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  1. October 30 (https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/10/30/gifts-for-good-grotsgw-homepage-post-1/) I wouldn't be surprised if this year's appear on the community page this week or the next one...
  2. Zilfin seens to be the prevalent sky-port if you go by their article. It woul make more sense to nerf the pre-game move it gives or even make spell in a bottle more restrictive (like only allowing the malign sorcery ones).
  3. The warcry box (only 1 copy of each) came first, they released the box with double sprues near the Slave battletome release. They where announced separately at 01 of September. The start set was release at the start of August, so it took a little more than a month.
  4. More of those lovely warband boxes! Looks like you get: Skaven: 10 clanrats, 2 rat ogors, 3 Pack masters and 6 giant rats KO: 5 thunderers and 3 Endrirrigers/Wardens Ironjawz: 5 brutes and 5 Ardboyz FeC: 10 Ghouls and 3 Crypt horrors/flyers If the price is the same of the last ones, its a easy way to get more models for a little less
  5. Hi Everyone! As someone new-but-not-so-much to the hobby (a year and some months) I would like to talk a little with more experienced folks about collecting more than one army. I'm almost getting my starting army to 2k and in the mean time I ended starting other 2 projects (throught box splitting with a friend and a good deal on second hand models), and honestly there is still other factions that I would love to paint and play with. I started looking at what other list options I could make with the armies that I alredy have, but after a certain point to get a different enought list I would need lots of new models to make it... Which ends costing as much as starting a smaller force of another faction! With that in mind, I started to wonder how everyone else tackle those problems. Some things I would like to ask some insight on how everyone proced with: - When you start a new force, do you set yourself to a points limit other than 2k (like 1k or 1.5k)? - When you choose to expand beyond the 2k range? - When you decide that you finished getting everything you wanted for a army?
  6. From the end of the warband article: It won’t be long before you can field these new warbands in your games of Warcry – they’re coming very soon! If you’d like to learn more about them and the setting of Warcry: Catacombs, make sure you pick up Black Library’s tie-in novel, Warcry Catacombs: Blood of the Everchosen, which will be released alongside them too. As we have the release month of the book as october it basically confirms that the new set will drop 24 or 31 of this month.
  7. Yeah, they clarified it on the battletome design commentary: "Q: Can the Vesperal Gem artefact be used with the Verdant Blessing spell? A: No."
  8. Looks like someone posted this a little earlier... probably it will be this Sunday preorder announcement @KingBrodd they are comming! (maybe?)
  9. Thanks both @Kramer and @Boar for your insights! You two gave me a lot to think about! The majority of the time I play is with a friend and while we try to use some good lists they are far from the ultra competitive ones. Its good to hear that both of you had good experiences without a Ironclad on those points range. I plan to get one eventually, but I think that for now I will get a Frigate first. I really like the model and I can get it + more thunderers for the same price than a Ironclad (knowing that its not a bad unit make the deal even better!). One thing I would like to ask, both of you mention a Frigate with 10 Thunderers (which is something I was planning to use too), how to you equip your thunderers for this situation? Also, do you usually disembark they on a objective or mostly of the time they stay inside the ship?
  10. As someone who play most 1.5k games too and is planning to get his first big ship, I would like to ask what is your experience with the ironclad at that point range? While I totally understand that it has the superior damage output and survirvability, I'm having a hardtime fitting him in a 1.5k list while still having points for other units/battalions. Is the damage output better than the extra units/artifact at this range?
  11. Thanks for showing the proportions of the models Enoby! It may be dificult to analyse the raw data, but it's still possible to see we still have a long way to go to for a more equal representation. While the warcry and underworlds are giving female characters more proiminence, I agree with you that we should give more prominece to female character in future releases (and honestly the last time it happened was in the Nighthaunt release with Olynder, the other factions after that get at most some suport female models, none which are named). Cayce pointed it in regard to 40k, but while AoS have 3 armies that mostly female models (Slaanesh, Sylvaneth and Daughters), Slaanesh and Khaine seen much more aimed to a masculine audience. If we get another army like that, would be nice to have something less sexualized.
  12. Not a lot of progress so far (got a KO start collect that need to get done for the table before my little rats), but I was able to try some skin colors tests. Pretty happy with the grey, brown and caramel, not so much with the black one... the last one will be white, but I saving that one for latter (its all part of the narrative!). The brown one has the begginig of a base texture. Thinking of adding some sand to go with the debris, gonna try to simulate some destroyed citie lost after the lumineth fall. Will try a lilac garmet on the next batch to seen how they look. Thanks! I would Love to do something like this, but I have no idea how to do so... I should get my custom gnawholes to test the warpstone in some weeks, gonna do some research to try this kind of effect.
  13. Trying to finish my first boat. The details are both daunting to plan and awesome to paint!
  14. Awesome looking! Is it 3d printed? If so I would love to know how to get his files.
  15. By what i read so far, going with the minimum requeriment (Horticulous + 3 Beasts, 610 points) would be better as it is alredy quite expensive. Of the other options we could fit into the battalion 1 or 2 Plague Drones could be interesting as a way to better spread the Gnarlmaws. Honestly the bravery debuff ability seens quite useless, don't see much sense even brothering with it as the easiest way to get 7+ models on the battalion unities would be with Plague Drones or Nurglings. Now, your first two points are where I'm a little lost. For the battlaline opiotns seens the options are: - Plaguebearers (10 for 110), which have the demon keyword and a good number of models - Blightkings (5 for 140), more wound and seen do more damage - Chaos Warriors (5 for 90), cheapest of the options -Marauders (160 for 20), most expensive option but brings the greats number of models/points As everything in the battalion is also a demon I wonder if its a matter of choosing between trying to synergize better with what it give us (going with plaguebearers and captalizing on Demons, probably with some drones on the battalion) or just leting the battalion as a way to get extra trees/points for summoing and trying to captalize more on the mortals. I think that narrowing which battleline to use would help looking for the heroes to use the artifacts. Going with the minimum that both battalion require would be 610 points for the menagerie + 1010 points for the tallyband (GOU + Scriveiner/Piper + 4 MUS Plaguebearers). Thta leaves 380 points which I think at least 90 of those would be necessary to get another hero for the last artifact, so +/- 290 points for another unit at max... doens't seen worth it
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