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  1. There are some other Khorne buffs. Aspiring death bringer is another attack to all units in aura for a CP (Khorne mortals). Blood stoker adds 3 to run and charge and reroll wounds to a Khorne mortal unit. Both are 80 point units
  2. So I ran the numbers for marauder charges. They get absurd charges. This is before musician or any bonuses added. Percentage Charge Roll 2.78% 7 8.33% 8 13.89% 9 19.44% 10 25.00% 11 30.56% 12 So with a musician they have a 55.56% chance of making at least a 12 inch charge.
  3. Iron golems are pretty good already. It wouldn't take much for them to be a solid choice. If they are a markable battleline unit that would be more than enough. 70 points for 10 wounds, 4+ RR, bravery 8 (with additional bravery resistance in the form of the ogor). It really isn't that bad to track. Each warband had a champion for every X. Half the warbands have a non humanoid with extra wounds. They probably get removed first. Some of them basically have a musician or banner bearer. Some have special rules that aren't that complicated. It sounds like a lot, but on a unit by unit basis it isn't much. It's unlikely that people are going to be simultaneously running too many of them. Short descriptions would be. Iron Golems, weak ranged, reroll saves if they didn't move. Some extra wounds on ogors. Untamed Beasts, have a pregame advance, guys with big spears can throw them. Cat is worth an extra wound. Corvus Cabal, weak ranged, ignore terrain like fly, can reroll charges. Cypher lords. Weak ranged, chance to make you -1 to hit when in combat. +1 to charges. Unmade. Nightmare fuel big lady fights real well Splintered fang, kind of complicated. Snakes have extra wound. Respawn one per turn. All have poisoned weapons. In total it's a bit confusing, but you could say that about a fair percentage of bundles of 6 warscrolls.
  4. I can't speak for others, but when I was talking about going second, I meant in later turns. When you take a double turn it involves going first, so by giving more advantages to the second player in a battle round you make double turns more of a cost.
  5. I really like the scoring at the end of each battle round, not turn. Maybe it wouldn't work out balance wise, but I'd love to give it a try. That's another advantage to going second, since you get to know how many models your opponent has on objectives.
  6. I know you are using it as an farcical example, but ogre kingdoms do/did have something of a mongolian aesthetic going on...
  7. That one is interesting. Was the Excelsior ever available separately? He's on his own sprue so he could be, but same applies to the two aelf heroes. There are some interesting choices for cities of Sigmar. I wouldn't be surprised if we got a big expansion for devoted of Sigmar at some point down the line, either living flagellants as the only option cities can take or removing and rehoming them.
  8. I... assume you mean different in different photos. I don't think if it's still a traditional ****** pic if there are multiple discrete genitals in there. That is pretty darn sad. I just feel discouraged now.
  9. Have you considered that part of the reason for that may well be that they don't feel welcome. I don't know the statistics for AoS/40k but for magic the gathering the hobby is 62% male, 38% female. That is very much not what you see in large events or tournaments.
  10. There are a couple of reasons I could see being true, with differing amounts of credit to GW. The please don't sue us reason. They already had a lot of similarities to Alien. Just another change to make it less legally actionable. It's pretty lazy, but a fair amount of GW stuff follows the "throw it all at the wall and see what sticks". The more thought out reason. Genestealers share a lot with alien, but one thing they have that is very different is the cult part. There is a very creepy Manson or Jones town vibe to GSC. The idea of people being subverted to a cause. They may have decided that it worked better as a creepy faux paternal figure than as a mother style one. Particularly with the deep veins of subverted religion, the disapproving father.
  11. I've tried typing this a few times and am trying really hard to not sound harsh. You mention that this isn't a big thing for you, but it really seems to be a signature issue for you. I doubt I'll change your mind on this, but figured it was worth a shot. Why did you include diversity in quotation marks? They seem to genuinely be making an effort to increase it, make more people feel welcome. It seems to be working. It's anecdotal, but Sylvaneth, Slaanesh and wanderers seem to be the most popular armies with the female gamers I know. I'd include stormcast on that list, but they are kind of the poster boy for AoS, so seems unfair. That said, the female sequitor in the easy build is a glorious model and one of my favourites. People like to be seen. It makes them feel invested. I think that's a thing that people miss out on when everything is tailored to them. If you are used to 100% focus then dropping down to, what, 80%? focus seems like a big deal. What really bothers you about having more female models in the game? If it makes some people happy then I really think you should reevaluate why you object. I really am not meaning to be accusative, but it's an issue I feel strongly about. on the topic of mortal realms magazine, it's weird to hear people talk about it now. I picked some up about 6 months ago. Turns out I was in the test area of the UK for it.
  12. My assumption was that battle tomes kind of fall into 3 broad categories. 1) Whole new army/basically whole new army. Examples would be bone reapers/gloomspite. Earlier on I'd say Deepkin/daughters. Obviously require a lot of work to make a new army, but can more or less start fresh. Potential upcoming lists might be kurnothi or Ulgu/Hysh elves. 2) Shine and polish job. An army where it doesn't require much work. Mainly updating, adding spell lores, traits and the like. Doesn't get/need many new models. Examples might include Slyvaneth, FEC, Iron Jaws, Bonesplitters. I'd include the merged lists in here, stuff like cities of Sigmar, beasts of chaos, Skaven. These lists do need more work to function, and definitely have some models that could use an update, but the armies are functional without. You can make a definite argument that Skaven belong in the next category though. Future examples of this type for me would include Tzeentch, which doesn't need much to get it up to date and potentially Seraphon if they decide they are accepting some of the old sculpts. 3) this is gonna take some work. The armies where there is a fundamental problem. I'd include KO in that. KO have some stuff that other factions don't, and are also shooting based. I think they erred on the side of having them too weak rather than too strong because of it. They need to decide how the army is going to play, and I can definitely see how KO could be just awful to play Vs if they were on the powerful side. Combining mobility and shooting is a risk. I can also see that they don't want to buff them only to need to nerf them again. Other examples that I think needed more work than you'd expect would include S2D. I'm excited to see what they have done with them. The problem S2D have under the current system is that regardless of points changes or warscroll tweaks you are basically always going to be better off running your S2D army as a god army. Right now Slaanesh gives the clearest indicator of this. You get the (really really really good) exploding/double exploding hits on 6. That's noticeably better than any boost from being S2D currently. So any buffs they hand to S2D are basically being handed to Slaanesh/Khorne/Nurgle/Tzeentch. Them saying that they are aiming to make the S2D units best in their own alliegence makes me hopeful that they have come up with something. I'd probably also include Seraphon in this category, mainly because it seems like the non slann based lists need a heavy rework, along with potentially a fair number of redone models. That said if they get basically the equivalent of what S2D got then I could see the model situation improving enough. I think with one new hero model (I think a slann/skink on throne model), new Saurus (potentially a dual kit) and a herding beast kit (salamander or razordon) would get you an appreciable chunk of the way to updated. A side note would be that seraphon lore needs some developments or at least choices being made. If they were making the Saurus kit dual build then I would love to have the other option be feral Saurus, and play up the difference between the Azyr Daemon memory seraphon and the younger natural born seraphon.
  13. I was very tempted by bone reapers, but honestly the new StD caused me to decide not to. I love chaos and have odds and ends of all the gods, as well as a full Tzeentch army. It would be awesome if a more mortal based Tzeentch became viable.
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