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  1. GW has put a bit too much emphasis on Barbarians = Chaos for me to expect any Destruction barbarians. They likely would end up too similiar looking. Fimir and Fishmen have been mentioned and would be cool. Otherwise, something like an Elemental faction could be destruction... and provide something that isn't really around in Destruction yet.
  2. Now I wonder if there is some meat to that old Grotbag Scuttler goblin skypirates rumour.
  3. Quite understandable. (Rotation is why I don't play mtg at standard level) I just think it makes sense from a competitive (and shopkeeper) standpoint. Cycle out a bunch of cards, and you can print new cards without worrying about broken combos with earlier cards. We'll see if it happens, as its just speculation on my part.
  4. Its a personal guess of mine for a while that GW would rotate the season 1 generic cards out of 'standard' when season 3 hit.
  5. I haven't used the open war generators yet, as I'm not fan of rolling. However, I am thinking of using them as replacement for points. I.E. using the 1-2-3 force point cards as example for army building at x force points. Any thoughts on this?
  6. Hey. My friend likes to run khornate daemons, but hasn't had much success with them. Any particular hints or tricks I can pass on to him?
  7. Has anyone tried to run a clans pestilens list in meeting engagements?
  8. Funny how that Barricade spell shows up so often. A simple idea, but most likely the best one. As my army is themed after Tomb Kings, my grand court has to be Blisterskin. Its only thematic after all.
  9. Does anyone have a bit of experience with Meeting engagements? I am trying to work on a list centered around a Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon.
  10. I don't like writing long essays, so I keep things short. But because the vagueness of what is a "complaint" it makes me worry a lot more if my posts of dissatisfactions will be ruled as complaints and getting banned. I don't want to live in that constant fear, so this will be the last post of me.
  11. Well, this just made me more uncomfortable and afraid to voice my opinion on things I think are wrong with AoS.
  12. As far as I understand that article, this isn't a summer campaign like the Seaons of War was, but an expansion that gives you board, tokens and rules for your own board-based campaigns?
  13. So I guess these rumour engines point to the slug mount.
  14. art added because it contains a Plaguebearer using a slug mount.
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