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  1. I get what you're saying but I've never found a game as bad as GW games in that regard. Every other game I've played, while there are imbalances, it's never to the point of saying "Don't play that, it's terrible and you'll lose constantly", it's more like "That's not meta right now but here's how you can make the most of it". Only Warhammer it seems to be binary to where there's seemingly nothing to be done to make it even remotely playable, it's pure garbage and you're wasting money/time if you pick to play it. At least that seems to be the way people approach it as I frequently see peopl
  2. A big problem with that sort of imbalance is that you have people actively telling new players to stay away from those armies or, worse, if they like a particular army immediately pointing them towards the netlist without finding it out what they like or what they want to achieve. The reasoning is they don't want to let the new person invest a lot of money in an army that is weak or can't perform but the problem here is you're telling somebody who may like the aesthetics of Sylvaneth that the game is so bad the army they like is garbage And they will lose just because they picked it. Who
  3. Yeah.. probably the rumored "hobgoblins" which I really want to see what they could be....
  4. Now my main curiosity is about the maybe-Hobgoblins in the maybe-3.0 starter.
  5. I'm a bit disappointed he doesn't have a new faction with him (although...) but he swayed me 100% to destruction now. Not sure of what subfaction yet.
  6. So Kragnos affirms I'm going to jump into Destruction. Wowsers. Now I just need to know what may be in the 3.0 box to decide which Destruction force since I'd rather not do a hodgepodge.
  7. I'm more curious about the destruction army. Hobgoblins seem like a huge stretch that would come completely out of left field, having no mention or any indication of being a thing in the setting and then boom here's an entire subfaction coming out of nowhere.
  8. It's interesting that this is going to be the final broken realms because that would mean several factions are not getting anything before 3.0. They did say it would affect every army but apparently it seems like half the factions are being ignored
  9. Pretty much. Because it's not specifically restricted as being Unique
  10. Unfortunately, that still showed that people didn't want it, like if I've seen anything constantly shown among gamers, especially in Warhammer, it's that the illusion of balance is better than admitting there is none. For example, you will happily see someone play a 2k list that can summon enough to be 3k and claim it's balanced because they are playing a 2k point game. But that same person would scoff and balk at an asymmetrical scenario with 3k vs. 2k (even if it was them with the 3k) literally because the points are different; the fact that in the 2k vs. 2k game it still ends up being 3k
  11. Thing is, without restrictions it will be ignored. That's the issue. If you want that to matter, you have to enforce it because trusting people to do it proves time and time again to not happen.
  12. I think the irony here is that you possibly would see the lesser seen battalions more if they didn't cost points. But they have to cost points or people would say it's not fair. While I'm personally not a fan of removing them completely because it does remove a lot of flavor if they're not going to balance them and they're not going to limit them let's say one per army, And they are going to keep tying it to drops which determines who goes first then I don't see any other way Short of getting rid of them for matched play.
  13. As good as that is to know,that raises even more concern for why we keep seeing them sneak in. It's usually been considered the crazy imbalance is either intentionally put there to allow for "mastery" or it's lack of design skill/knowledge and they keep being missed. I imagine it's a combination of things (hard to test all the combos when you need to get it out the door) but still the fact it keeps happening after years and years....
  14. Exactly. They technically already did, since there's Hallowheart and Moon Base something or other for 40k which seem to be that size. So it's definitely a good thing IMHO even if people will say its a minimum but nobody will treat it as that.
  15. I am mainly curious if he is bringing a new army, or if he's just going to be like a special character.
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