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  1. Just realised, I need to get my remaining hunters out for this months tale of X warlords soon. If it helps I can already do so tonight and take some pictures if you want to see some specifics.
  2. That I get. But if you only like Star Wars for jar jar binks. You should only judge it for 1/3 of the movies. Same for the three ways to play
  3. Not in its own but it could be part of it so why not do so? again I don’t understand the reluctance to do the bare minimum. Of course its not going to solve it. but at least improve it. as to the ‘nobody wants mixed units’ argument.... you know that’s not true if you read the responses. Even if it might be true for you locally, it’s definitely not true on average.
  4. Haha same. There are some wrongly worded phrases in here to say the least.
  5. Can I add a slight side route. What about 3x3 longstrikes and 3x3 aetherwings in the vanguard justicar battalion? the utility is nice. But more importantly it’s an extra artefact command points. And bottom of the list less drops. That artefact is so important to protect your heroes. Because they are annoyingly squishy.
  6. It kind of feels you do in your original post. Your main question is: ‘is it good enough. ‘ followed by calling the 2019 version a complete ****** show and a comparison to McDonald’s burgers wondering why you inflict them upon yourself. Maybe you’re not calling it completely worthless, but you definitely call it worth less😂 But I realise you nuanced most of it. I would be against this. I see two main disadvantages and one missed opportunity. For one you said yourself you want to throw your money at GW. But not every player has that kind of bank. I known didnt when I started out. That would invalidate two out of three playstyles depending which is more prominent. That’s a portion of the community that won’t broaden its horizons secondly there are more production costs to making three 33 page books vs one 99 page book. Costs which will end up going to be included in the price. lastly I feel it’s a missed chance if it’s separated more. Not only is it good to have options and ‘educate’ all gamers on different ways to enjoy the hobby, it also makes things unavailable. For example the mercenary rules were a fun matched play addition that shook things up for some factions. But they were in the narrative sections. Would have been a shame if wasn’t a matched play option because they separated it in 3 books. but yeah, better quality and higher quantity. Always a proponent for that
  7. This one has the smallest divots. And hard to show as I painted them black. But on the right shoulder. But you can see it on the sprue picture as well. These are where the front of the cloak is attached.
  8. Thanks. Excited to see the conversions 😁
  9. Sure. In an hour or so. They are still on the table.
  10. So close to finishing one a day 😅 here’s hoping my daughter has a long nap tomorrow 😌 hows everybody doing? We’re already close to 1/3 of the month done.
  11. Yeah works and that save you some very annoying fitting of shoulder pads. but you might need to fill up little holes where it would fit. just glued a pallador together and they definitely have it. And I seem to remember the hunters having that as well
  12. This was literally the only bad part. The open army/war/maps generator was brilliant in the open play section. Cities of death rules were really fun and fitting. Also in the narrative section the mercenary rules. In matched play they changed things up with very, very solid scenarios. But also added a whole new game type with Meeting Engagements. Which granted would be better placed in the narrative section instead of the mercenary rules. All in all, your post is filled with hyperbolics about how bad it was... but was it really? I think for an update it was pretty good. Just, afaik, the new one is as well. I think part of it is down to expectation. If you want game changing, I think you will have to wait for 3.0 But yeah, not doing point and rules updates digitally and keeping it fluid is a missed chance.
  13. Nurgle has the trees since that book. otherwise good analyses.
  14. Plenty of tutorials out there. My fast recipe is: dryad bark base coat -> drucchi violet wash -> mix dryad bark with a little bit of mournfang brown for the highlights. but just google and you’ll find enough tutorials to help you out.
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