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  1. Absolutely! But the balance is mostly achieved by changing power levels by percentages even instead of resource cost, right? Addition: Meaning it’s 1. Easier to manage power levels due to smaller increments. 1/6 or Percentages is a big deal. 2. It would be a bit besides the discussion a bit as the question is about balance through changing points. But you are right, those are good examples of asymmetrical games. Maybe GW should do an exchange program with Blizzard
  2. Can you name some? Because I genuinely know of no game that as versatile in its factions as warhammer that is balanced to the degree that everything you buy is as viable as other buying options also in the same manner I would like to hear your thoughts on the following: do you feel the factions are designed to make every option as viable as others? I personally doubt it. In a recent twitch stream they discussed the design process and, besides some cross departments inspiration, the basic design process is cool concept first, design the model, making it play and feel as the model and fluff suggests and then balancing. Balance is not goal one, and for that reason it (close to) impossible to balance in points after the fact.
  3. As someone who has said that in the past I’ll bite and try to give the comment a bit of foundation. At the top level: if you see balance as the absolute goal, you will end up with two perfectly matched sides with the biggest differing point being who goes first. Like chess, black gammon, etc. At a more fundamental level, at least for me, those games achieve balance because both sides have the same options. I like warhammer because it allows you to fight asymmetrical battles. And the assumption in these mental and mathematical exercises is, no matter how asymmetrical It gets you can quantify it into points. And from my point of view that’s just not possible. Because then you change a little here little there in points. But that doesn’t change win conditions based on magic users capturing objectives vs the amount of models. And even if you try to balance two asymmetrical factions to perfection, there are 15+ more waiting in the wings. And even if you try to fix point two, by changing rules of factions you’ll enevitably draw them closer and closer together. Until the only difference is who goes first aka chess. Also it’s universally accepted to be the list bslanced tactical game, so if your looking for balance... the perfect game already exists 😁
  4. Kramer

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    It would make it a better mobile cannon than the Kahadron Overlords equivalent, the gunhauler. i think it should be a bit overpriced as you’re comparing it with artillery from specified ranged faction, stormcast excluded. That road leads to all factions being roughly the same. It offers something unique in the faction, should be priced like that. Buuut, the current point cost might be a bit much
  5. Kramer

    Crowdsource Points Project: AoS Gunkulator

    hmm interesting. It's good to know you thought about it. But (as someone who plays KO) let me try to make it more difficult it How about a gunhauler (mobile cannon/chariot) vs. the Ogor Ironblaster (also mobile cannon/chariot)? Again I love the idea of the project even though I do not necessarily believe your goal is attainable, you still should try to get as close as possible. So more power to you.
  6. Kramer

    Crowdsource Points Project: AoS Gunkulator

    Read it all, cool idea well thought out. But one thing I keep doubting about stuff like this... how do you value a specific roll in an army that has a focus on something else. So practical example. There was a conversation until the destruction thread about the ogor ironblaster. How does a high potential gun value in a close combat focussed army? In my mind a cannon in a melee focussed faction should be relatively more expensive. Likewise in a glass army anything with a high save should be relatively more expensive. So a 16” range 4+ 4+ archer in a khorne army should be more expensive than in a free guild army, do you agree and how do you want to value these element? Because it should be in tactical stage 2 but I feel it’s a good thing GW doesn’t try to quantify these things as it will lead to all factions doing the same.
  7. Kramer

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    Super nice backstory! And it immediately opens so much story progression and modelling opportunities. Good job!
  8. Kramer

    The Painting Contract - November 2018

    Boom 💥 Riggers done! Bought 3 sky wardens second hand. Converted 2 of them up to count as grapnel hooks and keeping the pike one as a champion. Still bit undecided on keeping/removing the mines. *better pictures coming end of the month.
  9. Kramer

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    Yeah, very cool! There is so much to be done, @Arkalid. I had some suggestions in a post above, specifically about a medusa that loosing faith but looking at the witch elves there is so much more to be done! One of the basic things is the relation with other elves in big order cities. A hag queen emissary attached to hammerhal gets her faith tested because of the a wanderer lord who discovered part of the secret of Morathi after travelling to the realm of light. Also give your slaughter queen a throne and I fully disagree that she doesn’t dish out damage like her name suggests. Even without the throne she is a beast for a mere 100pts. On a 3 up all 7 attacks do D3 damage with a minus 1 rend. I play several armies and no 100pts model beats that. And that’s without artefacts or buffs from outside her own abilities. No save to speak of though. But that fits the army style, so that’s a given when you play scantily clad aelven murder witches.
  10. So far no problem with super glue. But @Tommy is right, if you use to much superglue it works less, just a little layer on both sides, let it dry for 2 to 5 seconds and then press it together. At least that's how it works best for me
  11. Kramer

    The Painting Contract - November 2018

    Picture like this, with matching tray and all, always make me kind of nostalgic for rank and file. Well done. Haha just checked, it's from 22 november 2017. It;s been a more faithful companion than any of my current brushes 😂
  12. Yessir, only not by design... I think 🤔 😂 This is amazing advice. The total war cards with sudden death cards do work very well. Maybe do a quick point check or even glory point check and if the difference is X amount give the player that’s behind a sudden death. You can even do that within the existing scenarios also the open war generator in the Genrals Handbook ‘18 has a list of sudden deaths you can roll for if you don’t have the cards. (And randomise the whole scenario of course)
  13. Kramer

    The Rotten Carnival - Nurgle army

    Very nurgy indeed, very nice find and execution.
  14. Kramer

    The Painting Contract - November 2018

    How’s everybody doing halve way through the pledge? For me: Finished my gors in the first week 💪 Frigate still needs a solid 3 hours I think. Very happy with the first test Khinerai. So now to do the other four in assembly line style. (Even used the chance to try wet blending on the tail, pretty chuffed with the results) Riggers are so, so, so close to done. Based and all. Just a final check for details.
  15. Yeah agreed on the placement and the props . But I think they just wanted to combine them with the battle plans most tomes contain. I wouldn’t really know where else to place them. If you design them for the first time reader it’s the right place. If you design it as a reference book. It’s indeed a bit weird. Can’t think of anywhere where it would fit better. Maybe after the points page, but that’s definitely in the right place together with the scrolls. 🤔