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  1. It's not going to break the meta by any means, I don't think, but it's hardly impossible to get off - just need to cast a 5+ spell, roll average ish for the damage (which is likely for that spell considering the amount of dice that will be rolled), and then use the rod. Tbh, I think the biggest issue will be going second, which is why I think you should try turtle Sylle'Esske behind some LoS blocking terrain. Please say how it goes
  2. Actually, thinking on that list, so long as the wheels touch everyone (who all have a 4+ save, so 3 mw average - triggering on a 1, 2, and 3) and the luminous rod blasts everyone (2mw average), we should get 60dp - enough for 2 free keepers. If we turn those hellflayers heralds into seeker chariot heralds, we'll save 80 points for some cogs. Providing averages hold up, we should be able to hit the front lines with 3 keepers (2 at full health, 1 taken 3 wounds when healing is considered) and have nearly 1600 points backing us up.
  3. Found this on Twitter (@TinyDino_aos) so credit goes to them. It's a pretty dumb list, but at the same time it could be disgustingly effective in a way that most would not expect. The list is: Host: Syll'Esske host Realm: Hysh Syll'Esske Keeper of Secrets - sash of ten paradises - progeny of damnation Herald on hellflayer - Luminary rod (d3 mortal wounds to everything in 9", once per game) Herald on hellflayer Herald on hellflayer Herald on seeker chariot 5× hellstriders 5× hellstriders 5× hellstriders 5× hellstriders 5× hellstriders Seeker cavalcade Wheels of excruciation Emerald lifeswarm 1cp 1990 points Step 1: Start with 2+d3 command points Step 2: Gather everyone around Syll'Esske Step 3: cast wheels and run over your own heroes Step 4: use the luminary rod on all of your own heroes Step 5: use the fane on someone who can survive it Step 6: 58 average depravity points Step 7: ??? Step 8: profit
  4. The hosts require no battalions on their own (so you can play godseekers with 0 seeker cavalcades). The 2-4 seeker cavalcade is in relation to the big battalion (the hedonite host) as the host you are changes the requirements on that.
  5. He's our cheapest hero option, and is very small so we can hide him away - his only purpose is to hide out of line of sight and act as a summoning beacon.
  6. A standard keeper is better and is very very strong, but Shalaxi isn't bad on the side - but probably taking the place of a 3rd keeper. HoS, from what I know, can do well against any army, including FEC - just be clever with your screens (use hellstriders for cheap but useful battleline).
  7. Hmmm, always been unsure on the ethereal amulet - seems our 4+ save isn't really that reliable with or without it, at least imo. There was an older thread with 100 pages of discussion (moved after we got the new book), so it's more like 147 pages at this point 😛
  8. There's no fully official consensus, but there's no reason why not and we do have this:
  9. While I don't think the new host is an instant take, I would say it's better than you're giving it credit for. The one drop list isn't that hard to make (and you stick some keepers in that, and min battleline hellstriders in the seeker cavalcade). Some of the best artifacts we have are realm artefacts so no issue there (e.g. thermalrider clock). We really only use Excess of Violence on Keepers from what I've seen, so that's not an issue. In tax, it requires 380 points of battalions, 300 pts of Hellstriders (which you were probably going to take anyway), 320 chaos knights, 140 chaos lord on mount, and 200 S'E for a total of 1340. You can fit a Keeper, Epitome, and Cogs in there if you want and have an okay 1 drop list. Probably won't win a tournament, but is a considerable help to mortal Slaanesh and would likely do a lot in casual play.
  10. Yeah, I think this and other LoS blocking terrain means they're going to be difficult to get rid of. And even if you do get rid of them, you've not been shooting at the keepers. Not to mention armies without shooting. Very interested in the Soul Grinder battalion; not amazing, but makes them usable - 16 wounds and a 3+ save is nothing to sniff at.
  11. Different battalion was presented from GW. This is also the host rules too.
  12. Pretty sure he can benefit from cover and look out sir, so you can shoot him, but it'll take a decent number of shots away from the two keepers (who are very dangerous), and those 18 dp can be summoned into like 200 points of models.
  13. That double depravity point ability seems a bit strong... just park two keepers next to him and they become kinda pointless to shoot at (26dp per dead keeper).
  14. This was posted as a comment on FB. I know they're not always accurate, but it's worth noting.
  15. Looking at it, it feels like it could be okay, but it's a shame chaos knights are a bit rubbish. Even with the +1 to hit from the chaos lord on mount and the likelyhood they'll get a first turn charge, they're only getting 10 attacks at 3/3/-1/2, and 10 attacks at 3/4/-/1. Considering they'll probably get 2 extra hits on each set of attacks (being generous), they do an average of 9 damage on a charge against a 4+ save. For how much they cost (and the Chaos Lord on mount too), they're still not great but maybe they could act as a buffer to soften the enemy screens up.
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