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  1. the difference between Orks and skaven, generals. We’ve all been there😂
  2. Mmh, could it be that they are going to make square bases a legal thing in the competitive environment of aos?
  3. Well It would definitely make it easier to play the old warhammer fantasy editions. it may not be supported, but is definitely still played by a few people (including myself)
  4. Are you sure that those things are bananas? looks more like one of Slaaneshs many pleasure toys.
  5. I am currently living ,somewhere in Switzerland.
  6. if it’s Iserlohn, I might be able to visit you sometimes. although it may take me a few hours (around 11, if I’m not mistaken), I sadly don’t have my driver license yet😅😂.
  7. Say my verminus backstabbing (your probably not backstabbing) friend, what’s your opinion on Stormvermin. I myself am a. big fan of them, and even got a rather high result on a few tournaments With my beloved heavy verminus/Skryre build. I just think they are a bit too expensive. so what are your thoughts on them?
  8. Well I am not @Riff_Raff_Rascal but I’m guessing that he is counting the battalion ability for the doomwheel.
  9. Well, having seen what they can do in a battle-report, I think our best way if dealing with then are lots of flames throwers and Warp lightning cannons. they are rather weak against anything that can deal a significant amount of mortal wounds. but will hold quit good against plague monks and any other units we throw at them with no rend.
  10. Right forgot that he is an assassin as well. still you’ll be needing a grey seer To cast skitterleap onto you warlock, because that one guy is basically what makes your unit of 9stormfiends into real killers. And thats still a huge investment.
  11. Well, The ganwbomb is great, sadly there are just a few slight problem. for example you will need for that truck to work a grey seer casting skitterleap onto a hero or your warlock and the deceiver (who costs a fortune) to cast dreaded skitterleap onto the hero throwing the bomb. The next problem will be the injector you’ll have to give up on. if you don’t want to do so, you’ll have to pay for another 280point for a useless hero and battailon to get that artefact. basically you would be paying a fortune for such a complicated step, making it almost impossible to wield a unit of plague monks, your backline in desperate times. loosing them will mean a guaranteed loss when unable to destroy the most hard-hitting unit of your opponent. Basically making the list a well very dicey game, especially against daughter of khaine armies.
  12. Skaven: Skreech Verminking, because there is no better, more twisted Daemon in the 13different realms, then us-us
  13. Could be something for ironwald arsenal. maybe an expansion for that faction, since the wing kinda reminds me of a part from the gyrocpter or bomber
  14. Definitely one of the best looking units in the whole game. I literally use them every time, and am hated for doing so.
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