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  1. Just wondering, in modern day AoS art, what living thing has been shown in the foreground of art that doesn't have a model attached to it? There has been some stuff in the background (iirc, FEC had some big thing in the background) but I can't recall anything in the foreground.
  2. Really looking forward to it if these are actually new Slaaneshi mortals. Was really worried we'd not get anything for the mortal side. They definitely don't look like any other kit due to their weapons and fancy (though sparse) armour.
  3. A bit of tangent to the current discussion, but I decided to have a bit of fun with maths. A unit of 20 fully buffed daemonettes (Choir of Torments, exalted keeper's command ability, and daemonic power) does an average of 45 damage to a 4+ save. While quite unlikely (getting 20 in isn't that hard, but daemonic power can be a hard cast with the amount of dispelling and the enrapturess needs to keep up), I wonder how you'd even be able to roll the amount of dice required.
  4. Nothing confirmed, but I think it's much more likely to be Shalaxi Helbane; they've never been mentioned before in the lore, so it would be super random to mention them in an article for no reason, especially when N'Kari could have been used if they needed to fill a third spot. Does make you wonder, if we get Shalaxi will we have a specialised hero killer? Would be awesome to have an amazing duelist who can win 1v1 against almost any hero. Not that we need it, with the EKoS, but it would be a cool gimmick if they went all in for it (like a sword that does flat 6 damage if targeting heroes).
  5. So long as you run them in 30s and activate them first, they should work wonders Just remember to reroll 1s, because it makes a huge difference!
  6. Daemonettes' power comes from adding up lots of small things. At first, like you said, 2 attacks at 4/4/-1/1 is meh. But then you have to consider them in a large unit of 30 (as they should be); then 33% of their attacks are two hits with no additional buffs needed (unlike bloodrevears who need 140 extra points of banner man). Then they get rerolling 1s to hit for free (which is great). Their bases are smaller, which means double the attacks of bloodreavers as twice as many get in. Then they get to run and charge for free. That's not to mention the other buffs like double pile in, rerolling 6s, and -1 to hit that comes from other unit support. To put things in perspective, if you have 10 bloodreavers and a bloodsecrator (210 points) vs 200 points of 20 daemonettes, both against a 4+ save. Bloodreavers get 10 in due to base size, getting 31 attacks and doing an average of 5 damage against a 4+ save. Daemonettes get 20 in due to base size, getting 41 attacks rerolling 1s and making about 15 extra auto hits. They do an average of 13 damage against a 4+ save. As you can see, mathmatically, there's a huge difference in average damage and more importantly, daemonettes need no special buff - they are totally self sufficient, whereas the bloodreavers would become awful as soon as they're not in range of the secrator. So daemonettes do massive average damage for their points, are incredibly fast, work on their own (but can improve with further buffs), amazing bravery, and aren't super fragile if you have a 60point model next to them.
  7. Yeah, I can see us at top tier. Or rather, I think our warscrolls and summoning are top tier; if we lost out other allegiance abilities and artefacts, but kept everything else, we'd be in a similar (though obviously weaker) position to where we are now. Obviously we'd be worse (I'd miss the command traits a lot), but I think we can win comfortably on our warscrolls and summoning alone.
  8. Ah, I see. Yeah, I can see spellcasting becoming less useful if we don't have any bonuses to cast. That said, we are running super low on wizards anyway so I doubt we're meant to be a casting army, would just be nice to have better spells. Thinking about it, what else will we likely get that could make us much stronger? Genuinely curious because I don't know what GHB allegiances tend to get when they get a battletome.
  9. Any reason in particular? Just their nasty dispelling ability? I have a feeling we will, if we keep our warscroll more or less in tact. We place really well in tournaments for a none battletome army despite our allegiance abilities (besides summoning) be a bit naff, so if we just get stuff added to us, we could well become a top tier army.
  10. As an aside, we seem to be doing well competitively at the moment, especially for an army without a battletome. Does make me a bit cautious about future nerfs though; I personally don't think we're OP or anything, but a spell lore or proper allegiance ability could change that
  11. I do as well. Never understood why GW leave so long between announcement and release sometimes; often loses a lot of the hype when someone has to wait a long time to get the model. I'm still 50/50 on whether we'll get mortals; I really hope we do, but there's still a doubt as I can't imagine us getting a huge release as we were never an ultra popular faction.
  12. Hmmm, you may be already, but make sure to split these up into two units of 5 to maximise their reach. Maybe it's just me, but I really don't think mortals work well in Slaanesh. They're not awful per se, but their lack of speed and hitting power means they tend to sit back and twiddle their thumbs while the daemons carry. For example, your 20 chaos warriors cost 360; due to base size, you'll likely only ever get 10 in maximum. This means you'll get 20 attacks, 4/3/-1/1; against a 4+ save, that'll be about 4 damage. Then look at the 30 daemonettes who cost 270 points; due to their base size, you should get about 20 in. That's 40 attacks at 4/4/-1/1, but extra hits on 5s and 6s and rerolling 1s. You'll get about 14 extra hits. Against a 4+ save, you'll do about 13 damage. This isn't even taking into account that you can pile in and attack twice using your KoS. While you get more wounds in your unit of Chaos Warriors, you pay more points (each wound is worth 9 points in Chaos Warriors and 10 points of daemonettes). You then have to ask yourself whether the 4+ save is worth losing out on more bodies, an average of 5" extra movement, and an average of 10 extra damage against a 4+ save. If you want something tanky in Slaanesh, I'd suggest 6 fiends paired with hellstriders. Saving against a brutal 20 attacks at 3/3/-1/2 damage, chaos warriors take 12 damage, whereas the fiends take 4 on average. They are more expensive, but they do pull their weight. I hope this helps
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