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Found 67 results

  1. Please help, my gaming group has had a little falling out....... It seems we are confused about when to remove models from the table. So..... after the charge phase comes combat. I select skarbrand to attack with carnage, I roll a 5+ which deal 8 mortal wounds to my opponents ork ardboyz. Does my opponent remove his models at this point? Or do I get to attack with skarbrand second axe slaughter first? The rules state "picking targets, if a unit can use 2 or more different weapons in the same phase, the unti can use the weapons in any order you wish after targets have been picked, but you must resolve all of the attacks for one weapon type before using the next weapon type." To me this says "resolve all of the attacks" which means allocate wounds and remove models right? Then only if the second axe slaughter is in range it can attack if not I cant. My friends argue that the allocating rules overrides this because its states "once all of the units attacks have been resolved, add up the number of damage inflicted." Do to sum up I think you -declare targets -attack with first weapon - opponent resolves the attacks and allocates wounds -then my second weapon IF I'm still in range That's for your help!!
  2. Hey all, so 'lucky' me I haven't really expanded my SCE outside of Soul Wars, but these point changes (and finding out castigators are bad) pretty much ruin my idea of a Sacrosanct only army. These are the models I have so far, with the 2nd Incantor from the Getting Started mag, and buying extra models to fill out the uneven Soul Wars ones. Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals - Stormhost: Hallowed Knights (paint scheme at least) Mortal Realm: Ghyran Lord-Arcanum on Gryph-Charger (240) --now 220? - General Lord-Castellant (100) --now 120 Lord-Relictor (100) - Prayer: Translocation Knight-Incantor (140) Knight-Incantor (140) 5 x Sequitors (120) --now 130 - Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields - 3x Stormsmite Greatmaces 5 x Sequitors (120) --now 130 - Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields - 2x Stormsmite Greatmaces 5 x Evocators (200) --now 220 6 x Castigators (160) 3 x Castigators (80) Celestar Ballista (100) --now 110 1500/2000 --> 1550/2000 it seems What should I add, or replace, in this list? Which spells for LA and Incantor? I know I need more shooting and a 3rd battleline. I wanted to get the boxed sets for Sequitors for that reason but alas.. I also wanted the box of Evos, but I know I need more mobility/cav and with their increase I shouldn't buy them simply because I like those models when I can spend that money more wisely. Can the Getting Started Incantor be proxied for a LA on foot easily? I also have Leena Stormspire who could be a Knight Questor, minus helm, if KQ is viable. Lastly, which Endless Spells can be used in multiple SCE lists, and can I buy them separately? Seems like Shackles and Cogs are the ones I see in most lists, but they're not SCE specific. I'm not entirely inclined towards 2k, especially with the new 1k rules coming, but I figure I should still plan for 2k! And that would give me a better idea of 1k lists anyway. Thanks in advance, I know this is a multi-part question.
  3. Hello, Since the AoS Rules and Addons are very decentralised I wrote an Android App a while ago which my friends and I use to generate games in an instant. What the App does: - Generating the Mission - Toggle to include/exclude Realmscape Features - Showing an image of the Battleplan (just so you instantly know what Battle will be played) - Showing you on which page in what book you will find the rules for the game you are playing Once I know I won't violate any of GW's rights (since I used images of the Battleplan Map and I used their images for random backdrops) I will upload the app on this forum for free Feedback is needed! 😃 (especially about the legal part) Loading Screen with random "Action-Comments" Example of a generated Game.
  4. Hello guys, i'm looking for a battlemat type "Shyish" realm I found a perfect one in the video from the channel "rerolling ones", i asked in the commentary who was selling it but i got only links to American company which are not delivering in Europe. Those companies were only distributors, not the original maker of this mat, so I have good hope that i could find it in an European retailer. See the attached picture if someone recognize it. It is a grey mat, with some highlights of magical blue, really terrific for a Shyish table. Also if someone knows some other gamemat which could fit for a Shyish table, i can also be interested. Thank you for your help!
  5. If you're reading this then I'm afraid I've tricked you into looking at yet another new players list. Well I'm not that new, I've had 6 years of playing under my belt but that was many moons ago, back when fantasy was fantasy and Warhammer had square bases (I know weird right?). The long of the short is I came back into the fold after pottering around a GW store and getting the painting/gaming itch I've not had in 11 years. After chatting away to a GW employee, playing an intro game and feverishly checking my bank account I decided upon Stormcast Eternals. Apparently they are quite good? To be honest they look a bit like space marines with swords, hammers and maces, that's all I needed to like 'em. So I bought the battletome and have been locked in my room scribbling army lists for the past few days and I just decided to put something together that I thought had synergy, would look cool and wouldn't cost the earth (if this army is horrendously illegal, awful or makes no sense please forgive me and berate me in the comments): (I went for 1500 points, that used to be normal in fantasy, is that a lot now? I have no idea if that's too much or too little now, I really have no idea what I'm doing.) Astreia Solbright (220) Knight-Heraldor (100) Lord-Relictor (100) Cleansing Phalanx (120) Sequitors X5 (120) Sequitors X5 (120) Evocators X5 (200) Evocators X5 (200) Liberators X10 (200) Celestar Ballista (100) Total: 1,480 I figured I'd use the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost (reviving expensive units on a 5+ is a totally new concept to me and seems OP), no idea about artifacts as I believe i get 2 but have to take God-forged Blade first? Any help here would be well received. If you made it this far, thanks for reading! All I basically want to know is whether this army is usable, I don't need it to be a world-beater, I just need something I can use and not be a cleared off the board in every game, thanks for the advice and happy wargaming!
  6. Hi there folks! I want to ask a question that, is simple to many, but not to me 🤣 How to do layering well? I started painting minis in the early 2000s with Confrontation wargame. Then I had some chaos stuff for my Hordes of Chaos (6th ed of WFB), then some Necrons for 40k, and then minis for Hordes and Warmachine games. I wasn't a good painter honestly but recently (at the beginning of this year) I improved a lot. Some of my minis to give you an idea (Lord of Chaos, three Skeletons from Shadespire, a Glaivewraith Stalker and a Vampire Lord on a Nightmare steed): I am satisfied with them but I think I could learn something about layering and by doing so, improve my painting skills. Can you guys help me somehow? Do you know an article, a blog post or an online video tutorial that shows in a very detailed way how to do layers well?
  7. Good morning Alliance!I had spend some time looking for a case to storage my miniatures.I got a army of Stormcast Eternals (for now only Vanguard of 1000p ) and Khorne Bloodbound (over 1250p with lots of Bloodreavers) + 3 different Warbands for skirmish (ranging from 5 to 18 minis). Now, I know i wont be ablle to put all of this in single case but i would be happy if i could have at least 1 2000p army in a case or ideally both armies in one case. That is why i writing. Do you have any advice what case should I choose?? There are plenty out there and for somebody new to the hobby it's a little confusing. I was thinking about Citadel Battle Case but....Cheers
  8. CalicoJack

    Starting Nurgle

    I'm starting Nurgle for the first time and this is the list that I came up with to build towards, I think it looks solid but any advice would be greatly appreciated. The Sloppity Bilepipercan be replaced with a Spoilpox Scrivener as they cost the same so any advice on that which is more beneficial would also be appreciated. Allegiance: NurgleLeadersPoxbringer Herald of Nurgle (120)- GeneralSloppity Bilepiper Herald of Nurgle (100)Battleline30 x Plaguebearers (320)10 x Plaguebearers (120)Units3 x Nurglings (100)3 x Plague Drones (200)Total: 960 / 2000Extra Command Points: 20Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 77
  9. I am trying to create a unit of chainraps. My idea is to take some plague monks and replace the heads and weapons with some old tomb kings parts i found from a while ago. my questions are: 1. Are the two models about the same size? 2. Are the bases the same? 3. What other conversions have been made with making nighthaunt units?
  10. This is 2 lists i've made and i was hoping to get some good advice or comments on what to to further evolve this into a more competetive one or just to hear your thoughts on what you like and don't. so too explain the thought process behind this in a very short review: 80 point wizard with Chronomantic Cogs to further help my dudes fly up the board + some MW spells to help around. Warboss + Megaboss to combine the command abilities to get 2 extra attacks. Guzzler because with MS i think it has got a place in this list (maw krusha to expensive) and i wanted some big support. Ironfist for the movement and som extra wounds. Gruntas and/or Ard boyz depending on you comments and critical views of one of the lists or both. Brutes because Brutes Da Best! warchanters are always good? 2 CP to start with and a variety of models to both have fun and smack som heads in. anything i've missed or something you've discovered in the new edition that could be good to know?
  11. I am working on a 1000 point destruction list, and i have 300 points to use. I am wondering what to do with these points.
  12. Hi, i started with warhammer AOS after christmas and love it. I would like some help with tactics, artifacts, commandtraits and maby wich spells i should choose. My list: Legion of Night Heroes: VLoZD, general, Amaranthine Orb Vampire Lord, Vile Transference or Spirit Gale Necromancer, Overwhelming Dread Necromancer, Fading Vigur or Spectral Grasp Battleline: Skeleton wariors, 40, spears Dire wolf 2x5 Other: Grave Guard: great wight blades, 30(one group) Morghast Hardbringer, spirit halberd Vargeist My plan is to field the warriors on one side and the grave guard on the otherside and push forward to the limit off "The bait" battle traits effect, they will be supported by 2 necromancers. I think i will put one off my units off direwolfs on one of the edges with the vampire lord behind or maby put the vampire lord in the middle to support my skeletons. Vargheist and Morghast will be in ambush with one unit off direwolf and maby the VLoZD(if i use Above Suspicion). I can also use the command trait "Blade off dark summons" to summon the direwolf i want to have in ambush. Well that was some off my thoughts^ I don't know if they will work or are allowed, in my head it looks awsome! My opponents is a SCE, Khorne mixed with Slaves to darknes and Seraphon. Thanks for any tip, i have played 2 games so far with a Sacrament list but i did not like how sacrament works, i prefer more speed/ ambush!
  13. Hi all, I will be getting my shipwreck today, and I have no idea how to paint it. I think I will start by basing it white. What colors and stuff is used the get something like the one gw have painted? Thanks ?
  14. Hey everyone, I’m getting back into Sigmar with my fyreslayers and I need help making a decent 1000 point list with the models I have, any help would be appreciated (you can include weapon choices too, I think I have that down but it would be nice to see alternatives). What I have is: - Two start collecting boxes -20 Vulkite berzerkers - 2 runesmiters - 2 runefathers - 2 runesons - 2 magmadroths to put the heroes on - 10 Hearthguard berzerkers - 10 auric hearthguard Thanks for for the help!
  15. In something slightly different from the usual doom and gloom which we find ourselves under recently I have just finished painting, and magnetising, my Maw-Krusha. I am going to magnetise it to the base in order to make it easier to transport, using some really powerful magnets. However despite this I'm not sure how I actually want to do the base. My standard basing technique is super simple. A coat of Stirland Battlemire to add some textures and underlying colour followed by a layer of Valhallen Blizzard which doesn't cover all of the "Mud". This gives the effect of a snow ontop of muddy ground to compliment the paint scheme I use for my army. Upon completing my Maw-Krusha I'm reasonably happy with the colour graduation and final product however it is very white/blue. I'm worried that if I just do a snow base it will cause the model to just look like a blue white blob and detract from it. As a result I want to create a base which contrasts with the Maw-Krusha in order to emphasis the model and, through the colour clash, really highlight the model. I am however having the Issue that I've never really done proper basing before. Prior to the Ironjawz I was a child/teenager when I last painted and my bases were brown paint. Though I have put more effort into the Waaagh! I have yet to do anything which wouldn't be considered simplistic. So I'm left with no real idea how to achieve the effect I want and have struggle to find any guides on the internet. Problem is, as I said above, I have no Idea how to achieve this. So I turn to you guys in order to find tips, assists and ways in which I can achieve this. Either through modelling the base or even colour schemes to achieve the vibrant summer look. This can be as simple as how to put the raised bits on either side to more specific things such as what scenery would look good on the base. I'll work out how to include the magnets, that's no problem. It's just I've put in the region of 60+ hours into painting him and the last thing I want is a ****** base to let him down. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  16. Ok guys I need some help making a 1000pt death list which MUST include Arkhan. I do already have a simple 1000pt death list but I have a game coming up in a week which I need to include Arkhan for reasons. I'm stuck making a list that'll actually work so maybe one of you amazing people have some awesome ideas Thanks for the help!
  17. Hi guys/girls Just a quick word about Lustria online. The hosting has expired and the domain is locked at the moment, but the forum is still up and a link is provided below http://Lustriaonline.com Please spread the word to any members , if you are a member please check your email that you supplied when you signed up. The Staff at Lustria are working hard on securing the old domain. Cheers Crow
  18. Hi there guys! I decided to buy an skeleton starter collection. So I assambled my Skellies with spears. The horses as Black Knights. And here goes the main point, the Montarch as Arkham I had the feeling that he is the only one who will be playable. Crazy spell and move for that cost. I'm pretty bad at anything that involves painting or things like that. I tried my best to follow the instructions. But my Montarch is falling if not taken care of. I guess is an issue with the glue in. Some pieces should be in a bad position and the miniature lost his balance... Tricks to unglue it and reglue it properly? General recomendations? Thanks guys!
  19. Hello, I’m building my mournfangs and was wondering if I could build two units of two, one Skalg with banner on back, pistol on hip, and Gargant And a second troop with horn on hip, and Gargant im having trouble understanding the rules and want to fit the banner and horn into a unit of two. Thanks a lot for the help!
  20. So, i'm entering my first tournament at the end of next week and I've come up with this list. What I need is for you guys to help me out and tell me if i need to change this. It looks light on dudes to me, but i could be wrong! Leader Arkhan the Black Necromancer Necromancer Battleline 10 Dire Wolves 30 Skeleton Warriors (spears) Other Corpse Cart (Unholy Lodestone) Should I split the wolves to two 5 man groups so I can hold more objectives? Am I missing something that i overlooked? Any and all help appreciated!
  21. Hello, I’m getting into age of Sigmar and realized that compared to the other start collecting boxes, the Kharadron Overlords is very underwhelming. I still want to get into the army but I’m not sure which direction to take. Any advice?
  22. Looking to build a Legion of Night list, so far I have the skeleton horde box, and was wondering what to buy for a good 1,000 point list and then 2k using Mannfred
  23. Hi there, I am a new player, only played 5 games and i have lost all of them. I am playing tzeentch and my opponents are playing stormcast and seraphon. I run LoC, Blue Scribes, Herold, Gaunt Summoner, Shaman, 9 Skyfires, 3x 10 pinks, 30 blues and Balewind Vortex. I have no experience in war gaming and my opponents have played for 20+ years. Would anyone be able to help me with some tips or tactics that will help me beat these guys? I have learned i pretty much never want to take the first turn so i can let them come to me and soften them up with spells before moving in to take the objective from them. I need to keep my units spread out so bastiladon doesnt ****** snakes on them. Keep my casters out of combat with bubbles of horrors and skyfires are only really good in combat on my turn so they get the rerolls to hit and wound. Dont bother trying to kill the bastiladon it has a mortal wound save and takes too much attention. There was even talk of him bringing the Kroknado combo which i asked him to hold fire on till i at least win one game! Thanks for any help here guys, its much appreciated.
  24. Hi all! I am starting to get decently swept into painting a bulk of my Tzeentch army. To go with that shimmering magic blue, I’m looking to create gold smooth desert bases in the same spirit as these. My guess is, I need to for the finest sand I can find but I’m not quite sure how to obtain that ripple effect. My first thought is to use green stuff, but I remember having trouble back in the day to create decently sharp edges in green stuff. So, how would you go about it?
  25. So I need some help on playing Nurgle. I have a decent amount of models but I am pretty much ready to drop them as an army because of how horribly weak they are. They are slower than every other race, have nearly no range, do pretty bad damage, have very average saves, the wounds are okay but they aren't important considering you can just wail on nurgle until they die since you don't have to fear damage back, their good units are a low model count which with current rules you can't play and be competitive, and most importantly they are insanely expensive point wise. Judicators for example, will beat blight kings every single time before they can even get into melee range for the same exact point cost. Since I already have the models is there any way to make use out of this army or is it just totally bottom of the barrel?
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