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  1. Handstand? 🙃 Haha I’d swear there were only ladders in the terrain. But you’re right they look more like ladders.
  2. Imagine that armoured ogor with hammers for hands climbing after it..
  3. Haha and depending on your choice of words an ape would also be sure to appear. Curious what that equivalent is 😂
  4. Haha always nice to meet somebody prepared for all eventualities
  5. Whoohoo multiple golems are a thing! That most also means all dwarf lists right 🤔
  6. Toughness in combination with wounds is my guess
  7. For a 911 yessir. For a multipla you’d have to pay me the 1K. But I think the point was not if it’s objectively worth the money. But about not judging others for expressing its too expensive for them. It’s subjective. The car might be cheap at 1k but if you don’t have a license it doesn’t add 1k it value to you. Or the starter set might be objectively a good deal. But if I don’t like painting and nobody will play Warcry against me... it won’t add €130 worth of value to me. But yes objectively it seems good value to me as well
  8. Regarding contrast paints and third party. Talking to my flgs owner and gw staff. It seems gw stores are supplied first. Up to the point the flgs gets 2 colours restocked every week meaning a 17 week cycle to refill everything. Could be what they’re struggling with as well. No reason for the bad attitude though.
  9. I’m thinking the same. Side an main games can be marketed at the same time in gw’s mind it seems The what’s nect remark will be the reveal of the old ally from the storm vault and be the set up for the next death reveal. At least that would be my guess.
  10. Yeah! another snowflake just like me.... oh wait...
  11. Yeah I agree. (And my you was of meant in the same figurative manner) But I could see it happening. I don’t really follow 40k but was looking to kill team and the way I kept seeing it was faction boxes with a bit of terrain plus you need the book. For the price of start collecting. If the release of the extra warband is just that... I might skip the starter box as well. I’m currently building a city table. Squeeze it to a 4x4 and I have a board. I have stormcast, DoK and have been eying some Ironjawz for a while now. So plenty to play as well. So that way I could play for 65 instead of 130. I realise that is a big if though
  12. What I mainly excited by is the campaign system. The more I think about it the more brilliant (and obvious) it seems. Every warband plays it’s own narrative and upgrades happen after every (let’s say) fifth game. Convergence I think they called it. If you play someone who levelled more you get some bonus and I’m willing to bet it’s going to be some beasts that fight with you. That way you can not only play your own narrative for every warband to it’s conclusion. Super nice set up for a campaign and very video game-esque. But it also allows you to campaign without everybody attending every time.
  13. Sam Pearson aka bottle is in de video so he at least played a roll in it. It’s dependent on personal finances and expectation I guess. I expected starter set. So for me it’s 10 bucks more than expected, so not to bad. If you expected a kill team expansion box (which are 65 I think) it’s a big difference.
  14. Yeah i do trust him based on hinterlands. The kind of worry that has come over me zooming in on the warscroll cards is that they introduce a new set of statistics it seems. Which is fine in of itself but a new system can come with a lot of start up problems.
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