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  1. I know @Nico was running a big block each of spiders and squigs in his Gloomspite army - not sure how it went, or if he is still running them together?
  2. That would be my one great wish for the army, that you could summon back all Battleline units. I do think it's an example of them going out of their way to make sure the army wasn't too good, but by the same token I don't think it was necessary. Other armies can summon their entire range of Daemons, so you're talking free Keeper of Secrets. What's the problem with a few Troggs in that context? They're only Troggs! They'll kill stuff and die, it's fine. They are in no way a problematic unit. If anything, the one thing we can summon back is a huge fun sponge. Swarms of table blocking, debuffing garbage. A handful of free Troggoths would surely be better for your opponent to deal with than that.
  3. Yep agreed with most of that @Skabnoze - I think we're agreeing on about 90% of this and disagreeing on maybe 10%, it's an interesting discussion but I'm happy to move on from it now if you are. Always interested to hear of any succesful or interesting ways that people have found to use units.
  4. Absolutely they can! It varies pack to pack what each TO will do for Realm rules. By default the artefacts are available in matched play, a player pack would have to proactively ban them for some reason. I've never seen that happen. Out of all the Realm stuff that came out, they seem to be the one thing that has got 100% traction, in my experience at least.
  5. If I was going to run Hoppers, it would be in a Squigalanche. I personally think that's their main use: - Run over the top of enemies and do Mortal Wounds - You can then pile back in each unit from 6" away at your leisure - Bounders on the other hand really want to charge (both for their shock MW and their rerolls) so the 6" pile in is less useful What I'd be looking at in this case is something like a Mangler Boss to give everyone rerolls, a large unit of Boingrots to charge and activate normally, and MSU Hoppers to run over the top of everyone and pile back in. You don't need the Hoppers to be in a large unit to leverage them: the Squig buffs are AOE rather than pick a unit, and piling in from 6" away means you get the output of swinging first from all of them rather than every other unit. Hence I would go MSU with them and enjoy the flexibility. I'd also look at something like Doppelganger on the Mangler boss, keeping him near the Boingrots on your strong flank or in the middle. Activate the Cloak, swing with the Boingrots first, then pile in all of your MSU Hoppers one by one while your opponent is hamstrung by the Cloak. Save your Mangler Boss until the very end, and you have made your own little High Tide of squigs. With Skraggy (to lock the moon in place) and a single block of Grots to buy time, it's potentially 3 drops, but points get very tight very quickly due to needing 2 batallions, and a compulsory second Mangler. Where it gets really annoying is that the Hoppers and Bounders are limited to 2-3 units...if they were 2+ units, or the Big Battallion included "any other Squig unit", you'd be in better shape and could really leverage the MSU Hoppers. I think there could be a decent army there personally, I don't intend to buy a second Mangler and some Hoppers to find out though! Not any time soon at least.
  6. I'm pretty keen on seeing what the GH brings for Spiderfang - I'm cautiously optimistic about a points drop for Spider Riders.
  7. I don't think we're really disagreeing on Boingrots...their base movement is low and unreliable which is an inherent weakness that needs to be (and is) costed in. Their top speed is actually very high (it's higher than the 12" you cite with run and charge etc), but you won't often reach anywhere near that, because applying all the buffs is pretty inefficient. Where I think we disagree is on the Hoppers...they aren't actually that much faster. Top speed, it comes down to: 9" guaranteed + 4D6" rerollable (Bounders) 9" guaranteed + 5D6" rerollable (Hoppers) The relatively minor gap in speed isn't enough to make up for the wider gap in output and durability. Or putting it another way, and looking at it in terms of their different roles that you are citing (and which I agree with): Hoppers unbuffed still aren't reliably fast, which is a major weakness for light cav, so they are less efficient in their light cav role because of it. And for that reason I don't think you'll see a lot of them until they get a points drop that reflects the fact they need support pieces to approach that top speed. See I think this is where you're being too generous to Hoppers. You cite 10" as the average speed of heavy cav, but Hoppers are only averaging 10.5" They are essentially light cav moving only at heavy cav speed, and with an unreliability tax to boot. That one is factually incorrect I'm afraid, Boingrots do their mortal wounds in the charge phase. Out of interest - are you running Hoppers yourself? Are you getting much joy out of them?
  8. Hmmmm...they do have potential for insane speed. 2D6 or 3D6 movement for Bounder and Hoppers respectively (rerollable in the Batallion) = 18" + 3" from the Command Ability + D6" run (CP forced to a 6 if required) + 2D6" charge (CP rerollable, can run and charge under the moonlight / with squig lure) 39" total movement, zoooooom! Obviously there's a lot of D6s in there, which are not always coming up 6s. If you have CPs and the buffs in place, you can lock in 9" + 5D6" rerollable for Hoppers, or 9" + 4D6" rerollable in the case of Boingrots. I actually think the speed is the main weakness of both in my opinion...you'd take 7" over 2D6" any day of the week, and even 7" is only quite good. The tax of taking a terrible Hero + a Batallion that does nothing else is a pretty high one, and makes the overall deal pretty unappealing. The unreliable movement is a hidden cost to both units that needs to be pointed in, so when people are speculating about Bounders staying the same and Hoppers coming down, I think that's where it's coming from. You need a low and unreliable base movement discount in there.
  9. Haha. Best thing about it is, because of who it was, we'll get excellent podcast coverage on the list and event. Can't wait to hear that.
  10. Rapt to see Gloomspite finally get their podium at a big event!
  11. Also - One other card that I think would give Chosen Axes a lift would be a Fjul-specific Tome of Offerings, similar to how Magore's and Thorns have one for their chief beatstick.
  12. A couple of warbands (mainly from Shadespire, but not exclusively) could use a lift. I don't hate the idea of a new deck of cards coming out at the end each year, giving new cards to warbands from the year before. Similar to the Leaders pack, there would be cards for everyone, but not all of them would be equally as impactful. So Chosen Axes might get their faction-specific Inspiration Strikes, while Warbands who are holding up better like Magore's Fiends or Farstriders might get more novelty or thematic cards rather than something obviously powerful. You could even put new fighter cards in there for some warbands, including the improved Inspire condition for Chosen Axes. Orcs might get a slight buff on Hakka and Basha, and / or Cleave on Bonekutta for example, to close the gap with Magore's Fiends.
  13. Yeah that's a really good idea, would be good to see more off-kilter cards and combos see some use, find out who can think on their feet! (FWIW I would probably leave Hidden Pathways in there, because I think it's good for the game. It makes things happen and is good for the meta as a tool against overly defensive builds. But that's the point of curator's choice, right? )
  14. Thanks @Requizen, that's excellent! Yep agreed, this is the only way it would work. But that's fine, in fact curating the Cube adds an element of fun. You could take turns hosting etc. You could also prepare the entire cube as an illegal deck in Deck Builder if you wanted, to circulate it amongst players before the day of the draft. Just so people are already familiar with what is and isn't in there, to cut down dawdling on the day.
  15. For someone who doesn't know much about the Legion of Grief: what do we think is happening here?
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