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  1. Or even if they are, it's in Beta now. Once it goes live there's no reason to expect it will stay free.
  2. If you ask me this is a total backwards move for GW, and they should feel bad. We all knew it was coming, but still the freely available scrolls was a HUGE selling point of AOS. I hope we see a big backlash over this, they deserve it for this sort of ******.
  3. Definitely strange. For now at least logging out and back in fixed it, but... yeah, app is definitely buggy.
  4. Is the core book (e.g. from Dominion) supposed to have a code to unlock it in the app? the new app has like Core Battalions locked and says: but there's no code. Just an oversight (pretty big one IMHO)? I have to say, so far not too thrilled with this app compared to Azyr. Also the fact there's no way to edit the size/etc. of an army list, you have to delete and recreate it.
  5. And yet they have competitive playtesters and at least one designer who is a fairly competent competitive player, so these changes make even less sense if there's someone who actually "gets it"
  6. As par for the course seems like the adjustments are haphazard and random with little or no justification or reasoning, like they were ran through a random number generator. Slaanesh got absolutely decimated and I feel like this is where GW's lack of transparency in design choices is going to be a huge issue, because something like this really warrants something from the designer on just why they felt like it was necessary. Lumineth, which was already super strong to the point of being broken, seems to have come out without much damage while Slaanesh which had issues was gutted for no reason and kicked to the bottom. Makes no sense how or why these changes were done, and with what reasoning behind it.
  7. Which is exactly the problem with balance in AOS. The fact there are a few crazy strong armies skews everything else.
  8. I get what you're saying but I've never found a game as bad as GW games in that regard. Every other game I've played, while there are imbalances, it's never to the point of saying "Don't play that, it's terrible and you'll lose constantly", it's more like "That's not meta right now but here's how you can make the most of it". Only Warhammer it seems to be binary to where there's seemingly nothing to be done to make it even remotely playable, it's pure garbage and you're wasting money/time if you pick to play it. At least that seems to be the way people approach it as I frequently see people dissuade someone from playing a certain army or units by dismissing the entire thing as "bad". A good example of this in my mind is when I played Warmachine. There was a really cool unit (Man-o-War Shocktroopers) that looked awesome but wasn't that great. You constantly had people want to make the most of them, and most everyone agreed they were cool and just not good. Yet you always saw people suggest other units/characters that helped them out, with the understanding it still would not be a super meta list but would not be unplayable garbage. It would be like "If you take X and Y it helps them out" and people still did okay with them as long as they weren't playing against S-tier meta lists. Yet in warhammer I see a lot of "Don't take these units at all, nothing will help them, they are totally unplayable and terrible" as the answer to someone wanting to know about it.
  9. A big problem with that sort of imbalance is that you have people actively telling new players to stay away from those armies or, worse, if they like a particular army immediately pointing them towards the netlist without finding it out what they like or what they want to achieve. The reasoning is they don't want to let the new person invest a lot of money in an army that is weak or can't perform but the problem here is you're telling somebody who may like the aesthetics of Sylvaneth that the game is so bad the army they like is garbage And they will lose just because they picked it. Who would stay in a game like that? I know if that had been my first experience I would have been like what the hell what's wrong with this game and found something else to play that doesn't have that problem. I think another big problem is in warhammer in particular, you rarely if ever see advice on how to make what you want work in the context of the game rather than throwing it all away and picking these completely different units instead. For example when I played other miniature games you never saw the latter And it was almost always the former. If somebody liked particular units that weren't that great at that point in time they were not pointed away from them they were pointed how to make the most out of them. If you cannot do that at all in Warhammer then that speaks volumes to how bad the balance is. The answer to somebody saying I like these units when those units are not super great should never be Don't take those units at all take these completely different units regardless of what you like, but instead synergies and ways to make the most out of those units.
  10. Yeah.. probably the rumored "hobgoblins" which I really want to see what they could be....
  11. Now my main curiosity is about the maybe-Hobgoblins in the maybe-3.0 starter.
  12. I'm a bit disappointed he doesn't have a new faction with him (although...) but he swayed me 100% to destruction now. Not sure of what subfaction yet.
  13. So Kragnos affirms I'm going to jump into Destruction. Wowsers. Now I just need to know what may be in the 3.0 box to decide which Destruction force since I'd rather not do a hodgepodge.
  14. I'm more curious about the destruction army. Hobgoblins seem like a huge stretch that would come completely out of left field, having no mention or any indication of being a thing in the setting and then boom here's an entire subfaction coming out of nowhere.
  15. It's interesting that this is going to be the final broken realms because that would mean several factions are not getting anything before 3.0. They did say it would affect every army but apparently it seems like half the factions are being ignored
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