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  1. Mate I'm absolutely rapt for you. I know from chatting on this forum over the last year or two how much Giants mean to you. I'm super excited too; but I know they really are your "thing". I honestly can't believe it's happening. Hats off to them hey.
  2. What I'd personally like to see moreso than new Gods, is cross-pollination of the races between Gods they worship, and the GA that they sit in. Specifically we are still trapped by a one-to-one mapping of old WHFB armies to Grand Alliances. If you were some kind of Elf in the old game, you have to be Order in this one, even if it's a completely new army. That's way too narrow-minded. For example it's established in the lore that there are humans in Ghur who worship Gorkamorka and paint themselves in green warpaint. Let's see them explored on the tabletop. Similarly, Death could have Aspirant Vampires: mortal humans who idolise Vampires, and serve them in the hope of being turned. If it was still April 1st I could have move on to Duardin stilt-walkers who follow a Cult of Behemat, but you get the point πŸ™‚
  3. Yep there's loads. Behemat and Ymnog are Gods in their own right to Gargants (which we'll hopefully find out more about soon). Firebellies worship the Suneater aspect of Gorkamorka. Like you said, the Bad Moon is an entirely separate, physically present deity that travels around the Realms. Destruction is not lacking in volume of things to worship, and the supremacy of Gorkamorka has not been an impediment to the creation of yet more in the setting.
  4. That's exactly where the Bonegrinder sits currently. He's actually bigger than Archaon, other than the wings pointing upwards. I really hope we find out more this weekend πŸ™‚
  5. They all worship Gork (and possibly Mork).
  6. Really interesting topic. I guess you could put Sharks in the mix, because it's one of the few warscrolls where GW has been bold enough to points-drop a cool but underpowered unit into usefulness, rather than making them wait for a new book. On the Destruction side, it's mainly missed opportunities moreso than truly bad units: - Ironguts still lack a proper Warscroll ability. Their "Down to the Ironguts" ability was almost a meme, regularly held up as a shining example of terrible rules that would never make it to print in a modern Battletome. Awkward. - Brutes are squeezed out between Ardboyz and Gore Gruntas. Taking away the Klaw and rend -2 simultaneously removed a lot of their character and usefulness. Similarly their Duff Up Da Big Thing rule is pretty weak now, especially since this unit already hits on 3s and already has access to multiple +1s to Hit. Overall they just lack "something" to make them into the combat blender they need to be, in order for them to have a true role. What you are left with is a unit that is painfully slow and cripplingly vulnerable to Battleshock, so why would you bother when they only have the same attack profile as your other Battleline? But neither of those is truly bad - in fact they're quite good, just short of what they could have been. It's Gnoblars that have to be in with a shout for worst unit in the game. They are unapologetic trash, with zero combat output, terrible durability (1 wound on a 6+ save) and abysmal bravery. Absolute garbage in every aspect. But you know what? You still see them in lists, and rightly so. Every army can use some disposable trash, especially when it's cheap trash (5 points per wound) and just as importantly, comes on 25mm bases. Screening and capping Objectives is what they bring, so even the humble Gnoblar has an important role. And that role is wearing a Deathstar to the face, so your proper units can hit back harder.
  7. It's a very sad situation, I'm sorry for anyone who was looking forward to this, worked on new armies, or is out of pocket for travel and accomodation. Excellent points by @Athrawes which hopefully helps people understand why it was the right decision. But it's a real shame.
  8. Here's that write-up on the Summer Smash tournament win for those interested: https://plasticcraic.blog/2020/03/04/interview-with-joel-graham-winner-of-summer-smash/
  9. I like it! Same size base, obvious what it's meant to be, I'd be happy to play against it.
  10. Yeah 100% I think that could work, although it would porbably leave you light in other areas. I have ran a Maw Krusha and Rogue Idol list myself and it was great fun, and no joke. Like you touched on, you will make sacrifices elsewhere to achieve it, but I'm definitely interested to see any lists you come up with on that theme. Yeah I think he's done you there! The core rules specify that you allocate wounds to a model until it is slain, and then stop. So I'd have said he can't roll more bounce-back dice than there are wounds in the unit? But that's also a good illustration of why I find the Arrow Boys so hard to drop. Mathematically, their output is less efficient than the stuff they are competing with, but there are quite a few cases floating around where you'd really prefer to ping away rather than fight! Yep, always worth noting that there are exceptions to any rule! And @Garuun is the person to speak to, he rolled over Changehost not once, but twice on his way to the podium with Big Waaagh (and hopefully will be writing a guest piece for the blog about his experience).
  11. If you take a look at the GA Destruction Errata, you should see it in there bud - although it's also showing the updated Warscroll ("Oct 2019") on the app for me?
  12. Hi @Bloodgut I'm running the Warboss with Waaagh Banner (if you click the link to my blog you'll see I recently podiumed with him). However you are unfortunately also missing something. Specifically, he has a new updated Warscroll, which moved him to wholly withins (and stopped you spamming the Command Ability). But on the plus side, the timing of the CA is now at any point in either player's combat phase. Beyond that, he's not really competing with the Megaboss for his CA. His CA is definitely much better than the Megaboss, especially in Big Waaagh. The reason the Megaboss still sees play despite that, is for backdoor access to Mighty Destroyers, via the Brutish Cunning Command Trait. For that reason, I run both Bosses in my own Big Waaagh currently. CPs are scarce in this army and he's CP thirsty. If you're running Bonesplitterz in there, you'll probably need some for IP for example. I do also think that a lot of people don't own the model / can't be bothered converting, and he's probably just not on some people's radars. But I do agree that he's really good despite that, and I do run him competitively myself. Although I'll be honest, he's right on the cusp of being kept in the army or not.
  13. I think the equation changes slightly in pure IJ (including pure IJ running under a Big Waaagh). Specifically you don't have a Prophet with stacking +1s to cast on his modifiable horde-clearer, and you don't have other BS units (30x Stikka boyz) to benefit from Wardokk spells and dances. So in that situation I think they are more like a true Rogue Idol tax, and he starts to price himself out of the equation. So roughly speaking I'd say a Maw Krusha is more efficient in pure / mostly IJ lists (under either allegiance), but the Rogue Idol can compete with him in truly mixed Big Waaagh armies. I'm still interested to see Maw Krusha Big Waaagh lists with mixed forces though - the Wardokk and Stikka boyz are so damn efficient, they are worth slotting in with or without a Rogue Idol in my opinion.
  14. Agreed on point 1) to an extent What can make the whole thing work is if you craft a list with cross-synergies. And what I meant by that is, when you have other uses for the Megaboss and Wardokk, they are not simply a sunk cost. Specifically, I would always have a shield wall of 30 Savage Orruks. They also benefit hugely from the Wardokk +2 to save combo, and in the early rounds I'd be more likely to juice them up than the RI. He also generates a Waaagh point every turn. He also jacks up the +1 to cast on your Prophet so you can blast through his Warscroll spell on a 10+. Pebbles also further enhances the Prophet. So with those cross-synergies, the 80 points is so much more than a Rogue Idol tax. The Megaboss is more of a tax, it's true. You can still get juice out of him beyond just giving Pebbles a Mighty D move: I always include Gore Gruntas in my lists, so they benefit too. He also has a slightly different role as a backfield support Hero (who can kick back a bit) that buffs people along with the Warchanter as they go forward in waves, whereas once your Maw Krusha goes off into to the wild blue yonder, he's up and away. But it's definitely fair to say that you wouldn't take him if you had a Maw Krusha with Brutish Cunning (unlike the Wardokk which I would argue you take anyway). So I think 550 vs 460 is the true points comparison, but it can still work if the rest of your list works in with it. For example the RI and Megaboss don't demand further investment (read: Ethereal Amulet) in the same way as a Maw Krusha, so that liberates a resource to use elsewhere to offset the extra cost. Also agreed on point 2) to an extent That's a big part of playing this list: once you fire him forward, you've played your ace. Timing is everything. Early turns he has value in buffing your wizards, and threatening every area of the board with that big move and hitting over the top of enemy screens. He's also a trap / deterrent that can hit over the top of your own screens and fight twice, i.e. you can shut down a whole area of the board from being charged by deploying him just behind your lines. You don't fling him out there until you're happy that he will have a game-defining impact. You've had 2 or 3 buffed magic phases out of him, he's got the 2+ save and flying move, and there is a crucial target within Mighty D move reach. That's not really a flaw though, as much as a playstyle. He's not a turn 1 rocket - he's a menace and buff piece early game, and a mid-game clincher.
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