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  1. Since you like the gutbuster side. I’d build a frost lord on stonehorn and ignore the mournfang for now. magnetize it. But the Frostlord on stonehorn is the absolute best, most fun, and most useful in addition to gutbusters variation available.
  2. Build a gutbuster army and you gather a lot thiugh. I reckon there is a least 10 in the battleforce box. Plus extra I you build the cannon. I have a unit of 40 just by collecting those extra models. and yes they are good in big numbers. Super useful
  3. To quote a famous president: yes we can. they come in 2’s for 80 points. Yeah I would. But I had two feast of bones sets. And then several games ok TTS. I started like you said with the whole shebang. 4 cannons. Tyrant with the rack. Blubbergut spell. but it’s too many points and it doesn’t do enough. I thing gutbusters are great in the objective game. Can both take and defend an objective. But the 480 points of cannons don’t contribute enough. Then it went to three. And now two. Underguts isn’t the most competitive Imo. But it’s fun it can hold its own in my group and the cannons force my opponent closer. And in a pinch I charge them in to defend my back lines. 2x 3,5 mw takes care of most small teleports. And it leaves me enough points for the rest. regarding leadbelchers, I feel the three units all have their place and I never tested going all in on one. (Except ironguts twice, which was fun but I had more beers than successful charges those games)
  4. I think the team that writes the rules and the team that decides the battlefield boxes have two very different goals. plus in general I hope they keep away from writing rules to sell specific models.
  5. Haha when you click edit. Scroll down and you need to remove it from the ‘choose files’ bit underneath. Otherwise it automatically is posted underneath. firebellu is great fun and lovely to paint! 😍
  6. No that’s fine as well. Might I then suggest the slaughtermaster first addition? that gives you 12 gluttons, 4 leadbelchers, 4 ironguts, slaughtermaster in a goremand. (1080 pts) nice point for some games. maybe with the tyrant for some 1250pts games then the Frostlord + the goremand is 1480 points. Great 1,5K army. with that you have some games underneath your belt en you know what you want to add
  7. It’s mostly because you mentioned competitive. Man-eaters are decent in what they do. Super useful. But it’s an expensive army and they are a bit overpriced compared to others units. No clear role for them. maybe they should have gotten a bonus vs monsters and hero’s. Would be thematic and help them earn their place. firebelly roughly the same thing. But there it’s more that I want that slaughterer first. So that’s the battalion. And then if I want a second caster I personally prefer one that hangs bac since the slaughtermaster is going forward. So the butcher with his range. (Plus the command ability in bloodgullut and the extra spell, Which I think doesn’t apply to the firebelly)
  8. Yeah! Magnetise the big beast definitely! I still think the thundertusk needs its own dedicated role. But I recently needed the 50 points 😅 and the alvagr ancient mount trait is very decent against alpha strike armies.
  9. Okay I consider myself the same. So not tournament winning, but competitve amongst friends. Then Gutbusters are fine. yeah what happens is that you get the boxes (usually so don't eat me if its different this time) in the mega box. So the Ironguts box comes with bit to make 4 ironguts. Which you do with the normal weapon. Making sure two are recognizable as the champions. Then you take 2 leadbelchers, and use those bodies with the left over bellower arms and heads + the Ironguts standard bearer. The other 2 leadbelchers bodies you can then combine with left over banners and Bellower bits of the Gluttons boxes. Since you will likely use them as one big 12 glutton unit you can spare a banner and Bellower from there. It works, and is hardly noticeable, because the irongut bellower and stand bearer carry a single hand weapon. But I will say if you like the frostlord enough I would add a Beastclaw startcollecting and use the big Gargant cleavers from the Mournfang and those heads to build 4 extra Ironguts with the Leadbelcher bodies and then you have one unit of 8 Ironguts. Which I feel is better usually. (and as a side advantage you then have 2 banners of each and 2 bellowers in your 12 Glutton squad) hope this helps. Basically all the bodies are the same so you can switch around the arms and heads. Butcher has a better innate spell. So benifits more from two casts. The Slaughtermaster in his battalion has 2/3 chance to hand out at least one +1 to hit buff on a nearby unit. So I take one of each when I go that route (although I'm more interested in Underguts, but that's definitely a less strong option.) I go 2 cannons for the ranged threat with the 'charge as a monster spell' for turn two or three charges. More didn't work for me. Cool model though. I consider Leadbelchers the true strength. And they are always in my list. One unit of 10. They do the same as Gluttons. Slightly worse against hordes, Slightly better against saves, much better against saves with re-rolls. And on top of that a bit more flexibility due to shooting, I need them for my Goremand battalion anyway. And they're cool. I think, Battleforce + SC. Big advantage that the frostlord brings becides in game, is that when you paint that one model your 1/5 of your army underway. Then a butcher and a sluaghtermaster. The Pot is super useful. Icebrow hunter is amazing with cats. It gives us so much trickery and screening that we otherwise lack. Especially late game. But I seem to have dropped it due to not having the points the last few games. Miss him half the games I guess. So I would add that last of all. But in the end it's all personal, but this is what I would do knowing what I know now.
  10. I think that the box is pretty good value if you like the gutbusters and want to go for a cool army. But as you want to focus on competitve I don't think so. The good:due to how the bellowers and standard bearers are made, you get extra arms and can build four more ironguts so its two units of four, which is great. Together with a 12 glutton unit, its very good base for an army. The Bad: The Gargant has no place imo in a competitive setting. The ironblaster and Tyrant only when you build into them. Regarding a competitive build in general. Gluttons are great but variation has proven more worthile to me. 2x12 gluttons and 8 ironguts are a great start imo. I often replace 12 gluttons with 10 leadbelchers worth more versatility. Also are you open to any frosty boys? Because the hunter with cats combo and even a single frostlord offer a lot to a gutbuster army.
  11. For what it’s worth. The game still works very well at 1,5K. (My preferred size) from 1K and lower I would agree that your better off losing the allegiance abilities. But then you also lose all the flavour of a faction.
  12. It's a really difficult poll as none of the options prevent another. An expansion army from Azyr. Complete with the nobels and reclaimed. Yes please. A full Devoted of Sigmar army. Yes Please. Continuing the current Cities of Sigmar project but updating the model line (with or without mixed race units) Yes please. New Cities with separate models. Yes please. The last one is especially good for GW. Because that is an update subfaction rulesset plus a hero and two units to represent them adapting to the realm and you have a relatively low effort expansion to the cities of Sigmar allegiance. Maybe an upgrade set for the (updated) freeguild units and you could have a very different Shyish cities army than the excisting current ones.Especially with a 1/4 deathrattle rule.
  13. dont forget the re-roll 1's for mystic shield or a command point if you want to. Looks great! Looks great with the pillars as well, Great execution. Although, as to the original question, you're still blending two colours along the length of the eel.
  14. No, but does it matter? personally I like the bigger units combined with the flexibility of not having to rank up. I like a lot of terrain On the table and that was a pain in WHFB.in aos it enhances the game. So while I realise it’s personal it still changes the game regardless of the unit sizes.
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