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  1. If possible, none at all. Same as you can go easily without DoK being mentioned. I think the Realm Wars just killed it for me; far too much of one thing. Thank you for the suggestions
  2. I haven't read much AoS lore in a while (have read the Realmgate Wars, City of Secrets, and some of the recent novellas. Maybe a few others I can't remember). Anyway, I enjoyed the novellas and most of City of Secrets, but I felt that the Stormcast presence kind of put me off. I don't hate Stormcast, and am fine with them having their own books and all, but it felt like they appear in everything and beat everything (even when they didn't need to). This would be the exact same if Seraphon, or Daughters of Khain, or Ironweld Arsonal switched places with the SC in these stories - it's an issue with quantity. I see Soul Wars and Plague Garden get shown as some of the best AoS books, but because I can't stomach any more Stormcast, I'm not interested in them. I'm looking for some good AoS books without any presence of Stormcast at all, but not one of the legends books (which feel more like history of a race; nothing wrong with that, but not for me). Any books you guys would recommend?
  3. You can't go wrong with a Keeper of Secrets (or three!), but as an army, we are pretty versatile. While there are optimal ways to play HoS, our allegiance abilities are good enough to allow us any build I would suggest looking at a Keeper of Secrets, a Contorted Epitome, Wrath and Rapture, the Start Collecting, and maybe Syll'eske (best in Invaders). Mostly depends if you would like hero heavy or something more varied.
  4. We pretty much hard counter Khorne in my experience; they only thing that really helps them is the Bloodthirster battalion that can bypass our strike last ability.
  5. Perhaps the chronomatics cogs?
  6. Couldn't tell you about DoK (though I imagine we stand a better chance than most), but as an army Slaanesh has many strong sides, such as being incredibly fast, having access to the best summoning in the game, their heroes being very good in combat (because they can make their enemies strike last), and we have access to a wide range of models (as we can take Slaves to Darkness as well as Beasts of Chaos).
  7. I've found clawspears best in 99% of cases. I prefer the wheels, but both are decent. I prefer the wheels so I can launch them at wizards hiding out of charging range.
  8. So, while I've seen a lot of talk around the most recent GHB not having quite as many changes as one would like, now the FAQs have come out and we've had a little bit of time to let the dust settle. So, which armies do you guys think are the most powerful in the current state of AoS? This isn't asked for any particular reason other than curiosity - I haven't seen any compiled tournament stats so far, so I'm aware that we can't base these observations on too much, but I think it's interesting nonetheless.
  9. Good to hear how would you say is the best way to use these units? Especially Shalaxi compared to just a normal keeper
  10. The number 1 Slaanesh list was pretty odd; one of those ones that uses models people consider a bit meh (e.g. Shalaxi, Syll'esske, and the Masque). Good to see that our army isn't cookie-cutter, at least when it comes down to heroes used.
  11. Slaanesh is a really nice army in that any build can work; a KoS on its own, especially in pretenders if you only want one or two heroes. I don't think, from what I'm aware, there's a bad unit in our tome. Some are better than others, but there's nothing I recall that is actually bad. So go ahead and make a troop heavy Slaanesh list - it could work well, especially in Pretenders
  12. Finished my army, for now it's a narrative list, so it's not optimised, but it's fun to play regardless.
  13. It does raise the question, what should be done to make hordes worth it again (in HoS)? Most other armies have the opposite problem where hordes are just the best choice, and I feel our hordes are absolutely fine points wise (but maybe daemonettes could go back to 100); even our heroes seem pretty well priced, all being very expensive. So maybe depravity points need tweaking? I was recently playing a game with 30 bestigors and they absolutely wrecked a bloodthirster and a half turn one, before being blended to a fine red mist soon after. Taking into account the battalion, those bestigors cost about 330 points. A keeper of secrets could have done the same (and may have not died afterwards due to the locus), but would have had 33 depravity to show for it - a whole new keeper! It's not that the bestigors are too weak - they annihilated a bloodthirster - or that the KoS is too strong - it is a duelist, it should win in monster mashes when striking first - it's just that the summoning tips the balance.
  14. I think this is exactly the issue; imagine a unit of 30 daemonettes vs a KoS. Pro Daemonettes: - pretty good damage, and consistent when rerolling 1s - lots of wounds and very good bravery so they should stick around for a little while; can also take mortal wounds more comfortably - can target multiple small units due to large footprint - can hold objectives - cheaper than a KoS Pros KoS: - very high damage - very fast - can be consistent with the fane - amazing command ability But the big pro is depravity points. Even if the KoS does literally nothing and dies, it will produce enough to summon 10 daemonettes - 110 points. So the KoS, at worst, really costs 250 points outside of listbuilding - it becomes a very cheap model for what it does. Depravity from heroes means heroes are much 'cheaper' than they actually appear and much more versatile.
  15. I'd certainly hope so! But I'll wait and see before buying into anything.
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