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  1. Both. Your fight firs units go first, then those of your opponent. Then normal order resumes. so you do get a ‘second’ pick.
  2. @Zplash @Grimm50 its indeed only once per game in YOUR combat phase. which means in your turn only.
  3. A better bet is your grandchildren finishing it
  4. That’s the first time I liked golden stormcast. Well done!
  5. I like it. It means going subfactionless is an option to consider. And even interfaction balance is more prevalent because of it. List building should about choices and not just getting everything you want imo. Same goes for Battleline If options. It's not bad if getting better things as battleline comes with a bit of a disadvantage.
  6. I had the same here, but that stopped now that I work in shorter projects. That way I don't run into the inevitable destraction of something else and it helps limit my spending as well. But most importantly it keeps me excited about the hobby. Although I'm faling a bit into the trap right now. So for example my stormcast army isn't one big project but they are all seperate projects. So between the sequitors and the vanguard hunters I painted 10 Ogors so I could play them. Now i'm painting character models for a narrative campaign and after that it's either two ironblasters as a project or Palladors. That helps me so much to keep excited and finish things. And I also don't buy 1000pts in one go but one 'project' at a time. Unless its a very good deal.
  7. Build them into huricanum crossbows id say. But don’t know if you’ll field them either.
  8. 1. Like it, I'll see if I can think of something fun with this. 2. Love it, i'll make it a padlock of sorts. The more grounded it is, the easier she'll recognise it. i'll put part of the sums somewhere so she'll assume she has the answer. But you only get to the right answer (definitely is going to be 13) if you check all rooms first. 3. Already doing it! Classic 2 button door situations. With the buttons in different rooms, that only activate with the right warrior on them. As soon as she is on two of them, the door opens, with another button behind it. That one holds open the door on it's own. But it also triggers an ambush. Setting up the distances in such a way that if she rolls high on her run and her charge she can get support on the second turn, otherwise the forward warrior has to survive 3 turns on her own.
  9. Yeah got real lucky with that sucker. 30 bucks unbuild. Still keeping a half eye open for the slayer bezerkers with the chain axes. But The axe thrower is going to be the pride and joy of an conversion. and the two white dwarfs. And As a filmmaker myself I’m super happy with the director one. The navigator is more to be part of my ironclad/KO conversion
  10. Well here we go. Forgot to take pictures of my proudest still to do’s. So I’ll make a little list underneath the picture. Some notable things are: bottom left are some chaos models and bits for converted chariots, warriors and a Slaanesh manticore. But most importantly an old steed mounted archaon. Searched months for that sucker for a reasonable price. In the centre are two white dwarf models. The navigator and the film maker. So excited to paint the last one. Just missing a few skills. also Malakai’s axe throwers there. That bad boy is going on an ironclad conversion together with all kinds of old school dwarf hero/collectible models. On the right in divided over several boxes are some old metal daemonettes and seekers. Really cool models those. Some slayer pirates. Old executioners and slayers. Who both are just a joy to paint.
  11. Looking great and very cohesive as well. Great color use. my favourite element is how you did the feathers. They look ace
  12. No narrative campaign would be complete without a loyal companion. Still WIP but good enough to start basing and playing it today. added bonus is that my 1,5 year old goes crazy for it as I matched the marking to the neighbours cat 😂
  13. Well two things: 1. Clan eshin actually have the biggest roster of any faction. But the other units are so stealthy nobodies ever seen them. 🤫 2. I’m convinced Moulder is actually pretty good. It needs a bit of support from a Verminlord/thanquol but it’s has punch, numbers and speed. I don’t have the models to try it at 2K but at 1K it actually works pretty well.
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