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  1. While I really hope you guys get new models, Slaanesh had new artwork of mortals that didn't match any models that exist; everyone got hyped for Slaanesh mortals, but it was just artistic license. I'd not be too optimistic because of artwork.
  2. What would people say is the best weapon choice for varanguard? I'd be tempted to go with daemonbound weapons, but I want to hear what others think.
  3. For competitiveness, you'd be better dropping the seekers and having another KoS - however, I understand if that would be a bit pricey.
  4. A few friends and I were discussing how good of a year 2019 was for AoS, and that it looked set to continue into 2020 with Tzeentch, Kharadron, Pointy Aelves, and maybe Gargants - and probably Seraphon in some form too. Assuming these make up all of the releases for AoS, we will have every existing AoS army updated, and two new ones. This leaves us with 25 updated armies (if I can count). 25 well made armies with battletomes is great - but it is a lot, and as AoS shows no signs of stopping new factions (which I really like). It does however raise the question: will we ever have too many armies? By this I mean, "will there ever be so many Age of Sigmar armies that the sheer quantity has a negative effect of the game as a whole"? Time between updates In the old days of WHFB, some armies would languish with for years without an updated book, and I think most would agree this isn't an ideal state. AoS has come on leaps and bounds when it comes down to update speed, but they also have a lot to update, and eventually it may become too much - keeping 25 armies updated is hard enough, but they keep releasing new armies at a break neck pace which just adds to the challenge. I don't think anybody wants to be left with what may end up feeling like a forgotten battletome. Generally, the more battletomes they need to write, the longer between an army's updates. Powercreep To top this off, I think most can agree that new books (overall) tend to be more powerful than old books (with new rule types and interactions developing), so with the pace that armies release at it's easy for older armies to be swept away. So if we do get a quick release schedule (let's say 7 updates every year), it might be that battletomes find themselves outclassed more quickly. This can likely be frustrating if you liked those older battletomes. Burnout Finally, a point that a friend raised which I think is very worthwhile is that people may get burned out with such a rapid pace of releases. So even if every army does get constant updates, it may end up feeling the game is changing too quickly and it never feels like it enters a stable space for the 'meta' (casual or competitive) to take a breather. Also, while new stuff is cool, I do wonder if people will reach a saturation of new armies they can buy/fit in their homes. Not everyone can/will sell things, so I wonder if the market for new armies shrinks over time? Totally unsure about that though. --- I don't want to sound like this is a complaint - I really like how active AoS is - but I do think it's something we'll have to face at some point in the future. I mostly wonder how these potential issues can be addressed - or perhaps more importantly, how do we think they will be addressed?
  5. I get that it's not hard, but it sure is boring to read about - same as I wouldn't want to read a book about Khorne dudes just killing peasants. I've read City of Secrets, liked it but wasn't a fan of the end of it - without many spoilers, I'd prefer it kept the human vs the impossible element. I've considered the other ones, and may give them a read. Currently trying to listen to Darkly Dreaming, but the Black Library download isn't working properly for me.
  6. Personally, I really did try to get into AoS Black Library books, but as others have said they come across as very pulpy. I would find myself sighing when a fight scene came up - it always felt the authors were struggling to put something interesting in and so just had some fighting in there. The Realmgate wars were, on the whole, very unenjoyable for me - too many Stormcast making mince meat of Khorne over and over again, with very little depth. That said, maybe that's what people want out of BL? I don't think anyone buys a Warhammer book expecting anything revolutionary - I think a lot of people just want to see their guys do something.
  7. I have some Slaves models that I tend to play in HoS, but just wondering, what is the general consensus on this book? Is it a fun book?
  8. It would certainly put out a lot of damage, though I'm assuming as you're not using Syll'Esske in the host so you may struggle with DP generation and so might find yourself on the back foot near the end of the game. It would certainly be worth testing out though - I think marauders have some untapped potential, and it's just finding out how to make the most of it. You may also want to consider finding room for a chaos lord if possible for the double pile in.
  9. I've used marauders - they did some damage and then just dissolved. They have low bravery and a naff save, so if they're not striking first they'll get killed. Don't get me wrong, they do a lot when they are in, but it's basically a 300point (or 410 with SL) glass cannon that doesn't generate anything back. Put them into the right unit and you're golden, but if something gets them first they're done for. At an optimal level, I feel the keeper is better due to locus and DP. The Soulscream bridge combo would work well for an alpha strike, but I feel the issue would arise when the enemy hits back. After the mauraders are dead, you best hope they killed 600+ points to make their money back from that combo. Maybe with a few blocks of marauders it'd be better as then you have multiple threats, but with just one you really struggle if the opponent knows how killy mauraders are.
  10. Tried another game with Slaves. I think the none-hero units are unfortunately not great for us; they're much better than they were, but really for casual play only. The Chaos Sorcerer Lord and Lord of Karkadrak have both been surprising winners - the LoK is very nicely tanky. That said, overall, I think Slaves Slaanesh can be more fun to play than our normal lists and that tends to be what matters. Much more synergy, but we can still throw a keeper in for a punch.
  11. Hi, I was the one who made the Slaanesh skull head chosen/bestigors For reavers, I'd actually try using their own arms, but clipping off bows for gor weapons (and maybe some claws). Alternatively, look at the Wanderers models - they have some good ones for kitbashing; the eternal guard could make good elvish looking ungors with skull heads.
  12. Anyone had any other tests with the new Slaves stuff?
  13. Looks good, but my biggest suggestion would be to find room for a chaos sorcerer - either by getting rid of the battalion or by getting rid of a keeper and replacing with a sorcerer + epitome. As Archaon is so many points, you want to keep him as safe as possible - the sorcerer's buffs will turn him into a killing machine that just won't die.
  14. Oh yeah, also from my experience the Chaos Knights are still pretty bad. Maybe I was using then wrong (very possible), but with lances they always got charged into first (due to being too slow for a first turn charge but to fast and expensive to screen) and with the blades they were better, but not good. They seem to need the support of a sorcerer to put damage out, and I'd rather have the sorcerer buff chosen thanks to mortal wound output. That said, if I was to use knights again they'd basically take the role of more durable chosen. Maybe if I put more attention on buffing them they'll shine. Big blocks of Chaos Warriors were better than I'd thought they'd be. The lack of rend hurts, but with our exploding 6s, they actually put through quite a few wounds. Their big bonus is rerolling saves, so they're only really a key part of the army if you run them in units of 15 or more. I'd like to try a unit of 25 or even 30, but that lack of horde discount stings. I think I've won all games with Slaves to Darkness (Ironjawz, Big Waaagh, Sylvaneth, Karadron), but it's always been based on victory points rather than a board wipe and depravity points have been lower (due to the heroes not been super killy and they tend to be better at buffing troops). I'd say this is much more fun than normal Slaanesh, but it seems competitively worse; you have to think about buffing, activation, and what to spend your limited summoning pool on. I'd say, both from a fun and competitive standpoint, it can help to add a KoS and CE in just for a fast threat and proper magical defence (even with their MW save, this is their biggest defensive weakness). Overall, Slaves to Darkness Slaanesh are more fun than normal 3 Keeper Slaanesh, imo. They tend to start strong with being tanky enough to hold objectives for a few turns, but in later turns they may get overwhelmed due to not having the killing power to have dealt with the biggest problem in the opponent's army. Depravity points kind of help alleviate this, but you don't get many and the recent increases hurt lists like these a lot.
  15. Karkadrake was actually really solid, which surprised me, especially with the rerolling saves - great at holding objectives and better at damage than I thought he'd be. Probably not as good as spending those points towards a keeper, but worth it otherwise. The sorcerer was a secret MVP, especially on the chosen who were great with damage output on tough units. I did try 40 mauraders but didn't find them great; not saying they're not - I only tried them once - but they are very squishy and melt to battleshock. Chaos Lord stayed in position relatively well, but I often had to spend a few moves not being able to charge as running was necessary. Usually best with chosen as he can keep up. Lord on Karkadrake was a pretenders general, with the Pendant of Slaanesh and Monarch of Lies + Strength of Godhood. He makes a very tanky general with a sorcerer in tow.
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