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  1. I think this is right, and it is the reason I think it's hyperbolic when people say that half of the warscrolls in the book are bad. They are not bad, they are outclassed. The difference is that with a bad unit, that unit had no role in the game or performs that role badly. That's not the case for most Stormcast warscrolls, where most of them have a role and can perfrom fine in it, but there is just another unit in the same book that performs it better or cheaper. In both cases, the result is the same as far as competitive games are concerned: The unit in question won't see play. But they are not the same for casual games. You can run an army with all outclassed models and perform perfectly well in those settings.
  2. As someone with no first-hand experience, that is my impression as well. My original prediction after the book dropped was that it has a lot of strong warscrolls in it, but would ultimately be too "fair" to really do well in tournaments. I though that Stormcast would be a gatekeeper faction that would beat bad lists on pure powerful fundamentals alone, but struggle against top-tier "rule-breaking" armies. The recent tournament results call that into question, though, with the new book taking first place at four tournaments in the last few weeks. It seems it is mechanically strong enough to go the distance after all. Some of this might be due to people not yet knowing how to play against the army, but it's impossible to deny that an army which can win that many tournaments is viable.
  3. I think this is just due to how GW foreshadows their new factions, which is: Not at all until they are a month away from release. It's impossible to predict actual new army releases, because they are often not in the lore at all until they hit the tabletop. When people are speculating about new armies, they have to latch on to stuff that was at least mentioned before. You can't exactly predict Idoneth or Bonereapers if the first you ever hear of them is when their battletome comes out.
  4. Must be that Blood Dragon Soulblight players are always talking about. -This post was brought to you by not knowing AoS or Warhammer Fantasy lore 😎
  5. This vampire lord and a primaris lieutenant are limited edition models for Warhammer Day: "This Primaris Lieutenant With Storm Shield will be joined by the Vampire Lord Anasta Malkorion, with both miniatures available for a strictly limited time starting on Warhammer Day itself, the 30th of October, until the 7th of November. Anasta Malkorion will be available in stores and online, but you’ll only be able to acquire our brave Lieutenant from Games-Workshop.com."
  6. I honestly wish they would stop doing this and just bake it into the Bravery characteristic. Mostly because I forget about it every time.
  7. I could honestly be convinced. I went with tier 2 because Cities have lots of solid, fair options, but not necessarily anything that is game-warpingly strong, in my opinion. Last time I checked, Cities had a solidly above average tournament performance, on par with other armies that play a fundamentally fair game (a bit below Gravelords in overall win rate, I think), but it's hard to know how reliable that is as an indicator of actual faction strength, since Cities lends itself to "role playing" builds more than perhaps any other army. I think the biggest strength of Cities is the frankly insane amount of options you get. As if having one of the largest pools of units in your faction was not enough, you also get to play with the best units of most other Order factions and you can pick and choose whatever allegiance abilities are the best for your list. Currently, I think the biggest obstacle that Cities faces is that, while in AoS 2nd, the often fairly bad stat lines of Cities units were managable through buff stacking, that is no longer an option in AoS 3rd. It's not back breaking, but it means that many native CoS units are a bit on the weak side now. Potential build diversity is really good, though, and there are even a few lists that seem like they could have potential but that currently seem to be under-explored competitively, like Hallowheart (which has fallen out of favour since when the book was first released), Settler's Gain (which can bring a lot of powerful Lumineth shennenigans to the table and now in 3rd does not have an artefact problem anymore) or even Excelsis (which has dice cheating). The new Stormcast models are bound to have an impact, too.
  8. Most important news item of the day: The limited edition Vampire Lord has an optional little bat friend.
  9. No idea how you can suggest this like it's actually geometrically an option:
  10. This new information has pushed me over the edge from "Probably picking this one up" to "Definitely picking this one up", to be honest. I'm a sucker for little animal friends on models.
  11. Apparently, the limited edition Vampire Lord comes with an optional pet bat:
  12. We know a few things about The Old World. The project is handled by the specialist games devision (Forgeworld). They want people to be able to play their old armies, but are trying to introduce new factions as well (Kislev) and bring back some discontinued ones (Brettonia). Personally, I still have no idea how they can realistically pull this off. It seems impossible for Forgeworld to support all the old Warhammer Fantasy armies, model wise, especially since many of them were largely not composed of plastic miniatures. So this would necessitate either new plastic kits or a reissue of old kits, most likely in resin. But bringing back all these old models plus a bunch of new ones all at once would be a gigantic release, which I am not convinced is feasible from a production point of view. The other option would be to support all armies with rules, but not models. There are several downsides to this, and GW does not generally do it. For one, it would suck for new players to get excited about the old world only to find out they can't actually play because GW is not selling models for their favourite faction. Perhaps a rotating release schedule might be possible (this week we are making Brettonia, next week we are making Tomb Kings, get them before they run out), but that's definitely not the most satisfying solution either. Currently, the Old World is in the "hopes and dreams" stage, where we know the game is in the works, but have no idea how it will look. Personally, I think that the ultimate wish that a lot of people have, a new edition of Warhammer Fantasy with all classic factions fully supported and new ones added, seems impossible. But we will have to see what compromises end up being made.
  13. I don't even think that's unpopular. Although I suspect it was changed for non-balance reasons anyway.
  14. People know. There has been a push to get people to call jellyfish "sea jellies" and starfish "sea stars" for a while for this reason.
  15. The ghost of Morrslieb is still in AoS in the form of Lunaghast, the moon of Shyish. Apparently, the Bad Moon hates it and chased it around the sky to bite a chunk out of it at some point.
  16. Chaos Warriors are just Chaos Warriors. They are cool. What I am talking about is spcifically corrupted Stormcast, which I would absolutely hate to see. We seriously do not need that in the canon of AoS. And I say that as someone trying to work out a 1000 point Stormcast list to start right at this moment.
  17. If we end up with Chaos Sigmarines instead of expanding the narrative focus on all the cool potential antagonists we already have, I swear on me mum... Stormcast are cool, but that's largely because they are not like Space Marines, where they are both the most represented army on the "good" and "bad" side.
  18. Grand Alliance: Death seems to be strictly equal opportunity, though, making them the most open-minded faction. They even have a path towards integration for you in case you are not dead yet! So considerate!
  19. I was just going to make a post about what the connection of those new spider guys to the established fluff might be. Silent People seem like an option, but I don't think they are it. The main reason being that they are described as insectile, not spiders. Those two things are close, but they are thematically different. These are the clues I get from the video: Eightfold Watcher Hateful Web Ascension Weird swirly eight-pointed star So who could those guys be related to? Malerion He likes watching stuff, so maybe? Not a strong spider connection, though. The Spider God Thematically on point, but the Broodmaster does not seem like a Destruction guy. Silent People See above. Some kind of weird c-lister chaos god? Is this the long awaited return of Malal?
  20. Looking foreward to seeing how your army will turn out. I think it might help if you do a few easy things to take better photos, though. After putting a lot of work into converting and painting an army, it definitely deserves nice pictures! Take a picture from further away and then crop it. That helps getting your miniature in to focus properly. Modern phone cameras have high enough resolutions that you won't end up with tiny ant-sized pictures, anyway. Make sure you have natural light and a background for best results. In practice, that just means moving next to a window and holding up a piece of paper in the background. After taking your picture, run it through automatic colour correction. You probably already have a program that can do this (as well as crop pictures) on your phone. Additionally increasing the "pop" slider makes your models even more readable by increasing the contrast between separate parts of the model.
  21. Yeah, not a lot of buzz about them right now, but Cities of Sigmar is definitely still a solid book. Probably not tier 1, but they can definitely hang in tier 2, from a competitive perspective.
  22. Don't forget the most important recurring character from Fantasy: Lunaghast, the moon of Shyish, who is the ghost of the moon Morrslieb from the Old World which was destroyed during the End Times.
  23. So, from the article: "You may have spotted a few clues to the Broodmaster’s identity in the video, but who is the Eightfold Watcher? And what are they watching?" Personally, I have not spotted anything in the video except a bit of chaos imagery. But maybe someone with a better grasp on the AoS lore has an idea what they might be referencing here.
  24. Oh wow, that guy is certainly different form anything currently in the game. RIP in peace Spiderfang bros, though.
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