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  1. I've a tournament this weekend as well. Suggestions are welcome. This is my list: Maw Krusha ( Ironclad, Ignax Scale, Weird Un) 460 Warchanter 110 Warchanter 110 Weirdnob Shaman 110 Fungoid Cave Shaman 90 6 Goregruntas 320 5 Brutes 140 10 Ardboyz 10 Ardboyz Ironfist 160 Mork's Mighty Mushroom 90
  2. I like your list apart from that I'd use Weird un instead of fast un. Than I don't understand so much the 10 Savage Orruks. I would change them with some Ardboyz.
  3. It's time to rule the world... Aaaaaaaaarghhhh.
  4. I think that a MawKrusha with Weird Un + Ignax Scale + Ironclad (especially in a Big Waaagh army) is immortal. Even against Nagash or Tzeentch.
  5. The +1 or +2 to cast is just for that turn or for the whole game?
  6. Hi Guys. One simple question, in a Big Waaagh! army, how the Waaagh points work? When for example I have 12 points, do I need to spend them going to 0 to use the abilities or is automatical and the points last?
  7. Add 3 Ogors in one unit to have the discount. You pay 12 Ogors 400 points. Then I would add a Slaughtermaster, useful to buff your units. The Yeethees are useful for their speed and for the 6" pile in. I like so much the models, even if lots of people don't. With the right paint work they will become nice.
  8. Paint blue the bases before apply the baking soda, vinyl glue and white mixed.
  9. baking soda, vinyl glue, white, blu shade, white dry brush
  10. I think that they are the coolest models in the Gutbusters army. So I'm building a list with them just for fun. This one is the first...
  11. I think that you are right, but the BT is just came out, so I think we have to wait for a possible points drops. On the other hand I think that Ogor and BCR have lots of very interesting rules.
  12. The problems are the mortal wounds. I would choose the dual wield because in this game the attack is the best defence. So if you kill faster you enemy you will receive less mortal wounds. The high speed of the Igor army can be useful to kill as fast as you can the opponent. Or maybe I just hope that. 🙂
  13. This is great. Another good news is that the Yeethees are save!
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