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  1. My understanding was that the cat was pretty good?
  2. I really like the cities of Sigmar 1 in 4 (and Barak Thryng) approach. I kind of feel that they should look into a mix of that and Skaven for stormcast. Allow an all stormcast option, with weaker alliegence abilities for people who want to run whatever they want, but allow more specific alliegence if you want it. For example allow SCE warrior chamber, with more powerful alliegence abilities as long as 3 out of 4 of your SCE are warrior chamber. You could even have a Ssyleske style one, where at least 1 in 4 is Warrior, 1 in 4 is Vanguard, 1 in 4 is Sacrosanct etc.
  3. There are a lot of choices on how to build KO units. They also clearly want their to be positives and negatives to different choices and playstyles. What's the best way to build Thunderers? Different load outs do different things. The rifle build seems to be best for back line and in boats. The special weapon teams do the most damage if everything is in range. I think someone has also mathed out that a unit of 10 or 15 with a single mortar, max cannons and some number of deck sweepers is the best damage. One thing I've heard a lot is people complaining that some units don't get buffs in boats. Have you considered what the current state would be if you COULD benefit from all the abilities while in a ship, or the range of some stuff was long enough to shoot after fly high. You could make a really brutal ironclad. Put in 15 thunderers and a khemist. Pick all the special weapons. If the enemy charges your ironclad they would be at -2 to hit the ironclad itselfs with its 3+ potentially rerollable saves, or -3 to hit the crew, who have a 3+ rerollable as well. What's more, it's really hard for your opponents to do anything about, and runs the risk of every game ending up the same. The good news is that if KO are underpowered (maybe they are, maybe they aren't) then you can fix a lot with points changes or easy to adjust stuff in the GHB. The worse case is where stuff requires significant rewrites to improve (I'd argue that BoC needs a whole new set of alliegence abilities and some fundamental warscroll changes to be fixed)
  4. So what's the best chaos warrior load out now? I'm probably going for shields since the new models are the nicest.
  5. Vulkites are 7 points per wound. Arkanauts are 9 points per wound.
  6. Other than the warden king and maybe the runelord it's not anything you wouldn't be tempted to take already.
  7. Probably being dumb, but what is forge fire?
  8. They even gave him new rules. How many points is he now? The command ability gives rerolls to hit to tzeentch wholly within 9 of him. He might be worth it in some cases now.
  9. So, a question. Does Thundrik count as two units when it comes to army composition? That matters quite a lot for Barak Thyring and getting more fyreslayer or dispossessed in there.
  10. I rather like the profiteers. That said, pretty sure that Thundrik and his posse count as two KO units in CoS, so you need 6 other units to balance out. Thaaat said I like them in Barack Thyng as additional KO units to let you have more other duardin.
  11. What's the condition for +1 saves? Chaos Warriors with 3+ RR and mortal wound protection seems good.
  12. Pizza is really stupid and underpowered, burgers are better. Your Katakros comparison is really weird. They are such different units. That said, at some point I am going to some calculations about KO offensive out put, but I'm at work at the moment. As for what KO do Vs bonereapers? Honestly my guess would probably be the favourite. A lot of OBR advantages are negated by KO. The rerolling saves doesn't really work Vs KO, and some of the buff pieces are pretty easy to kill for KO since they have speed and range. I don't think you realise how good shooting can be. It looks bad compared to melee because your opponent doesn't get to attack back and you are at range. It's kind of worrying that you look at one of the coolest relics designs (spell in a bottle) and think it's a sign of KO weakness and not an awesome perk.
  13. It's absolutely not the main thing, but I love the idea of bravery 3 or whatever arkanauts after you've made them give up a ton of gold.
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