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  1. So.... I'm trying to put an army together that doesn't have any of the named heroes (I like coming up with my own names and personalities and histories for my characters). Any recommendations for a good line-up of heroes for a 2000 point Invaders force? I've got models enough to fill any of the options, I think.
  2. Hey all. I'm very new to Age of Sigmar... last time I was shoving models around a table it was square bases as far as the eye could see. Trying to wrap my head around some rules. This one in particular.... The Invaders 'Figureheads of the Dark Prince' battle trait means I can have three generals, all considered to be a general for the purposes of using command abilities. Does this simply mean that the range of issuing commands is 18" rather than 12"? Or am I missing something else? Ta, and apologies if this is a stupid question!
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