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  1. Skreech Verminking

    Nighthaunt Plog (Redux)

    Your warpstone torches look fantastic😍😍
  2. Skreech Verminking

    The Rumour Thread

    No not really. They’ll probably stay the same way for this year. (but here’s what I’m hoping for: a skaven vs dispossessed box set)
  3. Skreech Verminking

    The Rumour Thread

    Well i heard some rumors that the shadow elves will be some kind of dragon twisted creatures, as well as light elves having some kind of angelic form.#(Let’s just call them lizardelve-things, and birdelve-things) #probably similar idea like those snake lady’s from the daughter of khaine range
  4. Skreech Verminking

    Need advice picking an 'elite' army

    Play skaven. with them you have the option to literally field a army fully out only elites troops. Like stormvermin stormfiends etc. just if your trying to be competitive you’d better stick with skyre (stormfiends) a only stormvermin army will not really be something that can win to many or any battles.
  5. Skreech Verminking

    Hello from France!

    Hi and welcome to the community. its great to see somebody who collects duardins.
  6. Skreech Verminking

    Allegiance abilities

    This might clarify it for you and your friend. anyways good luck and happy wargaming
  7. Skreech Verminking

    Getting annoyed by a player in tournaments...

    Nop not any more they chanced it with the last faq
  8. And here we have a new recruit, for my army “Kraak the old thing” also a plague priest. he is known to be cruel and wise. (and probably dead soon Yes-yes never trust your so called loyale lieutenants)
  9. Skreech Verminking

    Can I keep my entire Brayherd army off the board to ambush?

    Well I just when through the whole matched battle plan and rules. but the only thing I was this. in other words it should be legal. at least right now
  10. Skreech Verminking

    Can I keep my entire Brayherd army off the board to ambush?

    Yeah 40k only allows player to keep halve and not more of your army in reserve. same is when he destroys your whole army, he would win automatically
  11. Skreech Verminking

    Can I keep my entire Brayherd army off the board to ambush?

    If it isn’t somewhere otherwise stated you can literally keep your whole army In reserve. and you wouldn’t lose automatically, since there is no known rule in aos that’s says something like this. In other words your idea is totally legal ps: if somebody managed to destroy the enemy army fully, still doesn’t mean that he won. If the enemy had more points than you, at the end of the game (after 5-6 rounds) you still will loose in aos
  12. Skreech Verminking

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    Well to be absolutely true, it would be stunningly incredible if Gw chose to firstly make a mixed skaven army battletome and with it update all metallic or funky looking models like gutter runner/night runners, plague censer bearers/monks, Arch warlock and many more (we definitely need some good locking weapon teams) but that’s only my oppinion. (still hoping for that mixed battletome death style)
  13. Skreech Verminking

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    Yes it almost killed me seeing such a pretty and especially skaveni Army.
  14. Skreech Verminking

    AoS 2 - Clan Verminus / Skaven Discussion

    Well playing a only verminus army is not really that great right now. since they don’t have any kind of alllegiance ability, with the exception of the grand chaos one. And Stormvermins become battleline, you’re probably better off playing mixed skaven. since clanrats are the only generic chaos battleline in a skaven army, you will probably have to have at least 40-60of them in your army (depends how many points your playing with). After that your free to put to your army, what you want.
  15. Skreech Verminking

    The Rumour Thread

    Mmmh just wondering if Gw will be releasing skaven on skanuary and Slaanesh on slaaneshmas