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  1. Now I wanna see a Mega Bioshock Big Daddy Gargant haha.
  2. Could also be a Dark Angels, perhaps Ravenwing. They do like their ravens and keys.
  3. I was so shocked by the Warhammer reveal. I don't think i've ever spammed my group chat more 😂 As soon as I saw the opening shot, I was joking to myself thinking, ah imagine if this was Warhammer or something. Ha, those are some cool looking marine..... Hang on, is that blue glow a..... Holy ****** that's a lasgun! IT'S WARHAMMER!!!
  4. That would be nice to see. Orruks definitely need their lines expanding. Maybe a whole new faction or just expansions for Bonesplitterz and Ironjawz, either would be great. I loved someone's suggestion (sorry I can't remember who said it), of bigger but dumber Orruks. Reminds me of the big Beserker Trolls from Warcraft, think that would fit nicely.
  5. Maaaaan that would be absolutely amazing!! I've been trying to plan an insectoid race for so long (currently thinking of mashing tyranids and bonerepaers together) but to see an actual official line would be really really cool to see. Also I'm a sucker for anything Lovecraft or mysteries that point to something 'old' and not from our current understanding. I love the idea in AoS of there being other much older and mysterious forces and gods aside from those of known Pantheons, that have wandered the Realms far longer than Sigmar and the Chaos Gods.
  6. God i'm going to love this thread, already amazed by everyone's hero here, can't wait to see what people come up with. Finally I can have my own rules for my Viking Death worshipping Wolf King on a big undead beastie that's been sat in my cabinet for months. 😂
  7. I've just seen that. Is it the full book? Especially since I do all my list making and stats checking on the app, this seems to be the best option? EDIT: It is! Thank you Jack! Bargain.
  8. Finally finished my Flesh Eater Courts force. Its been the biggest batch I've painted which lockdown has certainly helped with haha. Hope you all enjoy. Also if anyone hasn't heard of geek gaming scenics please check them out, their ready made basing kits are absolutely amazing!! Im so happy with how the bases have turned out.
  9. I remember the team stating each GA will be able to take a mega gargant. Wonder why they're listed with no allies.
  10. I'm really excited about the hero creator, I can't wait to see everyone's mashups and conversions because of this system. Plus it really adds to a new Warhammer Quest box imo. With all those rumour engines. It would fit nicely to have a new hero centered box which players can then take over to AoS with new heroes they can kitbash or use as they are.
  11. Really tempted to pick up the box. I'm wondering how to model Eltharion so it looks like arcane energy flowing through his limbs like his art. Is anyone planning to do this, I wonder if they tested that and it just didn't come out right on the model. Was thinking about snipping bits of lightning bits and sticking them through each armour section. Hmmmmm.
  12. Oh yes sorry I forgot I believe a shipping note of the new handbook was found, is that correct everyone? My mind's a little hazy.
  13. Not that I've read unfortunately. Only thing I suppose is that the current rumour engines seem to point to a new possible Warhammer Quest box. In terms of future releases I reckon we'll see AoS previews next week. We still have one more PA book which I think will be previewed today. Then the 40k box is july so hopefully we'll see the Sons at least before then. I can't think of what other planned releases we have still to get through? Welcome back :).
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