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  1. I really like that @Warbossironteef I don't know if it's an improvement or a sidestep, but I'd personally take 20 Gnoblars and a triumph bid over the unit of 6 Frost Sabres. I really value chaff screens highly, and it give you a triumph bid. You still fulfil a minimum Skal. I'd value protecting your key units over fighting with the 6 cats personally.
  2. He's absolutely awful. Complete waste of a warscroll.
  3. Super excited to see what we get! I'm hoping it's more than just a reprint of the WD rules.
  4. Yeah that's what I've found with Ironsunz too, they can have a surprising amount of game against meta armies. I've recently took the scalps of DOK (BR shooty snakes), Seraphon (Fangs of Sotek), Tzeentch (Changehost) and also Fyreslayers (Hermdar LOTL) and Mawtribes (Eurlbad), all piloted by good competitive players. In fairness I've also lost to Seraphon, FS and DOK with them, but I always feel like you can at least engineer a situation where you have a real chance even against S-Tier armies. Ironsunz have a cheeky little spot in the meta atm and they're crazy fun to play. I don't use
  5. @Golub87 Thanks for posting perhaps the most thoughtful and insightful reply I've seen on this (or any) internet forum. Bravo!
  6. Great write-up Erik! Thanks for posting that. Unfortunately not, it's still the same spell so you can only cast it once. It just gives a different unit access to it. My own 2 cents is that I'd rather take a 4th Wardokk and get an extra lore spell (Gorkamorka's Warcry) and dance. The 12" bubbles can be hard to cover so more is better, and they fit in the Battalion too. Sounds like you enjoyed running them! Bonegrinz could have a bit of play with some meta armies (DOK and LRL) leaning on their retreats, so it's something that interests me currently. Bravo!
  7. I've got my eye on this one from Mierce, half price at the moment: https://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_hnb_dkl_byz_var_wld_202_000 It comes on a 100mm base so it might be a bit lost on the 160mm that a Maw Krusha requires, but I can't really vouch for that having never seen one in the flesh. Mierce resin is generally really good though - I've bought a few pieces from them over the years. If you wanted something way out of leftfield, there's also this: https://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=pro&pre=mrm_hmo_dkl_byz_var_mbs_701_000 Or eve
  8. The other option would be to play Da Choppas, which is a Warclan that very much leans into Ardboyz in the fluff.
  9. One question, would you consider running this in Bonegrinz? I really love the idea of a Maniak Weirdnob with 4+ rerollable after save, that your opponent can't retreat from! You are giving up a bit too though, particularly the 8" pregame move:
  10. The biggest downside I see to making Skraggy your General in Jaws is that you cannot recycle Squigs through the Shrine. So you'd probably want some Grots in there, or just live without the summoning.
  11. Thanks for the batreps @Boggler, I enjoyed reading them!
  12. There was still the kernel of an important point in there. You can totally run Thundrik as a generic Khemist if you want - I don't think anyone disagrees on that. He is very similar aesthetically to the point of being pretty much a repose, so nobody would be in any doubt as to what it is. So your choice (in AUD terms) is either buy a Khemist for $40, or buy a Khemist for $40 and get a heap of extra cool and useful models for free. It's not hard to see why this causes a minor headache for GW. They want and need rules overlap to bring people across from one system to another, hence
  13. So he can already cast it twice due to his Warscroll: casts it once normally, then once more with the Brutal Power ability. The Battalion allows him to use Brutal Power ability twice, so three times in total (1x normal then 2x Brutal Power, thanks to the Battalion).
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