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  1. They are the clear definition of chaos! you basically have to take them, especially if you combine them with the vial of the fulminator artifact. It makes them the fastest unit in the whole game. after all there aren’t many units if at all out there, that have a chance to move 48 inches ps: use your doomwheel as a character sniper, or a destroyer of heavy damage dealing glass-canons, for example flamers of tzeentch
  2. It works on rattling guns, Stormfiends, Doomwheels, Walrock bombardiers and engineers and Acolytes in the shooting phase. basically anything that doesn’t use an mortal wounds output instead of damage
  3. Which would mean that sigmar isn’t a real god either. After all he was a mortal soul when the empire was founded
  4. release the deathmasters!!!! Yes-yes Fake-thing must die-die!! Must kill-slay fake-thing!!
  5. Says the title , but as soon as it has any skaven it it, that title would just be a disguise for the truly hidden terrifying message
  6. Well you haven’t seen the half of the skaven race yet mate and many more there are, my still learning padawan
  7. You don’t declare shooting? I actually didn’t know that. so you basically role to see how much damage you do and then decide on which unit that goes to? how would that work with the current look out sir rule
  8. Love it too. I’m just sad that the old har Gaineth executioners aren’t part of it
  9. Drakegun carrying Stormvermins, make incredible looking poisoned wind globe throwers
  10. Thankfully most skavenplayers are true hobbyists and love converting.
  11. Sorry mate I got stuck with the only truly greatest Army.
  12. Think of it like this. what can Doomwheels do. basically being the best unit in the game. why: they have a pretty great chance of Sniping characters. (Are even better then jezzails) Are able to move up to 48inches, so no worries of being able to get to that one hero hiding in the corner. they move trough 3 or less wound models, and do mortals (friend or foe) they are considered bad and week (which makes them even better) One Doomwheel is already enough to bring the battlefield down to a chaos. For a 150points unit you’ve got the chance to not only keep an entire enemy Army for a turn in his backlines, but are also able to put enough damage out to kill Nagash straight out, if you roll unlikely good. for 10 points more then a unit of jezzails this thing is a steal
  13. Combine The vial of the fulminator with your doomwheels and you’ve got yourself a unexpected guest in the enemy ranks.
  14. 320clanrats or 200skryre acolytes isn’t that impossible at all. I’m literally Playing these kinds of lists in real life
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