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  1. Enoby

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    Had a 2k game against Gloomspite, I was using: 1 EKoS (with breathtaker and Devotee of Torment) The masque 1 infernal enrapturess 1 Chaos Sorcerer Lord 30 daemonettes 30 daemonettes 5 hellstriders 5 hellstriders 6 fiends 99% of the work was put in by the daemonettes and EKoS. Not the other units' fault, but when playing Scorched Earth it was pretty much over by turn 2; hacking through his line of defence turn 1 meant that his points were open by turn 2, and burned away.
  2. Enoby

    The Rumour Thread

    And another rumour engine solved
  3. Enoby

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    I do hope our allegiance abilities are reworked. Currently, they're not that great (not bad, besides invaders) and they don't impact our playstyle much. Consider something like DoK or IDK, where their army is shaped by their allegiance, and then look at our army and how the allegiance almost feels optional compared to the warscrolls.
  4. Enoby

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    Unfortunately the latter they messed it up massively
  5. Enoby

    The Rumour Thread

    Loads of rumour engines solved this preview.
  6. Enoby

    The Rumour Thread

    Oh, also this:
  7. Enoby

    The Rumour Thread

    Anyone remember that claw rumour engine from ages ago? This looks like it on the new 40k boxset. Kind of sad it's not Slaanesh after all.
  8. Enoby

    The Rumour Thread

    I'm kind of hoping for a Slaanesh release/tease at LVO. There's no real basis besides that DoK were revealed this time last year (and their main enemy is Slaanesh) and that there are more Slaanesh models confirmed to be in the works. I feel Slaves to Darkness will be later on, to give people a break from huge releases.
  9. Enoby

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    I had another game with my 1000pts Slaanesh list against goblins. I took: -1 Exalted keeper • General • Devotee of torment • Dimensional Blade - 5 Hellstriders - 5 Hellstriders - 6 Fiends They took: - 1 Mangler Squig with Loonboss • General • Fight another day • Artefact that gave -1 to hit - 1 Fungoid cave shaman - 1 Mangler squig without Loonboss - 20 goblins with bows - 5 squigs - Mork's Mighty Mushroom - Scuttletide - Chronomatic Cogs We played shifting objectives. He went first, the main objective started closest to his manglers. He moved both up onto it (which he agreed was a mistake in hindsight), and he claimed the rest of the objectives with the goblins and squigs. I charged my six fiends into the mangler with loonboss, and hung out of 6" of the other mangler with my exalted keeper. The hellstriders hung around either side. I decided that it was better to be bold and miss out on the other objectives in lieu of killing two manglers and capturing the main objective. The fiends killed the mangler with boss in one pile in (doing over 20 damage with their tails), and one of them scratched at the normal mangler on the second pile in. The second mangler attacked the fiends, but thanks to the -2 to hit, -1 to wound it only did one damage. The exalted keeper piled in and finished it off. I got second turn, the main objective stayed still, and it was pretty much over. The hellstriders sat on the objective, I summoned an infernal enrapturess, and the fiends went into the goblins and shaman (killing them). By this point I had seven victory points to my opponent's four, and he only had 5 squigs left. He conceded. I really like fiends, and would want to try a speedy army with 12 of them (two units of six) backed up by some Hellstriders. Even against hordes they seem to hit like a truck, but they are amazing against anything bigger (we had a doubles game after where they were charged by a colossal squig and a mangler with loonboss, and only just died after killing the colossal and taking 3 wounds from the mangler).
  10. Enoby

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    To take a guess, I reckon they have written this for new AOS players who don't yet have the GHB.
  11. Enoby

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    I had a game against 1000pts of deepkin the other day. They were running 40 Namarti thralls (2 units of 20), 10 Namarti reavers, 2 Ishaaran Soulrenders, and Lotann. I was running an Exalted Keeper of Secrets, 6 fiends, and 2 units of 5 hellstriders. I gave them first turn, they moved forward (18 inches away from me). I moved forwards with my entire army. I charged the fiends in, and stood back to pile in with the EKoS. The hellstriders were each assigned to a group of thralls. The fiends were selected to pile in and attack first, and they had the EKoS's command ability on them so they did that twice. They wiped out 20 thralls. They were in two units, and so 14 thralls got in (we thought they had a 2" reach), and killed one fiend (-2 to hit and -1 to wound crippled them). The EKoS piled into them, got lucky with its claws and killed all 20 of them in one go. They got second turn, killed another fiend with their reavers, tried (but failed) to grow brain barnacles on the EKoS. On my second turn, the fiends closed in and killed the reavers, and the EKoS killed all but Lotann. The opponent conceded after that. I underestimated how good fiends would be against a horde of one wound models, but was pleasantly surprised. The list didn't have much in the way of objective controll (hellstriders chased them once the main threats were dealt with), but it hit like a train.
  12. Enoby

    Wrath and Rapture

    I've not played them, but there is a narrative campaign in the box looks like fun, especially for newer players will small forces
  13. Enoby

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    I'm taking part in a team tournament at some point. We each take 1000 points that must be playable (thus we need enough battleline per list). My ally's list is: 60 grots with spears 20 grots (didn't mention weapon) 5 spore fanatics Mangler (didn't say if it was the hero) Fungoid cave shaman He's looking for fast support, and I'm debating over these two lists (both seekers): 1 Exalted Keeper of Secrets 6 fiends 2 units of 5 hellstriders OR 1 Keeper of Secrets 1 Infernal Enrapturess 6 fiends 2 units of hellstriders I am trying not to use daemonettes, kind of for the opponents' sanity - we would take hours to move everything - and also because I don't want to over rely on them. The first list has the advantage of a very strong command ability and a much more powerful hero, but it is also worse for depravity as, as soon as it dies I cannot summon. The second list hits less hard, but is much more stable with depravity points. The general idea is that the grots get onto the points, I use one of my hellstriders combined with the netters to put the opponents on -2 to hit. The rest of my army and the mangler then strike where the opponent has left undefended.
  14. Enoby

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    Judging my my experience transporting them, they'd get stuck in the case before they got stuck in the terrain 😛
  15. Enoby

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    Currently I agree, in that compared side by side daemonettes are better than witch aelves, but I think we lag behind by quite a bit when the witch aelves get their buffs. If daemonettes get access to huge buffs like witch brew then I don't think there will be much competition in the 'best battleline' rankings. That said, there are very few buffs in Slaanesh - even pile in and attack twice doesn't modify a unit's stats, it just lets them use their stats two times. I feel most of our abilities will be debuff based. Would you say spamming (as in 90+) daemonettes is a good tactic, or do you think they reach peak efficiency at 60 in a 2k list?