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  1. Always happy to help a fellow Megaboss!
  2. In Big Waaagh I personally lean towards Option 1 (with Brutish Cunning as the CT). The reasons you might go with Option 2 are: Access to Rend -2 and Mortal Wounds (essential if you are regularly facing elite armour saves) A fast Hero to get up the board (Gore Gruntas are not as fast as the Maw Krusha, and may well not be in range of a Hero to reroll charges) With a defensive artefact, Weird Un and Fixing Beat, a Hero that might stick around until Turn 2 or 3 against Hero sniping armies like KO Those are the reasons that spring to mind. Overall I guess I've voted with my feet because I run Option 1 myself, but it's not quite strictly better, even if it is probably better overall.
  3. @Shuratt yup, that's it You could always spend a CP to reroll 1s to hit (generic Command Ability), but nothing more that I'm aware of.
  4. Well done on taking the plunge! They are absolutely smashing it, and it just keeps going. I eyed the shares up myself a couple of years back, but was too lazy to deal with the tax on foreign shares...more fool me, hey! Don't feel too bad for me though, I invested the money wisely. Bought a Gitmob army instead.
  5. It doesn't really matter how good or bad you think the Liberator build is, the point is that you said Stormcast die easier than Cities. That's just not correct. That's the thing though, it did help. Stormcast have repeatedly proven themselves capable of achieving podiums and even winning events, specifically thanks to the points reductions they got. They've got an event winning army. It helped. If Gloomspite's WD rules prove have a build that takes out multiple podiums and event wins, remind me to come back on here and say that it doesn't count because I can't make an effective Arachnarok gunline. Again to reiterate - Stormcast are due a new book. But let's not overplay our hand here.
  6. Couldn't disagree more. Gloomspite and Nighthaunt for example would swap places in a heartbeat. The points drops allowed you to fit the one-drop shooting Battalion, which is a seriously competitive list (one more than some armies have), and I would expect that is behind most of the podiums and tournament wins SCE have been picking up: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/10/22/metawatch-warhammer-age-of-sigmar-1-list-building-with-dan-street/ If you think they are less durable than COS dudes in pajamas you might want to take a look at the Broken Realms rules, which can reliably have your Liberators saving on 2s rerolling 1s: https://www.goonhammer.com/broken-realms-morathi-review/#Stormcast_Eternals They are due a new book, no doubt. But let's not be silly.
  7. Great topic @Neverchosen! What I'd love is: - Human worshippers of Gork that dwell in the savage lands, and paint themselves with green warpaint, as written about by Phil Kelly in White Dwarf. - Braggoth! The biggest, baddest Frostlord, who's been around since ancient times and had his own fan-favourite Battalion in the original BCR book. The former I acknowledge won't happen (although there's nothing except the unbearably awful Marauders kit stopping me from doing it as a hobby thing). The latter I'm holding out hope for as part of the Destruction book in Broken Realms - especially since a big part of his fluff is that he is willing and able to join Gordrakk's Waaagh.
  8. @Lord Krungharr are you sure it was Goonhammer? I published this one a while back where I got the Rogue Idol up to 180" movement (and that wasn't even the fastest unit in the piece): https://plasticcraic.blog/2019/12/31/have-you-ever-went-fast/ I'm a big Goonhammer fan but I don't recall seeing anything similar on their site, would appreciate a link if I've missed it. I think what puts them a notch below top tier (imo) is their reliance on vulnerable support characters, in a meta that can surgically remove support characters. They don't have the nonsense of big high-wound buffwagons like the Cauldron of Blood getting Lookout Sir; we're talking about idiots on 6+ saves in a lot of case here. Not much dakka or magic required to lift them off the table. Then your army has no buffs and a chronic battleshock problem. Tzeentch, KO and Seraphon are currently hoovering up the podiums (where there are actually events taking place), and all three match up well into Warclans. They are keeping Warclans away from top tier in my opinion. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/10/22/metawatch-warhammer-age-of-sigmar-1-list-building-with-dan-street/
  9. Yup, I would actually argue that they've done a great job keeping the motor running given the circumstances. Back when 8th ed 40K dropped we did have an extended time with nothing to speak of (just a few Stormcast heroes here and there); I think it was about 9+ months between Battletomes from memory? The contrast with this time around is stark. AOS has had loads of new releases: Sons of Behemat, White Dwarf rules to keep things ticking over, Broken Realms and more to come. They're putting juice into the game from all difference angles on a regular basis, despite COVID and 40K 9th ed. Let's be clear, I'd much rather have seen a new Gloomspite book than Slaanesh - but what they are releasing and prioritizing is really a difference topic. I just don't think it's true to say that AOS has been cut adrift or neglected as a system. I really don't recognise that at all.
  10. In my experience, people just run with RAW and ignore the ridiculous mistake.
  11. And not forgetting that DOK just got a huge boost to their shooting too. I'm honestly a little bit sad that those two combat powerhouses are getting all the dakka too. Makes me wonder if there is any intent to recalibrate from shooting back to combat in the foreseeable future.
  12. I would agree with this - and I think it has a knock-on effect that is even worse. There is power creep on the defensive side, but only in a handful of cases: Seraphon brought us the first ever 1+ save, and Broken Realms has significantly improved the saves of IDK turtles and Liberators. Broad damage creep, followed by an attempt at offsetting it with narrow save creep, just creates mismatches and blowouts. To use the Stormcast and Ogors example from above, if the Ogors get into combat they will either wildly overkill Shootcast, or fail to do anything whatsoever to a big block of 30 Liberators that deployed onto an objective with 2+ saves rerolling 1s. And probably not much inbetween. So for that reason I'd personally agree that most damage should toned down, which would hopefully also unlock the possibility to tone done the (less common) janky saves that are cropping up.
  13. I play my share of competitive AOS, mostly on top tables, and mainly with combat armies. I love the priority roll. To offer an alternative perspective to the idea that it only (or mainly) benefits shooting armies, I would hate to lose the opportunity to get a double turn with my Ogors for example. I quite regularly play against chaff 'n' bang armies, where they have devastating shooting perched behind a wall of junk. The on-meta version would be Sentinels sitting being a phalanx, and an off-meta example that is doing well locally is 40 Skryre Acolytes sitting behind 100 Clan rats. There are plenty of other examples, such as Irondrakes. Without the opportunity to crash through the screen turn one and into the juice turn two, combat armies would be sitting ducks against that playstyle. All you'd be doing is moving from one style of shooting meta (low-drop, teleport and bang) to another style (screen and bang). I don't believe that moving from the former to the latter would be of net benefit to competitive combat armies. My own preference would be to keep the priority roll, but remove the automatic first turn for outdropping your opponent. I've heard +1 to the army that drops first touted, and I could get on board with that. Making life harder for flowchart armies and getting into a game where you're thinking on your feet would be a great outcome, and a roll off for every priority (including the first) helps to achieve that. Yup. I play a few non-GW systems, and it does work really well for them (Star Wars Legion and Marvel Crisis Protocol spring to mind, but also Bolt Action with its dice bag mechanic). The new(ish) 40K Apoc also has a really interesting system, where you don't remove units until the damage phase at the end of the turn (so both sides at least get to have a crack), but that is only really helpful and relevant where both armies have a lot of shooting. I actually really like that concept! If you give it a try, let us know how it goes please?
  14. Somehow managed to reply to the wrong thread 😬 Apologies
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