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  1. Skreech Verminking

    The Rumour Thread

    And it’s name will be “Queek Headtaker” 😂
  2. Skreech Verminking

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    Your list is interesting, not sure though if it is worth taking 3x10 Stormvermins. in units of 10 they will probably never get their ability of +1to the hitrole, which is in my oppinion a very important buff. i would be taking them in at least unit’s of 20 or 30-40.
  3. Skreech Verminking

    Making Soup

    Why not isn’t the book of grudges and the beardthings grumbling, a Gw made theme🤔? sure all of them have beards and are rather small (which are literally almost all dwarfs in any game/story etc.) But it’s better to keep them in some sort of a place. im sure that nobody would be interested to play a faction called duardin which are now tall as an Aelve and have losed their beards. that would be heresy😱
  4. Skreech Verminking

    Awareness of the Old World?

    I would proabably say that the Verminlords of the skaven race may know. (maybe some cunning Walords etc.) not sure about thanquol since I’m not sure if he is the same guy from back then. (didn’t he die by Archaons hands🤔? the rest of the skaven race, proabably already forgotten or never knew about it. after all The skaven race never really cared about past events and their hero’s.
  5. Skreech Verminking

    The Painting Contract - October 2018

    Finished painting another 10gors. als started painting my Tzaangor shaman.
  6. Skreech Verminking

    The Rumour Thread

    Yes-yes that picture in the rumor engine is definitely a part of the claw weapon of a new Verminlord kit.
  7. Skreech Verminking

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    Yes Tzaangors enlightenment ghtement or better said all units can make a pile in move when they are within 3 of a enemy unit. so in other words. best thing to do with enlightenments is to keep them behind your cheap chaff and get charged. well your unogrs/Gors will probably die, but your Tzaangors and damage dealer will be save and can attack later. a lose win situation for you Your foe will have to rethink is charged next time he’ll see your enlightenments?
  8. Skreech Verminking

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    Never only Stormvermins are true Elite warriors of clan mors. but you are right. they cost too much and what they can do plague monks will always do better i would love to see an update and pointdecrease for Stormvermins just like Gw did with Bestigors.
  9. Skreech Verminking

    YouTube Channels for Battle Reports

    Mountain miniature
  10. Skreech Verminking

    Making Mortals Lists

    Play for the great Horned Rat. he is the most cunning of them all. (and soon one of the strongest Yes-yes) Anyways if your looking for an army which doesn’t really need any summoning and can buy themselve something else with the summoning points I’d go with Blades of khorne. there your summoning points can also be used to automatically umbind any magic or to give your army a sort of buff.
  11. Skreech Verminking

    AoS 2 - Clan Pestilens Discussion

    The battailon does give your plague monks a very desperate (well not really desperate) needed save. and isn’t that bad, for its points. but hey I don’t know, try it out without any battalions and tell us how it went.? anyways good luck.
  12. Skreech Verminking

    Gharuki Duardin - Armies on Parade

    Fantastic! i have never seen such a magnificent army on parade. you really are the master of beards.
  13. Congrats to everyone who got the top spots and congrats to everyone who woen and gained some experience. and good luck to everybody for next time who attended the event and well didn’t get to the top ten. ?? And for every skavenplayer who attended the event (or didn’t): Win for Skreech yes-Yes, our time is coming, city burrows will be ours.
  14. Congrats too everybody in the top ten.? (still wondering: have there been any mixed skaven players??)