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  1. I'm almost sure, considering the time the GHB is written (looking at what battletomes aren't included), these changes were made in response to when we were top of the pack. If these had come out without our previous nerfs and while we were topping most tournaments, they'd have felt much closer to justified. Now they feel like being kicked when down, especially for some of the models (like daemonettes losing their horde bonus).
  2. After playing a bit with this book, if I could only change one thing I'd change how the allegiance ability interacts with marks. After playing a bit of a narrative Slaanesh/Khorne list, I was dissapointed by how limited I felt by the marks only being triggered when a hero was near (usually meaning I had to pay a hero tax to get a benefit out of allegiance abilities). In the end, I found it better to build around one mark, which goes against the idea of Slaves to Darkness being a mix of chaos warriors coming together (as opposed to the monogod books). I would love it if they changed it so any marked unit got their mark's benefit, and a hero being nearby triggered the mark's general benefit. To me, that would feel much nicer as I could build a mixed list without constantly thinking about hero tax to use the allegiance ability.
  3. It'll certainly do well, no doubt, but if you can, I'd suggest taking out the daemonettes for hellstriders and using the seeker cavalcade to save some points (you should save 110 from this, meaning you can afford supreme sybarites - not super useful in Pretenders, but gives you an extra artifact for your 3rd keeper). When used as battleline tax, may as well go with the cheaper option and summon on daemonettes on objectives later.
  4. Personally, the allegiance abilities of Chaos Ascendant are much worse than our own allegiance abilities - the biggest benefit is that we get to work with all other daemon types (which looks quite cool on the board). However, losing out on depravity points, hosts, exploding 6s, locus of diversion, our expanded spell lores, free use of Slaves to Darkness, and partial use of Slaanesh Beasts of Chaos hurts a lot.
  5. I do wonder why it didn't - anyone have any ideas?
  6. To hit and damage are intrinsically linked in AoS - if an attack is 1 attack 6/6/-/100, then it's great when it goes off, but it has such a high chance of doing 0 damage that it's not particularly useful compared to 3 attacks at 3/2/-3/3. The consistency of an attack is very important to how much damage you can expect it to do, and if those two attack profiles were weapon choices on a model, I'm certain that the 3 damage weapon would be taken over the 100 damage weapon the vast majority of the time (if buffs couldn't make the 100 damage weapon more consistent).
  7. I'm wondering, if you had free reign over this battletome, what would you change?
  8. To be honest, I think one of the biggest problems we have at the moment is that everything costs far too many points. Don't get me wrong, we have other issues and I'd prefer warscrolls to be moved up to match points, but for now everything feels too pricey for what it does (which really stings with lack of large unit points reductions). I really like varanguard, but without the circle buffs they feel 100 points too expensive - they're tanky-ish, but don't do enough damage or have enough tricks to make them worth 300
  9. Having a look at the new abilities, the Invaders host seems pretty good - a pretty rubbish artefact (+1 wound), but we can just fane that. The teleport is very nice, but the command ability is +1 save in the combat phase (2+ save Archaon, Daemon Prince, or Karkadrak might be nice, or even just a 3+ save keeper or tanky unit). You get to reroll run rolls for models wholly within 12" as the command trait, which isn't amazing, but it can be nice if we need to get somewhere or want to run and charge. I'm not familiar with the rules for these sorts of things, but when you're forced to take an artefact do you have to only take that artefact, or can you take others after you've taken that one (for example, if you had a battalion - the first arefact must be the forced one, but is the next one free?)
  10. Yeah, they can act as a very annoying giant screen - especially if using Syllesske to keep them immune to battleshock. With the cogs up, it does allow fiends and chariots to have more use - making up for the fact they don't tend to make first turn charges. Maybe even some use for chaos warriors? They are a very expensive screen, but the 4+ rerolling will keep most things stuck for a turn. That said, I think marauders are better.
  11. I've not looked at the entire things, but from the previews I agree about invaders - there's a lot of potential in our slower units and for them to become viable in a first turn charge list.
  12. I've used Bestigors before (in Slaanesh where 6s were 3 hits), and while great on a charge against a large unit, on their own they would have 21 attacks at 4/3/-1/1 for 120(?) points. Chosen have 16 attacks at 3/3/-1/1 (6s to hit are a MW in addition) for 140. So offensively they're rather similar at base, and then certain buffs can change the effectiveness greatly (e.g. a chaos lord or sorcerer, or a charge, or attacking a large unit, or just allegiance abilities in general). Movement wise bestigors win by a long shot, and that's probably their biggest difference. That said, I think chosen coming down to 120 would leave them in a comfortable spot. I do agree that, on the whole, they aren't a particularly damaging faction (besides Sixth Circle Varanguard on a charge with Archaon), so I don't think they're top tier, but I think they're not bad - they can hold their own with the right buffs, and after playing Slaanesh for a long time, it's nice to have a faction that isn't guaranteed a win (tbh, wanting a tier S faction, at least for me, seemed to be a bit of a monkey's paw).
  13. Just wondering, what do people see as the problem in this army? Besides being a bit overcosted, I don't think the stats are too bad - the amount of rerolls you get is nice. I've actually found Chaos Chosen really good for Slaanesh, but I don't often see them talked about - any reason why?
  14. I think one of the best things about daemon princes is that their models can pretty much be anything as long as it's the correct size.
  15. For Slaanesh, maybe there'll be some use in the new invaders host ability. With the cogs (cast by the epitome), there's a guarantee they can first turn charge; they don't do a tonne of damage (even with 6s being 3 hits), but teleporting them without needing to use a spell is pretty useful just to tie up the opponent and remove screens.
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