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  1. Well that’s kind of the point of dwarfs... traditional. Read inferno ( number two I think) where the wanderer shares a table with others hiding from a storm. The dwarf in the group tells a tragedy starting with the romance of his brother and an princes. Basically it’s humans with different traditions
  2. Your better off arranging trade embargoes if you want to influence the release schedule because you can rage all you want but no way they’re changing the schedule. 😂 tge only thing you can feasibly achieve is next time we won’t heae anything about until the week of pre-order. And I personally prefer s bit more info before then.
  3. It’s mentioned in some of the realmgate war books. So the narrative hook is already there. It only requires a: they suddenly grew in power because.... [insert plot point here].
  4. Yeah just found it. Forgot to check the space dark elves list Yeah if resin is your problem than it won’t be a solution. If you don’t like the looks of the gorger model it might work for you. Swap the head and cut of the tail and you have a very nice lean and bestial ogor I reckon
  5. There is a 40k model. A blue gorger like beast I think elder but don’t play 40k so never remember the name. I always thought that was the best choice for a second gorger if I ever wanted to play two
  6. haha I feel your pain. For me it's acceptable because you know its not planned beforehand but i's just a secondary camera that they use to cut mistakes and wildlines. So the actress is just looking into camera one and the camera choice is done in post. That said, for a business set up as that you would imagine multiple takes or planned line brakes, or even a multicam switching board should be very much possible.
  7. Is basically what happened in AoS as well. So I’m guessing it’s intentional. Drive forward with one part of your force leaving enough to defend en delay your opponent.
  8. Read the book* and you see that he is. The axe is simply the first magical weapon he picks up and the rune he's holding would be spoilers to explain. But he is very much an Old Skool/World Dwarf. Well youknow.... listen to the mp3
  9. Didnt watch the review (yet) but I get your point now. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. Wait do you mean Varanguard? Because, unless I'm mixing up the terms, all the stormcast are from the Vanguard. Except for the heroes list in the mercenary expansion of course.
  11. No Neave Blacktalon is the named hero. The Knight Zephyros is the regular character with separate rules (differentiated by the helmeted head visually)
  12. Weird choice not to add the Knight Zephyros, the foot hero from the Vanguard faction. 🤔
  13. I missed out on the stormcast card set for Warcry and this threat reminded me how bad GW is with reprinting stuff like this 😒
  14. At least in his drunken mind right ?😂
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