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  1. I've always liked the look of Saurus, but Skinks much less so and it's really never sat well that the "go to" competitive army was mostly Skinks. I'm hoping this book has the buff Saurus need to do most/all Saurus because that's IMHO much more evocative of the army.
  2. I find that a lot of areas will only do 2k because it's "tournament standard" and it's very hard to get lower point games, so often you have no choice. Which IMHO is stupid because it increases the already considerable investment in an army that you may find you don't like. Much better to do it slow and build up, that way also you don't just parrot a meta list that someone else "decided" is the best way to play the army, which stagnates the playing field. Especially if the players in the area refuse to play anything sub 2k because they don't want to change how the list works or, worse, have only bought 2k and nothing else so they don't even have anything which works at below 2k.
  3. Given that models are seemingly designed first without input/concern for what a faction needs, it's anyone's guess if it will ever happen. Hard to tell since there's little to no real transparency with how things operate other than bits and pieces gleaned from articles but as crazy as it sounds it appears like there isn't communication between the model designers and the game designers.
  4. Hmm I did miss that (haven't checked much in a while). Well that makes it drop in usefulness
  5. Very helpful advice, thank you! Might look at the Thermalrider, I was immediately attracted to Doppelganger because a King on TG that can't be attacked until he attacks is nasty. Another option was Grim Garland for the Bravery debuff which helps both the TG and Flayers.
  6. I'm looking at dusting off my Court. Are they still pretty high-tier? I have never been a fan of Gristlegore (nor do I have that many monsters) but I like Blisterskin and Hollowmourne, and would likely build a Blisterskin army as I have 15 Flayers now. With the slight nerfs to Gristlegore is Blisterskin the way to go now? Like I said I don't have enough monsters to run Gristlegore (I only have a King on TG and King on ZG) I originally was going to do something like this: Allegiance: Flesh Eater Courts - Grand Court: Blisterskin Mortal Realm: Ulgu Abhorrant Archregent (240) - General - Trait: Hellish Orator - Lore of Madness: Spectral Host Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist (420) - Artefact: Eye of Hysh - Lore of Madness: Monstrous Vigour - Mount Trait: Gruesome Bite Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist (420) - Artefact: Doppelganger Cloak - Lore of Madness: Deranged Transformation - Mount Trait: Gruesome Bite Crypt Infernal Courtier (120) 6 x Crypt Flayers (340) 3 x Crypt Flayers (170) 3 x Crypt Flayers (170) Deadwatch (110) Total: 1990 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 89 Having to proxy the second King on TG with a King on ZD. The Archregent summoning 20 ghouls and each AGKoTG summoning Flayers (or Horrors but probably Flayers). But it seems a bit light on bodies and it was suggested to me to try something like this instead: Allegiance: Flesh Eater Courts - Grand Court: Blisterskin Mortal Realm: Ulgu Abhorrant Archregent (240) - General - Trait: Hellish Orator - Lore of Madness: Spectral Host Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist (420) - Artefact: Doppelganger Cloak - Lore of Madness: Monstrous Vigour - Mount Trait: Gruesome Bite Abhorrant Ghoul King (160) - Lore of Madness: Blood Feast Varghulf Courtier (160) - Artefact: Eye of Hysh 9 x Crypt Flayers (510) 10 x Crypt Ghouls (100) 10 x Crypt Ghouls (100) 3 x Crypt Horrors (130) Royal Mordants (120) Extra Command Point (50) Total: 1990 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 2 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 103 With again, Archregent summons 20 ghouls, king on foot summons 10 ghouls for a backfield objective, and AGKoTG summoning additional flayers. Are these lists on the right track with FEC now? I haven't really played them since long before the new book.
  7. From looking at the battalions, none of them really seem to be worth taking. The bonuses they give seem really lackluster.
  8. Well if I have the choice I'll go amazing, but that is something to keep in mind. I think I've decided to give it a shot though, I spent most of last night really scrutinizing the Bonereapers and Deepkin models and really found myself more attracted to the Deepkin.
  9. If KF didn't "become" Sigmar then he's a good candidate (I thought he became Sigmar too). Otherwise my vote is Magnus the Pious. He fits all the criteria. I think this is one of the things that will never be stated (like what happened to the 2 missing legions in 40k).
  10. Hi all considering jumping back into AOS after not having played since.. probably since 2.0 first came out. I haven't done an Order army yet (I have FEC and Nurgle) and really like the look and fluff of Deepkin (right now it's a tossup between them and Bonereapers with Deepkin slightly in the lead). One of the things I'm looking for in an army this time around besides no summoning (really don't want to have to buy a lot of extra stuff on top of the actual army) is an army that I can adjust the power level relatively easy i.e. turn it up for competitive games/tournaments and tone it down for more casual games. Deepkin seem to fall right into this category as it seems like if I don't take 18+ Eels or maybe take some Allopex (love these models) and Namarti it tones it down, while more eels = more power? Luckily for me I really like the entire range of models in the Deepkin line with the possible exception of the Octodude and I'm not a huge fan of the female spellcaster but she's not so bad. Is this observation correct? I know Deepkin are (were?) a higher end army competitively with eel spam, how do they fare when toned down? Are they still pretty decent?
  11. I think besides the obvious find people who don't immediately jump to Matched Play or go on a tirade how without points the game is broken (because it's not much better with points, and you can do Narrative with points anyway) or, worst of all, would go out of their way to break a non-points game to "prove" why it sucks (no joke I've talked to people who flat out admitted in an Open Play game they would purposely break it), a good way to start is to slowly introduce asymmetrical or themed battleplans for games, maybe with a small blurb about the reason why the armies are fighting. Even if basic or cliche, having some sort of background to the game beyond "I'm here with my army, Bob is here with his army, let's play" can help ease people into thinking about that stuff. And that naturally lends itself to cobbling together a small narrative campaign if each game sort of builds on the last and at the end you've set a story. It's a far cry from the grand dream of a big map based campaign with logistics and a big story behind it, but it's a start. I absolutely agree though with a sort of "don't bring filth lists" guideline, although you can't always enforce that and there's a blurred line sometimes (for instance, Deepkin eel spam is cool and thematic. It's also the "meta" list) but if you can get people who don't do it, then you're good to go. Most of all, I think, is that you have to lead by example. Even if it's only two guys who every week are playing asymmetrical battles or using something other than Matched Play, it can help entice others who naturally are curious about what their fellow gamers are doing. Perhaps if they see that two of their peers are enjoying asymmetrical games and weaving a little story to go with it, they will want to join in. I'm skeptical on how it would work (too many people would either complain or try to break it) but a localized idea like Coalescence could be interesting. A day-long event (specifically worded as not being a tournament or competitive event) with linked battles that tells some tale. For a local event, maybe cap it off with a multi-player battle or something as the victorious forces converge on their goal. Anything to start and get people thinking about more than the "2000 Pitched Battle, all Matched Play rules, meta netlisting" approach you so often find in groups/stores/clubs.
  12. Out of curiosity, anyone done anything with Meeting Engagements? What works for Maggotkin in that format? They sounded like a great idea, but seem to have fizzled out almost immediately. I recall reading a lot about how it was very easily busted (more than normal) and that was about it, with it never really catching on. I like the idea because I always prefer smaller games to 2k.
  13. Honestly, and I know I will get flak for this, I don't think there's an actual desire to balance, not even close. This isn't a GW problem however, although it often seems like GW is one of the worst offenders. Games the last decade or so (maybe more) have adhered to the Magic: The Gathering mindset where its mostly (if not entirely) about deckbuilding and stacking combos to make a "killer" combo; as close as you can get to a one-hit KO. Wargaming has followed that (I've watched it) and AOS is no exception. The intention is that there are better/worse choices (the "skill" is figuring out what is OP and using as much of it as possible) and an emphasis on stacking buffs and combos, with a rollercoaster power curve instead of as close to a flat line as you can get. Of course, you can never get a fully flat line i.e. 100% perfect balance, and nobody really wants that, but in design you strive to get as close as possible to that as a general rule and the key to good game design is getting as close to that line without making things too bland. For whatever reason (to push sales, really wanting MtG style combos to reward theorycrafting, who knows?) the opposite approach has been true in Warhammer (possibly more so in 40k than AOS, but AOS is a big offender in that as well) and rather than strive to get as close as possible to balance, it feels like more of a "throw it out the window, this seems cool" approach even if that's not the intended goal; from their articles in WD, it appears GW seems to want to try and care about balance, just it never shows. I doubt they're lying just to say they care, so it's anyone's guess why they continue to miss the mark. It might not even be the designer's fault. There was an interview, 40k related granted, where one of the designers stated that they were told to make the Eldar Wrathknight better without balancing it, just to sell more of it. Still, to answer the OP yeah I think this is as good as we get, and it's a rollercoaster where you can't see what the next part is until you get to it. It could be a straight line, it could be a steep curve upward, it could be a fast plunge downward. If you like that (and a lot of people are seemingly okay with that style of design) then it's all well and good. If you don't, however...
  14. I'm not surprised really. The Maggotkin book seems to be pretty well balanced, and we all know how GW is with that. There have been a slew of books that were way above the power curve, which will make the "normal" books get weaker over time as they continue that trend. It's been that way for years and the design team has zero interest in fixing it, in fact from what I've read they and the AOS community want those weird imbalances and rollercoaster power curves as intended design.
  15. Been considering finishing off my Maggotkin since I saw 5 BKs on my painting table and started to paint them up and was reminded why I love painting Nurgle things. Sort of torn between the cookie cutter type build with Blight Cyst + GUO + 30 PBs or trying something with Marauders and that beastman dude (maybe with Bestigor. I'd really love to be able to do a "Realm of Chaos" type mixed warband with humans, daemons and beastmen like in the old days and not have it be garbage) but I really like how 30 PBs have performed for me in the past. They do make good summoning fodder though (albeit IIRC you can only summon in units of 10). Decisions, decisions...
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