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  1. ++ Mod hat ++ I know GW as a whole can make some odd decisions, but this is crossing the line into mean spirited.
  2. ++ Mod hat ++ Hey guys, please dial it back on the RAW vs RAI discussion - it's getting a bit out of hand Feel free to keep talking about it, just keep it polite please!
  3. With 40k 10e on the way and the new models slowly being released, I have a question I'd really love an answer to. I apologise if this sounds belittling, it's not my intention I am just genuinely curious, but what do Space Marine fans see in new models? If someone likes Space Marines, that is 100% fine - everyone has different tastes and enjoys things for different reasons - but my question is specifically towards the Adeptus Astartes fans because Space Marines by design look very similar, with only slight variations in armour and weapons to distinguish them. I'm not a huge fan of a lot of armies; I don't much reckon anything to Ratmen, but when (if) Skaven get an update I can see a significant design difference between their models, so for those who do like them I understand the excitement at the prospect of new Skaven. New Space Marines on the other hand often look like talented conversions - small edits to a very similar base. Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with liking Space Marines, but I'd be very grateful for someone who does like them to explain what they see in new models? What makes them exciting for you? To keep this at least tangentally related to AoS, one of the things I love about this system is that even if I don't like any of the armies scheduled to come out, whatever is produced will be novel, and even if the design doesn't gel with me, it makes sense why those who do like the army will be excited. It's really nice to see people get excited about all of the different possibilities for their factions.
  4. I finished a game vs Soulblight with the following list: - Army Faction: Hedonites of Slaanesh - Army Type: Godseekers - Grand Strategy: Glutton for Depravity LEADERS Lord of Pain (135)* Keeper of Secrets (400)* - General - Command Traits: Master of Magic - Shining Aegis - Artefacts of Power: Girdle of the Realm-racer - Spells: Progeny of Damnation Contorted Epitome (190)** - Spells: Flaming Weapon Sigvald (205)** BATTLELINE Blissbarb Archers (150)* Blissbarb Archers (150)* Seekers (140)** OTHER Fiends (200)* Slickblade Seekers (200)** Myrmidesh Painbringers (145)** ENDLESS SPELLS & INVOCATIONS 1 x Mesmerising Mirror (60) TERRAIN 1 x Fane of Slaanesh (0) CORE BATTALIONS *Battle Regiment **Battle Regiment TOTAL POINTS: 1975/2000 --- The Soulblight player was pretty inexperienced, so tactically there's not loads to gain from this, but I can at least say I learned more of how the army performs at its core The Keeper with the Girdle was a fantastic tech piece but the Keeper could be very swingy, even at 2s and 2s. I do like them though! The Mesmerising Mirror is fantastically strong, and something I'd like to take in most lists to be honest - at least with a casting reroll. Normal Seekers were just okay - I felt I didn't need their speed - I'd rather have another unit of blissbarbs to be honest, which were very strong again combined with the LoP. That little 'engine' (to coin a YuGiOh term), is a great way to have a very strong shooting core defend a back objective while provide a lot of damage. Fiends felt pretty swingy too here, but their -1 to wound hurt the Blood Knight's attempt to do much to them. Sigvald felt a bit too slow to do all that much with. He did a lot when he got in, but I think another unit of Slickblades would be better. Depravity racked up quickly, but we called the game the end of turn 2 as they'd lost about 80% of their army, compared to the five models I'd lost.
  5. I've hopefully got a few games coming up tomorrow vs Soulblight and Stormcast - will do write ups for them
  6. Just to test out Fiends - I think one Glutos would be better, but I wanted to double check The -1 to wound did actually help a lot, but not compared to the 3+ save and 5+ ward. Their damage was good when the D6s were hot!
  7. Thanks for the write up @LeonBox! I had a game against Gargants - no pictures as there were a lot of proxies and blank bases so not the easiest to follow with a visual aid! My list was: - Army Faction: Hedonites of Slaanesh - Army Type: Godseekers - Grand Strategy: Glutton for Depravity LEADERS Lord of Pain (135)* Keeper of Secrets (400)* - General - Command Traits: Master of Magic - Ritual Knife - Artefacts of Power: Girdle of the Realm-racer - Spells: Progeny of Damnation Shalaxi Helbane (420)** - Living Whip - Spells: Paths of the Dark Prince BATTLELINE Blissbarb Archers (150)* Seekers (140)* Seekers (140)** OTHER Fiends (200)* Fiends (200)* Slickblade Seekers (200)** TERRAIN 1 x Fane of Slaanesh (0) CORE BATTALIONS *Battle Regiment **Battle Regiment TOTAL POINTS: 1985/2000 My aim was to test out Shalaxi, the Fiends, and the KoS without the Aegis, so I won't go through the game step by step and instead will just comment on them. I'll also comment on Godseekers. Shalaxi With a prime target in their sights, Shalaxi should have been right at home killing gargants, and in many ways they did a good job! Armed with a while rather than the Aegis (wanting to test it out), they did 1 damage in shooting and failed to reduce attacks by one. They did however do 17 damage in combat vs the Gargant, which certainly helped depravity generation. Unfortunately I didn't realise that gargants had an ability to do 4d6 mortal wounds, which quickly squashed Shalaxi flat. Overall, their damage (with their spell) seemed very good against heroes, but I wouldn't take them without the Aegis again. Even with their high save vs heroes, that mortal wound and bad luck protection is just too important to miss out on, especially as the Whip doesn't always work. With the Aegis, they may well have lived to fight another day. The ritual knife Keeper I was a bit more worried about the KoS, though the Girdle should theoretically protect them a little in my turn (when it comes to choosing safe combats). The KoS did good damage, killing a unit of small gargants (and doing 6 mortal wounds with the ritual knife, and another 3 later), but again I just don't see any argument convincing enough to take the knife over the shield. The amount of damage the KoS took was unsustainable, no matter the damage it did in return. The Girdle was, as expected, fantastic and I would definitely consider it again combined with the Aegis. While I can definitely see the KoS being swingy, I did pretty well with them so no complaints here! Fiends In a gargant game, fiends are bound to shins, and my two units did do some decent work, though perhaps not quite as much as I'd have wanted! Their big bonus was actually their -1 to hit and wound, which sometimes had the gargants doing no damage at all. I'd be fully up for taking another unit of 3 for just this sort of match up. Godseekers While not the ideal army to use Godseekers in, it did get me out of being first turn charged so that's a bonus! Other than that, I tended to be in combat with all units after turn 2, so I couldn't use it. The Girdle was great though, so I'd be up for using it again.
  8. Just finished the Sylvaneth game - it got to the end of my turn 2 and they surrendered. They had gotten abysmal luck in all honesty, and it seemed a struggle to come back from. At the beginning of the turn, the Keeper cast Flaming Weapon on their claws, as well as arcane bolt, and the Sylvaneth player couldn't unbind. The Contorted Epitome cast Overwhelming Acquiescence on the Treelord and Lady of Vines, as well as Mystic Shield on the KoS. Glutos failed Crippling Famishment but successfully cast the Mesmerising Mirror. My battle tactic was Grand Feast, with a plan to kill the Treelord. I moved the Blissbarbs to target the lil Treelords with Scythes and they killed 1, despite the 3+2 save. Glutos moved up closer to the Treelord, Lady of Vines, and Bow lil Tree men and tried to pot shot the last Scythe one but it failed. The Twinsouls moved in to debuff the Treeman and the Painbringers moved in to start contesting an objective. The Mesmerising Mirror triggered on the Treelord Ancient and the Little Treemen with Scythes, netting me 2 depravity. The Masque moved to kill the last Dryad. All charges were made, and the Keeper failed to roar and the Treelord made it strike last. The Keeper used Hurler of Obscenities at the Treeman, who was still suffering from a -1 from Glutos + Depravity. Glutos tried to kill one of the bow lil treemen but only did 3 wounds (healing the 3 he took back). With an overall -1 to hit and attacks (from the Twinsouls), the Treelord did nothing, and was killed by the Keeper. In a mocking gesture from Slaanesh, the single Dryad rolled all 6s on their saves. I was impressed by everything in my list in all honesty, with the Mesmerising Mirror being a bit of a smash hit. The Keeper was, in my opinion, really good when all buffed up with the shield to keep them safe. The Sylvaneth didn't know how to come back from it, so decided to concede and we'll be playing a Gargant vs Slaanesh game very soon!
  9. I think, if I were running multiple Keepers or a very fast list, I'd be tempted to branch out. The shield is great if you're dead set on keeping a Keeper alive (for a Pretenders general etc), but the other choices are all very attractive if there's a less clear target for the opponent to blast into. For example, Seekers and the Masque immediately harassing shooting units and casing issues up front to allow the keeper to wade into combat unabated and make use of the other options.
  10. The Knife Seems good, but I'm a bit concerned that it's only on a single model - so it could well amount to nothing. Edit: Ignore this - I can't read, apparently! It does indeed work on the unit.
  11. Current Sylvaneth game is going well My list is: - Army Faction: Hedonites of Slaanesh - Army Type: Invaders LEADERS Keeper of Secrets (400) - General - Command Traits: Best of the Best - Shining Aegis - Artefacts of Power: Icon of Infinite Excess - Spells: Flaming Weapon Contorted Epitome (190) - General - Spells: Lash of Slaanesh Glutos Orscollion (480)* - General - Spells: Pavane of Slaanesh Lord of Pain (135)* - General The Masque (140)* - General BATTLELINE Blissbarb Archers (150)* Blissbarb Archers (150)* Myrmidesh Painbringers (145)* Symbaresh Twinsouls (140)* ENDLESS SPELLS & INVOCATIONS 1 x Mesmerising Mirror (60) CORE BATTALIONS *Battle Regiment TOTAL POINTS: 1990/2000 --- Turn 1 They gave me first turn, and I charged their first unit of revenants with the Masque, who killed 4 of them (for 8 depravity) and then they teleported away, and I shot at the little tree men with scythes (whose name escapes me) with the Blissbarbs to deal 5 wounds (with the help of a nearby LoP), but I offered a 6 to keep one alive and they took it. I rolled a 4 on the DP for a total of 12 depravity. I also shot at the unit of dryads who were outside of the forest at the time, and killed 9 of them when battleshock is taken into account. As for spells, I managed to cast a single mystic shield on the KoS from the Epitome. I tried to make a charge with the KoS into Drycha, but couldn't stretch the 10", so I waited in front of her and the tree lord. On their turn, they had similar casting luck as me and only managed to heal one of the little tree men with scythes by one. Those lil tree men marched up to challenge one of my units of blissbarbs, and Drycha and the treelord moved to kill the KoS, who had decided it was their time to shine and had used finest hour. Drycha and the Lady of Vines shot at the KoS, and the Treelord Ancient shot at the Masque, but the ward saves were very lucky for both of them and they didn't take anything from shooting. Drycha did take 3 mortal wounds from a rejected temptation offer for one of her shots though. The Treelord Ancient killed six Blissbarb Archers with his shooting. Drycha and the treelord charged into the KoS. The Treelord made them strike last and Drycha did a monstrous duel. I tried to roar the treelord, but it failed. The little tree men with scythes charged into my five remaining blissbarbs, who unleashed hell and killed one. They made short work of the other Archers and teleported away to cover. The same could not be said for the Treelord and Drycha. Drycha refused the KoS initial temptation and took an additional 2 mortal wounds, leaving her on just five. In display of very poor luck from Sylvaneth and good luck from me, the treelord and Drycha only did six damage to the KoS, who struck back with the Icon active. Despite very poor hitting and wounding, the KoS did 5 MWs in a last did attempt from the claw, which finished Drycha. The current battlefield:
  12. I'm hoping to try this list soon, after finishing the Sylvaneth game. - Army Faction: Hedonites of Slaanesh - Army Type: Godseekers - Grand Strategy: Glutton for Depravity LEADERS Lord of Pain (135)* Keeper of Secrets (400)* - Shining Aegis - Artefacts of Power: Girdle of the Realm-racer - Spells: Progeny of Damnation Bladebringer, Herald on Exalted Chariot (260)** - General - Command Traits: Speed-chaser - Spells: Paths of the Dark Prince Shardspeaker of Slaanesh (125)** - Spells: Slothful Stupor BATTLELINE Blissbarb Archers (150)* Seekers (140)* Seekers (140)** OTHER Fiends (200)* Fiends (200)* Slickblade Seekers (200)** TERRAIN 1 x Fane of Slaanesh (0) CORE BATTALIONS *Battle Regiment **Battle Regiment TOTAL POINTS: 1950/2000 Created with Warhammer Age of Sigmar: The App
  13. Happy to say my book has finally arrived! Also, upon reading it, I just realised how good Girdle of the Realm Racer is. Normally artefacts are a bit meh so I don't put a huge amount of thought into them when list building, but a Keeper of Secrets with that is actually capable of making a first turn pile in - and not just that, but as it's an artifact they don't even need to be your general, so you have a good amount of freedom there for other picks. Coupled with Progeny of Damnation, they can't easily run away. Not only that, but the spell lore in Godseekers is fantastic. Slothful Stupor basically turns off a melee unit. The more I read this book the more I like it - there's no auto-win list that's been formulated, everything's exciting and makes you think about a huge variety of different lists.
  14. You're correct that you can't heal in combat, but my plan is to kill things before the next hero phase the heroic heal is usually better for getting rid of chip damage before they get into combat rather than in the midst of it. They probably will die, but they should last a couple of turns. As @Magnus The Blue said, Glutos is also a good choice for Pretenders general as he's tough to take down.
  15. I'm currently mid game vs Sylvaneth and my Keeper has taken a beating but still lived. They're Invaders but that hasn't changed their survivability at all. I have been lucky, but between 16 wounds, mystic shield, a 5+ ward, and heroic healing they've been able to stick around.
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