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  1. Brutal, brutal game. I’ll try to give a better write up later, 750 points and I killed 2 Troglodons,1 Engine of the Gods, 1 Unit of 10 skinks, and 4/5 of Saurus Knights. The board was 48x48 inches - diagonal... which could have put the Slann deep into the deployment zone, and we deployed standard 24” apart. i brought Grey Seer, Snoutgrovel, Death Frenzy, Master of Magic Warplock Bombadier who I think got most valuable Skaven of the night 2x Ratling Guns - sooo much damage generated 1 x Warpfire Thrower - immediately killed 1x 20 Clanrats 1x40 Clanrats Great game, no real errors, flat out beat me only on objective points for the campaign scenario. I had most units on board at the end ( !) At one point she was down to only the Slann.
  2. I was concerned they would shut down my casting? I suppose with the a Grey Seer I can count on 1 spell a turn. I have kind of a crazy idea, but not sure how it would fly. My plan is to assassinate the Slann on turn 1, need to be a little lucky if I’m to get a WLC in range. Another thought was getting 2 Ratling guns (and engineer) in range, but they move 6” and shoot 12” so that’s not a statistically sound enough plan. How about a 4 drop list - Deceiver Grey Seer 15x Gutter Runner 10x Gutter Runner
  3. Playing escalation vs Seraphon tomorrow. *Key point - game is only 750 points* If I have the choice, *do I defer turn 1 to the Slann?* Depending on what I bring, not sure I’d have everything in range of the Slann if I go first. Also - *What do I bring against Serephon?*
  4. But get 2 attacks each, 2 inch rend and a CP from a Clawlord wholly within 13” is 3 attacks each im not saying replace the monks, squeak, just try a unit of 30 and see how it goes squeak
  5. And here’s another key - if they are choosing to hit the Stormvermin- they are choosing to Not hit something else.
  6. Stormvermin - I think the numbers will show a Unit of 30 for 360 will be one of best output units for us. Hitting +3 / Would +2 with a +4 Save - Please let me know how it works. Losing 1 Stormvermin puts at +3/+3 which is almost perfect for a Unit still over 20 models and greater than 40+ attacks. That extra +10 wounds before dropping to >20 - opponent needs to either generate 10+ mortals to take us below 20. If they have -1 tend, they need to generate what 15ish wounds to threaten us to drop us under 20.
  7. I see they corrected the Misprint regarding the Stormvermin.
  8. Any thoughts against Lizardmen / Serephim? I have a 750’pt escalation this next weekend...
  9. This has the best odds of any other rumor being true! Odds rumor is right - 1 in 7 FAQ will be released on *A* Monday 😁
  10. Are we expecting FAQ, Errata and Base Sizes updates this weekend?
  11. 3 Questions about Standard Bearers and Musicians - using Plague Monks as an example. So, I bring a unit of 20 monks - I also (can) include 1 Standard Bearer - EITHER a Contagion Banner OR a Icon of Pestilence. ALSO - Same unit may include 1 musician (term from Warhammer Fantasy Battles) - EITHER a Doom Gong or a Bale-chime. Question - if I go to 40 models - do can I now bring BOTH a Contagion Banner AND an Icon of Pestilence, as well as BOTH a Doom Gong AND a Bale-Chime? OR Is it that at 40 Models bringing a second Banner and Musician is irrelevant because they should be the same? Also, if Models drop below 40 does second banner/musician bonus”go away”? Finally, if my models drop below 20 - do I lose all bonuses for Standard Bearers, Musicians? Follow up - if Clan Rats are below 20 models- do they lose their Standard Bearer and the ability to Retreat and Charge and Bell-Ringer giving +2 to Run? Asking for a friend.
  12. Regarding FAQ - I just want GW to either confirm 32mm bases for Skrye Acolytes, or correct (?) base size back to 25mm. At 25mm I’m a lot more likely to field than at 32, so much harder to get all the shots with bigger bases and a lot easier to get charged.
  13. I think WLV is fine at the 100 points. We can’t guarantee we’ll get the spell cast, and frankly doesn’t work against everyone as effectively as some that are brutalized by it. Also, you it can be dispelled on the Opponents hero phase, which I’ve seen half the time I’ve cast it. So 100 points and rules as written seems fair to me.
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