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  1. Haha play slaves to darkness. Surely all those spiky models are a deterrent
  2. That’s lovely stuff! My daughter, 13 months, keeps grabbing paint bottles if I don’t pay attention and collecting them in a corner. I’m guessing she’s figuring out a paint scheme. 😂 Have fun painting together
  3. Which in my mind makes it a good book what’s the fun if you can see the winning combinations from space... or should that be from 40k?
  4. Like I posted above: this leaves the door open for a valaya worshipping dispossessed army. She’s still missing, so the story only needs to progress to her being discovered and done.
  5. Ohh good call that on the heads. They would fit quite well. Might be crazy expensive but for a unit of 10 chosen that might be the one. thnaks.
  6. @Frowny same here. So I do both 20 gnoblars and 4 frost sabres and a hunter. Now mind you I haven’t painted my underguts list fully nor my frost lord. So i have a bit more points to spare.
  7. Didn’t last year bring gloomspite guts, (massive update) and in the same year ossiarch bone reapers. And I’d consider Slaanesh a major update as well. So it’s not unthinkable it’s somewhere between the extreme scenarios you describe.
  8. Welcome (from the netherlands). Have fun.
  9. I'd add a fifth/sixth which hunter + cats does. (see my post above as well) 5 force your opponent to set up differently. 6. have utility if ambush has little value (or you play total commitment)
  10. Absolutely. But the second part to get from that advice is that you don't have to ambush them. The great thing because of the speed and big bases is they function very well as screens. That can move up in front of your army. So you usually want the option of screening. It's practically a must. So that's cats or gnoblars. Then if you take cats also take a hunter... you have the option and threat of deepstriking. Don't commit them early during set up and it might just force your opponent to protect his backfield. Which is a win for you because you might want them as a screen any way. Add to that their speed so you have a late game objective grabber unit in an elite army. If needs be of course. Which makes it great imo. It's something you might anyway and the hunter just adds options. Same can be argued for the gnoblers. Take that Tyrant so you can make them immune to battleshock. Take 40 gnoblars and suddenly you have a very hard to shift wall/block you don't have to worry about. That in my mind is what the podcasts should be mentioning (just in case they didn't go all the way ) And further feedback on your list would be to just commit. Go for that 3rd and maybe even fourth ironblaster in time if you don't have it now. And add a butcher so you can take the spell that makes them count as monsters on the charge. (so 4+ mortal wounds). They will get into combat at some point and getting a two or more monsters charges into something elite is a scary prospect. On the Ironguts/gluttons/ironblasters. In my mind I've categorised them and try to match them as such where possible. Irongut: kills elite. But to do so I usually want 8. Gluttons clears hordes or things that only go down to weight of die. And Leadbelchers are in the middle. More of an utility unit in that sense. Now this shouldn't be taken as absolute truth but that works for me. Hope this all helps.
  11. It’s a very very dumb and moot point I’m going to make... but garrisoning him doesn’t count as going of the battlefield. So IF he had the marine keyword you could put him in a gunhauler with the carry 5 artefact and just crash into the opponents army 😂
  12. Basically redundancy is key. But I was just wondering. Because If you set up in a corner you could easily screen your list with 2x 10 arkanauts. So was just wondering about the 3rd unit I haven't played a true shootcast list ever. So i'm not really qualified to advice. But first things that spring to mind is, outdrop him. Stormcast have 1/2 on the table so that gives you the choice to take out that half, set up on objectives and then just try to weather the storm. Or go second if you can't do enough damage or positioned yourself very well, so you have the potential of the double turn. Which I personally wouldn't play for. If you play the length of the table you could limit his shooting with a front line of arkanauts and ships all the way in the back. It's an interesting match up though. But in general I feel the damage output isn't that great. So with a command point for re-roll ones to save and of course an aethergold, they will struggle to take out more than one ship.
  13. Quick question. Is the stormcast alphastrik Gavriel close combat or more shootcast?
  14. Still teclis’s fault. He sent her there. And it even turned out to be the wrong maiden! (But wasn’t she sent to Arkhan to revive Nagash?)
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