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  1. Clearly it is (iii) A way to customize and buy your personal AoS character. (akin to heroforge) Its a new page, not a new domain. As such it is something under the Games Workshop main site, making it unlikely that its something for Forge World. Unless GW is moving away from Forgeworld and putting it under their own site.
  2. I am wondering what changes will be made to Meeting Engagements.
  3. Latest Tomb Kings points were printed in the Pitched Battle Profiles booklet of GHB 2019. (Additional Profiles -> Death) I do think they're the same as the points from 2017, but still a recent enough release that people can take them to tournaments. I do think they'll still get printed in GHB 2020 pitched battle profiles, even if its just to give it an additional page count.
  4. Tamurkhan is currently a subfaction of Nurgle, and thus is in the ally list as Nurgle.
  5. It is not the same as the GHB Command Ability. This one doesn't require a nearby hero.
  6. As somebody who has playtested a bunch of games (non-aos), you would be surprised how much doesn't get caught or filed under "this is fine" and going on with things that the testers deem to require their attention. And of course the classic last minute buff to an underpowered option making it overpowered. It is quite possible that Petrifex bonus was different for a long time and changed near the end, leaving not a bunch of time for fine-tuning. Misplacing and forgetting your hand sounds like a bigger problem.
  7. I have played a bunch on the Hallowheart (the 44x60) table and that didn't feel too limiting. No big problems with setups either. It wouldn't really surprise me if those showed up as minimums in a GHB. We already have seen a bit of the idea of a 44x30 board with the Meeting Engagements and the Close Quarters battles in GBH2019.
  8. At this point I suspect you'll only be happy when they finally squat cities so you can dance on their corpse.
  9. A giant nurgling procession diorama would be great.
  10. It gives me a real FEC feel. Could be something different (Nurgle? Nurgling mucisian?) But my first instinct is Ghouls.
  11. Interesting that it rates Glaivewraith Stalkers so high.
  12. What would people run in a 1250 point list? Preferribly with a Soulmason as its my favourite Bonereaper unit.
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