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  1. That’s up to you. but basically the clanrats still take what ever they find on the battlefield, so go nuts.
  2. I agree with you on almost all of the terms. yes, we have probably one of the best tools for shooting. yes plague monks are one of the cheapest army destroying units in the whole game and definitely need an increase in points. and yes we have a fantastic range of magicians in our range like Verminlord warpseer, Thanqoul, grey seer etc. and yes the WPV can deal immense amount of damage while nerving the movement etc. Of enemy units. what I don’t agree is that our battleshock immunity makes us almost unbeatably. sure it hinters thousand of models fleeing from a unit, but come on there are units out there that’ll kill slay 40models per turn. Buffed witch aelves (30) are even able to kill 120-140 of them in a single round of combat, if you let them (meaning bad placement) They won’t care if your battleshock immun or not. also I mean the screaming bell doesn’t keep your whole army Bs immun. in total you might get two 40rat units of clanrats/Stormvermins etc into the range of its bs buff. and a few other behind the line which will probably not loose to many models anyway. I agree with you on every aspect but just not the bs immunity one.
  3. There are actually two. one which is represented in the book an the other which came with carrion empires, and probably will be gone by the time the next ghb will be available.
  4. Yeah I’m really hoping that they’ll be getting a 20 points decrease. and it really would be nice to have a few more battalions, especially one which combines a few clans rather than only supporting one.
  5. Skaven: What ever you do don’t let a unit or most of your army camp in or next to a gnawholes because your afraid that something would pop up there. nor do you have to ignore it when trying to move over it. yes it’s deadly but not impossible to moved through. and also if you see any plague monks shoot them down. you don’t want them in combat with you at all. Deepstriking won’t help you too much, unless your friend/foe made some mistake or’s just playing for the first time. better of just trying too shoot yourselves through the hordes or kill them off like it is nothing in combat. still try and ignore plague monks as good as possible, especially when they are buffed with deathfrenzy. if you have a unit that costs less than 40plagur monks and can deal around 40ish wounds they are the perfect monk killers.
  6. Just went looking how the rest of those Minotaurs looked like and damn they really good me hooked on. Im starting to think of buying 7of those guys to add to my Boc collecting.
  7. Overrun-kill them-them. more-more Bodys are needed, yes-yes let them suffocate in a ocean of brown furred body’s!
  8. Well there was mention that skaven, Gloomspite gitz, Khorne and fyreslayers will all get a free point update in form of a downloadable faq on the community website, after the ghb is available.
  9. Please for the sake of the great horned rat!, We just can’t have Stormvermins cost as much as Ardboys, who are much better then our elite.
  10. I wouldn’t really call the whole skaven range broken or op, but you are right there are a few unit that could well cost a bit more in points. Yes, we do have units like plague monks that should maybe get a points increase . I also agreee with the point that some Verminlords are a bit to cheap and should get a small point increase(20-40p) What I don’t agree on is that the battleshock immunity makes us unbelievable strong and almost unkillable. sure it helps us keep our battleline units a bit longer in the fray, but still there are armies, out there where they basically kill 40-60 models in one round of combat. also battleshock immunity buffs has become frequently usual in most armies. I mean even some grand allegiance can give such buffs with their artefacts/commandtraits. and with most of our battleshock immunity buffs, we still have restriction like being wholly within 13 and so on. not somethings that really benefits the whole army, but a small amount of units. Sure there are exceptions like the warpseer or the doom bell, but in the end the endless spell can easily be dispelled having only a casting value of 6, and the Verminlord, well yeah, probably is the biggest problem, but as it seem he might get a bit mir expensive with the next faq (hopfully/sadly)
  11. Sure how much would you consider paying, and would shipping be involved too? 😜 Edit: you wouldn’t mind a good old skavenplayer joining your ranks (I definitely haven’t shaved any dwarfen beards yet, and definitely am not playing clan mors themed skaven, nor is Queek Headtaker my favorite character in the whole old world) oh and all those names that are written similar to mine, mentioned in the book, yes well that’s definitely not me!!)
  12. Ok, then I guess it might be time to tell you that there is a chance that it just might be an Ironjaws weapon. Now back to hoping for an ogor battletome, yes-yes
  13. Well there’s still that tree tome that isn’t certain when it’ll be coming out.
  14. I’ve been snooping in few videos about the meeting engagement, and well from a feeling and understanding Boc might be quit good at that kind of play style.
  15. I Guess it’ll be faqed directly after the book drops, or so I at least hope. Guessing so, although might not be more then 20p with a bit of luck
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