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  1. What a strange sentence - citing a phantom 40% statistic, and then chastising others for their "sparse evidence", all within the space of a few words. Unless you have substantial evidence that the double turn ruins 40% of all games, in which case I'm all ears?
  2. Very good topic @Marc Wilson Just to offer an alternative perspective on this, from the viewpoint of a different tournament scene (Australia and more specifically Victoria / Southern States). We have the opposite problem here, with the same root cause. Most people or potential TOs don't want to be seen to charge through the nose for events, or be perceived to be making coin off the back of the community. The outcome being that there are nowhere near enough events here to meet demand, because it's a huge job for basically a pat on the back if you're lucky, or more likely a lifetime of whinging for your troubles. I would love to see a cultural change that meant TOs actively raise the price on their events to make a few bucks on each ticket. Partly because it's the right thing to do - they deserve compensation for the huge amount of time, love and effort that goes into it. Partly from a purely practical viewpoint - I want more people to think it's worth the immense hassle, so I have more events to go to. I'd also love to see gaming clubs hiring out their terrain at some kind of commercial rate, since terrain and mats are a huge upfront cost (time and money) for potential new TOs. There is an attrition rate with this stuff getting used at events, and a huge amount of work in painting it up or repairing it, so they deserve compensation. I'd love to see clubs make a few bucks off that stuff if it removes / lessens that barrier to entry for new TOs - again, reflected in the ticket price.
  3. Also @KingBrodd just wondering if we should lock this Bonesplitterz 2nd Ed thread, and move across to the Bonesplitterz 3rd Ed thread? There are two active threads currently fracturing the conversation.
  4. You can actually alpha strike with them if you're feeling bold: 8" pregame move on an 18" map will hit something on or near the frontline. Unlikely to be a juicy enough target to be worth it, but you get the point! Loads of maps are now "smoosh everything into the middle" which plays very well into your Masks. You can quite easily set up little pockets of pain, with Wurggogs and a coterie of Big Stabbas ready to stare and smash over the top of screens. That 3" range on the Big Stabbas is still amazing - they ain't what they were, but they are at least costed appropriately to reflect that. And it feels great when your opponent shoots 7 wounds into them and you're like "OK, you've killed one Big Stabba...." Sounds like my list plays similarly to yours @Shirtripper, although I'm only 1-1 with mine. Enjoying it though!
  5. Sorry mate I've been unwell, no post this week 😥 Hopefully back next week
  6. Great spot on counteracting Unleash Hell @Kasper
  7. Virtually nothing, although you'll sometimes get it for "free" since Megbass CAs affect multiple targets - it might help you pile more models onto an objective, get Brutes in tighter to those 1-wound chumps than they would have been off a single pile in, and so on. I doubt you'd often use it for this, but you'll sometimes get a minor ancillary benefit.
  8. Hey mate glad you enjoyed it! Corey is a very analytical player as you would have got from the article, so it was a good opportunity to go down the well on the nuts and bolts of playing the army effectively - deployment, detailed turn 1 strategies and so on. I'll be playing KB as something similar (combined arms / counterpunch) but my own current build is Double Croc. Similar idea really, they flex between buffing your shooting then flipping to that big melee Waaagh turn. I'll be honest, IJ is the part of the book I've looked at least so far! Bonesplitterz are "my dudes" and KB were the new shiny, so that's where I've focused my own energy up till now. I'll figure something out by Friday but atm I'm thinking maybe I'll do 1 list from each Clan. So not as in-depth as Corey's Kruleboyz piece (sorry!) but I'll def be covering Ironjawz this week!
  9. I also agree with this - This has also been my own take on it, so thanks for laying it out much more clearly than I've been able to!
  10. This is correct - but I think the point was that the Drakkfoot ability used to only apply to wounds (not mortal wounds) from attacks. That got better - it now specifies mortal wounds as well - but they took away both of your ways to do mortal wounds from attacks in Drakkfoot (Curse and the Monster Hunter table). So you're not getting any benefit from the new wording - and meanwhile, they also significantly reduced your volume of attacks (90 -> 60 on both Savages and Arrow Boys).
  11. Excellent summary @broche Looking forward to seeing what lists you come up with! Can confirm that the Rogue Idol is legal, there is a ruling on that in the Forgeworld pdf on the FAQ website. They belong to specific factions as an approved exception: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/ZSGu5E0qVvhlmEuC.pdf
  12. Agreed, but even the pigs are pretty bad value in Big Waaagh imo. 10 extra points gets you a unit Gore Gruntas that have a better save, rend, better buff potential (read: Warchanters), hit on 3s instead of 4s, are slower on paper but double move with Mighty D etc. They are almost the same cost but Gore Gruntas outshine them massively imo. You get some of that back in Bonesplitterz Allegiance (e.g. that pregame move) which is where our pigs shine, but in Big Waaagh specifically I think the BS pigs are squeezed out. I ran my list with 4 Wurggogs on Saturday night, and it was a catastrophe! Between all 4 of them they took down 2 Gore Gruntas and an Ardboy. Not units of, models 🤣. But I knew that could happen when I signed up for it, so that comes with the territory. 🤷‍♂️ I'm happy to keep trying and waiting for that one game where it goes turbo. They are probably best ran in 1 or 2 competitively is my feeling? 4+ is just a fun skew list, although it will be terrifying to some very competitive armies! Good thinking, I like this idea. Must admit I was among the cohort who had basically forgotten it was a thing!
  13. There was a bit of talk about it in this forum, a French guy (whose username I can't recall, sorry!) got a couple of 4-1s with it
  14. I've done a bit of a write up on Bonesplitterz, including a list and a (brief) batrep, for anyone interested: https://plasticcraic.blog/2021/09/17/battletome-orruk-warclans-bonesplitterz-lists/
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