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  1. Its more what’s the fourth spell you want to cast? And I’m a sucker for the gamble of it although in most games he adds some melee kills to his tally. Most ambushing units won’t remove him in a turn and being close to the pot means an extra heal. 💯 I like having both. Gluttons are amazing horde clearers. Better than leadbelchers. But adding a frost Lord forces me to choose and I’m not yet certain which I prefer. Every time an army offers you an ambushing unit. Take it. No matter how pillow fisted they are. If they deploy differently because of it you’ve won deployment.
  2. Yeah I do. I prefer Bloodgullut over Meatfist personally. The best part of meatfist is the title of the command trait 😂 My bloodgullut list is still in 'development' but last game I ran: Butcher, Slaughtermaster, 12 Gluttons, 10 Leadbelchers, 8 Ironguts, Gormand battalion, Hunter, 4 cats, 20 Gnoblars, Balewind. So the things I'm debating are: Changing butcher for slaughtermaster but that leaves me without a hero with a punch. Really want a Tyrant in there for the Splatter Cleaver & gnoblar battleshock immunity. But the slaughtermaster does give another unit a chance at +1 to hit. Gnoblars are 50/50 for me currently. 40 with tyrant is a lot better. Splitting up the Ironguts. Advantages and disadvantages. Figure out how to get a Frostlord in there. Things that are amazing. 10 Leadbelchers are great. A bit of an utility unit between ironguts and Gluttons. Hunter with cats are never leaving the list. (hopefully). If only for the pressure it applies to the opponent. 12 Gluttons are just a pain to move for most opponents. Get them on an objective and that one is yours for 2 turns minimum. Ironguts are great. 8 is a bit between overkill and enough for me. So hence the indecision between 2x4 or just 1x8. Hope this helps.
  3. Depends on you gameplan. in my blooodgullet list I like both. My slaughtermaster to support a unit in a goreman battalion. And the butcher for the maw. But sometimes I feel two slaughtermasters would be better. but for my underguts list I like (not enough practice to be sure though) a single butcher. I hang back on a balewind, so the maw with extra range is Worth more than the pot. so how do you like to play? If fielding big units of Ogors. The slaughtermaster is absolutely worth it in a goremand battalion. Outside of that the cauldron abilities are to circumstantial and I’d rather take the butcher. (And maybe even the firebelly if I want a second caster)
  4. I'd love a Sisters army for Aos. Just replace the bolters for the Stormcast Vanguard crossbows. And its not far off a AoS army.
  5. Couldn’t tell you. but if you get the base first. You can just try out what looks good. most model shops (or online) have model chain which will work for that.
  6. Saw that somebody cut open a table tennis ball. It worked quite well if you put them on wheels.
  7. Out of curiousity I tried it. But contrast and water genuinely don’t mix. You’ll absolutely notice when your brush isn’t dry enough. so contrast medium is definitely my advice. (Bit expensive but so far I’m still on my first pot.
  8. Absolutely. My experience with black templar is that in a thin coat the highlights are quite grey. That's on a wraithbone primer. So a slightly darker primer might get you to where you want.
  9. You could even try a diluted Black templar contrast on top of it to get to almost black and it gives you the first build up of color
  10. Still practicing building up skin on my Ogors. First two done. Enjoying the progress. Madding the next three a bit more extreme. Just to see what happens and to see how fast I can manage. As it’s slower than my normal base, shade highlight. Love the glazing on the nose and soft spots. C&C on the skin very much appreciated.
  11. Haha I know who i'm calling the next time I have a rules dispute. You're on point these last few questions!
  12. Maybe as screens but... then for 100 gnoblars you have more space covered. More bodies. Or frost sabres that are so much faster than OBR. This is all theory on my part but from what I’ve seen and heard mortek still fold against rend. So I’d rather save the points and go big on ironguts and a butcher with the ribcracker (? -1 sabe spell) I just don’t like fishing for sixes. 😅 edit: just as a general afterthought. Gluttons are simply a bad matchup to mortek guard. Pretty much every ogor unit in the book is a better match up due to having rend.
  13. No worries. I don’t know how powerful it will be but you could even try for a triumph and try for the re-roll every saves. But it’s a 1 in 6 chance. But it would be good though.
  14. Yes the order is roll the dice (same goes for to hit etc), then do your rerolls. Then apply modifiers and unmodified effects. so for you you roll the X amount of saves. Say you have mystic shield on them for more chances at a six and he has minus 1 rend. he does 6 wounds. the order then is: you roll 6 dice. You re-roll the 1’s. Then you look at the dice and apply the modifiers and count the number of unmodified 6’s.
  15. Only if you cheat no the core rules dissallow you from moving out of coherency.
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