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  1. well I could see similar steps taken in aos as it is in 40k right now, where basically every army gets a book to bring them up to a enjoyable level. and after a few month or 1-2years a campaign where basically all of the armies get some king of a models revamp, either adding new ones to each army or replacing older ones.
  2. Well I don't really know too much about the lon batallions, but can tell storys about the not so great and very expensive battalions of other armies. In the end I am guessing that thats the road Gw chose to take, making the battalions a nice addition to a fluffy list, rather then being the thing that wins games.
  3. Looking at those rules, it seems like the prosperity of having only a 4+ hit minotaur will be gone with this warband. although its funny how this little warband seems to be one of the best ever seen in the game, making the brayshaman basically unneeded.
  4. Hopes are this weekend. actual knowledge is sadly not existent.
  5. I mean it depends, thinking back, when the skaven battletome dropped, we got a lot of chances in the skryre allegiance. So I guess it could go either way. its possible that the allegiance ability is basically the same, but it isn’t unrealistic for Gw to change them in any way either. there could have been a few things that were maybe to powerful or weak before the book will drop. Or the allegiance ability have to change in total, to fit the newish ruled warscroll for each unit.
  6. Ps: I forgot to mention that 5Bells will probably only work in 2500 or more point games, since you’re limited to 4behemoths in a 2000point game
  7. You still need to get them off, and don’t forget your 5Verminlords to summon😂😂
  8. It’s funny but those debuffs/buffs actually stack, if you get them off.
  9. Well what would make the aelves also interesting is, if they get some kind of a generic keyword/ name/title. would be perfect for those aelves that got squatted
  10. Have you ever considered taking the deranged inventor trait for your warlock. its not as strong as mmmwp, but can be used in the shooting phase.
  11. So, I took part at a tournament this weekend. My army-list consisted of: Warscroll Builder on www.warhammer-community.com Allegiance: Skaventide - Mortal Realm: Chamon LEADERS Skaa Bloodtail (100) Clawlord - Mighty Warlord Command Trait : Devious Adversary Grey seer sniktrick (220) Grey Seer on Screaming Bell - Lore of Ruin : Warpgale Skreek the destroyer (280) Verminlord Warbringer - General - Command Trait : Brutal Fury - Artefact : Rune Blade Skallog the mad (100) Warlock Bombardier - Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism : More-more-more Warp Power! UNITS The black furred gnawers of the deep warrens (200) 40 x Clanrats - Rusty Blade Skrollags mighty backstabbers (200) 40 x Clanrats - Rusty Blade Red guard (450) 40 x Stormvermin - Halberd & Shield The man-thing flayers (260) 3 x Stormfiends The dwarf-things menace (70) 1 x Warpfire Thrower The squig-burner (70) 1 x Warpfire Thrower ENDLESS SPELLS / TERRAIN Bell of Doom (40) TOTAL: 1990/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 0 WOUNDS: 179 LEADERS: 4/6 BATTLELINES: 3 (3+) BEHEMOTHS: 2/4 ARTILLERY: 0/4 ARTEFACTS: 1/1 ALLIES: 0/400 Stormfiends, equipment: 1with warpfire projectors, 1with rattling guns, 1with Doomflayer gauntlets. In total I have fought 3battles. the battleplans were: -something where you have to have the controll of 4objective markers at the end of the game to gain a major victory or when having more then your opponent a minor victory. -Knife to the heart -shifting objectives. First game: Clan Mors vs. Smelly ghosts (Nighthaunt style): My opponents force, consisted of a bed-shied holding a lantern who haunted my life as the general of his great looking forces, some random named guy on some kind of a winged skeleton steed, 3x 20Reapers, 6 stabby Ghosts, the bet shied with the great axe, some ghosty with bondage fetishes (My assumption, after having seen his love for chains and Metall balls) and a mornghul, with a top hat take-stolen from his last meal (sadly I don't own any pictures of him 😭). As it is usual with a lost consisting of a thousand units and no battalions, My opponent out deployed me, thinking it would be smart to give me the first turn. So having had a brilliant plan in my mind I shuffled my unit each up 3inches. Ending my turn with gaining control of 2objective each located in my deployment zone. Afraid of my Horde of lowly backstabbers, he ended his turn as fast as it started not doing anything. we rolled of and well I won priority, giving my opponent the next turn, where he basically skipped moving and well did nothing again in hopes I would fall for his trap. My turn started with me summoning the dooooom bell, which then exploded in my face for rolling exactly a 13, vanishing in glorious green flames. (Killing 2of my clanrats, and dealing 2wounds to my Verminlord warbringer. Having just met a tragic (but unexpected and therefor funny) herophase I shuffled my units up another 3inches, while my flamethrower followed my clanrats and vanished in amidst the vermintide. We rolled of again, and well I won the roll of again, choosing to let my fellow bed-shied buddy to go again. knowing that he basically had to get his reinforcements up from hell, he deployed his mornghul, special guy with winged steed, and a unit of 20Reapers, down 9 and a half inches away from my Stormfiends and clanrats on my right flank. He move all of his units up towards me, but thankfully unable to charge and failing those of his hellish companions surprising me from the back, he ends his turn. with which my cunning plan finally went of. The first thing I did was to ring the bell, getting a 7. ai started to cast then warpgale on his reapers at his left, dealing 3mortal wounds and banishing 2smelly bet-sheets back to hell I the. Succeeded summoning the doom bell which thankfully didn't explode, and made my clanrats on my right flank immune to battle-shock, I then tried to cast dreaded deathfrenzy sadly failing with a 5 (6with the bonus of the bell). My Bombardier succeded casting his more more more warppower spell onto my Stormfiends, which was the basically the end of my oppinents forces (Yes-yes) in the movement phase, I moved my Stormvermins back onto my own objective and moved my clanrats up with the bell and the clawlord onto my opponents left flank Reapers. My Stormfiends shuffled up a bit, moving my flamers into range of my opponents reapers in my back, and the rattling-guns in range of his hero., My Vermin-lord who saw no glorious entrance on the left-flank chose to go and support my left-flank, by moving up towards the soon dead-dead Reapers at my back on the right-flank. my shooting phase began and my drugged stormfiends not only killed of his wizardy named hero but also flamed half of his reapers back to hell. My Verminlord then charged his reapers, kill-slaying them all with his rune inscribed doomglaive. My clanrats on the left-flank charged inspired of the bell into the frey, gnash gnawing 13reapers to their deaths. My turn ended with taking almost no casualties in return. We rolled of again and as my luck seems to be unexpectedly Thanqoul like high, I won it again and took the double turn. My turn started with me casting mmmwp, succeeding by doing so. I then tried to cast dreaded deathfrenzy onto my Verminlord, succeeding as well In my movement phase my clanrats moved a little bit up, and the my Stormfiends moved themselves towards the mornghould but staying more then 6inches away to mitigate his debuff. The shooting phase began and ended very fast with a dead-dead mornghul, filled with warp stone lead bullets. killing of another 2Reapers at my left-flank, my turn ended with a glorious me being on the winning side. in his turn he moved his 20Repaers and stabby ghosts up the board towards my clanrats, ported his reamining 7ghost at his left-flank towards my right and 9away from my clanrats. He then charged them killing of almost 15 clanrats (my rolls where on fire that day, almost made all of my saves). we rolled of again and as it has been the whole game I won the priority again, but feeling pity for my opponent 😊, or so he thought when i gave the next turn😈😈. With a haul of agony, his 20bed-sheet strong unit, fleet combat and threw themselves onto my objective gaining control of it. He the thought my clanrats with his remaining 7Reapers, and 6backstabby ghosts, killing of another 12of my clanrats. since my bell was dispelled I spend one of my cps on inspiring presence to prevent them to run away. My turn started and I fleet combat with my remaining 12 clanrats, while charging them back in in such a way, that I gain the controll of his objective way back in his zone, while surviving with enough, bodies on the objectives. and with that I end up gaining a minor victory by the end of turn 5. Second battle against the fyreslayers (knife to the heart) My opponent had a runefatger on magmadroth, 2 heroes is that can for some reason teleport themselves with a unit, and 50Berserkers with the 2damage axe (2x10, 1x30), and some battalion that lets him attack in the before anybody else attacks each turn. having no battalion meant that I basically would be out deployed, leaving my opponent choosing the first turn. he deepstriked his unit of 30berserkers to my flank where I have but 2unit of 40clanrats to protect my objective and he moved his therrorgheist (since we were playing in ghur, up the board. both made their charge, killing of my 80clanrats and 2of my stormfiends. . My first turn started with me failing to cast anything, I then moved my Verminlord up towards the terrorgheist, and my stormvermins towards his berserkers (forgetting that he can always attack first through his battailon. I made both charges sadly lost my unit of 40Stormvermins and my last stormfiends, leaving me with a Wounded Verminlord a unmovable screaming bell, and 2useless heroes, Conceding with a very sad 1st turn. 3rd battle the vermintide vs the hated poster-things: My opponents list consisted of: 9sniper-thingies, 2x5bow-things, 20Sequators, some wizard guy that makes squators battleline, the banner wielding prayer guy, and some lantern wielding -thing, and 2x10skinks. Funnily I out deployed him, and took the first turn. The from last battle lend terrorgheist, Moved up and fired his breath attack at the snipers, killing of 3of them. I the. ran all of my horde units up the board taking control of the objective. My turn ended with me scoring 5victory points. in his turn he started with shooting my clanrats units on my left-flank, in the heroephase, killing of 4. He then shined his lantern onto his 20man unit of sequators giving them a 3+ save. He the moved his unit of sequators up the board towards my right-flank he also moved his unit of skinks up to gain control of the main objective as fast as possible . In his shooting phase he killed of another 4Rats on my left-flank and shoot 6clanrats to their deaths at my right flank with his bow guys. He then sucefully charged my clanrats with an 11, getting in 4of his sequators but only dealing around 3damage, I attacke back and well killed one of them, while still holding the objective. We rolled of and the shootmarine army-player gained the priority, choosing to go first, In his heroephase, he shoot another 3clanrats to death,, and failed to cast something. he then shoot of another 10clanrats and both of my flamers in, and twiddled my unit of clanrats on the right-side down to 11 in the combat phase, gaining the control of the objective (which was still the priority, and for some reason never changed) I really rolled poorly for that one). and with that he ended his second turn scoring 3points in total. In my second turn I basically moved my death frenzied clawlord and Verminlord up towards his units with bows. I moved my stormfiends up who were buffed by mmmwp to kill of the terrorgheist, who has been taken over by my opponent, kill-slaying it off in the shooting phase. Moved my Stormvermins up to his sniper nest who then were stopped by his unit of etherwings or bird-things. My Verminlord and the clawlord then charged his bowguys, killing them of and wounding some sequators. Ending my turn with 7victory points. as it was more or less the whole game my opponent won the roll off again, taking the next turn and attacking with his sequators in the herophase, but not killing me off. he then tried to shoot at him, which would have killed him if I wouldn’t have made all of my saves (the horned rat protects😋) In his shooting phase he tried to kill of my verminlord with shooting, failing doing so. He then attacked with his sequators again, finally killing the verminlord and clalword, but taking in exchange, 6-7 casualties, thanks to deathfrenzy. his turn ended with 6victory points in total. In my 4th turn I basically scurried a but back, leaving my almost dead Stormvermins in control of the middle objective, and scurrying back with my clanrats to hold and protect my stormfiends from danger. My turn ended with a total of 9victorypoints. winning the priority again my opponent moved all of his units up trying to kill my skaven as fast as possible. taking the middle objective and making a charge into my bell, who then sadly died to poor saving throws. I went next buffed my remaining stormfiends with mmmwp and shoot at his poster-things, taking 3of his sequators back to sigmar. My turn ended with 10victory points in total, winning the game. The day ended with me having gained a total loss, a minor victory and a total victory, bringing me to the 8th rank. my thoughts: Stormvermins: although they will always have a special place in my heart and list, they haven't really played any big, roll. in the first game they were literally in my back holding objective, in the second they died to always strike first twice dwarfs and in the third well, they were every time stopped by my opponents bird-things from charging, and died later in the game by shooting. Stormfiends on the other hand, were basically my ace. they basically always got me out of a dire situation, and killed in the day around 1000points worth of body. The verminlord with the rune blade and brutal fury ability, was great as well, helping me to get rid of pesky heroes, elite units, and was even a great stopping power for three whole rounds in my last game. the clalword wasn't bad either and is probably one of our best assasins in the game, when buffed by death-frenzy. The screaming bell, was somewhat funny, there were times it didn't really get any great buffs the whole game, and other times like in the last battle, where I basically always rolled an 11. So yeah great hero option for our pesky skaven. Int total I think the list did great, and I will probably stay with this force but might change a few things like rattling guns instead of flamers, etc.
  12. Well In the skaven battletome, there have been mentions of a weapon that could kill any god, thus for the council of 13 were punished by their god an a few decades later We were born Yes-yes
  13. Well it would be one grudge settled😂😂
  14. Well should he ever find his missing axe, surely more than just the grey master thanqoul might be in danger, probably even the gods might start to fear him, even sigmar.
  15. well from the looks of it, we might have to wait another week till the cos book and Orruks might hopefully drop (or at least anything lore wise, even a small peek into the rule design would help to still our thirst for the unknown.
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