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  1. Which would probably be just the space marine players. I don’t think that the xeno player will feel a too big different. it’s either space marines or aos. ps:(I’m just joking😂)
  2. By playing the game. and reading the rules. it usual takes me about 2-3games to kinda learn the army and around 5games to know it in and out without having to take a look in the book, ones. but that’s just me. And I play the game frequently. A player that plays the game like ones per month might need a bit more time
  3. -The eshin deathmaster -Gutter Runners -night runners -Plague monks -plague censer bearer -giant rats -rat ogres -packmaster -Master moulder (although he looks great even if failcast) -Warlock engineer -Arch warlock engineer -Skryre acolytes -warpfire thrower weapon team -rattling gun weapon team -warpgrinder weapon team And any thing else I forgot to mention about the skaven, that is either a monkey man or still made of failcast/ metal.
  4. Well then how ‘bout a skaven elite force consisting of 20 or less models😉 nothing is impossible with us-us!😜 for big models we have Stormfiends, rat ogres, Doomwheels, and the hellish abomination known as the hell put abomination. Wan’t something big as your general, that looks cool, have a look at thanqoul and boneripper, or go the Verminlord way of deceiving your friends
  5. Mantic games has some pretty great looking heavy armored orc units. the They also fit the black orc theme pretty good, and before I send anything, are pictures of models made by a different company allowed in this community?
  6. Yeah, but that really doesn’t fit the lore.
  7. Skaven don’t really have (living) mounts, at least not with the current warlord on brood horror vanishing to legends. lore wise, their have been a few great mount option, but never getting a model, pretty much meant the end of that idea for the current system
  8. In 40k: Skarbrand. Aos: Doom-flayer. still haven’t figured out how to use a weapon team like this one.
  9. A band of slaves to darkness, who stole some of my gromril. Can’t have that.
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