7. I was just coming on to ask about the FAQ and Base Sizes, any rumors of rumors of updates? I come here and am like - (Topic) = (Skaven) or (AoS rumors or leaks of Enemy’s of Skaven) then Read. Anything else, Warcry, computer games, I pass on reading. I have effectively cured my OCD to limit 1 game system 1 army. So much less stress.
  8. Question - Just to be clear -for the Claw-Horde Battalion - Which requires 1 Clawlord We cannot use the Skaven Clawlord on Brood Horror (keywords include Skaven Clawlord on Brood Horror AND Clawlord) In the Battalion to substitute for the 100 pt Clawlord, right?
  9. I was thinking of making a Moulder list... What are some builds for Moulder lists? Probably a Grey Seer on Bell or 2, then 160 Giants, 2 Moulders and 2 Abominations and 2 units of Packmasters?
  10. Any looked at lists with 3+ units of. 40 giant rats? What list would you build? I have a project in mind, and am considering alternative Giant Rats.
  11. Warpseer, better value than Deceiver. Don’t get me wrong I love the Deceiver, but Warpseer is so much more utility than the Deceiver.
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