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  1. My Vanari Dawnriders of the Twighlight Vanquishers
  2. Thanks for the kind words everyone There are a few more pictures The following are the Wendigo Knights - chief amonst the Mother's warriors and those next in line to become the next Wendigo should the current one fall. They are what a Feasting Prince aspires to be, and are the ones tasks with guarding the nest of the Leviathan.
  3. RE the topic of pricing and getting friends into the hobby. It's strange, while I don't like the Lumineth prices, on the whole I would say that playing Warhammer is about as expensive as most other hobbies overall, and cheaper than others - it just depends on how you buy into the hobby. Comparing it to YuGiOh, you can spend £100-300 on a good deck, and will probably have to change it once every 6 months - 1 year depending on ban lists and meta. In addition to this, most decks go out of meta and become unfun to play after a while to the point where there most expensive cards are just costly bits of cardboard that might look nice. It's a massive investment to play and continue to play at even a local level unless you're okay with losing a lot - far more expensive than Warhammer where you only have to buy one £500 army for non-perishable entertainment; army power cycles but even the weakest AoS army stands a better chance than the weakest deck. The big difference is it costs about £10 to buy a beginner YGO deck and try out the game in its entirety; while you won't stand a chance against strangers, you can have a fun time against another person playing a beginner deck and you get a full sense of the game. With WH, both players need to buy in a sizable amount (£50 start collecting at least) to get even a small sense of what a full game is like. I think this is what makes it so difficult for new players. You can get a great game out of one of the starting boxes, and the easy build stuff is cheap for us, but it's still a big investment for someone who isn't 100% sure about starting. If they don't like the starting armies, this is even harder.
  4. They're certainly not tanky, but they do help us regain our lost troops. I don't know if it will impact the meta, but it gives us another option.
  5. How do people find the game compared to Warhammer Fantasy Battles Roleplaying game (2nd edition)? I've found that to be my favourite system so far, mostly for how gritty and un-heroic it lends itself to being (making heroic actions seem actually impressive rather than expected). I've found myself disenfranchised by games like D&D 5e and Pathfinder because they end up feeling too much like you should win - you use your abilities and spells to make the dragon go to 0 hp, and mathmatically it's a balanced encounter that expects the players to come out on top (or if it's too hard, the players don't stand a chance so it feels unfair). This often leaves what should be impressive moments feeling a bit bland. WFRP tends to throw balance to the wayside, but everything can kill everything and tactics go a long way to help survival, so when you do kill a dragon (a difficult task for any character) it feels very impressive. How does the AoS rpg hold up in this regard? As in, is it a game that mechanically empowers the players, or one that throws you in the shark pit?
  6. I have to admit that the price of LRL has put me off expanding my army passed 1000 points. I like the army and its aesthetics, but the price to create a large lists (especially of troops) is just too high to justify. If the troops were about £25, I'd be happy to buy some more, but at £37.50 each I just can't stomach the idea of buying 40 more wardens and sentinels (that'd be about £300 now). I wanted my Lumineth list to be a rank and file army - lots of troops on the ground with a few support heroes and a monster, but that's too expensive to be feasible for myself. I don't want to turn this into a whining message, I'm mostly saying this in case LRL sell poorly and they do some market research by snooping around the internet - price over anything else seems like the deciding factor in not pursuing the army further for myself and some others.
  7. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/09/24/legendary-battalions-update/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_campaign=AoSLegendaryBattalions24Sep2020&utm_content=AoSLegendaryBattalions24Sep2020 The link for those interested
  8. They both have a strong mortal wound ability, especially against low armoured heroes. They have their uses as ranged damage, but they're not pivotal to our lists
  9. I personally hope they're new characters. I do like old characters reappearing sometimes, but AoS needs to forge its own identity alongside expanding WHFB's post end times story. Nagash, Neferata, Arkhan, and Manfred are all old world - which is fine - but the other death mortarch characters being new could help AoS story in the long run
  10. Lumineth Realm Lords do seem to be a bizarre release. Obviously Covid has had a big impact, but it feels like something was changed last minute. I don't think this could be the case (as battletomes and models are created so far off in advance), but it seems like they spent some effort in marketing and in the battletome talking about the different temples only to release the generic troops and mountain temple. On it's own, Lumineth does seem like a very small army, so do many AoS armies, but LRL feel almost incomplete. To add to this, their battlebox not selling out, their strange pricing, and how long it's taken the models to become available has left the release feeling weird. Two of these things were Covid related, so I'm not trying to lay blame to GW. I don't know what went on when designing this army, but it feels like it was meant to be bigger than it ended up being; not in the way that they're hyping a second wave, but more like there were more models planned than we got. As if it was originally intended to be an Ossiarch or Stormcast sized release, but ended up being cut back somewhere down the pipeline. I hope this means we'll see the other temples later down the line. I also hope the strange situation and high pricing around the army doesn't put people off enough that it sells too poorly for another wave.
  11. I think daemonettes would benefit massively from a reposing. I think the sculpt of the models is generally fine (could be better, but about on par with the other lesser daemons), but they look incredibly static for what they're meant to be. I don't hate the models, but conversions I've seen using witch aelves look much better because they're in motion.
  12. I'd really like to see cat people (were cats or Khajiit) for Destruction. Nothing against destruction, but I feel a lot of their models are a bit samey (as their armies came from two armies - thankfully SoB are fixing their samey-ness a bit). However, I think werecats would be another step in the right direction to move destruction away from just orcs, goblins, and ogres. Or maybe it's a new Stormhost - the Thundercats
  13. The paw strikes me as more feline - but maybe that's just me (dogs and cats do have pretty similar hind legs).
  14. While a similar picture to last time, here's a picture of my elves with shields
  15. Glad to hear the Lumineth book seems good! I'm curious, how are the Hedonite villains portrayed? One of the issues I've had with a few AoS books is the villains (especially chaos villains) come across as incompetent and weak - a lot of tell and no show of their prowess. I know AoS books have come forward quite a bit, so I'm wondering how it is here - to me, a worthy antagonist is integral to an enjoyable story.
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