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  1. PlasticCraic

    AoS 2 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    I've got the app on Android, I've had it since Bonesplitterz dropped in fact for that very reason! Doesn't seem to be in the Play Store now though...Maybe if you are tech savvy there is a way to get the file from a friend who already has it? I've never used it at a tournament personally, I think some opponents wouldn't like it. If someone thought dice rolling was part of the experience I couldn't force them to accept it.
  2. PlasticCraic

    AoS 2 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    I agree with what you're saying @broche, and it is a good army. A couple of things: - Agreed on the Morr Boys, the only reason you'd ever take SOs is a single unit to fill out the Kunnin Rukk requirements - IMO Maniak Weirdnob is essential for the reroll casts. That's more valuable in this build that a 1/3 chance of another +1 to cast, becuase you can cast from outside of unbind range (HOG is infinite range, you can tail back to BBS). I would be cautious about building a list without 2 MWNs (1 for each key spell), but I agree that 1 is a lot better than 0 - Just a heads up @Gobsmakka, the rerolls are very powerful but IMO they are the main culprit of slowing down the game with Kunnin Rukk. The shooting goes a lot faster withouth them so I tend to only use it in emergencies. Might not be as big a problem with only 1 big block of Arrow Boys, how are you finding it? - My own take on it would be this (but I think all the variations are viable): Balanced Version: Extreme Version:
  3. PlasticCraic

    Firestorm - Named Characters

    I've been told that you cannot use named characters with Firestorm Allegiance, is that correct? If so, please can you direct me to a page reference?
  4. PlasticCraic

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    This bit had me confused for a minute - is it Bonesplitterz you're thinking of?
  5. PlasticCraic

    Let's Chat Zarbag's Gits

    You know what I'm not looking forward to... Shardgale -> Sorcerous Insight -> Shardgale Goodbye 5 Warband members!
  6. PlasticCraic

    Let's Chat Zarbag's Gits

    Yeah...I noticed that a lot of the "immediatelies" are aggro-based? i.e. Kill people in a certain way (by surrounding them, by taking multiple attacks to do so, by doing the correct amount of damage etc). I quite like the one just for blocking them in too. surround and pound, scoring Glory at every stage! Maybe sneaky aggro is the way to go...it's good that you've had some early success with that.
  7. PlasticCraic

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    That's a really good point, it could be really useful in both of those matchups for the reasons you've outlined.
  8. PlasticCraic

    Let's Chat Zarbag's Gits

    The other one I'm thinking about is Infestation...if you can get Abasoth's Unmaking to remove one of them, that's potentially a lot of glory for holding 4 Objectives (especially if you double up with Supremacy). Cards like Faneway Crystal can help you get there.
  9. PlasticCraic

    Let's Chat Zarbag's Gits

    Yep...it could save your skin against an "attack all adjacent enemy fighters" lunge. You'd still rather kill them and avoid the blowback that way, but it'll come in handy occasionally. It could also be useful for allowing you to chain attacks together, if you are going for combo kills to trigger things like Vicious Killers, Finish Them and Scragged. One thing I like the look of in the new decks is the "Positiong Objectives that aren't Objectives" style of cards...things like Extreme Flank and Loner. These seem geared specifically to high bodycount Warbands which is good to see.
  10. PlasticCraic

    Let's Chat Zarbag's Gits

    So how do we think Prog's Net works? Reduce the number of attack dice by 2 (to a minimum of 1) "in the next activation". Presumably this means that if that targetted fighter does not activate next, the bonus expires and you get no benefit?
  11. PlasticCraic

    AoS 2 - Beastclaw Raiders Discussion

    @Tohshi Ydithe I think you have touched on the main issue, which is their fragility. They evaporate incredibly quickly. They only seem cheap because you get so few in a unit. That doesn't take into account the exorbitant taxes that go with them, of a terrible Hero and a chronically overcosted Batallion. To put it in context, the Batallion alone costs 150 points, versus 180 points for Dreadwood AND Outcasts: So although a Skaal is a useful tool to have, building an army around it will put you at a massive disadvantage compared to the power level and utility that other Factions will be putting across the table from you. 40 points looks cheap but it's only because you only get 2 models. Multiply them up to a viable size to start killing things and keeping hold of objectives, and they quickly stop looking cheap. Your own example of Sequitors is a good one, 6 Cats vs 5 Sequitors is no contest whatsoever. The Sequitors are a fairly durable unit, you can slap them on an objective and they will hold their own. The Cats...not so much. After 1 Battle Round you'd probably be left with something like 0 Cats and 4 Sequitors. Plus the Sequitors are Wizards for capturing Objectives. TLDR: I think the reason that nobody has had success with Cat spam is that they aren't that cheap to start with, they come with very heavy tax, they are incredibly easy to kill and do not put out enough damage to make up for that fragility. Their bases are too large to swarm an objective, they do not have the punch to clear out an objective, and they certainly don't have the durability to grind it out. They do have utility as a fast throwaway unit, whose only purpose is to cap an uncontested objective. A unit here or there is quite good for that specific role. But they are not powerful or efficient enough to spam and build an army around.
  12. PlasticCraic

    Destruction - Battle of TGA

    @Donal I am a massive Ian Spink fanboy, but I think your own list archetype is more relevant to this topic, because @Kanamorf runs Bonesplitterz and we are limited to running Mixed GA here. I don't think Boneys would work well without their spell lore and Battleline If (I know Ian loves his pigs!). If this gets off the ground, we have to assume Chaos will cower behind their Plague Crutch Warband. Chaos will probably get their share of representation so it could be fair to assume we'll be facing it 1 game in 3. I think there's a couple of ways of dealing with that: 1) Go Firestorm, get on the Objectives first (via Ambush, Forced March or Preemptive Attack), and be a pain in the butt to move with the debuffs. Means no Troggoth Hag. 2) Take some Gitmob Archers and shoot them off. Fills a Battleline spot and you can still choose between Firestorm or Troggoth Hag / Magma Dragon if you prefer that. Both are useful in other games so they are worth taking anyway, but I feel they are essential in this matchup? That's my own theoryhammer anyway...I'm sure you faced Nurgle's Plague Crutch with your Moonclan, how did you tackle it?
  13. @Overread "Listen, I love Age of Sigmar but both AoS and 40K in general come down very little to tactics. " What you are saying is 100% correct in principle, but if you think that quote sounds like a lead-in to a meaningful and constructive discussion from someone who needs encouragement to share their opinions, then I wish you good luck with it.
  14. PlasticCraic

    Let's Chat Zarbag's Gits

    @froo I'm at the stage where I've got so many boxes lying around the house, that my other half has given up trying to keep track. I've reached escape velocity.
  15. Completely agree @Marc Wilson A real power move. Good on him. Why is that guy even posting in AOS forums if he has such disdain for the game. An attention-seeker and best ignored imo.