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  1. My friend, you might not have noticed (unless I’m mistaken, and there has been an faq clarifying that stuff) but death frenzy allows a model to attack at any moment, when they die. So yes, death frenzy might not be needed against the more magic/shooting heavy armies, but can help significantly when cast.
  2. High body count! this list? your joking right?? But the list does look cool, and I would personally also use it, if I hadn’t fallen in love with the best unit in the whole game! ”The Doomwheel!”
  3. So I was participating at a local tournament last week. It was pretty fun, especially since I played against Gloomspite Gitz and a city of sigmar Dark elves Army. My first match was against Ossiarch bonereapers: battleplan: scorched earth He had a list with Arkhan, Kavalos, 2x 20 Mortels, 1x5mortek Kavallerie and 2 catapults. My Acolytes were pretty useless (or useful in my case) since he tried to shoot them of the table in a single turn, and instead kept my clanrats alive (his biggest mistake). He also took first turn. on my turn, I moved everything up, drugged one of my Doomwheels with mmmwp, and Used the vial of the fulminator on him. Although rolling pretty badly, I was able to get to arkhan with both doomwheels. with more more warpboltz, I was able to kill arkhan in a single turn. My clanrats and the few Acolytes that were still alive up. denying me the second turn my opponent wend next. having seen what my Doom-wheels can do He shoot both of his catapults into them, killing one and wounding the next, while keeping my clanrats mostly alive. he then charged with his horse riders, and killed around 15-20models, I then attacked back and did around 2 wounds on his little cute dead riders. In my second turn, I took the path of the under-way (Gnawholes) and popped up with my warlock bombardier general, behind his catapults. I retreated my clanrats, moved the others up as well, and recharged his horses, While moving as many clanrats as I could onto his objective. I also successfully charged my bombardier into one of his catapults. Although I was unable to do any wounds this round. on my opponents third round he retreated with on of his catapult, and shoot the other in one of my unit of clanrats, after finally realizing what really was “the thread on the table”. Still with only one catapult shooting he wasn’t able to clear much, and so left me standing with more them a 100models left on the board.in my turn I snug my acolytes onto the moddle, and my 40bblock of still alive clanrats scurried right. i then charged my acolytes on one of his mortek guard Units left Side, and did the same thing with my clanrats who did it on his right side With that done he was only able to attack with 1 model on each side, only killing of a single acolyte, which left me with 5acolyte models. we then rolled for priority, and I finally won, with which I then retreated my acolytes onto his middle objective, and burning all of them afterwards, winning me the game. My second game was against an old world Dark elve player: who used the buff with city of sugmar to efficiently remove my clanrat screen, and acolytes with his 2blobs of 20 darkshards each. they may not sound that great but those 80shots can do a ton of damage against low save models, and my army had nothing but those kind of units. So after 3turn of firing and removing my stuff and me being unable to kill his always strike first dark elve dragon, I surrendered. major loss for the skaven. my third game was against a gitz player. we were technically unable to finish the game since we gad both so many models on each side that both were’t really ably to win anything. his gitz were so many, but aren’t really that great in dealing damage, and no better were my clanrats, so the game technically ended at turn 2 with a tied, both in kill points (since nothing really was destroyed at both our sides) and we weren’t able to take the enemies objective either. it was pretty hilarious to see how two armies can struggle against each other.😂
  4. Made a Warscroll for my Doom engineer. Although He comes with the cost of 170points
  5. It should be the same numbers. the only difference is that the digital version, comes in 1Booklet, instead of the two you get for the physical copy.
  6. Thx, I was personally just thinking of how I could possibly build a 1-2Drop army, with enough bodies to consider save for several turns. And this is what I came up with. 1Well I’m actually missing my 3-4Doomwheels.2. Love your list, although It Kinda feels a bit empty, with only 40clanrats as a screen. your second list, kinda reminds me of my own list, O used at the beginning of the skaventide uprise. you have enough bodies to screen your army from certain doom for a few turns, have a unit of high damage low range and a unit with high range and the ability to snipe characters very efficiently. Love it
  7. So what’s your oppinion on this 2Drop army list for the skaven? Allegiance: SkaventideMortal Realm: ChamonLeadersClawlord (100)- Artefact: Flaypelt Cloak - Mighty Warlord Command Trait: Brutal FuryVerminlord Warbringer (280)- General- Command Trait: Brutal Fury - Artefact: Things-Bane Battleline40 x Clanrats (200)- Rusty Spear40 x Clanrats (200)- Rusty Spear40 x Stormvermin (400)- Halberd & Shield40 x Stormvermin (400)- Halberd & Shield40 x Clanrats (200)- Rusty SpearBattalionsClaw-horde (180)Endless Spells / Terrain / CPsBell of Doom (40)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 217
  8. The beginning of aos was pretty horrible, but as the lore unfolded, it got better. with points being brought back and all available Old armies having gotten a battletome, the game has gotten much much better. although there being or having been a few not so great mechanics, that can make an army dominate everything, I’m pretty happy with the game.
  9. It did, but it still kinda feels cheap, considering that some people are paying 80-100points to just get a singe unit up the board Then again it is a spell that everybody can use.
  10. The beasts that was introduced a long long time ago by the clans moulder. there is no more terrifying sight then to see a modified, stitched together dragon or terrorgheist with rat parts, warp-stone and poisoness fumes. the Mawcrusher might be feared by gravitation, but the Hell pit is just so terrifying that even death often then not chooses to let it live instead. if that isn’t the Monster then I don’t know what is
  11. Yes it is, although I’m wondering why they have kept Greenskinz as an Allie choice for gloomspite gitz.
  12. Currently in switzerland. although I’m hoping to be able to go back to Singapore, after my studies. Or London, after all I haven’t been there for a long time. Being surrounded by mostly german speaking people your English will sooner or later get a bit rusty, so should we meet you might recognize me from my weirdly accent, which I have been told to have some kind of a mixture between american, canadian, british and german. Not sure what they meant with that, but I guess it kinda fits the skaven theme, and being taught by multiple different English teachers, might have that affect. But I did enjoy my stay in london, New York and (especially) Singapore. those were probably my best 7Years in my live. Although, Switzerland has some great side’s that I enjoy as well (although it isn’t cheese or chocolate).
  13. Hey I said I could be wrong!🤗 You’ll have to try them out for yourself to be certain of their use. I’ll be doing the same thing as soon as I can, but till then I’ll just have a good laugh with my Acolytes at the upcoming tournament tomorrow.😁
  14. Well it’s the age of using Stormvermins as a less expensive screen. But anything else might be already too much, but who knows I might be wrong
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