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  1. Yes! The thematic match between Dexcessa as a skillful, elegant fighter and "dexterity" works out quite nicely as well. I like that the two names are doing double duty by being descriptive of the characters and setting them up as the left and right hand of Slaansh at the same time.
  2. It's not clear to me, at least I don't know if there is anything in BR: Teclis or Be'lakor that is really explicit about this (I don't own any of the books). I vaguely recall there being a passage in Teclis where the escape of the "winged creature" and ven Brecht is described, but I can't find where I read about it right now. In any case, ven Brecht has been set up as a vampire hunter, and it seems to me that Be'lakor has been busy recently, so unless I don't have the full picture I think it still makes more narrative sense for a vampire to be that winged creature. Plus, with his ne
  3. Whoever is in charge of names at GW has been having fun with the newborn twins. Dexcessa has the components of "dexter", which means right or right hand in Latin, but is also where we get the word "dextrous" from in English, and "excess". Synessa is close to "sinister", which of course has an English meaning we are all familiar with, but it also means left/left hand in Latin. The prefix "syn-" also means "jointly", but I suspect it's just there because it spelling that way looks more fantasy.
  4. One thing's for sure, some things are going pretty catastrophically wrong over at GW at the moment. The whole Cursed City debacle is definitely evidence of that. Whether or not that makes the Lumineth release schedule more or less justifiable is up for debate, though. At least with the new Slaanesh models, I don't see the release timing as a big deal. Personally, I don't rate the sanctity of a complete battletome highly enough to delay releases to preserve it. I'd much rather have new models and regular point adjustments than battletomes that stay up to date in all aspects for several yea
  5. I see you are not familiar with the powerhouse build that is the FOURtis Engine. Bravery nukes all day, every day 😎 As for Soulblight news: Personally, I am somewhat hopeful. GW didn't have to do the recent Wight King fluff article, and we have not seen Soulblight articles on Warcom before. To me, that indicates that we might be entering the Soulblight hype cycle.
  6. I was thinking this, too. I would say at least a battalion is likely. Maybe that would actually be a good way to make the twins playable: Each one on it's own is ~300-350 points, but if you bring both there is a battalion for the two of them that bumps them up to Teclis or Nagash levels while they are together. Would be a way to get those cool models on the table at a reasonable point of mechanical power and without having to build your whole army around them, but with the option to go 800 points deep and have them be as powerful as the narrative will no doubt imply if you want to.
  7. I thought they were fairly explicit about the ven Densts fighting undead in the reveal trailer. I also believe we are still due a proper narrative Gravelords payoff. We had that vampire rescue ven Brecht and all the scheming by Neferata and Mannfred to set up something with Soulblight, but so far nothing has been resolved (even in BR: Be'lakor). It would be a shame if all those plot threads don't lead anywhere. I mean, they have been setting up infighting in all other Grand Alliances, why not Destruction, too?
  8. I think there is still a niche for a dwarf soup faction, though. You see players ask if there is a way to run mixed dwarves all the time, even though there is no mechanical or lore support for this option. I think this speaks to a desire that is just out there. That said, this could easily be a subfaction in a "normal dwarves" book, which just allows you to take 1 in 4 Fyreslayers and Kharadron.
  9. I personally think being weak at range is a fair weakness for Gravelords/Legions to have. I kind of feel that should be the path to victory against the faction, trying to remove important heroes before they swamp you in melee with their regenerating chaff units. But I would not say no to skeleton archers, in any case. If only because it means that Tomb Kings counts-as armies will be more easily playable. Maybe give those archers the old Arrows of Asaph rule where they get to ignore to-hit penalities if they are in Neferata's subfaction or something.
  10. I imagine the original plan was to release everything at a more reasonable pace. The point booklet for Cursed City indicates that game was supposed to be released in November of last year. The intention was probably to release Broken Realms books every two months or so to give them room to breathe, but that got screwed up by COVID. Just look at the huge release gap we had last year. GW are probably still trying to catch up from that.
  11. The events of BR: Be'lakor will likely set up Kragnos being freed from under the mountain he's burried under. I think most people have been assuming that mountain is Beastgrave. But could it be a different place? What prominent mountains are there in AoS? I can only think of a few others, besides Beastgrave. Mount Celestian, the seat of the gods, is one of them. Another would be Mount Avalenor in Hysh, which played a role in BR: Teclis. Maybe Titanspear Mountain, where Tempest's Eye is located. I still think Beastgrave is the most fitting of these for the place of Kragnos' imprisonme
  12. Luckily, I have a reply to that prepared from two months ago, too! 😎 --- I was thinking the same with respect to the Dark Prince and Slaanesh at first. But GW has just been making so many connections between the term "prince" and Belakor in their recent preview. His reveal video is titled "The Rise of the First Prince", and the articel on Warhammer community has this to say: Plus, the recent short story really plays up the shadow angle, as does Belakors new model. I have seen him refered to as The Dark Master in some places, as well. I think the "dark prince" bit might be mis
  13. Here's a dumb theory I put together after the Be'lakor short story in February. Let's see if any of this pans out: First, we have this prophecy to from a few weeks ago: Since we got confirmation of Belakor, I think it's safe to assume he's the Dark Prince. Let's take a look at his short story, too. What is he planning? So could it be that he's planning to destroy some kind of important mirror? I found this on a wiki, about a guy named Sanasay Bayla: The mirror is currently located on Mount Celestian in Azyr, at the Court of the Gods: From what I can gather,
  14. At least it's reassuring to see all the factions that people said were on life support actually getting new stuff. First Legions of Nagash/Gravelords, Cities of Sigmar last week and Seraphon now. Makes me pretty optimistic that updated battleline sculpts for those armies are also possible in the future.
  15. Really hard to tell when the release could be. Even though we are getting BR: Be'Lakor first, I think there is enough evidence that the release of Soulblight should be sooner rather than later. We have already seen the cover art of the battletome. Usually that means a release within two months or so. The removal of the Legions of Nagash battletome from the web store also speaks for a release in the near future. I wonder how screwed up the Broken Realms release schedule is and how much that affects the release of Soulblight. I think the first two books were definitely delayed quite a bit,
  16. You can take Lyrior for his CP generating ability. You always get all the abilities on the warscroll, you just have to watch out for whether they apply to your army/units. The only restriction on Lyrior's CP ability is that you can't take Teclis, so that works. I think that ability is pretty strong, but when considering it from a mechanical standpoint, I think if you just want a Cities list with lots of CP, running Hammerhal is superior. That city has strong CP generation built in, as well as a good way to spend those CP (fight twice in enemy territory) and a bunch of other upsides. Howev
  17. Even though we saw rumours BR: Belakor would be out soon, I did not believe. It's just so quick. In fact, it's so quick that my Xintil War-Magi kit from BR: Teclis that I ordered from a 3rd party retailer has not even shipped yet.
  18. That would kind of be bizarro world logic, right? Not making additional production runs of Cured City because it's too popular?
  19. Some of the previously "no longer available online" LoN kits have been completely removed from the webstore. It really seems like Gravelords are about to release soon.
  20. I'm fully expecting a preview show announcement this weekend. We've got to be pretty close to the release of both Be'Lakor and Gravelords at this point if they are not just marking the models as unavailable, but fully removing them from the store.
  21. Both are possible. The new Skeletons are confirmed to be updates Skeleton Warriors. You are officially allowed to keep using old sculpts of the same unit (not that it matters unless you want to play in GW tournaments, the sculpt police is not going to come to your house and slap those models out of your hand) and new and old skeletons are on the same base size of 25mm. If you like the look of the old Skeleton Warriors, there is no problem with mixing them in with the new ones or using them in separate units to differentiate them on the tabletop.
  22. I could see that! Stormcast and the AoS 1.0 stuff were definitely the time of experimentation at GW, both in terms of game design and business models.
  23. Let's hope we get Ulfenkarn rules in some time soon, then, right? I get your concern, but I think models from boxed games are really different from releases for AoS proper. It makes sense to give them weaker rules. I personally trust that if Order of Azry becomes a real subfaction for Cities, they would not commit the blunder of purposefully making it impossible for them to benefit from city allegiances.
  24. The problem is, we currently really don't know what models will get an update in the new book. As far as the Skeleton Horde box: We know skeletons are in, but they are getting new sculpts, so think about whether you would regret getting the old ones. We are reasonably sure Black Knights are in the new book, because of the new mounted Wight King, but we don't know whether or not their sculpt will be updated. For what it's worth, some believe that they won't get a new sculpt because the Black Knight kit also builds Hexwraiths, which are part of Nighthaunt. As for the mortarch kit, it's anot
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