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  1. Thanks for the write ups Malakree, excellent and informative as always. Can I ask you to expand on this part a little bit? What was it that your opponent did that was so good? Sounds like it could be a good learning point for everyone! (I know Nick personally and can confirm he is an excellent player btw! I'm looking forward to hearing his own Batreps on Dwellers). Congrats on your first 4-1 and trophy!
  2. @Doom & Darkness called this on his recent show: His prediction was that it was a way to give people a way to continue to use those models, which seems to be largely accurate. It's quite a smart move if so, to soften the blow.
  3. Yeah I've chatted with a guy from Brazil in the Underworlds Whatsapp, so GW def has some kind of footprint there.
  4. Glad you guys had a great time, go IJ!
  5. I hope you're right, because IGOUGO has been ruining 40K for years, and I can only think it endures due to stubborness on the part of GW. I want it to be the amazing wargame that the models and setting deserve.
  6. Was that you taking names at Blackout @Malakree? Congratulations if so!
  7. It's fair to say that there is currently no equivalent of the Warboss. There is no Megaboss on Gore Grunta in Ironjawz, nor Big Boss on Boar in Bonesplitterz. He's actually in quite an interesting spot as a mobile "combat" Hero whose main purpose is actually buff auras. Hopefully that gets fixed up with a Megaboss on Gore Grunta in a Carrion Empire style release. The chariot is unique to Greenskinz and not replicated in either range. BOC kept theirs so there's no reason why it couldn't have stayed. The Orruks themselves are actually a decent plastic kit, and way less generic than something like Skeletons or Zombies. They could have been cheap Battleline bodies (Ardboyz and Savage Orruks are cheap wounds, but not cheap bodies...sometimes you just need some 80 point goobers to stand in a line 9" from a board edge, or wear a Terrorgheist to the face). They easily could have had a role as true chaff. Agreed that the Boarboys are definitely a triple-up and they would have to go whatever happened for my money. Best thing to with them if you already have some is to count them as Savage Boarboys, maybe with some Bonesplitterz bling on them. The whole lore of Bonesplitterz is that they are Greenskinz who have felt the Call of the Savage Waaagh! and left their tribes...these could easily just be New 'Unz. So out of the 4 Greenskinz kits, it's only the Boarboys that are truly redundant in my opinion. The other 3 could have had a meaningful role, although I wouldn't have been too sad if they go on to make the Warboss redundant by bringing out a Megaboss on Gore Grunta.
  8. This would be 3 drops and a decent starting point I think. You might want to either beef up the Squig Hoppers, or drop the Big Batallion and switch them out for Boingrots:
  9. Yeah I think he could work well in a Squig list. The downsides are: - You realistically have to take him as your General to get the most out of him. Which means no Command Trait (Fight Another Day) on your Mangler Boss - He does not make Squig Hoppers Battleline But on the flipside: - He is generally good and worth the points in his own right (handcannon and warscroll spell are legit) - He does make the Cave Squigs Battleline - His Command Ability synergises really nicely with the Squigalanche big batallion Specifically on that last one, you only get the Batallion benefit under Da Moon, and he gives you control over that, so he really synergises well there. So yes, I think he potentially works really well in a Squig list. What did you have in mind? FWIW I would focus on Squig Hoppers in a Squigalanche, because they do their Mortal Wounds in the Movement Phase. So you can just run over the top of your enemies and then pile back in from 6". Whereas Boingrots really need to charge to get the most out of them.
  10. My actual favourite thing in the game right now.
  11. @Hyperrion honestly my best advice would be to not buy anything at all just yet. The Ogor Mawtribes have been teased, and that may well have implications for Beastclaw. We don't know what will be even part of the game then, e.g. the Frost Sabres you have mentioned might get deleted from the range because they are Finecast. Maybe not, but we just don't know. Anything you buy now, before we know the details of Mawtribes is taking a risk. A given unit might not be optimal / competitive or in any way viable...or it might get deleted from the game entirely. My honest advice is to buy nothing.
  12. Yeah that could work! I guess the problem overall is that it's not very granular... Maybe it could be more like Nurgle, where there are multiple ways to generate this resource? Completed charges could be one of several.
  13. Yeah I'm not sure. One thing that could work thematically is completed charges...every completed charge generates a Waaagh! point (just thinking off the top of my head here!) What do you reckon?
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