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  1. That true! I keep forgetting that they gonna reveal warcry stuff those days. With the amount of heroes we have I really hope he end being part of a warband to give us another unit!
  2. While I wouldn't say no to more models, I hope this don't happen in less than 2 or 3 years... They generally do some anniversary/event models for the face of the edition armies (necrons got 2 of those if I'm not mistaken), I bet its probably what this model is.
  3. The models are up on the New Zealand web-store and the Guttripaz sprue doesn't have a vulture! That means that this model is probably some kind of anniversary/event model, as we already saw our Underwolrds warband. Maybe its a Killaboss with a vulture rather than a Stabba-grot? You are correct, its not optional! For me its solidify it even more as a Killaboss trait (with a Guttripaz or Hobgrots unit to receive the damage). The Killaboss with the Gnashtooth is probably the best Killaboss to use it, as he's 3+ natural save should help reducing the amount of wounds you have to pass. Yeah I would have traded the once per battle 3d6 to unbind for a +1 to unbind in general in a heartbeat if I was given the option... Still I don't think he isn't a viable option, just not the most reliable one. He greatest values seen to be in the unleash hell/redeploy buffs, which don't depend on the opponent list/dice rolls as much, and those can be quiet strong. He has its place in the army, but mostly of the time I believe that a Sludgeraker ends having more value for its points. I don't face spell focused lists in general, so I for me he as value, I just can't build my whole strategy around him getting our spells off. Now if you face Teclis/seraphon/tzeentch/Nagash/Arkhan regularly I wouldn't advice trying to include him in your lists.
  4. I prefer the amulet. The outcome of them is the same, Egomaniak is easier to get with a 4+, but it needs units near it and if you are using it for the buffing bubble i doubt you want to get wounds on what he is buffing. I think Egomaniak is better for something that whats to go into combat with other units, like a mounter Killaboss or a Breaka-boss. The Killaboss seen specially good with it, as his help ignore the battleshock that the damage will inevitable cause. I agree with everything you said about our magic and Gobsprakk. I'm also having a hard time getting him in list other then the Big Yellers Boltboyz focused ones. He is more of a utility piece, damaging casters some times, letting we get more of some command abilities and some times getting some spells off. Against armies with normal casters he is a good bully, but he seems a little weak if you are facing lists with good casting/dispel bonuses, as he looses a good amount of his utility. In other factions you have 1440 points to work with for the rest of the list (560 are the minimum guttripaz tax) and when you factor other more reliable buff models + reinforcements it is hard to find the 300 points for a utility piece that some times isn't even reliable in its utility. The lack of casting bonus is a little sad looking at our spell lore, as it makes hard to plan anything around them. Big Wag should have a better time doing so with the +1 to cast from the points, but for a Kruleboyz allegiance all we have is the Master of Magic command trait. I do wonder if taking this trait would be a good idea if we want to make a better use of your good spell lore.
  5. Don't worry, I wouldn't want this to happen too, it was good that you corrected me! I expect it to by another Gruttripaz leader option for the multi-part kit. We should see if that is the case tomorrow, if it's not, then maybe a store anniversary or event exclusive model i guess? The edition face factions generally get some of those.
  6. I swear I saw two feets pieces last time I looked, but you are correct. At least the feets are easy to replace with some blades (like the new hobgrot hand from underworlds) or don't even use anything for at all if you use water for base effects.
  7. Change the whip hand and but some trinkets on the staff, would be more than enough to me to pass it has a wizard. If you want something more similar to the shaman model, Gobsprakk could make a good one. Looking at the sprue it doesn't looks like he share any body piece with the killaboss option, you could build him and put him sited into a rock or something.
  8. Our Underworlds warband was just revealed, and has speculated it looks like our hero is a Snatchaboss on foot: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/09/16/gen-con-a-shadowy-new-season-of-warhammer-underworlds-revealed/ Pretty cool sculpts, good proxies for a Shaman/Killaboss if their warscrolls end being underwhelming.
  9. That what I thought as well. You gotta have some units that work outside of a singular clan Keyword for those interested in mixing all of them.
  10. Its probably a misprint on the book as it as always been announced as a Kruleboyz unit since it was revealed.
  11. I used the warscroll builder, just changed the units names and values that weren't there yet. On the Killbows, some people on the whats-app group have played some games with them and said there are rather swing, really good if you get the VEW on the hit, lackluster if you don't. I don't see much value in them if you don't face monsters/lots of heroes regularly. Two is probably what you want to kill a monster in one turn, one to soft it up. I hoping to test with one and see if its worthy, but I have a feeling that the correct number will be two or zero in the end. Boltboyz I would say that a unit of 6 (9 in Big Yellers) is a good start to every list (unless you want to go full melee). We have some good damage output on the army, but we don't seen to be able to take too many hits (save 4 ~ 6 on most of our units, just one +1 save ability, low bravery, no healing for monsters), so having a way to soften enemy units is useful.
  12. You are ok with using some of them rather than spamming? If yes I would suggest something like this: Allegiance: Kruleboyz Leaders Snatchaboss on Sludgeraker Beast (315)* Swampboss Skumdrekk (320) Killaboss on Corpse-rippa Vulcha (240) - General Battleline 20 x Gutrippaz (360)* - Reinforced x 1 10 x Gutrippaz (180)* 10 x Gutrippaz (180)* Units 6 x Man-skewer Boltboyz (240)* - Reinforced x 1 1 x Marshcrawla Sloggoth (150)* Core Battalions *Battle Regiment Total: 1985 / 2000 Reinforced Units: 2 / 4 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 147 Drops: 3 Not sure on the command trait and mount trait. Artefact would probably be the Amulet. I imagene it playing like two blocks: - Snatchaboss + 6 boltboyz + 10 gutrippaz - Skumdrekk + 20 gutrippaz + Marshcrawla The Killaboss could move between the two blocks as necessary and there is 10 Gutrripaz that could follow any of them. If you don't want to use the Boltboyz at all, you can change Skumdrekk for another Snatchaboss to get 260 points for 10 hobgrotz + 10 gutrippaz/1 Breaka-boss.
  13. Sadly it doesn't. At the end of the ability it says "and the attacking unit is wholly within 12" of any friendly unit with this ability". If you aren't spamming the boltboyz and normally don't face opponents with a strong shooting, Skullbugz looks like the way to go even if don't have a lot of monsters. Still if you want to maximize the number of monsters, I would suggest 2 Sludgeraker + 1 Boss on Vulcha. It is 75 points cheaper than 3 Sludgeraker and gives you a more mobile monsters to spread the Skullbugz debuff whee you need it. The problem is that this would be 870 points on hero-monsters an you gonna need at least another 540 points for the Guttripaz Battleline tax, which would leave you with 590 points to reinforce those Guttripaz or to get other units. Maybe on a list like this you can leave the shaman off the list and use just the Sludgeraker bonus...
  14. Would it work on his self-infliction ability? The ability says he add 2 attacks for each wound he suffers with it but the if the transfer the wounds he would suffer none. Egomaniac looks specially good with any of the Killaboss options, has he battle shock ability secure that we don't loose more models and let us keep a command point for something else other than keeping the "bodyguard" unit. If you give the amulet of destiny to another hero it let's have two heroes with a ward (for the first rounds at least).
  15. I share the general feeling that the army fells shallow option wise. I like our rules, not super strong but solid enough to have a good game. The problem is when we get to list building... We ended with what we all dread many weeks ago when they said all our units were revealed. Hobgrotz are just chaff, sloggoth is mostly a support piece, guttripaz as the only unconditional Battleline, not a lot of abilities on our warscrolls (most what we already knew from the reveal videos/articles) and not even what seemed to be a lot of monsters happened (just 2 monsters options and I doubt we gonna see lists with more than 2). It feels like the question is simple "do you want to spam Boltboyz or guttripaz?". There isn't much more to build around on a first impression. Maybe a more hero hammer list is possible?
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