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  1. Yeah, these are my current thoughts as well. That said, I thought we were done when we got our first release and this second one came out of nowhere. Not that I'm complaining, it was just a surprise. I'm with you in thinking a second wave would be unfair on others, though I could see us getting a few one off heroes here and there. It's really difficult to tell at the moment. I have a feeling they were expected to sell very well, though no clue if they achieved those targets, and this new release was meant to capitalise on what was meant to be a very large player base. I have no clue on how successful they were, but I think they might be the new Stormcast of AoS for a little while.
  2. I think it was Lascillion - I think I was misremembering his exact abilities but that sounds right. And yeah, if they continue with the Lurid Haze, having more perfume like powers would be a really good idea. It is very odd; I don't know if they just want to save up the hype until the release week so they don't bore people, but it does seem like we've been pushed to the side for new shinies. I have a feeling GW have really tried hard to push Lumineth with their two rule books, second release, and stories; I don't know how successful they've been but it feels like they have a lot banking on Lumineth. Unfortunately for us, it's left our release feeling a bit shafted even though it's a fantastic release. I've not seen really any negative sentiment towards our new models, compared to the mixed reactions Lumineth have gotten. I just hope that our release is successful and we get brought more into the spotlight.
  3. This is what bothers me the most. It's what I meant by feeling like DLC - it's not really, but it feels like I bought a product (the battletome) only to have an addon to that product come out very soon after with loads of new models meaning the addon will likely be needed to get the full experience (as battalions, artefacts, and spells will be in this book for the new models). GW would have known about these new models at the first release, and chose to split the release so players would need two books for the same army. I wouldn't have minded if they were just some fun additional rules to the current battletome (like BR: Morathi), but the fact they'll be tied to the new warscrolls mean they'll likely be designed to make the most use of these new models makes it feel like the second half of the battletome. Again, I think cheated is too strong a word, but a little bit miffed might be more accurate. For those who don't mind now, how would you feel if a second Lumineth battletome was announced three months after BR: Teclis? This isn't meant to be a "gotcha", but I'm genuinely curious if it would bother you to have both BR: Teclis and the current battletome become outdated that quickly?
  4. I am hoping that, in future releases, further senses and sins are explored; like you said, smell hasn't been touched on (except in a Malign Portents story*), and neither have most of the sins in Slaanesh's circles. Glutos was a really good start, and I hope they continue with these Lords of Sin in future releases. I agree on books; Slaanesh can have some really interesting stories which don't devolve into "Chaos Lords goes to X and kills Y", but it seems like all of the Chaos Gods (bar Khorne maybe?) have been relegated to just being the bad guys in other books. I'm pretty concerned that we haven't really heard anything about the Slaanesh release at all. We had a Sigvald article late last year, and a weird metawatch article that will be out of date soon, but other than that the community sits has been pretty silent. I'm hoping they at least show us some rules previews soon, or at least a bit of new lore. * I say a Malign Portents story but it may have actually been one of the first Realm Wars books where a lord is hunting Neferata
  5. I do wonder if, like Lumineth, we'll get another big release with a side book. After this I don't feel like we'd need it (certainly not compared to other factions), but at the same time it feels like narratively Slaanesh is the big bad of AoS's current arc and it'd feel a shame if this wasn't realised in a Soul Wars-like narrative event. Slaanesh's escape has been a major plot point since day 1, so it'd be a bit underwhelming if it didn't get a treatment the scope of Malign Portents. At the same time, it would feel extremely odd if we got another release in a starter box. It's not that we couldn't have the room for more units, but we are far more well off than Fyreslayers for example. On one hand, I'd like to see Slaanesh's escape fully realised with an AoS 3 boxset, being the main villain of the edition (mostly because of how long has been leading up to this). On the other hand, it would be pretty unfair (though thematically on point) to get even more.
  6. This is unfortunately true. If I knew new Slaanesh was coming out, I'd have not bought Lumineth (nothing against them, I just expected like 5 years of bad Slaanesh battletome so wanted tk try something different), but because I didn't know of the new release I gave GW more money (and I'll still buy the new Slaanesh stuff). You see a lot of people comment on FB "I wish I didn't buy X now Y's coming out, guess I'll buy both" on new releases. Unfortunately, less customer knowledge means more impulse buys and importantly, more hype. If you are the biggest dwarf fan, and you see no dwarf releases in the next six months, then you might lose interest at the initial roadmap reveal. In addition, if you see that your favourite faction is getting a release in sixth months, you might be excited initially but that excitement (and so impulse buy chance) may reduce, and you might even choose to buy less when waiting so you have more room for the new release/buy for the new battletome's rules.
  7. I really hope we do, but I have a feeling we won't - like if they were going to reveal them, they'd have done so with the battletome. I hope I'm wrong, but GW just don't seem to like giving us dice (not even the Dread Pageant got Underworlds dice). It is a shame, I think the cultists have some awesome models but it seems they've gone out of their way to stop them from working in Slaves. To be honest, I can't help but think cultists were made useless on purpose; I don't know why (maybe to try to stop AoS and Warcry mixing), but they have ensured they have no synergy with anything in that army or any of the god armies. Even though there are some other choices that are poor in Slaves, most of those just seem to be poor realisation - only cultists feel intentionally bad. I'd really like a Slaangor hero at some point - perhaps that's left open to an expansion if this release sells well, same for a mounted lord to help our other cavalry. Without the Slaangor hero, I'm a little worried they'll lack a way to be buffed, but I'm hoping they don't sink down like fiends where they lack a role. I'm pretty interested to see the lore of the Hedonites. Our last battletome had some pretty interesting lore, but being mostly daemons it lacked any real society. I don't know if it could apply to our book given how 'hedonites' could really apply to a wide range of people, but I really liked the approach they took with the Lumineth book were it talked about their history and culture. I'm hoping we get more of a look into how these people live; they do seem to have some structure to their society (with archers at the bottom) but I don't know how fluid the society is, or even how it's picked (is it just a time thing, or do they have some sort of test?). But mostly I just want some rule previews!
  8. I think it's also important to look at the 'quality' of the wins over just the winrate. For a very ridiculous example, if there were two armies that were so ridiculously OP they both 100% of the time won when they went first, and were both a one drop army, on the top tables they'd both end up with a 50% win rate determined by who won the first roll (assuming most tournaments consisted of just them). Seeing just their winrate would make the uninitiated think they were balanced, but obviously they're not. While I also don't think this is necessarily a good excuse, it could be GW didn't feel they had enough qualitative data to make the call. I agree that it was communicated poorly, but they may not just look at tournament winrate and also monitor how many complaints they get in their inbox. With fewer players, there are fewer complaints and so less action. Again, I don't think it's a good excuse, but it might be what they meant by not enough data.
  9. Yeah, that's why I was a bit confused - 1d4chan is big enough to get GW's attention, and they often give YouTube channels the ability to review books early (including detailed rules), so they can't be wholly against free rules (but are very obviously anti-piracy). I assume these free rules are overall a benefit to GW as they let people see a faction before buying and so can push people who were on the fence over, compared to those people just not wanting to take the risk. I know personally they've been helpful to understanding the opponent's army and helping people make lists for armies I don't collect, but I'd always buy the battletome for my own armies.
  10. I know we've been asked not to talk about piracy, but this is a genuine question - is reading a 1d4chan's summary of the rules piracy? As in, where they give a list of artifacts or traits or battalions and say what they do? I'm no expert in copyright law so I don't know.
  11. That said, number of pages of discussion isn't always a good measure of popularity - from what I know, Fyreslayers are pretty mono-list.
  12. Okay apparently not "Idolators Cultists units have the Battleline battlefield role. If you upgrade a Chaos Chariots or Gorebeasts Chariots unit to be an Idolator Lord, all Idolators Cultists units you include in your army gain the Mark of Chaos keyword that was picked for that Idolator Lord. In addition, when you make a charge roll for an Idolators Cultists unit, change the lowest dice to a 6. If the roll is a double, change one of the dice to a 6.’"
  13. So, looks like we have access to the Warcry warbands - any interesting combos to be had here?
  14. Where did you see this? Slaves to Darkness from my end isn't showing as updated.
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