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  1. You might also wanna consider picking up a box of Hedkrakka's Madmob from the Warhammer Underworls section. You can use most of the minis in the box as Bonesplitter heroes (Wurrgog Prophet = Hedkrakka, the 2 melee heroes as Savage Big Bosses). You could also play them in AoS specifically as Hedkrakka's Madmob, but their rules aren't great so I just use them as normal heroes myself.
  2. So I'm planning to use a Grey Seer as my warlord and later in the campaign upgrade him to a Grey Seer on Screaming Bell. There aren't any rules for this as far as I saw, so I figured I would create a houserule for this. Something like upgrading to a mounted hero would require 30 Renown and you have to pay the difference between the models in Glory Points. Are there any better options to do this or should this work fine?
  3. The new edition of AoS has gotten me excited to start a Path to Glory campaign. Though we won't know the full rules until we get the rulebook in our hands, Doug from the Youtube channel 2+Tough has made some videos that go through the basics (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyIEtHBf1vpI-xYU-epSdmFSKIw6afx96). I was wondering if there are other people here planning to start PtG campaigns, what do you think is good about it, what needs improving and what kind of army and lore are you planning to start with?
  4. I like him Then again I also have 3-400 Skaven so might be slightly biased.
  5. Hmm Spikeybits reports it will be 210 American dollar, so that would be about 160 pound or 180 euro..... Quite a bit more expensive than I was hoping for, so guess I'll skip it.
  6. Congratulations on your victory! Regarding the Loonshrine ability, you get to round fractions up. So 5 Hoppers will be revived as 3 Hoppers.
  7. I'm kinda hoping for the new Warcry set, but guess I'm one of the few 😅
  8. I would love to see the return of the Doom Diver Catapult 😍
  9. The higher price discouraged me from ordering the box, though I do like the army. I keep comparing it with the FoB box, which for a similar price gave you a lot more models 🤷‍♂️
  10. Thanks for the advice! I was mainly focussed on their own damage output so I kinda skipped passed their buff abilities 🙄
  11. Carnosaur question: So I have 2 carnosaurs. I built one as a Scar-veteran on a carnosaur and I'm trying to decide whether to build the 2nd one as another Scar-veteran or as an Oldblood. The only real advantage of the Oldblood I can see is for facing Chaos Daemons. Are there any good reasons to field an Oldblood on carnosaur besides that?
  12. Command models are assumed to carry the same weapons as the unit unless specifically mentioned, so taking a gong basher and a standard bearer shouldn't lose you any shots (see core rules, section on command models). The netters do replace their bows and I gotta admit I don't think 3 netters will keep your unit of Shootas alive much longer if it gets engaged in melee.
  13. Finished my Stormcast army. Personally not a big fan of the standard gold paint scheme and their Cybermen heads so I tried switching things up a bit.
  14. Hmm just checked mine and if you get the weapon to point forward it could save you around 1,5 cm in its height.
  15. Hmm this month I'd like to paint: - 10 Boingrot Bounders - 15 Spider Riders - 6 Ogor Gluttons - 7 Guild Malifaux
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