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  1. Google Louisiana Creole. I’m pretty sure because of the swamplands background of them, GW was trying to cheekily combine cruel with creole At least that was my first thought when they showed the name and mini’s.
  2. No worries, brings me joy that it's picked up again. But now i'm turning off the notifications because that's a tease I don't need in my life 😂
  3. Thanks for all the stories peeps! Not enough likes per day, to like them all. I'll likely be back at some point.
  4. Yes. And they had an silver tower app with a bunch of heroes you could play. Unless they change the core mechanics that could still work.
  5. I need some more positivity in this hobby. Help me get excited. No critical comments about models, rules, points, releases. Give that it's own threat. I debated a bit about writing what brought this on, in the end I decided to put it in the spoiler tag as that's also not the most postive. Here I want to hear what you are excited about; what you are passionately painting or eagerly awaiting! What gems you have in your pile of potential or how you're growing that pile exponential. Maybe you're meticulously building something as instructed or converting something never before seen, and I want to hear about it all. Let's get some creative juices flowing.
  6. It isn’t much of an issue if I’m honest. I always field my leadbelchers in units of 10. But I had 90 points left over. in underguts I usually have a Gut guard as well. Especially since I went down to two cannons instead of three or four. But trying to include a Frostlord led me off the beaten track a bit onto this weirdness 😂 I use the leadbelchers mostly as a melee unit with rend and some extra flexibility. So them not getting a big punch in first, as what happens with Msu, hurts me more than battleshock. Although there are bad match ups for it for sure I tried msu a few times but I also didn’t like it as a playstyle so it might be better but I can’t get it to work. as a side note most of my TTS armies in 2020 started with a goremand battalion with slaughtermaster, 8 ironguts, 12 gluttons, 10 leadbelchers. Which doesn’t leave much wiggle room. But it’s such a solid start.
  7. I think that's mainly too match how Warhammer was and 40K is.
  8. Oh that’s a good thought as well. He’s likely moving forward with the ironguts, so he might be in range for it earlier than my Frostlord.
  9. You can expect GW to make exciting and balanced rules for all there models... but if we're honest it aint gonna happen.
  10. Yeah absolutely. I recently bought the nurgle lord that’s only €12,00 and I suddenly had a flashback to when that was a normal price 😂 But the other two are 22,50
  11. You can. They still are great models. Thudnrik makes a very cool khemist.
  12. The multi-million of International company can’t get the balance in the main game right, so why do you expect them to cross integrate the side game models in a more exciting way? even more moving parts to mess up balance. money doesn’t equal skill
  13. If I’m honest. You want not only a cake and eat it. But it also needs to be at least able to cast a fun spell. and I do agree that they could have been made cool/good/game breaking/whatever you want from them. But I’m just happy I can play the toys if I want them. It’s an extra, not a requirement. edit: and reading what people have posted after the post I responded to. I feel even stronger that they should never have been given rules for AoS. If a little throwaway gesture that you can play in the main game leads to complaints, just don’t do it and let them be alternative sculpts.
  14. And even if you field them together you get an 8 wound wizard on a 4+ and a 5+ vs mortal wounds. but if she doesn’t get acces to the spells that hurts though. but mostly for alternative sculpts I agree. Besides two, accidentally, useful warscrolls that seems to be goal. (Shadowstalkers and beast of chaos) and I get it. The reason why Skaven one was good is because they were added later and the wording allowed stacking of the command ability. it’s a nice gesture that you are allowed to play the side game models in the main game. But adding them to the mix and balancing them internally with all the different unit types in a unit. Let alone balancing them externally, that is probably too much for GW. especially with the Warcry warbands that aren’t marked unique and you could spam again it’s super nice that I can play my toys, but I don’t expect them to be an integral part of an army when they are often added later. Maybe GW shouldn’t do the scrolls and just advice as what to use them as. Unit champions, alternative heroes etc.
  15. Still tinkering with underguts. I find it such a fun challenge to get some Beastclaw in there. Currently i'm thinking something like this for a TTS game. Any suggestions on the artefacts? One needs to go for the Gnoblar Casket. Also considering getting the belchers down to 10 and getting some extra cats for screens. Basic idea is replacing the shooting of the cannons for mortals of the thundertusks. Leadbelchers are amazing on their own. Support the 4 ironguts, with the slaughtermaster. +1 attack, +1 hit makes even 4 ironguts a big threat. Also fun is the Mass of scars and The rime shroud vs my regular KO opponent 😂
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