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  1. Well I wouldn’t really call the wpv op. Its very strong, especially against the new meta of charging in the first turn while destroying everything, which we are starting to see with the Witch Aelves, deepkins, flesh eater courts and etc. not being able to fly or move as fast as possible from one end to the other will be a huge issue for this army, while the skaven still have a few more spells which can render their charge and runs to near useless. to tell the truth I think this spell was made to deal with such problems.
  2. Hi, welcome to the domains of the under-empire. 0)2) Start your collection wherever you want. There is no need to hold-scurry back of a unit you want, just take it. Want a rattling gun weapon, no problemo, take it or build your own. If you have problem choosing one of theses fantastic weapons, I’d just go for a theme you like best. like is your army more interested in burning your enemy’s, or do you just want to swarm your enemy’s with shoot of warpstone laced lead bullets? cant decide just use them all a bit. 1)sounds good, small steps are most of the time the best path to take, you really don’t want to literally drown in your own models (from which most of us player are suffering (in a good and bad way) right now😂) 3)Yeha well acolytes are proabably one of the most expensive units in the whole game (trying to take a pack of 30of them and you will have spend around 300dollars) better of building your own acolytes out of clanrats/Stormvermin/plague monks etc. they come cheaper and with a few bits and green stuff will almost always look better than those filthy metal cases acolytes.
  3. Well you probably haven’t met Arielle sitting on a giant bug before😜. Nah definitely not. The chittering of the green-things has become louder since the arrival of the book and new minis. (not that it can keep up with us skaven, Yes-yes we chitter-squeek much better then them)
  4. Retired, meaning you want them gone for good or just resculped in plastic?
  5. Exactly one of many reasons why I’m taking them to a tournament tomorrow.
  6. Those are some beautiful painted models😍😍
  7. Firstly Thanks for the battlereport, it was a joy reading it. Secondly l, the warbringer, is a great Verminlord, which can buff Stormvermins and clanrats rather greatly up. his spell the dreaded deathfrenzy can also be used on other unit like ratogres etc. And isn’t limited to only verminus units, which gives you a huge variety to choose from. need that deathmaster to kill your foes toughest hero, who refused to die and will probably one shot your deathmaster right after, no problem deathfrenzy will solve your problem. want a hero can be used as a sacrifice for the greater god, take a clawlord, give him the brutal fury commantrait, cast deathfrenzy send him towards Archaon or Nagash or anything else that could be dangerous to you and let the magic begin. attack with him first (doing 6attacks) and after he has been slaughtered, just take that change to attack with your clawlord again ( and this time with 11attacks😈😈)
  8. Well from what O have seen, it looks like Gw is going to update all the army’s in a way they mentioned them just like I told the Army previews we got at the beginning of aos 2.0, meaning that beastclaw raiders, etc. Will be staying their own thing. But than again I could be wrong🤷‍♂️
  9. It’s the new Thingkiller, a weapon used by clan moulder to take-kill their foes by the neck, Yes-yes definitely new a new skaven model
  10. I voted for renamaing the game to “Age of the great Horned Rat!” and for the French nobility and the fallen tomb kings to rise back from the dead, just so I’m able to smash them to dust myself on the battlefield.
  11. Well I was afraid my rats could get sick, before they even entered the battle😜
  12. Nop but I usually go very heavy out on Verminus, and mix a few moulder, skyre, Eshin and/or pestilence units into the list. For example the current list I’ll be using soon, will be consisting of: A Verminlord Warbringer:260p (General, brutal fury) 1Clawlord:100p (with the get a extra attack for each 1your opponent roles command trait) 1Grey seer:120p (snoutgrouvel robe, warpgale) 1Warlock bombardier:100p(mmwp) battleline 2x40clanrats:400p(shields and handweapons) 40Stormvermins:500p others 30acolytes:320p 5Gutter runners:60p total2000p
  13. If your foe-friend is going for a heavy horde army (elite or not doesn’t matter in this case) I’d go for the third option. if his playing more elite (many vampire cav. And other big monsters) go for the extra Stormfiends unit, who can do a lot of damage with their rattling gun and other range/melee weapons. The hell pit abomination isn’t bad either since it gives you a solution for both cases, although I’m not sure for what the plague priest is good for
  14. Well they haven’t done it for skaven, nor for the Tzeentch army’s. I guess you’ll just have to wait.
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