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  1. Gloomspite Gitz would be my personal pick, although I am definitely biased as they are my favorite army in general. They have a ton of variety in unit choices, and nearly all of the options are useful in building an army, but none are really to overpowered. I haven't played them, but skaven seem super fun to. I will say painting all the foot infantry for either army might not be super enjoyable, but with contrast paint it should be a bit easier now.
  2. Personally I really like the 2nd option, the 1st feels too noble, the second really seems to emphasize how powerful and in command he is, after all he is the most powerful mortal in AoS.
  3. I'm a bit late but I pledge to paint 16 Saurus Warriors. They're for Dungeons and Dragons but they're still AoS miniatures.
  4. Just curious, what draws you to wargaming specifically and not other more mainstream competitive activities like chess or competitive video games or the like? After all, even with their best efforts most wargames are pretty awful at balance, aside from the rare occurrence like Warmachine was for a time. It's just that one similarity I've seen among all people I've played against at my flgs is a love for miniatures, even if they play super competitively.
  5. I don't have a picture of it all in one spot, but after getting my first job over the summer I bought more than I should have. I'm trying to work my way through it my having a spreadsheet to track steps in the painting progress. I'm using this one to track 2020 so far https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14K75Q69_CJ14WDJ4CHBu0IFGaQXZlDygyKKJ3xsY-tE/edit?usp=sharing Not all of the stuff is AoS, some is for D&D, but I'm still hoping to get all of it done.
  6. Here's the lore for my main army, the Bloodmoonz, a gloomspite army. The Bloodmoonz are a tribe of grots hailing from the Realm of Metal. They worship an aspect of The Bad Moon, The Blood Moon. They wear red and black cloaks to blend in with the red light caused by The Bad Moon eclipsing Hysh in the sky. The copper that they mine in their mountain kingdom is seen as a holy substance, blessed by their god. Their dominion once extended into the surrounding valley, but those lands were seized by warring tribes of chaos cultists. Throughout the Age of Chaos, the Bloodmoonz were driven back further and further, until they only held the very top of the mountain. In a final hail mary, the Bloodmoonz, lead by the Overlord Grimm, known for his cruel and cowardly ways attacked the nearest of the two tribes, worshipers of Tzeentch. He sent his hordes of stabbas to their deaths at the hands of the enemy’s expert sorcerers, cowering at the back of the formation. In those initial waves was the lowly Gritgik, a grot who was small and weak compared even to other grots. Along him bounced his pet squig, Chompa, another runt. While their fellows were cut down by spellcraft, Gritgik slipped away down another corridor. There he found a room full of slaughtered acolytes, and a magister leaned against the wall, blood gushing from its side. As Gritgik drew closer, it cast a curse on the grot. “Destroyer of knowledge, murderer of my brothers, may the thing you care for the most be your undoing. Know that your pet shall one day be the one to kill you, and that you shall never be able to escape this end.” Gritgik, contrary to the expected reaction, was filled with as close to courage as a grot can get. While many would be scared to have their death foretold, for Gritgik, this meant he faced no threat of being backstabbed by this peers. With this knowledge in hand, Gritgik raised his blade and rushed to the rear. He marched forward towards Grimm, and in a single jab finished the Loonboss. In succession three other grots attacked, but were struck down as well. From that day on Gritgik became known as the Invincible. Gritgik rallied the grot forces, and prepared to retake the rest of the mountain. His strength had provided the grots with a surge of energy, but another of the warring tribes had set up camp around the base of the mountain. Bloodthirsty butchers moved up the deadly paths, ready to defeat whoever had won the battle. At first Khorne’s strength surged through the barbarians, and Gritgik’s forces were driven back. Then the Bad Moon rose over the mountain, eclipsing Hysh, and the red light filled the grots with a rage equal to that of the barbarians, After a brutal struggle, Gritgik carved his way to the barbarian chieftain, squig in tow, knowing this wouldn’t be the end of his journey. With a swing, he decapitated Khorne’s champion, and the day went to the Bloodmoonz. Since then, Gritgik the Invincible has only grown in strength. Much of the valley is still held by the forces of Order and Chaos, but he refuses to give up his ambition of recapturing his tribes homeland. Knowing that he can only die at the teeth of Chompa, he leads crusades at the head of his army to make sure that his pet’s stomach is kept forever full. His most trusted commanders are the boingrot bounder knightley brothers Dumit Rattlehat and Crawk Clattershield, who are both too busy trying to outcompete each other to ever consider backstabbing Gritgik. He has also, under the guidance of his shaman advisors, began a building project at the top of the mountain. Using his endless supply of grots and spiders as workers, the Bloodmoonz build two towers towards the heavens. In between the towers a giant web is spun. Once the towers grow tall enough, the web will trap the Bad Moon over the valley forever, completing Gritgik’s conquest. Or at least, so he hopes. There's some more stuff, but this is the basics. https://docs.google.com/document/d/12li56XuercFMDyU5wMxGAww8f8mqEHmSZqk0FO8m4NE/edit?usp=sharing
  7. One of the Bloodmoonz, my gloomspite tribe.
  8. 1. I don't play the army but they are my favorite chaos army. 2. No, warcry warbands are not battleline unfortunately.The Warhammer Community site put out an article building an army with all the warcry warbands and used chariots for battleline, so that is an option. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/12/12/slaves-to-darkness-the-warcry-armygw-homepage-post-4/ 3. The new start collecting is all new designs, yes. 4. Not sure, would have to check the ghb. 5. Probably permanently available, GW has given no inclination otherwise and they are a regular warcry release. 6. No allies cannot fill the battline role. You would need StD battline or you could mark the StD units Slannesh and run the army with the Slannesh alligence.
  9. So how are the warcry warbands supposed to be run? Are we going to be able to put multiple leader models into big units? Any ideas?
  10. I really like that box. Granted, I think GW has done a great/maybe even better job when you look at the way warcry was done. About half and half male and female, and male and female leaders too. One thing I do have a problem with is the way certain games add female characters as leaders and commanders (looking at warmachine and hordes). That does mess with immersion, as it makes it seem like the only women allowed in the army are prodigies and makes it feel unbalanced and makes them less relatable. Maybe it's just me but often I end up giving certain rank and file troops the most backstory. I really want an even spread for most armies between infantry and heroes.
  11. Just thought I'd put my thoughts out there as a "zoomer". If Games Workshop plans on being sustainable, they need new and younger players who will continue to enjoy the hobby for many years to come. They are competing with a lot of other hobbies and such, especially video games. Most people I know, male and female, play video games at the very least casually. If GW wants new players, they are going to have to reach out to as many people as possible. Of course, that is just from a business perspective. Personally, I would love to see more representation, even though it probably wouldn't affect my armies much, as I play gloomspite gitz as my main force now. However, I really enjoy the variety of characters in warcry, as it added to the feeling that each was a warrior who had earned their keep. I would love to see the new people at the local store, new players are always good. I really don't think that it is too much to ask of GW to include close to an equal amount of male and female characters given how much more inclusive many video games have become, with Apex Legends including LGBTQ characters in their game (I think). In conclusion, anything which gets new people in the hobby is pretty great, after all, it just means we get to play more games.
  12. I'm young and I mostly play pick up games at the local gaming store so I have to transport everything, but I far prefer physical copies. I love how non-digital this hobby can be, and it feels way more authentic to me.
  13. For me, AoS is my first Games Workshop Wargame. Originally my dad introduced me to the hobby and got me into Warmachine and Hordes, but when they updated the game and completely ruined the competitive balance we ended up quitting. We also played with an Iron Kingdoms RPG group, and one night decided to grab some cool miniatures we saw on the shelves (the storm strike Khorne v. Stormcast box) which lead to us getting hooked. That was pre-generals handbook and since then I have got around Stormcast, Dispossessed, and Gloomspite, as well as a bunch of Warcry stuff. The funny part is that the stuff I love about AoS is stuff I never did/had the opportunity to do in Warmahordes. I love the narrative gaming side of the hobby and painting which I never enjoyed, but has now become my favorite part of the hobby.
  14. I love the skull pass goblins so much, they are so easy to find for as old as they are and I personally like them better then the new ones. Their faces just don't seem as vicious as the current models.
  15. Since some of you in this thread seem pretty experienced when it comes to custom terrain, I was wondering if you could give me some help/advice. I bought a bunch of balsa wood (plus some similar stuff for platforms that is a little more sturdy). I plan to build a fort for my goblins inspired by some of the stuff in the old skirmish book from the 90s I think. I watched a couple videos about working with balsa wood but I'm still kinda lost. What tools should I use? Does the wood need sealed/treated with anything? Any other tips? Thanks in advance.
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