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  1. The only models released separately from the previous iterations of Warhammer Quest were those on individual sprues. The only Cursed City model likely to get a seperate release therefore is Radukar, unless they do what they did with the Indomitus sprues.
  2. I wouldn’t fret about the rules atm, worst case scenario they don’t get revamped in the Soulblight book, you can always use most of the models as great proxies or alternate sculpts for existing stuff. Halgrim = Wight King, Vargskyr = Vargulf etc.
  3. Not sure, but it mentions Tyrion being preoccupied with something more powerful than Nagash. Could be Malerion?
  4. Yeah my feeling is zombie ogres to tie in the Korsargi Nightguard. The weapons are really throwing me off. They look like excessively long scimitar’s or glaives.
  5. What’s your theories on the guys in the background? They look pretty elite but hard to tell if it’s Skellies, Vamps or Deadwalkers.
  6. Regarding that 3.0 rumour, Stormcast already have Knight-Questors, so it’s not a massive leap for them to build out a chamber around that idea. Also recently there have been a lot of old school cavalry units being brought out. New Chaos Knights, Kavalos Deathriders, Vanari Dawnriders and now Blood Knights. Stormcast could definitely get something similar, that differentiates enough from Dracoths, Dracolines and Gryph-Chargers. I never liked the Bretonia aesthetic personally but I think a lot of the themes and personality they had could be the basis for a cool Stormcast chamber.
  7. Could the theory of a new Orruk release as part of AoS 3.0 be in jeopardy considering 40k are about to get a pretty substantial Ork update? I feel like new destruction might be something different. Ogres/Ogroids or a new race entirely perhaps. An outside chance could be that the Beast Snagga’s come with dual options for 40k and AoS maybe...
  8. Looks too machined/manufactured to be AoS or destruction. I’d guess this is 40k related.
  9. I’m glad they’ve stuck with some of the classic Vampire Counts look whilst also diversifying the designs with the Cursed City stuff, Kritza and now this. They seem to have done a similar thing with Lumineth, in that there is some very obviously High Elf inspired carryover from WHF, but they’ve also sprinkled the range with strange creatures and designs befitting the mortal realms. There’s so much potential for individuality with a lot of the recent releases now which is great for AoS as a whole.
  10. They said that the new skeletons are replacing the old ones, but do you think that means the regular warriors, the grave guard or both?
  11. I have no idea what it is, Kurnothi, Beastmen or something new entirely, but if Kragnos is indeed the figure from the teaser, I’m getting a real Dothraki vibe from him. Looks like someone merged Khal Drogo with his horse.
  12. They both share the same emblem on their belts, and are both very similar stylistically. I’d say he’s a Cursed City model rather than Gravelords.
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