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  1. Hi all, I really liked the cypher lords vibe from the start. Got even better when I heard about the third arm on the leader. But those helmets kill the look for me. now with a lava board coming where you can jump across or even teleport and then stylishly push someone in... I’m committing to concerting a cypher lords warband. tjat my flgs has one with a discount also helps but what about theme? The easiest solutions with my bit box is kairic acolytes head swap. Or sister of slaughter masks. With both I would like to keep the hair of the original models. but that’s not much of a theme. Any cool ideas?
  2. Ehmm.... what about gun toting Maneaters conversions that can function as leadbelcher champions? but then you’d want to convert all your leadbelchers.... well no other solution to buy more models
  3. I think big box, metal playing in the bottom, couple of magnets on the base is the best way to deal with big models. Foam will just take of the tail and other small bits. I only tried them a couple of games at the beginning. Before the book they were my ‘linebackers’ the run and charge + decent shooting attacks meant they were pretty quick to respond. but never in big units. in the end I just dropped them, which is such a shame. They function as unit champions for me now. love to hear if anybody gets them to work. I have several conversions I want to do for them 😅 have you seen the conversion by GW’s peach on Twitter?
  4. @Sauriv is right. But it’s the ‘competitive’ answer. luckily our mawtribes are versatile enough that you can almost pick whatever you want and still compete in a friendly setting. so my two cents would be: seeing how you talk about it, I would advice to go for whatever you end up painting. If you really struggle with big models like me. Skip the stonehorn, even if it’s really good. and vice versa. regaeding the list I would personally join those two glutton units together. Not only do you save 80 points, but you get trampling charge mortal wounds on a 4+. For me one of the most fun abilities in the whole book. Same goes for 2x4 leadbelchers. I personally don’t like the giants because they are too cool looking for what they achieve. I’m keeping my eye out for the Mega Gargants coming soon. give a hunter with sabretusks a try as well. Adds the most ‘tricks’ to our bag. have fun! Oh and ironguts! They are crazy.
  5. Seems about right doesn’t it 😅
  6. Oh that’s gorgeous indeed. I must admit though that I find it so much harder than the dark and grimy style I usually like. It’s a good exercise. But I’m forcing my way throughy last four aetherwings in that style.
  7. That’s going to look amazing! maybe have a look at Louise sugden’s Instagram feed for inspiration on painting in that bright style. That helped me a lot when I tried my bright aetherwings. https://instagram.com/savage_ork_guy?igshid=10g4pu2i6n5je
  8. Can I just add that it’s also the first time you can play the best looking stormcast models to their lore with this battalion. pretty sure not the reason for the tournament winner but definitly is for me building towards it that list is what guerilla warfare in the mortal realms is like. They are seriously outnumbered, teleporting all over the place, if you catch them you win, if they can kite around you they still struggle with objectives but can take you apart bit by bit qaaaaand only now realised I’m close to necro’ing this conversation😅
  9. I always love the 'Me Hulk, Me Smash' lists 😂 Mine is, as I like gutbusters the most: Frostlord Slaughtermaster 12 Gluttons 12 Leadbelchers 8 Ironguts Goreman battalion
  10. Acolytes have one as well: but there are some notable differences like the ‘scarf’ of feathers at the base of the neck.
  11. Thought that too. But that little spike it sits on, looks too tiny/delicate for Ogors to me.
  12. 12*80 is 960. So you definitely have enough points left. It does feel exciting doesn’t it. I tried msu but not to that extent. So maybe one day... You make a good case. And 12-15 little two man units of leadbelchers is exciting... but for me it keeps falling down in the practically of it. But you did convince me to give it another go if I’m ever in1 day’er or something. It would be a nice challenge to figure it out.
  13. Nah nah nah, you just don't get the higher, and probably warpstone induced, depth that goes into GW rules
  14. When I read the designer notes I often have the feeling there is whole layer to the rules they haven’t mentioned. what I’m saying there is usually something we didn’t know about
  15. Makes sense. I personally don't find the sabrecats to slow or small. a Unit of four can easily block a charge, or at least hinder it to the point of uselessness. In combination witha hunter it's also excellent for pick up games or tournament settings where you don't know what you'll face. Can deepstrike both, or one, or just threaten to do so and as a last drop set up the cats as a screen... which is just amazing fun against my mate who I play the most. 😂 Do you play the slaughtermaster often? I just love the goremand battalion in combination with a big units. I also feel like I get more value from the charge with 3 big units than 6-8 small units. Would be fun to face off against each other. It reads like it's just down to personal preference. What armies do you play the most? For me it's Stormcast/KO/Cities/Skaven
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