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  1. Just realised the 'lizard scales' rumour engine is probably the cloak for a Salamanders character. With the supposed recent Salamanders Supplement leak, there is a new captain with a Drakehide cloak. I'm betting it's that. Hoping I'm wrong, I still pray for seraphon.
  2. Probably nothing to note. I'm currently watching some WarhammerTV streams while painting and was watching the Ghur Realm focus vid. They were flicking through artwork pics and one of the Untamed Beasts popped up to talk about. When the guy pops on screen, Phil says: "and here we have one of the Darkoath....yes Untamed Beasts my bad." Most probably is nothing but found the comment funny at least. I wonder if Untamed Beasts were originally supposed to be Darkoath.
  3. God I hope so, the Samurai is the best model in the range, I hope there's like a small elite number of them.
  4. The thing I dislike about the soldiers was the faces, there was something I didn't find quite right, until someone suggested to view them as mempo masks. I gotta thank whoever did that because you've answered my prayers. I've been trying to create some from molds, green stuff etc and just couldn't find the right bit. I used some very poor paint skills to mock up what I'm after and I gotta say, I really like the faces now, what do you reckon?
  5. I definitely reckon the blurred thing in the background of the book is a beasty. I really hope there is one. A behemoth that had the souls of great beasts stitched together would be so bloody cool. ๐Ÿ˜
  6. I really hope we get more models like that Samurai dude, he is badass. Anyone know what this could be? I thought it was a catapult but the big banner on top throws me off. Reckon it could be something new?
  7. Finished me first snake boi. I'm quite happy with the scheme so I get to do the leader next ๐Ÿ˜ glad I chose red over white/blue.
  8. I love how they don't really look like skeletons aswell with the bulked out armour, proper rank and file undead soldiers. Somebody catch me.
  9. Seriously I can't express how excited I am for this. I've been planning some Samurai themed models for aaages constantly umming and arrghing over potential base models, using green stuff etc. Then these guys with the segmented armour and helmets are closing in. PERFECT. Honestly they look like the perfect replacement for TK, the oriental design mixed with Death just looks magical.
  10. Oh my god oh my god oh my god. BOIIIIS! Sorry it's not letting post the link on my phone, new part of the tithe vid is out, we getting a full reveal at Nova. These guys look BAD.ASS!!! Oh my god I can't contain the hype EDIT:https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/08/25/the-tithe-episode-iii-mortarch/
  11. Those stormcast conversions are amazing @Eldarain what are you going to use them as? Finally got my hands on a paintbrush again and got to try the Contrast paints for the first time. I really really like them, especially for metallic effects. Just finished the armour for one snake boi, not much but I guess it's a start, not sure whether to have gone for a lighter colour though ๐Ÿ˜•
  12. I can't decide, just watched the thunder king trailer, the tithe vids and razoul clips back to back and I can't decide between the two voices ๐Ÿ˜‚ sliding more towards jim Cummings after listening to razoul
  13. Just realised the voice sounds like the guy from the 'Thunder King' trailer for WoW, but ain't that lorewalker cho? Man this has made me so hyped, I am loving the eastern theme sooo much. Plus I'm currently planning an oriental themed force around the Thunder King so I may be a little bias anyway ๐Ÿ˜‹ Can't wait to hear more.
  14. I am really liking this rumour, expecting it to be false but it's made me jump on the Finecast Maneaters, need them anyway but this has made me realise they could go. If we get new skeletons i'm gonna need a quick revive when the announcement comes.
  15. So finally got to make a start on my new force, an empire who worship a snake god that I've been planning for while. I just need new paints now then I'll make a start on a blog if anyone would like to see progress. I hope to put all the lore there as I've really loved planning this force, the diversity and freedom the Mortal Realms provide is what really pulls me to AoS. Not much for now but the initial group i need to put the plan into motion ๐Ÿ™‚ love me some snakey bois.
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