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  1. I really want to see Slaves get better, but I feel GW are more hesitant with them due to the fact they can be used in any god armies. For example, let's say that Chaos Warriors got a huge buff (2 attacks at 3/3/-1/2) with no points change; Slaves would now have a good unit, but Khorne/Slaanesh/Tzeentch/Nurgle now have a fantastic unit. I think, for Slaves, they need to focus on their allegiance abilities over the units - allowing their substandard units to be good in the Slaves allegiance. Don't get me wrong, they're still overcosted and pretty bad in the other allegiances (and could do with a points change) but they have to be extra careful with Slaves.
  2. They're conversions between Idoneth Namantrii thralls and the skull box
  3. Got some updates on my current army Just the Keeper of Secrets to go, though I am thinking of expanding the army with beastmen - I'm not a fan of the bestigore model (they look too barbaric), anyone know a good GW substitute? I don't mind conversions.
  4. Seems like people voted for power rather than internal balance.
  5. It's strange, daemonettes seem to have gone from close to overpowered to just okay without many actual rules changes.
  6. That would be an interesting change; if it were the case, I wonder if it would have an effect on things that do extra damage on Chaos or whatever.
  7. Anyone thought of any use for mercenaries? Just trying to think of what we lack that other warscrolls could give us; shooting, maybe?
  8. I don't think Archaon works too well for us; he's not a hedonite, so no locus, and his command ability does not work with our Keepers (nor can they affect him with their CA). Unfortunately he's not a great hero for us anymore.
  9. The Lord of Chaos all painted up for my narrative list
  10. It brings up an interesting point - if the double turn goes in the next GHB (they were asking about keeping it in the survey so it's on the table to go) we become much stronger as we are very weak to a double turn as it gives two chances to clear off our heroes before a summon. I do wonder, if shooting comes back, if we'll see a use for seekers as they can get nearly anywhere unless the shooting unit is well and truly blocked in.
  11. For something a little different, here's a narrative army I've been working on
  12. It's certainly an interesting question. I think, out of everything we have, depravity is the one that I've heard most people complain about. I think the issue they have had is that it's so easy to summon big things - and I agree, it is very easy to summon more KoSs which can make even more depravity. Depravity was something I thought was going to be nerfed in our battletome, but all things considered, it feels much much stronger now.
  13. I think I agree with this. What do others think?
  14. I had an idea for a list, but I'm unsure if I should trade out the bladebringer for the seeker cavalcade and spellportals to make this a 2 drop list. What do people think? Keeper of Secrets (general) - Skin taker - thermalrider cloak - Sinistrous hand - Prodengy of Damnation Keeper of Secrets (general) - slothful stupour Contorted Epitome (general) - Rod of misrule Shalaxi Hellbane - song of secrets Bladebringer - Lash of Slaanesh Hellstriders Hellstriders Hellstriders Supreme Sybarites Chronomatic cogs Wheels of excruciation
  15. Anyone found a solid way to deal with Hearthguard beserkers? They seem very tough to kill and do a load of damage back so we can't safely stay in combat with them.
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