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  1. So the new tome has a really cool piece of art of the avatar shaped has Morathi. Does anyone has any ideia on some head swaps that could help make something similar? (I don't have the avatar, so I'm unsure of it's head size comparade to the shadow queen or morathi-khaine models for example)
  2. Do you see using it for any other spell other than healing d6 or bringing back a kurnoth (because I doubt that is worthy to bring back some dryads and both revenants generally die before you can cast in on them). If we could use it to get woods, cast endless spells or summon dryads (which are spells you cast most of the turns), sure it would give the spiritsong staff a good competition. I really like the gem in concept, but the spells we really want to cast aren't part of our spell lore.
  3. A agree with many of the ideas that were exposed here, but wanted to share some of my toughts as well. There is a lot of problems that I think need to be andressed, but we would need a new battletome for this to happen (when khaine and lumineth are getting one after their gods broken realms, so there is a chance we get one too!). Limiting the changes to what we saw so far in the broken realms, I would sugest the following: Rewriten Warscrolls - Treelord Ancient - Make him cast two spells a turn, and maybe give him a +1 to cast rolls if near a forest (honestly this should be in the wyrdwood scroll, but i doubt they would change it outside of the tome). The reasoing is quiet simply, outside of Alarielle we have no two cast wizards and many of our good effects depend on getting spells cast (making woods, summoning dryads, casting the hive endless spell, healing our monsters). This dependence turn the Spiritsong Staff in a almost mandatory artifact pick, to be able to cast all those spells or get better casting bonus with the Throne of Vines. With two casts the ancient can give us a good mage and help our other 23 artifacts choices see more play. - Branchwych - Honestly I just want her to have a function in the army other than the Vortex gimmick. The ideia of a "combat" mage is interesting, but honestly her output is so low that most of the time you better getting a second/third Wraith. In the Lore its their job to recover lost the lamentiri of the fallen, so maybe give her a "when a sylvaneth model dies within X" effect. Something similar to the Bonereapers Harvester effect would make sense with the "regrowing" flavour we have and would keep her as the "mage that wants to be in the middle of the fight" role. - Alarielle - I like Alarielle to a degree, but she got left behind the other gods. For the Goddess of life all she do is summoning some models and healing or no-battleline units. Other than making her know all the spells in our spell lore, I unsure of what to sugest. Maybe she could revive 1 time per game? She need something to make here more than a 400 (if you discountthe maximum amount of points she summon) points D3 healing on your hero, 3 cast and some damage. - Bow hunter - As others have said, 3 attacks on +3/+3/-1/2 should help. Maybe make them ignore the woods as well? Its a little dumb that our most important aspect (creating woods) negatively affects them... New Sub Allegiances Honestly I just hope we get one sub allegiance with a optional command trait and/or artifact (the ones that specify the hero that must get the trait/artifact) . We have 4 artifact tables which we can only use if we get a battalion (going without a sub faction is not a choice with how little our allegiance give us without woods on the field). New Battalions Nothing in particular here, I just hope we get at least 2 battalions with reasonable units in them as we need them to get artifacts outside our allegiances. Changes in Pitched battle profiles Just one change: Make regular Treelords battleline in Oakenbrown glade. Would it make this sub faction strong? Probably not, but it would help it promote a "Monster army" playstyle in a faction and make its general trait a little less bad... Other than that we could really use some changes in the ways we can get woods ont he table. Makin the normal Treelord count as woods or giving all our wizards/our spell lore a spell that make other terrain pieces count as woods (as othe have suggested) would help giving us more options to get the woods we need without making the board a mess. After seeing the Seraphon spell lore interacting with terrain I totally think that should be something we do as well! Maybe a new sub allegiance/battalion could give this effect until we get a new tome. Or maybe give us a new Sylvaneth focused allegiance that don't resolve around having woods on the battlefield.
  4. I agree with everything you pointed out, just wanted to ask about those two in particular. What rules you think would make a good sub faction? (considering no other changes to our allegiance and wyrdwood in general) For the Ancient I really hope he get a second cast and maybe a +1 to cast when near a wood at the very least... do you think it needs anything more? That would be intersting! There is any precedence to no-command traits for things without a mount/not a vehicle? I honetly doubt they would change the allegiance, even a new one looks a little sketchy as the factions that got one (cities and stormcast), were more for flavour. I do wonder if the wyrdwood got a rework (to make it have more significant effects and less placement problems) and Alarielle + Ancient got some bonus to casts... maybe it would be enought?
  5. Its common knowledge around the internet that Sylvaneth isn't in a good place after the last battletome. Points change alone aren't helping fixing the problems the allegiance and warscrolls have. Luckly the Broken Realms series has brought warscrolls change for both Daughters of Khaine and Idoneth Deepkin (and maybe more after the Teclis book). The series has been said to focus on the Aelven Gods, which Alarielle is part of. With that in mind, I would like to ask other Sylvaneth players what kind of change they hope to see when the Sylvaneth time in the series come. So far we had the following content within Broken Realms: Morathi: - New Allegiance - New Sub Allegiance - Warscrolls rewriten - New Battalions - Changes in pitched battle profiles (points, possibly battlefield role) Broken Realms: Teclis can add other options, but for the sake of the discussion lets restrict ourselves to those possibilities.
  6. Does it? He is a old and powerful chaos demon, I doubt he would think twice about using the souls/life of one of his "minions" for his own gain. It's even in the flavour of the Cabalists, sacrificing the week to get extra magic power.
  7. Exactly! If both books cost aroud the same you can choose to buy one with half of what you are missing or get the one with all the rules in one place... It doesnt make much sense.
  8. Can we assume that all the silhouette they showed each day this week will be fully previewed? If yes we should get the following: Warhammer underworlds The bonesplitterz video showing all of their models (as the underwolrds article said they would do and probably the 3rd silhouette) Warhammer quest Judging by the trailer, we should get at least the vapire guy in the last banner, the "final boss" with the wolf head and the stormcast-like mage. The image from tomorrow (stormcast) could end being a hero here. Otherwise it should be a limited model for black library or some aniversary or something. Age of Sigmar Assuming the 2nd silhouette (with the skull) and the one we got today are for the soulblight gravelords, we probably will get their official reveal. Other than that, I woul expect they to actually show all the remaining lumineth models or most of them. I do wonder if we are going to get 4 themed boxes for the broken realms teclis like they did to Morathi + a dual box like the shadow and pain. For the broken realms it should be a box for Ossiarch, Nurgle, Flesh-eater and Cities. The dual box could be anything, but a Lumineth or Soulblight against each other or against another faction with a new hero/new sculpt would be what I expect.
  9. Pachyderm could be used to describe a Hippo, Rhino or Tapir as well. I wouldn't be surprised if we get something that is a mixture of those, like the Treeruners.
  10. Finished looking at the demons warscrolls for changes. Basically this is what changed and stayed the same:
  11. The whole rules section of the battletome (allegiance + warscrolls) as been leaked at 4chan for those interested. Slaagors have the beast of chaos keyword!
  12. Archers and both kind of hellstriders are battleline if Hedonites allegiance. Other than that is the know options (myrmidesh and twinsoul with Lord of Pain as general and Seeker chariot on the seekers host).
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