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  1. I really hope that's the Shyish OG equivalent ... Original Corpse 😂
  2. That back tho!! Super cool idea and great execution
  3. Absolutely! You do pay the points though.
  4. Kramer

    Rules for 2v2?

    Haha nope, wrong forum 😂
  5. I just want some photographic wetting agent But genuinely I do agree and feel for everybody.... but it's hard for me to feel bad as i'm having tons of fun with them. While a tough army they occasionally do very well with some very different builds. Which makes this faction still feel dynamic to me. So much to explore and try out in my mind. From escort wings in combination with Mhornar, Skywardens with pikes as a counter line behind some allied dispossessed, to the myriad of ally options. I started them roughly together with my Daughters of Khaine. I don't play them anymore, rarely read the threads and i'm considering selling them. The playstyle challenges don't inspire me like KO, the thread mostly discusses the same choices, but the models are still so awesome i'm not dropping the hobby aspect I do needed to get my head fixed a bit about using allies... I always love keeping it in faction, but most novels that feature KO set them as grim mercenaries, more so than Fyreslayers (at least they are honourable). So them supporting a small group of another faction in their struggle seems super legit. Playstyle wise the advantages are super clear of course. All in all, i agree with looking forward to a new tome... I definitely don't NEED it to be inspired by, and have fun with my KO.
  6. Kramer

    Rules for 2v2?

    Core rulebook: Coalition of death page 272 (in the digital edition, don’t know if hard copy is numbered differently)
  7. You are a machine! But I noticed a certain wingless member of the band has taken a back seat ?
  8. Point one and two, fully agree. Two is false and four contradicts it in my eyes. I do like the game, I love it. Still had games which I didn't have fun. Same goes for you apparently seeing your fourth point. You call it pretending to play, but you are playing. So according to point two you should be having fun. You just define playing the game to your point of view. Which if perfectly fine, but the flip side of that argument is that other people are allowed to do that as well. The OP enjoys playing, but doesn't enjoy his games against that specific opponent. We don't have that opponents point of view but most likely he doesn't enjoy it fully as well. So nothing wrong to come to a middle ground where both have FUN playing the game. But in your fourth point you make it about winning. Nobody is suggesting what you are writing, nobody is suggesting a purposefully bad army so people can lie to themselves, that's wholly your paradigm of having fun being exclusively tied to winning and losing. (again perfectly fine, but do realise that's not the 'truth' for everybody).
  9. Doesn’t work on phone browser, think that’s part of the problem
  10. Really? Where did they drop it? Just curious I think it’s a shame their are no mortals in there, but that seems a conscious descision. So fair play, can’t please everyone. Lore in the book seems cool, the depravity mechanic is cool (might need some tweaking though), model rules are cool, new models are gorgeous. Of course all personal, just curious to hear where you feel they dropped the ball?
  11. Yeah agreed, weirdly one of the stormcast podcasts with the lead game designer talked how they have a document now for key words and phrasing they consult during creation.
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