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  1. 1. I don't play the army but they are my favorite chaos army. 2. No, warcry warbands are not battleline unfortunately.The Warhammer Community site put out an article building an army with all the warcry warbands and used chariots for battleline, so that is an option. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/12/12/slaves-to-darkness-the-warcry-armygw-homepage-post-4/ 3. The new start collecting is all new designs, yes. 4. Not sure, would have to check the ghb. 5. Probably permanently available, GW has given no inclination otherwise and they are a regular warcry release. 6. No allies cannot fill the battline role. You would need StD battline or you could mark the StD units Slannesh and run the army with the Slannesh alligence.
  2. So how are the warcry warbands supposed to be run? Are we going to be able to put multiple leader models into big units? Any ideas?
  3. I really like that box. Granted, I think GW has done a great/maybe even better job when you look at the way warcry was done. About half and half male and female, and male and female leaders too. One thing I do have a problem with is the way certain games add female characters as leaders and commanders (looking at warmachine and hordes). That does mess with immersion, as it makes it seem like the only women allowed in the army are prodigies and makes it feel unbalanced and makes them less relatable. Maybe it's just me but often I end up giving certain rank and file troops the most backstory. I really want an even spread for most armies between infantry and heroes.
  4. Just thought I'd put my thoughts out there as a "zoomer". If Games Workshop plans on being sustainable, they need new and younger players who will continue to enjoy the hobby for many years to come. They are competing with a lot of other hobbies and such, especially video games. Most people I know, male and female, play video games at the very least casually. If GW wants new players, they are going to have to reach out to as many people as possible. Of course, that is just from a business perspective. Personally, I would love to see more representation, even though it probably wouldn't affect my armies much, as I play gloomspite gitz as my main force now. However, I really enjoy the variety of characters in warcry, as it added to the feeling that each was a warrior who had earned their keep. I would love to see the new people at the local store, new players are always good. I really don't think that it is too much to ask of GW to include close to an equal amount of male and female characters given how much more inclusive many video games have become, with Apex Legends including LGBTQ characters in their game (I think). In conclusion, anything which gets new people in the hobby is pretty great, after all, it just means we get to play more games.
  5. I'm young and I mostly play pick up games at the local gaming store so I have to transport everything, but I far prefer physical copies. I love how non-digital this hobby can be, and it feels way more authentic to me.
  6. For me, AoS is my first Games Workshop Wargame. Originally my dad introduced me to the hobby and got me into Warmachine and Hordes, but when they updated the game and completely ruined the competitive balance we ended up quitting. We also played with an Iron Kingdoms RPG group, and one night decided to grab some cool miniatures we saw on the shelves (the storm strike Khorne v. Stormcast box) which lead to us getting hooked. That was pre-generals handbook and since then I have got around Stormcast, Dispossessed, and Gloomspite, as well as a bunch of Warcry stuff. The funny part is that the stuff I love about AoS is stuff I never did/had the opportunity to do in Warmahordes. I love the narrative gaming side of the hobby and painting which I never enjoyed, but has now become my favorite part of the hobby.
  7. I love the skull pass goblins so much, they are so easy to find for as old as they are and I personally like them better then the new ones. Their faces just don't seem as vicious as the current models.
  8. Since some of you in this thread seem pretty experienced when it comes to custom terrain, I was wondering if you could give me some help/advice. I bought a bunch of balsa wood (plus some similar stuff for platforms that is a little more sturdy). I plan to build a fort for my goblins inspired by some of the stuff in the old skirmish book from the 90s I think. I watched a couple videos about working with balsa wood but I'm still kinda lost. What tools should I use? Does the wood need sealed/treated with anything? Any other tips? Thanks in advance.
  9. I started wargaming... well it's kinda hard to put an exact number on it. See, my first models (I can remember) were a couple of metal goblins from some random game that I got at a convention which my dad took me to when I was around 5. I went to tons of conventions back then I guess, I don't remember them but there is pictures of me looking at giant LOTR and historical battles being set up. I mostly played with LEGOS for a long time, and read tons of books, which helped lead me towards imagination based games. Fast forward to 7th grade I think, and I start playing Warmachine and Hordes with my dad. I didn't paint to much, but enjoyed playing. I have a decent collection of Trollbloods (collecting dust for the last 3 years). I also joined an Iron Kingdoms RPG group like half a year. I started playing warmahordes with some friends from school as well, and started painted consistently finally. Then 3rd Edition (i think) came out and all the sudden only the new models were any good. My dad and I saw the stormstrike box (the liberators, retributors and khorne warriors one) and split it to try a new game. We then got to 2 player starter and were hooked. I think this was right before the Generals Handbook was first released. The games were rather one sided, as the khorne were super underpowered, but fun nonetheless. We play mostly narrative or pick up games at home and at the local game store. Since then I have grown to love painting more than playing, even though games are great too, and am super lucky to be able to borrow paints from my dad when I need them. I have collected some dwarves and tons of goblins now as well. I have also picked up some Skull Pass dwarves, which are almost as old as I am, which are a future project once I finish up some grots. I also started playing actual D&D with my family (my dad runs it) set in the mortal realms. I'm not smart enough to figure out to mix text and images so I'll caption them at the bottom. 1. First 2 minis ever. Not sure what game, a couple of goblin musicians, if anyone knows please tell me. They still have the paint I gave them when I was 5. 2. Trolls from Hordes. One on the left was the first one I ever completed, right is the most detailed/recent one I did. 3. Gorak Longstrike, Pygmy Rifleman, my first ever RPG character. He was painted by my dad. What I lacked in roleplaying ability I made up in choosing the biggest gun he could carry and making him a killer shot. He might have been compensating for something, but who knows. 4. First stormcast on the left, best/most recent on the right. 5. Some of by Grots, who go by the name the 'Bloodmoonz' . They are known for red-tinted robes, a powerful loonboss and varied color in their squigs. 6. Some Warcry models I painted. All my Iron Golem were converted to have demonblades which in my backstory for them they forge. 7. Finally Gha (short for some long old world elven name I got from messing with a name generator) he is a reskin of one of the PCs for the D&D starter set for the mortal realms. He is an aelven wizard who worships Teclis as the God of Knowledge and is attempting to find study Teclis's creations, of which he is almost completely unaware, but he knows that Teclis left Gha's people to do something.
  10. As someone who is a teenager and involved in the hobby, I have to say my spending has increased on the hobby, but I never buy GW product at retail, my local gaming store gives a good discount and I've been buying some stuff off ebay as recent for CoS. I worked a job all summer to get money for the hobby ~30hrs a week, and it allowed me to branch out from only purchasing bundled products like start collecting boxes and starter sets and collect the army I wanted from when I first started playing Age of Sigmar about 3 years ago, Moonclan Grots. Granted, the high entry price to the hobby has made it near impossible to get my friends to invest in the hobby and if I play with them I let them borrow spare models. I am also kind of a unique example because I stopped playing video games a few months ago so I would have more time to paint because of school and sports being time consuming. Honestly, I think a far bigger problem with entering the hobby is paints. I am fortunate that my dad has a large collection I can borrow, but paints would be what is really costly for a lot of my friends. When I clean up after a project I am always amazed how many different colors I use, just to achieve pretty simple paint schemes. I am also pretty careful with my purchases because I only play with painted models, so any unpainted ones get to stay off the table until I have made some progress.
  11. Might be my first time joining one of these. I pledge to paint 10 Boingrot Bounderz. Beyond that I would love to get some paint to my Loonboss and second unit of Stabbas.
  12. This guy has a pretty good strategy to make more nets, if you don't mind some variation in your warband.
  13. Shyish because I love how it is only limited by the imagination of the races of the mortal realms that believe in an afterlife. There is so much potential for myth inspired armies.
  14. not exactly painting, but this is a drawing I did in art class.
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