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  1. Which kind of elephants would fit Seraphon then? Some kind of thundertusk variant? (And what about the fifth elephant, which was pushed off?)
  2. Clearly its a seraphon turtle carrying a world on its back.
  3. Well, this is not for me, that is for sure. (even though there is a chance at new tomb kings minis.... maybe) I do hope the people that are excited now like it.... even if it might not be what they think it will be.
  4. If you have a bunch of morteks the harvester could be better ruleswise. Not to mention it looks better as well.
  5. Those are likely citadel woods, which are the same as the old sylvaneth wyldwoods. Just the regular old warhammer trees.
  6. Pity. I did own some Fimir and would have like to get more, but I couldn't justify putting them on the table. Its a bit of a vicious circle. People can't justify getting certain minis -> no effort put into promoting them on the table (rules and such) -> less people buy them -> eventually discontinued.
  7. Funnily all Ogor players I know are skinny and underweight. Odd.
  8. As always -> Roll to hit -> roll to wound -> roll save -> calculate damage -> Allocate Wounds -> Immortis Intercept step (if applicable) -> roll to negate wounds (if any)
  9. Poor Seraphon, so easily forgotten.... ๐Ÿ˜ข
  10. Can't you give the Kavalos the Dark Acolyte trait so he can cast?
  11. A vague rumour calls it "Court of the Craven King", so I would assume the Craven King is in there.
  12. I personally am not fond of the thought that their points are made with taking the +1 save legion in mind. That throws balance out of whack.
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