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  1. Well with the new edition, and those new skaven allegiance rules we got in addition to our already existing ones, I have a feeling that weapon teams will be doing pretty great. Rattlings are amazing elite killers, when buffed. with overseer of destruction the +1 damage buff and able to hide inside units of clanrats/Stormvermin theg became pretty great. The new generic artefact that gives a hero a 5+ ward is also pretty helpful, since before the only way a warlock was able to get such resilients, was only by using the verminous valour commandtrait, and when your looking to buff y
  2. Definitely not me, love rats and not what ever is in that box
  3. No glue, it really kinda feels like as if they just rolled some dice, randomly determining the points for all factions, or there’s just something we, the players can’t yet see. Who knows, I definitely have to get some games in
  4. I can’t say much about the skaven, since I haven’t had a game in yet. Yet there are some buts in the min. Size department, when it comes to certain units. Skaven have that wonderful allegiance ability where they get +1 to the hit roles if a unit has 20 or more models and +1 to the wound role if it has 30 or more models. Since stormvermin and plague monks, can now only be taken in 30s (stormvermin) and in 20s (plague monks in a not all units a re pestilence army) it basically means, that they loose on their buff most of the times instantly, which I kinda find sad. considerin
  5. And then you face that one skavenplayer using two blocks of 60 clanrats. dumdumduum😂 nah have fun it really sounds like a pretty great idea
  6. Yep, that is exactly how it works, and with the new weapon teams rules, this’ll be a lot of fun
  7. Basically my thoughts and strategy to counter seraphon skinks spamm (2x30) and lumineth
  8. It’s not that bad, a skaven list a friend of mine enjoyed playing went up another 600points. That is a lot for a new edition, now the questions just reminds how this will impact the skaven in total, I’ll be very interested in seeing the results, as soon as I’m able to play again
  9. Yeah I’m not to happy of the points changes either. especially the unit size of stormvermins and plague monks, the kept at ten. I really was hoping that those guys would up to twenty, with a cap of only being able to be reinforced ones. as for my list, I’m not really interested in an alpha strike. the idea with the warpgrinder is to basically put a huge unit of 60 or 40 clanrats with a warpflamer in it on an objective. I have no use for dealing damage as fast as possible, this army was basically written to hold objectives, which would force my enemy to engage, in whic
  10. So what are your guys thoughts on this list?: Command entourage:545p heroes:545p 1Verminlord Warpseer:335p. spell: flaming weapons 1plague priest:85p. Prayer: heal; artefacts: liber bubonicus 1Warlock bombardier:125p. Spell: more more warppower; artefact: amulet of destiny; Warordtrait: Overseer of destruction. Battleline:910p 60Clanrats:390p spears and shields. 40clanrats:260p. hand wea
  11. Anybody an idea, what the warpfire thrower weapon team costs now, I kinda mist that information
  12. Actually, the skaven are going up quite a bit. Never having good battalions, basically meant, they were forced to not taking them, and currently with their old points, a hordy skaven army with 120-140 clanrats goes up a significant amount of points with the loss of horde discount. now I’m not saying that this is bad in anyway, it just chances the way skaven were played in a fluffy aspect of the game a bit (although I do have to say that this never stopped me from playing almost 200bodies on events)
  13. Just trying to comment, the amazingness and meta/game breaking mechanics it has😋😉
  14. Well about the skaven. Although already mentioning how amazing these edition could be for them, it might all depend on the min. Size for all of the unit in that faction. clanrats are currently at a unit min. Soze of 20, alwping the skaven to field them at units of 60 (although only twice). should the min. Size be reduced to 10, this could become a huge nerf for them. halve of their allegiance would be instantly useless. considering that they really need more then 30 models, to be able to at least get the buff for 1-2 turns. it would aslo just hamper with the horde
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