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  1. I wonder what we'll see of the Blood Knights. Perhaps a newly updated plastic kit to fit the theme of a new aesthetic, or possibly keep them as they are and continue the distinction of each Vampire type/house. Gods I am so excited for Soulblight. Can't wait for the new look but still going to bunch an assortment of hench death bois together from different realms, bound by a code or bloodline. Araby style Vampire, Norse Raider, Steampunk Chamon Necromancer, yes-yes.
  2. That teaser image has me excited. The way people have described Vampires currently in lore and with these teasers, I'm getting the Venthyr vibes from World of Warcraft. Bloodthirsty nobility with lots of swag. Gotta say, I want my honour bound Blood Knights in baroque armour with JoJo levels of physique but still excited to see how the new Soulblight turn out. The vampire hunter also leads me to believe there will be more to see than this Warband. There is no currently rumoured 'human'/CoS Warband so it would make little sense to have a box set including a Vampire Hunter with no Vampires to slay, nor would it make sense to release a stand alone vampire hunter for mainland AoS, when the Vampire set is only tied to a Warband. Conclusion: hype.
  3. I'm made up with that Deadwalker alone. Working on a Death themed Norse force and he looks like he'll fit in rather nicely. Absolutely love that Lumineth cloud though!
  4. OH MY GOOD LAWD. I literally just thought the preview was the Slaanesh beauty which is fantastic enough. Was wondering what you guys were going on about hahahaha, raced back to that video. well I am excited.
  5. Wow, Bretonnia AND Wood Elves. Today is a good day.
  6. Those new Riders are absolutely phenomenal!! The steeds look gorgeous. I'd love to see those archers on normal horses for some Araby conversions A bit disappointed of course there's no vampires, but I think none of the advent calander was revealed, which means more surprises to come!! Also just noticed that big awesome looking throne thing on the battletome cover!!!! You think that's the big model we haven't seen? Boi if it looks anything like that!
  7. What a haul Sir 😍 Amazing Acro, I don't know if my eyesight has gotten worse or I'm just too used to it but I can't paint without a magnifying glass now, they're absolutely amazing! Preview hype train! Extra prezzies from GW. Hope it's an automatic post, happy to wait whenever if some kind staff member has got to do the update manually or something.
  8. Probably unrelated but on the FB Post, someone commented stating they're expecting Hedonites in Feb and Warhammer TV 'liked' the message. There is nothing im hoping more for than a new Death/Vampire faction, but it may be best to temper expectations, we could literally just get this Warband and nothing else. Damn am I itching now though. I've been binging Shadowlands Venthyr and Demon's Soul non stop and I am desperate to make a Soulblight army with lots of minions and have the heroes converted and feel like some boss encounter. Can't wait to see new Vamps!
  9. Pasty white? Avoiding Sun for decades? Now that's method acting to tease the new Soulblight.
  10. Going with the Ministorum rumour engines, maybe we're gonna get a proper Witch/Demon Hunter gang or squad. Power arrows for a Master Crafted Primaris Twin Linked Power Crossbow Annihilator?
  11. Definitely!! VC were my favourite faction and i'm so eager to see them return with a plastic release. As Celefaze has said we really need some baroque armour again, and gothic deathly baroque armour at that! Trying to use SC and Chaos bois as conversions for Vampires just doesn't cut it.
  12. Jolly good spot on that banner. Trying to contain my hype for the possibility of a Soulblight/Deadwalker revamp.
  13. Good lawd I am loving the 300 Persian aesthetics. In fact just eastern vibes with a lot of AoS factions is so refreshing to see. Also I see a plastic turban(?) head, I'll take 40 boxes for Araby conversions thank you.
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