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  1. For me we have three main strengths + some smaller tricks. Sadly all three don’t fit at 2K. the first one, and my favourite, is a frigate with thunderers and a khemist in the Ziflin skyports. (In cancon a player used it to great effect with 14 thunderers and 1 khemist. Those games are viewable on YouTube: https://youtu.be/63XyZKXp-kU ). The ziflin artefact lets you set up the frigate with passengers anywhere on the field turn one. It’s requires a lot of skill but when you pull it off, you can snipe with the thunderers, charge and flee for extra movement, the khemist can force out of sequence bravery tests with the right artefact. and of course it offers a lot of board control. Just make sure you equip all thunderers with rifles. the second one I personally don’t like and don’t take. 30 or 40 arkanauts unit all with skyhooks and a khemist. By giving them double shots, the plus 1 vs heroes and monsters, rend, the range and d3 damage means you can take apart your opponents list piece by piece. Does require good target priority choices. Lastly; big group of endrinriggers with khemist buff on the charge. Say no more as it’s not more complicated than that. My personal experience is that it’s usually better to go for the turn 2 charge not the first turn. When I try turn 1 I usually get overwhelmed as the opponents army isn’t spread out yet. personally I play option 1 and 2 in a list. It’s fun, it rewards good play and it’s a better play experience as an opponent then big shooting line. (Which is fine but I mostly play friends and want to keep them ) other ideas that have been floating around*: skywardens with piles behind a screen. With their two inch range you can let your opponent charge your screens. And pile them in to poke over the heads of your screen. Maybe even allied ironbreakers/longbeards. This helps you protect option two. Afterwards you can always use their speed for objective grabbing Evocaters are great allies. Still great in combat and they give you a unbind per unit. smaller squads of skywardens to pressure opponents objectives as mobile shooting units. 3 gunhaulers and a frigate in a battalion that lets you re-roll hits. So lots of moving cannons, re-rolls but it’s been suggested multiple times in this thread but haven’t seen anyone actually reporting in this thread that it really works. if you want to take the frigate for its shooting. It might be good to know that Brokk does as much if not more damage. That’s without his close combat output. as said above its likely a that KO gets a refresh in 2020 but no indication when as far as I know. So waiting seems prudent but you might be waiting a long time. Personally I would buy only after painting the last as a best of both situations solution. I’m also willing to bet the special weapons for arkanauts will be changed to one of each per ten so it matches the box. hope this helps * see what I did there 🤭
  2. Wouldn’t be that weird as it’s mentioned couple of times in the lore that sigmar worked together with intelligent gargants in the age of myth. So then being from the realm of light wouldn’t be a stretch.
  3. intelligent Giant races have been fighting with sigmar during the age of myth. And with beastclaw not being big guys only anymore an intelligent race of hyshian giants would be my guess. and that would be awesome.
  4. I personally don’t mind how early it is. But I do how little info it is. See the negativity in this thread. Same goes for the positives. All of that is based* on massive assumptions. And that is a shame in my mind. *hehe see what I did there
  5. This picture doesn’t bode positive attention tho 😂
  6. Wait what armies are you usually playing? I close to never see max sized units unless it’s utility units like khinarai or when playing against elite armies like gutbusters and stormcast. That’s kind of how it always was. The gargant hackers were just less reliable and if they both roughly do the same. People chose clubs. Now with more buff options and 4 mournfang units I’m happy with my gargant hackers all of the sudden 😆
  7. So far haven’t got. Game in but almost focus goes to tempest eye. Which is a great match I feel. But just wanted to say I’m still under the impression that living city will be a great choice too. Just something to think about. I mean you need wood to make canon frames right? So sylvaneth can’t be all bad it might be that I barely have 1K of dispossessed left after warriors etc disappeared but In having a lot of fun mixing in other factions. The darkling sorceress in tempest eye for example has the +1 attack spell as an option while still bringing her -1 to hit spell. Not to mention her being able to give herself a bonus to cast if you give her someone to sacrifice. but also living city with ambushing Irondrakes and slinking away again command ability seems like it has good potential. Bring Durthu in there. Ambush 9” away, shoot, command ability closer, get the charge. there is so much in cities of sigmar I think it will be year of tournaments where every time there’s a list that’s surprising and a lot of them will include dispossessed.
  8. Imma gonna complain in the mawtribes thread that they duck no honestly it’s a tough spot for you. Your gaming environment forces you to judge armies by a ‘cut throat’ standard and that’s tough. I genuinely believe you would be better off with a more laid back community. For me KO have been challenging and 50/50 win loss might be to much to ask but I do get very close to that now. Most casual groups are harder to find but that would be my advice rather then keep judging armies to a standard that only Slaanesh can beat currently. Because thats what’s making you, in you words, pessimistic Not the armies themselves.
  9. Oh that’s more subjective than you think (or at least present it). I keep going back to the books for the fluff, the narrative, the artwork! That’s where inspiration sparks for me. the warscrolls in a physical book are the secondary part. The meat is in the lore. All that other stuff changes, is better viewed through digital solutions and the warscrolls are freely available anyway. but that other stuff. I read the ogor book. Nothing immediately sparked for me. I went to the ogre kingdom book for inspiration. Something kind of brewed due to a piece of art. Went back to mawtribes and just flicked through it and suddenly something grabbed my eye. And now I have that inspiration. That wouldn’t have happened (in that manner) without the hard copies to flick through. but for gaming digital is easier to me
  10. Well can't judge the HoTT thing. But everything else is highly debatable. The Tyrant ability on screens of gnoblars is amazing. And even with the bravery buff for eating it really hurts if ogors run. So there is definitely a point for it to be made against shooting armies. The rebasing thing is annoying. Just ordered new bases, just now realised also need 50mm for my maneaters.
  11. Oh that 5+ happening twice is annoying. Super unlucky there. But I wonder what you mean by the Gutguard not being good? You haven't brought it for the ability right? I think it's a great battalion for Underguts as its only 120 points. You probably want the Tyrant for the punching gnoblars and the trophy rack. So it's an easy to fill battalion. 120 points for less drops, artefact and cp. As long as your bringing a Tyrant and Ironblasters, why not. Or am I missing somehting? Why not both? If you get Feast of Bones + BCR start collecting + a butcher/slaughtermaster. You have a decent 1,5K list to practice with before you decide to go one way or the other. I personally going Gutbusters but that's a flavour choice. Later I might add in a frostlord by getting a Start Collecting.
  12. But now I’m curious. For some reason I’m guessing a German town? If that’s you interpretation of the Names then yes. To you it’s subjective. But so is playing soldiers. It’s either a highly strategical mental challenge to playing out your fantasies and everything in between. It’s subjective The ‘recognition’ first argument sounds valid to me. You might argue that Minas tirith* is more unique. If you asked me the name I would have struggled to remember the name even though I read the books a couple of times. That happens to me less with the hammerhal like names. *case and pojnt even though I just read it. I couldn’t tell you if I spelled it right.
  13. Exactly as @Redking says. I would just add that the base coat makes a big Difference in how the contrast turns out. So if you are planning to follow tutorials than it might be best to do invest those extra bucks.
  14. Wow! Haven’t played him since ghb 2019. Didn’t realise he went up in points.
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