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  1. As far as I know yes that's the only restrictions. There will be "achievements" for doing things but we don't know what those are.
  2. My FLGS is doing an escalation league soon, with the following restrictions: Week 1 (750): 0-1 Leaders, 1+ Battleline, 0-1 Artillery, 0-1 Behemoth Week 2 (750): 0-2 Leaders, 2+ Battleline, 0-1 Artillery, 0-2 Behemoth Week 3 (1250): 0-3 Leaders, 2+ Battleline, 0-2 Artillery, 0-3 Behemoth Week 4 (1250): 0-4 Leaders, 3+ Battleline, 0-2 Artillery, 0-3 Behemoth Week 5 (1750): 0-5 Leaders, 3+ Battleline, 0-3 Artillery, 0-3 Behemoth Week 6 (2000): 0-6 Leaders, 3+ Battleline, 0-4 Artillery, 0-4 Behemoth I want to play my FEC but the first two weeks are really hard for me to figure out what to bring since the mounted king is so expensive, but I'm sure at least one person is going to bring monsters so just taking ghouls is going to do nothing. Also, the fact that week 2 is the same but you need a second Battleline choice so I'm trying to come up with something that can last for both weeks. Any tips or suggestions? It's a newbie-friendly escalation league but the people who are playing seem to be of the more competitive mindset so I'm expecting a few really nasty lists the first couple of weeks.
  3. I am of the mindset that the Gristlegore Monster Mash is too gimmicky. There are armies that will shut it down (new Fyreslayers spring to mind) and you're basically putting all your eggs in one basket. I did like the Gristlegore Ghoul Patrol list though that didn't go monster mash that's floating around occasionally (it's like two kings on monsters, Archregent, 40/10/10 or something ghouls, Ghoul Patrol). Personally, I like Hollowmourne and Blisterskin because I really enjoy Flayers and Horrors. Feast Day does seem really good but I have hangups on making a courtier the general, sadly.
  4. I am curious what is the verdict on Blight Cyst? I know before it was considered a go-to battalion but lately, I've seen the opinion that it's not as good as it first appears; it certainly is expensive. What are the good Maggotkin lists using now? Is it still mostly Blightkings with a block of Plaguebearers? Plague Monk spam (so not really Nurgle at all)? Daemons? What has been working?
  5. For me, the main difference is that competitive play focuses on the game, and the desired result is to win. Narrative focuses on the story and the time had during the game, win or lose. What I often see is that the competitive players only enjoy the game if they win (if this turns into "regardless of if your opponent had fun" then that is delving into the gray area of WAAC) while your non-competitive players tend to have fun by playing the game. They might still want to win, but winning isn't the focus, having a good time and having a cool looking (and often thematic/fluffy) army is the goal, winning is secondary.
  6. Isn't the answer to this though to pre-determine the realm rules, to avoid the ones that completely ****** over certain armies (or as much as they can)?
  7. I cannot upvote this enough. The "e-sport" mindset is what is killing this hobby and ruining it. The less "world championship" we have the better. IMHO it's already bad enough with the ITC (which does have monetary prizes, I think it was around $5,000 for the "grand champion" for 40k and nearly every major 40k tournament has had cheating/slow-play/unsportsmanshiplike conduct go on) On the OP, this seems to be exactly the sort of tournament pack I'd expect to see and seems to be the way GW wants it to happen. I like it a lot.
  8. I hope so. I hate how listbuilding is seen as the pinnacle of skill in Warhammer (and many wargames) and it's seen as a good thing if you win the game in the listbuilding phase.
  9. I think the intent is going to be that the realm rules will be predetermined, not randomly rolled. So it's unlikely a TO is going to pick the one that cripples shooting or makes it stronger, they might pick the LOS blocking one for variety and to tone down gunlines without making them useless. In this way, it will add variety but not necessarily cripple armies, but make it so you cannot perhaps put all your eggs in one basket with a gimmick list.
  10. 100% this. The tournament philosophies tend to trickle down to affect games of any variety, whether it's local events, club/game night, even campaigns. So GW saying all these optional rules are part of the balance is great for exactly the reasons you stated: It puts them all on the same page. Saying you want to use Battalions but not Malign Sorcery, for instance, now requires justification for why Battalions are okay but Malign Sorcery is not. I also like the last idea you stated, that playing "pure" AOS without optional rules also means not using battalions or allegiance abilities (which, now that I think about it, could make for an interesting format since most factions rely on battalions and/or allegiance abilities to become good. I'm pretty sure, for instance, that the Sylvaneth Wyldwood summoning is part of their allegiance abilities.).
  11. Basically. Comp is a dirty word here. They want it to be like an e-sport, only skill matters, yet also want listbuilding to be a huge factor.
  12. I like it. I wonder what the US tournaments will think, a lot of them have been adamantly against using the realm of battle rules from what I've seen. If they still refuse to use it, I could see GW's suggestion being ignored in the states.
  13. I think since they can go over the starting size, 20 might be the ideal size for Ghoul Patrol if they aren't going to be in enemy territory; that should give you at least one turn of adding a few more ghouls to it and thus alleviate the biggest issue with 20 ghouls: at exactly 20 if you lose one you also lose Battalion Strength.
  14. I tried this list last week against a friend's Blades of Khorne. It didn't work nearly as well as I thought; his units easily mulched through everything other than the 30 ghouls (which I kept bringing back due to 2x Ghast Courtiers and sometimes a Varghulf bringing the slain back): Delusion: Crusading Army Ghoul King on Terrogheist - General - Dark Wizardry - The Grim Garland Crypt Haunter Courtier Varghulf Courtier - The Flayed Pennant Crypt Ghast Courtier Crypt Ghast Courtier 30x Crypt Ghouls 10x Crypt Ghouls 10x Crypt Ghouls 6x Crypt Horrors 3x Crypt Horrors Attendants At Court He took a Murderhost (like 30 bloodletters and 2x5 hounds and Skulltaker) and Brass Stampede (3x3 Skullcrushers and Juggerlord) with a couple heroes so moved across the board really fast (was able to charge turn 1). I wasn't doing too bad on attrition but conceded top of 4 after he got 8 blood tithe points to summon a Bloodthirster. I did really enjoy being able to summon two units of Horrors on a flank though. The biggest problem for me is still that everything in the army hits pretty weak, and has such poor saves that they die to a stiff breeze. I'm thinking the 2x10 ghouls was a mistake, as they didn't do anything but provide free tithes to my opponent.
  15. I would love to see themed terrain that fits the aesthetic of AOS. I am not skilled at building terrain, and I find way too many pieces of kit from third parties are too traditional fantasy/WHFB/medieval to fit my vision of AOS. I don't think GW would ever invest the resources into, say, a box of terrain themed around a specific realm. I hope that some third party does something like that though.
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