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  1. Well the cheapest way to get into skaven, would be by buying collections online. The Skaven starter box, is well let’s just say not a bad start, but with the current edition not having been favorable for plague monks at all, you’ll probably only be using the other 2models from that box. considering that a true skaven army(mixed) will need at least 60clanrats, your best of buying 3boxes as a minimum, although if it would be me, I’d actually tell you to take 6boxes of clanrats instead. So currently starting a skaven army really isn’t cheap, especially not with a lot of our model options still being printed in metal.
  2. I actually havenMt yet been able to try the new board sizes. even on the events in my local area I participated, the old table sizes were used.
  3. Nor from any brass orbs the skaven have as an option. I’ve been taking it once, was able to get it off, so why not try it on an Archaon.
  4. Same thought, I actually liked the older app much better
  5. Lumineth is an army that basically breaks every rule in the game. thankfully we skaven do have some legal ways of destroying them pretty easily. but that isn’t the point. I do think, that the command trait is a bit lackluster against any lumineth player, yet it works amazingly against any seraphon, tzeentch (shooting heavy lists) and kharadron overlords especially. Eshin currently, I personally believe, plays the game in a controlling way pretty great. with the 2d6 pre move from nightrunners you are able to either screen of any shooting units from harming your own army or to just keep them in their deployment zone for a turn. but when it comes down to the combat prowess, you’re basically going to have like non. Certainly, if your lucky your deceiver may be able to backstab-kill a few smaller heroes, maybe even one of the bigger ones, if your not rolling to badly, but that is mostly it. your just going to control the board, better then most armies, for a while
  6. And there I thought, that exactly those features are the reason why lumineth look so neck breaking.
  7. Yeah, great against any army but lumineth Well I’m not sure if the doomflayers will be getting the +1 to the hit role for having charged, considering that it wasn’t them. But a clarification from gw about the hidden weapon teams rule would be nice, considering that it’s current wording is written in a way where a weapon team hidden in a unit would not count as a drop. (It would be nice to know, if that was intended ore just badly worded. Yet I wouldn’t mind it staying that way)
  8. Well there is actually no real reason. I just typed in the wrong weapon option, and I just didn't bother changing that.
  9. Well if we are already talking about games being played, should I be able to recover (from being sick) in time, I’ll be attending a tournament, with this 1500points list: of course everything is named, and to be certain that I will be able to choose who goes first, most of the times, all in a one drop battalion. Allegiance: Skaventide - Mortal Realm: Chamon - Grand Strategy: Hold the Line - Triumphs: Indomitable LEADERS S’ralok master of Khazundar ( (175)* Arch-Warlock - General - Command Trait: Overseer of Destruction - Artefact: Amulet of Destiny - Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism: More-more-more Warp Power! Grey seer sniketrik (140)* Grey Seer - Lore of Ruin: Skitterleap UNITS Skrallogs backstabbing Backstabbers (390)* 60 x Clanrats - Rusty Blade - 01 x Standard Bearers - 01 x Standard Bell Ringers The red Guard (110)* 10 x Stormvermin - Halberd & Shield The Armourbreaker (65) 1 x Ratling Gun Death by a thousand shots (65) 1 x Ratling Gun The Holemaker (65) 1 x Ratling Gun The Scurry-tunnelers (75)* 1 x Warp-Grinder The Squigburner (70) 1 x Warpfire Thrower The beard-things menace (70) 1 x Warpfire Thrower The shadow breed (40)* 6 x Giant Rats The scurry-fast feasters (40)* 6 x Giant Rats ARTILLERY The Zzap-zzap Things-bane (185)* Warp Lightning Cannon CORE BATTALIONS *Battle Regiment LEADERS: 2/6 BATTLELINES: 2 (3+) BEHEMOTHS: 0/4 ARTILLERY: 1/4 TOTAL: 1490/2000 WOUNDS: 119 ARTEFACTS: 1/1 ENDLESS SPELLS & INVOCATIONS: 0/3 ALLIES: 0/400 REINFORCED UNITS: 2/4 Any thoughts?
  10. Looks amazing. ps: I would use the one prized creations buff you have left on the hell pit. the rerolling 1s to hit is really helpful for such a monster, and if your lucky, it might even be able to get an additional 3 wounds on it’s profile. Which is pretty nice with it’s already existing moulder mutation.
  11. That would be awesome. the first non monkey man eshin ninjas
  12. It happens to the best of us. in the end the game is just another dice game, and sometimes you just roll badly.
  13. So tge report. my frenemy played city of sigmar. Since I was able to set up my army before his (thanks to the 2drop) I was able to give him the first turn. He went with his dralespawn knights forward and killed my nightrunners of. the rest of bis army went a bit up, and since he knew that I’m using my beloved warpfire thrower weapon teams, he screened me of good, with his gyros. So my turn started pretty badly. I failed to cast dreaded skitterealp on my plague priest, thankfully the grey seer got it of on my arch warlock. I send him forward near a gnawhole on the backline of my frenemy. I tired casting the warplgihtning vortex, but got auto-unbound by his stormcast caster, I the. Choose to overcharge warplightnin storm, to get rid of one of his heroes, but rolled a double ones, even after the reroll my roll went up to a three, so i took 3dxd6 mortal wounds, yet the ones didn’t stop there, so I rolled another double one, wounding my General only ones. At the end of the movement phase, I transported my arch warlock back to my side, next to the verminlord deceiver. The second round started with my opponent, who won the rolloff. He went Up with his gyros a bit, in such a case that my deep-striking, wouldn’t go as planned. His knights, went towards my screen of clanrats, which were protecting, my general and the deceiver, which was more of a mistake then anything else. with the charging he allowed my clanrats to pile in up towards the objective, which gave me the chance to deny his secondary (which was I think, capture an objective). on my second turn, I cast dreaded skiterleap onto my plague priest, junp him six away from my enemy, and I then rolled a double one with the reroll I got, thanks to the liber bubonicus. So he took two mortal wounds. my arch warlock thankfully didn’t roll another double one for his warpstorm spell, so I was able to deal 12mortal wounds on his knights who were in combat with my clanrats. since my objective was to hold an objective with a monster, I moved my deceiver up towards that one objective, that the clanrats occupied, when the knights charged them. and that was mostly it, my plague priest. Right, I forgot to mention that my grey seer tried to skitterelap towards the place the arch warlock was last round, but with his warpstone piece he ate to cast the vortex with three dice I rolled a two 1s and a 2, so that didn’t quite go as planned. (I guess that just wasn’t my day) on the third turn I took the turn, skitter-leaped, my arch warlock up, next to the plague priest, but failed to cast vortex again (even with the reroll) yet I was able to get warpstorm of, and I was able to kill-kill a hero, two whom I did about 8-10mortal wounds y plague preist tried to curse my enemy, but failed with a 1 and a 2 after the reroll, which wasn’t too great. My unit of 60clanrats came up next to an objective, got one of the weapon teams out, and I was able to kill-slay his ten man unit of handgunners and long beards. in his turn he was able to kill a few clanrats and take the only weapon team that wasn’t in hiding, down to its death. On the third turn, i got the turn again, moved my clanrats up, got the rest of the weapon teams out, burned his ironbreakers, and killed of his irondrakes and with the rattling guns. my deceiver who skitterleaped up, made a charge into one of his artillery pieces, and was able to kill-stab it without much trouble. The rest of magic phase wasn’t too great again, since my casts and prayers just weren’t able to go off. (I rolled nothing but two’s). at that point I think my opponent gave up since he wasn’t able to get more victory points then me. so shortly put, my game didn’t go as planned, when it came to the hero phase, it seemed as my casting rolls weren’t able to get a higher result then a 4+ with most of my spells through the game. It was kinda they same with my plague priest who just wasn’t able to get anything off even with his reroll. Now I’m not saying that this list isn’t optional, I personally just was very unlucky. thankfully, My rattling guns, still were amazing, with the amount of shots they brought out.
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